#TheCitizen #SouthAfrica #News : Burmester goes back to back as he bags SA Open title at Blair Atholl

A golden mole that has not been seen for over 80 years has been filmed and photographed after an extensive search for the species, which researchers feared was extinct. The researchers searched for evidence of the elusive mole by taking more than 100 soil samples from a range of locations and analyzing them for environmental DNA traces of the animal left in its environment through excretions, skin cells and hair.

#science #moles #SouthAfrica

General elections 2024 when? Do we want to wait & see if things will get better before picking a date? 🙄 #SouthAfrica

Disaster Alert
7 hours ago

🚨 Green forest fire alert in South Africa

On 02/12/2023, a forest fire started in South Africa, until 03/12/2023.

More details:

#wildfire #SouthAfrica

Graham Downs
8 hours ago

On this day in 1967, cardiac surgeon Christiaan Barnard performed the first successful human heart transplant on Louis Washkansky at Groote Schuur Hospital in #CapeTown, South Africa.

(h/t @wikipedia)

#SouthAfrica #OnThisDay #History #Medicine

African wildlife
8 hours ago
A live view from a webcam in Olifants West Game Reserve, South Africa. The camera occassionaly pans and zooms around, showing trees, bushes, and various wildlife, including lions and elephants.
Knowledge Zone
12 hours ago

#OnThisDay #Bhopal #Disaster / Bhopal gas tragedy (1984), considered to be world's worst industrial disaster in history, was a chemical accident on the night of 2-3 December that immediately killed 2,259 people.

First Heart Transplant (1967) performed by Christiaan Neethling Barnard at Groote Schuur Hospital in Cape Town, #SouthAfrica.

Today is United Nations' International Day of Persons with #Disabilities.

21 hours ago

Restoring the time space continuum! I have wine! 🥳

Tonight’s tipple…


Cheers! 🍷🍷

#Wine #SouthAfrica 🇿🇦

Some more slightly good news: PRASA recovering slowly.

「PRASA sets sights on big recovery in passenger trips by 2030


However, #PRASA is also quietly going about its business, reclaiming an increasing number of rail corridors countrywide following the Covid-19 pandemic, which saw its network almost completely destroyed by vandals and criminal syndicates, both inside and outside the agency.

Covid-19 perhaps also camouflaged the fact that the agency was already battling declining passenger numbers in the face of politicised management and the rising minibus taxi industry.

PRASA group CEO Hishaam #Emeran, the former PRASA Technical CEO, has been with the agency for about 20 years, experiencing both its rise and fall.

So far, just more than a year into his new position, the PRASA team has managed to put some solid numbers on the table.

For one, following years of underexpenditure, PRASA, in the past financial year, managed to invest R13.5-billion in capital expenditure projects –the highest to date – exceeding its R12.9-billion allocated capital budget.」

#SouthAfrica #PublicTrainsport #Rail

Graham Downs
1 day ago

There's been a lot of interest globally in the whole #FourDayWorkWeek thing, and companies all over the world have been trialling it.

Here in #SouthAfrica, we've just completed our own such trial. And the results were... rather different from what we've seen globally so far. 🤔

#Productivity #Work

Waves for Change, which originated in South Africa, works with young people at high risk of 'toxic stress'.#Features #Sports #ChildRights #Health #MentalHealth #NGO #PovertyandDevelopment #Africa #SouthAfrica
‘It gave me a purpose’: Surf therapy transforms lives in South Africa
1 day ago

African Rock python on a farm close by. Photos by a neighbor. Apparently it ate a baby Nyala. #python #snake #southafrica #dinokeng #suneden #wildlifepic #wildlife

Lukas VF Novak
2 days ago

Back from the brink: sand-swimming #GoldenMole, feared #extinct rediscovered after 86 years

"An elusive, iridescent golden mole not recorded since before the second world war has been rediscovered swimming in the sand in north-west #SouthAfrica.

It gets its 'golden' name from oily secretions that lubricate its fur so it can swim through sand #dunes. This means it does not create conventional tunnels, making it all the harder to detect."

A De Winton’s golden mole on the dunes in South Africa.
Trevor Burrows
2 days ago


#AsherGamedze - Alibama

I don't know what it is about certain melodies and harmonies from #SouthAfrica, especially in a #Jazz context, but they are so distinct and identifiable to my ear. Was listening to this album, unaware that Gamedze is from Cape Town, and this came on and I immediately thought "South Africa"!

(Or maybe it's just a sign that I've listened to way too much #AbdullahIbrahim, my intro to that country's tremendous jazz history and artistry.)

