Spaceflight 🚀
2 days ago

#BBC #UFOs : #Nasa's #UAP team mentioned a burst of #RadioWaves picked up by researchers in #Australia 🇦🇺.

"They had really strange structure. People couldn't figure out what was going on. Then they start to notice a lot of them bunched together around #lunch 🍽️ time"

It turned out that the sensitive instruments used by researchers were picking up #signals 📶 from a #microwave used to heat up their lunches.

Pictures (combined) : #Avrocar on the #moon with human on board

2 days ago

"In a suburban Brisbane garage, young women decoded radio transmissions that changed the course of World War II. For the first time, their top-secret work on a panicked Japanese cable about a new type of weapon can be revealed." #WWII #WW2 #cryptography #encryption #decryption #CodeBreaking #Australia #history #ModernHistory #TypeX #military #signals

The Garage Girls and the secret war machine which uncovered Japanese secrets - ABC News

Picture of the intercepted message reporting the atomic bombing of Hiroshima to Japanese high command. The translated Hiroshima cable was declassified for the ABC document arty Breaking the Code: Cyber Secrets Revealed. (Supplied: Australian Signals Directorate)
5 days ago

I wrote about Angular Signals, a new feature coming with Angular v16. Enjoy.

#Angular #AngularSignals #Signals #javascript #typescript

1 week ago

More MOMA, this time some shots from the top floor "Signals"
show- a real mind melter. Im a Nam June Paik fan (loved seeing Zen for TV), but seeing these video pieces around media, "news", broadcasting and surveillance. If it didn't cost $25 per visit I would come back just to see the video show. Dara BirnBaum's intimate Tiananman square piece was well placed aside Julia Scher's Information America.

#nyc #moma #videoart #zenfortv #sculpture #manhattan #art #surveillance #videoart #signals

One of the "end of transmission" Dara BirnBaum pieces with Information America in the background
Information America all set up. A 90's predecessor to modern day surveillance attitudes
Julia Scher's Information America title card
Nam Jun Paik's Zen for TV- actually seen in a Nam Jun Paik room in the collections seen on the lower floors
4 weeks ago

Back again at my #40YearsAgoSeries on #Insta . On the 11th of may in 1983 I was attending my third #RUSH concert. And it was fabulous as always with these guys. They are my favourite band and that will not change no matter what. In hindsight I think it was an odd choice to pair them with #Nazareth as an opening act, but at the time it might have seemed relateable for the promoter. #ProgressiveRock #Prog #Signals #Livemusic #Rock #Concert #Memories 🎶 🤘🤘🤘🎶

Deborah Kurata
1 month ago

Looking for a better way to manage state in your Angular applications?

The new Angular signals are well suited to effectively manage the data we retain in our components and services.

Check out the video here:

#angular #signals #angular16 #rxjs

Deborah Kurata
1 month ago

Angular Signal vs RxJS Behavior Subject. . . Fight!

Just kidding. 😆

In reality, there are use cases for both. In this video, we take a look at how to replace a synchronous BehaviorSubject with a signal.

#Angular #rxjs #webdevelopment #signals

Deborah Kurata
2 months ago

Angular v16 RC 1 is out!

This release candidate includes some changes to RxJS/signals interop:
🚥 Renamed fromObservable/fromSignal
🚥 Changed how the fromObservable default works
🚥 Improved error handling

This video applies these changes in a sample app.

#angular #rxjs #signals #angular16

2 months ago

Lots of math coming up next week! Me and some folks from @OpenResearchIns are mucking around with how we represent and form the #signals we put on the air. We are poking hard at some widely accepted assumptions.

And, we've made some friends along the way :D

Looking to put together some #prototypes and show them off at first opportunity.

michael faith
2 months ago

I love all positive attention #Angular is getting for their new #Signals API proposal. Well-deserved! I can't wait to start using it.

