Hi folks, what's the best #slack alternative for a small non-profit organization that can't afford the slack price?

I'm looking for free-to-join channels, private channels, DMs, tagging, history search.

Slack offers this but limits history to 90 days in its free version.

Is #Discord what I'm looking for?

🔄 Boosts appreciated!

UltrasonicMadness (he/him)
1 day ago

@designthinkingcomic The right panel describes my experience with #Slack every time I've had the misfortune of having to use it.

1 day ago

#Spotify#Slack#Figma#Discord もブラウザでアクセスするタイプの人間 :tony_normal:

#Vivaldi #Vivaldian

Написал в рабочем Slack сообщение о том, что вместе с чисткой кодовой базы выпилили модуль, который я чинил и что вот merge request, где я этот код привожу в рабочее состояние и в целом его можно было бы вернуть.

Пришёл тимлид и поставил реакцию с гробом.

Я прокликал его реакцию и добавил свои две.

Теперь менеджера ждёт ГРОБ-ГРОБ-КЛАДБИЩЕ-КРЕСТ.

#work #dev #log #slack #fun #pic

coffin, coffin, graveyard and cross.
Veera Laukkarinen
2 days ago

Miten ton Slackin Active / Away automatisoinnin saa pois päältä? En halua, et olen jonkin ajan kuluttua Away tilassa vaan haluan itse asettaa olevani poissa.


Károly Kass
3 days ago

Slack does not display user availability status correctly on different devices. (iOS app and macOS app show different states for the same users at the same time.)
#slack #error

RA Michael Seidlitz
3 days ago

#Asana #Trello #Monday_com #Slack #Teams #Wrike #ClickUp #Basecamp #Smartsheet #Todoist

Zehn Tools für besseres Aufgaben- und Projektmanagement
von Heinrich Vaske
(mit Darstellung von Hauptfunktionen, USP, Plus und Minus sowie Fazit),3698009

RA Michael Seidlitz
3 days ago

#Asana #Trello #Monday_com #Slack #Teams #Wrike #ClickUp #Basecamp #Smartsheet #Todoist

Zehn Tools für besseres Aufgaben- und Projektmanagement
von Heinrich Vaske
(mit Darstellung von Hauptfunktionen, USP, Plus und Minus sowie Fazit),3698009

what's worse than open source project enclosing their community in #Discord?

them doing so in #Slack instead

Jason Mansfield
3 days ago

#Slack: When you have a captive audience, there's no sense in *not* torturing them, right?

Elisabeth Olson
3 days ago

In general I'm finding I like using #Slack a lot more than using #email for internal communication, but one thing I really miss about email is the ability to put a garbage string in the To: line to prevent accidental sends. In Slack I regularly accidentally send a message halfway through when I'm adding a list of bullets or something like that, but it's not a common enough occurrence that I want to change to use Cntl + Enter for send all the time.

Justin Ekis
4 days ago

I don't have adequate words for how strongly I dislike the subject lines on email notifications from #slack. No, that person did not send me a message. they mentioned @channel. Yes, please do notify me of such mentions. Just... in the name of all sanity, please be accurate. Stop triggering my anxiety.

Ruwen Bussinger
5 days ago

Für ein kleineres #GruenderInnen Projekt habe ich nach einem Chat-Programm als #Slack-Alternative gesucht. Fündig wurde ich schnell bei Matrix mit Element, allerdings fehlte mir noch der passende Hoster. Diesen habe ich jetzt bei @ossrox gefunden und bin bisher total glücklich. Neben der tollen technischen Lösung, ein super schneller und freundlicher Support und faire Preise. Absolute Empfehlung! #chat #kommunikation #datensicherheit #datenschutz

Aurimas Černius
5 days ago

I've been using #Slack in the browser since my company switched to it around 8 years ago, because why would you use an app that is effectively a browser with hardcoded URL.
Yesterday I realized I use #Spotify app. Why? So it's a second day I use it in browser as well.
Looks like I gave another heavy tab to #Firefox to handle. Sorry :)

6 days ago

:mastodon: に慣れすぎてて #Slack でもアップした写真に Alt テキストつけてしまう人 :tony_laughing: :vivaldia_2:

#Mastodon #a11y

1 week ago

The #pandemic has drastically changed the way we work and the way we communicate. #Slack and #Salesforce have been ahead of the curve in embracing these changes, and I'm glad to see that the #India market is ready to join in the transformation. I'm looking forward to seeing how #generativeAI and other cutting edge technologies will continue to shape the workplace in the years to come. #WorkplaceTransformation #TechRevolution

1 week ago

Free business idea: extension for #Slack that lets you block people

Marc Robinson-Rechavi
1 week ago

Any other #Slack workspace managers who've been getting requests to confirm members to other workspaces? To be clear, it's not only workspaces I don't manage, but which I'm not a member of and have never interacted with. It's happened to me twice in the last weeks.

