Fifi Schwarz
2 days ago

'Onbekend maakt onbemind, maar het is een schone taak om die verhalen op te tekenen. Zodat je als lezer in de vertaling die de kunst is, mensen kunt ontmoeten die je nog niet kende'

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2 days ago

I know most people think I only ramble on about #CarCulture but there is plenty more actual #culture I like. Today I saw #SpokenWord, a #Concert, a #Dance performance and #Drag and it was amazing. All by non-motorised transport btw ;)

Børge A. Roum
5 days ago

Maybe there should be like a spoken word fork of Audacity?

But I want to emphasize that I do truly appreciate all the hard work put in for free in creating Audacity, and am thankful that I have this tool! Especially since I can't code myself. I understand that this is not easy to make, and I'm not demanding anything here. Just some thoughts on how it could be even better for my use case. :)

#AudioEditing #SpokenWord

Mieux vaut tard que jamais: l'enregistrement de notre concert à la Maison Rousseau de la Littérature (Genève).

Le mix est un peu brut mais on est assez content de nous. Ça vaut peut-être la peine d'en faire une version bien masterisée et tout...

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1 week ago

Aye!! it's #Pubday #Spokenword #Poetry check this dope !@# brotha out! Kelsey Ogbewe 🥰🔥🔥🔥Show some love support, download!

"Stopping a Garden Hose with Your Thumb" by The Narcissist Cookbook

I kissed that person I've been talking to
You know
The one I've been mildly crushing on
On and off
For half a decade
And it felt strange
Not the kiss
The kiss was great
I mean, it felt strange to know that it was okay
That I didn't need to choose between this thing we have
And what this other thing could be
I could just relax and take things easy
As much as I am ever capable of either of those things, anyway
And drift wherever this strange new breeze might take me
You know me
I feel, at any given time, tugged in all directions at once
That is, if anything can be thus described, my defining quality
But I spent years pathologising that very thing
Listening with rapt attention when the world told me I was disgusting
Like a child listening to a bedtime story
And you know I don't think I even really mean that metaphorically
We really do make a point of teaching kids that there is precisely one person to be
One way to live
And monogamous
Anything else is in some way less
And so I learned, as a lot of people like me did, that it was better to hide and lie and pretend
Than to express ourselves honestly
This approach was actively encouraged, for fucks sake
As if those habits ever once produced a single happy or healthy individual in the history of our species
It's like trying to shut off a garden hose by clamping your thumb over the end
It seems to work for about half a second
And then what had been a steady stream becomes a dozen water-jets shooting everywhere
You can't control it
And you get super fucking wet
And that metaphor got away from me a bit
What I'm trying to say is
By not accepting who I am and what I want
By crushing and condensing my identity til it explodes all over everybody's everything
I hurt people
And then I kept doing it
Over and over again
Until I learned that raging against the parts of me I find hard to love
Doesn't actually erase them
It doesn't actually fix anything
It just makes me ill
And unfulfilled
And you know what's truly terrible
Is that some people go their whole lives thinking that's an okay way to feel
They wake up every morning and voluntarily erase themselves
Dream by dream and wish by wish
Until they're barely even people anymore
They're just piles of bone and hair and flesh
Red meat going bad
And I dunno
Maybe it's just me man
But that sounds worse than any awkward, honest conversation
I have ever had
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Babu Menos 💬
2 weeks ago

Oh! I hadn’t heard that until now. Was high time I did:

Noname: Tiny Desk Concert, April 2017

Noname (vocals); Phoelix (bass, vocals); Akenya Seymour (keys, vocals); Connor Baker (drums); Brian Sanborn (guitar)

#Music #Rap #SpokenWord #Live #TinyDesk #NoName

Damon Thomas
2 weeks ago

I record everything I write. So for mastodon folks that couldn't make it out last night? As good as being there! #SpokenWord #poetry #jacksonville #florida

Make JAX Weird. A sticker you see around town. A call to action. Other places are weird. With their "Keep Austin Weird" merchandise. But they say we have work to do. 