2 months ago
2 months ago

Are we able to write function component instead of class component like React?
RT @elgreco247
New component lifecycle and no decorators in #Angular #signals-based components!

  signals: true,
  selector: 'user-profile',
  template: `
    <p>Name: {{ firstName() }} {{ lastName() }}</p>`,
export class UserProfile {
  firstName = input('');
  lastName = input('');

  init = afterInit();
  constructor() {
    afterInit(() => {
      // All inputs have their initial values.
    effect(() => {
      // Effects run when any read signals change.
      // In this example, log only when firstName changes.
    afterRender(() => {
      // After the DOM of *all* components has been fully rendered.
    afterNextRender(() => {
      // Same as afterRender, but only runs once.

    afterRenderEffect(() => {
      // Same as afterRender in terms of timing, but also behaves
      // like an `effect()` and only runs whenever the signals
      // which it reads have changed.
      console.log(`DOM was updated due to '${this.firstName()}'`);
Ryan Atkinson
2 months ago

I'm making an ear training tool - - source at

feedback welcome, and I could use help designing the challenges, I'm not a musician

it's made with #svelte #SvelteKit #TypeScript and #preact #signals as the store library

I like the signals library a lot but it's a sharp tool that requires a bit more care than Svelte stores because its API is less explicit and more powerful. It's terse and fast and composes well. I'll keep using it to learn more.

2 months ago

OK fam, the Janitor is going to #rsac #rsac2023 to disrupt the entire ecosystem. Be there or be square. We have proprietary cryptography that beats RSA. Provably. #cryptography #ciso #cybersecurity #signals #intelligence #math

Send me a DM to connect. Over.

Nathaniel Ledford
2 months ago

A new #Rush video dropped! 😮

A song I wish I could have heard performed live, but alas I was born too late for the #Signals tour. 😆

#Chemistry #RushIsABand

#Signals are just the reactivity model from #Solid, #MobX, #Ember, #Knockout, et al. It pushes a notification with an #observable-like mechanism that something has changed, there’s a dependency graph (implicit or explicit) that is notified. Then, it schedules a pull to calculate values. #ReactJS #Preact #javaScript #webDev #frontend

3 months ago

it's interesting that the most popular #react wrapper for an actual lisp (clojurescript) uses #signals in place of useState(). you'd think truly functional languages would try to avoid that piece of mutable state.

#frontend #webdev

Jason Miller 🦊⚛️
3 months ago

This is how I build apps now:

Standalone model(s) built with #Preact #Signals so they're implicitly reactive.

Components simply reference the model instance from context and access its (reactive) properties.

Testing the model without components is fast and easy. Testing the components a with mocked model is fast and easy.

source code:
El Greco
3 months ago

@spierala @angular
I think people are already using async/await and promises with Angular in large numbers, and that these people are just not as vocal in social media and github as rxjs proponents. It is an illusion imho that all Angular codebases look the same because Angular is an “opinionated” framework.
#angular #signals #rxjs

The last time I did serious front-end development, it was in knockout.js

I've been out of the loop for so long that I'm in again.

#javascript #signals #herewegoagain

巴丢草 Bad ї ucao (@badiucao)
3 months ago

@NialFinegan RT by @badiucao: Great effort by the Australian Airforce at #Avalon. But why do our defence forces procure their cheap giveaways in China? - can’t an Australian firm make pins? Especially at a show where we are showcasing Australian capabilities #ShopLocal #signals @AusAirForce @RichardMarlesMP

Ok more Signals fever 😀

My friend @thomasreggi just told me to try deno fresh as it is a build free environment.

Interestingly version 1.1 offers jsx & preact signals out of the box and is a full stack web framework.

Now I will have to look into this.


@ro @robertvh I agree you are right, the concept of signal implementation does not require a compiler, however modern framework compilers improve developer experience via analysing if a parent component state is going to two children and which of them should be updated if only one is required to update.

I recently read an article that states this clearly which I will add it to an attached toot 👇🏼


I thought that the birdsite had lost all it's web nerds to the fediverse, but it seems that all the #ReactJS discourse is still happening there. Nobody here is talking about #Signals, but it's all they talk about there.

Mastodon is just for the web-edgelords, who have rejected the mainstream frameworks.

3 months ago

#Development #Trends
The evolution of Signals in JavaScript · What’s behind the recent frontend buzz around the term “Signals”?

