Travis Southard
1 hour ago

My spouse Ruby has had a great start to her new business as a tailor, patternmaker, and sewing teacher!

Read her latest newsletter to see her upcoming class and event schedule:

Or check her out at #sewing #tailor #sewingpattern #mending #slowfashion #sewinglessons #fashion #solarpunk

Conspiracy of Cartographers
2 hours ago

The San Francisco Petrofuture. My first new work in a while.

66m sea level rise on a 1964 #Chevron gas station map.

Base map courtesy of David Rumsey Maps.

#SanFrancisco #BayArea #GoldenGate #TreasureIsland #vintagemaps #retrofuture #solarpunk #clifi #petrofuture #sealevelrise #sealevelrisemaps #climatechange #climateemergency #maps #cartography #conspiracyofcartographers

San Francisco Petrofuture

66m sea level rise on a 1964 Chevron Gas Station Map
@bethsawin The problem with the SciFi metaphor is, that usually such a situation is just the beginning of the story (or a cliff-hanger) and the audience knows for sure, that the protagonist will endure and somehow turn it into a victory.

We can, however, reuse this cliche, turning the audience into a collective protagonistm as #SolarPunk tries to do. (summoning @alxd )
10 hours ago

🎼 You spin me right round, sunny
🎼 right round like a panel, sunny!


Photo of an array of solar panels or mirrors mounted on a rotating, red scaffold, below a mostly blue sky.

"Solar Sunflowfer" from
10 hours ago

@alexmorse #SolarPunk also _turns heads_ 😆

11 hours ago

@BlumeEvolution @BjoernB
Dem stimme ich zu, insoweit wir #Solarpunk längst nicht nur als Genre der Künste brauchen, sondern unbedingt auch in Berichten, Statements und Kommentaren.
Wir sind die Erste Generation, die den Schritt aus der Abhängigkeit von den Fossilen erleben kann und das hat viel mehr positive Seiten - auch wenn sich drohende negative Perspektiven viel besser verkaufen.
Es muss gelingen Lust auf diese Ziele zu machen, damit genug dabei sind.

@khzimmer2 @Saupreiss

Dr. Michael Blume
11 hours ago


Danke fürs Interesse! 🙏📚🖖

Fantastik und insbesondere #Solarpunk-Science-Fiction werden m.E. eine wachsende Bedeutung gegen die „Enge der Zeit“ haben. Dystopien alleine befeuern #Reaktanz & #Dualismus, weswegen ich das Engagement z.B. von @khzimmer2 sehr schätze.


idiotSoyBitch :verified:
12 hours ago

My energy provider offers discounts as "smart hours" for EV Drivers, so you can get like 50% cheaper energy for your vehicle if you charge overnight...

...and I just realized they're 100% burning coal for that power and that's why it's so cheap -_- literally capitalism provides the worst incentives and will kill us all.

#ClimateChange #Climate #Solarpunk

Zee (he/they)
16 hours ago

#AmReading #TheSpareMan for the #BayAreaLadiesFantasy #BookClub and finding it a bit tonally dischordant.

On one hand it’s very queer-with-disability! And I have already began using “joyfriend!”

On the other, it’s written from the perspective of a Very Affluent Socially Privileged protagonist.

And it makes a huge deal about how rich the main character is.

Like it’s borderline #SolarPunk? Class striation is baked into the world building, and it’s attempting to show a universe in transition towards inclusive customs…

I hope class is critically examined later on, as most of the other social commentary around adopting practices to normalize inclusivity has been well done and directly sign posted…

TL/DR: The main character is waving her wealth around as a get out of jail free card; which may be intended as an indictment of carceral culture that hasn’t landed yet; and I don’t know yet how it’s handling race.

Solarpunk Presents Podcast
21 hours ago

Okay but the cover for this week's episode is so good. @xtinadlr has outdone herself imo - I have a weakness for #cyberpunk #aesthetic and this, to me, very much that. By way of like, the Riddler's colour scheme, which I am also a huge fan of.

