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Drunken dancing Halloween leprechaun
#eurobeat #halloween #stpatricksday #sandiego #california

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#QuirkyOpinions: Time to take the snake out of St. Patrick's Day. This year let's celebrate St. Patricia's Day.

#HashtagGames #StPatricksDay #Feminism

Universal Hub
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Four employees at an East Broadway liquor store just not enough to deal with hordes of thirsty St. Patrick's parade goers, board says #SouthBoston #Boston #licensing #StPatricksDay

#Stumbled across these two in a Dublin Hotel a while back. Nothing to be done!
#Beckett #Godot #StPatricksDay

cory hughart
8 months ago

How is it almost Easter already? I'm terrible at being topical. Anyways here's Wagyu Corned Beef part 2: Sous Vide Boogaloo.

#SousVide #wagyu #CornedBeef #recipe #food #fermentation #StPatricksDay #amazake #meat #homemade #DIY #koji #KojiBuildsCommunity #CrockOfTime

cory hughart
9 months ago

#Wagyu corned beef at home!

I had the best corned beef of my life last week. I followed my standard recipe for corned beef at home, and added amazake to the cure—the enzymes produced by koji tenderize the meat and make searing at the end quick and easy.

#CornedBeef #curing #amazake #fermentation #recipe #DIY #StPatricksDay #koji #KojiBuildsCommunity #CrockOfTime

Link description: 1 minute video showing the curing process

Kim Collazo
9 months ago

This is so creative! Stealing it!!
RT @kinderkeller4
How many baskets can our ☘️lucky charm #Dash robot make? Team work & cheering fans in action! 🏀 @WonderWorkshop @ITI_LAUSD @strawbees @CSforALL #Code #StPatricksDay #CS4LAUSD @Novel_Effect 🎶#ReadAloud

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@great78 @internetarchive @brewsterkahle
Some high quality #accordion recordings in this batch of the #great78project!

Search “accordion” in the link from the previous post

Or for a late #StPatricksDay treat here’s the great Jerry O’Brien 🪗 doing “Cookoo’s Nest Reel”

On the label named after Ellen O’Bryne DeWitt, who founded the Irish music recording industry
In the 1920s ☘️
#IrishTrad #FolkMusic

9 months ago

Cross your fingers for me
My first attempt at a seitan version of corned beef just went in the broth to simmer.

There are vegetarian versions of So Many wonderful things that work well (at least as ingredients - I don't eat any brand of fakon plain), but #StPatricksDay gave me a craving & I just had to try it...

Kydia Music
9 months ago

Doing vocal comping on this track has taken way longer than I expected. But I'm finally getting to eat some corned beef and cabbage for a belated St. Patrick's Day dinner. And Instant Pot to the rescue, so it only took 2.5 hours to cook instead of 4.5!

#CornedBeef #Cabbage #InstantPot #StPatricksDay #ADHD #ADHDers #MusicProduction #music #musician #MusicianProblems

Councilmember Terry Taplin
9 months ago

Happy #StPatricksDay from The Starry Plough ☘️

University of Limerick showcases cultural diversity in St Patrick’s Day parade

A fantastic photo story on our St Patrick's Day parade group

All involved did a fantastic job of representing the UL community & Limerick this weekend

#Limerick #StudyatUL #StPatricksDay #StPatricksDay2023 #Community #University #Education #HigherEducation #Ireland

A photograph of a large group of University of Limerick students in green t-shirts which say "I heart UL", with the heart emoji replaced by a shamrock. They are stood next to a brightly coloured building, with a painted mural made of geometric shapes. Credit: I Love Limerick
Darn Good Dog
9 months ago

A little late for St. Patrick’s Day, but it is still true. This is a real picture and not a meme.
#stpatricksday #coffee #meme #memes #picture

Natasha Bates
9 months ago

Photos of yesterday’s #StPatricksDay parade in #Montreal ☘️🇮🇪☘️

Giant figure of St. Patrick wearing a green garment over a white robe. He holds a shamrock in his hand.
Giant figure of an Indigenous woman wear red clothing with traditional designs nd a red headdress.
Giant figure of St. Patrick turned in a different direction. Montreal cinema behind him.
An Irish themed float in which the parade queen rides. It has a golden harp.

