Kenny Smith
14 hours ago

I wonder who will get blamed for this.

"13,000 Alabamians risk losing food stamps under new debt ceiling deal"

#Alabama #SNAP #DebtCeiling #Republicans #Democrats

Steve Dustcircle ⍻
19 hours ago

Who receives #foodbenefits? It may not be who you think
#Workrequirement proponents say the problem is #unemployment, but nearly 4 out of 5 households in the #SNAP program have at least one person #working.

22 hours ago

How to install gimp-help locally on Ubuntu 22.04? #apt #firefox #snap #gimp #helpfile

Till Kamppeter
1 day ago

@danielfgom @lproven Lennard at #Microsoft ... Soon PID 1 of #Windows will be #systemd ... So let us install #snapd ... OK, lots more of apps ...I CANNOT PRINT!!! ... Let's install the #CUPS #Snap ... And Windows gets just anothjer (#immutable ?) distro ...

Till Kamppeter
1 day ago

@danielfgom @lproven #Snap is a distro-independent packaging system, no individual Snap Stores for each distro are required, so upstreams can snap their apps and distros do not need to individually package them, the idea is one standard, no re-invention of the wheel, distro packagers can get re-assigned to work on upstream coding ...

But, as usual when you introduce a new standard: There are 10 methods to solve this ... Let's create a standard for this ... There are 11 methods to solve this ...

Till Kamppeter
2 days ago

Another nice article about the all- #Snap #Ubuntu desktop distro:
@lproven , thanks a lot for this nice article!

Olhar Digital
2 days ago
Professor Code
2 days ago

A lot of distros will probably be affected by Ubuntu switching to an immutable, fully "snapped" base.

As far as I know, most Ubuntu-based distros still rely on Canonical to provide updates for the Ubuntu base itself and many packages we install.

I'm guessing this move might force those distros to either integrate Snaps as well or roll out their own infrastructure for updates.

I'd appreciate it if someone can provide some insight on this.

#Linux #Desktop #Ubuntu #Snap

3 days ago

How do I view the manual page for Firefox snap #2204 #firefox #snap #manpage #documentation

3 days ago

#flatpak will forever be better than #snap and #ubuntu needs to understand that.

Claude :linux: :android:
4 days ago

Me, simple #Linux user, and the packaging war between #Snap #Flatpak .deb, .rpm, etc. 😅

Animated GIF. Rhett Butler to  Scarlett O'Hara : "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."
blausand 🐟
4 days ago

@frumble #Snap und #Flatpak sind BEIDES Paradebeispiele für kulturelle Dekadenz.
Ich könnte ein Buch drüber schreiben, in dem minutiös nachgezeichnet wird, inwiefern alle Kriterien und Umstände erfüllt sind. Ohne fachkundige Ahnung.
Es wird Zeit, für #Aptitude auf die Straße zu gehen.

4 days ago

testing new distro that uses flatpak instead of snap. big difference in disk usage. maybe it's time to replace ubuntu?

current disk usage: 6+GB
ubuntu disk usage: 10+GB

#ubuntu #linux #desktop #linuxos #opensource #foss #distro #flatpak #snap #technology #debian

menu during installation of linux distro showing three options: boot from hard disk, installation, more ...
Claude :linux: :android:
4 days ago

I didn't know there was so heated discussions/opinions about #Flatpak in the #linux developers community. 🔥

I can't imagine what they're saying about #Snap ☺️

PS : I'm just a simple Linux user. Still forever learning. So I probably just understand half the implications of what they're saying. Nevertheless, it's interesting from an educational point of view. 🤓



Michał Górny
4 days ago

Wiecie, co jest najlepsze w #Gentoo?

Kiedy wszyscy dookoła mówią "wasze podejście jest przestarzałe, teraz #Flatpak się liczy, #snap się liczy, autorzy zajmują się dystrybucją swoich projektów"…

Możemy po prostu sobie wzruszyć ramionami, i odpowiedzieć "mamy to gdzieś". Nie jesteśmy na korporacyjnej pensji, nie musimy małpować fajnych dzieciaków, nie musimy niszczyć świata IT dla zysku i wspomagać planowanego postarzania komputerów.

Robimy wszystko tak, jak nasi użytkownicy tego chcą. Niefajne dzieci też się liczą.

