2 hours ago

First week is done with:
-) More element types
-) Copy and paste works now
-) Ui improvements
-) Many, many bug fixes
#AEC #BIM #SoftwareDevelopment #Indiedev

🎯 Balancing loops work quietly, reinforcing loops scream for attention. One keeps you stable; the other either propels you to success or spirals you into failure. Which are you nurturing? #FeedbackLoops #SoftwareDevelopment

9 hours ago

📢 The new version of the BiznisBox application is out v1.2.0, a lot of changes. Removed estimates, customers, and vendors module🥳.

New modules:
— partners and
— quotes

#opensource #biznisbox #foss #software #business #softwaredevelopment #release

Partners module view
Angel Munoz
16 hours ago

Hey folks, do you know good resources about "Data Oriented Programming"?

I think I might be doing something like that already but in an informal, perhaps empirically intuitive way, I caught a glimpse of the concept and I got more interested in, if you have something to share about it it would be nice!

#softwaredevelopment #dataorienteddesign #programming #softwaredev #softwaredesign

Jesse Bellingham
18 hours ago

“If something is functionally done, but doesn’t have tests - it’s not done. If something is functionally done, it’s got tests against it, but you’d really like to take a little bit more time to clean the code up - it’s not done.”

#softwaredevelopment #softwareengineering #testing

Jesse Bellingham
18 hours ago

“I think one mistake that many developers, myself included, often make is that we are too eager to say when something is “done”. Again, this calls back to that idea of pride in being able to complete a piece of work quickly.”

#programming #softwaredevelopment #softwareengineering

John Bokma
1 day ago

Functors and Monads, Exceptional Naming, and Python Packaging in 2021

#FunctionalProgramming #haskell #SoftwareDevelopment #python #fantasy #movie

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Romano Roth
1 day ago

Microsoft's evolution in Quality Assurance 🚀: From introducing SDETs in the '90s to merging them with devs in 2014 for faster testing cycles and better collaboration.

The result? Boosted quality, agility, and engineer satisfaction. How has your company adapted?

🤔 Full article by Gergely Orosz

#qualityassurance #microsoft #softwaredevelopment #devops"

1 day ago

Wouldn't it be much more effective to somehow implement a library that show hows much money FOSS software devs received, and how much is needed to sustainably maintain the project? We could implement this in all #FOSS project and would help slightly by the monetization problem.

#monetization #sustainability #FLOSS #dev #development #SoftwareDevelopment #Software

Jesse Bellingham
1 day ago

I saw a poll on Twitter/X the other day asking how much of their day people like to spend pair programming. I responded with the “Greater than 50%” option, but I wasn’t super surprised to see the vast majority of people selected the options for “Less than 50%” or “None at all”. It’s got me wondering why my experience of pair programming is so different though, I’m not a particularly extroverted person.

#programming #pairprogramming #softwareengineering #softwaredevelopment

IT News
2 days ago

Decker Is The Cozy Retro Creative Engine You Didn’t Know You Needed - [John Earnest]’s passion project Decker is creative software with a classic MacOS ... - #softwaredevelopment #multimedia #hypercard #creative #low-code #no-code #decker #art

Jesse Bellingham
2 days ago

“It is part of the responsibility of a team leader to help create the feeling of psychological safety in the team - and yet, so many leaders fall into the trap of believing that they cannot show any weakness or they will lose respect in the team.”
#programming #softwaredevelopment #softwareengineering #leadership #leadingteams #buildingeffectiveteams

Chris C
2 days ago

I'm attending #BSidesEdmonton this year! I'm looking forward to increasing my #cybersecurity knowledge from the talks, #CTF, and fellow attendees.

Specially I'm looking to learn the latest best practices for protecting my clients websites and their underlying servers.

I'd love to chat about #softwaredevelopment, #DevOps, #legacycode, #boardgames, #warhammer40k lore, among other things. I'm also happy to pair on some #CTF problems.

