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Why Would India Assassinate a Sikh Leader on Canadian Soil?

Trudeau’s explosive allegation reveals the widening rift between the two countries, writes Sushant Singh.

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Visa suspension for Canadians enforced at Indian missions globally

The latest clarification has broadened the scope of the ban as no Canadian will be entertained for an Indian visa at any of the Indian missions across the world

#india #canada #HardeepSinghNijjarMurder #HardeepSinghNijjar #JustinTrudeau #IndianIntelligence #sovereignty #diplomacy #khalistan #IndianVisas

LM Little
22 hours ago

"#Canada’s government has bolstered economic ties with a far-right #Indian government, while turning a blind eyes to its attacks on #Sikh Canadians—which now includes political assassination."

#cdnpoli #sovereignty #ForeignInterference #HumanRights #Authoritarianism #India

DC Deejay
2 days ago

"Asked if Ottawa is thinking about retaliating by pausing visa processing for Indian visitors, (Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia) Freeland said the government is focused on bringing the killers to justice.

"This is not about geopolitics. This is about Canada, the safety of Canadians in Canada. This is about the rule of law," she said."🇨🇦💪🏾#politics #cdnpoli #sovereignty #foreignpolicy

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Canada’s Allegation Creates a Dissonance in the Post-G20 Narratives About India

Delhi wants to be seen rubbing shoulders at the high table with the G7 even as it claims the leadership of the “global south”. Greater influence brings a higher bar and more scrutiny.

#india #canada #HardeepSinghNijjarMurder #HardeepSinghNijjar #diplomacy #sovereignty #BJP #BJPTrolls #NarendraModi #JustinTrudeau #G7 #RAW #IB #CSIS #MEA #khalistan #india

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Canada becoming safe haven for terrorists, says India as it stops visa services

A spokesperson for India’s foreign ministry urged Ottawa to act against those accused of terrorism, or send them to India to face justice.

#india #canada #HardeepSinghNijjarMurder #HardeepSinghNijjar #diplomacy #sovereignty #MEA #india

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#Algorithms influence our lives in significant ways and limit human agency. In this new contribution to the Weizenbaum Journal of the Digital Society #wjds, Ana Pop Stefanija & Jo Pierson (both VU Brussel) discuss the requirements for the #digital #sovereignty of individuals and how it could be enabled:


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Escalating Canada-India row complicates efforts by West to counter China

As the world’s most populous country, with the fifth largest economy and second-largest military, India is still an invaluable partner to the West.

#india #canada #HardeepSinghNijjarMurder #HardeepSinghNijjar #khalistan #diplomacy #sovereignty #RAW #UnitedStates #democracy #ForeignRelations

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India asks citizens to be careful if traveling to Canada as rift widens over Sikh leader’s death

India has advised its citizens to be careful when traveling to Canada as a rift between the two nations widens further in the wake of Ottawa’s allegations that India may have been involved in the killing of a Sikh separatist leader in suburban Vancouver.

#india #canada #TravelAdvisory #HardeepSinghNijjarMurder #HardeepSinghNijjar #khalistan #diplomacy #sovereignty #ForeignRelations #IndianDiaspora #BJP #india

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On Justin Trudeau's Khalistani leader killing claim, US' response

The US is "deeply concerned" over accusations by Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau linking Indian government agents to the murder of a Khalistani leader in British Columbia in June, the White House said.

#WhiteHouse #USGovt #JustinTrudeau #HardeepSinghNijjar #sovereignty #diplomacy #khalistan #canada #UnitedStates #india

4 days ago

Facebook is Blocking Canadians’ Posts About the Assassination of a BC Sikh Leader. Their Posts Were Targeted by India’s Government.

Canadian Sikh Facebook users receive notifications that their posts are being taken down because they’re in violation of Indian law.

#canada #HardeepSinghNijjar #JustinTrudeau #sovereignty #facebook #meta #censorship #sikhs #ITAct2000 #khalistan #diplomacy #india

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US, UK, Australia Express 'Deep Concern' Over Canada's Allegations

All three countries not only have significant Indian diaspora, but are also part of the 'five eyes' intelligence alliance with Canada.