You know what's really great about #Gentoo?

When everyone around you is like "you're obsolete, #Flatpak is the thing, #snap is the thing, upstream #packaging is the thing"…

You can just shrug and tell them you don't care. You're not on corporate payroll, you don't have to do whatever cool kids do, you don't have to make IT worse for easy profit.

You just do things the way your users want them done. Uncool kids are important too.

5 days ago

Firefox can't open download folder #2204 #firefox #snap #dolphin

Zack Weinberg
5 days ago

Hot take: all the arguing about #flatpak vs #snap misses the larger problem, which is that neither of them should exist. Dependency pinning is a mistake, and having more than one package manager per (virtual) machine is also a mistake.

Joe Murphy
5 days ago

NEW: “Work-requirement proponents say the problem is unemployment, but nearly 4 out of 5 households in the SNAP program have at least one person working.” #SNAP #DataViz #DebtCeiling

A chart showing the shares of the U.S. population experiencing chronic vs. temporary poverty. Nationwide it’s 3.3% chronic, 23.8% temporary. Among 18-to-64-year-olds it’s nearly the same. Among men it’s 2.6% chronic and 22.7% temporary; among women it’s 3.9% chronic and 24.8% temporary. By race, Black people (6.4% chronic and 36% temporary) and Hispanic people (5.7% chronic 34.6% temporary) have the worst poverty rates. Atop the chart is the text “Nearly 1 in 4 experienced temporary poverty from 2017 to 2019. About 1 in 30 experienced chronic poverty.”
5 days ago

Upgrading wine, adding missing files #upgrade #wine #snap

Fabian Schaar
5 days ago

Immutable GNU/Linux-Systeme sind ein viel diskutiertes Thema. Heute habe ich einen Blogeintrag dazu geschrieben, weswegen ich in absehbarer Zukunft nicht auf eine unveränderliche Distribution setzen werde.

#FLOSS #FOSS #Linux #GNU #Fedora #Silverblue #openSUSE #MicroOS #Aeon #Flatpak #Snap #Ubuntu #Debian #Blog #Kaffeediffusion

5 days ago

“Let’s be clear: Jesus Christ himself would have failed to meet the guidelines for help. He was, after all, a single man, less than the age of 55, with no dependents and unemployed.” Darrell Ehrlick, discussing the work requirements the for Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (#SNAP i.e., Food Stamps). But remember, some say the #US is founded on Christian principles.

5 days ago

Ubuntu won't boot because of broken Snap #boot #snap

5 days ago

How launch Firefox snap with profile that is already running #2204 #firefox #snap #systemd #dbus

Ángela Stella Matutina
5 days ago

Por lo que veo, Canonical sigue tratando de reinventar Windows. O MacOS. O el SO de escritorio, en general.

Y las novedades respecto de LibreOffice en Red Hat parecen apuntar en una dirección semejante, mutatis mutandis (Flatpak por Snap).

O bien estos intentos quedarán en la nada, o tendremos unos próximos años de lo más interesantes.

(Mentira, muchos de mis colegas y yo seguiremos con variantes de Arch, y con la distro liviana de turno para máquinas de bajos recursos.)

#distros #linux #desktop #sandboxing #flatpak #snap

Ben Zucker 🍰
5 days ago

A #ubuntu desktop made completely from #snap packages? I guess I'll skip...

6 days ago

Ubuntu kompletnie się zmieni i przejdzie na full-Snap

#snap #ubuntu

Claude :linux: :android:
6 days ago


Canonical and Red Hat/IBM, all in for IOT and servers. Bad news for desktop users? It's up to the community to maintain #Ubuntu and #Fedora, with #Snap and #Flatpak. Less and less work devoted to the desktop #Linux

从下一个 LTS 版开始,Ubuntu 将另外提供一个完全基于 snap,拥有「不可变」 (immutable) 特性的操作系统版本。2015 年的 Ubuntu Core 已经有了此类特性,不过这次 Ubuntu 把此特性搬到了桌面操作系统。

#Ubuntu #Snap

Telegram 原文

1 week ago

Will you be installing the all-#snap #Ubuntu desktop?

1 week ago

#Snap needlessly fragments the unified packaging options on #linux. #flatpak adoption should be encouraged instead.