Adrian Segar
2 days ago

Digital tools aren't always the right choice for events. A software development example shows how human process tools can provide more benefits at a lower cost.

#meetings #EventDesign #DigitalTools #HumanProcessTools #SoftwareDevelopment #eventprofs

Sometimes, the right choice for events is analog tools, as shown in this photograph of conference attendees posting and reviewing topics for sessions written on sticky notes.
Preslav Rachev
2 days ago
Max Schleiffer
2 days ago

AI coding is changing the way software is built, and increasing developer productivity. But what are the security implications of AI coding?
#AI #softwaredevelopment #security #tech

2 days ago

So, I've decided to revive one of my old #Android projects which I haven't touched for about 5 years. In the meantime, everything has moved forward, Android API, library versions, milion things updated. It took my about a day to get it up to date and running ... Uff. What an utter f***ing mess!!! 😎
#AndroidStudio #AndroidDevelopment #Java #Computers #ComputerProgramming #softwaredevelopment #mobileapp

2 days ago

#FreeDownload the #InfoQ eMag [The Platform Engineering Guide: Principles and Best Practices]:

#PlatformEngineering #DevOps #SoftwareDevelopment #Agile

2 days ago

You think: "This process brought me the success"

But oftentimes the success came from somewhere completely different....

The process just happened to be there along the way

#softwaredevelopment #softwareengineering #startups

🎥 @jerod

Rob :verified:
2 days ago

@nixCraft Almost like a real software developer! *have to hold back a tear* #chatgpt #softwaredevelopment

The 90% Rule Imagine removing 90% of waste from your backlog and your process. How much more effective would you be? Yes, that's what we're talking about when we say 10x speed and quality. #10xRule #SoftwareDevelopment

I use :vim:
3 days ago

My favorite word in software development is “bike-shedding”.

#softwaredevelopment #PleaseLetsStopDiscussingThis

IT News
3 days ago

Faster String Processing With Bloom Filters - At first, string processing might seem very hard to optimize. If you’re looking fo... - #softwaredevelopment #stringprocessing #computerscience #bloomfilter

IT News
3 days ago

3D Printed Robot Wants To Be Your Pet - Robots are cool. Robots you build yourself are cooler, especially ones that use st... - #softwaredevelopment #robotshacks #robot #ros2 #ros

Peter Smith
3 days ago

Preparing for Programming: A Common Platform Approach


In the second instalment of our programming series, we delve into the essential steps required before diving into the world of coding. Introducing programming to a diverse audience can be challenging, primarily due to the varying operating systems and versions individuals use. To ensure a consistent starting point for all our readers, we will recommend […]

IT News
3 days ago

Creatio’s 8.1 Quantum low-code platform bolsters composable app development - Creatio has released a new version of its low-code development platform, Creatio 8.1 Q... - #softwaredevelopment #no-codeandlow-code

Dev Leader
3 days ago
IT News
3 days ago

Send a message with Azure Notification Hubs - Push notifications are an important part of modern applications, whether you’re target... - #softwaredevelopment #microsoftazure #cloudcomputing

IT News
3 days ago

Make Java fast! Performance tuning Java - JVM optimization enhances the performance and efficiency of Java applications that run... - #applicationperformancemanagement #softwaredevelopment #java

4 days ago

#AI & #ML are shifting from "nice to have" to "MUST HAVE" in the world of #softwaredevelopment!

23% of organizations are already using AI in software development, with 60% using it daily!

Ready to be a part of this evolution? Read #InfoQ for more insights:

#DevOps #GitLab

4 days ago

massively guilty of it myself, but I'm lowkey disappointed how many inaccessible screenshots folks use when communicating about bugs and issues in software development. Quite often literally screenshots of text with no alt text being shared in chat. A shame that teams doesn't prompt for alt text by default. #accessibility #a11y #webdev #softwaredevelopment #communication #disability #alttext

IT News
4 days ago

Generative AI most important technology ever, Oracle’s Ellison says - New applications at Oracle will be generated by AI, Oracle Chief Technology Officer an... - #artificialintelligence #softwaredevelopment #generativeai #oracle #java

🎯 Over-analysis is the silent killer of productivity in #SoftwareDevelopment. Trust your gut and choose the most likely path to success. Review, learn, and adjust. #ActionOverAnalysis #SoftwareEngineering

The Optimist Engineer
4 days ago

🔴New issue of The Optimist Engineer newsletter

A software engineering team is made of professionals from different levels of expertise and onboarding junior profiles is critical for the continuity of your team and your company. How can we do this?