#canada #HardeepSinghNijjar #JustinTrudeau #sovereignty #khalistan #diplomacy #UK #JamesCleverly #india

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“Certain principles are an #international system, are sacrosanct: #sovereignty, #TerritorialIntegrity, #HumanRights,” #Biden said at the #UNGA

SHUT Breaking News
5 days ago

Sikh group threatens Indian consulate shutdown in Canada over Hardeep Singh Nijjar alleged murder: Protests are planned outside Indian consulates in Canada after the murder of a Sikh leader in the country. Sikhs for Justice, an organization known for organizing referendum votes on Khalistan, is seeking the expulsion of the Indian High Commissioner to Canada and urging the Canadian government to label India a state… #Democracy #Ruleoflaw #Canada #Sovereignty #Murder

Lawrence Herzog
5 days ago
"Canadian Sikh Facebook users posting about the assassination of a Sikh community leader are seeing posts disappear and accounts suspended in response to legal demands by the Indian government. "Many Facebook posts and pages that have been flagged as being in violation of Indian law involve content relating to the legacy of Bhai Hardeep Singh Nijjar, a Sikh leader who was assassinated at a Surrey gurdwara in June of this year." #cdnpoli #sovereignty #democracy #India
DC Deejay
5 days ago

Zuckerberg and Musk are now interfering with foreign policy and undermining the sovereignty of western governments whenever it collides with their interests and alliances.

This has gone way too far and too fast.

Blocking their servers on our national networks is not too drastic a course of action at this point.

Not finding a less disruptive way to bring them to heel immediately and permanently might mean the end of democracy.

#politics #democracy #sovereignty

An article about the

Project #Cybersyn#Allende ’s effort to manage the nationalized enterprises using computers and telexes – as an entry point into a much bigger story. That story was of a democratic and socialist government can address the questions of #technological #sovereignty.

[...] at least in light of today’s challenges and the growing power of #BigTech, his government’s efforts to build a different technological world order also have much to teach us.

1 week ago

Nope, this is NOT a joke: #China is launching an "economic integration plan" for #Taiwan as its latest attempt to undermine the #sovereignty of this #democratic nation.
China praises investment opportunities in #realestate (that market is a dumpster fire!) and employment opportunities for young Taiwanese - unemployment in China stands at over 20 percent for the 16 to 24 age bracket.
This plan is utter rubbish, and #TaiwanisnotChina.
#FarEast #freedom

Priscilla Stuckey
2 weeks ago

"For many Native Hawaiians, the ruins of Lahaina are a harbinger of what’s to come if Hawaiʻi continues to follow the capitalist system under US occupation."

Excellent overview of what is happening in the Hawaiian sovereignty movement especially right now in light of Lahaina.

#Lahaina #wildfire #DisasterCapitalism #Hawaiians #sovereignty

LM Little
2 weeks ago

"#oil and gas production is not just continuing unrestricted in #Canada. It is growing. Canadian oil production set a record in 2022 and is expected to grow eight percent more in the next two years, largely because of the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project."

#ClimateBreakdown #Ecuador #climateChange #biodiversity #Indigenous #sovereignty

3 weeks ago

In Panama, an Indigenous kingdom fights for its right to the forest

CHANGUINOLA, Panama — Long before the Naso peoples in the northern jungles of Panama won the fight for their land, before a king came from far away to lead them against the invaders and cattle ranchers, the bureaucrats and corporations who wanted the territory to themselves — long before all of that, the Naso people lived on the Caribbean coast battling enemy tribes and Spanish colonists.

#Panama #indigenous #struggle #autonomy #sovereignty

3 weeks ago

Amid Continued #Sovereignty Campaign, #Wabanaki REACH Creates Play as Part of Truth-Telling Project

Evan Popp, Maine Beacon
Thu, August 31, 2023

"As part of a truth-telling initiative that seeks to illuminate the issue of land claims and the 1980 #SettlementAct as well as celebrate the resilience of #Indigenous communities, the group #WabanakiREACH has partnered with a #Maine-based #theater organization to create a play developed by and for #Wabanaki people.

"The play, titled where the river widens, is an original, community-developed production and is being put on in partnership with #ThreadbareTheatreWorkshop, a group located on the Blue Hill peninsula. The work is the first public offering based on a project in which Wabanaki REACH — an organization supporting Indigenous self-determination through education and other restorative practices — spent a year gathering more than 40 oral history interviews from Wabanaki people and those in Maine about Maine Indian land claims and the 1980 Settlement Act.