#Development #Trends
#WebDevelopment #WebDev #Frontend #Framework #Library #JavaScript #Signals #Angular #Qwik #React #Solid #Svelte #Vue

El Greco
3 months ago

@surma @marvinh @developit
Should we call what is essentially a wrapped effect a "computed"? 🤔

#preact #signals @angular

Pioneer Centre for AI
3 months ago

We are looking for 16 new PhD students in a wide range of fields! #signals #XAI #XR #bias #ML #SSL #NLP #FG #HCC Share with grads looking for a PhD: Join us in Denmark 👇

Daishi Kato
3 months ago

Just published Demystifying Create React Signals Internals. How jotai-signal, valtio-signal and zustand-signal work.

#ReactJS #React #JavaScript #TypeScript #Jotai #Valtio #Zustand #Signals

Why Signals are so cool in comparison to useState in React.


Luckily Signals will become part of Angular 😎

#React #Angular #Signals

El Greco
3 months ago

I wrote an NgModelSignal directive using signals from @angular v16-next and parts from
@synalx‘s rxjs-interop PR:

Not sure about the part where I'm setting a signal in the updateEffect... According to Pawel Kozlowski this is not a good idea. Is there a better alternative?

#angular #signals #rxjs

After watching this video (#angular + #signals):

I have mixed feelings.

I guess that removing zonejs and removing some trivial rxjs usage (subjects) is good. One of the things I diskile more of angular+rxjs is the fact of having to unsubscribe, sometimes it is not easy, and you can create a mem leak.

Would porting the actual code to signals be painful or time consuming? I hope not :)

Going from untyped forms to typed (I work on a generic framework) was not trivial.

El Greco
3 months ago

Here's the draft for the RxJS interop layer of @angular signals:

You can create a signal from an observable using the function "fromObservable"; the signal value type is a discriminating union of "NoValueState", "ValueState<T>" and "ErrorState" (the property "kind" is the discriminant), which reflects the different states an observable can have. Interestingly enough there is no "CompletedState" (yet).

#angular #signals #rxjs

El Greco
3 months ago

Quote from @dylhunn concerning potential benefits of signals in Angular:

"I'm particularly excited about our exploration of per-view change detection, which we expect to be possible with Signals! This will allow us to re-render at a sub-component level."

looks like articles and books about change detection in Angular will have to be rewritten (or augmented 😉).

#Angular #Signals

El Greco
3 months ago

@sarah_edo has set up an Angular signals primer: (in case you ask yourself what the fuss is all about 😉).

@sanderelias's analysis is more thorough:

#Angular #Signals

El Greco
4 months ago

Interesting takeaways from @synalx's chat with @brandontroberts about signals in Angular (

- Using signals as component Inputs eliminates the need for ngOnChanges.
- Signals are not limited to components; they can also be used in services!

#Angular #Signals

El Greco
4 months ago

It will probably be possible to experiment with signals in Angular 16 according to @synalx .

Also: in the future the compiler can optimize signal usage e.g. when signals are used for monitoring and manipulating the DOM; in this case the compiler would be able to streamline the read and write operations to avoid unnecessary reflows.

#Angular #Signals


Big Quantum Biology Meetings

A major goal is to identify #biomedical problems that may be amenable for #quantum information/sensing applications for the measurement of highly sensitive and specific #biological and #cellular #signals in normal and diseased states.

In addition, we hope to illuminate use cases that can be optimized and developed further for wider adoption by the community through enabling development of easily accessible bench-top instrument and portable devices and wearables.

These goals will be accomplished through invited seminars, workshops from national and international experts in QIS/QSB, identifying opportunities for learning, training and workforce development for fellows and trainees in collaboration with academia, industry, and government agencies

Poetry News
4 months ago

A Chinese balloon too flew high
From lands far beyond the sky
But what was its mission?
Collecting signals in transmission
And directed by the military

#china #surveillance #signals #military #limerick #poetry

Will an #AI be the first to discover #alien life?

"Ma and his colleagues sifted through #BreakthroughListen observations of 820 stars, made using the 100-metre Robert C. Byrd Green Bank #Telescope. They built #MachineLearning software to analyse the data, which netted nearly three million #signals of interest but discarded most as Earth-based interference. Ma then manually reviewed around 20,000 signals and narrowed them down to 8 intriguing candidates."