Now... "Zaat" was a catfish monster. Of sorts. A large decorated wheel detailed his revenge plans. It was a very organized movie monster. Scrapbooking for vengeance. The plan was mad science. And it worked. 

"Blood Rage" had a kid gone bad. Unsupervised children became Drive-In Movie ax murderers back then. A useful plot device. Better than my 80s kid reality. When left alone I just ate Cookie Crisp cereal. Watched that Mr. T cartoon. Slasher movies need more. You sell the sizzle. "Blood Rage" tossed a piece of pumpkin pie and made "That is NOT cranberry sauce" a catchphrase. 

The Zaat screenplay writer would later be on Ancient Aliens. Where a national audience heard talk of a Mysterious Orb. Would later write a sci-fi novel after dreaming the first chapter. His sci-fi dreams came true. 

After a "Blood Rage" screening I sat across from the Producer's lawyer. We spoke of Yngwie Malmsteen. All sweep arpeggios and swagger. There was a "Blood Rage Girl" there. We spoke of St. Louis desserts. A Gooey Butter cake born of necessity. Or created by accident. 

We Make JAX Weird with every breath we take. There are more burlesque shows in condemned buildings than yacht clubs. And we are blessed.
Coffee Pinewood
2 weeks ago

And in the event that love breaks you, let it break....

#poetry #SpokenWord

Miles Carter - If you decide to love someone....

Damon Thomas
2 weeks ago

In NE FL and up for some poetry Monday? I'll be reading that night! One of a solid crew reading at the "Summer in the Swamp" poetry zine release party. Come on out! #jacksonville #florida #poetry #SpokenWord #zine

Summer in the Swamp zine release party. rain dogs. JAX, FL 9/11 8p.
Damon Thomas
3 weeks ago

Anyone near or nearish Jacksonville, FL? Come share your writing! I just applied to the main yearly writer fest. And you should too. #jacksonville #florida #writing #poetry #SpokenWord #books

J.J. Tindall
3 weeks ago

Proud to present the re-release of my poetry EP "Caught Red Lipped: Selections from 'Joe the Dream' & Other Poems" on Bandcamp.

Selections first posted on the original MP3.COM were featured on Radio Cambridge (UK), Radio Dublin & Radio Netherlands/VPRO (introduced by Wouter Pleijsier!), leading to my reading tour across nothern Europe in '04.

It's all music to me.

#poetry #spokenword #wouterpleijsier #chicagopoetry #bandcamp

Damon Thomas
4 weeks ago

Bandcamp Friday? Sure! A good time to remind folks that I have recorded a great many Spoken Word albums out of my Southern Gothic stories. All free to stream and download. #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #florida #SpokenWord #Bandcamp #BandcampFriday

1 month ago


RUPTURED WORLD - Xenoplanetary

There's #SpokenWord albums and #AudioBook albums, but leave it to the #DarkAmbient scene to introduce me to a completely different spin on the style: the #Datalog album!
#ElectronicMusic #Drone #Cinematic

It's a cool sci-fi cityscape, but doesn't really have much to do with the album within.
Nichola Scrutton
1 month ago

Tonight - delighted Night Vision album will air at 7pm on Radiophrenia Glasgow. 🙏🙌
With Alison Peebles, Louise Montgomery, Nalini Chetty, Ian Spink, Mairi Morrison. Listen at 87.9 FM or online at:
#spokenword #voice #soundscape #sound #radio #sounddesign #words #nightvision #composer #soundart #artist #atmospheric #experimental #music #radiophrenia2023

Brendan Bonsack
1 month ago

Pictures from the book launch for Es Foong aka Waffle Irongirl's debut poetry collection: "Clot and Marrow" (Recent Work Press), part of the Sonic Poetry Festival Aug 25 - Sep 10 2023.