"As Beacon previously reported, Wabanaki tribes have long argued that the Settlement Act has stifled tribes’ economic development and allowed the state to treat sovereign Indigenous nations as municipalities, creating a paternalistic and unfair relationship that no other federally-recognized tribe is subject to. Given that, the Wabanaki have created a grassroots movement in the last couple years behind reforming the Settlement Act to recognize the tribes’ inherent sovereignty, but opposition from Gov. #JanetMills has stymied such efforts despite broad support for change from the public.

"Earlier this year, tribal leaders also attempted to pass a bill to ensure that the Wabanaki would have access to most federal laws that benefit Indigenous tribes around the country. Proponents of that legislation noted that because of the Settlement Act, any federal law enacted after 1980 for the benefit of tribes across the U.S. that impacts the application of Maine law doesn’t apply to the Wabanaki unless they are specifically included in the measure by Congress. However, Mills in June vetoed the measure pushed by tribal leaders to rectify that situation.

"Given the power of the stories Wabanaki REACH was able to collect on the subject, Maria Girouard, the group’s executive director, said the organization felt it was important to share those experiences with a wider audience via theater.

“We were so moved by the stories we gathered, it was a natural next step to talk about theater as a way of continuing to move the conversation from the head to the heart, to reach more people, and to gather in community,” Girouard said.

"The play is set outdoors along the #PenobscotRiver, which itself has been the subject of land claim disputes and issues related to tribal sovereignty. It stitches together music, song, dance and the interviews from Beyond the Claims: Stories from the Land & the Heart — the name of the Wabanaki REACH truth-telling initiative.

"A news release about where the river widens also describes it as a 'poetic, spare, lyrical movement through stories, place, and time” and a thought-provoking play that “not only illuminates a complex and tumultuous era, but celebrates the beauty, creativity, and resilience of Wabanaki people.'

"#Threadbare said they are excited to be working with Wabanaki REACH on the play, which features #LilahAkins, #EstherAnne, #NickBear, #WolatqinBear, #AndreaFrancis, #MariaGirouard, #DaleLolar, #GeorgeLoring, #MargoLukens, #JoshuaMcCarey, and #ErlenePaul as co-creators and performers.

"'Threadbare’s way of co-creating, not only with community members but inspired by them, aligns so beautifully with Wabanaki REACH’s values of connection and joy,' said Kate Russell, artistic director of Threadbare Theatre Workshop. 'I am grateful for the generous folks who have come together this summer to create and perform this play — they are brilliant.'

"There will be two public performances of the hour-long play on Indian Island on Sept. 16 and Sept. 17 at 5 p.m. With space limited, those who want to attend must register ahead of time to reserve seats by visiting"

#IndigenousNews #WabanakiConfederacy #PenobscotNation #Maliseet #Passamaquoddy #Mikmaq #FirstNations #MaineTribes #Arts #Theatre #TruthTelling #NativeAmericans

Freedom not Fear
3 weeks ago

The European Data Protection Supervisor ( Wojciech Wiewiórowski (@EDPS_supervisor) right now giving a brief input on “Fediverse for Public Administration. Why we try and why we fail”.

Responding to a (too) short definition of the Fediverse as an antidote to big-tech social media platforms, he stated:

“I have nothing against big. I have nothing against American. I have nothing against platforms. I have something against being dependent.”

A recording of the talk will be published on his office's PeerTube instance ( / @edps_tv).

#FnF23 #FreedomNotFear #keynote #fediverse #publicAdministration #sovereignty #digitalSovereignty

European Data Protection Supervisor (EDPS) Wojciech Wiewiórowski addressing the Freedom not Fear participants on “Fediverse for Public Administration. Why we try and why we fail”
3 weeks ago

Satellite Images Show China Strengthening Bunkers, Construction in Aksai Chin: Report

'Hindustan Times' reports that a comparison of images taken on December 6, 2021, and August 18 this year, shows that the Chinese have built ramped up bunkers and done underground construction at six locations, within 15 square kilometres of Aksai Chin.

#china #ArunachalPradesh #AksaiChin #ChineseIncursions #LAC #NationalBorders #sovereignty #diplomacy #NarendraModi #XiJinping #BRICS #india

3 weeks ago

After Protest by India, China Asks Not to 'Over-Interpret' Map, Calls it 'Exercise of Sovereignty'

The furore in India had been over the fact that China's new map has continued to show the whole of Arunachal Pradesh and the Aksai Chin region as part of its territory.