Happy Mother's Day! On this day of Irish pride, let's also cheer for St. Patrick and Ireland's Six Nations victory. Here's to all the love and celebration! #MothersDay #StPatricksDay #sixnations

I've only just noticed how many #green #emojo we have 😅 #StPatricksDay

Many green emojo
Rowan Lipkovits
9 months ago

A little #Irish music for #StPatricksDay? Ok, but my accordion use lends me no natural affinity for Celtic trad music. So instead, from their 1991 album #AchtungBaby, here's #MysteriousWays by #U2.

Finder of Impossible Things
9 months ago

Journal, Day 1093
Friday, 17 March 2023
#wfh #corruptfile #email#rebuild #fml #fever #cornedbeefandcabbage

David Zappelli
9 months ago

Irish #coffee with #Jameson Irish #Whiskey, #espresso, and topped with whipped cream for #StPatricksDay weekend.

Adrianna Tan
9 months ago

The first roll of film that I developed and scanned myself!

Tri-X 400 developed in Kodak D76 1:1, scanned on a Nikon LS-40 (still trying to figure out how to scan better.. I hate flatbeds, am ambivalent about the standup scanners, and a DSLR scanning setup sounds like a lot of equipment I don't currently have.

#BelieveInFilm #FilmPhotography #FilmIsNotDead #StPatricksDay

a scan of a black and white film photograph of a parade of Cork City Council (Ireland) mayor and entourage in a car and on foot, walking at St Paddy's Day parade in San Francisco
9 months ago

It seems that some outsiders view #StPatricksDay or maybe a Cinco de Mayo as an indication of not *really* being connected to their homeland. But these are corporation commercializations of holidays, not how most people of this descent view their ancestry and identity. They also talked about #immigrant assimilation as a count against this identity, while discounting many were under duress and chose to change in public, while continuing their traditions in private.

Darcy Casselman
9 months ago

OH on Hickory St (admittedly closer to UW than Laurier):
"Ya know, if I gotta choose between a street party and Catan, I'm probably gonna choose Catan.
"I know! It's so fun!"

#Waterloo #WaterlooRegion #StPatricksDay #SettlersOfCatan #boardgames

Chris Grey
9 months ago
Damien Ryan
9 months ago

Is it me or did #ComicRelief keep doing an Imperialism just because it was #StPatricksDay?

(Although as a Dubliner, I have once again got to apologise for B*Witched. Even Cromwell didn’t deserve that).

Pat Scullion
9 months ago

Podcast: updated!

Did you miss our Irish special yesterday? Fancy adding some more Irish fun to your weekend?

Check out Squage's Irish Party (and After Party) on our MixCloud podcast feed:

#irish #mixcloud #radio #party #StPatricksDay

Happy (belated) St. Patrick’s Day ☘️🇮🇪

#StPatricksDay #IrishCoffee #whiskey #cocktails

A white Irish coffee cup with the text “Irish Coffee” overflowing with whipped cream
9 months ago

Si quieres razones para festejar el día de San Patricio, hay te va:

Entre 1846 y 1848, un batallón de irlandeses luchó para defender a México de la intervención estadounidense.

La primera de las batallas importantes tomó lugar en la ciudad de Monterrey

Les debemos una, de modo que vistan de verde 💚 y beban mucho

#happystpatricksday #stpatricksday

Don Seiffert
9 months ago

The hair o’ the dog that bit you for non-drinkers. #stpatricksday

#6nations #rugby #SCOvITA thrilling spectacle at the finish, as a sport we need #Italy and other teams to continue improving their game and giving the old guard serious competition.

Let's settle in for #FRAvWAL - get that drubbing over and done with, so we can enjoy #IREvENG at home, #StPatricksDay weekend #GrandSlam

@rugby #sixnations

11 years ago #OTD with Jo in the great city of New York for the St. Patrick's Day Parade (A parade older than the United States) and the inaugural Sober St. Patrick's Day Celebrations! Great memories with wonderful people.
#NYC #Liberty #StPatricksDay #SoberSaintPatricksDay

#JuliaKitten on this fine #Caturday after #StPatricksDay. She partied moderately which is why she looks so great this morning. #MastoCats #CatsOfMastododon

Brown torbie facing camera, lying with her body behind her and her right arm stretched out on a light beige carpet.
Meanwhile in Canada
9 months ago

Sorry. I'm about to ruin #StPatricksDay for everyone with this 🧵

The story of St. Patrick begins with crimes against humanity. These crimes were twisted into heroic propaganda, which was turned into myth. When it hit the USA it turned into commercialization, and now it's just an excuse to get loaded.