#SpokenWord #poetry #festival #photography #GigPhotography #performance #portraits

1 month ago

Hoera, net een plaat van Lord Buckley op de kop getikt. Als je ooit met waardigheid toegesproken wilt worden over de klucht van het leven is Lord Buckley je man. #spokenword #lordbuckley

Micha Schmidt
1 month ago

Sie brauchen dich nicht mehr, sagte Teufels Lehrerin, denn sie heizen das Feuer ihrer Hölle selbst an. Diese Tagediebe und Maulhuren...


#Hamburg #ObererTotpunkt #SpokenWord #NeueDeutscheTodeskunst

Georgette Tan
1 month ago


#NeilHilborn went viral with 'OCD' 10 years ago. It was the first time I heard #SpokenWordPoetry and it changed my life.

I went on to help start the #SpokenWord #PoetryCommunity in my city. A lot of my role is in learning fast and mentoring, and I've seen many of our #poets go from clueless to being excellent writers/performers.

I'm semi-retired from the stage, but I'm still a proud mama hen. And I still run the local #NaPoWriMo.

Brendan Bonsack
1 month ago

Pictures from Opening Night of the Sonic Poetry Festival. Sonic Poetry Festival is a community-based grassroots poetry and spoken word festival based in Melbourne/Naarm, running from 25 August - 11 September, with gigs and workshops in city and regional areas. Check out the program via the link!

#SpokenWord #festival #poetry #LiveGigs #photography #portrait #EventPhotography #poets

Have my #SpokenWord rendition of Witch Hunt, by Rush, off their Moving Pictures album.

Dave, dressed casually and wearing his cans, is reciting the lyrics to Witch Hunt, by Rush, from their Moving Pictures album.

@wx1g I know it's only Thursday but have a #SingAlongSaturday vid! This one is A Fine Romance. #Singing #SingAlong #ShowTunes #Broadway #audio #video #SpokenWord

Dave is sitting at his desk, with an iPhone beside him.  He has white or gray beard and hair, and is wearing a black tee-shirt with Pride graphics on it.  He may have rocked a little.
Nichola Scrutton
1 month ago

Woohoo!! Two weeks of immersive listening courtesy of the super-fabulous folk at #radiophrenia2023 🙏🙌 So delighted Night Vision will air on Mon 28th Aug at 7pm. Full schedule is here…
#spokenword #soundscape #voice #soundart #radio #radioart #art #sounddesign #sound #artist #radiophrenia #glasgow #broadcast

[ h o n o r ]
1 month ago

new blog post, sharing a video piece i made towards the end of last month in response to the CIRCA 20:23 open call and manifesto with the theme 'HOPE: THE ART OF READING WHAT IS NOT YET WRITTEN' (

#videoArt #spokenWord #circaPrize

a still from the video piece mentioned previously which reads 'I am free because I have ties, because I am linked to a reality greater than me.', shown in white italic text over a puddle with the sun and a cloud reflecting in it
another still, reading 'to believe in a better future asks us to unmask the present' over a wire gate with the sun shining through
another still, reading '"I" am already a crowd, enmeshed in others" over a black painted brick wall with faded white graffiti (illegible) on it
another still, reading 'to be brutally, respectfully, courageously honest' over a rusted lid with a padlock, under a bush
J.J. Tindall
1 month ago

I remain partial to spoken word set to hot rhythms. This one is a little off color, and in German. "Gunter der Zwerg" from "Zen Mountain Circus."

Free streaming at my Soundcloud page:

#poetry #spokenword #soundcloud #oakparkIL

Molly :heart_fire:
1 month ago

I want to feel the pain
I want to feel the pleasure
Claws scraping skin
Grating teeth glass shattering
Pain. Dark. Altering.
Fog glossed eyes

I want to fall apart.
I want to drown in the darkness.
Break the branches. Tangled thoughts far too late.

