As of yesterday, New York’s #FreelanceIsntFree bill has passed in both houses of the state legislature — AGAIN. They’ve passed the same bill, handily, two years in a row.

Gov. Hochul does not need to veto the bill twice, she needs to hear the people’s voice and sign it into law.

The protections are basic: every freelancer deserves the right to a written contract, to be paid on time, and to be free from retaliation.

#freelance #labor #solidarity #union

A group photograph of sponsoring legislators and labor union advocates for the Freelance Isn’t Free bill, taken in Albany, NY on June 1.
Freedom Press
13 hours ago

Violent eviction of Autonomous Winter Shelter
We need to keep showing up for each other when faced with the devastating
consequences of inequality and injustice.
#Anarchism #AutonomousWinterShelter #ConventOfMercy #Evictions #Repression #Solidarity #Squatting

Karen Wyld
17 hours ago

I'm beyond excited to be invited to speak on a panel at Palestine Writes this September. The line up of speakers is amazing.

If you are in the Philly area, check it out >

It will be my first time in USA, and first time I'll cross the equator.

I feel very honoured to have been invited by Palestinian author & activist Susan Abulhawa. There are so many wonderful Palestinian, Indigenous and other writers, poets and thinkers attending,

I'll also be doing readings/speaking at various universities, bookshops etc while there. So I might even get to meet some of you.....

#Palestine #Indigenous #Solidarity @indigenousauthors

Karen Wyld
17 hours ago

#Solidarity #Palestine

There are many ways settler-colonials try to silence Aboriginal people, so I have solidarity for other peoples' movements of resistance.

It can be hard to find the right words to support Palestinians, who are being harmed by the State of Israel. Even if we do write/speak with care, there will be attempts to silence us.

After many decades of crimes against humanity, the State of Israel is now widely recognised as an apartheid regime. It is not anti-Semitic to name oppressive government actions for what they are.

Many Jewish, Christian and Muslim people have deep roots in the region of Israel-Palestine. And meaningful generational-connections with each other. Collectively kin to each other, and to the land.

Aboriginal people of so-called Australia have a long history of solidarity with Palestinians. Just like we showed solidarity with Black South Africans during the apartheid era. And solidarity with Jewish people since late 1930s. Due to migration, there are many Jewish and Muslim Aboriginal people. There's strength in both shared struggles for rights and kinship.

My ancestors led the way - I won't be silenced when others need support.

Some links:
video >

article & video >
1938 Aboriginal activist rally for Jewish people >

Adelaide Writers recordings -
Sovereignty & Solidarity

Writing From Stolen Lands

Integration Nightmare
1 day ago

With almost one year since end of Operation Solidarity it is important to remind everyone about the person whole stole dozens of thousands of euros from common solidarity pot for his own "projects". Meet Salem. #Ukraine #Anarchism

The person had exclusive access to financial accounts which he used to extort the money from the group under threat of taking all the money if not given what he wants. Parts of collective solidarity money were basically taken by him and couple of his associates in summer 2022. But even after stealing all this money Salem didn't stop and continues to pretend that what he did was a proper way to work with comrades in anarchist collectives. For example he submitted a "critical" review of opsol to canadian information platform -

This is a clear attempt to flip the narrative around the stolen money and put responsibility on comrades running anti-authoritarian solidarity work within "Solidarity Collectives" ( "Critical" parts of the article seem to miss the stolen money part. Solidarity Collectives published small statement a year ago about what happened - Please check it once again to refresh the history in your head.

Why is it crucial to repeat this story? Because anarchist movement is very dynamic and it is very easy to forget such stories. Salem is not the first and not the last to exploit the #solidarity in his own goals and trick comrades. Our only weapon against it is staying informed!

Categorical Imperative
1 day ago

#migration #asyl #frontex #eu
#climatechange #solidarity


Wie effizient!

Weder Deportationen, noch Krematorien und auch kein Lagerpersonal mehr nötig - einfach nur den Zaun zu ihnen verstärken.

Respekt! Diesmal haben wir uns selbst übertroffen.

