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New BESS edition released

The October 2023 double issue of BESS® explores the self-governing practices found in Indigenous societies, the growing ‘trust divide’ between our elected politicians and the electorate, the practical applications of positive deviance and the Second Track, and the new forms of political, economic and decision-making frameworks required to tackle global challenges. #socialscience

Jan R. Boehnke
4 days ago

Looking for a #WeekendRead?

"For example, Reviewer A [...] agrees with you to the extent of saying that the Earth is not a rectangle."

In this paper the authors imagine that great works from the history of non- #SocialScience were submitted for #PeerReview in behavioral science journals. They then present editor letters written in the style of today's behavioral science reviewers.

#Editing #ScientificPublishing

Gaining a younger sibling increases behavioral problems for first- and second-born children. Having older siblings has beneficial effects on sociobehavioral development.


Study showed that 79 % of foster families shared meals together most days of the week, while biological and kin families had fewer shared meals


New study: Analysis of 150k suicides showed that among males of all ages and young and middle-aged females, alcohol intoxication was associated with increased risk of suicide by firearm – an extremely lethal method that accounts for a majority of suicides in the US.


that one JNL
5 days ago

If you were creating a semester-long economic geography seminar on austerity and wanted to spend a week framing inequality as a concept, an outcome, and for some people/groups, an actual goal/necessity/social good* ... what would you want people to read?

I have Stiglitz ... in general I appreciate his framing, but he really pulls his punches, policy side, and I'd love something that dreams more boldly.

Thank you!

*I died a bit, typing this

#Phd #PhDLife #inequality #economics #socialscience

Josir Gomes
5 days ago

Amanhã estarei falando no ERECOM 2023 sobre o uso de Software Livre nas Ciências Sociais. Apareçam para trocar uma ideia:

#softwarelivre #socialscience

Drought Center
1 week ago

Do you have a passion for drought impacts research? We are hiring a drought social science associate to support research and efforts related to social vulnerability and drought adaptation.

Learn more and apply:

#hiring #nowhiring #drought #socialscience #research

NDMC now hiring:

Public behaviors with the potential to harm others (e.g., being loud, fighting, taking up space) are considered less appropriate than they were five decades ago.


Societies become increasingly fragile over their lifetime. Research found several mechanisms could drive such ageing effects, but candidates include mechanisms that are still at work today such as environmental degradation and growing inequity.


A study in Political Research Quarterly found that partisan biases, fueled by Trump's false 2020 election fraud claims, significantly impact U.S. voters' confidence in elections, overriding objective measures of election administration quality


Study finds that degrees from the most selective liberal arts colleges yield a long-term return on investment that’s comparable to degrees from comprehensive, top-tier research universities.


Dr. John Barentine FRAS
1 week ago

A new book out on Routledge, edited by Dunn & Edensor, "addresses a significant gap in knowledge in relation to perspectives from the arts, humanities, and social sciences." Lots of familiar names among the authors, and it's Open Access.

#DarkSkies #LightPollution #Arts #Humanities #SocialScience

The cover of the book "Dark Skies: Places, Practices, Communities" shows a line of trees silhouetted dimly against the night sky. The sky is dark blue and shows a few stars. The Routledge publishing logo appears in the lower-right corner of the frame. The editors' names appear at upper left and the book title just below center in white text.

Study shows gender differences across different latent classes within each travel mode. Men tend to love cars, avoid trains, and hate BTM, while women prefer cycling, embrace train travel, and embrace BTM


Centre for Population Change
2 weeks ago

Did you miss our policy forum celebrating 50 years of the British Society for #Population Studies and all things #demography at this year's #ESRCFestival of #SocialScience? Want to watch it again or access the slides?

You can now view it on YouTube or read our event write-up 🍿📰


Teachers rated suspending or expelling students as the least effective way of addressing violence against educators, despite the popularity of “zero tolerance” policies in many school districts. Nationwide survey of 4,471 pre-K to 12th grade teachers.


Ruth Mottram
2 weeks ago

Fantastic day with the #iClimate crew from @AarhusUni at their annual meeting . A genuinely interdisciplinary #Climate group with talks covering #Energy grids and how to account for #Renewables in #IAMs, how to encourage more people in #FlyingLess plus #palaeoclimate the state of #Arctic #SeaIce + #methane #aerosols #biodiversity and the #Economics of #climateadaptation

They're doing some really great #Science + #SocialScience research. Go check them out.