1. St Patrick is not a saint - literally and figuratively, no Pope has ever recognized him as such.

Graphic with green hat and shamrocks that reads, "Happy St. Patrick's Day."
Lisa Grimm
9 months ago

Today’s #Parkrun before/after - 4th woman today. Lots of visitors over for #StPatricksDay (and the rugby), including one (very fast) woman from Mongolia. Also, got to wear the not-so-cold running gear, and collected double VHI points for the long weekend. ETA: apparently 4th woman, not 5th, but 1st in my age group, so there’s always that.

#LoveParkrun #RunnersOfMastodon #DublinRunners #ParkrunIE #FairviewParkrun #MastoDaoine #Oiselle

Pale white lady in green running top & purple hat before running
Pale white lady in green running top & purple hat after running
Adrian McEwen
9 months ago

Last night there was a combined #PelotonLiv #JoyRide to celebrate both #Ramadan and #StPatricksDay. The #DiscoBreastplates showed crescents; our other LEDs were the green, white and orange of the Irish flag.

We were joined by a group of new arrivals from across Africa. They brought the best tunes with them (they took over the soundsystem *after* this video 🤣 )

#BikeTooter #InTheSaddle #NightRider #Liverpool

The Cunard building (a palazzo-style office block) is lit up in green.  A group of cyclists, led by a rider with a PA playing 90s rave tunes ride past wearing LED breastplates illuminated with crescent patterns.
9 months ago

The war on St. Patrick's Day continues.

#signs #SaintPatricksDay #StPatricksDay #PaddysDay #Dublin

A sign on a lamppost says "NO PARADE VIEWING"

Se me pasó el #stpatricksday ... Así que ya en sábado os lanzo una pregunta importante...

Qué opinais sobre la siguiente historia?

Cómo respuesta a ese titular...

Las empresas que rastrean usuarios ilegalmente lo hacen sin saberlo, por #desconocimiento o a sabiendas, con #intencionalidad ???

Quizá @bufetalmeida pueda dar ☄️💡🔦🕯️ a ésto y marcarse un RT para que sus seguidores #mastodon nos ayuden a entenderlo junto a él 😉

#debate #sabado #domingo #privacy

Charlie Lewis
9 months ago

It's a day of protest across the #uk against the #illegalmigrationbill - rallies in #london #glasgow #cardiff #stroud - #Irish president #michaeldhiggins speaks on #stpatricksday about #migration - see detail here: 👉

9 months ago

I need to remember that I can have #cornedbeefandcabbage more than once a year. Take-out from one of our favorite restaurants. And #Guinness! #KarasKorner #StPatricksDay

Christy Lee Hughes
9 months ago
Thank you to the cast + crew for your hard work. Congratulations on our Official Selection to the Arizona International Film Festival! I’m grateful 🍀
9 months ago

To celebrate St. Patrick's Day, here is the most Irish thing I know.

#saintpatricksday #stpatricksday
#mitsubishi #subaru #HondaCivic #horse

Tim Ellis 🦝
9 months ago

Second attempt at a homemade Reuben sandwich. Turned out pretty great! 😋 #StPatricksDay

Two pieces of marbled rye bread on a plate with homemade Russian dressing spread on them.
Corned beef and sauerkraut mixed together, heating up on a grill.
A Reuben sandwich in a sandwich press grill.
A homemade Reuben sandwich on a plate, cut in half and pulled apart to show the inside.
Talyaa 🦋
9 months ago

It’s true. Even I forgot poor St. Gertrude of Nivelles. 🍀

#memes #StPatricksDay #CatsOfMastodon #cats

A meme with a picture of a nun holding an orange cat, with the words: It happens every year - 'Patrick this and Patrick that' No one remembers me and my cats March 17th - St. Gertrude of Nivelles Patron saint of cats
Nicolas Ward
9 months ago

Enjoying a traditional #StPatricksDay potato and green rice spicy burrito with Guinness.

John Carlsen
9 months ago

Today I set out a pot of gold as a trap for leprechauns, but all I caught was a Ferengi.


Andy Marfia 📸
9 months ago

A special #WindowFriday for #stpatricksday: this is a photo of the Cliffs of Moher, taken from the cafeteria windows in 2019. We got caught in a lot rain on this trip.

#Ireland #photography #FensterFreitag

A color photograph of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, as seen through the cafeteria windows on a rainy day, August 2019.
Kelly Guimont
9 months ago

Sure you've heard "Shipping Up To Boston" but I think "Take Em Down" is a MUCH better Dropkick Murphys song for #StPatricksDay 2023. Enjoy.