Am I wrong to think this?

1 week ago

Firefox snap broken: cannot launch with profile that is already running #2204 #firefox #snap #systemd #dbus

1 week ago

With #DebtCeiling Deal #GOP Seeks Changes And New Requirements To Qualify For #SNAP #FoodStamp benefits.

Many states will have to add work or training programs for recipients, but for first time ever, homeless may not have to jump through such hoops for federal food aid.

Dissent Doe :cupofcoffee:
1 week ago

A lawsuit filed by the Forest Hills School District against multiple social media platforms has been transferred to the U.S. District Court for Northern California, where it will be litigated along with at least 86 other civil actions:

NOTE: The news article does not seem to name or link to the litigation, but they are likely reporting on In re: Social Media Adolescent Addiction/Personal Injury Products Liability Litigation (MDL No. 3047), 22-MD-3047-YGR.  The court has set up an informational page about the case with links at

#SocialMedia #Litigation #Youth #Liability #harm #depression #anxiety #YouTube #TikTok #Meta #Instagram #Snap #ByteDance #Google #Alphabet

Toad :kubuntu:
1 week ago

Circola voce che uscirà una versione di #Ubuntu Desktop interamente basata su #Snap.

Come dicevo qualche settimana fa, lo Snap store mi ricorda lo store di Windows Phone con pochissime App, molte non ufficiali e spesso non aggiornate da anni. Tuttavia questa versione all-snap mi incuriosisce molto.

Mi par di capire che Snap sia più flessibile di flatpak perché anche il kernel, ad esempio, sarà un pacchetto Snap, cosa che non so se sia possibile con Flatpak. Vedremo.

1 week ago

Firefox snap broken because, apparently, systemd thinks $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set #2204 #firefox #snap #systemd #dbus

The experiment being today is hypothetically the day the Snap was reversed, so do you know what you were doing today 5 years ago when the Snap happened and half of the universe's population disappeared?

I do; taking my wife to physical therapy. Would have sucked if I snapped out, since I was driving.

"Reddit Poses a Thought Experiment on Thanos' Snap Day" The Mary Sue

#Marvel #MCU #Thanos #Snap

1 week ago

@jkuester @9to5linux @fedora @ubuntu I think #snap and #flatpak can actually coexist in the #linux ecosystem. Also, I have a feeling that the more open distros will become more popular as time goes by. Having both of them enabled by default is the way to go!

1 week ago

@9to5linux I am excited about the possibilities that come with an immutable system (especially long-term stability)! I have recently been tinkering with #silverblue from @fedora and it is awesome!

That being said, I remain disappointed that @ubuntu continues to push #snap (especially to the detriment of #flatpak). Nothing is ever going to be perfect, but I appreciate Flatpak's focus on an open ecosystem!

Linux Magazine
1 week ago

Along with the standard deb version, Canonical plans to release an all-snap version of @ubuntu #Ubuntu #snap #Linux #OpenSource #OS #LTS #Canonical

Linux Magazine News
IT News
1 week ago

A Snap-based, containerized Ubuntu desktop could be offered in 2024 - Enlarge / Some of the many Snap apps available in Ubuntu's Snap Store, ... - #containerization #edgecomputing #ubuntucore #flatpak #biz#ubuntu #tech #snap #iot

Tech news from Canada
1 week ago

Ars Technica: A Snap-based, containerized Ubuntu desktop could be offered in 2024 #Tech #arstechnica #IT #Technology #containerization #edgecomputing #ubuntucore #flatpak #Biz&IT #Ubuntu #Tech #snap #iot

1 week ago

All-Snap Ubuntu Desktop

Canonical plant für 2024 eine rein auf Snap-Paketen basierende, unveränderliche Variante.

#immutable #Ubuntu #Snap #Canonical #24.04 #Linux

Neff :manjaro:
1 week ago

An immutable #ubuntu desktop built on snaps may be the right tool to showcase the abilities of #snap as a packaging format. CLI tools can be snapped right away and autoupdate, could make of this a semi rolling distro. Can't wait to see what the team at #Canonical is preparing.

1 week ago

ну вот куда они все свернули?
Canonical готовит вариант Ubuntu Desktop, содержащий только пакеты Snap.
Fedora уже во всю делает варианты immutable варианты, предусматривающие установку из пакетов Flatpak.