Gaël Varoquaux
2 weeks ago

Sampling bias in practice: conducting a survey on the Paris metro platform...

if you ask people where they get off, you'll get a different distribution depending on where on the platform you stand: people choose their position close to the exits at arrival.

#statistics #epidemiology #socialscience

No scientific evidence that Homo naledi buried their dead and produced rock art


A meta-analysis of 83 neuroimaging studies found that prior adversity was associated with greater amygdala reactivity and diminished prefrontal cortex reactivity across a wide range of task domains.


Jan R. Boehnke
2 weeks ago

I have had some requests to re-run my #PeerReview* sessions.

Any questions?



*as in "for #SocialScience #HealthScience paper submissions"

Schitts Creek, Moira Rose with black curly hair entering a room and saying:
"I have questions"
2 weeks ago

the dynamics of software adoption are fascinating. Nix/NixOS, for example, has been around for a couple decades, but it feels like it only 'arrived' and started hitting critical mass a few years ago. Anyone know of social scientists studying this sort of thing in the OSS context? Network dynamics, models of adoption, etc.... is this a case for the conceptual toolkit of epidemiology? #nixos #opensource #socialscience #epidemiology

Heini Vaisanen
2 weeks ago
A screenshot of an earlier post advertising a research position. The text says: "Please boost! My ERC project's, Social Inequalities in the Risk and Aftermath of Miscarriage, recruitment has started! We are looking for a researcher interested in miscarriage/sexual and reproductive health to work on quantitative analysis of survey and administrative data. Application dl 13 Nov 2023. 3-year position with a possible extension until 31 Dec 2028.

Pet ownership and well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic: A study finds that pet ownership was not reliably associated with well-being.


Gabriel Garrido
3 weeks ago


Hello! I made my new Fediverse home. I already followed some folks here, looking forward to get to know others!

My name is Gabriel and I am from Costa Rica. I currently live in Spain.

I write #software for a living and for fun. I have other interests, such as #plants and #ecology, playing #music, reading #philosophy and #socialscience, and practicing #permaculture, #agroforestry, and #simpleliving.

Swedish adolescent mental health is the worst in the EU, and educational policies may be the source of this increasing trend


GIGA Institute
3 weeks ago

Today, on #WorldScienceDay for #Peace and #Development, we focus on the role of #research in shaping a better world. 🌍 #GIGA’s #SocialScience scholarship is dedicated to fostering understanding and advancing #GlobalPeace and development:

A systematic review finds that climate change and other environmental and resource concerns are influencing reproductive decisions. People are choosing to have either fewer children or none at all.


3 weeks ago

Despite often being viewed through the lense of conflicts, the topic of #polarisation in #Ukraine has received little attention in #socialscience. Watch Tymofii Brik shed light on the issue in his online lecture series (part of our series with @HumboldtUni):

Kids aged 9-10 who drink caffeinated soft drinks daily tend to try alcohol at a younger age and may have different brain activity than those who drink them less often, according to a study of more than 2,000 children.


Jeremy Foutz
3 weeks ago

@thekitmalone Hard agree! This is the bad, evil social science ala Vault Tech in the apocalyptic Fallout Universe (some of those practices appear to get a little closer to our reality every day).

For those that don't know - and I know @thekitmalone is aware from her work - these are push polls ( They suck up time and attention on an attempt to influence, damaging the advocacy work of those that truly care.

#evaluation #research #SocialScience #ffs

Research finds that gay fathers outperformed heterosexual parents in terms of parenting styles and couple relationship satisfaction


Research finds that one in 20 women in the U.S., or over 5.9 million women, experienced a pregnancy from either rape, sexual coercion, or both during their lifetimes. In rape victims, 28% experienced a sexually transmitted disease, 66% injuries, and 80% were fearful or concerned for their safety.


Centre for Population Change
3 weeks ago

🎟️🎟️Last call for tickets for our event later today celebrating 50 years of the British Society for Population Studies as part of the #ESRCFestival of #SocialScience.

🕝Join us from 2:30pm in central London or online to hear our speakers discuss local #population change and the challenges it presents for #policy. Plus, have your say in our open forum Q&A.


Logos for the British Society for Population Studies, Economic and Social Research Council, Centre for Population Change and Connecting Generations. Event title reads: Local Population Change and Policy Challengers. With head images of the speakers: Professor Nicola Shelton, University College London, Professor Jane Falkingham, University of Southampton, Professor Tony Champion, Newcastle University, Jen Woolford, Office for National Statistics, Professor Grant Hill Cawthorn, House of Commons, and Professor Alison Park, Economic and Social Research Council. As part of the 2023 ESRC Festival of Social Science, 21 October to 17 November.

