2 hours ago

Laut #Steam-Statistiken spielen Ende November mehr Leute #Skyrim als #Starfield. Das ist schon heftig.

Verlauf der Spieler*innenzahl von Starfield, Skyrim und Baldurs Gate von Mitte bis Ende November. Baldurs Gate stark schwankend, aber immer mit deutlich mehr Spieler*innen. Starfield und Skyrim nahezu gleich, aber sogar mit ganz leicht höheren Ausschlägen für Skyrim.
21 hours ago Same. She's good at surviving, especially when I give her full dragonplate armor, but there was one time when I was in a dwemer fortress and she fell off a ledge into the void...

#Skyrim #IAmSwornToCarryYourBurdens
1 day ago

#Skyrim steckt voller Möglichkeiten. Ein ambitionierter Spieler hat jetzt ein eher düsteres Vorhaben umgesetzt. Die selbst auferlegte Herausforderung: Alles, was in dem Spiel getötet werden kann, zu töten:,139836.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

«‎Вбив усе, що можна вбити»: геймер знищив 5400 «живих істот» у Skyrim, а «‎баунті» за його вибивання сягнуло 267 000 золотих #TheElderScrollsVSkyrim #Bethesda #Новини #Skyrim #Ігри

Jesse Saenz
2 days ago

About 10 years late, but finally started playing #skyrim due to recently picking up a #ps4 any advice or suggestions for my first play through? I picked up a handful of side quests but I just made it to Whiterun. ⚔️
2 days ago

🗡️ Dopo 12 anni, qualcuno ha infine spento ogni vita in #Skyrim. Sei tu il prossimo?


3 days ago

Not even have played #Starfield, but from all I saw I figured it's just the same as all #Bethesda and I'm 100% not interested in that kind of rpg they're trying to sell here.

Still, I'll get it at some point and have a blast.

How's that? Literally "easy":
Start game, set it to super easy and just go nuts.
I mean it.
Fought Trolls in #Skyrim in my underwear cause why not. It's nuts, you'll love it.
Super-easy and set Auto-Save to "2 Minutes".
It's frustration free - do what ya want.

3 days ago

It's Sunday
It's Skyrim

Time to wander about without a plan, die a bunch, probably crash once or twice, and make other poor decisions

#vtuber #ENVtuber #letsplay #skyrim

video thumbnail with a yellow/blue and white background Me on the right, Uldrad crouched in front of a cooking spit in the middle.
There's text!
Uldrad Elthran's Adventures in (modded) Skyrim
Part 14
Plan? We don't do that here

My shoulder might complain later, but I had to try this Morrowind style dungeon. #skyrim #gaming 🎮

4 days ago

Some screenshots from my recent #Skyrim playthrough:

A dark ruined temple/grave site called a barrow, dramatically lit in a soft blue light. There are two columns in the foreground framing a staircase leading up to a sarcophagus.
A snowy ash-covered landscape. Snow is gently falling from the sky. It's early morning, and the cloudy sky is a deep blue. In the distance is a huge mountain with ash billowing from it
A dark room with a great big metal face glowing from the light of nearby fires, saying "I am Kaz! The great and powerful! Who are you? Begone from this place, or forfeit your lives!" The picture is giving off Wizard of Oz vibes
A rich orange sunset. In the background there are stone ruins lining a mountainside. In the foreground is a female cat-like humanoid called a Khajiit riding a horse. The horse has musical instruments and bags and wine bottles hanging from its saddle
4 days ago

@DopeGhoti my buddy at work tells me that Baldur's Gate 3 is awesome. He built a whole new computer to play it. I'm too immersed in #minecraft and 18 months deep in a new build to get wound up in something like that, but I totally get it.

I'm also backed up on #Skyrim.

The intriguing thing to me about #switch games is that I'm not up on them. My kids all have friends who are. I love #mario and I love #zelda, so being a dad on #xmas with two elementary schoolers presents a wonderful opportunity 🤓

"What is better? To be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?"


C J Silverio
1 week ago

I do not think anybody using my #Skyrim mod understands how much work I've put into it. I'm not sure they understand how valuable that work would be in The Real World™.

On the flip side, I am doing this work precisely because in the real corporate world, I never get to sweat something so hard. I never get to perfect it like this. I also never get the autonomy I have working on this project. Or the direct feedback from users who are just trying to do a thing.

wrote user docs all evening

Dionysus 🍇
1 week ago

Being a vampire lord in #Skyrim seems cool until I realized how much I would need to manage time and resources. Being vulnerable to daylight makes overland exploration rough. Being vulnerable to fire is huge; half the dragons and spellcasters become a serious issue without fire resistance gear or potions. For me, not worth the hassle, even with all the stealth perks.