#china #ArunachalPradesh #AksaiChin #ChinaMap #NationalBorders #sovereignty #diplomacy #NarendraModi #XiJinping #BRICS #india

René Büst
1 month ago

New research exclusively for Gartner clients: “Sovereign Cloud Portfolio Design for Cloud IT Services Providers”

The requirements for digital sovereignty are neither theater nor an ephemeral phenomenon, but reality.

Cloud IT services providers should expand their service portfolio beyond hyperscale cloud partnerships to offer real sovereign options to their customers.

#sovereignty #digitalsovereignty

@blissfulmun If I may, it's not our laws, it's Meta/Twitter/etc refusal to abide by our laws. Australia has similar laws. These private corporations have chosen to play by the rules as laid out by elected government down under. Here they refuse.
Canadian news is accessible here on Mastadon by searching #cdnpoli.
You can also find news outlets like @thetyee @thenarwhal among others here. Also try @Flipboard
#news #canada #sovereignty

demï7en 🎗
1 month ago

@dechen Certain Tibetan-government-in-exile (TGIE) decision in the late 1970s — with prodding from Westerners eager to do business with the occupying Chinese dictatorship — was *the* key downer in many ways.

#Tibet #colonialism #middleway #sovereignty

1 month ago

Sedition law is not gone, it’s set to be more draconian

The Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita Bill, brought to replace the colonial-era Indian Penal Code, could make the current sedition law wider but without the safeguards that courts have created so far.

#BNSBill #IPC #PenalCode #sedition #DraconianLaws #repression #protests #sovereignty #rights #CivilRights #BJP #hindutva #india

Stuff like that and the border checks delay tells me #sovereignty is a tiny bit more expensive than they expected it to be

those Commonwealth investments are taking a while I guess
2 months ago

🕵️‍♂️ Let’s talk about data sovereignty!

Despite risks, we rely on hyperscalers like Microsoft or Google. But there are good news: A Sovereign Workplace – an open & free alternative – is coming, driven by a group of open source software vendors.


#openproject #opensource #sovereignty #sovereignworkplace #opendesk

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
2 months ago

Dear BBC,
We are extremely disappointed to learn that your fediverse server is hosted on Amazon #AWS.

Re are not interested in helping #dotCons gain more influence online.

Please fix.

#sovereignty #independence #socialBBC #BBCsocial #amAZOnaWs

CelloMom On Cars
2 months ago

"The concept of #LossAndDamage covers monetary losses to infrastructure and businesses but also recognises irrecoverable loss with indeterminable value such as loss of #culture, #indigenous knowledge, #biodiversity, life or #sovereignty.

The only way for governments and businesses to avoid further loss and damage claims is deep #emissions cuts."

2 months ago

#Tribal #sovereignty bill falters as #Maine lawmakers fail to override governor’s veto

Published 1:13 PM EDT, July 6, 2023

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — "Maine lawmakers failed Thursday to override the governor’s veto of a bill that would have expanded the sovereignty of #NativeAmerican tribes in the state by ensuring more federal laws apply to them.

"It’s a defeat for the tribes, which are bound by a land claims settlement that puts them on different footing than the nation’s other 570 federally recognized tribes.

"Both chambers had voted to enact the bill with big-enough majorities to override the veto, but some House members backtracked under pressure by Democratic Gov. Janet Mills. She contends the bill was vague and would lead to lengthy and contentious litigation in coming years.

"But the tribes increasingly see [Gov Mills] as standing in the way of changes they say are necessary to improve their lives. Last week, Penobscot Nation Chief Kirk Francis said he thinks the governor wants 'to protect an old guard and old mindset' by maintaining the status quo. And Dana, the tribal representative, said Thursday that some of the governor’s comments about the legislation were 'dangerous and misleading.'

"A bill to provide full sovereignty to the tribes this session is being held over, meaning it’ll be dealt with by lawmakers next year.

"Tribal leaders were optimistic about the future.
"'We were never going to take a step backwards when it comes to our sovereignty. We’re always going to be taking a step forward,' Dana after the vote.

"Francis of the #PenobscotNation added: 'Though today was a loss on the floor of the House, we’re confident moving forward we will only gain greater support.'"

