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For #silentsunday

A nice and wonderful place in #Greece

I wish you are going to have a Sunday with Love ❤️

photo is mine 🙂

#fotografie #photography #waterfalls #nature #Natur #flowers #blumen #trees #baum


Photo from Greece
37 minutes ago


Looking up into this tree was such a different view from the usual one where I look across the stormwater drain towards it.

It was a lovely walk and a peaceful start to Sunday 😊

A grassy bank with a tree at the top.  The tree has widely spread branches that twist and turn becoming thinner and leafier near the end.  There is a thick green leafy vine climbing up the main trunk.

The Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan

#SilentSunday (🇬🇧 Edition)

A color photograph taken from the pedestrian walking path on the Brooklyn Bridge during the day time. As seen through cabling on the bridge, and facing lower Manhattan. Skyscrapers, including One World Trade Center define the skyline. Afternoon sunlight is reflecting off of the buildings. Cars are driving in either direction on FDR Drive. A portion of the East River and a dock covered in graffiti tags is in the scene. The bottom portion of the frame shows the vehicle lanes of the bridge. A black colored car, and white colored van are visible driving towards the camera. The sky is mostly clear and light blue. There are no people in the scene.
John Virtue
3 hours ago
Low growing Eucalyptus trees with mist in the distance. Foreground of an old fallen log
4 hours ago
Lake in the foreground and snowcapped mountains with a clear blue sky in the background.

🎼 Es kommt ein Schiff geladen...🎵🎶

🎄2. Advent



Portion Pommes mit Mayo am sandigen Nordseestrand. Man sieht nur den Sand und die Pommes. Die befinden sich nicht in einer Pappschale, sondern in einem blauen Plastikboot.
Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
5 hours ago
An ocean worm that looks like two blue Christmas trees sprouting from the same base at a 45° angle. The worm is shaped like a tree with tender, feathery spiral structures starting wide at the bottom and getting progressively smaller the higher it goes, around a white trunk. (The animal uses these spirals for feeding and respiration.) This worm is completely blue but they come in all colors, even multi-colored.
Two ocean worms, each looking like they're two Christmas trees sprouting from the same base at a 45° angle. Worms are shaped like a tree with tender, feathery spiral structures starting wide at the bottom and getting progressively smaller the higher it goes, around a white trunk. (The animal uses these spirals for feeding and respiration.) In the photo, one worm is completely blue, another is completely yellow, but they come in all colors, even multi-colored.
7 hours ago

Island Light
Door to the marsh side.


Somewhere in the world it’s #SilentSunday. This is a photo I took in #YVR some years ago on the West Van waterfront on an equally rainy day. Yep. We’ve got another crazy wet day here. Which is a good thing, I might add. This totem was recently restored.

Bald eagle perched on the head of the Squamish Nation Greeting totem pole. A float plane passing overhead.

The Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan

#SilentSunday (🇦🇺 Edition)

A color photograph taken from the Manhattan Bridge of the Brooklyn Bridge, East River, and Lower Manhattan. Afternoon sunlight is reflecting off many of the skyscrapers that define the horizon. Three large boats are on the river passing underneath the bridge. Two of them are coming towards the camera, the other away from it. On the ground underneath the Brooklyn side of the bridge many people are walking on a promenade along the water, and many people are gathered around a carousel 🎠 at the waters edge. People are visible walking in either direction along the bridge, and on the bottom left edge of the frame are brick buildings between the two bridges.
10 hours ago

Silverstream. #SilentSunday

Trees climbing a hillside on the far bank of Te Awa Kairangi, NZ.
Rodrigo Garcia Saenz
18 hours ago

#silentsunday por adelantado :omgdotlol:

1 day ago

Touring a Zen garden...


Available here :
From the series of : Ladies with hats bigger than their secrets.

#artbyjolla # #ArtistofMastodon #mastodon #abstractart #creativetoots #artists #colorfulart #fediart #AYearForArt #artwork #TheArtDistrict #artgallery #painting #BuyIntoArt #FediGiftShop #springforart #artcollector #silentsunday #Mastoart #portrait #women
The central figure is a woman of enchanting sophistication, her presence commanding attention against the backdrop of a floral design.