9 months ago

Irish Stew that I made for #StPatricksDay in the instant pot. I’m so happy with the texture of the meat—it was cheap chuck but the Instant Pot works miracles.

9 months ago

Happy St. Patrick’s Day ☘️

#stPatricksDay #kidArt #jauntyHat

Kid art, drawing of a person in big hat and boots on green paper. All around very cherry and adorable

My ancestors emigrated from County Longford in 1849. Here’s the headstone of the family patriarch, Patrick Fiehaly (1827-1907). I'm listed in the family bible that made the crossing and am named for my grandmother’s aunt, Mary (whose nickname was Molly).

#Ireland #StPatricksDay #family #history #CountyLongford #immigrant #Irish

9 months ago

Which I find amusing. Didn't know until this morning #cornedbeefandcabbage is a US thing, not an Ireland thing. #StPatricksDay

The Conversation U.S.
9 months ago

The Irish may be known for their luck, but not when it comes to the Kennedy family.

Their dark family lore would be best explained as a traditional Gothic story.

#ushistory #history #kennedys #johnfkennedy #stpatricksday

Deirdre Saoirse Moen
9 months ago

Another Irish song in the preposterous department:

I saw Eve go pickin' apples off a tree
She came over and she offered one to me
I turned and said, "Dear madam, go try your luck with Adam
I'm going home to have some fish and chips and tea."


9 months ago

St Patrick’s day was like yesterday for me because #Australia but I wonder if I should do some #Emulation for St Patrick’s day? You know, some green goodness


Militant Angeleno
9 months ago

Happy #StPatricksDay! 🍀How many of these famous Irish Angelenos can you name?

Kelly Guimont
9 months ago

And while we are celebrating, in the name of #StPatricksDay please enjoy this seasonal traditional song presented in the most traditional method possible:

cory hughart
9 months ago

Have you ever considered how strange it is to eat fresh cabbage "traditionally" on March 17th?

#StPatricksDay #fermentation #sauerkraut

9 months ago

My ancestors fled famine for green half-moons from Lyndell's, I just know it. Also frosted soda bread.

#StPatricksDay #SodaBread #HalfMoon #SomervilleMA

A wrapped Lyndell's Irish raisin soda bread with a lovely light white icing, and a Lyndell's half-moon [like a cupcake but flatter--more moon face surface area full of icing]. Usually half-moons are half white frosting and half chocolate, but today the white half is an obscene green color.
Mark A. Rayner
9 months ago

I find your lack of Guinness disturbing.

#stpatricksday #starwars #darthvader #leprechaun #humor #humour #funny

Deirdre Saoirse Moen
9 months ago

Another favorite Irish song: Mary Black’s version of Carolina Rua (rua/ruadh = redhead), the first strongly gendered romantic song I can recall hearing where the gender wasn’t flipped (or lyrics changed) when the singer’s gender didn’t match the original intent.

Carolina ruadh has a hand in my confusion.
She waits for me to choose: which quarter to bend in,

…makes it sound like a coming out queer piece.


Jeri Dansky
9 months ago

A fascinating history of corned beef, from 2013:

"What we think of today as Irish corned beef is actually Jewish corned beef thrown into a pot with cabbage and potatoes."

h/t @ai6yr @sadele2

#food #StPatricksDay

Azul Buho
9 months ago

Reasons to be glad I'm not in #Valencia for #Fallas this week:
1) First Fallas since everyone properly decided Covid is over
2) #StPatricksDay on a Friday!
3) Climax of Fallas on a weekend

1+2+3=Tooooo many people for shy little loner me.

Reasons to be sad I'm not in Valencia for Fallas this week:
It's facking Fallas, intit? Every Fallas missed is a Fallas you should have gone to.

*continues to read updates and pics from people who are there, and mope mope mope*

The Conversation U.S.
9 months ago

Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 🍀

As one of the patron saints of Ireland, St. Patrick is said to have prayed away all snakes from Ireland. But did you know that the real St. Patrick wasn't Irish and never saw a snake in his lifetime?

Patrick’s own writings and early accounts of the saint’s career reveal many interesting details about his life in the fifth century.