Researchs finds that women living in neighborhoods with stressors such as vacant lots, derelict buildings and other signs of disorder had significantly higher levels of testosterone – nearly 40 percent higher by the third trimester of pregnancy – than women living in well-ordered neighborhoods.


When being asked a trick math question the majority of people will answer intuitively with the wrong answer. Hints will then get more people to answer correctively. However, even when directly told the correct answer a significant amount of people will still keep the intuitive but incorrect answer.


Reducing loneliness: A study finds in-person interactions most strongly predicted reduced loneliness. And negative interactions were actually associated with higher loneliness. So, the solution to high loneliness may be to increase in-person interactions and reduce negative social experiences.


B. Ricardo Brown, PhD
4 weeks ago

Chairperson of the Department of Social Science and Cultural Studies (71100)
Pratt Institute: School of Liberal Arts and Sciences: Social Science and Cultural Studies
@Sociology #CulturalStudies #SocialScience
The School of Liberal Arts and Sciences at the Pratt Institute seeks exceptional applicants for the position of Chairperson ... oversees the curriculum, staff, and day-to-day operations of the department of 18 full-time and 60 part-time faculty.

B. Ricardo Brown, PhD
4 weeks ago

We are hiring!
Assistant Professor – Science and Technology Studies (71102)
Department of Social Science & Cultural Studies
Pratt Institute: School of Liberal Arts and Sciences
The Department of Social Science & Cultural Studies seeks applicants for a tenure-track position as Assistant Professor.
@Sociology #CulturalStudies #SocialScience #STS
And FT & PT faculty at Pratt are Unionized (UFCT Local 1460)!

Centre for Population Change
4 weeks ago

‼️ If you are planning to join us in London or watch online, don't forget to register to get your ticket / joining link!

Help us celebrate 50 years of the British Society for Population Studies as part of the #ESRCFestival of #SocialScience - it looks set to be a lively discussion 🙋👇👇

#population #demography #levellingup #inequality #humangeography #geography #statistics #policymaking #ESRC #policy #localgovernment #forum

Image shows people sitting in audience listenting to a speaker stood at the front of the room. Logos are for the British Society for Population Studies, Economic and Social Research Council, Centre for Population Change and Connecting Generations. 

Text reads: 

Local population change and policy challenges

6 November 2023

The British Academy, London, and online

The 2023 ESRC Festival of Social Science, 21 October - 17 November
Nils Arlinghaus
4 weeks ago

I’m attending the annual ODISSEI conference in Utrecht today, a packed programme is waiting and I’m looking forward to it. Less looking forward to see what the storm outside is going to do! @odissei_soda
##odissei_nl #socialscience

A speaker next to a large screen, the back of a crowd is in the foreground

The digitization of books on Google Books has significantly boosted the demand for physical versions of the books. This shows that free digital distribution of creative works doesn't necessarily cannibalize demand for physical versions, but can boost physical sales by enabling consumer discovery.


Increased oversight of police reduces police misconduct without increasing crime. These findings conflict with narratives that greater oversight of police leads to increases in crime by constraining police.


1 month ago

Danielle Sumy shows how combining geospatial techniques with social science not only provides insights into people's experience and behavior during earthquakes, but also benefits the science related to earthquake parameters that help decision-making:

#Seismology #EarthquakeScience #DiamondOpenAccess #Earthquake #OpenAccess #OpenScience #socialscience #earthquakeearlywarning

Homes that are close to bus rapid transit (BRT) stations increase more in value than homes further away. This is consistent with claims that BRT is a desirable amenity that adds value and inconsistent with NIMBY claims that BRT reduces home values by causing noise and displacing cars.