Вместо органичного встраивания нового софта в ОС пользователю предлагается разводить зоопарк песочниц с программами под управлением ОС...
Им лень что ли пилить умные инсталяторы/деинсталяторы?

#flatpak #snap #linux #ubuntu #fedora

1 week ago

Hat schon jemand in der Praxis (!) wirklich (!) gute Erfahrungen mit Snap unter Ubuntu gemacht?
Die Grundidee finde ich zwar gut aber wirklich rund laufen die Dinger bei mir nicht.
#ubuntu #linux #foss #snap

1 week ago

Via Aaron Fritschner:

🚨#CBO says #DebtLimit provisions negotiated by the White House will *expand* direct spending on #SNAP and the number of recipients on net.

The expansion to veterans, homeless, and foster youth is larger than the effects of the age 49-54 work requirements

1 week ago

This is important perspective to have when discussing the deal for raising the debt ceiling today.

#SNAP #USPolitics #DebtCeiling

First two tweets in a thread by Matthew Cortland, (timestamp 12:41pm May 30, 2023):

We were fighting a much worse outcome on SNAP than what's in the legislative text.

Exempting from work requirements many people who are classified as homeless, as veterans, or as foster system alumns is good policy the Biden White House fought for and won.

Phasing in (that is, delaying) the increase in work requirements and sunsetting the increase (that is, putting a time limit on the change after which it  will expire) is good harm reduction that the Biden White House negotiated for.
Continuation, three more tweets by Matthew Cortland:

I believe it's likely that the work of advocated, activists, and of Hill champions for SNAP (both elected and staff), made it easier for the White House negotiators to defend SNAP through policy harm reduction, even as MAGA GOP want to destroy SNAP.

SNAP is woefully inadequate. There are Democratic elected who appreciate that--Senators like Kirsten Gillibrand and Representatives like Jim McGovern. They're in the fight for SNAP and for the people who rely on the program, against the House GOP "freedom caucus"

And the people who negotiated for the White House, the Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Shallanda Young, is really, really smart. To say that she is smarter and more principled and better than McCarthy is such an understatement as to border on insult.

(link to youtube video in my post0
Till Kamppeter
1 week ago

@bgtlover @Linux AFAIK #flatpak does not support packaging system services/daemons, it is made for desktop applications only. See also Tell me if this has changed in the mean time. #Snap explicitly supports packaging daemons ...

Linux ☑️
1 week ago

::: Ubuntu takes CUPS printing stack to a single handy Snap :ubuntu:

This concerns specifically the non-IPP-driverless printers.

"Snapping" apps like this are apparently good for LTS releases for continuity & stability - Snap packaging has lately matured in a rapid manner.

CUPS as Snap already available =>

Listen all about it from Till Kamppeter - the OpenPrinting project leader

#CUPS #printing #Linux #Ubuntu #printers #drivers #LinuxAppSummit #LAS @till #SnapStore #Snapcraft #development #OpenPrinting #snap

Till Kamppeter
1 week ago

@omgubuntu #OMGUbuntu writes:
Citing from the #OpenPrinting May News that we switch to the #CUPS #Snap in #Ubuntu 23.10 Mantic Minotaur. See also here on Mastodon. Lots of Snap hater's comments, as usual, on both the original article and on Mastodon ...

Claude :linux: :android:
1 week ago

"I understand that Snap is meant to release us from dependency hell and I know why you’ve put each one in its own little sandbox, but honestly, even ChromeOS running a Linux application in its virtual machine is faster than this, and it doesn’t require everything to come from one distribution hub, or mess with access to hardware. (...) I need a distro that understands me and works with me, not against me!"

Same here and why I moved to #Fedora

#Ubuntu #Linux #Snap

The Conversation U.S.
2 weeks ago

It sounds like a reasonable idea: the GOP wants to require people age 50-55 without kids to work if they want to get food stamps.

But there are a few problems with painting that group as slackers: most of those people already work, and most of those who don't work aren't working because they are caring for kids or elders or dealing with significant health issues.