Get to know the person behind the legend ⬇️

#SaintPatricksDay #StPatricksDay #Ireland #History

Today On Screen
9 months ago

Today, March 17, in Boston, twin brothers Connor and Murphy MacManus attend Mass and celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with friends at McVeigh’s Irish Pub (The Boondock Saints, 1999)

#Film #Movies #Cinemastodon #Letterboxd #TheBoondockSaints #StPatricksDay

A shot of two young, white brothers standing outside of a church, wearing sunglasses and smoking. They have tattoos on their necks.
A scene of a group of Irish-Americans celebrating and laughing in an Irish pub.
A shot of Boston with the caption “South Boston, St. Patrick’s Day”.
Today On Screen
9 months ago

Today, March 17, in 1993, Dr. Richard Kimble ducks into the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade, narrowly avoiding being apprehended by Senior Deputy U.S. Marshal Samuel Gerard (The Fugitive, 1993)

#Film #Movies #Cinemastodon #Letterboxd #TheFugitive #StPatricksDay #Chicago

A handsome white man entering the parade crowd, then looking around as he wears a green hat to blend in.
A different white man, also searching the crowd. He looks frustrated as people move past him.
A long shot of the Chicago river, dyed green for St. Patrick’s Day. A boat zips around in it, rippling the surface.
Deirdre Saoirse Moen
9 months ago

My favorite style of Irish song is preposterous exaggeration.

One of my favorites is The Ducks of Mageralin, about a tiny town (1100 people) in Northern Ireland with a notable harbor (it has none).

Oh it’s a grand old city, in the fine old country style,
A credit to the County Down, the pride of the Emerald Isle,
It has the finest harbor for the red cars to sail in,
And if ever you’ve sailed to Ireland, you’ll sail by Magheralin.


The Conversation U.S.
9 months ago

St. Patrick is Ireland’s main patron saint but did you know he’s 1 of 3?

A medieval historian makes the case for making Ireland’s only woman patron saint, St. Brigid, Ireland's main saint, who unlike Patrick was born in Ireland.

#StPatricksDay #SaintPatricksDay #Irish #History #Ireland #Catholic

9 months ago

When Irish skies are smiling...

This cloud-free view of Ireland, the Emerald Isle, was captured from space by our Aqua satellite back in 2010. Happy #StPatricksDay!

Boots Chantilly
9 months ago

I was a bartender for many yrs before I started working in advertising. I still hate St. Patrick's Day. I think I always will. This yr, it falls on Friday, which is exponentially worse. Let's have a moment of silence for all the #bartenders across the land (& across the water, too). The rest of you, tip well, tip often, keep your stomach contents to yourself, & pls try to restrain yourself from asking strangers if they have any Irish in them. #AMEN #StPatricksDay #DailyGiggle

Cartoon! St. Patrick in full Catholic drag, holding his staff, speaking to a crowd of kneeling peasants. He says IN HONOR OF MY DRIVING THE SNAKES OUT OF IRELAND I BESEECH THEE TO PAINT THYSELVES GREEN AND VOMIT IN THE STREETS. Caption reads ST. PATRICK'S DAY EXPLAINED.
Dr Alexis Willett
9 months ago

Happy St Patrick’s Day ☘️

Is this the year that I finally use my Irish passport?!!

Anyone else on here got an Irish passport but hasn’t got round to using it?

#StPatricksDay #Ireland

@geekysteven Yes, Christians oppressing and persecuting other religions is a longstanding tradition.

Pagan- Slur word created by Christians to define anyone who doesn’t believe in their desert god.


The Iconfactory
9 months ago

:wallaroo_app: Bring a bit of the Emerald Isle to your screen with this FREE organic #wallpaper inspired by the Celtic motifs of Ireland. Happy #StPatricksDay! 🍀

Find it on or via Wallaroo in the App Store

An iPhone and iPad with their lock screens set to a green, rustic pattern that repeats a Celtic knot pattern across the entire display.

Happy #StPatricksDay! 🍀

For me, it’s always been ‘Birthday Eve’, or… the day people will come to a bday party because otherwise they’re all hung over for my actual birthday. 😆

(Me and my glass of water send cheers your way)

9 months ago

🤣😂🤣😂 ☘️🦖 #stpatricksday 🇮🇪 🍻✨

Yahia Lababidi
9 months ago

@genmon Clever use of #ai 👏🏼 And, since you’re enthusiastic about #poetry
Happy #stpatricksday 🍀

Sue Smith
9 months ago

Being in Dublin on #StPatricksDay was the tipping point I needed to finally be glad that Scottish people are embarrassed by literally everything