#optimistengineer #startup #europe #softwareengineering #engineering #experiences #software #softwaredevelopment #developer #platformengineering

windymelt (Twitterから転送)
4 days ago

[Tw] RT @VirtusLab: Interested to explore building VM-free programs with Scala Native and the Scala Toolkit? 🤔 Check out the tutorial below⤵️

#Scala #ScalaProgramming #SoftwareDevelopment

4 days ago

📢 New blog post alert! 📢

In my latest blog post, I discuss the importance of unit testing in research code. Even if the code is eventually thrown away, rigorous testing can provide valuable insights and ensure correctness. Check it out and let me know your thoughts! #coding #research #unittesting #softwaredevelopment

Read the full post here:

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IT News
5 days ago

GitHub woos Bitbucket and Bamboo refugees - GitHub is wooing customers of rival Atlassian who will lose technical support for thei... - #versioncontrolsystems #softwaredevelopment #cloudcomputing #bitbucket #github

@blacklight Maybe that's because the #Voyager2 Probe had more $$$$$$$$$ given to it's #SoftwareDevelopment than anyone who worked on #VScode and #IntelliJ combined to this day... ?

Valentin Sawadski
5 days ago

I've got a mixed feelings about major software releases like #iOS 17

- as a user I obviously like the new features they bring.
- as a software developer I'm worried about breaking changes and rotting dependencies

Case in point: I've spent days updating #NVIDIA dependencies to make #OpenDataCam work with their newest release. That's a lot of work that brings no value to users, because users expect it to "just work" with the new version…

#buildinpublic #softwaredevelopment

thestrangelet :fedora:
1 week ago

Work kicked my ass this week. All interrupt, no peace or flow. #softwaredevelopment #tech

1 week ago

✅Hear about prevention security strategies that help build a more secure solution in the cloud.

✅Learn how to address some security issues as prevention measures rather than having them develop as painful problems.

#InfoQ video by Travis McPeak:

#transcript & Q&A included

#Security #SecurityVulnerabilities #SoftwareDevelopment

1 week ago

#UnoPlatform 4.10 has been released!

Developers can easily integrate #dotNETMAUI-specific controls from top 3rd-party vendors, extending this capability across iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows, ensuring a native experience.

More insights on #InfoQ:

#dotnet #CrossPlatform #Microsoft #SoftwareDevelopment

1 week ago

🆕 #JetBrains has launched #RustRover - its new standalone Rust IDE!

It is now accessible under an early access program and will bring Rust support on par with other languages supported by JetBrains IDEs.

Read now on #InfoQ!

#Rustlang #ProgrammingLanguages #SoftwareDevelopment

The real problem with #SoftwareDevelopment it’s not writing code, it’s managing complexity 👇️💡️

#developers #software #complexity

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
1 week ago

“Whose #Scrum Is It Anyway?”

#agile #WhoseLine #SoftwareDevelopment

Meme of Drew Carey saying, “Welcome to the sprint planning meeting, where everything is made up, and the points don’t matter.”
1 week ago

For those software people feeling like getting some books on software architecture for cheaps.

#ebook #books #readingmaterial #omgsomuchbooks #softwaredevelopment

1 week ago

#GoogleCloud unveils Cross-Cloud Network - a solution to connect applications across different clouds!

The new platform aims to simplify multi-cloud networking with a focus on speed and security.