#writing #words #poetry #spokenword #spokenwords #spokenpoetry #feelings #thoughts

Molly :heart_fire:
2 months ago

Something I wrote like over a decade ago

#writing #words #poetry #thoughts #spokenword #spokenpoetry

Damon Thomas
2 months ago

I've released 20 albums of Florida-centric Southern Gothic Spoken Word Realism. All free to stream and download. But never hurts to hype on Bandcamp Friday? #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #florida #SpokenWord #bandcamp #BandcampFriday

The Slow Music Movement
2 months ago

More cool new singles & hot new artists from the independent artist underground. Punk pop, pearly gate ascending electronica, unbearded trad-folk, ambient spoken word & freshly dusted South African House.

#slowmusic #independentartist #folk# house #African #electronica #pop #spokenword #ambient #newmusic #music

Nichola Scrutton
2 months ago

Today sees the return of #BandcampFriday when #Bandcamp waive their fees - a good day for listening to sounds old and new. Here’s a link to my current offerings if that’s of interest.😊 #sound #soundart #music #soundscape #voice #spokenword #experimental #album #newmusic #composer #artist #listening

Moixa mental
2 months ago

Performance a s’ArtNit de Campos

Divendres es celebra s’ArtNit de Campos i ses moixes de Moixa Mental farem una spoken word performace colorful megabass. És a dir: un recital llança-paraules performàtic a s’entrada de s’Hotel Segles a les 20.30 hores. Un acte reivindicatiu amb es qual volem denunciar sa falta de lectura de sa societat actual, la minva en l’interès cultural i la


#cultura-de-moixa #events #art #performance #spoken-word

Damon Thomas
2 months ago

At times someone asks if something they wrote might be considered "oversharing." It always looks fine to me! #writing #oversharing #SpokenWord #bandcamp

Grid of 20 Spoken Word albums from
MuteAnt Sounds Netlabel
2 months ago


Keep Your Allelulias (text by Y​-​Gwernig NY 1968)
from The Egg Memory by Robbe / Gloaguen

We play like we want
No cases no rules
Jazz free rock indie

And the night of recording
It was that

A traduire

Je ne souhaite pas que la musique soit aussi rangée que les cases dans lesquelles sont rangées beaucoup de gens et de bien pensants !

Recorded October 2020
Mix by fabien robbe

Master Awen robbe

#spokenword #experimentalmusic

Yoni Den
2 months ago

#ExperimentalHipHop out of London, Wilf Merson's "A Man Can Fall But What Can He Do?" is a labor of love that is truly worth your time.

It's great stuff, with offbeat #Experimental production and #Beats and a great vocal style, with an almost #SpokenWord feel

#BandCampFriday #HipHop #LoFiRap #UK #UKRap

Don’t Look Back
2 months ago

“the plum” by Angela Wai Nok Hui is #outnow digitally on our #bandcamp and on all #streamingplatforms , as well as on cassette via Weeding Records ! Reach up to pluck your plum 🍓here:

Angela writes about “the plum” :

/the plum/ for me is a bouquet of glitching memories and blurry sounds.
I'd like to dedicate these 20 mins and 19 seconds to Rémi's grandpa and my grandma.

#experimental #collage #soundart #fieldrecording #foundsounds #spokenword #sonicdiary #ambient #contemporary #forwardthinking #postpercussion #newmusic #dontlookbackrecords

Dadlyambitions :mastodon:
2 months ago IDK how to describe this album exactly, but it's great, give it a spin.