More on the numbers:
#News #DebtCeiling #SNAP #WorkRequirements

About half of Americans 50-55 eligible for SNAP already work

Roughly half of the people who could be affected by a proposed expansion of work requirements tied to Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits already log at least 20 hours of weekly work. The change would affect low-income people age 50-55 without dependents, who are not disabled and get these benefits. Currently, only adults under 50 are subject to this policy. [ Chart of the share of these people working 20 hours/week or more, ranging from 38% to 82% by year]

Note: Data was derived from the American Time Use Survey, a nationally representative survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. SNAP helps low-income Americans buy groceries. Due to small sample sizes, there is some variation in the numbers from year to year.

Chart: The Conversation, CC-BY-ND + Source: Katherine Engel and Taryn Morrissey
Le Bottin des Jeux Linux
4 weeks ago
Its UI running the game Skylanders: Imaginators. In a delightful cartoon graphics, 2 characters (one looking like a small dragon, the other like a blue salamander) face each other in a clearing looking like an ancient archaeological site, surrounded by a virgin forest.

yuzu is a libre, multi-platform emulator for the Nintendo Switch (by the creators of the Citra emulator). It is still in the experimental phase, but it is already able to run many games correctly (with some glitches). It requires a copy of the Nintendo Switch BIOS to work.

@hazelweakly I know and I really would love to see that.

Basically porting a lot of advantages from #snap, #fish and #PyCharm to #bash...

Pretty shure this would require either a derivative language [i.e. "enhanced bash" / "ebash"] or require some preprocessor approach like #Blitz [#BASIC] and #Sass [#TypeScript]...

Maxi 7x 💉
1 month ago

#Ubuntu und seine Ableger (ja, auch Mint und mittelbar Pop!_OS) spielen sich mit dem #Snap-Desaster, bizarren Sonderwegen und Werbung im System an den Rand. #Fedora und #openSUSE richtige sich mMn schon an Geeks, man muss auch Repos für Video-Hardwarebeschleunigung und Mainstream-Codecs aktivieren und solche Späße. Distro-Upgrades (oder Tumbleweed) sind bei Fedora und openSUSE auch nicht unproblematisch. Dann bleibt nicht mehr viel übrig. Arch, #EndeavourOS und Co. sind für Nerds.

1 month ago

@mattbc could have stopped at "GOP want to start millions"

Because that is their end goal, always: starve as many people as they can, and keep the threat of starvation over the survivors, to keep them working for pennies, to keep them begging for crumbs.


Three-tweet thread by Matthew Cortland (time stamp 4:11pm May 4, 2023):

There's a massive fight over SNAP right now, House GOPers want to start millions of kids and adults.

Unlike most DC folks, I've personally relied on SNAP when I was too sick to work, I care a lot about defending the program. But that fucking EBT card, I still have nightmares.

The GOP governor of MA turned the EBT card into a photo ID, supposedly to "discourage fraud".

In his fucked up vision of the Commonwealth, the cashier at wherever was supposed to match the picture on the card to your face, and if it wasn't a match? deny the sale? call the cops?

But the thing is, the federal rules governing the program allowed me to give my card to someone else to make purchases on my behalf. And I really wanted to, because I was too fucking sick to go grocery shopping.
1 month ago

Fuck. Firefox scheint schon wieder als fucking #snap installiert worden zu sein.
Muss ich denn bei jedem K​#ubuntu Upgrade jetzt alle Pakete kontrollieren?

Le Bottin des Jeux Linux
1 month ago
Heroic Games Launcher GUI showing some games from Epic Games & GOG stores

Heroic Games Launcher is a libre interface to browse, install, play and maintain a collection of games obtained from the Epic Games Store and GOG (and even a locally installed game). It allows to consult (description, size, playing time, access to the store with purchase or obtaining free games), install / uninstall, launch and update native or non-native games (via ScummVM, DOSBox, Wine/Proton with possible settings, and support for DXVK, VKD3D, GameMode, Mangohud), and organize a collection (management of favorites). Clearly one of the best interfaces, even if there are still points of improvement (offline play, problems with DOSBox games). Great job!
Linux ☑️
1 month ago

::: Did you know? - SPOTIFY provides an OFFICIAL snap package for UBUNTU Linux :ubuntu: 🎧

Open the Software app in Ubuntu, search for, yes you guessed it, "Spotify" - click to install and indeed that's it.