More on #InfoQ:

#CloudComputing #CloudSecurity #SoftwareDevelopment #SoftwareArchitecture #Google

1 week ago

WebComponents are best when you don't use the Shadow DOM. No I will not explain myself 🙂

#Programming #SoftwareDevelopment #WebDev

Eric McCorkle
2 weeks ago

Probably the single most important lesson on #SoftwareDevelopment I've learned: what I call the "warrior vs. soldier" divide.

The analogy comes from militaries, specifically, the fact that what makes them effective is people learning to fight *in groups*. It doesn't matter how effective one person might be, they'll never match a team whose members know how to work as a team, and who are practiced at doing so.

#Software #SoftwareEngineering #SoftwareDev

nixCraft 🐧
2 weeks ago

Happy #ProgrammersDay! Here, have this related Optipess comic. Credit #programming #softwaredevelopment

I use :vim:
2 weeks ago

Looking through some random #frontend unit tests that’ve been failing for the past few months. Nothing serious, just mainly bs #css tests :thinking_rms: looking through them, I don’t think they actually ever worked. They all fail but the #storybook runs fine. Did the previous developer just make a bunch of one line unit tests that never worked? :itisamystery: that’s what I call code coverage! :NSFW_Stamp: #softwaredevelopment #qa

Paul Houle
2 weeks ago

🖇️ PyGraft: Configurable Generation of Schemas and Knowledge Graphs at Your Fingertips

#ai #knowledgegraph #python #software #softwaredevelopment

2 weeks ago

The countdown begins for #GoLang developers using #AWSLambda!

AWS Lambda is moving forward with Go exclusively in the Amazon Linux 2 runtime, deprecating go1.x.

More on #InfoQ:

What are your thoughts?

#Serverless #CloudComputing #SoftwareDevelopment

2 weeks ago

Let’s go through real-world examples where catastrophic software failures or errors caused huge losses and even cost a human life

#softwaredevelopment #softwarefails

2 weeks ago

Want to know the story of Sam, a very busy team manager?

Read: #Gratitude #journaling "done right" - How to use retrospection in favour of your brain 🧠


#writing #retrospectives #leadership #softwaredevelopment #BusinessJournaling

Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
2 weeks ago

Our industry has a death-by-a-thousand-cuts problem with subscription fees.

Cloud services, software fees, memberships, paid-tiers, pay for commercial use, paid plugins & themes, etc, etc.

For small, solo, part-time, or freelance developers this adds up really fast to untenable levels. 💰

So far I've managed to keep this in check, despite there being a lot of things I'd love to use in my work. I seek out free or #FOSS options when I can.

#softwaredevelopment #webdev #programming


Linnea :v_trans:​
2 weeks ago

Devs, I have a master's degree and 12 years experience as an embedded software engineer. My boss just hired a certified electrician who took some basic programming classes, put him next to me and gave him the same job title as I have. I had to explain to him that the exclamation mark negates a logical expression and had to help him with using a static variable with conditions dependent on the previous state. What do I even do? I feel offended. At the same time, I don't want to make a big fuss about it because I'm worried they'll just see me as the "complaining woman". I'm otherwise enjoying my job right now, and they're supportive of my ongoing transition so I'd rather not switch jobs, even though I know I probably should. #softwaredevelopment #devs #programming #womenintech

So I wrote an algorithm that works really well, outperforming the old algorithm by a factor of 3, but it's kind of difficult to understand at first.

I came up with a fun solution: baked right into the library is a main function which fires up a curses window and shows other developers, visually, what is going on with the algorithm. All they need to do is python and they get a nice, animated display showing them how/why the algorithm works.

It's visual, animated documentation built right into the library that any future developer can use to understand what I've done.

It's worth considering if you're developing something that's tricky to understand, and Python made it pretty easy with curses wrappers built-in.

#softwareEngineering #softwareDevelopment #python #curses #documentation

Gottfried Szing
3 weeks ago

99 little bugs in the code.
99 little bugs.
Take one down, patch it around.
127 little bugs in the code...

#softwaredevelopment #softwareengineering

Gottfried Szing
3 weeks ago

There are two kind of IT people on earth: those who read this book and those who didn't. For the later ones: please read it.