#nowplaying #spokenword #electronicmusic #poetry #ecclectic

3 months ago

listening to #KGLW chronologically and taking random notes on the progression and styles [thread]:
* EP: Anglesea (2011) ~ #surfpunk mixed with Velvet Underground
* EP: Willoughby's Beach (2011) - more surf punk
* 12 Bar Bruise (2012) ~ #punk leaning toward The Replacements, introduction of spoken word songs
* Eyes Like the Sky (2013) ~ more #SpokenWord with surf punk
* Float Along - Fill Your Lungs (2013) ~ psychedlic surf punk + #psychpop [+]

[+] denotes a big jump in style

Sophie McKeand
3 months ago

Link in bio for more details on the final Swedish tour dates for The MthR Trilogy. Leaving for the continent next week ☺️ #poetlife #performance #spokenword #themthrtrilogy

3 months ago

This is a super short spoken-word poem I wrote. I’m kinda shy so this is the only spoken word video I’ve done, but I’d like to try make more in the future. 😊💜 #writing #poetry #spokenword

three-year poem

tiny tragedies
died in our bellies,
gasped in our throats.
these marks on our bodies
would give us away—
heat maps of our secrets.
what remained would never fulfill us,
and there was always someone
to take one more piece
and send the rest home in a cab.

A sepia-toned video, going in and out of focus, panning an old photo negative of a woman in a brassiere and shorts standing in the grass.
Damon Thomas
3 months ago

I'm a fan of live albums. The material you know with crowd reaction and ambiance. And now I have my own! Free to stream/download. #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #jacksonville #florida #SpokenWord

Damon Thomas
3 months ago

I have released 18 Spoken Word albums, 1 Live album, and 1 Sampler. I record everything I write. Everything? Everything. What do I record? The sorts of things I share here. All free to stream and download. #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #florida #SpokenWord #BandCamp

Grid of bandcamp albums.
Romeo Rucha
3 months ago
Damon Thomas
3 months ago

At times I update previous albums with new tracks that I think fit better. Like an ever flowing stream.. #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #SpokenWord #florida

3 months ago

Good YouTube:

5 Amusing & Witty Sci-Fi Short Stories | Bedtime for Adults

A good reader reading five excellent old SF stories.

#YouTube #ScientFiction #spokenWord

Damon Thomas
3 months ago

I have a new Spoken Word sampler album out. Things needed a refresh to match the 3rd edition of my book. Early response has been good. Pushed me to 5,000 plays! Over 3 times the population of Cross City, FL. A lot of open mic crowds. #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #florida #SpokenWord #BandCamp

5,000 all-time plays
Damon Thomas
3 months ago

An opinionated sampling of my 18 "Rural Gloom" Spoken Word albums. We only share what we want others to hear. This is what I'd like you to hear. Free to stream/download. #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #florida #SpokenWord

Damon Thomas
3 months ago

I record everything I write. Everything I share here. All free to stream/download! #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #florida #SpokenWord

Sophie McKeand
3 months ago

Dates & venues for The MthR Trilogy Sweden book tour this summer now confirmed. More info on the events page of my website - link in bio. Potentially more dates TBC.
Stockholm Fringe Festival
Cyklopen, Wed 30th August 9.30pm. 1hr. Ticket price TBC.
Gothenburg Fringe Festival
Esperantoscenen, Thurs 7th Sept 9pm, Fri 8th Sept 6pm, Sat 9th Sept 6pm. 1hr, kr110.
Love & thanks as always to Andy Garside for the design, photography & poster 💙
#writer #soundartists #ontour #spokenword #poetry #vanlife

Details of events in text. Woman wearing a blue antlered headdress with event details
Nona Rose
4 months ago

I’ve been thinking about recording some of my poems. Not sure there’s a market for it, though.

#poetry #audio #SpokenWord #poll

Would you listen to me reading my poetry?

Damon Thomas
4 months ago

Via some reworking of my book I find I have a "new" album. Free to stream and download! #writing #FlashMemoir #poetry #SpokenWord #florida #free

4 months ago

#OTD May 30th, 1990

Atlantic Records released a compilation of spoken word performances called “Sound Bites From The Counter Culture”

I picked this up to play on my radio show in college and was not disappointed. At age 20, this was my kinda politics. Timothy Leary, Hunter Thompson, and Abby Hoffman! But wait, there’s more!

