El Jefe ":verified:" :donor:
44 minutes ago

Want to avoid major damage during dogfights?

it turns out that the AI tries to target the center mass of the ship.

it calculates that by centering on the width and length of the ship profile.

so as an experiment, I hung a big ass arm off port side.

now my enemies just shoot into dead air and I take zero damage in the initial joust as I barrel-roll starboard.


big red starfield scape ship with a big arm extension
1 hour ago

Feels like I've unlocked my own completionist personal goal in #Starfield. Have a wife and two new mega ships. Now I can start upgrading my bases. Focusing on the main story lines was a good decision after putzing around for 10-15 hours. This game has lots of issues, but the dialogue and choose-your-own adventure elements are great. #Gaming

Starfield player examines new mega freighter space ship.
News Peak Press
1 hour ago


Mixed reviews for Bethesda's "Starfield" as some players criticize infinite loading screens and controversies, while others enjoy references to "Skyrim" and NSFW alien encounters. Bethesda plans DLC and updates to address concerns. Potential for improvement and long-term success. #Starfield #Bethesda


JJ Nieves-Padilla 🎮
2 hours ago

I really need to give myself a deadline to finish the main lore of #Starfield as I need to resume my delayed gaming schedule with an exception that I will continue my #Cyberpunk2077 #PhantomLiberty playthrough...

At Tears Of The Kingdom I am still on Sleep Mode facing Ganondorf.

2 hours ago

Und wieder mal einfach einen Sprung in ein leeres System bei #Starfield ... und siehe da ... ein herrenloses Schiff das man erkunden kann, und ECHT groß. Ok, quasi nichts anderes als ein Weltraumdungeon 😂 - meist nur mit einer relativ oberflächlichen Story drin, aber hey! Immerhin! Bei #NoMansSky & Co gibts's das nicht.

Ok: kleiner Nachtrag: das ist sogar echt spannend ... quasi Starfield meets Alien ... böse böse 👍

2 hours ago

Und hatte ich mal erwähnt, dass ich bei #Starfield gerne alle Begleiter mitschleppen würde und dafür sogar zig doofe Skillpunkte in Sozial investiert habe? Tja ... mittlerweile bin ich mir da nicht mehr so sicher. Warum setzen die sich nicht mal häufiger hin, verdammt! Der ganze Haufen steht immer im Weg rum 😂

(Immerhin hockt Vasko im Laderaum ... Himmel ... der würde hier noch fehlen)

3 hours ago

Klassischer Minimalismus meiner Außenposten in #Starfield - sollen sie mal froh sein, überhaupt ein wenig Luxus zu bekommen! 😋

JJ Nieves-Padilla 🎮
3 hours ago

I think is time for more #Starfield - lore content and what a way to start with an important FIRST TOPIC to tell, the story info for the Earth Story Arc and Prologue.

#Gaming #Videogames

4 hours ago

A Bethesda promete pelo menos 5 anos de suporte ao Starfield, inspirada pelo sucesso de jogos anteriores. Leia e saiba mais!
#Bethesda #Starfield #GamePass #Xbox #PC #Gamerscore
4 hours ago

Nonostante promettesse bene, tra il gameplay funestato dai caricamenti e una narrativa priva di fantasia Starfield si è rivelato deludente.
Recensione di @Lorexio16

#starfield #videogames #videogiochi #gaming #bethesda #nerd

Kevin Beaumont
5 hours ago

Took my #Starfield wife to see the Opportunity rover on Mars, surveyed a planet for Constellation (took me 3 hours as I forgot fish existed at the coasts), then showed her my outpost.

5 hours ago


#Starfield is the answer to the question, “What does it feel like to be the apex predator of the entire fucking multiverse?”

The Terrormorph has got nothin’ on me.

PS: with chameleon armour and recon scopes, it actually feels like you’re playing as the Predator.

#SciFi #Gaming

Starfield: this particular Terrormorph telepathically-induces some kind of freaky form of psychosis

I’ve hijacked two Starborn Guardians so far, a Model III and a Model IV, but I can’t do anything with ‘em. Can’t upgrade, modify, sell ‘em off, or even give ‘em a custom paint job, and their specs are kind of a joke next to my beast of an Ecliptic Claymore

And their cargo capacity? Like come on. What’s even the point?

#Starfield #SciFi #Gaming

Starfield: one of my hijacked Starborn Guardian ships
Galaxy Map
6 hours ago

I'm working on six #Starfield maps based on real data about the Milky Way!