Frank Schindelbeck
4 months ago

"Jedes Herz schlägt seinen eigenen Rhythmus. Daher ist es eine Zumutung, gemeinsam mit Millionen Menschen in einem einzigen Schlafzimmer zu schlafen, das „WWW“ heißt. Wir werden früher oder später aus dem eigenen Herzrhythmus herausgeworfen." (Yoko Tawada)

#internet #rhythmus #zumutung #web #lovens #yokotawada #linernotes #signals #takase #schlippenbach #djillvibe #www

Signals - Cover
Daishi Kato
5 months ago
Kathy Reid
5 months ago

I'm really interested in #technology #transitions - and watching the #TwitterMigration to #Mastodon makes me think about how we know transitions are taking place and how far along we are in a transition or regime change.

Accounts like @mastodonmigration post useful stats on how many new users are joining the #Fediverse, often correlating with some sort of Twitter controversy.

But what other #indicators, #signals and #metrics inform our view of the adoption of the #Fediverse? Here's some I can think of:

👉 Font sets like Font Awesome provide #mastodón and other Fediverse-aligned logos, like #Pixelfed.

👉 Businesses begin to advertise their Mastodon address alongside other social properties.

👉 We start to see whole-of-government or whole-of-sector approaches to creating and maintaining Mastodon instances - for example,

👉 We start to see COTS offerings of Mastodon hosting by hosting providers

👉 We start to see Udemy and other micro-learning providers offering Mastodon "certification"

What other signals can you think of?

#transitions #TechnologyTransitions #STS

Peter Goes
5 months ago

Ow my, I love #signals in #javascript (#preact)!!

Jason Miller 🦊⚛️
6 months ago

Reminder: you can cast a Signal to unwrap its value without having to write `.value`.

#preact #signals #javascript #js

import { signal, effect } from '@preact/signals-core';

// numeric cast:
const age = signal(34);
console.log(+age * 7); // in dog years

// string cast:
const name = signal('John');
console.log(`Hello ${name}.`);

effect(() => console.log(`${name} is ${age} years old.`));
age.value++; // logs "John is 35 years old."
Doug Parker
7 months ago

Anyone familiar with #SolidJS #signals able to help me understand why they don't leak memory? Why don't you need to unsubscribe?

AFAICT, each signal in the graph contains a list of all its reverse dependencies (all signals who depend on it). This feels circular to me and I don't see how the browser could clean up those references.

Is a mark-and-sweep GC strategy able to handle this or am I missing an implicit unsubscribe somewhere?

And optionally watch mirror of same video on the Tor Browser friendly platform Bitchute: :tor:

#WiFi #Wiresless #metadata #privacy #anonymous #spoofing #disinformation #MACaddress #signals

#Linux WiFi WiPri mac address/hostname/signal strength randomizations usage now on #Peertube

(decentralized, open platform) (video mirror) #MACaddress #spoofing #Anonymous #privacy #Anonymity #WiFi #Wireless #Metadata #hostname #Signals

@poebbel No....?

Is there such a function, or are you seeing this in what I've written?

(If the latter, then thank you, as that's ... possibly useful.)

Actually, I think what we'd be looking for might be something like:

Message: δe/δt * d

Record: δm/δd * t

(I'm pretty sure that's wrong. It's conceptually ... interesting)

That's the "change in energy with time ... multiplied by? ... space" and "change in matter over distance ... multiplied by? ... time".

I'm pretty confident of the differential bit. The operation and the third term, not so much.

There's quite a bit of physics of signals and wave propagation, and the message equations might borrow from that. Also Claude Shannon.

I'm not aware of a similar physics of records, per se, though some aspects of that, e.g., Newton's Laws of Motion, would apply.

#information #signals #records #InformationTheory #ReallyBadPhysics #ReallyBadMaths

Doc Edward Morbius ❌​
3 years ago

@feonixrift I think I've ranted about the symmetry of signals and records before:

Signals encode semantic meaning via changes in time to transmit messages through a channel in space subject to noise to a reciever via energy changes without time pesistence.

Records encode semantic meaning via changes in space to transmit messages through a medium in time subject to deterioration to a reader using energy changes without spatial spread.

#signals #records #time #space #informationTheory