Antonio Sarcevic
1 week ago


The blog post has a section called signal boost where it explains framework authors everywhere are landing on knockout observables as their reactivity model, but they are called signals now since #Solidjs got popular. #Vue is also using a very similar mechanism btw 👀

Signals are everywhere 🫨
Will they every come to the browser? 🔮

Btw, I think #Angular and Svelte share a lot of the good bits in common, it's just Svelte is just the good bits 😋

2 weeks ago

For those interested. My end of year OS roadmap is as follows:

- Deliver WC DevTools UI Rework (with #shoelace )
- Deliver a more reliable WCDT (and v3 for Firefox)
- Look into supporting #solidjs Element Custom Elements in CE Lang Server
- Rewrite & finish JS Crawler

#javascript #devtools #js #solidjs #infosec #webcomponents

2 weeks ago

@cferdinandi I don’t thing the svelte team were saying it was ground breaking, they clearly reference #knockoutJS and #solidjs for their signals implementation. It is interesting how the most popular frameworks (except react) have converged to use signals. I do wonder where this is heading and if any other framework can/will knock react if it’s perch.

> Like every other framework, we've come to the realization that #Knockout was right all along.

> #Svelte 5's #reactivity is powered by #signals, which are essentially what Knockout was doing in 2010.,in%202010.

I could have told y'all this in 2010

#webDev #solidjs #javaScript #reactive #web #tech

3 weeks ago

solidjs의 프로퍼티는 그냥 객체처럼 보이지만 사실은 리액티비티가 심겨져있는 "리액티브 오브젝트"

그래서 스프레드로 박살내면 리액티비티도 작별인사

#프론트 #solidjs

Adrian Widerski
1 month ago

Dziwi mnie, że nie ma szału na #SolidJS. Toż to taki React, tylko szybki niemal jak czysty JS i ze świetnym zarządzaniem stanem na bazie sygnałów.

Adrian Widerski
1 month ago

Dobra. Jako, że po dłuższym riserczu w międzyczasie doszedłem do wniosku, że muszę przepisać apkę póki jeszcze mogę to bezpiecznie zrobić, pytam społeczność Mastodona o werdykt. Nie mogę się zdecydować, bo w każdym wypadku przyjdzie mi uczyć się nowego języka :D


1. Apka jest zrobiona we Flutterze, ale ponoć ten niezbyt sobie radzi na desktopach, a to jeden z targetów mojej apki, więc nie mogę sobie pozwolić, by kulał
2. Pierwszą opcją jest Tauri. Backend i logika przetwarzania danych po stronie języka Rust, frontend na SolidJS lub ReactJS. Mam wiele lat expa w JSie, więc o jakość się tutaj nie martwię, bardziej martwi mnie sama "webowość” i jej potencjalne ograniczenia
3. Druga opcja to chrzanienie wieloplatformowości i koncentracja na iOS + macOS, tutaj naturalnie wchodzi Swift cały na biało

Chętnie poczytam argumentacji osób bardziej oblatanych w pisaniu aplikacji natywnych i quazi-natywnych.

#Swift #Rust #Tauri #SolidJS #ReactJS #Programowanie

Pablo Berganza
1 month ago

Had a spur of inspiration yesterday and added some initial/basic #VueJS support for ❤️

Vue's reactive primitives make it extremely easy! The solution I'm arriving to feels really similar to what I did for

Markus Tacker
1 month ago

First session of the second #SoCraTes2023 day: learning about

The SolidJS session at SoCraTes 2023
Pablo Berganza
1 month ago

Hello all! This is a new account I'm trying on a new Firefish server I've deployed. My main account is still

Re writing my
#introduction here:

Hi! I'm Pablo, a software engineer from
#ElSalvador but now living in The #Netherlands! I'm also the author of, a "framework agnostic" form management library.

I work mainly as a front-end developer with
#ReactJS, but I love keeping track of the new things such as #SolidJS and #WebComponents!

