Sherri Koehler
5 months ago

The #SkyBooms are happening less. Dog and Cat are deeply concerned, but still interested in treats.

Hoping the holiday falling on a Tuesday will mean it won’t go on too late. Fingers crossed!

This holiday and Mothers’ Day are my least favorite observances.

#SkyBooms are cruel to animals. Pl ase stop this. There are better, safer for all, ways to celebrate

Daisy dog on a spring day with tulips.

The weekend has been so noisy and a bit frightening with all the #SkyBooms 🎆. Daisy Dog has been quite scared. Mom attends me in the #Catio to make sure I'm safe. Stevie doesn't mind the #SkyBooms. There will be more for a whole week mom says. Keep your pets inside all week. #Monday #TuxieGirl #Betty #CatsOfMastodon

A Tuxedo Girl cat sitting on her playbox in her Catio.