My knowledge and understanding of AI is limited.

As a socialist, I do understand the concerns raised here by the Stochastic Parrots

Transparency, regulation, protecting workers and artists is really important


@olireiv Creeping up with COVID iswhat no Sandanista could get through. #Socialism

An argument I often hear against universal basic income or communism where all your needs are met unconditionally, is that people would just be lazy, not do anything, and the system would crumble.

But let me ask this. The richest people in the world. You know, the 1%. They've got so much money they could retire and live the rest of their lives and their children's and grandchildren's lives and still not run out of money. Yet, they still do work. I mean, we can argue that the value they add is nothing or even negative, but they do still work. So why would everyone else just be lazy?

The reality is that we wouldn't just be lazy. The reality is that we'd still do work, but because we are provided for, we'd be harder to exploit. And that's what the capitalist and ruling class is afraid of. That's where all the fearmongering comes from.

#Communism #Socialism #UBI #UniversalBasicIncome #AntiWork

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There's a lot of great people in Florida. REAL, decent people who live regular lives and who get help from social programs. As they SHOULD be able to.

They always come for the socialists first. In Germany they did. If this shit doesn't fucking scare the shit out of you, it SHOULD. The USA is sliding toward full fascism FAST.

It seems like a vocal minority of gross assholes, but so were Nazis. Peddling hate to recruit more ignorant folks, then mix in phony Christianity.

Shit's getting real. Real fucked up.

#Florida #fascism #fascists #antifascism #antifa #socialism #socialist #socialists #Nazis #Germany #Christianity #RickScott

A release from Rick Scott of Florida saying "socialists" are not welcoms
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Today in Writing History May 27, 1894: Author Dashiell Hammett was born. From the age of 21-23, he worked as a Pinkerton detective and then joined the army. But he developed tuberculosis and was discharged shortly after joining. In 1920, he moved to Spokane, again to work for the Pinkertons. There, he served as a strikebreaker in the Anaconda miners’ strike. However, when the Pinkertons enlisted him to assassinate Native American IWW organizer Frank Little, he refused, and quit the agency. His first stories were published in the early 1920s. And his 1929 novel, “Red Harvest,” was inspired by the Anaconda Road massacre, a 1920 labor dispute in the mining town of Butte, Montana, when company guards fired on striking IWW miners, killing one and injuring 16 others. Vigilantes also lynched Frank Little. André Gide called the book “the last word in atrocity, cynicism, and horror." However, Hammett was most famous for The Maltese Falcon (1930) and The Thin Man (1934). Both were later made into films. In 1937, he supported the Anti-Nazi League and the Western Writers Congress. He also donated to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, fighting the fascists in Spain. He was a socialist and served as president of the Communist-sponsored Civil Rights Congress of New York. In 1953, he was subpoenaed by McCarthy’s anti-Communist witch hunt. And again, in 1955, he was celled to testify bout his role in the Civil Rights Congress. He was also convicted in absentia in 1932 of battery and attempted rape. He died in 1961, of lung cancer.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #IWW #nazis #antifascism #CivilRights #socialism #communism #Pinkertons #lynching #FrankLittle #indigenous #massacre #strike #union #author #books #fiction @bookstadon

First-edition cover of American author Dashiell Hammett's first novel, Red Harvest. By Designer unknown; published by Knopf - Scan via Heritage Auctions. Cropped from original image file., Public Domain,
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Every person deserves the right to live authentically, free from discrimination or fear. In a truly equitable society, we recognize that #trans rights are human rights. #socialism envisions a world where gender diversity is celebrated, where everyone has access to quality #healthcare, inclusive #education, and safe spaces to be their true selves. Together, let’s build a society where compassion triumphs over prejudice and where all individuals are afforded the respect and dignity they deserve!

Preston Maness ☭
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@gratefuldread "Because of such overpayments, big insurers like Humana have become highly dependent on Medicare Advantage. Humana, for example, earned more than 80 percent of its revenue from Medicare last year, and now has nearly five million Medicare Advantage customers. Wall Street loves this business model: Humana’s stock has outperformed the S&P 500 by 23 percent over the past five years."