Oh yeah, early access on #Patreon to this episode, which is about mapping the sunken ships of WW2 using GIS - think about how much toxic STUFF is on those ships. Also treasure, probably? Anyway, where's all that oil going to go once the hull's eroded away, that's a question to ask. Paul Heersink's making it possible to find these time-bombs / treasures - join Patreon to learn how!


#mapping #GIS #podcast #podcasting #solarpunk #SunkenShips #WorldWarTwo #oceanography #ocean

A map of the world; the continents are black and the outlines of countries/text is dark green. Data points are shown in shades of purple and green, purple concentrated in the North Atlantic, but all over the Atlantic, really, while green is concentrated in the Pacific, although they are in the Mediterranean and the European coast as well.

The title is green text on a dark purple background on top and read "Protecting the Environment With GIS: Mapping WWII's Sunken Ships" with an identical purple band on the bottom that reads, in the same green, "With Paul Heersink"
22 hours ago

Why is a #SolarPunk party always on the move? Because it rotates!


Photo of a mobile photovoltaics panel and a solar oven with drying apple slices in it. Both devices are mounted on a chair or table on a terasse, to allow regular alignment with the sun.
Conspiracy of Cartographers
22 hours ago

Vancouver, British Columbia Petrofuture...

66m sea level rise on a 1956 Shell Oil gas station map.


Thank you to Dvid Rumsey Maps for making these old gas station maps available.

#vancouver #britishcolumbia #salishsea #pnw #pacificnorthwest #pugetsound #upperleft #vintagemaps #retrofuture #solarpunk #clifi #petrofuture #retrofuture #sealevelrise #sealevelrisemaps #climatechange #climateemergency #maps #cartography #conspiracyofcartographers

Vancouver BC Petrofuture

66m sea level rise on a 1956 Shell Oil gas station map
Dr. Michael Blume
23 hours ago
Ariel Kroon
1 day ago

Stoked to be moderating a #panel at this year's #CanCon on #Gentrification #Climate and #Infrastructure - @annaleen and @premeesaurus be prepared for me to stalk you a lot. I don't think Mark Robinson has a Masto account, so I'll have to search him up the old fashioned way.

#sff #sf #fantastika #SciFi #ScienceFiction #Convention #Canada #ClimateCrisis #solarpunk

Theresa Hannig
1 day ago

Heute erscheint meine Kurzgeschichte
"Wo Acht Arme Grillen", die ich zusammen mit Uwe Post geschrieben habe in der neuen Ausgabe des Future Fiction Magazine!
Zuerst als Print, bald auch als E-Book.
Bestellbar hier:

#futurefiction #solarpunk #magazin #kurzgeschichte

Cover des neuesn Future Fiction Magazins mit dem Hinweis: Neu: nur 7€
1 day ago

Begging people to understand that solar geoengineering is literally genocide. I'm having difficulty understanding why people in a solarpunk lemmy instance think a project that has the potential to cause two mass extinctions, droughts, and social murder of millions of disabled folk is solarpunk.

Dumping sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight—a project called solar geoengineering—would cause mass ecological shocks to ecosystems worldwide that have adapted to a warmer climate and then shocked into a cooler one all of the sudden. Then there's the risk that solar geoengineering would stop due to all kinds of political reasons. Stopping the dumping of sulfur dioxide would cause the climate to rapidly warm again, which will then cause shocks to ecosystems that survived the original shock. That's two mass extinction events that can be caused by solar geoengineering.

Then there's the people who rely on wild and domesticated ecosystems that would be affected by less sunlight and cooler climates. We'd see droughts and famines.

Then there's the obvious fact that sulfur dioxide emissions will kill disabled people by the millions.

There are no technological solutions to social problems. Our climate crisis is a social issue and cannot be solved by a technological fix like solar geoengineering.

I don't know why it needs to be said, but genocide is not solarpunk.

#ClimateDiary #Solarpunk #Geoengineering #Climate

Simple Nomad :verified:
2 days ago

Dahlia doesn’t mind the power outage (lights are out to conserve house batteries) but she doesn’t like the hail and thunder.