1 month ago

Looking for a challenging two-year master program in Amsterdam, the Netherlands? Consider Social Sciences for a Digital Society: a small scale, interdisciplinary and mixed methods program with computational social science training at @vuamsterdam
#socialscience #master #digitalsociety #bigdata #mixedmethods #CSS

Electronic Planet Research Lab
1 month ago

The Social Media Collective (SMC), a research group at Microsoft Research Labs, is hiring a social sciences post-doc. As the SMC website states:

This is an ideal opportunity for a new Ph.D. to conduct original research that brings empirical and critical perspectives to bear on a variety of complex sociotechnical issues. Postdoctoral researchers are expected to devise their own research agendas. We are especially interested in candidates whose work can speak to one of these themes: 

  • the intersectional dimensions of identity as they are entangled with sociotechnical systems, including: race, caste, and indigeneity; gender and sexual identities; socioeconomic status and class
  • how institutions, organizations, networks, and infrastructures (across sectors and domains) configure and are configured by sociotechnical systems 
  • notions of cooperation, mutual aid, and community engagement and their relationships to the design and governance of responsible technologies  
  • political economies and emerging organizational forms in digital labor, community, government, non-profit, creator economy, and private-sector contexts 
  • the politics and public responsibilities of algorithms, generative AI, machine learning, platforms, metrics, and other manifestations of computational cultures 

Details on how to apply are available at the SMC website.

#humanities #jobs #socialScience #tech

Heini Vaisanen
1 month ago

Please boost!

My ERC project’s, Social Inequalities in the Risk and Aftermath of Miscarriage, recruitment has started! We are looking for a researcher interested in miscarriage/sexual and reproductive health to work on quantitative analysis of survey and administrative data. Application DL 13 Nov 2023. 3-year position with a possible extension until 31 Dec 2028. More info:

#demography #SRHR #miscarriage #SocialScience #recruitment

1 month ago

Une belle demi-journée de discussions en perspective! J'aurais le plaisir de servir comme discutante pour la présentation de Prof Julie de Dardel, lauréate SNSF Starting Grant, sur "La décroissance carcérale : une recherche engagée".
#géographie #sciencessociales #socialscience #research #décroissancecarcérale #prisons

Affiche de l'évènement "Les défis des sciences sociales: opportunités de financement et de carrière", avec une image d'une silhouette de femme dont les cheveux se transforment en mille oiseaux qui s'envolent.
Scientific Frontline
1 month ago

#Fathers and #mothers who believe men should hold the power and #authority in society and the family were less responsive to their children during #family interactions
#Psychology #SocialScience #sflorg

Scientific Frontline
2 months ago

International #law supports #women’s right to #breastfeed in public. However, #women report having been subjected to negative responses and judgmental looks when #breastfeeding outside the home.
#SocialScience #sflorg

2 months ago

The Leadership Journey by Jim Holmes is free with a Leanpub Reader membership! Or you can buy it for $7.99! #Leadership #Selfhelp #SocialScience #Teamwork

Ruth Mottram
2 months ago

Further confirmation if needed that #ClimateAdaptation is a #socialScience problem as much as (or more than) a physical #science problem..

Meike Fienitz
2 months ago

Sometimes the trivial questions are the most tricky ones. I'm looking for a reference to a short, citable definition of "#actor" (as in social actor). Any ideas?
@sociology @politicalscience #socialscience #sociology #politicalscience

2 months ago

Hey there! I’m a student currently struggling with the differences between ontology, epistemology and methodology. I’ve read articles, book chapters, etc. but something’s still bugging me.

The question I have right now is:
Can some ontology assumptions be out of reach of epistemology? (i.e., can assumptions about what we think there is out there to know be out of reach of the way we may acquire it?)

#socialscientist #socialscience #ontology #epistemology #methodology #method #Science

Martin Rundkvist
2 months ago

The trouble with jumping onto a fad-theory train is that the rails end really soon.

#academia #humanities #socialscience

2 months ago

For the NWO #OpenScience Fund I've submitted an application to increase #data and #methods #transparency in #SocialScience research. The full proposal is available at and a summary is below.

Thanks to Lucía Gómez Teijeiro, Dominik Meier and Ji Ma from the RPR Transparency consortium for helping to develop the application. I'm very excited about these plans. By 29 November 2023 we should know the result. I'll keep you posted here.

2 months ago

Civil discourse, the bedrock of a thriving democracy, depends on critical thinking skills and these practices. #democracy #civildiscourse #education #criticalthinking #science #evidence #socialscience

Philip N Cohen
3 months ago

(reposting corrected toot): The intro and outline is posted here. If you (or your grad students) would like to review the complete draft book, drop me an email: pnc at umd dot edu. 2/2
#academia #socialscience #gradschool

Philip N Cohen
3 months ago

The intro and outline is posted here. If you (or your grad students) would like to review the complete draft book, drop me an email: pnc at umd dot edu. 2/2
#academia #socialscience #gradschool

Philip N Cohen
3 months ago

Finished a draft of Citizen Scholar, a book that offers a career model for social scientists based on "reciprocity and openness, reflexivity and accountability. It changes our research workflow and our interventions as citizens, and enables them to better reinforce each other." 1/2
#academia #socialscience #gradschool

3 months ago

"Social scientists appear to underestimate the amount of support and lifetime usage in their fields for open science practices" - Joel Ferguson et al. in Nature Communications.