What in the actual fuck. EIGHTY PERCENT?

"Most efficient system" my ass.

#socialism #communism #capitalism #MedicareForAll #Medicare4All #MedicareAdvantage #jacobin

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#ClimateCrisis will be solved only in #Socialism
2025 COP30 international climate summit will take place in Brazilb: Lula da Silva
Combating climate change is one of main goals of Lula’s government. President has pledged to tackle problem of illegal logging & protect #Amazon rainforest.

pro time theft
2 days ago

Introduction post? I'm not much for them. I don't like ones that intersperse hashtags. Here's mine.

I'm an anarchosocialist in the USA. I've felt this way since my teens, I'm in my 40s now. If anything, I'm getting MORE left/progressive as I get older. I'm about helping people. Redistributing wealth. Taking it from hoarding fucks that make everyone else suffer. We all know it, but we need to DO things about it. Spreading information helps.

That's why I'm here. To try and not bitch too much about day to day drama or the fascist demagogues in power, but to also hopefully give useful, practical ideas to free yourself more.

And also to recognize the cool stuff on Earth--nature, everything else. Buckle up.

#anarchist #socialist #socialism #antifa #antifascist #antifascism #AntiCap #AntiCapitalist #AntiCapitalism #woke #freedom #humanity #science #nature #corporatocracy #AntiCorporatocracy #SmashTheState #NoGodsNoMasters #AntiCorporate #fedi22 tfr #FuckCorporations #theft #TimeTheft

A graphic that has a person with bags of money with a gun to the head of a military person with a gun to the head of a regular person. Basically how the USA and all kinds of other countries work.
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#Socialism English style.

Generous tax breaks and grants awarded to oil and gas corporations and energy companies because without them they will say they cannot meet their climate change commitments.

Grants, reduced tax on green products and other assistance to help ordinary working citizens achieve their climate change obligations? Erm…! Just suck it up and get used to being poor.

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2 days ago

There are days I'm glad I live in Australia. J's NDIS plan has been approved. An (to me) astonishing amount of money will go towards her care. We'd have been bankrupt in under two years if we had to fund J's care by ourselves. We will still have to contribute half J's super, but it's manageable.

However, pensioners have it much tougher, the contribution's the same $$ but 3/4 of their lower income.



christen 🕳️🐇
2 days ago

"A socialist science and technology must always be conscious of the need for technology that does not alienate, but rather enhances the humanity of the worker. Such a technology must therefore be at the control of the people." — Bukluran sa Ikauunlad ng Sosyalistang Isip at Gawa (BISIG), "A Philippine Vision of Socialism" (1985) #philippines #philippinesocietyandrevolution #socialism

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Comrade Ferret
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Surprise! New video already dropped!

Let's Demolish ANIMAL FARM! (with a Marxist)

#socialism #furry #booktube

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Grateful Dread
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Dictionaries haven’t been banned in Florida yet, so you can still look up “socialism”.

By definition, every penny that the Florida state government spent when Rick Scott was governor was socialism, which makes Rick Scott one of the biggest socialists in Florida history.

The more you know. 🌈⭐️

#BoycottFlorida #rickscott #socialism #florida #idiocracy

Editor B
3 days ago

Manifesto: The Liberation of Artificial Intelligence [written and illustrated entirely by machines]

#AI #anticapitalist #socialism

3 days ago

Today in LGBTQ History May 25, 1895: The authorities imprisoned socialist author Oscar Wilde for two years for “indecency” for having sex with men. Many potential witnesses refused to testify against him. However, he was still convicted. The judge said “It is the worst case I have ever tried. I shall pass the severest sentence that the law allows. In my judgment it is totally inadequate for such a case as this. The sentence of the Court is that you be imprisoned and kept to hard labor for two years.” The terrible prison conditions caused Wilde serious health problems and contributed to his early death.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #lgbtq #homophobia #prison #socialism #OscarWilde #poetry #drama #fiction #author #writer @bookstadon

Image of Oscar Wilde with the quote: Work is the curse of the drinking classes.
Bread and Circuses
3 days ago

An ecosocialist perspective on the importance of taking on the climate challenge...