#nazi #europa

Emmanuel Veneau 📸
1 day ago

International Migrants Rights Day. Solidarity torchlight march, Auch, France, December 2022.
📷 Emmanuel Veneau (cc by-nc-sa) #AmbulationsPhotographiques #AsTheDaysGoBy
#photography #migrant #solidarity #demonstration #BlackAndWhite
👤 #CCM32 #RESF32

A man holds a torch in memory of migrants who died this year in exile
Freedom Press
2 days ago

Sheffield Pride Parade bans police
The march will be Sheffield’s only Pride event this year and has been organised by activists who say they want to, “bring the protest back to Pride.”
#Pride #RadicalPride #Sheffield #SheffieldRadicalPride #Solidarity

Bruce Mirken
2 days ago

#DollarGeneral workers have "won a victory for workplace safety after shareholders voted for an independent audit to review the company’s health and safety policies." via @TheProgressive #workers #solidarity

2 days ago

Oppose Biden intervention in West Coast Port strike!

No repeat of the rail strike govt intervention and union sell-out!

Solidarity with striking dockers, and all workers opposing unfair working conditions!

General strike now!

#GeneralStrike #solidarity #WestCoast #ports #strike

2 days ago
An black and white image of rapper Immortal Technique with a quote, "In a hundred years from now, everyone who's living on this planet will be dead. So it's inconsequential really, all the shit that you talk, all the bullshit that you stand for. It's more important what you're ready to build, what you're ready to pass down to your children, what you're ready to create."

Veteran labor journalist Steve Zeltzer talks with L.A. Times reporter Matt Pearce, president at Media Guild West.

#mediaWork #mediaWorker #labor #union #solidarity #WGAStrike #GannettWalkout

Striking Insider employees are not getting paid. We stand with them.

With them we urge refraining from consuming / engaging with Insider Inc. content in any form across the web, and we encourage supporting union members financially if you can.

Please don’t cross the picket line.

#labor #union #solidarity #InsiderUnion

3 days ago

Many of us are members of oppressed minorities.

But almost ALL of us are members of the the largest and potentially most powerful majority in the world: the working class.

#WorkingClass #solidarity #unity #Oppression

3 days ago

Today in Labor History June 7, 1929: Striking textile workers battled police in Gastonia, North Carolina, during the Loray Mill Strike. Police Chief O.F. Aderholt was accidentally killed by one of his own officers during a protest march by striking workers. Nevertheless, the authorities arrested six strike leaders. They were all convicted of “conspiracy to murder.”

The strike lasted from April 1 to September 14. It started in response to the “stretch-out” system, where bosses doubled the spinners’ and weavers’ work, while simultaneously lowering their wages. When the women went on strike, the bosses evicted them from their company homes. Masked vigilantes destroyed the NTWU union headquarters. The NTWU set up a tent city for the workers, with armed guards to protect them from the vigilantes.

One of the main organizers was a poor white woman named Ella May Wiggans. She was a single mother, with nine kids. Rather than living in the tent city, she chose to live in the African American hamlet known as Stumptown. She was instrumental in creating solidarity between black and white workers and rallying them with her music. Some of her songs from the strike were “Mill Mother’s Lament,” and “Big Fat Boss and the Workers.” Her music was later covered by Pete Seeger and Woodie Guthrie, who called her the “pioneer of the protest ballad.” During the strike, vigilantes shot her in the chest. She survived, but later died of whooping cough due to poverty and inadequate medical care.

For really wonderful fictionalized accounts of this strike, read “The Last Ballad,” by Wiley Cash (2017) and “Strike!” by Mary Heaton Vorse (1930).

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #EllaMayWiggans #textile #women #feminist #union #communism #vigilante #PoliceBrutality #police #acab #solidarity #racism #poverty #NorthCarolina #fiction #HistoricalFiction #author @bookstadon

Black Flag Medical
3 days ago

It's been communicated to us that these two boxes have arrived at the distribution point in Poland and will be driven (with a load of other things) to @solidaritycollectives in Kyiv on the weekend.

#Ukraine #aid #solidarity #medicine #medics

pressenza de
4 days ago

#europa #menschenrechte #freeassange #berlin #news #freiepresse #julianassange #presse #pressefreiheit #solidarität #whistleblower #wikileaks #usa
#Europe #humanrights #freepress #Press #pressfreedom #solidarity

Hier kann der Appell und der Unterschriftenbogen heruntergeladen werden. Bitte schickt die gesammelten Unterschriften an: Ch. Deppe, Initiative „Stadtasyl für Julian Assange“, Würtzstr. 20, 13187 Berlin.

pressenza de
4 days ago

#europa #menschenrechte #freeassange #berlin #freiepresse #julianassange #presse #pressefreiheit #solidarität #whistleblower #wikileaks
#Europe #humanrights #freepress #Press #news #usa #pressfreedom #solidarity