#OpenScience #OpenResearch #SocialScience

Actual and perceived behavior of open science practices. Perceptions of posting code are much lower than reality across disciplines. Pre-registration is underestimated in political science and psychology.

🚨 Job alert 🚨

Exciting #PhD opportunity in #Cologne! Become a Doctoral Researcher in Reproducible Research 📊 with Team Transparent Social Analytics. Dive into #ReproducibleResearch in #DataScience & #SocialScience with #rstats and #jupyter 🚀

Details & apply: @GESIS @NFDI4DS

3 months ago

Thread above may be of interest to many people interested in #computationalsocialscience #datascience #socialscience

3 months ago

I've got a substack now at - Sociological Infatuation. The intro post is up for all to read here:

And the first main post, a historical "vibes" look at theorist Talcott Parsons, is here:

@sociology #sociology #substack #blog #theory #socialscience #academic #vibes

Welcome to Sociological Infatuation: Vibes-based social science at the end of the world, written on a background of a wall with an outer space mural.

Dear Science and Other Stories by Prof Katherine McKittrick @demonicground is one of the most brain-stretching contemporary academic works I've read in aeons.

It's a page-turner. Both form and method, it's exquisite.

'Drawing on black studies, studies of race, cultural geography, and black feminism...she positions black storytelling and stories as strategies of invention and collaboration.'

#Books #BlackMastodon #Research #Science #SocialScience @academicchatter

Dave Rand
3 months ago

🚨Out in PoPS🚨
Can crowds help identify #misinformation at scale? YES! In this #review we overview a range of scientific studies of using the "wisdom of crowds" to help social media platforms meet the misinformation challenge. We show that seemingly contradictory findings in the literature about crowd performance can be explained simply by different papers using analytic approaches. When analyzed in the same wall, all evidence suggests that crowd ratings are highly correlated with expert ratings. We discuss the various limits and challenges of crowdsourced news evaluation, but conclude that crowd ratings are one important part of the anti-misinformation toolkit
Crowd ratings=useful signals!

#psychology #crowdsourcing #fakenews #socialmedia #socialscience

Preston Werner
3 months ago

Dear academics,
Sorry if this is a dumb question, but is there any reliable way to search specifically for a literature review?
Like suppose I don't want to become an expert on the psychology of moral learning, but I *do* want to have a sense of the general literature and positions in that literature. I find myself on Google Scholar sorting through hundreds of articles, and it feels extremely inefficient. Is there a better way?

#academia #research #academicchatter #socialscience #philosophy @academicchatter

Chris Bennett
3 months ago

My colleagues in RTI's Center for #Education #Evaluation and #Research are searching for candidates with strong #quant methods and interest in conducting grant-funded evaluations. Very open to #remote workers.

Happy to chat with folks who are interested!

First position (typically PhD and 6+ years, $110k+):

Second position (typically PhD and 10+ years, $160k+):

#AltAcJobs #EdPolicy #EdResearch #Sociodon #Econ #SocialScience #RCT #Eval @sociology

Hongyu Yang
3 months ago

The notion that models of social reality must be as parsimonious as possible reflects more of the provincialism imposed by modern academic/disciplinary division of labor than a genuine concern that this is the best strategy for understanding the social world.


#socialscience #Quantitativeresearch #modeling #interdisciplinary

🚀 Looking forward to our workshop *Workflows for Reproducible Research with R & Git* together with the brilliant @JohannesBreuer and @berndweiss

Dive deep into the world of reproducible research 🔍.
🗓️ 16-17 Nov 2023
🌐 Online
Share to spread the knowledge! 📚 #ReproducibleResearch #DataScience #SocialScience @GESIS

Job: Senior Lecturer/#Professor in Social #Statistics/Quantitative #SocialScience, University of Manchester

Deadline: 14 August 2023

#AcademicChatter @academicjobs @academicchatter

Alex Afouxenidis
4 months ago

Recommended ⬇️

The volume "presents an invited collection and concerted journey seeking to develop novel, and updated, epistemological and empirical frameworks for understanding socially engaged public art practices".

