12 minutes ago

Writing #software and web applications is awesome until you have to write tests for everything 🙃

this is a joke, please don't crucify me 💀

Firefly III
7 hours ago

📢 A new version Firefly III Data Importer has been released. Version v1.3.0 is out. Check out the release notes and download. #opensource #oss #newrelease #php #software #personalfinance #selfhosted

Kathy Reid
9 hours ago

What a beautiful story of #OpenSource #FOSS #FLOSS #software from #ABC news from Kristine Taylor and Susan Chenery - and - Jamie Teh - @jcsteh and Mick Curran -, who both live with #blindness, created #NVDA software which is a desktop #ScreenReader - and continue to give it away for free.

Get the software here on @github


"Experimental Patches For Rust-Written Linux Network Drivers" by Phoronix (mirror bot at @phoronix ) - #Linux Kernel infrastructure introduced to support #Rust🦀 network drivers. #RustLang #networking #OpenSource #software #engineering #tech

14 hours ago

Holy crap, I used this software for years and only today do I clock this!

Also, wasn't
#software fun in the early 2000s, where's that gone eh?


16 hours ago

#voting #elections #software #russian

Kids, you may not know this, but 10 or 15 years ago, it was the left wing that was against voting machines, for various reasons, including general aversion to corporations and worries about software security

WTF? #macOS packt immer #HDCP auf #HDMI?


Anscheinend muss mensch wohl weiterhin HDCP-Stripper vor die HDMI-Matrix packen...

Damit ist der #RØDE #StreamerX bei mir durchgefallen - außer alles ist auch ohne #Schrott - #Software einstellbar und das Teil läuft per #USB - #UVC ohne Fuchtelei unter #Linux! via @alexibexi

Tech news from Canada
21 hours ago
1 day ago

Working on my first personal programming project in years feels really good. Swift is an interesting Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde mix of a very pretty language held hostage by its obj-c ancestors. Having quite a lot of fun with the UI aspects of it. Not so much the other aspects.

It’s kind of like if you stopped the monster’s transformation halfway between Haskell and Obj-C.

I’m redesigning software I was paid to design (open source) about a decade ago now, and it’s a lot more fun when I don’t have to get 3 professors to sign off on design changes. Swift is being used because unfortunately the only video playing API up to the task of what we need it for is Apple’s AVKit (forwards and backwards high playback speeds as well as accurate frame-by-frame jogging, good hooks for image analysis software to be hooked up).

ffmpeg is just too unwieldy for someone who isn’t a low level video pipeline expert, sadly. And the Windows video playback stack is an absolute joke not good for much else other than playing at 1x speed

#dev #software #swiftui #swift

1 day ago


Who regulates the regulators? Who regulates the #Mastodon admin? The answer, generally, is no one! They can decide to delete your account, without a warning, at a whim (e.g. if they're in a bad mood, etc) If the admin suspends (deletes) your account, that means you can’t move your account to another instance (you have to start a new one). Account suspension prevents you from transferring the "followers" list. That list could be your friends, colleagues, lover, whistle-blower, you name it.

Effectively, there is zero accountability for Mastodon servers! So, when you read posts that say it doesn't matter what Mastodon server you join, that’s misinformation! Ideally, you’d know and trust the admin personally - that’s the most secure way to protect your data (but, not usually practical). Now if you complain, many admins will say, to paraphrase “You can always run your own server!”. Like they think everyone has the time and resources to do so (it’s just their way of avoiding the problems associated with the network)

My previous account was "suspended", without warning and with no written reason given, by the admin of climate justice social (the irony) . I just received an email that said “Account suspended. You can no longer use your account, and your profile and other data are no longer accessible. You can still login to request a backup of your data until the data is fully removed in about 30 days, but we will retain some basic data to prevent you from evading the suspension”

But, as mentioned. You can’t transfer your followers list (effectively, unless you have copied all the followers' addresses – the admin has deleted them!)

