🌅 Ben Soule ⛱️:coffefied:
1 day ago

#SpaceKaren strikes again.

@GottaLaff It's because #Twitter doesn't go after Journos like the beyond-#StochasticTerrorism and #Hategrooming forum #KiwiFarms...

But I'm shure you'll find a Tweet of #SpaceKaren #ApartheidEmeraldBoy stating "The Press are Scum!" or something else...

@stux @georgetakei #ApartheidEmeraldBoy & #SpaceKaren that destroyed :birdsite: :twitter: ...

Remember that one?

Fixated Units
5 days ago

📣 Hey, Mastodonians! Let's talk about Elon Musk and the Twitter hellsite. 🚀 Is it just me, or has he turned into a full-fledged Space Karen? 🙄

Lately, Elon's Twitter presence has become more of a problem than a source of entertainment. His once-entertaining tweets have morphed into a constant stream of controversy and questionable statements. 🗣️ It feels like he's using his massive influence to stir up unnecessary drama and hog the spotlight, rather than focusing on important issues.

It's disheartening to witness someone with vast power and resources squandering their platform instead of utilizing it to make a positive impact. 🌍 We need leaders who uplift and inspire, not ones who derail conversations and create chaos.

So, let's remember why we sought refuge in Mastodon as an alternative social media platform. Let's continue building an inclusive and respectful community here, where meaningful discussions can thrive without the noise and distractions of the Twitter hellsite.

Let's reclaim the joy of social media and establish an environment free from the antics of Space Karens. 🚀 Mastodon can be our safe haven for meaningful conversations, away from the chaos of Twitter!

#Mastodon #ElonMusk #SpaceKaren #TwitterHellsite #PositiveChange #Community

5 days ago
🌅 Ben Soule ⛱️:coffefied:
6 days ago

What does that say about Elon Musk #SpaceKaren

Nico :pensive_party_blob:
1 week ago

It’s a cess pit as it is imagine if #SpaceKaren does this

#Elon #Musk might shut off #Twitter entirely in #Europe.

He has pulled Twitter from the #EU's anti-disinformation agreement which would have required large digital platforms like Twitter to monitor and demonetize disinformation and bots, offer warnings about political advertising and fact-check information.”

1 week ago

You knew that there had to be some serious quid pro quo going on between these two @ssholes but this bargain is absolutely reprehensible:

"Florida is a known launching point for SpaceX aircrafts, and the new law could potentially shield Musk and other space flight companies from being sued for accidents that injure or kill crew members." #DeSatan #SpaceKaren

Probably Paul 🌍
1 week ago

"Elon Musk is without doubt the most succesful confidence trickster in all human history. Basically the L. Ron Hubbard of our day - only he's somehow managed to convince even the US government that sci-fi gobbledygook fantasies are worth investing in. He could choose to use his vast wealth to develop negative emissions tech, and help to save our existing biosphere. But he won't.

The other day, he posted the following, mind-bending tweet: "Because it consists of billions of bidirectional interactions per day, Twitter can be thought of as a collective, cybernetic super-intelligence". This is nonsense, as any actual expert in neural networks will tell you."

Full article:

#SpaceKaren #ElongatedMuskRat #AstroTERF

@Doreen32128 yeah...

*tries to find @sixtus 's take on how it seems as if #Europe may have to repay the favour of being freed from #facism, but I guess :birdsite: :twitter: has purged that #HotTake because it offended #SpaceKaren & #ApartheidEmeraldBoy #MuskRat...

1 week ago

Need another reason to hate Space Karen? Here you go:

#Twitter #SpaceKaren #ElonMusk

Marcus Jenkins
1 week ago

Totally nailed what's wrong with Teslas (apart from the principle of doing business with Space Karen).

#tesla #SpaceKaren #EVs #userexperience

Marcus Jenkins
1 week ago

Here's a great example of what a rock star programmer can, can't, will or won't do for your business. Space Karen is obsessed by the dream that rock star programmers are what he needs in any business to make him rich(er). Hiring one rock star programmer to fix a big ball of knotted code in a month is a (hyper)loopy expectation.

