This is a must see for anyone who thinks #COVID19 is over!

COVID is #NotMild, #CovidIsNotOver, repeat - #covidisntover and #LongCovid is real!

So bloody #maskup and for everyone's sake; #stayhome if you are sick!
Got it? #stayathome!!!!

😷 #stillcoviding #coviding #icare

6 months ago

Herrliche Ruhe... Einsamkeit. Frische kühle Luft genießen... Hier und da doch vereinzelt ein paar Spaziergänger... Die Gebote werden eingehalten... Lass mit den Augen auch dein Herz die Natur betrachten. Du siehst alles ganz anders. Schöner, bezaubernder, berauschend...
#spaziergang #stayathome #frühling

Gia Scott
7 months ago

Hmm my plans for the day may not happen. My mother is lollygagging with a cat in her lap watching a movie, still not showered or dressed. Another hour, and it's going to be too late to be bothered with plans.
#SeniorLife #Caregiver #ElderCare #Resistance #StayAtHome #Avoidance

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
8 months ago

> concept of ‘wrong information’ is open to abuse and has become a blank cheque the Government uses in an attempt to control #narratives online.

Again we supported #stayAtHome measures for a myriad of reasons but the above report exposes serious wrongdoing.

Tetsuya Sakai
8 months ago

Tetsuya Sakai - Let's Not Go Outside (2023 REMIX)

Written, performed, and produced by Tetsuya Sakai
Executive Producer: Minnie P.

This is a remix of a Stay Home song I wrote and released in 2021. The pandemic persists, but we shall prevail...
2021年に公開したオリジナルStay Homeソングのリミックスです。パンデミックは続きますが、我々は勝つ!

#original music

Jan Bühlbecker
9 months ago

Das #Infektionsschutzgesetz läuft im April aus - Und dabei sollte es auch bleiben. Denn ein sofortiges Ende aller Maßnahmen passt nicht zur aktuellen, wohl letzten Corona-Welle und den übervollen Kliniken.

#MaskeAuf im Bus und Bahn sowie stickigen Innenräumen und bewusst gefördertes #StayAtHome, wenn man sich krank fühlt, sollten wir aber auch nach #Corona in unserem Alltag bewahren. Weil es Risikogruppen schützt und endlich damit aufhört, unsere Gesundheit unnötig zu belasten.

9 months ago

Tschulliung Nachbarn, ich höre ein bisschen Musik. Geht gleich wieder 🙌🏼💪🏼 #Urlaub #stayathome

Homer S.
9 months ago

So, da ist es passiert. Ich hab meine Nachmittags-Patient*innen und für morgen alle abgesagt und verabschiede mich vorzeitig in die Praxispause zum Jahresende. Weil pünktlich zum Urlaub krank. Das 2. Mal in 2 Wochen.

Ich verbinde das mit den (offiziell) 9 Mio. Erkrankten, von den gefühlt 5 in geschlossenen Räumen noch Maske tragen.
Aber kann natürlich auch Zufall sein.

Egal. Ich läute (gleich ... nach der Radtour nach Hause) die traditionelle #StayAtHome-Periode des Jahres ein.

Gestern im Saunabereich kommt eine Dame mit Maske rein, legt diese ab, geht in die Dusche und beginnt dort derart hässlich zu #husten, sowas hab‘ ich noch nicht gehört. Ein #Friedhofsjodler par excellence. Dann geht sie ins Dampfbad und Hustet dort aufs grauslichste weiter und hört nicht mehr auf. Ich bin sofort gegangen. Völlig egal ob sie vl getestet/negativ ist, muss sowas sein? Bleibts daheim wenn’s krank seids! #WearAMask #stayathome #bleibzuhause #FFP2

I wonder how many we are, worldwide, that stayed at home these last 2.5 years (going on three)..?


Man in hammock, waiting, sad expression.
marc [sustain release] ✅
10 months ago

Das hat jetzt nichts mit der Pandemie zu tun, aber privat entdecke ich, dass #StayAtHome für mich diesen Winter gerade wieder an Attraktivität gewinnt...

Alessandro Zonin
10 months ago

🤔 Guess what is it? It is an Instagram ALT-text images network collected in 21.340 posts with hashtag #stayathome – March 2020. #SocialNetworkAnalysis

▀▀▀ ˈsaɪkəʊˌpæθ
1 year ago

It is difficult for the more radical left in question to admit the devastating measures in which they have just participated as - at least - a propaganda wing. So it is clear that all those who have criticized these measures must be smeared with some label that puts them in the right corner. And why not Social Darwinism?

The Konkret[1] has classified my article “Death to the Statisticians” in ZL #64 as “Social Darwinist” and “leftist”[2]. Both labels of ideologies and movements that I reject. In this, I will reply to the article, which is available for free on the net in English. I'm referring to the English version because paying for an item is too stupid and expensive for me. Unfortunately, I'm poor, and if I ever had money, maybe I should try to get health insurance rather than throw away my money on Konkret.