If you'd like them, please read (and upvote!) this Reddit post:

Jim Bliss
6 hours ago

Starfield has captured my imagination. Really can't relate to the negative reviews. I'm sure lots of people don't like it or have had bad experiences, but I suspect a lot of the negativity is review-bombing from the PS community as well as the modern tendency to trash anything that someone else might be enjoying.

Have to admit, I've been completely sucked into the Outpost Building elements which I suspect will give the game serious longevity.

Recommended (if you ask me).

#Starfield #PCVersion

Love the all-black #Deepseeker spacesuit for that combination spacegoth and Mass Effect feel

And the Va’ruun particle guns, fully upgraded with annihilator rounds? Next-level vicious

#Starfield #SciFi #Gaming

Starfield: showing off the Deepseeker spacesuit
Starfield: wielding a fully upgraded Va’ruun Starshard particle gun with annihilator rounds in the Deepseeker suit
Inkblitz 🔜 AC
7 hours ago

Today on stream!

Oh. Are we pirates? Dang, we're pirates. Maybe.

Let's go be pirates in Starfield!

Stream starts at around 7pm eastern, see you there~!

#Twitch #Starfield

PC Gamer
8 hours ago

Starfield's cursed rain orb lifts the veil on an old game design trick: 'pack it up boys, it's over'

Check it out! 👇

#Bethesda #Starfield #Fps #ThirdPersonShooter #Rpg

Travis Romany
8 hours ago

Similar to #Starfield, #ForzaMotorsport
has pre-order bonuses and deluxe editions. That may seem strange for games on #XboxGamePass.

I didn’t buy the Starfield pre-order because it just included the story DLC and early play. I can get the DLC whenever it releases.

I’m a huge Forza fan though, and I’d buy the car pass (30 weekly cars) anyways. It’s a $35 add-on for GamePass users compared to $90 for the Premium Edition. And playing 5 days early is just a nice bonus.

#Xbox #Videogames

Edition bonus chart for Forza
Joe Lanman
8 hours ago

I wonder how much the NASA tie-in is to blame for how bland #Starfield is, and how hard it is to deviate from centrist/neoliberal politics

Ian Robinson
9 hours ago

@GossiTheDog This might be of interest to you and other Starfield players you know.

A potential Starfield Maps kickstarter by @galaxy_map Currently in a gauge interest phase.



#Starfield keine Ahnung ob das so vorgesehen ist, aber ich hab vorhin ein fremdes Schiff bestiegen und kurz drauf ist es abgehoben. Anders als sonst bin ich nicht gestorben sondern konnte es im All(!) kapern. (nach dem ich die Crew ins Jenseits befördert habe) 😅

9 hours ago

Dzieeeń dobry Fediversum! Dzisiaj przychodzę z informacją, że drugi odcinek podcastu #Droga już jest zaplanowany. Będę rozmawiał z moimi gośćmi o #starfield , a konkretniej o tym, jak bardzo Todd nas oszukał.

Moja drużyna do tego odcinku to:
- UV, byly redaktor naczelny GOLa, który prowadzi teraz własny kanał o grach (
- Redaktor Kebab, z @arhneu

Kebab nie miał żadnych oczekiwań wobec Starfielda, UV liczył planety, a ja oczekiwałem dużo i bawię się świetnie. Będzie super rozmową coś czuje.

Całość na żywo będzie nagrywana we wtorek o 20:00 na moim kanale Twitch, a potem będzie dostępne na YT i platformach podcastowych.

#giereczkowo #gry #rpg #podcast #twitch #streaming

Galaxy Map
10 hours ago

Starfield Kickstarter

I'm working on a series of maps that should be of interest to #Starfield gamers but *also* anyone interested in astronomy. *Not only for gamers!*

Some of these maps shows details out to 200 parsecs (650 light-years) that have never appeared on any of my maps before.

Watch the video here:

I will not launch it until at least 1000 people have signed up to be alerted when the Kickstarter goes live on this form here:

The more I play #Starfield, the more bland it feels. I can't believe some outlets are giving this game such high scores. It feels like it would've been dated ten years ago. There's fun to be had with it, but I feel like we should've gotten a better, more immersive space game in 2023. Maybe I'm missing something.

Lunar Atheopagan
12 hours ago

#insomnia and #starfield and #coffee and a #cat on my lap.

Łukasz Horodecki :mastodon:
13 hours ago

No to skończyłem Starfielda.