Looking forward to see more people around the
#fediverse ❤️

Dioramic Life
2 months ago

#solidjs take 2, yesterday. Went a lot better. I think I may like it better than #sveltejs

I am on the fence a bit on the conventions for css but I must confess the scopedn styling is nice.

For comparison I may try #lithtml to determine if that is all I really need.

The Spicy Web
2 months ago

“React Is Not Modern Web Development”

@jaredwhite’s personal thoughts on a great entry by @collinsworth into the growing body of work which details why greenfield #WebDev projects are better served by other frameworks…or none at all.

#React #JavaScript #frameworks #Preact #Svelte #Vue #SolidJS #LitElement

Bart Louwers
2 months ago

@brillout Not a fan of #SolidJS, since they have Russian propaganda on their main page. 🫥

2 months ago

When it comes to local first web applications, is #htmx better, worse, or the same as things like #solidjs, #leptos and #elm?

I want to create a front end that would work local-first with a rust core/backend.

Mai :v_trans:
2 months ago

The most tiresome thing in #webdev is picking the techstack. So many choices to make: plain #javascipt or a more restricive language like #typescript , which ofc is often depending on the overall frontend framework to use: #svelte , #react , #preact , #solidjs ?

Or do one completly deviate from the classical way and use rather a techstack via #wasm , such as #rust with #dioxus ?

So many questions to answer and that still is only the js side of things, you then have to think about your css framework (if you want to use something like #tailwindcss ), your font choices, and ofc if and what styling library you actually use ontop of our frontend framework; e.g. #bootstrap , #blueprintjs , and so on.... which also often depends on your framework of choice!

Benjamin Richardson
2 months ago

@davidshq Both personally and professionally I use vanilla JavaScript. Often I feel like I’m fighting with the trendy frameworks and libraries to do what I want, where it would be so much cleaner and faster to do in vanilla. They can take document.querySelector() from my cold dead hands! 😛

I still do try to keep up on new things and evaluate them in toy projects, just to make sure I’m not missing anything. Right now I’m playing around with #solidjs, but it hasn’t sold me quite yet.

Nathan Smith
2 months ago

Follow-up on my delve into SolidJS and Svelte:

I recently completed a rewrite of the first game I wrote in Svelte, to port it over to Solid instead.

Everything is much tidier and more modularized. Some of that is probably due to me not having used Svelte perfectly the first time around.

But also, I feel like Solid nudges me ever so slightly towards structuring my code better than when I was writing the same functionality in Svelte.

Anywho, your mileage may vary.

#javascript #solidjs #svelte

Davy :ferris:
2 months ago

I've started toying with SolidJS today and this is reallllllly neat! The documentation is great, the API is awesome and the TypeScript integration is perfect. I played a bit with Sveltekit last week-end but had to fight with the magic types in neovim and was also not convinced by the syntax.

So far SolidJS gets it right and fast :).

#solidjs #frontend #dev #neovim #typescript

Sal Rahman
2 months ago

People who moved from the Emotion library to Tailwind CSS, what motivated you to move to it?

#CSS #WebDev #Tailwind #TailwindCSS #Emotion #React #EmotionCSS #EmotionJS #ReactJS #SolidJS

Hasan Ali
2 months ago

@fogoplayer This is a more nuanced look at reactivity in different frameworks 🔗

I’ve been looking for this link for ages! I saw Miško Hevery give this blogpost as a talk live a few months ago and I think it’s very well put together

#reactjs #reactivity #qwik #solidjs

@Lorelai I could create a issue on github tomorrow if you want

And, since they are rewriting the client in #solidJS, I should be able to tackle the role colour issue with ease. I am not sure if I can do the same for autoplaying media, I'd need to do some researching first.

3 months ago

@categulario dale un ojo a #SolidJS tiene un buen modelo de ejecución y además es bastante eficiente en recursos y rápido.