For some time many environmentalists have been saying that there is a general environmental crisis and we have to solve all of it. Some even say that there is no point in halting climate change if we do not solve all the other crises.

This is not true. From the point of view of humanity, the threat of climate change dwarfs the other environmental threats. To deny this is a form of climate denial for environmentalists. You can only say it if you have not taken on board what climate change will mean.

The only way we can halt climate change is to bring greenhouse gas emissions to a halt. That means we stop almost all use of fossil fuels. It means destroying no new forests and covering the world with new forests. It means cutting emissions from agriculture, about 14% of the total, in half. It means cutting emissions from sewage and landfill by about half, and banning the use of CFC gases entirely.

That is what ecosocialists have to fight for, because that is what all humanity needs.

We cannot stop emissions without replacing fossil fuels with electricity made from renewable sources.

That is a real world task. The only way that will happen is if mass movements put people into power who will hire the many millions of workers we need to rewire the world, and do all the other work that is needed to stop greenhouse gas emissions.

That is the eco part of ecosocialism now.

There are some other things we need to do too. But stopping burning fossil fuels will make at least 70% of the difference.

It looks like that is not going to happen in the kind of society we have now. So in the next generation we are going to have to build a new kind of society. That’s the only definition of the ecosocialist project that makes any sense now.

Now, the eco in ecosocialism has to mean climate. Or we are all lost.


#Ecology #Environment #Climate #ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #ClimateJustice #Socialism

Slogan, over a background of stars in the night sky:
Revolutionary optimism will lead us to revolutionary action.
John Kaye
3 days ago

Neither party of the #bosses is on our side. #Workers and the #oppressed need a party of our own -- one that fights for #socialism. #LaborParty

a perfect sparrow :acab: 🎡
3 days ago

“I am.. hoping that our future may be found in the past fugitive moments of compassion rather than and it’s solid centuries of warfare that, being his blood, as I can, is my approach to the history of the United States. The reader maze will know that before going on.” - #HowardZimm A People’s History of the United States

@histodons @histodon #socialism #anarchism #UShistory #USA #UnitedStatesofAmerica

Peter Butler
4 days ago

@jeffjarvis Sign me up link for those of us brokeys:

"To American eyes, the whole Viennese setup can appear fancifully socialistic. But set that aside, and what’s mind-boggling is how social housing gives the economic lives of Viennese an entirely different shape.”

Why "set that aside"?! It’s the whole point!!

#Socialism #Housing

6 days ago

Hello! We are the Portland, OR Chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America. We are very excited to be making a presence here on the fediverse and specifically chose for it's alignment of democratic principles. We hope to share news of what our chapter is up to and connect with people who want to get involved locally, and build coalition 1/2

#intro #introduction #DSA #democraticsocialism #socialism #climatejustice #housing #mutualaid

John Doe #1
1 week ago
AI generated image of Karl Marx decked out in purple leather clothes with his head ringed with light.
Joe Sabín
1 week ago

Talk to anyone who has lived under #Socialism and they will tell you no way are they going back to that.

#Capitalism isn't idea, but if we tax it and regulate it, then it can be a lot more equitable than it is.

Voting for #GOP is the problem. Also not voting or voting for a #Green or #Socialist candidate is just as bad. We need to focus on reducing the #Republican control in states and the federal government.

Socialism is a disease, not a way of life.

Joe Sabín
1 week ago

People promoting #Socialism make me laugh. They think we'd keep all the cool things and only make things more equitable and pay for everything from healthcare to roads.

The reality is that a socialist society is a less wealthy society with a lot of people living a life of subsistence. Food is hard to come by, there are bread lines, and shortages all the time.

The reason for that is there is central control and no metric to ensure needs are actually met.