#academic #sociology #politics @sociology #anthropology #arts #sciences #socialscience

Book cover title: Politics as Public Art, the aesthetics of political organizing and social movements

edited by Martin Zebracki & Z. Zane McNeill

This is big. 110 new faculty members to be recruited at Johns Hopkins to create a new institute to 'bring together world-class experts in #AI, #MachineLearning, applied #Mathematics, computer #Engineering, and #CompSci.

I hope some are #SocialScience oriented and some with a focus on #Education. I fear it's unlikely because most such investments tend to be siloed to the 'sciences' despite the obvious connections of AI to world we live and learn in.


Scott Matter
4 months ago

Good news for a Friday.

Found out a team I’m co-leading won a small research grant. We’ll be looking at “constructive discussion” in relation to contentious public issues (like wealth inequality, climate change mitigation and adaptation, urban development). It’s a quick, exploratory project so won’t answer everything or solve the worlds problems (yet 🙂), but should be fun and useful!

#academic #academia #research #SocialScience #democracy

Annalee Newitz 🍜
4 months ago

Wooooo! I handed in the revision of my latest nonfiction book, which should be out by next summer from WW Norton. Here's a sneak peek at the table of contents. #books #history #psychologicalwar #psyops #socialscience

A screenshot from my manuscript, which reads: 

Psychological Warfare and the American Mind

Preface: The Brain Fog of War
Part I: Psyops
Chapter 1: The Mind Bomb
Chapter 2: A Fake Frontier
Chapter 3: Advertisements for Disenfranchisement 
Part II: Culture Wars
Chapter 4: Bad Brains
Chapter 5: School Rules
Chapter 6: Dirty Comics
Part III: Disarmament
Chapter 7: History Is a Gift
Chapter 8: Deprogramming for Democracy
Chapter 9: Public Spheres of the Future
daniel_ahlqvist :verified:
4 months ago

En introtoot.

En lärare som älskar #religion, #historia, #samhällskunskap, #gaming, #läsning, #musik och #film. Född och uppvuxen i #Piteå men bor sedan 2001 i #Sundsvall med mina 2 barn. Lutar åt vänster i politiken. Luleå Hockey FTW! ❤️💛🖤 #luleåhockey

A teacher that loves #religion, #history, #socialscience, #gaming, #reading, #music and #movies. Born and raised in #Piteå now living in #Sundsvall since 2001 with my two children. Left leaning politically. Luleå Hockey FTW! ❤️💛🖤 #luleåhockey

Mark Rubin
4 months ago

More to lose, less to say!

New study (N = 896) suggests that white-collar workers may remain silent in the face of abusive supervision practices because they’re more concerned about losing their status and privileges relative to blue-collar workers.


This study investigates how the system justification motive manifests in employees’ voice/silence behavior at the workplace. It also explores the moderating effects of system justification on the linkage between abusive supervision and voice/silence behavior for blue- and white-collar employees. The field study generated responses from 905 employees in Turkey. Multi-group analysis reveals that the moderating effect of system justification motives varies by occupational class. In particular, the impact of abusive supervision on silence becomes more salient when white-collar employees endorse higher system justification motives. However, in the blue-collar sample, the absence of a moderating effect could be attributed to the strong main effect of system justification motives. The current study adds to the extant literature by applying a system justification perspective to voice and silence behavior by collar differences at work. It also provides important implications for managers in dealing with workplace mistreatment affecting all occupational groups, mainly when blue-collar employee silence is endemic and regulatory policies are inadequate.
4 months ago

@davidho if scientists understandably feel unqualified to tackle the messiness of #socialscience needed to drive #behaviourchange, I wish they dedicated themselves to *any* #climatetech BUT #carbonremoval #CDR, because it's 100% accelerating & encouraging MORE emissions. There are plenty of other areas like #CircularEconomy, #energytransition #smargrid #EV #retrofit where talents can/should be used...

julia ferraioli :cc_by:
5 months ago

I dig into the recently published "Name-based demographic inference and the unequal distribution of misrecognition", by Lockhard, King, and Munsch.

As the paper highlights, what seem like reasonable overall error rates of name-based demographic inference tools quickly degrade into unacceptable (and unpublicized) error rates when looking at intersections of demographics.