#TexasWeather #PowerOutage #solarpunk #DogsOfMastodon

J.A. Jablonski (Jude) ✒
2 days ago

Personally, I intend to do direct battle with the upcoming cold/grey seasons with some serious bibliotherapy! Thanks to Slowburn27 for this list of solarpunk fiction & nonfiction books.

#SolarPunk #HopePunk #ReadingList #SAD #WinterReading

BrightFlame 🌟☀️🌙
2 days ago

@alxd @booksthatgoboom @neil @SolarpunkPrompts

Adding: Fighting for the Future (Android Press) edited by @Pheebsdw is a wonderful anthology that runs from #cyberpunk to #solarpunk. Good way to see differences.

Lots of solarpunk and aligned book recommendations on my site:

@booksthatgoboom @neil thanks for calling me!

I wrote an essay about the differences between the cyberpunk approach (a warning which got normalized) and solarpunk (a prototype of a different path):

I would argue that #solarpunk shouldnt be too light and naive. Theres a value in things like The Monk And Robot series, but we cannot deny the traumas connected to the climate change.

Book-wise: The Half Built Garden, LX Beckett's Gamechanger, Doctorow's Walkaway

Greg Leunig
2 days ago

@neil @alxd can weigh in here with good recs - I would definitely say #solarpunk is what you want if you want something that addresses the same themes as #cyberpunk but without the doom and gloom.

2 days ago

Danke. #Solarpunk, was für ein interessanter Hashtag. Werde ich auf jeden Fall mit aufnehmen.

2 days ago

Willkommen. Ich persönlich mag den Hashtag #solarpunk, der oft aber nicht immer auch etwas mit #sf #scifi #ScieneFiction zu tun hat. :)

Viel Spaß hier

2 days ago

I’m having a go at setting up a solar powered low tech mastodon instance but I need some suggestions of a domain name, needs to be cheap! Obviously I can do something like ‘’ but perhaps there is something cleverer…

Chris 🤩 Reinbothe
2 days ago

@HerrvonSpeck Paging @alxd have a look: Another #solarpunk pnp!

2 days ago

#SolPnP: Die Session heute lief super. Wir hatten Gelegenheit die neuen Regeln zu testen und auch die beiden Spieler*innen, die noch nie Pen and Paper gespielt hatten, kamen gut rein. Am Ende wurde ich gefragt, wie die Geschichte denn weitergeht. Ein gutes Zeichen, finde ich.

Im Oktober findet dann die Session 0 für die erste richtige Kampagne statt, die auf 6 Monate geplant ist. #PNPDE #TTRPG #Solarpunk

DreamForge Magazine
2 days ago

DreamForge is Open for Submissions.

Learn more at

And great new stories are available for FREE online in DreamForge Anvil # 13 at

Now paying $0.08/word for new fiction.

#SubmissionsOpen, #WritingCommunity, #SciFi #Fantasy, #hopepunk, #solarpunk

2 days ago

Si seulement je pouvais avoir une application #victron fonctionnelle sous #lineageos les 2 panneaux de 130w ne suffisent pas à faire fonctionner ampli + télé alors qu'il fait plein soleil

Et je n'ai aucune idée de leur production réelle sans ce monitoring

Faudrait que je trouve comment faire

C'est peut-être le panneau tout étoilé qui fout le bordel ? 🤔

#solaire #solarPunk

2 days ago

@Okajin pas rôliste mais il existe le #Solarpunk dans le genre cyberpunk plus optimiste et écologique.

Thomas Rabenstein 👽
2 days ago

"Solarpunk" ist jetzt als neu und hip in aller Munde, dabei schreibe ich schon immer Science Fiction, mit einem positiven Zukunftsbild und einer Menschheit, die imstande ist, Probleme zu lösen. Dystropien und hoffnungslose Weltuntergangsszenarien, sind noch nie etwas für mich gewesen.
#solarpunk #sciencefiction #autorenleben #selfpublisher

2 days ago

NEW #KttFF PAGE! In which Ms Shepard calls Leon's bluff


One thing I'd never bluff about is all of the other AWESOME COMICS you can check out under the #SpiderForest webcomic collective banner!

