Eight Graphs That (Try to..) Explain Software Engineering Salaries in 2023 👇🤔💸

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Louis Ingenthron
1 month ago

Important note for #Programmers / #SoftwareEngineers, especially #independent #contractors :

#AI tools like #GitHub #CoPilot can impressively improve #coding productivity, but before using them, check with your employer/client first! Every client I've reached out to about this has wanted to run it past their legal department first (which is a really smart move on their part!).

DO NOT, under any circumstances, allow these tools to send client/employer data to the AI vendors (which is necessary for their operation) without getting client/employer consent first.

This will be a core tenet of #professionalism for #developers enhancing their services with AI assistants, so best get in the habit now.

excited for the mastodon rise
1 month ago

Hey #SoftwareEngineers, vc's are coming for your salary with AI.

They're gonna use it to hire fewer people to do more work, so our pay and benefits are gonna tank.

We should unionize now.

1 month ago

"Ubiquity, like great power, requires of us great responsibility. It changes our duties, and it changes the kind of people we have to be to meet those duties. It is no longer enough for hackers to think like explorers and artists and revolutionaries; now we have to be civil engineers as well, and identify with the people who keep the sewers unclogged and the electrical grid humming and the roads mended."

#EricRaymond, 2018

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Async Kyle
1 month ago

Okay #Mastodon, I’m needing some help with suggestions on who to follow in the following fields. I’m working on building lists (finally) and want to populate them with amazing people. Would love to fine people in the following categories:

When suggesting, please provide the hashtag so I know where to categorize them. Thx.

Please BOOST for maximum #FediVerse reach. 🙏🏼


Tushar Chauhan
2 months ago

@aral This. But the salaries don't reflect this. The salaries show that techies and biotechies are the rich folks' favorite lackeys. At least till they figure out how to replace them with software (which will probably be written by a techie). So when Si valley bros go on strike to make their high paying jobs even more secure, most people struggling to survive in this inflated economy really don't care.

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Eph Baum
2 months ago

Anyone out there #hiring for mid-level #SoftwareEngineers with experience with #nodejs, #dotNET, and #PHP? I know someone that might be on the market that I would love to recommend 😃

If you're hiring I know a bunch of folks looking for new roles, #ProductManagers #QAEngineers and #softwareEngineers, please get in touch and I can make intros :)

Beth Pariseau
3 months ago

It's difficult to overstate the impact the new #ChatGPTAPI will have on enterprise #softwareengineers, with the potential to shift the balance between #naturallanguage and formal programming languages, per IDC analyst Michele Rosen. #LLM #generativeAI

Drea and Team
3 months ago

#K12 #specialeducation #teachers.

Have you discovered an effective, free, #adaptivemath
game for teaching your #middleschool & #highschool class
basic algebra concepts and beyond your students truly enjoy?

#Softwareengineers / #Github creators.
Have you created a #math game for middle & high school levels
special needs students love?

Share with hashtag #SpecialTech

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Dave Rahardja
3 months ago

#statisticians and #softwareEngineers of Mastodon: is log-normal a good model for estimating the distribution of time your users will have to wait for a nominal HTTP request to complete with a response, over cellular?

I feel like most users experience *roughly* the same delays until their signal degrades, in which case they fall into a very long tail thanks to packet losses and retries. That kinda looks like log-normal distribution, right?

Hassan Habib
4 months ago

What does it take to start a business in the tech industry? What are the possible challenges engineers may face in starting a business and creating their own products?

In this article, I'm going to share my personal experience in building and chasing an idea that can turn into a product - check it out there today.

#newbusiness #ideas #engineering #softwareengineers

Old Father William
4 months ago

Whenever I see #softwareengineers #coding with their #laptops while commuting on the #SoundTransit express I say to myself "compiling #dbus" and then I laugh and I laugh... On the inside.

But really, you aren't writing and good code right now, my friend. Take this opportunity to play #pokemongo like everyone else.

4 months ago
Dev Leader
4 months ago

DO THIS senior, principal, staff (etc...) software engineers...

A recurring theme we see come up leadership positions is that we all need to do a better job listening. Unfortunately, the more senior in our role we become the more we feel we need to be speaking to share the solution.

Try actively listening!

#engineering #softwareengineering #software #softwareengineer #engineer #engineers #softwareengineers

In a few years we'll reminisce the golden days when the large amounts of #LegacyCode was one of the main nuisances.

When we'll have 100x that in #ChatGPT generated neo-code, full of subtle #bugs, #security issues and #performance problems, glued together from incoherent parts, into #architectures which make no sense at all.

I don't think we have nearly enough #SoftwareEngineers for that.

Dietrich Moerman
4 months ago

I do wonder how all this will play out in the long term.

I suspect a part of the developers or engineers to switch careers, a (temporary?) diminished interest in studying computer science, and a possible shortage of #softwareengineers after the current recession. Will we have another war for talent in 2024?

At the same time #AI applications are gaining traction, potentially changing how many jobs are done, including developing software.

4 months ago

#Speed is such an underestimated requirement in many projects. It feels like it's outside the radar of many #SoftwareEngineers who want to build the best, the most elegant, the most beautiful solution to all requirements except for this extremely important one. I stumbled over this post which puts it quite nicely in terms of maximizing vs satisficing.

#ChatGPT and similar future models won't cause unemployment for #SoftwareEngineers. It's because eating makes hunger.

Why do we need so many software engineers now? Because the whole society, the whole world runs on software. All businesses are software businesses. How did we come to this? By writing more and more software.