#DataScience #SocialScience #SystemicBias

Anne Jefferson
5 months ago

In related news, I'm excited to announce that I'm part of 2 new NOAA-funded #research projects focused on #flood warning communications to different segments of the public. #Vermont currently making a good case for being one of our study areas. #Hydrology #SocialScience #SciComm

5 months ago

Future Impacts Of Climate-Induced Compound Disasters On Volcano Hazard Assessment
-- <-- shared paper
[Understanding how volcano activity may change over time is particularly important as climate change continues to have direct and indirect effects on how volcanoes behave.]
#GIS #spatial #mapping #climatechange #change #management #future #events #planning #monitoring #engineeringgeology #riskhazard #risk #hazard #geologichazards #naturalhazards #spatialanalysis #volcano #vulcanism #volcanichazard #naturaldisaster #model #modeling #mitigation #planning #preparedness #compoundhazards #socialscience #humanimpact #impacts #economics #publicsafety

Centre for Population Change
5 months ago

📰 Out now - the 12th issue of our newsletter #ChangingPopulations to browse over lunch 🍜☕️🥪

We hope you enjoy finding out about #CPC and #ConnectingGenerations #research and activities over the last six months...

#socialscience #demography #migration #fertility #UkraineWar #genetics #costofliving #menopause #ageing

Jane Adams
6 months ago

If you don't care about social media companies newly charging exorbitant fees for API usage for #disinformation research, maybe you'll care about this other kind of social science research. Consider all the quantified cultural heritage we are losing when only VC-backed LLM factories can access internet history. Dirthatted wankclownery. #DigitalHumanities #Reddit #PushShift #Culture #Sociology #internetculture #socialscience

Post from r/dataisbeautiful: frequency of rude compounds on Reddit as a heatmap in log scale. Popular words include dumbass, douchebag, asshat. Unpopular include libsucker, dirttard, trump stick. Source:
Fedi.Garden 🌱
6 months ago is a server for researchers & practitioners in human-centric data science, broadly defined, like network science, computational social science, geospatial data science:


For more info see their About page at or ask their admin @mszll

#FeaturedServer #DataScience #DataSci #NetworkScience #Networks #ComputationalSocialScience #SocialScience #DataViz #Geospatial #GeospatialDataScience #Data #Science #Academic #Fediverse

Anne Jefferson
6 months ago

I'm looking for a #SciComm or #SocialScience researcher interested in a #postdoc on #flood warning communication at the University of #Vermont. Please share widely!

Emily Fox
6 months ago

Our survey on friendships, sexual and romantic relationships closes soon (5/31)!

If you're 18+ in the US (& especially if you're #asexual / #aromantic / #queer),
my collaborators (Canton Winer at UCI and Hannah Tessler at Yale) and I would love to include your perspective in our study.


#sociology #socialscience #sexuality #lgbtq #aro #ace #relationships #friendship #research #survey @sociology

Tan flier with title in a blue bubble, “Seeking Research Participants to Take Survey on Relationships”. Text on the middle left of the flier says “We are sociologists studying how adults in the U.S. understand and experience their friendships, romantic relationships, and sexual relationships (as applicable).” Text in an orange bubble includes a QR code to the survey and a URL link to survey: At the bottom right, there is text that says, “Participant requirements: 18+ years old, currently living in the United States, you do not need experience with all relationship types.” There are also Twitter handles @CantonWiner @TesslerHannah @Fox_EmilyC at the very bottom of the flier. There is a graphic with four people smiling with their arms around each other at the bottom left.
Anne Jefferson
7 months ago

I am looking for a #postdoc to work with my team on a NOAA-funded project on Science Communication Research on Flood Warnings for Local Community Segments. Please share with your networks!

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Kris Inwood
7 months ago

Cambridge University Press, publisher of Social Science History, waives open access fees for journal articles by scholars in 107 low- & middle-income countries. The editors welcome your submissions!
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Emily Fox
8 months ago

Want to contribute to knowledge about #friendship and #romantic and #sexual #relationships ?

Participate in our #academic #research #survey !

Anyone 18+ in the USA can participate.

We are hoping for responses from all types of people, and particularly want to highlight #asexual #aromantic and #queer perspectives.