I assume the account deletion was because I'd made an accusation public (a private message from the admin), regarding the unfair conduct of and admin (they prefer to do their account warnings, etc, behind the scenes. i.e., no public accountability for their decisions). I posted publicly a link to a conversation I had with another person, in which I said that the OP was being prejudiced. In my public post, I linked to the conversation (made it public) that I was being warned of (by the admin). I asked people (the public on Mastodon) what do they think about the conversation? But, before I received any replies, the account was suspended (deleted).

I've asked this before on Mastodon without receiving any reasonable answer. How can anyone trust Mastodon if people can't backup up their own followers' list? There is no agency in the current system. A server could crash, the owner may just decide to close it or run out of money to finance it, etc.

So, this is a security flaw that should be addressed. The only reason I can think of why this security flaw isn’t been addressed (openly talked about with the seriousness it deserves) is that the server owners, don't believe it’s in their interest. However, evidently, it’s in the Mastodon community's interest to have a system in which they can easily back up the follower's list and have some democratic accountability from the admin. Fundamentally, it should not be up to the servers admin to delete a person's followers list (not even Twitter, Facebook, etc, would do that without any warning! Well, maybe they would, I haven’t used those networks in years)

What methods can a user of the #mastodon network use to back up the "followers" list? (since the software developers seem to be against it) The last time I asked this, the reply I received, I assume from an admin was to quote "You can download a copy of your follows list". Evidently, intentionally tried to avoid the question I was asking because I stated the “followers” list.

So, can Mastodon be a better alternative to #Twitter, etc? or is this just lip service? Because business as usual is the money controlling the general flow of information! (& that’s a form of corruption).

For the Fediverse to be decentralized, people will be able to connect to the network without any “middlemen” (that’s a given). So, can we have an adult discussion about what’s best for a social media network? Without it being monopolized and parasitized by the age-old corruption of social power (e.g. money). I doubt it, but…..

#fediverse #corruption or #justice #democracy #accountability #software #technology #climate #sustainability #science #computing #psychology #SocialPsychology #ethics #business #money #AntiRacism #ClimateJustice #twitter #corporations #DarkMoney

Any recommendations on #SQL #software ? I’m learning SQL now using an online class. I mainly use a machine running #LinuxMint . Can #LibreOffice Base be used? #MySQL ? My main application would be sports analytics, using publicly-available datasets. I’m decent with #Python but still very much a self-taught programmer.

"Red Hat To Stop Shipping LibreOffice In Future RHEL, Limiting Fedora LO Involvement" by @phoronix - LibreOffice will remain available as @FlatpakApps package (which is how I run it) #Linux #OpenSource #software #tech

Linux User Group Nürnberg ✅
1 day ago

Mal wieder etwas aus der Bastelkiste:

Wer weiß, was auf diesem Bild zu sehen ist? Für ältere Semester ist das nicht schwer.

Viel Spaß.

#linux #wissen #lernen #opensource #hardware #software #vintage

Diesmal kein Text, da Bildinhalt zu erraten ist. Daher dann in den Antworten nach der Lösung suchen.
2 days ago

So, software engineers, how are we making sure we're not replaced in five years by bad AI? Serious question. How are you making yourself irreplaceable?

#WebDev #Software #AI

2 days ago

👆 Ich habe heute zwar ein #Software / #App - #Problem doch löste vieles anderes wie zB das #Wetter genießen im #Park so wie den Geist entspannen... ja Probleme müssen gelöst werden und morgen habe Zeit für das vorgenommene ~ #Weekend Forderation 😎

Mathias Renner
2 days ago

Join over 3.800 learners of our video course about #sustainable #software #engineering @ohc learning platform with @n2try, Johannes Rudolph @meshstack and Robin Lamberti at @Hasso_Plattner_Institute

-> Details:
#green #digitalization #sustainability #cleanIT @hpi_de

2 days ago

Adding a new pet peeve to my list of #software pet peeves - TV software that shows a confirmation dialogue when you leave the app. It should be as easy as switching channels! 📚
2 days ago

#Microsoft is making some key improvements to the free version of #MicrosoftTeams on #Windows11. The new changes will make the #video conferencing #software - which many of us dread using - a lot more user-friendly

Alan Kotok
2 days ago

Infographic – VR, AR Yet to Reach Critical Mass

While applications of VR and AR technologies can seem compelling, the numbers of people actually using these systems remain relatively small.