Dionysus 🍇
1 week ago

Finished #Skyrim along with expansions. I will come back to that character, but I restarted with a wood elf. Going with the rogue skills this time, maybe vampire too.

Love how I haven't played Minecraft for like a year but for the past week, I've been obsessed with it. The last game I did this with was Skyrim, which I played for weeks and then just suddenly stopped. Still love Skyrim though, just waiting for the time when I pick it up and play it non stop until I become bored.

#Gaming #Skyrim #Minecraft #VideoGames

1 week ago

The #Skyrim special edition is downloading onto my PS5 as I type this. I’ve not played it since its initial release in 2011, and it’s time. Doubt I’ll spend 1200 hours playing it this time around, but maybe!

En el camino me he encontrado con unos forajidos acampados en unas ruinas.

Parece que despertaron a los draugr de las criptas que acabaron con la mayoría de sus compañeros. A ver si encuentro algo interesante 😬
#Skyrim #journal

Conseguí acabar con todos los draugr y ahora descanso en la posada de puerta nocturna. Mañana emprendo el camino hacia el fuerte de Martillo endeble por un trabajo que conseguí en la posada.
Hay que acabar con una banda de bandidos.
#Skyrim #journal

Resulta que se trata de una cripta, dónde las bendiciones de Arkay hace tiempo que no llegan 😖 #Skyrim #journal

1 week ago

🔴​#live with another Sunday

#Skyrim time

We became Dragonborn and learned some words, and Lydia is with us now proper and the mod that makes her better is great, a proper talkative companion with personality!

We're gonna do what most RPG players must eventually do - start clearing the side quest log :D

#vtuber #ENVtuber #letsplay

Video thumbnail, pink and yellow background with a white lower third. Image of my Skyrim character and Lydia the housecarl in the middle, my model on the right looking to the left

There's text:
Uldrad Elthran's Adventures in (modded) Skyrim
Part 13
Generic Questing Time

En la decimoséptima luna de Última semilla del año 201 de la 4ª era, me encuentro investigando una cueva que resultó ser la entrada a unas ruinas repletas de draugr ⚔️🔥💀 #Skyrim #journal

Incinerando un draugr con el hechizo llamas en unas ruinas oscuras.
C J Silverio
2 weeks ago

JaySerpa is a treasure and one of the greatest things to happen to #Skyrim modding.

Whoever made this video is a genius! This video motivates me to study just for the fun of it. :ablobcatcoffee:

#skyrim #studywithme #studyinskyrim

2 weeks ago

Sarah Morgan has sworn to carry my burdens. #starfield #skyrim #bethesda

2 weeks ago

:blobcatlul: Вспомнил тут, что Bethesda совместно с Valve когда-то выпустила для #Skyrim аддон, добавляющий в игру модуль космоса из Portal.

Одна из его реплик:
> "Boy, boy... Spaceborn! I am... SPACEBORN! As foretold! In space!"

Чёрт возьми, этот металлический шарообразный предсказал (foretold, да!) Starfield сколько… 11 лет назад?

#videogames #games

Скриншот из Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, деревянный обеденный стол, на столе обычно лежит початая головка сыра и батон хлеба, но сейчас там лежит ещё и модуль космоса из Portal. Под ним подпись а-ля субтитры "I am Spaceborn!"
T3Z 🎨🐱📖
2 weeks ago

So, gerade zwei Bewerbungen fertig geschrieben. Da liest ne Freundin heute Abend nochmal drüber und dann gehen die raus. Jetzt gönne ich mir ne Runde #Enderal: Forgotten Stories. Das ist ein Fanprojekt, das aus dem alten #Skyrim via Creation Kit ein komplett neues Spiel kreiert hat. Ich bin gespannt. #CRPG

The Cross-Cultural Nerd
2 weeks ago

#elderscrolls #skyrim #LetsPlay: Checking out Fellglow Keep and getting those books back for Urag at the College! #playthrough #watermargin #gongsunsheng #AllMenAreBrothers #OutlawsoftheMarsh #rpg #gaming #books #rescue #bethesda #twists

Got a China video in the works, btw!

2 weeks ago

Don’t forget the popcorn! 🍿 Arena canton fighting pit, by Oskari Ahde.