A portrait of a sophisticated woman with a huge velvet hat on a art deco floral background, black,liliac,amber,teal.
🎨 By Peter
2 days ago

It's finished :)
Title: 'Where the two Streams meet'.
"Alexi's daughter died in childbirth, each Sunday afternoon he takes his grandson Christopher to sit by the stream for a while & listen to nature, and waits for the day his son-in-law returns from the war.."
(Classical-styled small piece, 6912x5376pixels master)

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An art canvas of an old man holding his grandson while sitting by a stream in the countryside (C)P.Gamble Art
4 days ago

Februar: Die Bäume kahl, es blüht die Fantasie...
#art #Kunst #mastoart #artists #Foto #photography #Baum #tree#silentsunday
Februar, bearbeitetes Foto, z.B 45 x 30 cm

Zwei kahle Bäume von unten fotografiert.
Die Stämme grünlich, der bedeckte Himmel rötlich.
5 days ago
Two clusters of dead Verbena bonariensis flower heads are now connected with threads of spider web running between the two. The spider’s threads have been sharply revealed by a light frost.
tom ☠
6 days ago

The border between the secular world and the sacred place. #torii #silentsunday

Ellie Kennard
6 days ago


What is this cloud formation(s), please?

Thanks @Rasta . A search didn't bring him up, only the bird bot.

#AnnapolisValley #EllieKPosts #landscape #landscapephotography #novascotia #SilentSunday

Llego tarde pero he visto este hashtag y me ha gustado, así que quería subir una foto que hice la primera vez que fui a Barcelona volviendo al hotel de madrugada.

#silentsunday #barcelona

Foto de un parque a las 3AM, desde una perspectiva entre árboles con un camino iluminado por dos farolas. Tiene un tono naranja.
6 days ago

Snowy walk to work

6 days ago



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Janne Peltonen
6 days ago

The night before yesterday, the sea finally froze.

#silentSunday #Helsinki #Herttoniemenranta #photography

A view from a balcony: snow-covered bushes and pedestrian paths with a couple people on them; unlit street lights. The paths surround a small docking area, there's a wavebreak behind it, and a narrow part of the sea is also visible. The docking area and the sea is frozen and covered in snow. In the background, a forested coastline; above it, a very low winter sun behind a thin cloud, the light hazily spread by the cloud. In the sky, some blue and some soft clouds.
Emanuel Pina
6 days ago

After a #silentsunday there's always a #happymonday 😀 Right?

Sunny day with lots of clouds. A view of hills and valley of a mountain with fog covering the valley.
Karsten Schmidt
6 days ago

Truly magical experience, light and frozen fog on our winter walk last night. Simply stunning! -10℃, walking a few kilometers through knee-deep fresh powder snow, thick frozen fog drifting around us, diffusing the last light and creating surreal (almost cliché) colors...

#SilentSunday #WinterWonderland #LandscapePhotography #Photography #Winter #Snow #Fog #Sunset #Bayern

View of snowed in trees and hedges in a field and forests in the background. Fog drifting between. The completely clear sky is tinted in a gradient of orange, pink and purple
View down a small country lane near the edge of a village. The road has been cleared, there's ~50cm of snow pushed up on either side. A dense, but thin fog bank is drifting across, obscuring the road after a few meters. A group of trees and the first houses are clearly visible further back against the orange/purple sunset sky.
View of a group of snow covered trees (and a power pole further back) behind the fog near the edge of a field. It's close to sunset and the light is being heavily diffused in the fog, creating an intense vanilla/pinkish glow against the silhouettes of the trees
A small group of trees (spruce, larch) covered in heavy snow standing in a field covered in layers of ground fog. Clear sky. It's close to sunset and the light already has a faint vanilla/pink tint.
Jan Matson Art
6 days ago
An impressionist landscape oil painting of an ancient gum tree. This gum tree painting was painted with a palette knife in soft pinks, blues and greens.
6 days ago

#silentSunday #alaWaiCanal #waikiki #luckyWeLiveHawaii #walking From a Sunday in August (the 20th), taken along the Ala Wai canal.

The ala wai canal, with buildings on each side, beneath a bright blue sky with few clouds to be seen. The buildings are reflected in the canal.