#News #Technology #Business #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality #MarketResearch #Software #Headsets #Users #Meta #Apple #Infographic

Bar chart: VR and AR adoption through 2027
Tino Eberl ✅
2 days ago

❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓ ❓
Hmmm.... ich ärger mich schon wieder rum. #Schwarmfrage: Wenn ihr per Computer #Remotesupport für ein mobiles #Android-Gerät leisten wollen würdet, welche #Software würdet ihr nehmen?

Ich habe #Teamviewer getestet, aber die Software bricht die Verbindung nach ner Minute oder so ab bzw. friert ein. Vielleicht ist das ja auch gewollt?

Ich suche eine einfache Alternative, wo man beim #Smartphone/#Tablet den Screen freigeben und remote sehen kann. Jemand eine gute Empfehlung?

2 days ago

What are y'all using for designing 3D prints?
My brain needs something visual, so OpenSCAD is out. FreeCAD is confusing as hell. Tinkercad seems OK?

#3dprinting #software

2 days ago

WhatsApp lançará novo teclado de emojis em breve; veja imagens!

Confira! 👇


Jordan (Damn Good Tech) 4hire
2 days ago

Last night was kinda sad. 😢 I submitted a few talks to #nbpy, kind of my one shot at being able to network and get out of the dry client spell I seem to be in. But got the "no" email on both talks. While I'd love to go, finances do not support this.

I hope folks going have a blast. Make sure you gain valuable insight and make new friends. Live in the moment. Oh, and learn #python! 😆

#tech #programming #software #technology #northbaypython

2 days ago

🇳🇿 On May 29, LANtech ( experienced a cyber security incident impacting its vOffice platform ( with a limited number of customers impacted #newzealand #industries #software #management #data #supply #cyber #online #smart #businesses #numérique #threats #cloud #databreach #services #solutions #informatique

Recommend reading:

Sponsoring dependencies: The next step in open source sustainability

by Nicholas C. Zakas

You should also consider #sponsoring him, specially if your product or project is heavily dependent on #JavaScript #ECMAscript

#OpenSource #Sustainability #Financing #SoftwareDevelopment #Software

2 days ago

Applying for a #job over the weekend? Diagonal is expanding. We have two new roles for a #Marketing Manager and #Software Engineer (Visualisation).

We value our supportive and inclusive culture and both roles are exciting opportunities to work with us at the intersection of the built environment and responsible #technology.

To apply, send a cover letter and your CV to and include the job title in the subject line.

the magnificent rhys
2 days ago

I like how I've gone full circle from angry teenage free software linux nerd through pragmatic use-what's-nicest apple fanboy right back to free software linux nerd again.

I think I'd have been much happier with my tech and work life if I'd just stuck with FOSS throughout tbh. Nowadays it's about the only software I trust.

#linux #FOSS #software #FreeSoftware

Dr. Juande Santander-Vela
2 days ago

What a trip down memory lane! But I’m impressed at some of the available software… and the affordable prices!

Things like FORTH, μProlog, VU-Calc, or even VU-3D.

#ZXSpectrum #Software #Catalog1984 #retrocomputing

Index page of the ZX Spectrum Software and Hardware Catalogue January 1984.

Alphabet games.
The Apostrophe.

Beyond BASIC.

Capital Letters.
Castle Spellerous.
Cattell IQ Test.
Chequered Flag.
Chess Tutor 1.
Club Record Controller.
Collector's Pack.
Computer Scrabble.

Early Punctuation. 

Flight Simulation


The Hobbit.
Horace and the Spiders.
Horace goes Skiing.
Hungry Horace.

Jet Pac

Learn to Read
Learn to Read 2
Learn to Read 3.
Learn to Read 4.
Learn to Read 5

Monitor & Disassembler.