Should find yourself in a pesky succession feud during your Skywind adventures, have no fear: you’ll be battling your challenger in a beautifully designed Arena! During your heroic fight, take inspiration from the cozy canopied seating areas, atmospheric tapestries, and of course, the motivational bloodstains.

#skywind #elderscrolls #theelderscrolls #tes #morrowind #skyrim #leveldesign #worldbuilding #indiedev #gamedev

The Arena canton pit is shown in the daytime. The pit in the center of the room is circular with dirt flooring. The floor surrounding the pit is made of stone, and there are staircases leading up to another two tiers of floors above it. On the highest level, there are canopied seating areas for spectators.
Canopied seating areas are displayed. There are two chairs and a table with drinks under each canopy, which are red in color. There are also hanging red lanterns under each canopy. On the tier below the canopy level, a Dunmer sits cross legged on a rug surrounded by pillows.
Canopied seating areas are displayed in a similar style to the previous ones, except the canopies are blue with purple lights hanging from them. We’re given a clearer view of the rug seating area, which is fitted with several pillows to lounge on and a low table for drinks.
A view of the Arena canton pit at night. Flames surround the circumference of the pit and cast a yellow glow.
2 weeks ago

Umm... anyone know why my install of #Skyrim does this?

2 weeks ago

💭 «По великой традиции игр Elder Scrolls, вы начинаете как узник, задержанный за неназванное преступление. Когда уже власти Тамриэля поймут, что если прятать людей за решётку за мелкие приключенческие преступления, они вечно будут в окружении других приключенцев и наверняка отправятся на поиски приключений дальше как только выйдут!»

— Zero Punctuation, 2011, The Elder Scrolls V: #Skyrim

#games #videogames

2 weeks ago
Voxel render of a walled city surrounding a tall stone and wood castle, in a valley, surrounded by snowy mountains under a bright blue sky with a low sun.

Can't believe it's been 12 years since Skyrim was released. #skyrim #tesv

Rebecca Celeste
3 weeks ago

After #Skyrim, I want to play some shorter games. The first one is #Trüberbrook!

#Games #Gaming #Videogames #NintendoSwitch

Trüberbrook with a landscape from the game
Rebecca Celeste
3 weeks ago

I finally finished Skyrim after 240 hours 👀

#Skyrim #TheElderScrolls #Gaming #Games #Videogames #NintendoSwitch

Aurora borealis in the Sky of Skyrim
C J Silverio
3 weeks ago

I installed tiny mods that make smoke and embers float in the current wind direction and damn, never going to uninstall these. Subtle cheap immersion ftw.


C J Silverio
3 weeks ago

Today I’m going to try to fix some more grip-switching issues in my mod. This is an exercise in endless edge cases. To explain briefly:

Some mods add a “grip switching" mechanic, in which you switch from a two-handed grip on some items to a single-handed grip. In the case of hand-and-a-half swords and some others, this is entirely realistic. It’s kinda not with the gigantic grand swords some games have, but this is fantasy. Anyway…

When you switch from two-handed to single-handed, the HUD has to update itself to show the consequences, and perhaps auto-equip something in the now-free left hand. If you're in this mode and advance a cycle, the HUD has to make some decisions differently. E.g., advancing to another two-hander would leave the left hand undisturbed.

There's another set of actions that need to be taken when the grip switches back to normal.

Yes, that was brief. Jeez.


C J Silverio
3 weeks ago

Sure, it looks like yet another boring #Skyrim screenshot, but secretly it means that I have moved all my svg rasterizing to Rust and booted nanosvg from the project. Project minimize C++ advances…

A cropped screenshot of the game Skyrim, showing the player character and his horse standing in the tundra near Whiterun. A diamod-shaped HUD widget is visible on the screen, showing colorful icons with labels for each of the items and spells the character has ready to use.
C J Silverio
3 weeks ago

That feel when you look at a controller map file to see if it has any ideas you can borrow for your mod, and you realize that the controller map was written *for* your mod.

Ulp I have users.


Rebecca Celeste
1 month ago

Somebody must have reeeally liked „The Lusty Argonian Maid 1 & 2“ because this a pile full of it.

#Skyrim #TheElderScrolls #TheElderScrollsV #Gaming #Videogames #NintendoSwitch

A pile of book of „Die dralle agonische Maid Band 2“
JC Palmer
1 month ago

Alright, I managed to knock out 1,731 words today. Not bad, I'm pleased with that. Now I can play #Skyrim and do other things guilt-free. #writing #NaNoWriMo

Fynn Becker
1 month ago

After “only” 40 hours of playing Starfield, I managed to do something I’ve never achieved in Skyrim even after ~120 hours: marry a companion.