Eine Gruppe von Unterstützer*innen startet die Initiative „Stadtasyl für Julian Assange“ in Berlin. Die Initiant*innen sammeln Unterschriften und bitten um Unterstützung.

pressenza de
4 days ago

#europa #menschenrechte #freeassange #berlin #freiepresse #julianassange #presse #pressefreiheit #solidarität #whistleblower #wikileaks #news #usa
#Europe #humanrights #freepress #Press #pressfreedom #solidarity

Stella #assange, die Ehefrau von Julian Assange, sprach bei einem Besuch im April 2023 davon, dass die Unterstützung für ihren Mann mehr als bisher „bottom up“ erfolgen sollte. Wir haben überlegt, wie „bottom up“ umgesetzt werden und Reichweite erzielen kann.

4 days ago

The only song appropriate for today 😡

Tuesday 🎵

Lil Baby - The Bigger Picture

#Music #Protest #StopCopCity #Corruption #Fascism #Solidarity

Archival Workers' Collective
4 days ago

Want #ArchivalWorkersCollective news delivered to your email? Sign up for our Google Group here to hear the latest on our activities: #awefund2020 #solidarity #awc #awefund

4 days ago

Today in Labor History June 6, 1937: A general strike by 12,000 autoworkers and others in Lansing, MI shuts down the city for a month in what was to become known as the city’s “Labor Holiday.” A judge had recently imposed an injunction on workers, making it illegal for them to picket, blockade or interfere in the operations of Capital city Wrecking Company. The workers ignored the injunction were arrested, including the wife of the auto workers local union president, leaving their three children at home unattended. In response, they called a General Strike. Flying squadrons of out-town workers came in solidarity to support the General Strike. They were successful in forcing negotiations that got all the prisoners released. However, the strike continued in East Lansing, where anti-labor university students battled with workers, dumping some of their cars into the river.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #strike #union #sabotage #GeneralStrike #prison #solidarity #autoworkers #michigan

Image shows strikers blockading the streets with automobiles.
4 days ago

Today in Labor History 1894: Colorado’s governor sent in the Colorado state militia to support the Cripple Creek miners' strike, the only time in history that a state militia was used to help a workers’ struggle, rather than to suppress it.

The mine owners were demanding a 10-hour day without an increase in pay. In response, the miners went on strike. There was considerable violence from both sides during the strike, led by the Western Federation of Miners (WFM). On March 16, some miners ambushed, shot and beat some sheriff’s deputies. The judge, a WFM member, let the miners off, but charged the deputies with carrying concealed weapons.

Furious, the Sheriff arrested 20 union leaders. Meanwhile, the mine owners conspired to bring in hundreds of scabs and deputized vigilantes. When the new deputies marched on the strikers’ camp, the miners blew up several mine structures, forcing the deputies to flee. The mine owners hired hundreds more vigilantes for their army. When he heard about the size of the miner owners’ force, the governor declared the deputies illegal and sent in state troops to defend the miners.

On June 5, the day before the state troops arrived, the mine owners’ army began cutting telegraph lines and arresting reporters and hundreds of town residents. When the state troops arrived, there were already gun battles going on between the vigilante army and the miners. However, the state troops gained control of the town relatively quickly and the mine owners disbanded their army and sent them home.

300 miners were arrested, but only four were convicted. And the populist governor pardoned them all. The WFM won, keeping the 8-hour day and their $3/day wages. And, they were so popular because of their victory, that they easily organized most of the other industries in the region (e.g., waitresses, laundry workers, bartenders, newsboys) into 54 new locals.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #mining #colorado #union #strike #solidarity #militia #sabotage #police #PoliceBrutality #acab

Cripple Creek, Colo., under martial law in 1894. By Rastall, Benjamin McKie. University of Wisconsin. -, PD-US,

"As always, it’s the people who can’t afford another option who will suffer most. So if there’s one story we tell ourselves, let’s hope it’s this: We must fight to protect the bubble we share."

#individualism #community #solidarity #violence #SocialSpace

"Social space only works with other people in it. When an entire class opts for Ubers over light rail or blood-spattered tabloid stories over the reality on the street—essentially an in-situ white flight—the social sphere can tip from rumored decay to real disaster."

#individualism #community #solidarity #violence #SocialSpace

~ Eleanor Cummins

“What we’re striking for now is the future of this as a viable career.”

Media workers, tech workers, transportation workers, healthcare workers standing together — yesterday at Apple.