Sal Rahman
3 months ago

Why don't some people like CSS-in-JS?

Is it because code written in CSS-in-JS don't allow you to take advantage of the "cascading" nature of CSS?

Is it because you can't take advantage of selectors?

Is it because there might be some compilation steps required when employing CSS-in-JS? And if compilation isn't used, there might be some render-time slowdown?

#css #javascript #jsx #react #solidjs #preact #cssinjs #webdevelopment?

Jan :rust: :ferris:
4 months ago

@Jdreben @guardiarris @maegul Yes, at least #Leptos takes the #SolidJS approach of using signals to update only the minimal amount of DOM that actually changes.

Regarding JS: you don't need to touch it explicitly in those frameworks, BUT: it is still used to manipulate the #DOM.

For this to work, a lib called wasm-bindgen is used (awesome piece of technology!), which basically bridges #Rust <-> #JS:

leptos_dom depends on it:

#RustLang #WASM

Paweł Grzybek
4 months ago

I am building a little web app to support a new article that I am currently working on. I decided to take the opportunity and learn the basics of SolidJS. Let me tell you, I absolutely love it!

This course by The Net Ninja is a great place to start 🫶


Nathan Smith
5 months ago

This is a nice brief video.

– Wherein, Adam Elmore explains why he is stepping back from using React on new projects.

– He also touches on what he is liking more about SolidJS nowadays.

A lot of what he says resonates with how I feel too.

#javascript #react #solidjs

François Zaninotto
5 months ago

Porting React-Admin to Solid. To explore the differences between #React and #SolidJS, my colleague Gildas implemented a basic CRUD framework, inspired by react-admin, in Solid. Introducing: solid-admin.

Gogol BlurryBit
5 months ago

Want to have an advanced web app created using #nextjs, or #solidjs?

We offer completely custom websites using these frameworks. All we need from you is a figma design, or an example website you want to clone.

Contact us at
if you are interested! 🙌

#reactjs #webdev #devcompany #devop

Nathan Smith
5 months ago


At work, we have been kicking the tires on a game I built in SolidJS. It is now in internal beta. Thus far, my experience has been:

– Solid is much more pleasant to work with than React. To the point where I feel like a schmuck for all the years I wasted on React, and hope to never be in a position where I have to work with it again.

#javascript #playwright #solidjs #testing

Christopher Armstrong
6 months ago

ok I finally read up on #SolidJS and eventually found @preact/signals-react, which basically implement this idea in a much better way. #preact #react

Sal Rahman
6 months ago

An old meme that I found on my desktop #frontend #javascript #css #react #solidjs #preact

6 months ago

@catraxx @zachleat @eleventy. But then #solidjs is there and Ryan Carniato is employed by Netlify too.

6 months ago

is there anything like Radix/Headless UI on #SolidJS right now?

Nathan Smith
7 months ago

This is a good read about when React jumped the shark.

Q: "Were React Hooks a mistake?"

⚠️ Spoiler: Yes.

I especially like this summation, which resonates with why I prefer SolidJS nowadays.

> "People aren't switching to these frameworks just for the performance. They're switching because these frameworks offer a fundamentally different programming model."

#javascript #react #solidjs

7 months ago

I wrote my own ChatGPT client that you can use to create stories with your kids :) I'm pretty sure this is literally the first app in production built with @tanstack/bling :)

#astro #webdev #solidjs #chatgpt

@ro Good question.

#qwik & #solidjs & #svelte are able to do the stuff that they do, including resumeablilty and fine grained reactivity because they take the code and compile it into an optimised format.

React.js does everything at runtime, they say they are working on a compiler but it is atleast a year away.

I think next.js is the same...

Nathan Smith
7 months ago

Good article about reactivity and how SolidJS handles signals. This is by far my favorite aspect (along with stores). Its approach is objectively better than React.

Solid makes working with app state a simple and pleasant experience. Rather than the myriad of approaches in React, each one essentially being a kludge no matter which.