Print Utilities.

RS 232 Lead.

Small Business Accounts.
Space Raiders.
Speech Marks.

Tranz Am.


Zeus Assembler.
ZX Interface 1.
ZX Interface 2.
ZX Microdrives.
ZX Microdrive Cartridges.
ZX ROM Cartridges.
2 days ago

Seems like every other day a user wants to do something with #Win11 that should be simple to do.

Yet for some reason, the genius decisionmakers over at #Microsoft continually seem to make the #system incapable of the most basic things as if they're actively getting their #developers to waste time fighting against what users actually want.

Why anyone uses this #software or anything #MSFT these days is beyond me when there are plenty of user-friendly alternatives out there.

#marimoko #linux 📚
2 days ago

#Microsoft’s #Copilot #technology could reshape how we use #software and improve #productivity across various domains. Here are the implications for web browsing and software #development.

Stefan Bohacek
3 days ago

When available, do you typically use software/browse websites in your native language?

#poll #survey #language #software #internet

thomas 🌸
3 days ago

I'm looking for a new position as a Software Engineer. I have 10+ years expierence, and I'm looking for Senior / Staff Roles, Node.js, React, JavaScript, Typescript! #webdev #software #engineer #jobhunt #hiring #nodejs #javascript #typescript #tech #layoff #programming #career #lookingforwork #coder #coding #nextjs #opensource #webcomponent #webcomponents #webDevelopment #softwareEngineering #react #reactjs #OpenToWork

3 days ago

Drone controlado por IA realmente matou pessoa? Entenda o caso!

Confira! 👇


Eric G.
3 days ago

I love this stuff. Having started myself in the 6502 world, programming in tight places has always been something that I admired, even if I was never as clever as others.

#Forth #C #Compilers #512Bytes #Software

3 days ago
Nicolas Delsaux
3 days ago

Ça par exemple, un logiciel très simple pour faire des Deep fake. Hé, je ne sais pas si c'est très moral. Mais je pense que ça doit être assez intéressant. #opensource #python #video #manipulation #software

3 days ago

Diaspora, das Fediversum, Mastodon und wie geht Veränderung?

Die Konzerne wie Facebook, Microsoft und Twitter sind allen bekannt, dazu gehören whatsapp und instagram, aber auch google und deren Produkte … und zoom, an das sich manche von uns gewöhnt haben. Sie vermarkten unsere Daten.

Hier geht es in der Folge um freie Software, die...

#freie software #software #mastodon #wordpress #meet

No Time To Play
3 days ago

Saying an IDE lets you write bigger #software is like saying a fancier hammer can help you build the Empire State Building out of wood.

JW prince of CPH
3 days ago

Another, "somewhat less rage-ful but still f**king bothers me" software question: How in the name of unholy donkey testicles is it not an option to re-order pages in a word document by drag-and-drop!?

I'm looking at you, every single office text editor 👁️

Most of them have had page thumbnail overviews for ages - but apparently nobody on the developing end gives a single wet fart that every single user will expect to be able to re-order those pages & be disappointed...

#ux #software

Ooo, nie wiem nawet kiedy, ale #Spark w koncu dostal opcje grupowania wiadomosci po nadawcy, nareszcie

Open Source Ecology Germany
3 days ago

Currently at 10y @weareGIG event to join forces, make links for #opensource #hardware #software #people

GIG Panel
Andrew Lamb talk
Open Toolchain Foundation
3 days ago

Currently at 10y @weareGIG event to join forces, make links for #opensource #hardware #software #people

GIG Panel
Andrew Lamb talk
Ortwin Pinke
3 days ago

Hey @bsi

wie sieht es eigentlich mit Sicherheitslücken in Millionen von #SmartTVs aus, für die es keinerlei #Software, ja nicht mal mehr #Sicherheits-#Updates gibt.

Das ist ein Sicherheitsproblem welches Millionen von Menschen betrifft. Für mich gehört zu einem #RechtAufReparatur auch ein Recht auf Langzeitsicherheitsupdates dazu.