#MaineTribes #Sovereignty #Penobscot #Passamaquoddy #WabanakiConfederacy #Maliseet #IndigenousNews #MaineSettlementAct #FirstNations #NativeAmericanNews

3 months ago

The #UK is set to sign the #CPTPP trade deal next week, and the government is keeping very quiet about it. Perhaps because there is an estimated gain to the UK of only 0.08% of GDP, just a 50th of the OBR’s estimate of what Brexit has cost the UK economy to date.
Not to mention that agreements over standards will involve the UK submitting to international CPTPP courts on these issues. Sovereignty, anyone?
#Trade #UKPolitics #Sovereignty #Brexit

3 months ago

Boo hiss! Hoping the #Maine legislature overrides Governor Mills' veto.

Maine governor vetoes proposal sought by tribes to ensure they benefit from federal laws

By DAVID SHARP, June 30, 2023

"Democratic Gov. Janet Mills delivered a setback to #NativeAmerican tribes seeking greater #sovereignty in Maine, vetoing a proposal on Friday that aimed to ensure many federal laws apply to them despite a state land claims settlement that dates back decades.

"The governor said she doesn’t want the tribes in Maine to be unfairly excluded from federal benefits enjoyed by other tribes across the country. But she argued that the bill sponsored by Democratic House Speaker Rachel Talbot Ross is vague and confusing — and will lead to protracted litigation.

"Expressing distrust of the governor’s motives, #PenobscotNation Chief Kirk Francis urged lawmakers to disregard her arguments, some of which he called 'disingenuous.'

"'I’m confident in our friends and allies to make sure that we continue to work hard to get this over the finish line,' Francis told reporters on Friday. Both the Maine House and Senate approved the bill with bipartisan majorities that were big enough to override the governor’s veto."

#NativeAmericanNews #Passamaquoddy #Maliseet #FirstNations #IndigenousNews #MaineSettlementAct #WabanakiConfederacy #MaineTribes #Wabanaki #NativeAmericans

Read more:

3 months ago

#Maine Legislature vote expands #sovereignty for #NativeAmerican tribes

Story by By DAVID SHARP, Associated Press, June 22, 2023

"Native American tribes in Maine took an important step toward greater sovereignty as the state Legislature voted to let most federal laws apply to #Wabanaki tribes, putting them on the same footing as other federally recognized tribes across the country.

"Both the Maine House and Senate approved the bill with enough support [from both Democrats and Republicans] Wednesday to overcome a potential veto of the bill.

“Today signifies a landmark victory in the pursuit of Wabanaki self-determination," Penobscot Nation Chief Kirk Francis said Thursday in a statement. The Penobscot are one member of the Wabanaki Nations, which encompasses Indigenous peoples living in what is now Maine.

"Democratic Gov. Janet Mills has opposed the bill, sponsored by House Speaker #RachelTalbotRoss, expressing concerns that it could lead to confusion and lawsuits. Her office had no immediate comment on the legislative action.

"#Tribes in Maine are set apart from the other 570 federally recognized tribes across the country because of the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act, which stipulates they’re bound by state law and treats tribal reservations much like municipalities. That 1980 settlement for the #Passamaquoddy, #Penobscot and #Maliseet, along with a 1991 agreement for the Mi’kmaq, set the tribes apart from others in the country."

#NativeAmericanNews #Sovereignty #MaineSettlementAct #Mikmaq #FirstNations

Read more:

Sam Butler
4 months ago

Do you know any public google calendars / icals with events related to degrowth, skill sharing, workshops, people's forums, land + food sovereignty, convivial tech, ecosocial transitions, community initiatives, and generally for the worlds we want to build?

#climate #event #events #request #info #degrowth #workshop #education, #sovereignty #forum #progressive #organizing #learning #advice

Adam M. Sowards
4 months ago

My latest story is published with Smithsonian Magazine. It is a #history of the #SkagitRiver in the #PNW through the lens of logjams and dams and what they reveal about the changing nature of "progress." It touches on a variety of themes, including #envhist and #sovereignty for local Tribes.

I hope you'll read it.

5 months ago

@Natanox Not 100% this, but currently preparing "Digital #SelfDefense under #Linux", for end of this year. Not merely the "tech" stuff, but digital #sovereignty & #citizenship, too.

Tremendous amount of topics to cover.