For these proprietary and closed source software - it is quite recommended to use the sandboxed Snap or (the unofficial) Flatpak - not a .deb file which has access to users /home.

'Nuff said & enjoy the MUSIC :ablobcatrave:


#Spotify #Linux #Ubuntu #official #Snap #package #music #Nightwish #TheBeatles #Yes #Software #SnapStore

@Natanox I mean comprared to that even #Snap & #flatpak are as nice as #yum and #apt.

Martijn :verified:
1 month ago

Just read a post on #Flatpak vs #Snap. Personally I hate snap but I honestly can't say flatpak is much better.

So out of honest curiosity a #poll: which #packaging system do you prefer and (if desired) why?

Adding #snap to #Ubuntu #Server should be illegal...
Canonical, shame on you!


#DevOps #admin #sysadmin

Linux ☑️
1 month ago

The official Firefox snap package evolves - updating boost :firefox:

The official snapped Mozilla Firefox - enables running the browser more securely in a sandbox.

New snacks to the pack of foxes lately?

* Multi-thread CPU decompression reduced Firefox start up time alot

* Canonical (Ubuntu) implemented a new streamlined update (also for ALL desktop snaps)

* Spellcheck dictionary integration

* Firefox PDF font rendering

* Firefox is the last hope for a non-Google browser

All of it =>

#Firefox #browsers #Linux #Mozilla #Canonical #Ubuntu #Snap #PDF #desktop #web

outsidecontext 🇺🇦🕊️
1 month ago

On upgrade #Ubuntu 23.04 removes #GNOME Software and reinstalls the #snap store. I don't like the upgrade removing software I have chosen to install for no good reason other than #Canonical trying to push their stuff. Do whatever you want for default installs, but keep my choices on upgrade!

@opensuse NOICE!

Personally, I think all are good ideas, tho #Snap is better for #Server, #FlatPak better for #Desktop and #AppImage works best for single standalone executeables.

I've used all 3 of them and I do prefer Flatpak for Desktop since it has a proper #PackageManager [unlike #AppImage] and is wider adopted than Snap...

Courtney R.
2 months ago

My ~/Downloads directory is a symlink to a directory in my .nobackup dir, so it isn't included in backups.

I've been trying for days, but I can't get Firefox on Ubuntu to access this directory. I've been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why I can't download files.

It finally dawned on me why.


Goddam #Ubuntu ships #Firefox as a wretched #snap.

Michael Busch
2 months ago

#ExpandSNAP, USA.

Instead of letting the GOP take food away from people.
RT @mattbc
At noon, Sen. @JohnFetterman will gavel to order a hearing of the Senate Agriculture Nutrition Subcommittee on #SNAP. (Livestream:

Republicans, led by @SpeakerMcCarthy, want to cut #SNAP, so we asked disabled voters what they think of the program:

Bar chart of polling data from Data For Progress.
Title: Voters Have a Highly Favorable View of SNAP.
Description: Do you have a favorable or unfavorable view of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as SNAP or food stamps?
All likely voters — Favorable: 66%, Unfavorable: 22%
Democrat — Favorable: 84%, Unfavorable: 9%
Independent / Third party — Favorable: 62%, Unfavorable: 23%
Republican — Favorable: 52%, Unfavorable: 34%
Disabled — Favorable: 72%, Unfavorable: 19%
Not disabled — Favorable: 61%, Unfavorable: 24%
Disabled household member — Favorable: 70%, Unfavorable: 22%
No disabled household member — Favorable: 63%, Unfavorable: 22%
March 8–12, 2023 survey of 1,208 likely voters.

So Iowa isn't just a #ForcedBirth state, it's a state where children are now to be starved, literally. The state legislature has just authorized an $18m project to kick people off of #SNAP (aka #FoodStamps). 270,000 people in Iowa rely on SNAP: elderly people, disabled people, and parents who can't feed their kids.


@versodiverso @Sampei Nel caso di #Inkscape, se non usi la versione nei repos (che cmq ora sono via #Snap con i pro e contro di tale sistema - Di norma il comportamento è coerente, per quello che ho visto) devi smanettare parecchio dentro a Inkscape stesso e appunto verificare di agganciare poi con il panel che ti dicevo quello che cerchi. Male che va chiedi su @inkscape che ti rispondono sicuramente

Those moms are less likely to advance professionally, have lower lifetime earnings, and a higher likelihood of in adequate pension savings.