In meiner @reparierecke treffe ich fast täglich auf solche Probleme, beispielsweise auch bei #Kaffeevollautomat|en.

3 days ago

Python News: User data from PyPI, the Python Package Index, subpoena'd from the Python Software Foundation (PSF) by USA DoJ. #python #PyPi #PSF #code #opensource #software #opensource #DOJ #privacy #subpoena #userdata

#Rust🦀 1.70.0 released by Rust Language Release Team - sparse by default for crates-dot-io, OnceCell & OnceLock stabilized, is_terminal on fds, named levels of debug info, enforced stability in test CLI #RustLang #OpenSource #cybersecurity #software #engineering #tech

Dave Mason
4 days ago

Today I had a call with a software vendor. We were trying to install their app, which requires a SQL Server database. Their installation tried to change server-wide configuration settings, which I didn't give their login appropriate permissions to do. So the installation failed. This is as it should be.

I knew what the config setting was for. As a bit of a test, I asked the rep on the phone what it was for--I got a wrong answer. A pretty bad one at that. 😬

#Software #Development

Jan Penfrat
5 days ago

"It is important that governments understand their responsibility and allocate resources for a more secure #OpenSource #Software ecosystem in a community-sensitive, structured and sustainable manner," writes @z_edian in a new #SNV policy brief.
#security #foss #freesoftware #oss

Screenshot of policy brief front page entitled "Fostering Open Source Software Security".
Hypolite Petovan
5 days ago

The perpetual #programmation Catch-22:

Need the configuration to instantiate a logger.
Need a logger to instantiate the configuration.

#DevLife #Development #Software

5 days ago

Wow can't believe WordPress turned 20. Congrats!

And did you know it can connect to the fediverse and interact with Misskey, Calckey, Mastodon, Pixelfed etc?

#wordpress #foss #opensource #software #cms #design #fediverse #mastodon #misskey #pixelfed #pleroma #blog #activitypub

What’s the easiest/least headache-inducing way to copy the entire image of a HDD with Ubuntu server on it over to an SSD, so that I could literally hook up the SSD and have it running exactly the same as when the HDD was hooked up?

Oh, and the SSD is possibly 20-40Gb smaller than the HDD… but it may actually not be in real life.

Idiot guides and step-by-step instructions are welcome, because generally I’m a little bit simple 👍🏻

Feel free to boost for maximum suggestions!

#Linux #Ubuntu #Ubuntuserver #migrate #copy #software #computers

Szymon Nowicki
6 days ago

"But factor" - a rating on how shitty your architecture is.

If you need more than 2 "buts" to describe a workflow in any architecture (CI/CD, APIs) then your architecture sucks. More "buts" you need, more it sucks.

#software #webdev

6 days ago

Vielen lieben #Dank an den Support, der mir 100% neue und aktuelle #Hardware gegeben hat – Einmal verzweifelt online nachgefragt und am selben Tag #Mobile mit aktueller #Software erhalten 🤗


Solcher #Suppport ist einfach überwältigend und nicht selbstvärständlich! Ich war doch so schlau um es dann die nutzende Software selbst aufzusetzen. OK #Challenge ist da und mein #Hirn versucht es, #Langeweile ist was anderes... 🤭

Ich Danke für das Aufsetzen mit #UserData!

Android Handy
Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
6 days ago

I do not understand #software #developers who continue providing #Intel #x86 only and/or #unsigned #macOS packages.

As I commented on the issues page for #AriaNg Native (an #ElectronJs frontend for the #aria2 download utility), Intel-only #Mac software “serves a dwindling niche of discontinued models and discontent professionals.” And unsigned #apps are “unusable for anyone who wants to maintain their Mac’s #security.”

#Apple #AppleSilicon #ARM #SoftwareDevelopment

1 week ago


you write #software?
and it should be #censorship-resistant?
then neither you nor the location where the software is located may have a #mailbox.


I got to explain what " #eating the #dogfood " meant to one of the co-ops today.

In design, development, engineering, but typically #software #development, the concept of "eating your own dogfood" means using your own products on a daily basis.