#mastoart #comics #webcomics #furry #solarpunk

Panel from my comic. It involves an anthro cat woman at a worm's-eye view, lit up in the background with a spotlight. She is saying: Candel, I'll grant that I may have underestimated your intelligence at this stage of your life, but I won't be falling prey to whatever web you've weaved around those two.
yekuhl 🌿🌞
2 days ago

We need more public meadow orchards

#orchard #harvest #communitygardens #solarpunk

A photo of a large wickerbasket on a medow. It is filled over the rim with apples. The apples are fairly large, much larger than the ones you get in the supermarket. Their colours range from a rich light-green over a mellow yellow to a deep red.
3 days ago

I've just been gifted a sewing machine so that I can alter 2nd hand clothes and have just discovered I might need to acquire an iron for the first time in my life 🤔
#solarpunk #sustainability #anarchy #dontbuy #reuse #repurpose

3 days ago

#solarpunk #ActualSolarPunk #1337hax #embroidery

recently i helped @saltphoenix replace her solar charge controller (and leveled up my own solar hacking skills in the process). and she made me this absolutely stunning embroidered patch badge to mark my achievement. 😻​

an embroidered green patch that says "1337 S014r Sx1LZ" on top and "13V313d UP" on bottom

the center has a design that's part sun and sunflower, and part a hand holding a lightning bolt. this is an original design!
Tinker ☀️
3 days ago

The seeds have sprouted and there's an inch or two of roots coming out the bottom of the rockwool cubes. Probably about time to move these into the bins!

#hydroponics #solarpunk #indoorGardening

Little microgreens have sprouted up from the hydroponic cubes!
Lifting the cubes we see an inch or two of white/clear roots growing out from the bottom.
Tinker ☀️
3 days ago

Time to set up my grow bins. I'm using the Kratky method. And I've got five gallon bins, so I should be able to grow five heads of lettuce in each bin (we'll see).

#hydroponics #solarpunk #indoorGardening

Lid of a 5 gallon bin, ready to be drilled into.
Drill with a 2-inch hole drill bit.
5x 2 inch holes cut into the bin lid.
Bin with lid with holes in it put together and placed under grow lights. The lid is red and the bin is green. They're the Christmas bins. But the color goes well with the hydroponic shelf. Aesthetics are important!
Tinker ☀️
3 days ago

Okay, getting my hydroponics started up again!

Got some seeds planted a couple of weeks ago.

Growing Arugula, Kale, Butterball Lettuce, and a local variant called Tennis Ball Lettuce.

#hydroponics #solarpunk #indoorGardening

Placing seeds into rockwool.
Watering the rockwool with seeds in them.
Four rows of five rockwool cubes with seeds in them sit in a seed starting tray with a thin layer of water in the bottom of the tray and each cube moistened.
The watered rockwall cubes sit inside a seed starting tray underneath grow lights with a clear tray cover keeping the seeds moist. The tray sits on top of a seed warming mat.
Daniel Quinn
3 days ago

Found via It's so nice to find people with an inspiring vision of the future for a change: #Solarpunk

A Tumblr conversation:

        It’s too late to save the world

    Ash trees sprout in cracks in the asphalt. The gutters collect leaves, which become soil, in which dandelions sprout.

        There’s nothing you can do

    A man plants an entire forest. A young girl teaches a drone to deliver saplings. The elderly volunteer to clean up radioactive waste.

        You might as well give up

    Wolves return to ancestral hunting grounds. Bison return to the prairie. Otters return to the kelp beds. Young oaks push roots deep into reclaimed farmland.

        Who cares anyway?

    Children draw pictures of flowers. Festivals are held for cherry blossoms and pecans and apples. A crowd cheers as the last line is cut away from the ensnared creature.