#labor #union #solidarity #WGAStrike #WGAStrong

4 days ago

@TexasObserver @gusbova #Solidarity! Gannett sucks; they ruin every publication they scarf up.

Welp, /r/maxheadroom and /r/intellivision have pledged to join the #reddit blackout.

I resent having to do it, but it's the right thing to do.


Nashville Anarchist
5 days ago

Any media coverage of Amazon's plans for "Factory Towns" that depicts it as some sort of positive for the working class, isn't news media. It's propaganda, and they aren't even trying to hide it.

Can't wait for articles about how "Concentration Cities" are how we solve inclusion.

#Labor #Solidarity #Amazon #Capitalism

5 days ago


>authorities now recognize the fight over Cop City as a crucial battlefield determining which politicians will retain legitimacy

These GRAND criminals - from Kemp down, are *illegitimate* - clearly on the wrong side of history.

Weaponizing police and courts is pure #CorruptThuggery.

When legitimate action is silenced and criminalized - humans assert themselves - #ByAnyMeansNecessary

The state is irreparably harming lives of decent people 💥

#Solidarity #Justice #CopCity

We do a 30-min. general info call to answer questions about the FSP quarterly. Next one is tomorrow, Tuesday. Join us!

Tues. 6/6/23, 6:30 ET / 3:30 PT
By RSVP only. —

#freelance #labor #union #solidarity

5 days ago

Solidarity with striking dockworkers!

Dockers refused to come to work on June 2, causing the complete shut down of the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach, Oakland, Tacoma, Seattle and Hueneme. This came in the wake of insulting offers of a $1.56/hour wage increase by the Pacific Maritime Association.

#solidarity #strike #wages #longshore #docker #union #ilwu #WorkingClass #inflation

5 days ago

Δεν υπάρχει εναλλακτικό τέλος από αυτό της επανάστασης. Συνέντευξη με τον Επαναστατικό Αγώνα.
#antireportgr @antireportgr
#antireport #solidarity #revolutionarystruggle #anarchists #prisoners #Greece

Andreas :antifa: :AFD:
6 days ago

Bitte seid auch wieder mehr im Fediverse/ auf Mastodon aktiv ;)

"Dass wir als bestfrequentiertestes Abgeordnetenbüro in Sachsen geadelt wurden, bedeutet aber nicht, dass uns die Polizei nun belagern muss. #le0406 "

#Antifa #LastGeneration #FridaysForFuture #solidarity #platznehmen #together
#Versammlungsrecht #NoAfD #NoPasaran

Andreas :antifa: :AFD:
6 days ago

"Grundrechte gelten auch in #leipzig

🗓 Montag, #le0506
🕡 18:30 Uhr
📍 Alexis-Schuhmann-Platz

Viele Menschen haben in den letzten Tagen staatliche Gewalt erfahren und auch am Sonntag wurde eine Demo gegen eben diese Gewalt verboten. #le0406 #le0306 "

via #platznehmen

#Antifa #together #solidarity #LastGeneration #FreeLina #FridaysForFuture #NoAfD #NoPasaran

Andreas :antifa: :AFD:
6 days ago

#Antifa #together #LastGeneration #FreeLina #FridaysForFuture #solidarity #NoPasaran

Auf Twitter gefunden, sorry, aber wichtig:

"Wir möchten euch den #Thread zu dem #LeipzigerKessel empfehlen.Schaut euch die Bilder an & lest den Text.Stellt euch dabei bitte die Frage, ob das Vorgehen der Einsatzkräfte Menschenwürdig ist?
In dem Kessel befanden sich auch minderjährige Personen.
#Leipzig #LE0306 #LE0406

Tweet zitieren
Moritz Schlenk

6 days ago

Today in Labor History June 4, 1947: The House of Representatives approved the Taft-Hartley Act. The legislation allows the president of the United States to intervene in labor disputes. Even worse, it banned wildcat strikes, solidarity or secondary strikes, and political strikes, effectively eliminating the General Strike from workers’ arsenal. The law was a direct response to the strike wave of 1945-1946, the largest wave of strikes in U.S. history. It was particularly a response to the Oakland General Strike of 1946, the last General Strike that has occurred in the U.S. And it is one of most effective anti-labor laws ever enacted in the U.S.

#LaborHistory #WorkingClass #TaftHartley #wildcat #strike #GeneralStrike #solidarity

On December 3, 1946, the first official day of the Oakland general strike, crowds gathered in the streets, blocking traffic in downtown Oakland decorated for the Christmas season. By Unknown - Oakland Museum of California, Fair use,
6 days ago

The only reason #Starmer fans have given us to bother voting Labour is that he's "the lesser of two evils".