If you were forced to eat the same food that you give your dog, you're quickly going to go out of your way to make sure it doesn't suck.

Likewise, nothing helps a designer or developer discover user pain points faster than having to use the product.

Curtis "Ovid" Poe
1 week ago

Since I've been using #GitHub #CoPilot heavily the past week or so, I thought it was time to write up my experience. You might find it surprising.

#software #OpenSource

1 week ago

Maybe there's a good reason for my cloud backup service needing my location... but I can't think of one. (I mean... they DO have my billing address!) #backup #software #backblaze

Backblaze requesting Enable Location Services
1 week ago

I'm told I need pinned posts on my profile.

I'm a #software #engineer living in #Saskatchewan, #Canada, the middle of the prairies. I've worked in countless domains, but find #python generally useful for many of them, and have been using it for nearly 30 years.

I'm a #HouseRabbit enthusiast and have had them for more than 20 years.

Other hobbies include #electronics, #rock music / playing #guitar, writing #FreeSoftware, and enjoying novelty music & #RiffTrax / #CinematicTitanic / #MST3K.

Lena, a medium-sized white house rabbit, lays atop a pile of well-shredded cardboard in a living room.  She is reaching towards the camera with her head, and her ears stick out at right angles from each other.  The viewpoint is dramatized because the photo is taken from very short range with a wide-angle lens, making her nose and ears appear relatively huge.
Gracie, a large grey lopped-ear house rabbit, is poking her head out of the cardboard box she's currently using as a hidey-hole.  She appears to be trying to determine if whoever is bothering her has brought her a snack.
A "Super Computron 4500" light prop / toy, which is an array of 18x18 blinking blue LEDs.  The LEDs all blink at slightly different rates, causing complex patterns to form and re-form continually.

I sell kits to build this, or the smaller 12x12 "Computron 3000", in a choice of colours or colour-morphing RGB, in my Etsy shop.
Alien BOB
1 week ago

Chromium 114 Early Release on Slackware

An "early release" of Chromium 114 source code was published a few days ago, the release notes are on the developer blog.  Since Chromium 110, Google rolls out new major releases to a small sub-set of its users to monitor any potential breakage and apply fixes before the majority of users get upgraded. The formal release of Chromium w

#Software #Slackware #chrome #chromium #google

Everybody in #softwareDevelopment wants to scold you for deep nesting, but nobody complains about compound booleans.

A statement should not contain more than one boolean operator.

It's the #programming equivalent of a run-on sentence.

You'll split a whole block of #code into a function just to avoid an indentation but you'll write a statement with a ternary and a couple groupings? GTFO!

#webDev #javaScript #software #coding

1 week ago

It would be great if you could run a mastodon instance for yourself (1 user), entirely on a home computer. Similar to a peer to peer (p2p) network.

In other words, not be regulated by an unknown administration. Although, people can still choose to block any address (network regulation)

I realise that such a system wouldn't be server business model, but, it could be done. #software

Of course, when the computer was off, the person & posts wouldn't be accessible.

#fediverse #mastodon

Meghana :bongoCat:
1 week ago

Hey #Fediverse,

A friend is looking for undergraduate internship in software development/game dev (Canada/Remote preferably)

They have experience with Unity and C++ and won awards in a couple of game jams and personally really love the games they’ve built!

Would really appreciate any recommendations or help with connecting with teams that might be interested! Please boost to increase the reach and help them find a good internship 🥹

cc. #gamedev #software #unity

Mariya Delano
2 weeks ago

Great report by Chili Piper and Navattic on #B2B buyer experience for #SaaS

Absolutely insane how much companies drop the ball on responding to demo requests from prospective customers!

35% of companies never even responded. I can't believe how much money is getting left on the table for no particular reason

#business #report #demo #software #marketing

Image titled "Average response time for a  demo request" 

Shows a bar graph with the following distribution:
0-1 days response time - 44%
2-5 days - 16%
6+ days - 5%
No response - 35%
Simon Phipps
2 weeks ago

Using terminology associated with the worldview of proprietary #software in #legislation that affects #OpenSource is at best ambiguous and at worst extends consumer regulation to the domain of research and development.