David Sabine
1 week ago

Hey, #Slack users:

Is there no way to configure "Preferences" globally for all workspaces?

Examples: I never ever want the "Enter" key to behave as a "Send" button. And I want all notifications muted.

Can these settings be made globally and cascade through all my workspaces?

Julio J. 🀲
1 week ago

One day, hopefully, #Slack will show gifs/videos on the Mastodon previews. Today is not that day though.

(More than one image for posts with multiple images would be nice as well)

2 weeks ago

Working with the #slack api is always fun. I like that the deactivated user ID seems to be a global ID: deactivateduser862385. I also like that slackbot seems to be the same user for all accounts, just one super account with an ID of: USLACKBOT.

David Chartier
2 weeks ago

Neat, looks like #Discord answered people's requests/criticism of being able to completely hide channels they don't want.

Personally, I prefer the way Discord does it (versus #Slack), so that new folks at least get introduced to all the available channels once they join.

Screenshot of Discord in the new 'Browse Channels' section. This allows users to view all available channels in a community, then disable any they aren't interested in.
Frank Aylward
2 weeks ago

For the academics out there, so you have a #slack account in your lab, and is it useful?

I've had one for years and it's been quite handy for code sharing and just general lab communication. But it might be hard for me to maintain due to policies at my University.

Rachel Rawlings
2 weeks ago

At work, we have #Slackbot configured to comment every time someone says "cheesesteak" in conversation.

So of course someone had to go and create a server named #cheesesteak....


#Philadelphia #Philly #sysadminning #slack

When someone says:
(Separate multiple input phrases with commas. i.e. hi, hello)

Slackbot responds:
(a random choice from the following list)
Pat's King of Steaks :yuck:
Geno's :yuck:
Tony Luke's, er, | mean Tony and Nick's
John's Roast Pork
Stuart Longland (VK4MSL)
2 weeks ago

Good to see Slack tests their website…

Situation: old laptop with Debian 12, latest Slack, and Firefox 105 installed.

I open Slack.
Slack not logged in, it asks me to click a button to open the Slack website in a browser to log in (because apparently Electron cannot do this, despite being a web browser).
Slack's site tells me it doesn't support this older browser (being fixed now; v115 is in bookworm-updates), but suggests if I know the URI (I do), I can click a link and log in that way. Or I can log in via the app (which I was trying to do)
I click that link, it STILL tells me the browser is old, and will not ask me what the URI is to log in. Instead, it suggests I download the Electron app

… which is what sent me on this whole f'ing journey in the first place!

#ComputerStupidities #Slack

2/3 Slack informs me "this browser is no longer supported"… it suggests I can:

1. Download the app (duh, that's how I got here?!?!)
2. Switch to a supported browser

Or there's a hyperlink, "If you happen to know the URL of your workspace, please sign in here".  I follow that.
3/3 Knowing the workspace URI, I click, and wind up here:

"We're very sorry but your browser is not supported!" with a link to the desktop apps -- THAT SENT ME HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!
1/3 Initial screen, I need to log into Slack, so I click "Sign in to Slack"… which launches Firefox.

@jamienk None of 'em seem like they'd out-smart a super-intelligence for sure.


As usual I am trying to avert the AI murdering everyone the #slack way by not making any AIs.

The method where you make one but reign it in seems like it would take someone exceptional and self aggrandizing to try that.

2 weeks ago

Ein Ära geht zu Ende. #slack

Dmitry Tantsur
2 weeks ago

Does #Slack have an excuse why you cannot limit who can add members to a private channel? Or is because nobody in that bloody company still have a clue about privacy, access controls and other scary words?

Joe Glombek
2 weeks ago

Loving the new #Slack icon... 😕

Screenshot of an empty, icon-less taskbar icon with 1 notification.
Kris Hardy 🥨
2 weeks ago

By "my job requires me to shift gears at a moment's notice", I mean "I like the challenge of my work but the continual interruptions are hell and I think #DantesInferno would be entirely different if it was written after the creation of #Slack

Brandon Mitchell
2 weeks ago

@davidgs to make the new #slack interface slightly tolerable, cont-shift-S I believe is the hot key to get the team sidebar back.

John Hattan
2 weeks ago

Oh yay, I've earned a scintilla of #slack

After 14 years, my book publisher is going to stop snail-mailing me quarterly statements reminding me that my books didn't cover the advance and never will.