There is a lot of graft in socialism.

it's kat!
1 week ago

come & sit right here beside me & listen to my tale about how good the 'teach me communism' podcast is. i think you'll be especially fond of their william morris episode.
#communism #socialism #williamMorris #artsAndCrafts #podcast #art

Kevin Elliott
2 weeks ago

It's a bit embarrassing to admit, but I'm only now realizing the power of the myth of primitive accumulation, and its occasional plausibility.

People who can claim to have built wealth through hard work provide cover for wealthy people who inherited it, or stole it, or arbitraged it, or rent-seeked it, or gambled for it, or just got lucky, or or or. And if you think the former constitute any appreciable share of the truly globally wealthy, you've got brainworms
#economics #socialism #capitalism

Preston Maness ☭
2 weeks ago

Whelp. #Oncology surgeon came back and explained why they didn't biopsy the mass during #EUS. It's a fluid-filled #cyst at the moment, and malignant tumors are always solid. They also did a blood marker test or something for #PancreaticCancer and it came back negative too. So... No #cancer for me (right now at least).

I have a follow-up EUS in six weeks to check on the cyst. After that, I'll probably get an #ERCP on the #pancreas itself. I wanted one done last year after my *third* bout of #pancreatitis in #austin #AustinTX #atx. But my GI at the time did an #MRCP and concluded that an ERCP wasn't needed. I know ERCP commonly *induces* a bout of pancreatitis post-op, but ... I'vd had four bouts now. Just get it the fuck over with please!

I'm sick of being sick. I'm tired of worrying about how I'll pay for hospital visit after hospital visit, procedure after scan after prescription, in this #LateStageCapitalism hell-hole we call the United States that has twice driven me near to suicide. And I'm scared shitless that, eventually, my pancreas will finish the job, and that pancreatic cancer (one of the deadliest and roughest) is gonna take me. I'm no Randy Pausch. I don't have his optimistic attitude. My "Last Lecture" would be more like a "Last Polemic," raging against #capitalism and the dying of the light as I begged hopelessly for this world to embrace #communism. Or at least #socialism. Anything other than the barbarism of #capitalism.

#ChronicIllness #MedicalCity #MedicalCityFortWorth #FortWorth #RandyPausch #GastroEnterology #gastro

Grinning Kitten Press
2 weeks ago

The Spring issue
Fire Art and Style
is out

and will
soon end up
with these Ally Cats:

Ash Ave Comics, AZ
Taala Hooghan, AZ
Hasta Muerte Coffee, CA
Time Tested Books, CA
Eco Vista, CA
Denver Zine Library, CO
Little Red Books, CO
Mutiny Info Cafe, CO
Volume Two, CT
Firestorm Books and Coffee, NC
Sporeprint, OH
Wooden Shoe Books, PA
Monkeywrench, TX

#zine #socialism #anticapitalism #anarchism

The cover of our Spring issue has the word FIRE in all caps running from the upper left to the lower right corner in red; the letters are smeared or poorly scanned. The word art in collage appears on the right side of the word, while a black plus sign on a red background precedes the word Style, also in collage but blue, along the bottom. A cluster of collage in the upper right-hand corner shows the faded word "spring," then 2023 and Issue 7 followed by a dash. There is a lot of empty white space.

Watching #Andor and four thoughts:

1) Glad the show writer/producer defied Disney's order by halting production in solidarity with the Union.

2) Nemik is my jam and I will fight to the death for the ideals of Justice, Ecosocial Responsibility, and Civil/Individual Liberties.

3) The Imperial Squeeze is exactly what's happening globally as our ecological systems of sustainability break down.