The album is Turbulence and Pulse. It's excellent from top to bottom!

This week Al Jazeera covers issues for child athletes, Eritrea's deserting footballers and scolded Pakistani cricketers.#Sports #Africa #Asia #Eritrea #Europe #Pakistan #SouthAfrica #Uganda #UnitedKingdom
Sport Weekly: Child athletes on the joys and the perils of competing
Graham Downs
2 days ago

What a wonderful trip down memory lane!

I think my family got #MNet very soon after it launched. If not 1987, then 1988 at the latest. And I remember that first decoder.

I think even after #Dstv launched, we stuck with "just M-Net" for a while.

Love them or hate them, #Multichoice definitely had a huge impact on #television in this country.

#history #TV #SouthAfrica

Flipboard Science Desk
3 days ago

Scientists in South Africa have rediscovered 11 De Winton's golden moles, which haven't been seen since 1936.

@NPR reports: "How does one go about finding a seemingly extinct, sand-dwelling mole that hasn't been seen in nearly 90 years? With the help of a dog and DNA, of course!"

#Animals #Endangered #SouthAfrica #Science

BCCI say Rohit and Virat Kohli asked for a break from the white-ball leg of the eight-match multi-format tour.#Sports #Cricket #Africa #Asia #India #SouthAfrica
India’s Rohit and Kohli skip white-ball leg of South Africa cricket tour
Mark Stoll
3 days ago

Your #environmental good news for today:

Back from the brink: sand-swimming golden mole, feared extinct, rediscovered after 86 years

Border collie Jessie sniffs out elusive species last seen in 1937 among dunes of #SouthAfrica

#ecology #extinction #environment #diamonds

3 days ago

Today, I'm grateful to past-me, who put insulation in our roof.

Our house is cool inside despite the absolutely scorching heat today.

Summer is definitely here.

#CapeTown #SouthAfrica

A bit of a bougainvillea plant, with reddish orange flowers, against a very blue sky
Graham Downs
3 days ago

Although #Starlink is not officially available in #SouthAfrica (and may never be, for reasons), some companies have been selling terminals anyway.

What the people want, the people want. That's actually something we're quite used to doing in South Africa: working around inane, pathetic, ridiculous government restrictions. And if we can't work around them, we're often not opposed to just outright flouting them.

It's unfortunate, but it's just the way it is here. :-(

Unfortunate... but also one of the things I love about this country: the whole "Ons maak 'n plan" mentality. You really can't keep us down.


Ana Cardiaceae
3 days ago

Today is as good a day as any to post this happy little steenbok.

May your day be as good as his.

#wildlife #wildlifephotography #southafrica

A little steenbok happily looking at the camera
Graham Downs
3 days ago

Protests in #SouthAfrica have absolutely lost all their sting, and serve no real purpose anymore (if they ever did).

Message on the WhatsApp group: "Be careful when driving on foo street in bar this morning. People burning tyres and throwing rocks again. Stay safe out there!"

"Oh no, what are they protesting this time?"

"F^$k knows. Just be careful. Take alternative routes to work if you can. Or maybe work from home. You don't want to get caught up in that."

That's all #protests mean to most people. Am I going to get to work this morning, and am I going to be safe?

And that's for people who own their own cars. For people who take buses and minibus taxies, it's even worse.

Regardless, nobody cares about the actual issue. It's just an annoyance. All people see are criminals destroying property and endangering lives. :-(


Ukraine War Bulletins and News
4 days ago
Protesters marched through Johannesburg demanding a permanent ceasefire in Gaza, in solidarity with Palestine.#Israel-Palestineconflict #Africa #SouthAfrica
South Africans demand permanent Gaza ceasefire during pro-Palestine march

Fascists do what fascists do, but Holomisa?

「Holomisa, Malema, Mkhwebane use fake 'intelligence report' to push false 'judicial corruption' claims」

#Fascism #SouthAfrica #Politics #Malema #Mkhwebane #Holomisa #EFF #UDM

5 days ago

South Africa: "relentless heatwave experienced by some provinces since last week has led to an alarming increase of snakes slithering about in residential areas..." #heatwave #snake #invasion #SouthAfrica

Headline: Rescuers battle huge squadron of SA's deadliest snakes due to heatwave
Danie van der Merwe
5 days ago

@rameshgupta yet #SouthAfrica may have not voiced criticism based on human rights or invasion of land, as it did not follow the same approach with the Ukraine/Russian conflict.