Universal childcare is the *only* way to guarantee a living wage to childcare *workers*, who are disproportionately likely to rely on public assistance, including #SNAP (AKA #FoodStamps) to make ends meet. These stressors affect childcare workers' job performance, and also generate public expenditures to keep those workers fed and housed.


2 months ago

You didn't think this was an article on the failings of Snap/Flatpak, but it is absolutely an article (also) on the failings of #Snap / #Flatpak by @sunfish

Oh #Snap! I did not see this coming.

It's super interesting to see one of the main attempts for a Linux "It Just Works" binary distribution go by the wayside.

I don't have any strong feelings towards it vs #flatpak vs #appimage, but right now the vast majority of my installed apps (both at home and at work) don't seem to be snap-based.

2 months ago

@w7voa We can’t afford to extend #SNAP benefits or continue free #covid vaccinations but we can scramble jets to investigate legal #balloons.
2 months ago

Do you (or did you ever) use any #Snaps on your #MobileLinux/ #LinuxMobile device?

(Replies with links to snaps appreciated!)
#snap #snapcraft #pinephone

It took roughly 1 second to startup #Firefox (#Snap) on a cheap 550€ laptop I bought in 2017.

People keep saying it takes 3 seconds. Either they've improved upon #Snaps tremendeously on #Ubuntu OR it's just a blatant lie OR they're using archaic hardware if mine is 5 years old by now and a budget laptop...

Snaps are not that bad, folks... Don't worry about the "infamous startup times", they're exaggerated.

@Edent I've enjoyed #Flatpak myself as well, and how #Ubuntu is pushing #Snap makes me dislike both Snap and Ubuntu for non-technical reasons.

What is your favourite new #Linux app distribution format?

#Flatpak #Snap #Arch #Fedora #Ubuntu #OpenSUSE #PopOS #SteamDeck #Manjaro

Ooops Up...
The Power...

Then another '92 track.

SNAP! - Rhythm Is A Dancer

#SNAP #music #Dance #House #Pop #BearTracks #USA #90s

Nick @ The Linux Experiment
3 months ago

Every time I talk about #Flatpak, #Snap, or any packaging format, I get comments asking what the differences are, which one is the best, why you should use one over the other...

So I decided to revisit a previous video I made 3 years ago, and give a more up to date explanation on the various packaging formats on #Linux: the good old DEBs and RPMs, Flatpaks, Snaps, AppImages, and the AUR.

Should be better than my old video, if only on the image quality / script side :D

Thumbnail of a youtube video with the text "Linux packaging formats explained" on the right, over a white cutout, and icons for Snaps, AppImages, Flatpaks, Debian packages, RPM packages, and a package with an Arch logo on it, all on the left over a colored background
Gabriele Svelto
3 months ago

Last week I dunked on #Snap and #Flatpak because I think both formats are more trouble than they're worth, so here's a short thread where I actually make a few arguments against both.

This will largely address why the theoretical benefits of both formats just don't hold up in practice. That is the ability to make a single package that will work across all #Linux distributions, and a safe sandbox for the user to run untrusted applications in. 🧵 1/14

Gabriele Svelto
3 months ago

Another #Firefox bug that only happens in #Snap. Oh how joyful. Not. Snap is crap, and so is Flatpak. Both make Firefox slower and more bug-prone, and since they behave differently than vanilla Firefox we end up doing more work for no gain.

I recommend staying away from Snap/Flatpak-packaged versions of Firefox. Look up how to get rid of them and use the native package for your distro. Or download the binaries directly from, once installed they auto-update automatically.

John Refior
3 months ago

People on SNAP (food stamps) can spend less through the program than before, as the pandemic-inspired boost just expired.

Tens of millions of Americans are poorer than most other Americans seem to realize. SNAP makes up 20-30% of an average grocery store's sales, and one in five SNAP households includes someone with a disability.

We should be expanding this program, not shrinking it.
#economics #disability #poverty #snap #food #FoodInsecurity

Jason Evangelho
3 months ago

This is a fantastic development! We should also thank forward-looking distros like @elementary and its AppCenter for Everyone initiative for paving the way.