4) Fuck the Police

#SciFi #anarchosyndicalism #socialism #fascism #colonialism

Preston Maness ☭
2 weeks ago

@professorhank It starts off with a decent job providing context up to Marx from a variety of sources, including "Socialist Thought: A Documentary History". Fourier's presence is a nice touch. Unfortunately, upon reaching Marx (and Engels), nothing is said of the notion of a dialectic, which is a crucial philosophical brush of the ideas Marx and Engels were painting in their time. And by the time we reach the turn from the 19th to the 20th century, the context diminishes significantly, and the sources become more... singular. "A People's Tragedy" is not exactly a neutral source on revisionism or Leninism or the Russian revolution; nor is its author, Orlando Figes, a neutral documentarian. And yet this is the only source consulted on matters of the USSR.

As well, the host himself, Ryan Chapman, is not at all charitable to Lenin, saying nothing of his critiques of imperialism or monopoly, and thoroughly mischaracterizing democratic centralism. As well, he never investigates why large swathes of the world in the 20th century preferred Marxism-Leninism over the approach he clearly prefers (democratic "socialism"), instead citing European social democratic parties and their gradual descent into western chauvinism. Had imperialism and monopoly been properly investigated, the reasons for this "schism" between the two "schools" would be much more apparent. Finally, that contemporary China is not at all mentioned or studied is a glaring omission; one that I'm comfortable accusing Chapman of having made because its continued success conflicts with his preference for a moderate, "anti-authoritarian," democratic "socialism."

This is not the first time that I've watched something by Ryan Chapman that is much less "balanced" than he claims it to be. Am I surprised? No. Am I disappointed? Yes. I'd be less frustrated with him if he just laid his biases out on the table for all to see, rather than claiming, loudly and proudly (and ludicrously) at the very beginning, that he "won't pick sides in that debate."

#socialism #communism #marxism #MarxismLeninism #DemocraticSocialism #politics

2 weeks ago
Preston Maness ☭
2 weeks ago

@Catsandcatsandcats it's frustrating that we keep forgetting lessons learned centuries ago:

"Trades Unions work well as centers of resistance against the encroachments of capital. They fail partially from an injudicious use of their power. They fail generally from limiting themselves to a guerilla war against the effects of the existing system, instead of simultaneously trying to change it, instead of using their organized forces as a lever for the final emancipation of the working class that is to say the ultimate abolition of the wages system."

--Karl Marx, "Wage Labour and Capital, Chapter 14, The Struggle Between Capital and Labour and its Results"

#marx #marxism #socialism #communism #capitalism #labor #labour #union #unions #TradeUnionism #wga #wgastrike #politics

2 weeks ago

Hi, we're like the #Conservative Party, but more competent vote for us!

Immigration? Clearly broken, we'll fix it by doing the same but more competent!

Most expensive utilities in the world? We can't nationalise that's too expensive!

Rising food costs! That's the market at work!

Workers on strike and people protesting, we won't reverse #Tory laws!

What political party are we?

#socialism #anticapitalism #socialist #solidarity #socialistsunday #labour #ukpolitics #politics #uk

I was asked for a good source on criticism of #longtermism and #internationalAid for #globalSouth , promoting #grassroots solutions and allowing local independence. I remember reading about a female author from #africa proposing such a thing, but I completely forgot her name. Could you help me?

Initially I thought it was Dambisa Moyo with her "Dead Aid", but then I realized that the book still suggest reliance on capitalism & billionaires, so that's not her.

#solarpunk #socialism #capitalism

“Would-be green capitalism is nothing but a publicity stunt, a label for the purpose of selling a commodity, or—in the best of cases—a local initiative equivalent to a drop of water on the arid soil of the capitalist desert.” -Michael Löwy, Ecosocialsim: A Radical Alternative to Capitalist Catastrophe #ecosocialism #socialism #climatechange

Grateful Dread
2 weeks ago

For a long time in Scotland, Labour been pretty much the same as the Tories. Labour supporters deny this and get annoyed so am sorry to burst such folk's bubble but here is it straight from your leader's mouth.
Labour as a socialist party is dead and the only question that remains is which party left wing Labour supporters will vote for now?