So, as we become able to create ever larger amounts of software complexity with new #AI tools, it will only increase the required human engineering effort to keep it all under control, to manage it all. The skillsets change, but so they do in #SoftwareEngineering every year anyway, that's nothing new.

In the near term future, this will continue to apply. In the medium term we might well achieve AIs which are able to manage it all, and we might even trust them to do that, but that spells the end of all labor and toil irrespective of field, and the end of all the assumptions of our economic systems anyhow.

Dev Leader
4 months ago

What skills should new software engineers prioritize?

Comment your thoughts!

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Nicolas Fränkel
5 months ago

Corporate Legibility for #SoftwareEngineers

Very interesting short essay comparing organizations and small states

People fear corporate interests coming to #Mastodon for ads eyeballs which is a valid concern. But there's one thing that's maybe not realized yet.
What we have on Mastodon now is a highly selected target pool of people who are #SociallyMarginalized, #scientists and #engineers, especially #SoftwareEngineers.
It's an irresistible pot of honey for any businesses and institutions who want to reach out to these groups!
These are coming in droves on Mastodon now. Not necessarily as colonizers.

Hassan Habib
5 months ago

Engineering experience doesn't get built by sitting around doing the same thing everyday. There are intentional steps software engineers must take to to develop a true experience that truly reflects the time they spend building software.

Check out my new podcast session here today on how to build a true engineering experience.

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Eric Suh
6 months ago

More and more, I feel like directly evaluating writing and presentation skills is important when #interviewing #SoftwareEngineers, especially in a #remote/hybrid-first company.

Maybe we could ask candidates to provide a writing sample and to either provide a previously recorded talk or present something as an interview.

What have people seen before that they particularly like or dislike? Is this a bad idea?

Syn-ACK :facepalm:
6 months ago

Dear #technology Founders/CEOs/Entrepreneurs:

Keeping your company unnaturally small and forcing your #SoftwareEngineers and #devs to “wear many hats” is not a badge of honor. It’s a sign of bad management.

Development != SRE != QA != IT. Grow your staff with the best people that are trained in those disciplines or want to learn them so that things are done right as well as fast. Not recognizing that these disciplines are separate is a recipe for chaos as your customer base grows.

6 months ago

This is the result of statically generating a customer's e-commerce website. Check out that performance increase! I haven't even started optimising it yet!

More performant websites use less energy and feel great to use.

Hey #devs, #softwareengineers, #coders we can make a difference to #climatechange. Consider #greencomputing

@thehole I've wondered about #ADHD #softwareengineers. Specifically, I wonder if I might test negative because I've developed #algorithms for my low-resource #CPU that give it decent performance.

6 months ago

We're training up the other backend engineer on my team to do code reviews. Next week I will have off as I'm palming *all* my code reviews off onto them. Will be checking in with things plenty, but am looking forward to it.


Sean P Kelley
7 months ago

Wanted - Sr/Lead Software Engineer

- Python
- Go or Rust
- Client is in cybersecurity industry
- Remote
- 155-165k

#python #golang #SoftwareEngineers #RemoteJobs

Sean P Kelley
7 months ago

Anyone know F#? Like done it as a job, for like production?

#techjobs #softwareengineers #recruiterlife

Mobile Suit Golem
7 months ago

Just interviewed someone for a Junior dev position and I was worried - since I would need to mentor them and I'm short on time but holy cow I think we should hire them. Kid wants to learn, is honest, and knows how to ask questions. I will carve time out of my work schedule for people that are willing to try.

#softwareengineers #juniordeveloper

7 months ago

@benniejade Hi Bennie, it's lovely to meet you! There are so many other #queer #trans #softwareengineers here it's fantastic! Congrats on starting your trans journey! :trans_heart: :apartyblobcat:

Chris Pitts
7 months ago

If your interview process is just a tick-in-the-box exercise, you will be hiring tick-in-the-box #softwareengineers. Which these days is probably a Bad Thing.
Don't go chasing waterfalls.

Tero Keski-Valkama
7 months ago

I am trying to network together the #SoftwareEngineers living in #CostaDelSol. #Meetup dot com is dead as it costs an arm and a leg nowadays.

So I started this site:

Welcoming all the #English-speaking #expats, #RemoteWorkers and #DigitalNomads in #Málaga, #Benalmádena, #Fuengirola, #Marbella and other places in the southern #Spain to take part!

#RemoteWork, #expat, #DigitalNomad, #SoftwareEngineering, #meetups, #communities

Just going to put this out here to this wonderful community. I’m looking for a more financially stable position. I’m an early career developer getting my BS in Computer Science looking to get my “foot in the door”.

Help would be greatly appreciated. CV is on my website.

#developers #softwareengineers #iosdev #tech

Any #developers and #softwareengineers out here in the #fediverse?

Would love to drop follows and connect if you are!

Where are all the techies, developers, software engineers on Mastodon? Let’s connect!

#tech #developers #code #softwareengineers

Aside from the current dumpster fire on the bird site, I don't think I'll miss the bravado stances of #softwareengineers always putting down those they don't agree with.

3 years ago

#Links for 2020-03-12

Netflix and the #HexagonalArchitecture, #logging, EOF, JS #Frameworks, #Emacs Charts, #Rust init Pattern, #SoftwareEngineers vs Technicians, #CancellingConferences #How-To, A #VIM Jump-to-Anything plugin.

David Gasquez
4 years ago


33 handy tips on software engineering:

(v/Google's #WednesdayWisdom #SoftwareEngineers