#softwaredevelopment #projectmanager

Mark Headd
3 weeks ago

My latest on GovLoop - When adopting new coding and software development tools, using "Low Code" and "No Code" tools doesn't mean there's no code involved. It's still important for government agencies to understand how these tools work, and what the constraints and limitations are. #LowCode #NoCode #SoftwareDevelopment #DigitalServices

Abraham Samma
3 weeks ago

Here's the thing: the "original waterfall methodology paper" (which does not even use the word Waterfall) advocated for an iterative approach to software development. Unfortunately, nobody got past figure 2 of 10 and the DOD compounded the problem by turning the misconception into a standard. In other words, Agile is nothing new. It is a rediscovery borne out of not practicing RTFM. #agile #waterfall #softwaredevelopment

Casper Weiss Bang
3 weeks ago

An #introduction.

My name is Casper. I am a software engineer, currently working with #dataengineering.

Currently busy with#renovation of a 1911 house with my lovely wife and 3 year old daughter. Oh I have a new obsession, with improving #biodiversity in our small garden.🌻

I live in the city center, and identify (a bit too) strongly with being #carfree (but #cargobike owner)

Regarding #softwaredevelopment, I am inspired by #ddd , #xp #tdd , and other abbreviations. 👩‍💻

Drew :guix:
3 weeks ago

Hello software dev side of Fedi, my ex-coworker at, Yogesh Kumar is looking for a job currently. He's been stuck in sort of a paradoxical situation: he's really good at competitive programming and so got hired at the absolute first company that came knocking to his uni, and so he could not attend the hiring drives
of any other orgs. He spent a fruitful six months at Infoworks in QA and contributed a lot. He's a super-fast learner and knew his way around our processes in no time.

Due to monetary pressures, he had to be let go at the end of his internship.

The issue is that companies in India only wish to hire folks with experience because they hire new graduates directly from unis. It was simply his rotten luck that he happened to be offloaded from his first ever job, otherwise I'm certain
he would've been hired already by any company willing to give him a chance.

Here's his Linkedin, you can reach out to either him or me: He's solved over 1400 Leetcode questions, which is frankly insane.

#getfedihired #jobs #softwaredevelopment

Emily Bache
1 month ago

Have you tried the Gilded Rose Refactoring Kata? It's a fun little exercise.

I have just launched my YouTube channel 😱 and the first video (other than the channel trailer) is about this kata. I hope people like the video as well as the exercise!

In the video I explain the kata scenario, my contribution to the exercise and why I think thousands of developers have enjoyed doing it. ❤️


Tymur Yarosh
1 month ago

I'm considering contributing my #java expertise to the #mastodon community. I’ve built #backend for enterprise #java #applications for 🔟 years. I can explain some common mistakes, #cleancode practices, and other #softwaredevelopment topics I used to share with my teammates as a tech lead. Subscribe to #javafridaytips and join me with your tips. Let's grow together!

1 month ago

🐞 Already 2 bugs found this morning. Great success! Still hoping to progress a couple more user stories today, which means MORE possible bug reports!

In other news: I've used Atom as my text editor of choice for years but now I'm thinking about changing teams.

Any suggestions from other fellow IT professionals / #developers / #etc ?

#softwaretesting #softwaredevelopment #QA #atom #texteditor

Emily Bache
1 month ago

I'm starting a YouTube channel!

As you probably know I already share a lot of materials and I've had a lot of technical coaches and developers tell me that that's really useful. So, I came up with a plan to do videos.

I'm a little nervous actually and appreciate feedback and suggestions on topics and content that would be useful for you and your colleagues. Please subscribe to the channel and share this post.


keawade :ferrisdance:
1 month ago

Hey folks, I'm currently looking to #GetFediHired

I'm a software developer with ~7 years of experience. I'm primarily interested in backend with #TypeScript but I've done #FullStack as well and am open to other opportunities willing to help me learn.