#SpaceKaren #LoveWhereYouWorked

Gothish Andy
2 weeks ago

*chuckles quietly* Elon Musk says Ron DeSantis broke the internet...

With an unprecedented 500,000 people waiting on twitter.

I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning.

#birdsite #TwitterMeltdown #SpaceKaren

#failuretolaunch presented to you by Desantis and #spacekaren just like Space X

If you haven't deleted your Twitter account now is the time to do it. The space featuring Musk and Desantis is about to start shortly if not already. #SpaceKaren

Charming Malcontent
2 weeks ago

I am sure lots of #Fediverse citizens will be tuning in to the bird-droppings site tomorrow to witness fwee-dumb of speak advocate #SpaceKaren "interview" #RondeSadTosser


CCC Freiburg
2 weeks ago
Craig Mcgee
2 weeks ago

Love reposting this!
I only use #twitter now to tell people that I don't use #twatter and give them alternative #contact info like an #introduction #introductions to #mastodon or my #Facebook #Skype and #Email address. I would suggest everyone else does the same, leave the #spaceKaren #fascverse to crumble to nothing. Whilst you're at it check my #Pinned post if you like #Unusual #Question #Questions please #Boost thank you!

Charming Malcontent
2 weeks ago

no wonder #SpaceKaren is spending what's left of his diminishing familys' #BloodDiamond inheritance...

(this is obviously A.I. there's no way the South Africaan #nazi would pay for a black #fembot)

The ultimate #InCel

Chris Merle
2 weeks ago

It's been 9 years since Elon Musk had this photo permanently removed from the internet forever

#ElonMusk #SpaceKaren #ApartheidClyde

It's been 9 years since Elon Musk had this photo permanently removed from the internet forever ER

Elon sort of dressed up as a cross between Adam Ant and Michael Jackson.
2 weeks ago

Space Karen's likes are quite a dumpster fire.
#SpaceKaren #tslaq

Dumpster fire.
James Glueck
2 weeks ago

@w7voa hey #spacekaren 🖕🏻 all the way off

Craig Mcgee
2 weeks ago

I only use #twitter now to tell people that I don't use #twatter and give them alternative #contact info like an #introduction #introductions to #mastodon or my #Facebook #Skype and #Email address. I would suggest everyone else does the same, leave the #spaceKaren #fascverse to crumble to nothing. Whilst you're at it check my #Pinned post if you like #Unusual #Question #Questions please #Boost thank you!

2 weeks ago

Some AI helped me to put the things in words #spacekaren makes me feel. Afterwards some other AI created the optical representation of it. Both is farely far away from each other. But still good results.

"Craft an image depicting Elon Musk as a 'Space Karen' who has landed in a psychiatric clinic. Musk is seen in a straitjacket, his arms restrained behind his back, and a manic look in his eyes. In the background, chaos unfolds: A SpaceX rocket is seen explosively malfunctioning in the mid-air, while a Tesla car is depicted in the midst of a dramatic crash at ground level. Also in the scene is a fallen blue bird, symbolic of Twitter, lying motionless on the ground nearby. The image should evoke a sense of surrealistic pandemonium and incorporate a darkly satirical undertone."

Remark: Musk is aktualisiert sitting on an office chair wearing a space suite. Still quite close to a masterpiece of an image.
Bill Vinson
2 weeks ago

@jgreen Maybe I’m just not wealthy because I believe I have obligations and I have to pay them. If I were unable to pay for the most necessary (food, housing, medical), I would hope the social safety net would be there to assist, but otherwise, I should fulfill my obligations.

#SpaceKaren doesn't seem to believe any rule, law or ethical obligation exists for him 😦

Craig Mcgee
2 weeks ago

I only use #twitter now to tell people that I don't use #twatter and give them alternative #contact info like an #introduction #introductions to #mastodon or my #Facebook #Skype and #Email address. I would suggest everyone else does the same, leave the #spaceKaren #fascverse to crumble to nothing. Whilst you're at it check my #Pinned post if you like #Unusual #Question #Questions please #Boost thank you!

