1 month ago

Joey Puppycat Ramone. In the last picture, he has got his head stuck in the popcorn bag and is walking away backwards until he manages to squeeze between some furniture and knock it off.
#sillycat #catsofmastodon #blackcats

Joey the cat looks at an empty bag of popcorn
Joey the cat investigates an empty bag of popcorn
Joey the cat looks at the camera after having knocked an empty bag of popcorn off the table.
Joey the cat walking backwards, head stuck in a bag of popcorn
4 months ago

Laughing at my #cat πŸ˜‚
He's trying to get my attention & distract me from some spreadsheets work 😹

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My goofy gray tuxedo cat, lounging on blankets on bed with hind leg sticking out, staring at the camera & holding one semi curled paw up, hiding his left eye.
4 months ago
7 months ago

Asher. He loves flopping himself on the living room rug. Then he drags & rolls his body all across it. He'll do this by himself for awhile - it's pretty funny watching him as he does it. Then he does full #kitty #cat body stretch out, look to make eye contact with any nearby human & extend one paw out, while meowing for cuddles πŸ˜‚

#CatsOfMastodon #CatsOfSDF #CaturdayIsEveryday #GrayTuxedoCat #SillyCat #LoungeCat #CatLovers #furbuddy #furfriend #CuteCate

My gray tuxedo cat, stretched out on living room rug.
8 months ago

Asher's found himself a new chill/napping spot. It's in the laundry room space. Atop a cloth grocery bag, stuffed with towels. He enjoys watching the dryer spin clothes, while lying on the bag.

#CatsOfSDF #CatsOfMastodon #CatLovers #furbuddy #furfriend #SillyCat

My gray tuxedo cat, laying atop a filled reusable grocery bag.
My gray tuxedo cat, laying atop a filled reusable grocery bag.
10 months ago

Left my pajamas on the dresser instead of on the bed where I usually do, so Kendrick decided to sleep on the dresser. πŸ€·πŸΌβ€β™€οΈ #HappyCaturday #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #CatLife #Cattivities #SillyCat

Close up of Kendrick the gray cat
Kendrick laying on my pajamas
Lisa FW
1 year ago

Our cat Merckx saw a Fishtopher the Cat (famous on the bird site) video playing on my ipad, and went crazy trying to find the cat that must be in her house playing with her fleece wand toy πŸ˜† #sillyCat #CatsOfMastodon #cats

A lynxpoint tabby in motion, looking at the iPad that is playing a video clip of a cat (Fishtopher) playing with a wand toy that is very similar to one of her toys. There is a gas fireplace in the background.
1 year ago

Scout #sphynx #cat doing his #titanic β€œpaint me like one of your French girls” pose on the heated seat 😹 #pets #paws #cats #sillycat

Christy S
1 year ago

Cute #kitty story for all of you. I was in the kitchen while @spaciath got ice ready and I felt rub against my legs. Mister, of course. I bent down to pet him and after a few seconds I felt him stand up on his back legs. At first I thought he was trying to climb the wall, but then I remembered. I have this hoody on and of course it has strings. Guess what were dangling right above his head? Hahaha, silly boy!. #CatsOfMastodon #SillyCat