Paolo Redaelli
2 weeks ago

I don't hate proprietary software per se, I hate proprietary software for the consequences it has on the society, because it helps implenting the #dystipian subtly #distopic #elitist #surveillance regimes that are enslaving people everywhere in the world. It doesn't matter if it looks like #capitalism, #communism or #socialism. When entities are considered more important than people very bad things always happens

2 weeks ago

Mwakenya: The Unfinished Revolution. Selected Documents of the Mwakenya - December Twelve Movement (1974-2002) by Maina wa Kĩnyattĩ

#Kenya, #Kenyanpolitics, #politicsofKenya, #Kenyanpoliticalhistory, #Kenyanleftism, #Kenyanleft, #socialism, #neocolonialism, #WorkersPartyofKenya, #DecemberTwelveMovement, #marxism, #marxismleninism, #Mwakenya, #antiimperialism, #marxisminAfrica, #marxisminKenya, #revolutionarypolitics, #Africanpolitics, #20thcenturypolitics, #europeanimperialism, #britishimperialism, #usimperialism, #anticapitalism, #MwakenyaMovement, #MuunganowaWazalendowaKenya, #UnionofPatrioticKenyans, #politicaleconomy

"This volume represents the development of the WPK/DTM-Mwakenya’s anti-imperialist line in Kenya from1974 to 2002. The Mwakenya Movement (Muungano wa Wazalendo wa Kenya/ Union of Patriotic Kenyans) was an underground socialist movement in Kenya in the 1980s formed to fight for multi-party democracy.

Independence means self-determination and self-government. An independent nation is one with the autonomy to make decisions, which will advance the welfare of its people. It is a nation that controls its own resources, and has the political and economic scope to utilise these resources, human and natural, free of foreign interference.

Tara Skywalker
2 weeks ago

It is inaccurate to think replacing a few rich people can solve #capitalism. No point being edgy for no reason. Remember:

-> Systems, not people.

Systems of #inequality forge the owning class. The stock market trades the rights to stolen wages & autonomy. Only a worker-run grassroots economy can dissolve the owning class.

Abolish the owning class by making them join us as #workers too. A better world for all, not just those we like.

In response to: @breadandcircuses

#socialism #anarchism #communism #marxism #leftist #progressive #democracy

2 weeks ago

I migrated from the other place to see what mastodon has to offer and would like to find other leftists to follow. I’m a vegetarian cat owned malcontent. My posts are usually about some sort of social justice as I help support my unhoused neighbors when I am not working. We are all in trouble on this planet and we have to work together to fix it.

Hashtags you might find me reading:
#Socialism #SocialJustice #EcologicalFailure #Urbanism #BLM #Community #UnionStrong #TransRightsAreHumanRights #EnvironmentalCrisis #AbortionIsHealthcare #AntiCapitalist #FreePalestine #AntiRacism #NoTerfs #DefundThePolice #ACAB #Anarchism #Feminist #LandBack #AntiFascism #AbolishCapitalism #Sustainability #UrbanGrowers #AntiCar #TakeBackGolfCourses

Preston Maness ☭
2 weeks ago

"That conclusion contradicted several decades of economic theory that suggested that increased energy use and, by extension, increased consumption would always equate to a longer lifespan and improved quality of life. Julia Steinberger, an ecological economist and professor at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, contributed to the demand chapter. 'In phases of economies when everybody’s in poverty, there’s a lot of demand that drives production,' she explained. 'After a certain point, though, you have an overproductive industry that’s constantly driving productivity and competitiveness. … And the outlet for that is various kinds of over-consumption or things like planned obsolescence. Basically you wind up with products looking for markets.'"

What's that, you say? Capitalism suffers from crises of overproduction? Whoever could have predicted that?

#capitalism #socialism #communism #marxism #TheIntercept

Simon Brooke
3 weeks ago

@jackLondon I'll believe that Labour can hang on to the one seat they hold in Scotland when I see it.

I agree the SNP are useless, but I, like many other people in Scotland, will vote for them in Westminster elections – not because I want them in government, but because I want to see #socialism in my lifetime.


Can you imagine a land where no one is homeless? Yes!
3 weeks ago

It's publication day for Red Enlightenment!