Przeszedłem główny wątek + po jednym z każdej frakcji (Vanguard, Ranger, Ryujin), a do tego:
- zbudowałem i połączyłem dwa outposty
- pobawiłem się budowaniem i upgrade'owaniem statków
- ożeniłem się
- urządziłem mieszkanie
- połaziłem sobie po różnych planetach i księżycach, zwiedzając i polując na złoli
- zrobiłem kilka(naście?) mniejszych questów dla enpeców
- zebrałem i sprzedałem szit-tonę lootu i jeszcze trochę
- trafiłem na jeden glitch i jednego buga

A przede wszystkim: naprawdę zajefajnie się bawiłem. Jeżeli nie wyleci z Game Passa, to za jakiś czas pewnie wrócę.

Skrinszot ukryty, bo może być spoilerem.

#Starfield #GamePass #gra #polecam

Kadr z gry Starfield. Postać w skafandrze kosmicznym stoi w pomieszczeniu wyglądającym na bibliotekę. za nią nad okrągłym postumentem w powietrzu unosi się kilka metalowych fragmentów spowitych światłem.
SweetAI Belle :sweetunsure:
13 hours ago

In Starfield, I decided to head over to Neon for a minute.

Ship technician's still somewhere up in the sky. Spotted a mining store, & stopped by, since I like mining. Owner was having trouble, so I handed out some fliers for him.

Saw a store where the shopkeeper & customers claimed it was expensive, but nothing cost more than 600 credits & they only had 5k for buying things. Well, they did, but I sold 'em 5k of junk.

Also met a robot named Styx who'd been defaced with graffiti! Gave the gang member who did it a piece of my mind, & brought back some money for a new paint job.

Since it was cheap, bought a sleep crate while I was around, and put mission & bounty computers in it, a chest, and some posters.

Not necessarily staying in Neon right now, but having someplace to stop there seemed like a good idea. Not sure if I'm going to remember the location, but there *is* a seafood place next door...


Sebastien 🌍
13 hours ago

Are people really still into #Starfield? I gave up on it. 🤷🏽‍♂️

14 hours ago

"Die »persönliche Regenwolke« wird in Spielen etwa auch für Schneefall, Staub und fallende Blätter benutzt."

So eine Regenbox wäre mit moderner Drohnentechnik eigentlich auch ein Konzept für die Realität. Z.B. für den nächsten Wüstenspaziergang... 🤔

"Ist Regen in Starfield nur ein billiger Trick? Spieler sind entsetzt, Entwickler lachen - und klären auf",3401361.html

#Starfield #Rainbox

The whole resource driven world building aspect of Starfield is no fun. I like the missions and the story, but outposts and all that crafting nonsense, who has time for that? Where’s even the fun in that? #gaming #starfield

Tim Bowman
15 hours ago

One of my most prized possessions so far in #Starfield.

A bitten sandwich that's a health item in the inventory of Starfield.
C J Silverio
15 hours ago

I need more Space Frog.


Hey #Starfield players - what does this logo mean in the menu under my character name? It’s not just the constellation logo because it changes. My wife’s character has a similar logo but with one star.

16 hours ago

It's interesting to compare differences in streaming #Starfield via xCloud in Edge and via GeForce NOW.
* Both stream in 1080p.
* xCloud starts faster, and doesn't require login. GFN takes longer to load, requires login+2FA every time.
* xCloud feels a tad more responsive, but GFN has more detailed graphics, probably due to higher bitrate, and maybe higher spec PC vs Xbox X.
* Both support the controller, GFN also supports mouse+keyb.

I hope GFN can store login credentials at some point.

Jürgen Hubert
17 hours ago

The setting of #Starfield feels if people took the American obsession with "I want to live in the countryside, far away from other people" to its logical extreme, and replaced cars with cheap spaceships and interstellar travel.

Joseph Nobles
17 hours ago

...gathering 500 organic resources.

Only 0.13% of gamers have done this.


Joseph Nobles
17 hours ago

For instance, visiting every star system in #Starfield is a rare achievement. Only 0.86% of gamers have done this so far. But it's only number four on the list.

#3 is reaching level 100 (0.56%).

#2 is connecting 5 outposts with cargo links (0.38%).

And the number one rare achievement is...

Joseph Nobles
17 hours ago

I was wondering what my most rare achievement was in #Starfield. I've got over 120 hours in at this point, so I figured I may have hit a couple of big ones.

