Eric Zarowny
1 week ago

Squid requests that you take him to your leader on this #Caturday.

#CatsOfMastodon #SquidsOfMastodon #AliensOfMastodon

A long-haired orange tabby cat with a pyramid made of magnetic triangles on his head.
Eric Zarowny
2 weeks ago
A close-up of the face of a long-haired orange tabby cat with very long whiskers.
Eric Zarowny
1 month ago
A long-haired orange tabby cat sleeping in a cat bed at the top of a cat tower with its legs extended  off the edge of the bed. The hair between the toes on its paws is very prominent.
Eric Zarowny
2 months ago

Squid is so much more relaxed now; he’s fitting in really well. He slept with us for the first time last night 😻

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #SquidsOfMastodon

A fluffy orange tabby cat laying on a red and blue heather rug. A multicolored Polka dot cloth is next to the cat.
Eric Zarowny
3 months ago

I have a surprise for #caturday this week: Squid! Squid is a very sweet and luxuriously soft orange tabby. Squid is doing a trial run with us and I hope he can stay 🤞

#catsofmastodon #squidsofmastodon

An orange tabby cat on a carpet floor stretching towards a hand.