    I have disobeyed worse than you
    The world does not die on my watch
Western Exposure
3 days ago

Lots of multi-generational, multi-national #apple 🍎🍏 action y'day in the 🌞, processing part of legendary local grower Tom Barry's crop with equipment ranging from commercially manufactured to truly *manu*-factured #solarpunk. Gallons of juice and future cider, and the best of company. #community #northclare #gardening #mastodaoine #apples #cider

In the yard, four adults and a young child engaged in apple pressing. In the center two people with a home-built wooden pack press, looking into the camera and smiling, one of them giving a thumbs-up. On the ground are a variety of tubs and crates and other bits of equipment.
Same scene, different angle. In the center a young man on a home-built contraption - a bicycle-powered apple scratter that processes the apples into a pulp prior to pressing.
Tom Barry and a young friend of the family setting up a screw-press in the yard.
Two people working two presses - the wooden home-built packpress in the back, a manufactured scratting and pressing set-up in the foreground. A young man is scooping the apple mush from a large rectangular tub sitting on a welded frame into a pack-press.
3 days ago

Ich frage mich immer, warum wir Menschen so schlecht darin sind exponentielle Entwicklungen einzuschätzen - und das gilt eben auch für den Netzwerk Effekt...
#technology #solarpunk #KeepVisionsAlive

4 days ago

The work on my #Solarpunk #ttrpg is shifting from mechanics towards world building. I'm open to suggestions for books, movies, Youtube-Videos, Newsletters, art collections or other resources on Solarpunk! I would be very glad, if you left them below this post! #SolPnP

sknob ⏚
4 days ago

@PoisChiche faut aller voir du côté du #solarpunk. Le seul livre que j’ai lu dans ce genre, c’est The Terraformers d’@annaleen, et que j’ai beaucoup aimé (je ne sais pas si c’est traduit en français).

Solarpunk Presents Podcast
4 days ago

Eating Like the Ancestors (Some of Them, at Least)

@xtinadlr here. When the dog and I went out for a walk on Wednesday afternoon, we paused to admire one of the many walls of #corn lining the fields right now. Look closely at this photo. Just behind the dog you can spot blobs on one of the corn stalks. In fact, they're blobs growing out of one ear of corn.

Click through to read more.

#solarpunk #blog

Laboratory B
5 days ago

A post from member @mattcropp recounting his adventure figuring out how to fend off the summer heat after the A/C broke at the #PassiveSolar building our space is in.

#solarpunk #energyefficiency #solar

BrightFlame 🌟☀️🌙
5 days ago

Different takes on the Underworld: the threads among Inanna, Persephone, and Mycelium. Plus discount code for the upcoming Climate Fiction Conference, an online Witchcamp you can join from anywhere, and more.

My newsletter will go out this week. Sign up today if interested!
(I don't sell/share your info or write more than seasonally)

@fedpagan #WritingCommunity #clificonutopiaawards2023 #CliFi #solarpunk #Witch #pagan

Jon Juarez
5 days ago

“Los milmillonarios tecnológicos saben que están llevando el mundo al colapso y quieren escapar”

Douglas Rushkoff

#Decrecimiento #Solarpunk

Northants Greens
5 days ago
Texas Observer Lives!
6 days ago
6 days ago

I’m writing a #heist #novel in a #solarpunk / #climate #scifi setting. Here’s the draft of the first chapter — let me know what you think! I’ll be publishing a new chapter each week:

Jon Juarez
1 week ago

“Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.”

― Frank Herbert, Dune 1966


Sarena Ulibarri
1 week ago

How it started / How it’s going

The same field at the rewilding project I volunteer at, 6 months apart. I wish I had a picture from a year ago when it was nothing but invasive Johnson grass & tumbleweeds! Still a lot of work to do, but after sheet mulching, weeding, & planting, it’s coming alive.

#rewilding #solarpunk #bloomscrolling

A brown, muddy field with a bunch of dry tumbleweed in front, a house, barn, and truck further out. The sky is bright blue and three geese fly overhead.
A field with rich soil, dotted with grasses. Further back, hundreds of sunflowers below green trees. Still a few tumbleweeds, but many fewer than the first photo.
Allen Versfeld
1 week ago

Okay, #solarpunk nerds, I got a question about surplus energy:

We don't yet have this thing where you can sell your surplus energy back to the grid. I want to know when that will change.