Mine's operator said the lift accident happened as employees were leaving a shaft at the end of their shift.#Africa #SouthAfrica
Eleven people killed in accident at platinum mine in South Africa
6 days ago

All #BRICS, except #India — 1 by 1 — #Brazil, #Russia, #China, & #SouthAfrica voiced their one-sided criticism of #Israel.

SA was most vociferous, voted to shut down #Israeli embassy & referred #Israel to #InternationalCriminalCourt #ICC.

ICC already has a separate warrant against #Putin for his #WarCrimes in #Ukraine that is hindering his free travel.

India was the only country that also condemned terrorism.

#InternationalDynamics — Part I ➡️

Graham Downs
6 days ago

Hmm, satellite #Internet is wonderful, as the article points out (even though #Starlink will probably never be available in #SouthAfrica, for reasons mentioned in the article), and as the article points out, #satellites in general can do wonderful things.

I just worry about satellite #pollution. How many of these satellites can be tolerate in our skies? Don't they pose a danger to spacecraft? At what point do they start blocking out the sun and effecting the #climate on earth?

And what about when they get decommissioned? Who brings them back and disposes of them? Or do we just leave them up there? Or do we shunt them off into deep space, where they could potentially get captured by and start polluting OTHER planets' orbits?

It just sounds a tad irresponsible to me. We need guidelines for how many we can have up there at any point in time, and what to do when we're done with them. Unless those guidelines already exist? I confess more than a little ignorance about this topic. 🤔

Graham Downs
6 days ago

@jmopp Yeah, that's what I'd always believed too. And I think a lot of people do. Maybe the law has recently changed (things are always changing, and a lot's changed, particularly since 1994), or maybe the catch is the bit about, "You can only record conversations you're a part of. If you leave the conversation, you have to end your recording." (i.e. you need consent to record if you want to leave it running)

It'd be nice to have a South African legal expert reply on this thread. What hashtags could I use to get the attention of one?

#SouthAfrica #law #legal #lawyers


Graham Downs
6 days ago

Very interesting story on the news this morning. They were talking about #bullying in the #workplace, and how it often comes down to a "he said, she said" type of situation where nobody's got proof. The question of #recording meetings came up again, which is very controversial and nobody ever actually seems to know what the rules are.

A legal expert said that, in #SouthAfrica, it is perfectly legal, ethical, and acceptable to -- even surreptitiously, without telling anyone -- record any meeting which you are a part of, AND that that record is admissible in hearings etc.

He said that taking a voice recording is no different from taking written notes, which many people do, and which they don't generally ask permission to do, or even just listening and remembering (making so-called "mental notes").

He did say, though, that you can only record conversations which you are a part of. You cannot leave your recording running, and then leave the meeting to go to the bathroom or get a cup of coffee from the canteen, etc. Because then you are no longer part of the conversation being recorded. So if you leave the meeting for whatever reason, you need to stop the recording.

I thought that you always had to get everyone's #consent to record conversations in South Africa, but apparently, I was wrong. 🤔

Well, okay, so maybe everyone knew this, and it's only interesting to me. But I'm sharing it just in case some people didn't. 😉

I am looking for a web designer/developer (freelancer) anywhere in #SouthAfrica who is well versed in creating #hugo ( websites.

#fedijobs #webdev #webdesign

Danie van der Merwe
1 week ago

South African gaming and esports surge

A new PwC report said African gaming and esports are expected to grow significantly in the next few years, with South Africa leading the pack (think that is across Africa).

The PwC Africa Entertainment and Media outlook revealed that South Africa leads the ...continues


#esports #gaming #southafrica #technology

Danie van der Merwe
1 week ago
A new PwC report said African gaming and esports are expected to grow significantly in the next few years, with South Africa leading the pack (think that is across Africa).

The PwC Africa Entertainment and Media outlook revealed that South Africa leads the Nigerian and Kenyan markets in video games and esports revenue.

South Africa saw strong growth in these sectors in 2022. This was especially prominent within the esports category, with total revenue up 30% year-on-year.

I'm glad to see this category growing because as long as you have electricity, a fibre connection, and a reasonable computer, you can compete fairly equally. The only downside can be where latency times to Europe and the USA lag a bit. But we are seeing more and more gaming servers being established within South Africa.

Some of the most popular mobile games include PUBG Mobile, Clash of Kings and Call of Duty Mobile.


#technology #gaming #esports #southafrica
1 week ago

South African gaming and esports surge

Man with headphones on, working in front of large computer monitor A new PwC report said African gaming and esports are expected to grow significantly in the next few years, with South Africa leading the pack (think that is across Africa). The PwC Africa Entertainment and […]

Man with headphones on, working in front of large computer monitor
1 week ago

I bought this from a friend today. She makes these beautiful ceramic pendants, delicate, hand painted, each one unique.