Available from here :

In a room filled with warmth and soft ambience, she enters with an air of quiet confidence. Her presence is felt before she speaks—a magnetic force that draws attention.. a woman of substance.

#artbyjolla # #ArtistofMastodon #mastodon #abstractart #creativetoots #artists #colorfulart #fediart #AYearForArt #artwork #TheArtDistrict #artgallery #painting #BuyIntoArt #FediGiftShop #springforart #artcollector #silentsunday #Mastoart #portrait #women

A woman of substance..wearing a huge hat adorned with pink peonies, teal and black hat, posterized version
D. B. Stuck
6 days ago
A house looks festive with a wreath hung on the exterior wall dead center between upstairs and downstairs windows. Night is encroaching and the porch lights are on. Exterior lights shine on the wall and keep the wreath lit. 

A white picket fence runs along the edge of the yard. White Christmas lights snake along the top of it.

The bare limbs of a tree is in the foreground in dark relief. Fog enshrouds features behind the house. Trees and other buildings dissappear.
Jamie Mason
6 days ago

Taken today, after the afternoon rain. #silentsunday #rainyday #flowers

Rainy day flowers.
Justin Riley
6 days ago

Ladder-backed Woodpecker, Tucson, AZ, Nov 2023
#SilentSunday #birds #BirdsOfMastodon #Tucson

A black and white striped woodpecker with a red-capped head hanging upside-down from a tree branch
Mandu 🥟
6 days ago

snow bunny funny

#SilentSunday #snowman

man makes a funny bunny snowman figure between two trees.  bunny's arms are holding on to the tree, face and body are between the trees.
Deb Oppermann
6 days ago
Blue wooden doors with painted yellow stone walls of house in Egypt
Deb Oppermann
6 days ago

My favourite Tulips are these yellow ones with a hint of red and I especially love them with a dark background!
Available here with some great ideas for Christmas gifts!

#tulips #MastoFlowers #FlowersOfMastodon #SilentSunday #flowers #FlowerPhotography #macro #artforsale #GiftIdeas #BuyIntoArt #fediverse #FediGiftShop #photography

Yellow Tulips with green stem on a black background
Mandu 🥟
6 days ago

better arrive early to get a seat at the all-you-can-eat birbffet

#SilentSunday #birds

dozens of yellow birds with reddish heads flying down and feeding on a row of cornmeal on a ledge outside. many more birds on two hanging rope lines.  trees and house in the background.
6 days ago

While my #OMSystem #OM1 is away for repair, I'm revisiting some of my earliest #RAW images from my #PentaxK100D and tweaking here and there using the latest version of #ON1

‎⁨James River⁩, ⁨Henrico⁩, ⁨Virginia⁩, ⁨United States⁩

#SilentSunday #Sunset #RVA

Sunset image from a bride over the James River. A few wispy clouds are in a sky that transitions from blue to orange at the horizon. The waters of the river can be seen through the silhouette of the bridge railing.
The Flight Attendant
6 days ago

I wanted to wait until #Fensterfreitag but this just feels more like #silentSunday #photography

A view through an airplane window. The top half is grey/white clouds & sky. The bottom half is a foggy, marshy view of water & land. Predominant colors are browns, greens, and greys.
Mandu 🥟
6 days ago

#SilentSunday 🐬🌊🐬🌊🐬🌊🐬🌊🐬🌊🐬🌊🐬🌊🐬

dolphin pod of hundreds of dolphins jumping out of the water and swimming together
David Nelson
6 days ago
Emanuel Kluge
6 days ago
Road with a wooden fence on the left. In the background there are mountains. On the right is a hut.
Paul G's Landscape Photos
6 days ago

Boat at Waterhead, Ambleside

Visited Ambleside today. We hadn't realised the snow they had yesterday was so bad. We'd planned to walk at Elterwater but there was so many abandoned cars we decided a walk round Ambleside instead.

#landscapephotography #silentsunday #photomonday #fotoMontag

A small sail boat sits in the lake under very dark skies. Behind a touch of light breaks through the low cloud and mist to light up a small tree covered hill.
Kate Bowles
6 days ago

Something lovely about time zones: Monday morning in Australia is filled with #silentsunday elsewhere. It’s such a peaceful way to start the week.

6 days ago