Rollins talking about Iron Man.

Jello Biafra talking about the DK trial (an excerpt from “No More Cocoons”)

And my favorite at the time, Bob Guccione Jr. with an important monologue about how the media was handling the AIDS crisis of the time. It helped establish a lifelong scrutiny of mainstream media👇

#spokenword #monologue #compilation #90s

Damon Thomas
4 months ago

I record everything I write. Collect these recordings as Spoken Word albums. There are 24 albums now. All are free to stream and download. #writing #FlashMemoir #florida #SpokenWord

24 Spoken word albums on bandcamp
Yorkshire Bylines
4 months ago

Directions to the Sunlit Uplands. A spoken word poem by Jimmy Andrex (from a tweet by Sir Florence Johnson).

(Includes link to YouTube - watch, listen and read at the same time!)

#BrexitReality #CostOfLivingCrisis #SewageScandal #SpokenWord @JimmyAndrex

Dave 🦔
5 months ago

Wondering what the #August_21 #OpenMic vibe is like? Some clues!

The pic highlights the atmosphere, and right now someone is sharing an instrumental piece they created with a delay pedal, guitar, and amp. Earlier i there was #SpokenWord poetry, songs from musicals, folk music, and covers and originals from local singers on their guitars.

If you're in #Edinburgh near #Newington, come check out out one Wednesday evening! Music starts at 7pm.

A cozy cafe scene where a blurred crowd watches a solo guitarist singing a song. The lighting is warm, one of the walls has an unfinished look, and local art and zines are on display and some are for sale.
Sylvia Solanas
6 months ago

#music #musodon #experimental #postrock #dreampop #SpokenWord #FieldRecordings

We’ve started shipping preorders for our new album IN THE HOURS LEFT UNTIL DAWN by Bipolar Explorer.

- double CD album, 22 tracks, with booklet of lyrics and art

Get your copy:

Nichola Scrutton
6 months ago

Hello 😊 I’m quite new to #Bandcamp and will be releasing some sounds over the next wee while. Who else is on it? Please share any links/recommendations - it would be great to connect. 🙏
Here’s mine… #music #sound #soundart #soundscape #experimental #voice #vocal #fieldrecording #Bandcamp #listening #radio #radioart #improvisation #audio #spokenword #performance #composer #artist

Photo of the River Clyde, portrait of Nichola, bandcamp page
6 months ago

Early in 2023, I stood up an instance off my main domain to check out Mastodon and see if the rumors were true: did it really feel like early Twitter and the short lived ADN?

The answer is yes, it most certainly does, so I while I wanted to continue to engage and meet people,my domain kinda sucked and I never gave a proper #introduction.

I solved the domain issue, so figured I'd take care of the other with a proper first post.

My name is Kevan and I'm kind of from all over the US, but I've been in #Chicago since 2007.

I moved here for college and never left. I came to study #theater and #film with the idea I'd #write and perform on #SNL.

None of those things panned out: I wound up with a degree in #philosophy and #economics and found my way into tech with #engineering (#js, #python) and #ProductManagement.

I thought for a long time I'd wind up in #politics, but my stint running #product at BallotReady during the 2020 election—while the thing I'm most proud of professionally—broke me of that fantasy.

I'm current the VP of Product for a commerce focused #startup. Fortunately, I work from home because this #MechanicalKeyboard is loud AF.

#Travel, #photography, #cooking, listening to #music on #vinyl, reading #ComicBooks and writing on fancy paper with a #FountainPen (mostly #SpokenWord and #FreeVerse #poetry) are my hobbies. And I try to spend as much of my time with Toby, my #goldendoodle (#DogsOfMastodon) as I can.

Damon Thomas
7 months ago

I've recorded a few of my most recent stories. Indie wrestling, car wrecks, and complainers. Free to stream and download. #writing #FlashMemoir #florida #SpokenWord #bandcamp #wrestling #free