(ceramics by Louise Potgieter, see more of her work at )

#SouthAfrica #CapeTown #today #ceramics

My hand holding a small oval pendant. It's made from dark ceramic, which frames a delicate hand painted sprig of flowers, pink and green on a white background.
Nayana Mitter
1 week ago

“Intertwined” in Jewel City, Johannesburg by Nardstar*, a South African street artist known for her unique geometric-esque style.
#StreetArt #mural #graffitiart #Graffiti #MastoArt #JewelCity #johannesburg #southafrica

Flipboard News Desk
1 week ago

Former Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius has been granted parole and will be released from prison in early January, nearly 8 years after being sentenced for killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in 2013. Steenkamp’s mother says she does not oppose his release but is “concerned for the safety of any woman” who now comes into contact with him. Read more from the BBC.

#Pistorius #Parole #SouthAfrica

Graham Downs
1 week ago

As you've probably noticed by now, I have migrated my account to #MastodonAfrica. Which was surprisingly easy, by the way; I don't know how people can say it's overly technical or complicated. It really isn't.

Anyway, I'd like to encourage all my South African friends on the fediverse to do the same, especially since they've increased their character limit to 5000 characters per post.

You don't have to, of course, but I've been a fan of what @wogan's been trying to do for a long time now. I mean, if you look at the other semi-official regional Mastodon servers, like or, they have thousands of active users. There's really no reason why can't achieve the same.

Let's build a social home base for Africans everywhere, and get this Local timeline pumping!! 😁

#SouthAfrica #africa

I'll reply to this post with general instructions for how to migrate, if you don't know how it's done.

2 weeks ago

#today I found my #Mandrake #Linux v10 discs, from 2004. Bought them from #linuxwarehouse here in #southafrica, I couldn’t download hundreds of MB over a #dialup in those days. @Linux_Is_Best

a good reason to no longer shop at @'home #SouthAfrica - items now bearing #RFID Tags and I wonder what data is transmitted and stolen through this 'feature' - it gives me the creeps to say the least. Can anyone shed some light if and what data can be transmitted? Location Data through Smartphone's / Home Router's BLE? Tracking shoppers through a Mall? Profiling? #privacy #masssurveillance #tracking

Danie van der Merwe
2 weeks ago

Seems you must take your own material with, for having say pockets fixed. This was not even told to me when I brought the item in and got the price, after discussing what needs to be done. I only found out when collecting it. Where do I buy material? I'm told I can get it near the Castle in city centre! It's like taking your car for a service but you must provide the oil, spark plugs, air filter, etc. I'm astounded and will have to find a proper tailor now with material. #capetown #SouthAfrica

Cerveaux Non Disponibles
2 weeks ago

l'Afrique du sud vote pour l'arrêt des relations diplomatiques avec Israël.

"Nous sommes, comme vous le savez, extrêmement préoccupés par la poursuite des meurtres d’enfants et de civils innocents dans les Territoires palestiniens et nous pensons que la réponse d’Israël est devenue une punition collective », avait déclaré la cheffe de la diplomatie sud-africaine, Naledi Pandor.

#afriquedusud #Palestine #southafrica #فلسطين

The grouping, which has previously focused on economic issues, called for an end to 'war crimes' in the Gaza conflict.#Features #Israel-Palestineconflict #Africa #Asia #India #Israel #MiddleEast #Palestine #SouthAfrica
BRICS condemns Israel war on Gaza in signal to the West
2 weeks ago
Klippschliefer mit Jungtier auf de Rücken
Phillip de Wet
4 weeks ago

A rare #journojob opportunity in #SouthAfrica: a science journalism internship at News24 in Cape Town.

It's funded for two years, with all the infrastructure needed to do great work.

Arawak Spike
4 weeks ago

01 of 02.

“As previously indicated, a genocide under the watch of the international community cannot be tolerated.”

South Africa announced on Monday that it will withdraw all its diplomats from Israel to “signal its concern” over the situation in Gaza and the occupied West Bank.


1 month ago

#SouthAfrica is pulling all of its diplomats from Tel Aviv.