#sociology #socialscience #sexuality #gender #aroace #aro #ace #lgbtq @sociology

Tan flier with title in a blue bubble, “Seeking Research Participants to Take Survey on Relationships”. Text on the middle left of the flier says “We are sociologists studying how adults in the U.S. understand and experience their friendships, romantic relationships, and sexual relationships (as applicable).” Text in an orange bubble includes a QR code to the survey and a URL link to survey: At the bottom right, there is text that says, “Participant requirements: 18+ years old, currently living in the United States, you do not need experience with all relationship types.” There are also Twitter handles @CantonWiner @TesslerHannah @Fox_EmilyC at the very bottom of the flier. There is a graphic with four people smiling with their arms around each other at the bottom left.
Kris Inwood
8 months ago

The journal Social Science History announces a new series, Advances in Data & Methods. We invite research articles & review essays that propose new or recently articulated sources and/or methodological techniques for use in social science history. More info:

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Crystal Steltenpohl
8 months ago

The Center for Open Science is hosting a webinar on @FORRT on Wednesday, July 12, at 11am ET. Come learn about the various ways this group is advancing pedagogical reform towards the integration of open science principles into the prototypical courses across STEM, social-sciences, and the humanities, including diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.

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8 months ago

@ericachenoweth I don't understand why that number is so low, when you compare to #tippingpoint studies by #DamonCentola for example at 25%. From sheer observation of being alive for half a century, I tend to go towards the higher number indeed (+ I will always have a positive bias towards #modelling) #socialscience #socialchange #revolution #activism

Mark Rubin
9 months ago

People often support and justify social systems, even when those systems disadvantage them. But why?

In this new review article, we address this question using a social identity model of system attitudes (SIMSA).

Open access:



System justification theory (SJT) assumes that social identity theory (SIT) cannot fully account for system justification by members of low-status (disadvantaged) groups. Contrary to this claim, we provide several elaborations of SIT that explain when and why members of low-status groups show system justification independent from any separate system justification motive. According to the social identity model of system attitudes (SIMSA), the needs for social accuracy and a positively distinct social identity fully account for system justification by members of low-status groups. In the present article, we (a) explain SIMSA’s accounts of system justification, (b) develop associated hypotheses, (c) summarise evidence that supports each hypothesis, and (d) highlight issues to be addressed in future research. We conclude that SIMSA provides a more parsimonious explanation of system justification by the disadvantaged than SJT, because it does not refer to an additional separate system justification motive.
Mark Rubin
9 months ago

Left-Wing Authoritarianism

“Similar to right-wing authoritarianism, left-wing authoritarianism entails hostility towards ‘different’ others, a willingness to wield in-group authority to coerce behaviour, cognitive rigidity, aggression and punitiveness towards out-groups, a focus on status hierarchies and moral absolutism.”


Over the past two decades, citizens’ political rights and civil liberties
have declined globally. Psychological science can play an instrumental
role in both explaining and combating the authoritarian impulses
that underlie these attacks on personal autonomy. In this Review, we
describe the psychological processes and situational factors that foster
authoritarianism, as well as the societal consequences of its apparent
resurgence within the general population. First, we summarize the dual
process motivational model of ideology and prejudice, which suggests
that viewing the world as a dangerous, but not necessarily competitive,
place plants the psychological seeds of authoritarianism. Next, we
discuss the evolutionary, genetic, personality and developmental
antecedents to authoritarianism and explain how contextual threats
to safety and security activate authoritarian predispositions.
After examining the harmful consequences of authoritarianism for
intergroup relations and broader societal attitudes, we discuss the
need to expand the ideological boundaries of authoritarianism and
encourage future research to investigate both right-wing and left-wing
variants of authoritarianism.
The Conversation U.S.
9 months ago

Black, Latino, Asian and Indigenous teens have different #socialmedia experiences – both positive and negative – than their white peers. These differences are overlooked when research only focuses on white teens. 🤳 (New research from U. C. Irvine and Wellesley) #BlackMastodon #SocialScience

9 months ago

Asking for a friend who just joined Mastodon: Is there an instance with a lot of "snarky social scientists"? Srsly. Please boost so I can help my friend get off the big instance she joined and get with her rightful people. #SocialScientists #SocialScience #Snarky

Geoff Hing
9 months ago

Can anyone suggest research on taxonomies for #data, as it pertains to #journalists or #SocialScience researchers? I'm particularly interested in taxonomies about how the data is accessed, e.g. by FOIA vs. bulk public data vs. a public API, bit would take pointers to taxonomies for data sets/sources more broadly.

Jim Proctor
9 months ago

@rbreich Reading thread of replies to your post, including quite a few thoughtful ones. A #socialscience challenge: why is it that we largely accept such insanities?