And I have, all in the area of being shared by only 1.5% of gamers. I have landed on at least 100 planets. I have collected the maximum 10 ships.

And I have gathered at least 500 inorganic resources. That's my most rare achievement!

El Jefe ":verified:" :donor:
18 hours ago

Neon is just space Vegas. #starfield.

Eric H
18 hours ago


1- Cool afternoon air during the after-supper walk.
2- Therapy today. She understands my want to relocate to Scotland and helped me make sense of it.
3- #Starfield

Chris Ostertag
18 hours ago

The biggest problem with #Starfield is that killing the extended warranty ship is considered immoral. This is, like the killing of the vampires in Fallout 3, bullshit.

Tilly Bridges
18 hours ago

can we get a selfie?

Mom: You know I don’t know how those cameras work

look over here

Mom: your grandmother, she understood tech. she was a marine!

over here

Mom: I should give you her old armor.

okay but just turn your head

Nana Visitor as my #starfield mom is the best 💜

My Starfield character looking at the camera, standing next to her mom, who is… looking elsewhere despite my best efforts
El Jefe ":verified:" :donor:
21 hours ago

120 star systems,
1684 planets,
we have 149 half-packs of smokes,


and we're wearing sun visors.


Kevin Beaumont
1 day ago

Got married in #Starfield to a religious lady who took me to a moon in the middle of nowhere and got me to dig up the skull of her childhood pet she had murdered, and she gave it to me as a weapon.

Even in video games, I make terrible choices. (I said thanks and that I would treasure it... I quietly put it down the toilet in my captain's quarters).

1 day ago

Also ich kann auf jeden Fall sagen, mit #cyberpunk2077 hab ich mehr Spaß als mit #starfield.

#gaming #games #videogames

Thomas Sobieck 🐘
1 day ago

Just ininstalled #starfield after 40 hrs of play. I probably have 1000 hrs in skyrim and half that in marrowind and oblivion.

It was a bethesda game that is for sure. So I enjoyed it. But... it felt soulless and empty. I don't know if I'll ever revisit it.

Maybe when mods are supported on steam.

Jürgen Hubert
1 day ago

I'm currently doing the Crimson Fleet quest line for #Starfield , and my boss and _her_ boss have given me different directives that might or might not end up being in conflict.

I guess even a dreaded fleet of space pirates has the same work place problems as any other. 😁

2 days ago

One thing I like about #Starfield is the spontaneous monologs of Andreja, one of the NPC companions. I enter the rooftop terrace cafe of the (beautiful but pointless?) luxury holiday resort “Paradiso” with her, and she muses about the excellent defensive value of this location. :-)

Duncan Idaho 11
2 days ago

New tardigrade doodle, constellation's newest member reporting!

#Starfield #tardigrade #doodle

A lil Tardigrade flying through space with his trusty spaceship and stalwart rock companion.
2 days ago



2 days ago

ALSO, anyone who gave the advice to rush through #Starfield to the ending and NG+ is a loot goblin sociopath

That’s TERRIBLE advice if you approach Bethesda games as I do- from an RP/exploratory angle. As this thread has shown, NG+ retroactively made everything in an otherwise enjoyable game feel trite and pointless to me

But, you do you, I guess

Kevin Beaumont
2 days ago

Finished the #Starfield main quest. Didn’t take the obvious option.

Level 70 with 1.7 million credits in the bank, 5 houses, 10 ships, 20 staff, 6 outposts. Done 369 (nice) quests so far. Still have Ryujin Industries faction to do. Have 41 of 50 achievements unlocked.

Only had one crash the entire time. Still lots to do to get the remaining achievements.

3 days ago

@GossiTheDog I was about to toot about finding #Starfield boring and seemingly unfinished. They clearly had a scope that some development areas achieved really well (general scale) but others are undercooked -
UI is average/confusing/basic, controls (on console) need to be changed straight away, character movement is borked, colour grading is bad even in HDR 4K.

Also the game is just dull with some fun set pieces of pewpew. They wanted the scale of a GTA type game on steroids - but missed.

Kevin Beaumont
3 days ago

The #Starfield main quest is all over the place quality wise, I’m not surprised the game got 8/10 from most review outlets as realistically they will play that bit.

It goes from bad (opening at a car park in Scunthorpe) to worse (the temple missions which repeat the same puzzle 12 times on 12 dull lifeless planets.. dear lord) to emotional to great — it’s a real rollercoaster of quality and tone. There’s even a ship stealth section which is never used again in the game.