An exploration of how to approach spirituality in a way that engages with both science and social justice

Go grab a copy, link is in my bio!

#socialism #socialist #spirituality #spiritual #science #complexsystems #systemsthinking #environmentalism #marx #religion #theology #liberationtheology #christianity #buddhism #judaism #hindu #daoism #confucianism #activist #activism #communism #communist #commons #utopia #history #philosophy #socialjustice

Picture of book Red Enlightenment: On Socialism, Science and Spirituality, cover is purple sky and yellow clouds with red and white writing. Book is held by a smiling man with glasses and a beard
Alex Fink
3 weeks ago

Made it to @pluralistic talk about #ChokepointCapitalism.

Also important: the dad and grandpa next to me breaking down #capitalism #government #monopoly #socialism and trade to their 5 year old. "This is an adult talk, but I think you might be interested because..."


Picture of the not yet peopled stage at Bay Area Book Festival where Cory Doctorow was interviewed by Wendy Liu about Chokepoint Capitalism.
3 weeks ago

@stux If a business makes $40 bn a year that has 7000 employees, an equal division would be $5.71 mn per employee per year. Obviously, there’s overhead & expenses to be added into that equation but when you consider many huge corporations in #usa pay no tax, pay less than $20 an hour to most employees, no benefits & huge CEO bonuses …… #capitalism #inequity #socialism #workersrights

Clayton Dewey
3 weeks ago

New York #DSA just won their campaign to pass the Build Public Renewables Act.

This is huge!

#EcoSocialism #Socialism

Luke Martell
3 weeks ago

There's a revised and updated version of this blog. Just a few small additions and changes. 'Building Utopia From the Bottom Up Mark II!' #socialism #pluralism #democracy #alternatives #utopia

Tucker Teague
3 weeks ago


Blurb: "...chronicles the cauldron of discontent, radicalism and violence that permeated the region in the early decades of the twentieth century."

Fascinating film. So much I never knew about my region.

#IWW #union #strike #labor #LaborMovement #LaborRights #socialism #capitalism #Wobblies #PNW #Seattle #racism #PoliceViolence

I watched it on #Kanopy

3 weeks ago

#introduction #reintroduction

Hi, I'm Websick! I am an aspiring programmer and I will be starting my computer science major next fall.

I don't have much to showcase currently, but I hope to post updates about my projects in the future. Stay tuned 📣

Some topics I am interested in:

🧠 #ADHD, #MentalHealth
💻 #FOSS, #Privacy, #Decentralization, #Linux
🎵 #Breakcore, #Mathrock
🌹 #Socialism, #UrbanPlanning
🌻 #Solarpunk

Thank you for passing by! Enjoy the rest of your day 🍵

The Conversation U.S.
1 month ago

Eugene V. Debs (center) ran for president while in prison, in the election of 1920.

Here he has been presented with flowers by members of the Socialist Party.

Imprisonment only enhanced his status with his fans, and he polled nearly a million votes without ever hitting the campaign trail.

#History #News #Socialism #trumpindictment @histodons

Eugene Debs, center, imprisoned at the Atlanta Federal Prison, was notified of his nomination for the presidency on the socialist ticket by a delegation of leading socialists who came from New York to Atlanta.  He's in his prison uniform, holding flowers presented to him by the formally dressed delegation. (Photo credit: George Rinhart/Corbis via Getty Images)
Odin Halvorson
1 month ago

Hello, Mastodon!
I am researching mutual aid trends and would love your help gathering data. I have linked a survey below that should take about 1–2 minutes to complete. All questions are voluntary, and all information is gathered anonymously.

Thank you for your time!

#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #Socialism #Mutualism #Society #Community
#Anarchism #Anarchist #Anarchy #Politics #Welfare #Support #Help #Aid #Survey #Data #Research #Information #Care

Dave Mackey
1 month ago

1/ tentative, immature #economic thoughts from yours truly (ala #socialism, #communism, #capitalism).