Specifically: Is this a national thing? Municipal? Are there already places in South Africa that have it, and if so, do they erode your earnings with bullshit fees and tariffs or are they pretty cool about it? Is the purchase price the same as the selling price?

FWIW, this isn't about making money, so much as offsetting the equipment (cooking and heating) that is still directly on grid power. My panels harvest more energy than my typical daily consumption, but I can only store some of that in my battery. It would be nice to be able to bank the rest of it with the grid provider, and then withdraw it as needed.

Artanux - Simon Lefort
1 week ago

Je viens de soutenir le projet "C'était Mieux Demain - Solarpunk" ( ) porté par @CopieGauche !

Nous avons tous besoin d'entretenir nos imaginaires avec des choses désirables, pour -peut-être- trouver une direction dans laquelle pousser dans le bon sens au quotidien.

#solarpunk #copieGauche #CÉtaitMieuxDemain #ulule

Adrian Thorne
1 week ago

Can anyone recommend any #solarpunk TV or film? I guessing it’s not a huge genre (yet) - but interested to learn what’s out there.

1 week ago

For a 31% global emissions reduction you don't even need to arrest the richest 10 %. To bring them to 'the emissions of an average European' would be already enough (doesn't sound so bad, doesn't it?).

This has to do with several things:

1) the richest 1 % has a really horribly high footprint (greater than the poorest 50 %‼️). And the richest 10 % are responsible for 52% of the global emissions. (See figure 1, source:

2) Nowadays, the within inequality in a country is more relevant than the inter-country comparison. This means that every country has its rich, giving-a-fuck population. (Figure 2,

3) Notwithstanding, there is still a substantial contry-effect (your emissions depend on where you live). E.g. North America, Australia and Saudia Arabia are king regarding emissions. And Russia too, as relatively high emissions are caused by a not very wealthy population.

4) here's an infographic about income distribution (Figure 3), because especially middle-upper class people tend to think they are worse off than they are in reality (source:

What to do?
- #TaxTheRich
- If you are rich, your personal choices matter. A lot. Stop flying, for example. And go ask your financial advisors what your money is doing. *Very* bad things, I guarantee.
- where wealthier people need to reduce their individual footprint (for the ones that don't want to, we need tight laws: #BanPrivateJets), less wealthy people need sustainable infrastructure to enable them to have a lower footprint (public transport, affordable sustainable food, green electricity...)
- The global poorest 50 % could increase their emissions still over 200% and were still below the 1.5 °C compatible global average. They are *not* responsible for the situation.
- for the upper 40 %: #degrowth and #solarpunk. It'll make you happier to do useful things with nice people than to have boring jobs that kill the planet and drown yourself in consumerism.

For the more radical folks: Sorry for my reformist arguments. If we are enough and decided, we can go much further and resolve the more systematic issues. Love and riot. :anarchoheart3:

@katzenschiff @steve @largess

Share of cumulative emissions 1990 to 2015 linked to different global income groups. Richest 10%  are responsible for 52 % of emissions. Poorest 50 % only for 7%.
Line graphs. The onr on the right shows emisdiond inrquality in the 1990s was mai ly due to differences among countries, while 2015 thr larger effect comes from inequalities  within countries.
Income inequality around the world. A world map showing that e.g. in the US you need  488 K$ per year to be in the top 1 %, to be in the top 50%, it is 38 K$. In France, if you earn 221 k$ per year you are in the top 1 % and with 36 k$ in the top 50 %.

I feel like starting a #solarpunk discussion -

What would be the role of #software #engineer s in a Solarpunk future?

Let's be realistic, we don't want a priest caste worshipping the blockchain.

How to avoid the position of the "elite" or a "guild" hoarding power?

#permacomputing reverse engineers giving second lives to old machines?

#maintenance specialists of technology we want to keep around?

#UXDesign ers of not only technology, but ways to integrate it in our lives?

Share your ideas!