Alex Fink
5 months ago

"Working class sovereignty: the first communist network state is already here."

From @theblockchainsocialist. Love the case study and example of #coop #cooperative business and overlapping, interconnected networks of people and organizations that create the possibility of this place.

#sovereignty #workingclass #organizing #communist #community #commons

Ars Electronica
5 months ago

(1/5) #Whoownsthetruth: #Truth and #Ownership, #Interpretation and #Sovereignty. The theme of this year’s Ars Electronica Festival is very close to the focal points of our time. Can truth be owned? Is there a right to truth, and if someone does own it, what power and responsibility does that entail? What do these questions have to do with digitalization, and how does this relate to the breathtakingly developing power of so-called #artificialintelligence?

5 months ago

#sovereignty : the exercise of, or right to exercise, supreme power

- French: Souveraineté

- Italian: sovranità

- Portuguese: soberania

- Spanish: soberanía


Join our new subreddit for language learners @

Glyn Moody
6 months ago

‘Take back control’? With this Pacific trade deal, #Brexit Britain has just signed it away - exactly: trade deals inevitably mean loss of #sovereignty - which brexiters now claim was the whole point of their self-harm idea

LM Little
6 months ago

Well played! Take that #ScottMoe! The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN), which represents 73 First Nations in #Saskatchewan, says the #criticalMineral strategy infringes on inherent and treaty rights.

#skpoli #IndigenousRights #IndigenousTitle #Sovereignty

Dave Lane 🇳🇿
6 months ago

I can't believe that no one is talking about the threat to our #sovereignty presented by NZ's adoption of the #CPTPPA and the implications of secret suits brought by, for example, foreign owned tech corporations who might *secretly* sue (or threaten to do so) the Crown under its #ISDS provisions if NZ gov't has any policy that prefers domestic suppliers of cloud services. It's ridiculous that we'd accept such constraints on national policy (i.e. loss of sovereignty).

Arne Babenhauserheide
6 months ago

@hi_mayank My dream: the EU funds @igalia to take over some of the #Firefox devs cut by #Mozilla and shift FF development into Europe to increase its #digital #sovereignty. #digitalsovereignty #eu

6 months ago

#Maine tribes make #sovereignty call in first address in years

By Patrick Whittle, March 16, 2023

"Thursday's speech was preceded by a rally and tribal drumming at Maine State House. It was the second address of its kind, as the first State of the Tribes was held in March 2002. All five tribal speakers said the tribes need more autonomy from state government. They also touched on issues such as the need to improve tribal health care services, education and business growth."

#Penobscot #Maliseet #Passamaquoddy #Mikmaq #FirstNations #IndigenousNews #MaineTribes #Wabanaki #NativeAmericans

#FoxNews is being Fox “News” again. They insinuate that because the Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior #Chippewa has accepted ANY money from the feds (even from HHS, as if that’s relevant), their roads aren’t theirs, but rather US taxpayers’. They further frame the tribe as villains against the townies. That’s not reporting; that’s advocacy. They’ll do anything to undermine #Native #Sovereignty & #Indigenous rights to fair treatment.

Actual journalists show reality:

Screenshot of a Fox News headline that reads, “Native American tribe barricading Wisconsin families in homes has received millions of dollars in govt funds” by Thomas Catenacci. Published on March 11, 2023. In the bottom right corner is a red arrow pointing to the headline and an accompanying red text comment that says, “Srsly, Fox?”

Finally #Britain is getting the benefits of #brexit. The restaurants no longer have vegetables. Not even for the vegetarian options. Hurray #sovereignty. 🤦

I love how concisely and precisely @ethanz articulates the issue of depending on proprietary non-🇪🇺 platforms for public actors and, more generally, “values-led organizations”.
Page 3 of this paper should in every 🇪🇺 #sovereignty speech ⤵️

7 months ago

Background: Environmental Justice Case Study: The #YuccaMountain High-Level #Nuclear Waste Repository and the Western #Shoshone

"The U.S. government has set aside an area of the Western Shoshone Nation, Yucca Mountain, as a final repository for high level nuclear waste from the U.S. nuclear industry. At present, the Department of Energy (DOE) is conducting a scientific investigation of the site that will cost $63 billion and will allow for the repository to be opened by the year 2010.