Are his own supporters admitting he's evil? 🤔

#socialism #socialist #solidarity #anticapitalism #labour #LabourParty #ukpolitics #KeirStarmer

Andreas :antifa: :AFD:
1 week ago

@tagesschau Die Eskalation / #Gewalt ging / geht eindeutig vom #Polizeiproblem / #Versammlungsbehörde der Stadt Leipzig aus, wisst ihr auch? Warum übernehmt ihr dann das PolizeiFraming?
#Antifa #Solidarität #solidarity #together #FreeLina #AntifaOst
#le0306 #Leipzig #TagX

1 week ago

Today in Labor History June 3, 1913: IWW Marine Transport Workers Union in New Orleans continued their strike against United Fruit Company (now known as Chiquita) after wages were cut by five dollars per month. The strike, which started on June 2, turned deadly on June 13, when police opened fire on strikers trying to stop scabs from loading a ship, killing two of them. The IWW lost this strike. However, they were highly successful in other longshore strikes up and down the Eastern Seaboard. At this time, the IWW controlled all but 2 of the Philadelphia docks. Their multiracial union was led by Ben Fletcher, an African-American docker. Fletcher was also instrumental in organizing the Baltimore dockers.

You can read my longer article about Ben Fletcher here:

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #IWW #wobblies #union #strike #racism #NewOrleans #philadelphia #police #PoliceBrutality #acab #PoliceMurder #scab #antiracism #solidarity #BlackMastadon

Police mug shots of Fletcher
1 week ago


Thank you for getting the word out!

**Come On, This Isn’t Right**

Overplayed your hand
have all leaders betrayed us
arrogant with imagined impunity

astonished when porcelain
world is in pieces

an injury to one
an injury to ALL

we are watching history.
we, through **will** see OUR world
made just

#Art4Action #Atlanta3
#Police State #InstitutionalThuggery
#Solidarity #MutualAid

Freedom Press
1 week ago

Dreams within defeats: The Kurdish quest for meaning
“pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will.”
#KurdishSolidarity #Rojava #Solidarity #TurkishElection

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
1 week ago

@Sundae_Gurl Right! If Joe Biden were 110 years old today or even more, he still would want to connect to & serve the people & not harm them.

That's the essence of democrat Joe Biden, & he's really good at it!

#Love #Community #Solidarity #UnitedInDiversity #UnitedWeCan #StrongerTogether

1 week ago

Today in Labor History June 1, 1916: The predominantly immigrant iron miners of the Mesabi Range, Minnesota, participated in a seemingly spontaneous strike in response to expensive housing and goods, long hours and poor pay. The group was led by radical Finns who quickly drew the attention and aid of IWW organizers. Wobbly organizers, including Carlo Tresca, Joe Schmidt, Frank Little, and later Joe Ettor and Elizabeth Gurley Flynn came to help local strike leaders draw up a list of demands which included an 8-hour day timed from when workers entered the mine until they were outside; a pay-scale based upon the day worked; pay-days twice monthly; immediate back-pay for hours worked upon severance; abolition of the Saturday night shift; abolition of the hated contract mining system. In the Contract Mining system, the bosses hired and paid “skilled” miners to do most of the mining. The contract miners then had to hire their own laborers and pay them out of their meagre wages. The contract miners were often native-born people, while the laborers were often immigrants. This created a racialized two-tiered system that divided the workers and made it harder to organize. The bosses would routinely offer the contract miners a minor concession to get them back to work, while offering the even more poorly paid laborers nothing, destroying their solidarity and ending the strike.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #IWW #union #strike #wildcat #Mesabi #iron #mining #solidarity #immigrant #ElizabethGurleyFlynn #FrankLittle #racism

IWW cartoon showing a burly white man in a t-shirt that reads "Mesaba I.W.W. solidarity," carrying a club that says, "Organization." He is stomping toward a man in a top hat with a vest that reads "Steel Trust." In the background is a setting sun that reads, "Emancipation."
1 week ago

@TheBierFrau I would love to be sitting across a table shooting the breeze on this topic with you.

I spent decades in oilfield/construction, working with the emotionally stunted men you are describing and I spent even longer trying to recover from my own upbringing.

I also spent a lot of time at Shakespeares back in the day and saw the damage that being forced to hide your identity does to women as well.

Get to know the Freelance Solidarity Project on a half-hour call next week, Tuesday. What’s FSP’s place in labor today? Come ask questions.