Now they're just gonna send me quarterly emails, which are far easier to ignore.

Simon B
2 weeks ago

i have a recent issue (using linux) with #slack that emojis aren't appearing correctly under certain circumstances. any one else with this issue?

Pumpkin Spice Manu
2 weeks ago

Una cosa que me fastidia de usar #Teams, #Slack y #GoogleChat a la vez, con equipos distintos, es que los atajos para poner emoticonos son totalmente distintos entre uno y otro.

2 weeks ago "Now"? It's a proprietary system with an open core, it's not free as in freedom. Especially the SaaS hosted version is not something you should depend on if you care for software freedom.

I believe GitLab the company is on the stock market these days too, which means they have a very serious dedication to chase money rather than quality. They'll do more and more undesirable actions with the project and it will lower the quality over time, but even today you should definitely not support their proprietary platform if you care for software freedom.

Just because its used by many projects doesn't mean it is good. Many free software projects use or have used
#GitHub, and these days many also opt to use #Slack or #Discord. None of these platforms should ever be considered, yet here we are. Arguing something must be great because a project you respect uses it seems very shortsighted, and is exactly the kind of behaviour I point out in my previous post. People who loudly proclaim the believe in free software, but when it comes down to it, they don't actually care a single bit the moment it implies they have to do some effort to stand up for their supposed ideals.

Mohit Sindhwani
2 weeks ago

Despite SAAS like #Teams or #Slack, I still find #email has the greatest longevity, and is roughly standards compliant many years later accessible via numerous web, desktop & mobile apps.

So, I had written up 2 posts that help me when creating and saving emails:
• 7 + 1 Tips for Email Subject Lines:
• Tips for categorizing and storing emails:

Both are derived from experience over 20+ years - comments welcome!

#productivity #throwbackThursday

Rob :dotnet:
3 weeks ago

Just saw a very cool #hackathon project at work that used the PETAL stack integrated with #slack. I had looked at #Elixir and #Phoenix a long time ago and it caused me to take another look. Nice to learn new tech!

Al Sutton
3 weeks ago

#WTF of the day; The fact that the #Slack mobile apps still can’t remove a link preview from a message. 🤯

We Are Brisbane / Thom
3 weeks ago

#Slack down for the whole world or just me?

#Slack Stop Changing Your Fucking Layout Challenge

The redesigned #Slack makes it a bit easier for all those grieving having been forced to use #MicrosoftTeams (I have yet to meet that one person who voluntarily chose the latter).

"I'm so ugly, that's ok, 'cause so are you."

Screenshot of Slack with the new and prominent placed activity bar.

Experiencing the inability to leave #Slack threads by pressing the left arrow key? Please use /feedback from anywhere in Slack and refer to case 5159085 in your report. #accessibility

Marco Otte-Witte
3 weeks ago

You have 2 otherwise equal job offers, one company uses #teams, the other one #slack – which do you choose?

3 weeks ago


We need a #decrapifier for #Slack. I don't like the new UI changes either.

I preferred when I worked for places that just used #IRC.

Daigoro Toyama
3 weeks ago

Okay, one (somewhat) annoying issue I've run into regarding my new Chromebook, Lenovo Ideapad Duet 5, is that the Slack app for Linux is not available for ARM. Now that wouldn't be an issue if it was available with source code...

#Slack #Linux #ARM

3 weeks ago

@briankrebs Does this mean I am able to run multiple #Signal 'instances' so I can split private comms from business comms and well essentially ditch #Slack for my business?

4 weeks ago

Slack moved all the cheeses didn't they?

#ui #ux #slack

wow, #slack is being honest for once

slack's unsupported browser modal with the message edited to say: "unfortunately, slack sucks and even though it is a multi-million dollar company it despises its users so much that it will not make huddles work in your browser. We recommend to stop using slack and replace it with a much saner alternative.
Joe Glombek
4 weeks ago

In case you didn't know #Slack has a setting to turn on link underlines!

This basic usability feature is found in Settings under Accessibility!

I don't know why they don't have a higher contrasting link colour by default, mind.

#Accessibility #A11y #UX

☑️ Underline links to websites
Choan Gálvez 🐐
1 month ago

Pero pero pero. No veo cómo usar la interfaz web de #slack en la tablet, todo me lleva a "instala la app".

Qué birria de mundo.