2 weeks ago

"But Musk, who has banned some journalists from his so-called “free speech” platform, didn’t just allow these extremists back on Twitter—he also interacted with many of them." #MuskyTwitter #SpaceKaren #NeverForget #NeverAgain

Oktawian Chojnacki
3 weeks ago

Work from home is as morally wrong as capitalism and “free” market itself.

You want me in the office full time? I won’t take that opportunity, sorry. I can do that because other companies are offering better deals and my services are in demand.

The market has spoken.

We the people can have issues with that but #spacekaren and billionaires alike? IDK man 😬

Dani Danis
3 weeks ago


#SpaceKaren again. 🤬

„While Reed and others saw the inactive accounts of loved ones disappear last week, the account belonging to the late father of controversial internet personality Andrew Tate still appears to be on the site, for example.“

Sebastien 🌍
3 weeks ago

#SpaceKaren claims a Bellingcat story detailing white supremacist tattoos and slogans was ‘psychological operations.’

Charming Malcontent
3 weeks ago

Massive racist, anti-semite, South Africaan (who was able to avoid conscriprion for Canadian/US universities because of his family's apartheid-era wealth influence) #SpaceKaren QUNT!


Rachel Lawson
3 weeks ago

@arstechnica the pedestrian had blocked #SpaceKaren on Twitter

Manfred :verified:
3 weeks ago

@walsonde @sven222 @digitalcourage @phranck Junge junge was ein armseliges Argument und gleich hinterher die Musk Army vermuten 🤡

Wenn du mich wirklich kennen würdest wäre dir wohl bekannt das #SpaceKaren und sein handeln egal bei welcher Company mir ein rotes Tuch sind. Dies gilt aber auch für Personen die meinen anderer Leute Eigentum mutwillig beschädigen zu können. Irgendwo gibts für alles auch Grenzen.

Elon Musk was subpoenaed in the JPMorgan Jeffrey Epstein suit. No wonder why #spacekaren appointed a new CEO

Looks like election interference by #SpaceKaren didn't work #Erdogan has fallen below 50% and the opposition is rising

3 weeks ago

If you think #SpaceKaren Musk cares about Freespeech; I have a bridge made of crypto to sell you.

So the internets most famous fake free speech advocate is censoring the masses once again. He's going to be censoring certain posts ahead of Turkey's election. Free speech my ass, I've said it before I'll say it again. He doesn't care about freedom of speech. Never has. He is a lying two faced hypocrite.

#ElonMusk #SpaceKaren #FreeSpeech #censorship #Turkey #Twitter

@LunaDragofelis *nodds in agreement*

It's not beneficial for any cause if we waste energy on in-fighting.

I didn't choose my citizenship or white-passing.

But I choose to use said privilegue for good and not become a shitty #SpaceKaren that decides to not end hunger for lulz.

But then again I realized that a lot of people just need to make up imaginary enemies in order to derail the actual cause and issue...

Charming Malcontent
3 weeks ago

#SpaceKaren is an utter Qunt
End of.

@lamp @wanderinglens well, #SpaceKaren #ApartheidEmeraldBoy wants to lower his user count since people like myself decided to not delete their accounts and keep them online as #archive, thus holding :birdsite: :twitter: over the threshold for #EU regulations and #NetzDG...

And #ElonMusk doesn't like following the #rules or #laws and only does so when someone if breathing down his neck with a tonfa ready to swing at him...

3 weeks ago

Because he hasn't caused enough damage yet.

All the most unbelievable conspiracy theories presented as fact by an "Alternative Intelligence".

This guy has become far too dangerous, and he's accountable for absolutely nothing.

#SpaceKaren #ApartheidClyde

A website article's header which reads:

Elon Musk says he wants to start ‘TruthGPT’ to rival OpenAI and Google
The Twitter CEO also said encrypted DMs will launch 'no later than next month.'