I'm based in the eastern timezone and looking for #RemoteWork.

You can find an overview of my work history on my website which is linked in my bio here.

#FediHired #SoftwareDevelopment

Another day of #coding, another occasion when my bacon is 100% saved by this excellent "How to Undo (Almost) Anything in Git" page: If you do #WebDevelopment or any other kind of #SoftwareDevelopment, you should have it bookmarked.

Air Adam
1 month ago

So, the API tool Postman is discontinuing support for local-only operation next month, requiring users to migrate to cloud-based "workspaces" instead. I use it for a few personal projects and accounts and don't particularly feel thrilled about having to upload keys/secrets/etc to carry on using it. Is there an alternative to Postman which people think is better?

#softwareDevelopment #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #postman

Frozen Canuck
1 month ago

I'm curious: what do people consider good, proven #DomainModeling exercises that lead to successful outcomes?

For instance, a good domain modeling exercise is one where:

1. All key stakeholders are able to agree on core domain concepts (entities, behaviors, states, workflows, etc)
2. Software engineers can take the model and use it to build a fully realized, well bounded service
3. Outcome meets the expectations of all stakeholders

#SoftwareEngineering #SoftwareDevelopment #DDD

Software development is about solving problems, not about writing code.

Code is our foremost method for solving problems, but lines of code are a liability, not an asset. The fewer you can get away with while solving the problem equally well, the better.

EDIT: actually these two paragraphs still work if I remove any "user" or "client" at all, so I did that

#SoftwareDevelopment #SoftwareEngineering #BusinessDevelopment

Stefan Bohacek
1 month ago
Gottfried Szing
1 month ago

Quantum Falsehood 19: “Quantum computers promise infinite speedup for any computation.”

While quantum computers have the potential to provide significant speedup for certain types of computations compared to classical computers, they do not offer infinite speedup for all computations.

#quantumcomputing #falsehoodsquantum #software #softwaredevelopment

CLA MUST state under which license it is made and which kind of licenses it can be moved to (OSI-approved and/or GPL type, if you intend it to remain Open Source).

#OpenSource #licensing #cla #SoftwareDevelopment #LicenseManagement

Open Source JobHub
1 month ago

Are you looking for the right job with an open source company? Sign up for job alerts on #OSJobHub to see new positions when they are posted #OpenSource #jobs #career #Linux #SoftwareDevelopment #DevOps #sales #marketing #security #TechWriter

(image of a rocket taking off from a laptop) Looking for your place in open source? Set up job alerts and get started today on Open Source JobHub
2 months ago


Today's cool kids call this #SoftwareHabitability ;)

Better term for this?

(Like this term bc. doesn't focus in ci/cd cycles, compilation, tests, etc.
But across/abroad, as your last post with the soft mngmt critique)

Written as triplet:
»“Patterns of Software”
explores the work of the architect C. Alexander as it relates to the creation of software. «
by Richard P. Gabriel

#softwareEngineering #softwareDevelopment

From » Patterns of Software 
Tales from the Software Community «
by Richard P. Gabriel

» Although I will return to the themes brought out by Feyerabend and Van
Fraassen later, first I will set the scene. In the first two essays in this book I looked at three new concepts for programming: compression, habitability, and piecemeal growth, defined as follows:
Compression is the characteristic of a piece of text that the meaning of any part of it is "larger" than that particular piece has by itself.

This characteristic is created by a rich context, with each part of the text drawing on that context- each word draws part of its meaning from its surroundings.

Habitability is the characteristic of source code that enables pro-grammers, coders, bug-fixers, and people coming to the code later in its life to understand its construction and intentions, and to change it comfortably and confidently.

Piecemeal growth is the process of design and implementation in which software is embellished, modified, reduced, enlarged, and improved through a process of repair rather than of replacement. «
2 months ago

Over last few years I introduced conventional comments ( to multiple teams. I was happy to see how this approach improved the quality of code reviews and made people more conscious in addressing issues, questions and suggestions.
#softwaredevelopment #codereview