Consider this both a humble proffering of theory and an openness to learn.

I have been hesitant to discuss my economic #philosophy for two reasons:

1. I don't consider myself well-educated on the subject
2. There seem to be three major positions (socialism, communism, and capitalism) and I don't find myself comfortably fitting into any of them.

Perhaps there is another ism I'm missing

@rbreich Here is thing to realise about those with vast wealth. They can be taxed this 5% yet they would not notice any difference in their standard of living. They won't suddenly be forced to use food banks or have to turn heating off or sell their helicopters or flash cars.
Their wealth would benefit billions of people yet nobody loses.
I don't understand why anyone would appose more tax for those who can easily afford it.

Zoe :rainbow_infinity:
1 month ago

I would appreciate it if people could help me get more federated on my new instance. Please boost this post if any of the following tags apply to you so I can follow!


1 month ago

Happy that my photos are all over the Ithaca Times' cover & in the feature on how we're running 5 leftist candidates for Common Council (city hall)

Many years ago, I came across the work of Princeton researcher Alexander Todorov, whose unsettling research found that voters make lasting snap-judgements about political candidates based on a few seconds' look at the politicians' image

Hence, my political #photography today. Image wins.

#Ithaca #twithaca #socialism

A front page cover of the Ithaca Times that reads "Solidarity Slate- Five candidates for Common Council propose new agenda for Ithaca" with a picture the candidates in a fun, playful pose on the Ithaca Commons
Inside page feature story headline: "The Left is Coming - Solidarity Slate hopes to bring new ideas to Common Council" with a group photo of supporters
Individual images of all the candidates speaking at the event, photo credit yours truly
Geoff Berner
1 month ago

It's the anniversary of the start of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. Most of those fighters were members of the Yiddish Bund, a radical Jewish socialist worker's organization sworn to destroy capitalism. Here's me singing their anthem, Di Shvue (The Oath), which they sang at the start of every meeting. "An oath of blood and tears." #yiddish #socialism #anticapitalism #holocaust #warsawghetto

1 month ago

Anyone who's studied the #GeorgeOrwell novel #1984 want to explain to me what the fucking point of "newspeak" is and why it's not a strawman "we're gonna make the commies seem like supervillains and do random stupid shit for no reason" type trope? Because when has any prominent figure in #socialism or #communism ever suggested dumbing down language? Give me an example of a commie language reinvention please, 1984 is supposed to be the definitive manual on what happened under communism isn't it?

Joseph Riparian 🏳️‍⚧️
1 month ago

WE DID IT! Hundreds of people chanted and marched and took over the downtown St. Louis streets for trans rights.


#trans #transgender #protest #TransRights #TransRightsNow #anarchy #socialism

Solarpunk Now!
2 months ago

How do you balance the demands of science and activism? What sort of world would let science flourish?

In this episode, an environmental scientist shares her thoughts on politics and organizing. We also delve into her research on emissions, air quality, and public health.

Episode 11 is out now on most major platforms. You can also listen on my website or view the show notes here:

#science #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #ClimateJustice #airquality #socialism #politics

Three red roses against a background of blue sky, with a smattering of clouds. Text shows the title for this podcast episode: "Scientists for Socialism! Why Activism and Research Go Hand-in-Hand"
Grateful Dread
2 months ago
Geoff Berner
2 months ago

At this point, if you are organizing a "left wing" or "socialist" event, and it's not Covid safe, guess what? You're really just doing volunteer work for the far right. #Covid #CovidIsNotOver #socialjustice #socialism

Nashville Anarchist
2 months ago

Notable shitbags Ron Desantis and Bill Lee are having an event on April 3rd in Franklin. Probably to fearmonger more about trans lives and to spout more fascist rhetoric.

You can claim up to 4 free tickets here with just an email and a name.

It'd be a terrible shame if all the seats got reserved and then nobody showed up. What a tragedy that would be

#Desantis #BillLee #Nashville #Franklin #Tennessee #GOP #LGBTQ #Antifa #Socialism #Anarchism