3 days ago

The NG+ progression in #Starfield only makes narrative sense (if you are playing a character who has bonded with companions) if your primary companion/romantic interest is dead.

Why would a happy person who has found love deliberately and permanently ensure they would never see their loved one again?

If their partner has died though, hopping universes in the hopes to meet another version of them makes total sense.

It feels like typical Bethesda heavy handedness.

Kevin Beaumont
3 days ago

145 hours into #Starfield. I've gone to a religious centre and they've cured me of being an introvert trait so I can adventure with companions now - Andreja is my new BFF. Paid off my mortgage so now I only have the Spaced trait left to resolve (more health on the ground than in space as I never acclimatised).

Quite far into the main quest now, my crew are gradually becoming Constellation and my ship friends are now running farming and mining outposts I've built instead.

That's my ship below

El Jefe ":verified:" :donor:
3 days ago

ya know I wonder if Bethesda realizes what they have on their hands...

they could potentially take the entire spaceship section, add some network and multi-player capabilities, maybe throw in some mech tech, and they could have a colony wars space/ mech dogfighter spinoff

nah nvm that's crazy talk...


Linux ☑️
3 days ago

::: Steam Deck 3.5 (update) will make games look even better :thinkergunsunglasses:

Steam Deck gets new color display settings to allow to opt for more vibrant / warm visual options.

Game & tweak what's in front of yer eyes - HDR and VRR support for external displays will further make the visuals shine.

Good times for Linux gaming - Steam Deck is amazing.

No need to read either for all else - just listen :thinkhappy: =>

#SteamDeck #HDR #Starfield #Linux #gaming

Duncan Rowe
3 days ago

#starfield is kind of crap. The narrative arc is mediocre. Lots of sub quests are repetitive and thin. It’s a shiny reskinning of Skyrim without the world depth. I do not recommend it at all.

I have played it for 120 hours.


3 days ago

#Starfield works pretty decently on #SteamDeck. I am getting a pretty solid 30FPS with proton experimental. I hear it's gonna be better when steam OS 3.5 drops.

Dr Johnny Blanchard
3 days ago

Actually, on the subject of #StarField, the last time I played I found a derelict ship in the Schrödinger system. It had a very creepy Alien vibe to it, loved it.

Alex Camilleri
4 days ago

Having such an amazing time with #starfield. Despite the undeniably severe UI/UX flaws, I still feel like I just wanna explore new place, meet new characters, experience new things. I think this has the potential to be my favorite Bethesda RPG game.

4 days ago

This has got to be the most depressing bar interior I have ever seen. #Starfield

steve mookie kong
4 days ago

I wish Bethesda would fix the issue with #Starfield where everything looks washed out because and there’s absolutely no contrast to the graphics.

#gaming #videogames

4 days ago

I'll just hop on and play a bit more Starfi...



Cloud gaming, the future.

#Xbox #Starfield

The Xbox Cloud Gaming loading screen displaying a wait time of about 70 minutes.
Kevin Beaumont
4 days ago

On a happier #Starfield note, here's me looking at my ship from a space station.

Kevin Beaumont
4 days ago

I disliked the chef Mickey Caviar so much I made him an outpost on a terrible world with no facilities at all, recruited him and left him there on his own.


5 days ago

Ich habe mich ja lange auf #starfield gefreut, aber leider stört mich, dass ich nicht einfach mit dem Raumschiff abheben und wegfliegen kann. Ich klicke mich nur durch Menüs.
Hätte ich nicht gedacht, aber es reißt mich immer so sehr aus der Immersion, dass mir die Lust auf das Spiel vergeht.

Fynn Becker
6 days ago

We’re up to 17 mods already 😅

I’m so looking forward to the Creation Kit release.

Back in the Skyrim days, just browsing through mods, trying out new ones, fiddling with the load order, and bending the game until it broke was (is) so much fun.


Screenshot of the Vortex mod manager showing a bunch of mods enabled for the game Starfield.

Most of them are UI customizations, some are texture replacements or visual enhancements.
dannel jurado
6 days ago

I wish #Starfield was horny. Like, I get that it’s space Skyrim but we have to go hornier

Screenshot from the Bethesda game Starfield in which there are “exotic” dancers who are fully clothed and dressed as aliens?

starfield translations: "Abandoned X facility" is really "facility full of hostile spacers or ecliptic mercs"


Fynn Becker
6 days ago
Screenshot from the video game Starfield.