Rev. Big John :vepi:
1 month ago

Wife just texted me this. I swear it is not posed. Apparently I am Overman In Repose #slack

Overman In Repose
1 month ago

Hmm, seeing Slack failures on desktop on multiple work organizations, wonder if they broke something. (Update: recovered... not sure when, went to get dinner, LOL) #Slack

Michal Bryxí 🌱
1 month ago

#Slack polls in the form of listing all options as emoji [e.g: 🌟) yes, 👿) no] and then letting people use emoji reactions to vote are one of the greatest showcases of how good #UX actually works.

Jason Garber
1 month ago

lol there is no way to post a message in #Slack for the #iPad. The keyboard slides up and obscured the message composition UI. Portrait. Landscape. Doesn’t matter.

Just total clown shit.

Doug Parker 🕸️
1 month ago

@sanderelias Yeah, I haven't been a fan of the #Slack and #Discord approaches because they aren't indexed and require you to already be a part of a relevant community for a particular question.

I don't have a lot of experience with #AI in this space, but have been generally underwhelmed with it's results.

1 month ago

Enshittification report: #Slack

There's a lot of things wrong with Slack. However, historically, one thing that Slack got very right was their handling of notifications, as in you could always find your notifications promptly and easily. This was a critical feature, since Slack's early user base was tech support teams.

The new Slack UI breaks notifications. It's almost as bad as gChat now. Half the time I can't find my notifications; the other half I can't dismiss ones I've seen.

1 month ago

#Slack has a notification sound that is a recording of one of their employees saying "hummus":

1 month ago

It feels stressful to have #slack automatically treat every Save as a time-due task with badges. Hating this actually.

Machine whining should not be treated the same as messages from people, and save is completely different from remind me. #ux

Michal Bryxí 🌱
1 month ago

#Slack #Huddle waiting room music is actually an awesome #UX feature and a gorgeous user focused touch 👏

Quinn Dombrowski
1 month ago

Each #weft yarn is one #Slack message. Purple is our boss, mottled turquoise is folks in my job, black is devs, light blue is data folks, chunky blue is the person who ran the consulting and workshops. Light green is the month divider. I learned a lot about how we communicate; it just took one weekend.

Shawn Hooper (he/him)
1 month ago

I saw the Twitter integration removed from the Make WordPress Slack channels yesterday.

Now I know why. "Slack has retired its integration with X (formerly Twitter) because of X’s API changes introduced earlier this year."

#Slack #Twitter

A Slackbot notification that reads: 

"Slackbot removed an integration from this channel: twitter"

Does anybody know how to revert to the old design in #Slack. I’m in 5 workspaces, and only the one for our company appears in the new design which really drives me nuts!

Any ideas?
Please boost. Thanks.

1 month ago

#Slack has ended its integration with X (formerly Twitter) due to changes in X's API. The move follows a trend of platforms cutting ties with X due to its API modifications and other recent changes.

A purple background with the Slack logo and name in the middle.


There is hosted Zulip with free plans.

Every project, #software or not, should consider #Zulip. I think #accessibility and possible use as a public #archive might need investigation or work, but the experience for chat is so much better than #Slack or #Discord and it is #OpenSource

Stefan Bohacek
1 month ago

It looks like Slack retired a bunch of Twitter integrations, and is now moving away from Twitter/X for their status updates.


#twitter #x #slack #TwitterExodus

A screenshot of a Tweet from @SlackStatus:

We have made the decision to retire this account. Moving forward, the Slack Status site,, will be the source of truth for all incident news. Alerts will also be available through the RSS and Atom feeds linked at the bottom of the Slack Status home page.
2 months ago

I just published another example of how you can use #Slack workflows to get a notification in case a cool tool has restarted your unhealthy #docker containers 👨‍⚕️😉


2 months ago

More greatness from the new #Slack UI: notifications that you can't locate and won't go away.

CNCF slack has supposedly had a notification for me for 2 days now. But there is no notification to be found. Can't dismiss it, either.

CNCF Slack icon with a (1) indicating a notification.
2 months ago

Slack has Canvas and Workflow but they seem to be independent features that have minimal integration between them. Workflow should, at least, be able to pipe its output to a list in a Canvas.


Joe Lanman
2 months ago

#Slack has now gone from 'zombie notification that won't go away' to a badge that says '-1' notifications. Stellar stuff

2 months ago

Hey fellow devs, If you would organize a company wide communication (chat solution), that allows employees to not provide a private phone number (e.g. whatsapp, signal) and log off for quite hours and allow for groups and web hooks. (Also with sending thus storing sensitive data/documents in mind.)

Would you go for external services (#slack, #hipchat, #threema…) or self-hosted solutions (synology chat, #mattermost, #matrix).

My gut feeling is that matrix and mattermost check most my boxes.