I also accidentally timed the ceremony with the sunrise on Porrima II, where it took place in the Paradiso resort. Which kinda turned the whole thing into a cliche of a wedding 😅

#Starfield #Skyrim

C J Silverio
1 month ago

I have one very interesting and somewhat difficult to work on bug report: the HUD doesn't update itself properly when you use a specific mod that lets you grip-switch two-handed weapons to single-handed.

I feel the HUD should do the right thing.

Steps to fix:
- build a working mod setup with this mod and its prereqs installed
- start a character with this mod setup, using an alternative-start mod to jump over the escape from Helgen
- use the console to set the character up with weapons to test with
- figure out what happens now
- figure out what events are being triggered or not triggered with the mod present
- fix it
- consider if it's possible to fix the category of problem for any grip-switch mod that might appear
- make sure the fix doesn't break anything else (as you know, bob, probably the hard part)

Pure fun, tbh.


2 months ago

I know I am over 10 years late, but thanks to my #gaming mad 70-something-year-old father-in-law I have finally started playing #Skyrim.

As far as I can tell, there are three stages to this game:

1. I have no idea who any of these people are or what their backstory is and this is very confusing

2. All the quests so far involve running to tell someone something and this is immensely dull

3. I have purchased the 1,100 page guide off eBay because if I am not playing it I am reading about it

> “skyrim” “skip launcher”

#Google search so enshittified, these terms only matched Baldur’s Gate 3 and Witcher 3 posts, and barely 11 hits at that.

Anyway, is there a way to skip the #Skyrim launcher? I’m running #SKSE64 but would also like to disable it for vanilla. There used to be a launch option for this I thought.

C J Silverio
2 months ago

Heck yeah. The equipment sets feature of my #Skyrim HUD mod is very close to done. I have to polish up the settings interactions in the menu system, which is... difficult to work with, let's say that.


- save what you're wearing as a named equip set
- cycle through equip sets by tapping cycle key, just like with left hand / right hand / shouts
- assign an icon to the set from the icons in use by items in the set
- sets can show up in HUD layouts just like any other HUD item
- can update a set with what you're wearing now
- can rename sets
- can delete sets

The thing I did that's different from other HUD mods is that I did zero user interface for choosing items to put into a set. The game already has that user interface and it's better than anything I would be able to build by myself. If you're wearing it, it's in.

━━━✥◈ Ariana ◈✥━━━

A quick portrait of my Skyrim high elf, Ariana, from 2020!

#ElderScrolls #MastoArt #Repostober #TESOctober #Skyrim #OC

A golden High Elf lady with pitch black bug-like eyes. She wears a leather strap dress with metallic leaves.
2 months ago

Here is another thing I made a long time ago that could use a new home. It's the Shrine of Mara from Skyrim. I created the model for a render a long time ago and printed a version of it. Actually it was a Patreon reward.

More photos and infos about material and stuff are on the shop page below. Ships to almost any country too, if yours is missing let me know. :3

If you are interested, you can get it here:

#3DPrinting #MastoArt #Skyrim

Photo of a 3D printed model of the Shrine of Mara from the game Skyrim. It's a circular base and disc attached on top with a face in the center. It's sand colored with brownish and green growth on it.

I really wish vortex wasn't so hard to get working in linux. #mods #NexusMods #starfield #skyrim

Trying to fire up my #Skyrim save after not playing for a few months and the game keeps crashing on load. Doesn't matter what save I load, either. RIP, to my level 41 wood elf- head of the Brotherhood, mistress of the thieves... You will be missed.

2 months ago

@aaronesilvers I think I don't play enough video games to be good at melee fights, so I'm all arrow arrow arrowarrowarrow right up into their face! 🤣 #Skyrim

Mx. Kit O'Connell
2 months ago

I cannot stress enough how much I enjoy this dude's little shorts about getting stoned and playing #Skyrim at 3am.

Mx. Kit O'Connell
2 months ago

Me: Steps into an ancient tomb.


Popping a champagne cork.
Mx. Kit O'Connell
2 months ago

Me, when I play #Skyrim again:

The little green guys from Toy Story declare, "The claaaaaaaaaaaaw!"
C J Silverio
2 months ago

My #Skyrim modlist is looking pretty good.