Tues. 6/6/23, 6:30 ET / 3:30 PT
To get the link:

#freelance #labor #union #solidarity

Nashville Anarchist
1 week ago

The arrest of the Atlanta Solidarity fund organizers is one of the most important escalations in the country. If #Georgia gets away with this, it will set a precedent for activists across the country.

Such overt authoritarianism can only be met by increased resistance and organizing.

#Atlanta #Solidarity #DefendTheAtlantaForest #StopCopCity

1 week ago

Hello #Mastodaoine and fellow tooters everywhere, I'm looking for inspiration for a wee project, and I'd love your help. I want short slogans/words/phrases to put on stickers that address the rise of the right in Ireland. It can be as simple as "Be Kind, Fight Fascism!" What are the best you've seen or that you would want to say or see on a wee sticker to make the world a small bit better? Go for it! Thank you!
#antifascist #queer #trans #solidarity

Jennifer Moore
2 weeks ago

"... the world we live in has injustices that no individual can eradicate, and that they affect all of us and they violate the freedom of all of us in different ways and to different degrees. But people would benefit from living in a more just world. And the only way we can get there is to be in solidarity with each other. We all have an interest in doing that."


Jennifer Moore
2 weeks ago

"Everything we do is going to be flawed. We’re just too tied to injustice to think that there’s any way of taking political action with clean hands. But that doesn’t mean that it’s okay to have dirty hands. It means that we’re all going to make mistakes and need to keep working and need to have people call us off them and to be aware of the injustices that even our well-intentioned actions produce. And then take responsibility for dealing with that."


🩵 Blue 🩵
2 weeks ago

I should also mention that we need to hit at least $7500 by June 1st. A lot of surprise expenses have come up this month, and we discovered that Kat's service dog has a fractured tooth with pulp exposed, so that will need to be addressed ASAP.

#ThankYou #PleaseBoost #MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #LGBTQ #LGBTQ2IA #trans #queer @mutualaid #urgent #disabled #MutualAidRequest #Solidarity #Help #fleeing #AntiTransHate #beg #ask

Sam Butler
2 weeks ago

URGENT REQUEST: Looking for a lawyer in Nevada by May 29th to support Land / Water Defenders opposing the Thacker Pass mine. Details below — contact @oxsamcamp on Twitter/FB if you can support.

@cldc — can you help connect Ox Sam Camp with a lawyer in Nevada, or pass this on / amplify the request?


#OxSamCamp #Frontline #Biodiversity #Solidarity #Help #Request #Legal #Lawyer #Nevada #ThackerPass #Environment #Climate #DirectAction

Picture of tweet with request from Ox Sam Camp.

We have 4 DAYS to the meet the needs of our Request For Attorney(s) Licensed in Nevada State (Criminal Defense) 

To represent four Land / Water Defenders opposing the Thacker Pass Lithium Mine, including local Fort McDermitt Paiute Shoshone Matriarch Dorece (Sam) Antonio.

Pictures of the requests are below this
Picture of request from Ox Sam Camp.

Licensed in Nevada State - Criminal Defense Attorney To represent 4 Land / Water Defenders opposing Thacker Pass Lithium Mine, one of them being local Ft. McDermitt Paiute - Shoshone Matriarch, Dorese (Sam). 

To contest ex parte Temporary Pratection Orders obtained by Lithium Nevada in Humboldt County, Winnemucca, Nevada.
Andreas :antifa: :AFD:
2 weeks ago


#AntifaOst Verfahren
#Antifa #together
#LastGeneration #Solidarität #solidarity

(Offener Brief vom #linXXnet im vorangehenden Thread von Jule verlinkt und hier:

<-- Wenn ihr den Aufruf mitzeichnen wollt, schreibt eine Mail an )

Hier ein Bild vom LVZ Artikel zur Thematik #le0306 ... ;-(

Foto von einem Artikel der LVZ zur Thematik #le0306 #FreeLina
Tim Monley
2 weeks ago

I feel in the middle of an important moment in history. The anticipation of an actors strike is starting to affect production. The film industry is in an upheaval and is the centre point for a battle for what we value, what humans will do in coming decades, and what the future of creativity holds.
#solidarity #wga #writersstrike #actorsstrike #SAGAFTRA

2 weeks ago

Today in Labor History May 26, 1824: Women and girls led the first recorded factory strike in US history. 102 women and girls walked off the job at Slater Mill, in Pawtucket, and picketed their factory.
Two days prior, the owners had increased working hours by an hour per day with no additional pay. Additionally, they slashed the pay of power-loom weavers by 25%. Those affected were all women and girls aged 15 to 30. According to the bosses, the girls had already been earning “extravagant wages.”