2 weeks ago

The 🇪🇺 Commission launched a new SIDE III DPS for purchasing software licences and associated services.

🖱️ big AND small #software companies can apply
🖱️ new providers can join the tender anytime
🖱️ it's simpler and entirely digital

Learn more 👉!d8mBvh

The visual contains the text: New dynamic purchasing system for software - SIDE III DPS
- Registration open to service providers of all sizes
- Apply and be the first to know about mini-competitions launched by the EU institutions

Is it important for a Senior #WebDeveloper to be able to craft a form that writes to a #database without resorting to #browser client #JavaScript?

#webDev #web #programming #html #js #software #engineering #frontEnd


In this case, the apps use the #Mastodon #Client #API.

This is more or less also adapted by other #Fediverse #software.

It's documented in an open way, but is not really an open standard.

Regarding the open standard #ActivityPub, the server-to-server part is used, but not the client-to-server part.

I am looking for a good video editing program. I am trying to get away from using Adobe products. For my photography I use Affinity photo. But they don't have a video software. Does anyone have a video editing software they enjoy and which does not require monthly subscriptions?

#ArtistLife #Video #Software #Art #VideoEditing

Daniel James
2 weeks ago

"Gardening, not architecture" is the most succinct description of how to think about aging, "legacy" #software systems. (And probably applicable to systems throughout any #engineering discipline.)

"PyPI new user and new project registrations temporarily suspended" by PyPI #Python Package Index - New malicious user and project registrations overwhelmed ability of volunteer admins to filter them #cybersecurity #OpenSource #software #tech

This is precisely why I try to not use any proprietary software at all.

I realise of course that this is not always possible, and depends on what kind of things you need to do on your computer, but at least on my computers, I have no commercial software.

#Software #OpenSource #FOSS

Tim Zöller
3 weeks ago

Hey, #Software #Entwickler in DE! Selbstständigkeit mal außen vor, was wäre eure bevorzugte Art zu arbeiten, organisiert oder nicht? Gerne auch Kommentare und Ergänzungen.

(Ja, die Antworten sind nicht erschöpfend, aber ich habe nur 4 und dachte, wer eine Gewerkschaft bevorzugt, bevorzugt auch einen Betriebsrat)


Doug Belshaw
3 weeks ago

Created a /uses page because I'm not famous enough to be featured on Uses This.

I've probably missed a bunch of things, so let me know if you think that's the case!

#hardware #software #setup

cómo que #software 2.0? yo pensaría que a estas alturas vamos más bien como en software 264.12.3-rc15 (build failing)

3 weeks ago

WordPress 6.2.1 - minor release features 20 bug fixes in Core and 10 bug fixes for the block editor

Download link:

Did you know WordPress can connect to the fediverse using the ActivityPub plugin

#wordpress #foss #opensource #software #cms #design #fediverse #mastodon #misskey #pixelfed #pleroma #blog #activitypub

Dave Mackey
3 weeks ago

#question of the day (moment?): what #discussion #forum #software do you think is best? #Discourse? #Flarum? #SMF? #NodeBB? #MyBB? #phpbb?

I've personally been a fan of Discourse even though I think it's a bit of a beast and not always as intuitive as old school options - but curious to hear if anyone has found anything better?

There are two types of #programmers; those who are afraid that #AI is going to take away their jobs and those who pray for them to. #chatGPT #gpt3 #llm #webDev #software #programming

D. April Wick
3 weeks ago

Can anyone recommend something in between BaseRow/AirTable and "build a webapp from scratch"?

I'm looking for something that will provide a visual interface for storing, querying, and generating reports from a large dataset that's friendly to non-coders. The best thing I can come up with right now is MediaWiki with the Cargo or SemanticMediaWiki plugins and PageForms, but it seems like overkill to build a DB interface on top of a wiki.

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3 weeks ago

It's almost quack o'clock!

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