"Although they are still investigating the area, the DOE is no longer looking for a site elsewhere. The tribe is extremely concerned about observed health and environmental effects on its members, but currently the federal government has not initiated or implemented any official health studies, remedies to the environmental pollution, programs for early detection of environmental disease, or disease surveillance programs.

"Authorities such as the Bureau of Land Management, Forest and Park Services, Fish and Wildlife, Atomic Energy Commission, Department of Defense, and Department of Transportation, now have control over 90% of Shoshone land. This is in direct violation of the 1863 Treaty of Ruby Valley, ratified by the U.S. Senate in 1866, and later upheld by President Grant in 1869, that recognizes Shoshone territorial #sovereignty. "

#NativeAmericans #RespectTheTreaties #NoNukes #NoDumping #EnvironmentalRacism

“🇪🇺 digital ambition should reach beyond the role of the global regulator to that of the global builder if it is to realize its goal of #digital #sovereignty. It is not enough to aspire to an alternative to the existing commercial platforms, it must be actively built.”

Tanisha Fazal
7 months ago

Greetings, friends on Mastodon! #Introduction: I'm an #internationalrelations scholar intrigued by questions of macro-historical change, especially in the realm of #armedconflict. My work has focused on questions around #sovereignty, #internationallaw, and - these days - #military #medicine. I'm also trying to read up on #climatechange.

My family and I live in #Minneapolis, #Minnesota. We do a lot of #puzzles, #legos, and #wordplay.

Two cases brought by right-wing legal groups -- one in the US Supreme Court and second in Washington state -- are threatening the sovereign status of Indigenous nations.

' The two cases [argue] that federal laws that outline the U.S. government’s obligations to Indigenous nations ... violate the equal protection clause of the 14th Amendment [and that] such laws are racially discriminatory — against non-Indigenous people. '

#Indigenous #sovereignty #TreatyLaw


Konstantinos Komaitis
9 months ago

#Sweden seems to be pushing back on the digital #sovereignty ideology and I am living for it! Europe’s digital sovereignty - at least the way the Commission applies it - will only lead to a #fragmented Internet! The #fairshare debate is a case in point!

Sean Gonsalves
9 months ago

Along w/ #indigenous IT leader Matt Rantanen, my colleague & director of the CBN team @communitynets helps lead the Tribal #Broadband Bootcamps.

TBB offers hands-on training in wireless & fiber-optic networks, collaborating with #Native nations in building digital #sovereignty

Recently, it was announced TBB will continue in 2023 with an expanded schedule & curriculum

For more info & inside look at a previous bootcamp, ck out video we put together at the link below

Dr Sara E Cannon
10 months ago

Together, workshop contributors brainstormed tangible action steps & implementable recommendations for #FirstNations #sovereignty & #governance of #IndigenousData related to #CumulativeEffects & #ClimateChange in #salmon-bearing watersheds of #BC & beyond:

#IndigenousDataSovereignty #IDS #IDSov

Arlyssa D. Becenti
10 months ago

When that non Native journalist spoke to us, I remember her saying she was going to tell us what #sovereignty is!!! 
I remember thinking this woman who is not #Indigenous, is going to tell me a #Navajo woman, who was born and raised on the #NavajoNation, who has to carry around her Certificate of #Indian Blood in a special folder like it’s her birth certificate, she’s going to tell me what sovereignty is because she reported a couple of times on tribal communities? 
So insulting.

Will Landecker
10 months ago

I learned a lot about data sovereignty from the #indigidata crowd on Twitter. I haven’t found such a community here. Is there an indigenous data mastodon?

#indigenous #data #sovereignty

Reece Jones
10 months ago

So what do you think of my reading list for my grad seminar on #borders #immigration #territory #sovereignty and #thestate? Are there any great new books I missed? Add them below! 14/14
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Karen Wyld
11 months ago

If you're thinking I spelt Black wrong in #BlakBooks - I didn't. In so-called Australia, Blak is used by many #FirstNations people to push back a race-based social position forced upon us by colonisers, and to instead assert #Indigeneity and #Sovereignty

Here is an explainer of why Destiny Deacon, a Erub/Mer (Torres Strait) and K'ua K'ua (Cape York) artist, coined the Blak term in 1994.

11 months ago

Hi Community, 👋
happy to see you here and discuss topics around #openproject #foss, #opensource software, #privacy, data #sovereignty, and #projectmanagement.

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