I feel like Solid guides me towards good decisions, by nature of how the framework itself is architected.

#javascript #react #solidjs

Joe Bartlett
7 months ago

It’s unlike me to crave churn in FED, but I feel very hopeful about new approaches & ideas, e.g. in #Qwik & #SolidJS. They’re blowing alway old ideas to fix the root causes of problems instead of grafting on workarounds.

Stéphan Kochen
7 months ago

Like an absolute madman, I swapped out the view layer of (a medium sized app, maybe), replacing Vue 2 with #SolidJS. I like, though. Feels like Svelte but with comfy JSX.

7 months ago

You can use the POST data to populate forms in #SolidJS #SolidStart SSR.
In this toy example I used createRouteData and a small IsServer check. Client side I just don't return data.


7 months ago

アクセシビリティー的には「なんとか JS」みたいな名称のライブラリのハッシュタグは #VueJS とか #RiotJS とかが推奨なのかな(音声読み上げとか考慮すると)

#Vue とか #Svelte とかは、その名前でもうライブラリ名って認識できるけど #RiotJS とか #SolidJS とかは単語だけだと一般名詞になっちゃうんだよな :tony_smiling: 💦

Craig Doremus 🦕
7 months ago

TIL to create a #SolidJS app using Stackblitz is as simple as

:nodejs: :javascript: :typescript:
SolidJs vs Svelte Compiler difference


8 months ago

@MerriNet @d3x7r0. Yeah it was #solidJS that reminded the community of an older pattern of fine grained reactivity that existed in older js libraries like knockoutJS (from 2010 ish). SolidJS showed how performant that pattern of authoring JS is. If you want to learn more about SolidJS this repo is a great place to start - as it has links to lot of SolidJS resources.

8 months ago

I've been looking at and I think I'm so close to create something similar :) a new meta-framework for #SolidJS :)

Vesa Piittinen
8 months ago

@d3x7r0 If I'm not entirely wrong I think the signal success and popularization came from #SolidJS which is quite impressive. So maybe check it out.

But also haven't had time to get up to speed with signals so I don't have anything to link to.

François Zaninotto
8 months ago

Zag: Framework agnostic #JS toolkit for implementing complex, interactive, and accessible #UI components in #React, #SolidJs and #VueJs. 20+ components including a popover, slider, accordion, combobox, and lots more. Powered by Finite State Machines.


@joelhooks I agree with you, new tech like #qwik & #solidjs stand on #reactjs shoulders, partly they are attractive as one does not need to re-learn them as most of the #syntax is same.

However reactjs was built on top of shoulders of a giant like #angular that I was working with before I started using #react.

I like #reactjs I make money professionally because of it.

So I mean no disrespect & hopefully for future if we learn new tech it should be an exciting experience not a religious one.

RecursiveNeuron :verified:
9 months ago

In JS, why do people create more frameworks rather than optimize and fix existing frameworks?

#FrontEndDeveloper #frontenddev #javascript #typescript #reactjs #nextjs #vuejs #solidjs #angular

9 months ago

Component Party

Side-by-side comparison of the same snippets written with different JS frameworks: #Svelte, #React, #Vue, #SolidJS, #Qwik, #Angular, #Lit, #Ember, #Alpine, #Aurelia1

9 months ago

never used react, played with vue and svelte a bit, but a new year, you know, so finally playing a little with #SolidJS. and #supabase backend. 👍🎉

Alex Lohr
10 months ago

@patak @IanVS I'll test our plugins for #SolidJS and #SolidStart – anything I should look out for? Any breaking changes?

Alex Lohr
10 months ago

@jasonbyrne @nosherwan @humbird0 TypeScript is JS with added type annotations, so you're still developing in JS when you use TS. Otherwise, yes, especially the IDE integrations are absolutely great.

My day job is still writing react stuff, but in my free time, I use #SolidJS and #SolidStart.