#SpaceKaren was a MAGA disguised as a libertarian his future successor is a Ultra MAGA meaning she will be worse than Musk. #Twitter is about to turn into Fox News 4chain truth social all in 1

@bbhorne well, #SpaceKaren #ApartheidEmeraldBoy solely bought :birdsite: with the intent to destroy it in retaliation to his ex being happily together with a trans woman...

@lexd0g @j0 well, I guess it's kinda privilegued for myself to never have used it and instead as #consequence of #Twitter being destroyed by #SpaceKaren to "own trans people" I'll stick with XMPP-OMEMO for private comms and Zulip for organizational chat.

@Semilocon yeah, but to me that seems like a form of #StockholmSyndrome, cuz #JackDorsey made #Twitter shitty and sold it off to #SpaceKaren...

It seems to me irrational beyond belief...

Bill Vinson
1 month ago

@paul He's just trying to cleanse his image, but the problem is he is no better than the #SpaceKaren. We all need to maintain a healthy degree of skepticism of anything he's involved in regarding social media as he either has made a really poor choice or outright lied about where things were going for a paycheck.

Dee G Lloyd
1 month ago

Just leave twitter. #SpaceKaren ruined it, anyway.

@ppb1701 @Thompson yeah.

Still I hope this backfires so hard on #SpaceKaren that he'll not only touch grass, but be homeless and unemployable.through his own fault.

1 month ago

The Mastodon equivalent of this Tweet is something like, “Elon did a classic forums bad, should have used Linux! 🤣 #comedy #funny #laugh #lol #humor #musk #BirdSite #forums #SpaceKaren #OpenSource

A tweet by @robdelaney that reads, "What?!? I have a blue check now? Why? Oh goodness" being quoted by a tweet by @Arr that reads, "The ghost of Lowtax is ratatouilleing Elon from hell". @robdelaney's account no longer has a blue checkmark. @robdelaney's display name is, "Lydia Tár Tár Bink’s" and @Arr's display name is, "guys like me are mad for turtle meat".
1 month ago

SpaceX engineer: We need to reinforce our launchpad before launch. This rocket is more powerful than the pad was designed for.

Space Karen: Na, who cares. Send it. Also, you’re fired.

- Launch obliterates launchpad. Also, it sure looks like flying debris took out at least 5 rocket engines at liftoff, which no doubt contributed to its eventual self-destruction.

#spacex #spacekaren

🌅 Ben Soule ⛱️:coffefied:
1 month ago


If someone wants to compare Elon Musk to Iron Man then it's the Bizarro version of Iron Man and in this timeline he breaks technology. He's the villain. #SpaceKaren #Twitter

@rockojello516 Again: #ApartheidEmeraldBoy and #SpaceKaren #MuskRat literally bought #Twitter just to own #Trans people and destroy a popular place of them as a copium flex and retaliation against his ex leaving him and being happily together with a trans woman.

Dee G Lloyd
1 month ago

This was #SpaceKaren's plan all along. Not to label #NPR or #BBC, but to create a pretext to drop the #statemedia label for outlets from #China & #Russia on #Twitter. Personalities (I refuse to call them journalists) from those publications constantly whine about being tagged with those labels. The #freespeech "absolutist" carrying water for #authoritarian regimes yet again.

1 month ago

I guess if #musk can convince people to buy cars that self-crash, he can probably convince people to get on a rocket that self-explodes.

#spacex #spacekaren

@stux Giant grifter. Twitter is not *that essential. #SpaceKaren

@bkastl #SpaceKaren hat halt mehr #Geld und #Ego als Geschäftssinn und Verstand.

Ich hoffe #ApartheidEmeraldBoy geht an :birdsite: pleite und muss dann "#shitjobs" annehmen weil keiner jenes Ekelpaket einstellen mag...

Lol. #SpaceKaren just like #Putler: "Everything is going exactly as I planned, you idiots just don't get it" 😂

Anyway, wonderboy did some financial shuffling today, and #Twitter Inc is now "X".