Now, will #Canonical follow this move with Snap? Because I'd much rather support an ecosystem that in turn has the mechanisms in place to support the developers.

#FlatHub #Flatpak #Snap #Linux

Cassidy James :endless: :gg:
3 months ago

So I’m not surprised by the decision to remove Flatpak from Ubuntu flavors and prevent them from including it—it’s a “competing” tech that virtually everyone in the Linux space who isn't Canonical has rallied behind, after all. You wouldn’t want to make it easy to install 2,000 apps from indie devs and big names alike via Flathub, or to use the unique and compelling ecosystem of elementary AppCenter, or to get the very latest straight from GNOME.

#Ubuntu #Flatpak #Snap

Cassidy James :endless: :gg:
3 months ago

This was *after* being on the Snap technical board and attending Snap events while also exploring Flatpak and its direction. Incidentally, it was also after Canonical straight made up quotes from us for their blog post, which we had to thoroughly review and ask them to edit before publishing. They still published it with an extremely misleading title:

#elementaryOS #Ubuntu #Flatpak #Snap

Cassidy James :endless: :gg:
3 months ago

Years ago elementary was approached by Canonical to become an official Ubuntu flavor. “All” we had to do was offer Snap out of the box. We debated it—being able to offload some additional infrastructure concerns was attractive—but we realized it helped Canonical more than it helped us, and we had chosen Flatpak for all of its benefits as covered here:

#elementaryOS #Ubuntu #Flatpak #Snap

#Republicans now want to get rid of #SNAP or add more unnecessary and cruel work requirements

SNAP is the only way my family can afford food

Ripping away basic needs like food to try and force people to work will not improve the economy. It’s inhumane. It only adds to suffering and will make the hunger crisis and poverty MUCH worse. Food banks are struggling already and Workism is an evil and dangerous facade

It’s not about the economy. It’s always about the cruelty

#GOP #politics #food #usa

4 months ago

I deliberately switched back to using the #deb for #Firefox, because screen sharing on the snap always crashed my browser. Now my #ubuntu is trying to force me back onto the #snap 😞 . There's not even any way to say no or cancel. I have to forcefully kill the update window.

@maop @p00k4 y sí es cierto que la gente se puso muy loca y hacen muchas barbaries con #docker (específicamente) y sí es horrible, pero no quita que el concepto bien usado sea de hecho bueno y que existan implementaciones razonables (#podman).

piensen que es lo que hace #OSX con sus aplicaciones que vienen con runtime, o el concepto detrás de #flatpak o #snap.

4 months ago

The #Iowa House bill as written would require (and the problems according to speakers):

-no candy/pop for those on #SNAP (problem for low-blood sugar folks);
-more documents (problem for those fleeing domestic violence);
-only one car (problem for 2 working adults);
-work requirements (problem for cancer patients on #Medicaid)

#publicassistance #assettest #republicans

UC Access Now
4 months ago

For no good reason, SNAP usually excludes purchasing hot prepared food. However, due repeated storm damage & outages, the rules have temporarily been relaxed in 26 CA counties. You can also get replacement value on your EBT card for storm-related food losses.

#Disability #LowIncome #SNAP #CalFresh #CAwx

On Jan. 23, 2023, FNS approved the California Department of Social Services (CDSS) request to waive the statutory definition of "food" under Section 3(k)(1) of the Food and Nutrition Act of 2008, as amended, and companion regulations at 7 CFR 271.2. The waiver applies to Alameda, Amador, Calaveras, Contra Costa, El Dorado, Fresno, Kern, Kings, Madera, Mariposa, Merced, Monterey, Placer, Sacramento, San Benito, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Solano, Stanislaus, Sutter, Ventura, and Yolo counties. This waiver approval allows SNAP households to purchase hot foods with SNAP benefits through Feb. 20, 2023, in order to increase access to food after severe storms, power outages, and flooding. Retailers may need as much as 24-36 hours to make changes that will allow for sale of hot foods.
On Jan. 17, 2023, FNS approved the California Department of Social Services (DSS) request to waive the 10-day reporting requirement for replacement of food purchased with SNAP benefits that was lost as a result of power outages due to a severe storm that began on Jan. 7, 2023, through Jan. 12, 2023. The waiver request applies to residents of the State of California. The wavier is in effect through Feb. 7, 2023.