The owners were caught off guard. They were not expecting a protest. Indeed, no U.S. factories had ever experienced a strike. Perhaps even more shocking, other workers and community members joined them in solidarity. They blockaded the mills and hurled rocks at the mansions of the owners. On the final day of the week-long strike, workers set one of the mills on fire. The next day, the owners agreed to negotiate and agreed on a compromise.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #strike #women #sabotage #girls #solidarity

A spinning mule in Slater Mill. By Bestbudbrian - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,
Nashville Anarchist
2 weeks ago

#PrideMonth this year is a target for hate, more than most recent years. That doesn't mean we back down. It means we defend ourselves.

Many cities have a protest defense or security group already, so i strongly encourage looking into those. In #Nashville we have the Neon Guard.

But individually, the #Queer community should get serious about firearm ownership. Look into arming yourself, because the reality is that it's necessary. The fascists have guns, and the more we are also armed, the less likely they are to use them.

If you cannot stand the thought of arming yourself, at the very least get some pepper spray. Learn how to use it, buy an inactive training spray to test.

It's unpleasant but this is the reality we face. #CommunityDefense will save lives.

#LGBTQ #Pride #Solidarity #Guns #USA #USPol #Politics

Freedom Press
2 weeks ago

Statement on recent Kill the Bill sentencing
This May we have seen another round of sentencing for at least 4 comrades, for standing up to the police during the 2021 Kill the Bill uprising in Bristol.
#abolition #BristolRiots #KillTheBill #KillTheBillSentencing #PrisonerSupport #Solidarity #TillAllAreFree

People stand in front of a court room with banners reading 'SOLIDARITY OVERCOMES REPRESSION'  and 'RESIST REBEL REVOLT'
Nashville Anarchist
3 weeks ago

#DailyWire liar and admitted #Fascist, Matt Walsh, is making some concerning comments about #PrideMonth

Reminder to #Nashville people, this guy lives here, his company works here, and his plans for #trans #genocide are based here.

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A tweet from Matt Walsh on May 22nd, 2023, saying:

"Lots of conservatives are dreading Pride Month. But I'm excited. We have big plans for Pride Month this year. Stay tuned!"

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Warner Bros Discover CEO David Zaslav booed at Boston University graduation |

Warner Bros. Discover CEO booed during Boston University commencement speech: 'Pay your writers!'
While David Zaslav accepted his honorary degree from B.U., students were busy calling B.S.
Lester Fabian Brathwaite
By Lester Fabian Brathwaite May 21, 2023 at 05:24 PM EDT
Dave Rahardja
3 weeks ago

Here’s a thought experiment: If you had a small group of skilled mobile, desktop, server, and web front-end engineers who have access to time and money, and are eager to MAKE THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE USING THEIR SKILLS (and not just spin up yet another exploitive startup) what would YOU have them do?

Be specific.

Assume cost is no object.

It’s time to stop bellyaching about how bad tech is, and start brainstorming about what good it can do.

Please repost for exposure.

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Jo Grady joined our branch in #MiddlesexUniveristy today to discuss resilience and success! More members need to participate in the #MAB @ucu. We can do this together ✊🏻. If you are in the union 🫵🏻 and you’re not taking part yet, think about the difference your commitment to #solidarity could make. #UCU #UCURising #UCUStrike

New to freelance existence? This is something FSPers can talk about.

One thing we’re doing to have each other’s backs is creating our own open guide to freelancing. It pulls together a load of resources to help you write pitches, win grant funding, track taxes, and most importantly, organize with your fellow workers.

The invitation: put it to use — and come help us build it.

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Miss Jess
3 weeks ago

I appreciate everyone who has submitted their rates so far and I look forward to sharing the results!
The form once again, to make this a little sandwich.
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“‘[T]here is … the very real fear — which the WGA strike is so successfully highlighting — that much of the work that digital media workers currently do, both as freelancers and in staff roles, is likely to be first on the chopping block once these LLMs get robust enough,’ [FSP member @AlexisKG] Gunderson says. ‘Which, in too many cases, they already are.’”

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Theta Sigma
1 month ago

Just seen the news that my friends at UCU at Queen Margaret’s university have won, managing to management to backdown fully just in time to call off the strike.