#Gaza #Israel #Palestine #ceasefirenow

South Africa withdrawing all diplomats from Tel Aviv.
Jungle George 🌴🌳🌲🍃
1 month ago

😂😅 At least they're having a great Monday 👍

#SouthAfrica 🇿🇦

A video of traffic guard standing on a busy intersection directing traffic, but he's dancing, 'conducting' the traffic, and having fun. There is lively music playing while the guard is directing traffic.
it's kat! 🍉
1 month ago

go on. tell me desmond tutu was wrong about israel's apartheid.
#desmondTutu #southAfrica #israel #gaza #palestine #ceasefireNow

1 month ago

❤️❤️🇿🇦🇿🇦 #SouthAfrica

World cup celebration on tv
1 month ago

Congrats #SouthAfrica on winning the #Rugby World Cup!! 🥳🥳🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

The Conversation Africa
1 month ago

In South Africa, a skhothane is a young, fashionably dressed black urban resident who engages in destructive conspicuous consumption. This involves regular get-togethers on weekends in which groups of izikhothane – most likely male teenagers – gather to compete in mock battles where luxury items are often destroyed.


1 month ago

Advice needed:
I need to raise money for a man who's just lost his job. Here in South Africa. He's not particularly tech literate, and doesn't have a PayPal account or anything like that. He does have a South African bank account.

Is there an online donation platform I can use to gather donations for him?


firstprimate 🇵🇸
1 month ago

What a finish. Happy #caturday and a extra happy for #SouthAfrica and their perseverance at the #rugbyworldcup2023

Allen Versfeld
2 months ago

I have a friend who's looking for work. She's in the Gauteng area (South Africa), but can remote to anywhere - she's seasoned remote worker who has been working from home for over 10 years. She's got a broad range of skills from customer support and experience management, to project management and operations, to copy writing and WordPress management. She can even do some light web design and PC troubleshooting!

I first met her when she was the ops manager and customer support liason for a bespoke SaaS company (I was managing some of their AWS services for them), and always found her to be friendly, efficient, and confident in her work.

She's going through a lot right now, and has been freelancing recently, is pretty keen to get back into formal employment. If anybody knows of any openings that might suit her range of experience, let me know?

#Job #SouthAfrica

20 minutes until game between France and South Africa

30 minutes until Polish exit polls

It is a nail-biting evening

@rugby #rubgy #france #southAfrica #Poland

2 months ago

Take the next step in your speaking journey! Sign up for our free workshop, learn how to submit a talk, & make your mark: 📣

#conference #workshops #submittingtalk #conferencesubmission #devconf #southafrica

Learn how #opensource and #LPI certification has helped empower Bigani Sehurutshi in his journey as a #Sysadmin at University of Botswana_Official, as a #Linux educator, and working on Early Warning System projects to help his region protect against natural disasters.

#FOSS #NICIS #tech #Botswana #SouthAfrica #ICTD #techforgood #LinuxEssentials #SecurityEssentials #LPIC

Schalk Neethling
2 months ago

New currency for #SouthAfrica, China and Russia – Godongwana draws the line - They so no, but I do not trust them.

Flipboard Science Desk
2 months ago

Humans are now the African savannah’s top predator, according to new research.

Popular Science reports: "Giraffes, leopards, elephants, and rhinoceroses all were more scared of human voices than lion roars."

Here's the original research:

#Animals #Africa #Biology #SouthAfrica #Science #Human

Does anyone know a #Hosting Provider in #SouthAfrica that can place the DS Records or DNSKEY Records with the '' Registrant? #DNSSEC

Anne Fausto Sterling
2 months ago

Amanda Lock Swarr Envisioning African Intersex: Challenging Colonial and Racist Legacies in South African Medicine
#podcast #genderandscience #SouthAfrica #Intersex

Danie van der Merwe
2 months ago

Linux Desktop Operating System Market Share in South Africa has more than Doubled this last Year

I still don’t place a lot of faith in stats around Linux desktop OS market share from web browser visits (because mine, for example, are “Other” and on a VPN that exits outside of SA, and our Linux computers in the home are behind one public IP address that c ...continues


#linux #southafrica #technology

#TheCitizen #SouthAfrica #News : WATCH: Joburg ‘no world-class African City’ after man caught peeing from moving car

"Dudu Myeni is accused of receiving bribes including security upgrades for her home from the company, Bosasa.

It has been implicated in numerous corrupt deals during Jacob Zuma's presidency.

Last year a Commission of Inquiry concluded that Ms Myeni had influenced Mr Zuma to favour Bosasa, which was awarded government contracts worth more than $100m (£82m).

A director with a subsidiary of Bosasa, Trevor Mathenjwa, was also charged with corruption. ..." ~ BBC Africa #SouthAfrica #Zupta