A lonely astronaut is standing on an icey wasteland planet with some rugged hills in the distance.

It is night time and in the dark sky a blue planet with faint rings is visible in front of a dim nebula.
Fynn Becker
6 days ago

Somehow Starfield manages to make total wasteland planets beautiful.


Screenshot from Starfield showing an orange red Martian landscape.

In the distance a few tall buildings peek above the horizon.

A thin layer of haze spans across the plane.

An astronaut is standing in the foreground, looking at the buildings in the distance.
6 days ago

#Starfield wird stabiler wenn man am PC das DiskCache Mod installiert…. 🙈 Ich weiss nicht ob ich lachen oder weinen soll.

C J Silverio
1 week ago

Also, #Starfield is still my game of the year, though now that the discourse has settled it's clear BG3 will win all the GOTY awards. Which is FINE because BG3 is ridiculously good, and this year has been hashtag-blessed for gamers.

C J Silverio
1 week ago

David has "Shipping Magnate" and "Fleet Commander". I've had “Life Begets Life" from the very first weekend.

Playin' this game my own way… #starfield

A screenshot of the Steam app showing the percentage of players of the PC Steam version of Starfield who’ve achieved various things. The rarest achievement is “Life Begets Life” at 0.2% of players. Ceej has this achievement, and also has “Boots on the Ground” at 1.4% of all players.

Life Begets Life requires you to harvest 500 organic resources. Boots on the Ground requires you to land on 100 planets.
Adrian Roselli
1 week ago

Neat ship, but so much wasted space.

No toilet. No appliances. No screens. No wall outlets. Can’t get a bed through the hatch.

The only accommodation of any kind is that massive pilot chair — which surprisingly does not double as a toilet.

I have had to make do.


Looking down into a massive and empty spaceship bridget dominated by a massive chair with a hulking backside, reflective floors, curving low metal walls with higher walls behind, hidden mood lighting, and nothing to human scale. A bald white guy sits on the floor near the chair. On the arm rest is a lotion bottle and tissues, on the floor are two board games and a barbell, and on one of the short walls are two rolls of toilet paper.
Highlighting the lotion, tissues, games, weight, and toilet paper in the prior image.
Brian Ambrozy
1 week ago

I named my first outpost "Buttville" in Starfield AMA #starfield #gamer #truegamer #pcgaming #butts

Travis Romany
1 week ago

Another beastly #Starfield user creation. 🦂✨

Starfield: Ship shaped like a scorpion
Definitely grav jumping far, FAR away if we see
this ship coming at us.

# Awesome scorpion ship build by u/
Starfield: Ship shaped like a scorpion. Rear.
1 week ago
An awful farting clown
1 week ago

I wonder if anyone else has seen this bug in #Starfield?

There are a bunch of rocks that follow my ship around in cutscenes. Even after quitting and restarting, they're still there. They follow me everywhere.

A video from Starfield showing how rocks follow my ship about in cutscenes.
Cleo of Topless Topics
1 week ago

how tf are you supposed to use a melee weapon "while in space"?!? #starfield

screenshot of a weapon found, a knife called "med theft ripshank" with the perk "space-adept: +30% damage while in space, and -15% damage while on a planet."
Mike Sheward
1 week ago

“Now, what happened to you in the Temple Eta?”

“It was magical, I floated into the rings and eventually was blessed with a greater power.”

“And how about you, ma’am?”

“Well yeah, so my experience was a little different…”


Kate McKinnon’s alien abduction character from SNL
Galaxy Map
1 week ago

The #Starfield player count passed 10 million. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to reach out to these people? Some must be interested in real galaxy maps. Serious question.

bussy bobcat and ken
1 week ago

lol barrett thought i was joking about something being time travelers but that's like my actual theory right now dont brush me off sir #starfield

1 week ago

@arstechnica According to #Starfield you just squeeze some gel out of a package and it cures all.

So I've been playing Starfield for a while.

It's been fun. In fact, I'm playing it right now and am just pausing to have a snack and shit my opinion onto the internet.

Is this GOTY? Is it 10/10?

Holy shit, no. The people who say it is are on crack.

This is a sparkling new Bethesda IP with a bunch of game mechanics and an uninspired main plot about tHe MuLtIvErSe smushed together with unrefined enemy AI, frustrating space combat, no tutorials, and absolutely HORRIBLE 'primary companions'.

#gaming #starfield