Massive success for #unions #solidarity

Image of tweet. It reads: UCU Queen Margaret Uni, Edinburghs
Senior Management have backed down & we've called off our strike action.
This is a huge victory for our wee branch, & a successful de-escalation of a local dispute.

FSP members picketing with #WGAEast today, Brooklyn. Shown, Eric Thurm.

#WGA #WGAStrike #WGAStrong #labor #solidarity #contractNow

A mobile-device photo of a person with a close-cropped beard and wearing a pink baseball cap, sunglasses, a slender gold neckchain, black shirt and khaki shorts who smiles at the viewer while holding a sign reading “Fair Pay for a Writing Day. Writers Guild on Strike!” They are standing on the sidewalk underneath clear sky in the shade of a tree, with street and passing cars in background.
Freedom Press
1 month ago

Outrage after two dogs executed by police
There is another demo called by Animal Rising at 8PM today at Scotland Yard, London SW1A 2JL, to honour the lives of these dogs and hold the Met Police accountable.

[ID: A dog looks into the camera, there is a man behind with a sign saying 'FIRST OUR DOGS THEN OUR SONS WE DON'T WANT POLICE WITH G
#DangerousDogsAct #DogsExecuted #LimehouseCopShop #Protest #Solidarity

A dog looks into the camera, there is a man behind with a sign saying 'FIRST OUR DOGS THEN OUR SONS WE DON'T WANT POLICE WITH GUNS
Jane Adams
1 month ago

Boston City Council has unanimously passed a resolution condemning #Northeastern university for its union-busting activities on campus, joining #SomervilleMA City Council!

“This kind of union busting is beyond the pale.”

“Northeastern, get it together.”

Read more about the university's illegal, unfair labor practices here:

#BostonMA #MApoli #NEU #GradSchool #UnionStrong #Solidarity #Boston #Massachusetts #UAW

Hannah Copes
1 month ago

Solidarity with striking workers across the world, today and every day! The union makes us strong.

#Strike #Unions #Solidarity

“Thousands of people have been on the picket line in the first few days of the strike, and while there was some nervous energy on the line outside of Netflix in New York on Wednesday — after all, people are walking off paying jobs — the solidarity and determination on display is staggering.”
— FSP’s Eric Thurm in a thorough breakdown of the #WGAStrike for GQ

#WGA #WGAStrong #labor #solidarity

Hey, you like activist and independent art, you appreciate vintage aesthetics, you like that comrades can get free art, you want to help a neuroatypical comrade?

You can support me :

- by buying prints on

- by ordering prints on

- by supporting me on


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A print of an anthropomorphic coypu on a vintage pedal boat. A text reads (in French and English) "Help me piss off the bourgeois (and make more art)"
David Chasteen
1 month ago

@kswenger @victoriadecapua @BlackAzizAnansi

For those wondering, this tactic is working. Well.

"WGA members picketing in New York today shut down production on American Horror Story at Silvercup Studios with support from fellow union members in IATSE and Teamsters, who refused to cross the picket line.

On Day 2.

We're just getting started. #writersstrike #wgastrong

#wga #labor #solidarity #strike

David Chasteen
1 month ago

@kswenger @victoriadecapua @BlackAzizAnansi and, of course, people can donate to the community fund. A lot of people will be hurting financially during the strike. This is a way to help hold them up.

#wga #wgastrong #labor #solidarity #strike

David Chasteen
1 month ago

@kswenger @victoriadecapua @BlackAzizAnansi

This was amplified at the in-person meeting last night. People joining us at the picket lines is one of the most powerful things they can do to help. Other unions are saying they won't cross picket lines. The bigger, more powerful the lines are, the better. There will be lines in more cities than NY and LA. Stay tuned.

#wga #strike #wgastrong #solidarity #labor

Business interests profiting massively from creative labor mean to keep devaluing that labor. Yeah we see it. We reject it.

We’re with the strikers, all in. Their fight is our fight. No daylight between.

Expect us not to be quiet about it.

FSP’s position, adopted by member vote last night:

#WGA #WGAStrike #WGAStrong #labor #solidarity

Writers Guild of America strike graphic reading “NO DEAL, NO WRITING.”
1 month ago


#Racism undermines #solidarity and is thus very useful to the capitalists

Sam Nabi
1 month ago

I built an online petition tool that's been used by several groups to successfully lobby for change in local governments. I find I'm getting more and more requests for help, and it's time to create a separate online home for this app. What domain name should I go with? #grassroots #activism #solidarity