A cropped screenshot of the game Skyrim, showing the player character looking toward the camera. Their sword is drawn and a wind spell is readied in their left hand. A custom Souls-like HUD is shown to the right of the screen. The game is heavily modded.
2 months ago

We have you in our discerning eye… we see you, waking and sleeping: Sixth House hideout, by DaddySmurf2

In Skywind’s main questline, you’ll spend a lot of time hanging around in the Sixth House’s terrifying underground lairs. As such, Skywind’s talented team has worked to bring these iconic locations to life. We just hope that they’re sufficiently creepy for you!

#skywind #elderscrolls #theelderscrolls #tes #morrowind #skyrim #leveldesign #worldbuilding #indiedev #gamedev

A section of an underground Sixth House base is pictured. The image depicts a stone passageway inside of a cave. The floor is made of small rocks and is covered in some places by winding roots. In the foreground, we can see a metal decoration and a red Sixth House banner to the right.

There are burning candles propped up by cylindrical stones on either side of the passageway extending down the hall. All of the candles are red and emit a hazy yellow glow. We can also see purple and red pod-shaped lights hanging from the ceiling. All of the lights together produce a reddish tint that colors the space. At the end of the hallway, we can make out a small stone altar with another red Sixth House banner hanging behind it.
Dave Townsend
2 months ago

It's pretty impressive that some of the bugs that existed in #skyrim when it was released 12 years ago are still present in #starfield. Most developers these days don't expect their code to still be in production after half that time.

3 months ago

Uncolored sketch of Shrike for Endivinity! #MastoArt #FurryArt #Skyrim

Uncolored clean sketch of an argonian (anthro lizardfolk) in a battle pose, with her sword in front of her and gaze lowered.

I had my first truly #skyrim moment in #starfield today. Watch a baddie step on mine and literally blast off into space.

I really need to learn my “instant replay gif” button that amd gives me.

3 months ago

@hk seriously!

If you play either #Fallout of as any of the #Skyrim games, you might want to check out his other #podcasts

I have to warn you that he now started hiding the oldest episodes of his podcasts behind a #paywall.

I’m just saying

But the Fallout one will drop your jaw, if you play any of the games

By the time I tried the Fallout podcast, I’d missed a whole lot of the beginning, and decided to just leave it alone

I want to play a #rogue-like #Pirate here 🏴‍☠️

Fezzik, from the movie The Princess Bride, goofs around while sailing by rhyming with whatever the others say.
3 months ago

Morning Folks! While I shared some of this on the podcast yesterday, I spent some time this morning talking about my early impressions of #Starfield after some thirteen hours in the game. I'm really enjoying myself, but also spend quite a bit talking about some of the failings of the game systems.

Starfield First Impressions

#Bethesda #Fallout #Skyrim #OpenWorld #RPG #VideoGames #Games #Gaming #ShareYourGames

C J Silverio
3 months ago

My #Skyrim modlist is looking great. My mod is feeling great. I have one major feature to design and implement before I call it 1.0, but it's getting close.

I have slowed down my development pace in the last week because I was getting crispy. I am very capable of working myself to death. I guess it's good that I figured out how to moderate myself at least a little bit?

A Skyrim character stands in Dragonsreach, the palace of the Jarl of Whiterun. The scene is highly modded from the vanilla game— Dragonsreach is decorated and has light streaming in through the windows. The character is a red-haired Imperial spellblade. He has a damage spell glowing ready in his left hand and a sword in his right hand.
C J Silverio
3 months ago

The Natura mod spell pack is fantastic, but all the spells get their effects from scripts and not by using the game's actor value system. Therefore I can't inspect the spell data and assign good icons to them :weeping: I am going to have to resort to peeking at form ids.


3 months ago

Playing #bg3 feels like playing #Skyrim... Not because they are similar... But because you get to see a whole generation discover a dev you've loved for a long time. #larianstudios

3 months ago

Been looking at recent #Skyrim mods and this Orc overhaul that came out this week has me sweating🥵 #gaming #videogames

(pictured are Borgakh, Gharol, Ugor, and Ghorza)

high res image of the modded version of Borgakh
high res image of the modded version of Gharol
high res image of the modded version of Ugor
high res image of the modded version of Ghorza
Michele Feltman Strider
3 months ago

My husband pointed out that not only is Charles Martinet the voice of Mario but also Paarthurnax of the internet's favorite video game #Skyrim.

A major deity in the nerd pantheon, y'all.

C J Silverio
4 months ago

Current status: trying sneak magic instead of sneak archery for once. The mods I'm running make make builds viable and even fun. Dareni's spell packs are super-fun. AND NOW I UNDERSTAND HOW TO MAKE THINGS LIKE THIS.