The article in which the hostility in question occurs best sums up the current stereotypes about what it means to reject Lockdown and Co. The criticism does not leave the field of ideology even once, because it is clear that outside of ideology the individuals are in the category of “risk groups”, were by no means the beneficiaries of the whole regime, are and will not be. Statistically (and it is not more than one statistical group), even if those criticized here would perhaps like to see themselves as representatives) the risk of death, poverty, and disease of these groups, in particular, is currently increasing massively. Anyone who has even just understood contemporary society can do the math. And since "in the fight against Corona" - just incidentally, of course - a complete preventive counterrevolution has taken place, the left, in particular, has mobilized itself into its radical realms for this fight, that is: for the counterrevolution, and largely demobilized ... It can be assumed that the present society will, unfortunately, continue to exist. At least the revolution will not come from the #stayathome faction, which in its “agreement with the polis, the state” (Herbert Marcuse) showed solidarity to let the police and the military take the road. That the coming and ongoing revolts and uprisings will continue, that the collapse scenario that is unfolding before our eyes is unstoppable ... that the lockdown regime, or maybe even the world war (who's laughing?!), which are now imminent, just hinted at it so subtly. And even a political revolution will not change that. This whole civilization should finally disappear in the Orcus, this realization will perhaps soon come to billions of people. Which effectively care little about hospital conditions in Europe, just as little about the national arrogance of certain leftists, etc. They will think more about their hunger and maybe also about their complete exclusion from the beautiful hygienic world where the Corona app or something similar denies them access. Who knows?

If total health protectionism is criticized, then it must be social Darwinist, says Konkret. The latest stage of expropriation, or at least its current formalization, namely the prohibition to dispose of one's own body and the health risk to which it is exposed, is actually what should be criticized in my article. This expropriation affects everyone right now, not just the so-called risk groups, which are given as the reason, and which were and are always particularly affected by it in the existing society. And as has already been pointed out: this expropriation was also one of the mottos of the National Socialist health policy: "Your health does not belong to you".

Since the National Socialist type of this expropriation differs from today's especially through its social Darwinist ideology and practice, it is probably one of the last arguments that can be used for all the unfortunately all too real "measures" for this despotic mass incarceration. But unfortunately, the whole solidarity discourse remains ridiculous hypocrisy. If you still want to argue that Corona (which would also be part of the flu if it were particularly dangerous - maybe not “only” (which is another discussion), but at least “a” flu) is a special social phase of mutual help has been initiated, which is simply still blinded by propagandistic manipulations which seem to pull particularly well with left-wing people. Or has he longed for an authoritarian regime?

At least personally, I only respect the basis of voluntariness as the basis for a relationship. Otherwise, a certain hostility quickly sets in. If people effectively ask me to lock myself up "at home" for their sake, and I refuse, and ultimately refrain from beating them, even if I assert my logical right to do so, then that has nothing to do with that I see them as "life unworthy of life" I also do not wish for "nature to rule" over them, whatever that is supposed to mean. Rather, I would find it quite nice and am also ready to live in a world of mutual help, in which the reality of all the "risk groups" is not pushed into homes ... but honestly also a world in which death is neither abolished is still seen as the main enemy, but as part of life My utopia would probably be a dystopia for Bloch and Stephan Weigand and Rebecca Maskos. They hope for a further development of the technological nightmare, in which one sacrifices life for survival, be it at work, in lockdown, everywhere ... in which confinement is an eternal part, is considered normal and worth living. No thanks! #Stayathome is probably the exact opposite of a "better, liberated society". The "promise of the longest and best possible life" is the promise that lets you accept the "false whole of rule" (the last 3 quotes are from Konkret, Go die!). Or so it seems.

In contrast, the revolution will be like a festival. A festival that will hopefully never end. In which everyone can participate, "whether young or old, rolling or hobbling," multimorbid "or very normal" (Konkret). What counts is leaving the area of ​​fear, not least the fear of death. Because, like a sticker that can be seen here on many street corners, says: "The fear of death robs us of the courage to live". And clearly one will die in the process. Of course, people will die early too - but without the sacrifice, without the death in life, which so often makes up our lives today.

Life, not just survival! For the destruction of the economy! For an end to all incarceration!

Suitbert Monz :mastodon:
3 years ago

@RegierungBW Endlich mal jemand der Klartext spricht! Danke. #stayathome


Since some of you asked:
Recordings can be found at (this will take longer this year :/).
You can rewatch some talks already (not all though).
#FrOSCon15 #conference #recording #stream #opensource #foss #remote #stayathome


3 years ago

Viele haben gestern gefragt:
Aufzeichnungen werde auf bereitstehen (wird etwas dauern :/).
Einige talks könnt ihr schon nachgucken (aber nicht alle):
#FrOSCon15 #conference #recording #stream #opensource #foss #remote #stayathome

3 years ago

In 15 Minuten startet die Init (auf Englisch). Wir freuen uns auf euch!
In 15 Minutes, Init (EN) will start. We're looking forward have you there!

#FrOSCon15 #conference #remote #online #opening #opensource #foss #stayathome

3 years ago

Manila has reverted back to lockdown starting today until the 18th.

More time to read at home, take up online courses, and maybe learn some programming too.

#Philippines #quarantine #stayathome

Natasha Romanoff :ivoted:
3 years ago

I’ve mentioned that I have some family members planning a cookout today that I won’t be attending. Some of my close friends, on the other hand, are planning an online game session on Tabletop Simulator and I’m so proud. My friends (my chosen family) are smarter than my blood family, I’m sorry to say. :meowmask: #StayAtHome #WearAMask

3 years ago

Watch "🎵 The Royal Opera's The Magic Flute in full #OurHouseToYourHouse #StayAtHome" on YouTube

SamuelCooper :damnified:
3 years ago

Geht ihr bereits wieder ins #Fitnessstudio, die #Boulderhalle, etc.? Sprich macht ihr wieder #Indoorsport oder habt ihr auf #Outdoorsport gewechselt und bleibt vorerst dabei?

Ich bin da sehr hin und her gerissen, nötig wäre es aber dringend mal wieder. Insbesondere sorge ich mich um eine zweite Welle und habe mich deshalb noch nicht wieder getraut.

Wie macht ihr das?

Gerne retoot und push! Bin gespannt auf euer Feedback.

#stayathome #umfrage #corona #covid19 #FitnessIstDieBasis