Elon Musk tweet reads: "Buying Twitter is an accelerant to creating X, the everything app"
Dee G Lloyd
2 months ago
A CGI Space Karen mimics Lumbergh from Office Space, drinks from an Initech mug
Wolfgang Hagen
2 months ago

Wieder was Neues von der #birdsite und dem kleinen großen Ego von #SpaceKaren Elon:

Links zu Blogartikeln auf #substack werden jetzt mit einer Sicherheitswarnung wegen Spam versehen.

Und: Wer nach 'substack' sucht, erhält jetzt Suchergebnisse zu 'Newsletter'.

Das geschah kurz, nachdem Substack ein neues Projekt ankündigte, das Blogautoren eine SocialMedia-ähnliche Kommunikation auf der Plattform ermöglichen soll.

Screenshot der Nachricht, die man nach dem Klicken auf einen Link zu Substack erhält:


Der Link, auf den Du gerade zugreifen möchtest, wurde von Twitter und unseren Partnern identifiziert als potenzieller Spam oder Sicherheitsrisiko nach den URL-Richtlinien von Twitter. Dieser Link könnte in eine der unten aufgeführten Kategorien fallen: 

schädliche Links, die persönliche Informationen stehlen oder elektronische Geräte beschädigen könnten

Spam-Links, die Menschen in die Irre führen oder ihre Nutzung beeinträchtigen

gewalttätiger oder irreführender Inhalt, der zu Schäden in der realen Welt führen könnte

bestimmte Kategorien von Inhalten, die bei einer direkten Veröffentlichung auf Twitter einen Verstoß gegen die Twitter Regeln darstellen würden"
Suche nach 'substack' sucht nach 'newsletter'.

Randahl Fink
2 months ago

To #journalists who have been blocked by Elon Musk, it matters.

To the #LGBT community and the ethnic minorities, it matters.

This week I am taking a long, hard look at the consequences of Elon Musk taking control of Twitter.

Please share this video with everyone on Twitter, who are yet to understand, why we are all moving to #Mastodon🐘.

Watch now on #YouTube:

Very much inspired by @zoeschiffer and @kathygriffin.

#twitter #twitterexodus #SpaceKaren #FinkOutLoud

Randahl Fink
2 months ago

Twitter is dead, Elon Musk fired the employees who built it, and now he is on a mission to silence anyone who speaks the truth: Musk never understood the Twitter we all loved. Watch this weeks episode on YouTube:

#ElonMusk #Twitter #SpaceKaren #business #SoMe

@caseynewton #SpaceKaren is like the #Flood from #Halo.

The only winning move is to starve him into insolvency!

Bill Vinson
3 months ago

@w7voa as useful a response as #SpaceKaren is probably capable of giving 😦

3 months ago

@paul So social/cultural censorship is not ok with #SpaceKaren, but when it comes to commercial censorship, it's open season?

Jim Parsons
3 months ago


#Elmo’s been conducting
since second he walked into #Twitter HQ

A-List #BigTech #journalists & #bloggers quickly occupied luxury box seats and have been breathlessly “reporting” every #SpaceKaren antic (for click$)

while #Thiel *injected* #ChatGPT into the savage & lawless land of #ArtificialIntelligence. Everyone "playing with it" is training it.

Together: Musk & Thiel simultanously flooded the zone with 💩 and it’s working.

3 months ago

"Like me or be suspended"
#SpaceKaren #ElonMusk
~ Mr. Personality

Elon Musk backpedals after mocking disabled Twitter worker in tweet ‘storm’ #News #Twitter #Firings #disability #HaraldurThorleifsson

Haraldur Thorleifsson was locked out of his computer, but after nine days of no answer from the company, decided to tweet the CEO

#BestThingEver I pre-blocked the ELONgated NUT before I knew he had an interest in Twitter

Elon Musk - Arms outstretched as if to say, "I don't know what I'm doing"   Photograph: Stephen Lovekin/BEI/Rex/Shutterstock