This has been a great break project.

Load order here:


4 months ago

#rpgaday2023 es gibt so viele #spiele, die ich gerne spielen würde, die ich aber entweder nicht spielen kann, aufgrund von #Blindheit, oder noch nicht gespielt habe im #ttrpg Bereich.
#penandpaper : #dsa #cyberpunk #thewitcher #numenera #MausRitter
Und viele, viele mehr!
#videogames mit #rpg Anteil:
#skyrim #FFXVI #thewitcher3 #cyberpunk2077 #BaldursGate3

4 months ago

Whenever I play #games like #diablo4, #poe, #skyrim, or #witcher I can't help but think "If this was set in a #scifi or #horror universe it would be the greatest game ever."

I just can't get invested in the dragons, and horses and wizards stuff.

No hate, enjoy what you enjoy.

Jasdemi 🎮
4 months ago

Here is my list:
Fantasy Fantasy IX
Fantasy Fantasy X
Ragnarok Online
Life is Strange
Life is Strange Before the Storm
TES: Skyrim
TES: Morrowind
Vampire Survivors
EVE Online
Elden Ring

#ffix #ffx #ragnarokonline #lifeisstrage #skyrim #morrowind #vampiresurvivors #eldenring #gaming #xbox #pcgaming #playstation

4 months ago

(Introduction, 07.2023 edition!) Hi! I’m Choi, I draw a lot when I'm not doing grad school things. Still neck deep in Elder Scrolls. I also make silly comics and spicy art.

#FantasyArt #skyrim #ElderScrolls #ElderScrollsOnline #morrowind #inking #mastoart #illustration #DigitalArt #ArtPH #SEArtists

Reference sheet of Darra Salvi (dunmer dragonborn) wearing 3 different outfits, a red Skyrim dress, a cream Vvardenfell dress, and Snowhawk mage robes over tights.
Commissioned work of two brothers, Skarotaavi (a yellow Argonian with black masklike markings on his face) and Lanskr Fire-Eyes (a Nord-elf with a mop of red hair). They are wielding weapons and magic and ready to fight.
Digital ink and grayscale of Darra and Teldryn close to smooching
Digital charcoal of Bataqq, a big khajiit
C J Silverio
4 months ago

A fellow #Skyrim modding hobbyist recommended `Inter` to me as a free, easily-distributable typeface family to include with my mod to support the wide variety of character glyphs my users need. I hadn't seen this before, and maybe you haven't either, so I link to you now:

C J Silverio
4 months ago

I just did a bunch of playing #Skyrim with my own HUD mod and I was very happy about it. In the middle of a fight I chugged a stamina potion, then swapped and chugged a healing potion.

I need to make it play the “glug" sound when you drink a potion, I think. Huh.

C J Silverio
4 months ago

And here it is in action!

The video demonstrates equipping spells and weapons, tapping a key to cycle through items quickly before it equips one, drinking potions, poisoning weapons. It then tours through the options quickly-- there aren't a lot of them. It's mostly a keybind mod.

I forgot to show adding items to cycles. You pop open a menu, hover over an item, and press the hotkey. Done.


Amade Upname
5 months ago

Is it worth getting an #Xbox just for Starfield? If so the X or the S? I'm a Playstation person usually, and love #Skyrim on my PS4. Would prefer a PS5, but Starfield! I'm also a rubbish gamer; not good enough for intense combat. I can hit a draugr with something heavy while tomb-raiding, but I'm too slow for fast aiming and firing combat - I panic. Will there be enough for me in Starfield? I should probably save my money and just watch YouTube videos of other people playing #Starfield, right?

C J Silverio
5 months ago

Oh my god, it really *is* like Lucien is teaching me how to make Skyrim mods.

This is perfection.


C J Silverio
5 months ago

The shenanigans around the Gore follower mod over the weekend make me happy to reflect that I am long out of high school, and also not into insular Discord communities focused on single mods. I kinda want to sit all the young people involved in this and tell them that newly-divorced thirty-something men are to be avoided like unto plague. Like double plague if you're a good-looking woman more than a decade younger than he is.

You're welcome,
grandma who would be happy to lend you an umbrella to smash over the heads of creepy people


C J Silverio
5 months ago

I do not need to change my grass and tree mods, but darn, those gigantic trees look great.

My current choices are the QW's Grass Patch 2 mashup and Traverse the Ulvenwald. They're great. NO MODLIST REWORKS ALLOWED.