Chilifun 🌶️
14 hours ago

Made Goulash for these cold days. Extra spicy :ablobcatbongo:

Goulash with beef and a little bacon. A standard recipe with caraway and majoram, onion, bell pepper, carrot, potato, fresh and canned tomato and of course chilis.
I used for 1 kg 2.2lb meat fresh:
2x 7-pot Barrackpore
3 Scotch brain yellow
1 tsp Cayenne powder and 2 tsp sweetpepper for some smokey aroma.
All together about 3 liters. (~0.8 US gal, ~0,65 UK gal)

#chilifun #chili #chilli #chilihead #chills #chilipepper #goulash #stew #7potbarrackpore #scotchbrainyellow

A small bowl of Goulash with a spoon in it, viewed from above.
Onion and potato chunks are just visible ind the thick soup. A bayleaf and parsley are also visible on the surface.

Another good recipe. I added chopped daikon radish, and threw in some greens while the stew was thickening. #ChickenStew #Stew #Recipes

Glen Malley
2 weeks ago
A close-up shot of beef stew cooking in a slow cooker
2 weeks ago

This was my late #dinner last night. Some #homemade #beef #stew. Beef is from my friend's small farm just outside of Nanaimo. Vegetables are from my backyard food garden.

#Food #homecooked #ComfortFood

Homemade beef & vegetables stew.
Piper Haywood
1 month ago

Chicken tinga recipe

Makes about 8-10 servings, depends on how you’re serving it. Takes about 10-15 minutes prep to chop and mince, then about 1½ hours of relatively hands-off cooking.
Heat a large pot over medium-high heat. Add about 2 TBSP of oil of your choosing, and then two sliced onions. Cook the onions until translucent, then add about 1 finely chopped chipotle…

#chicken #chipotles #cooking #dinner #food #Mexican #recipes #stew

Steffani Cameron
2 months ago

Did someone say soup season?

Moroccan-style chickpea stew as described in earlier posts, and some breadsticks flavoured with Aleppo pepper, white pepper, and Parmesan.

The soup’s vegan without the yogurt. The breadsticks are delightfully not vegan.

#cooking #soup #stew #vegan

🌿Felis on the Side🌿
2 months ago

Slow cooked a stew all day and as I lay here in bed all I can smell is stew and it's great, though it's making it hard to sleep lmao
#felisrambles #stew

2 months ago

It's amusing the LLMs have no problem answering questions without asking WHY you are asking that question. #gopher #stew #LLM

Bing AI happily providing me with recipes for gopher.
2 months ago

Today's #stew took 2.5 hours of preparation. Slicing and dicing all the ingredients thinly takes me a while, especially while some of those are small, and there are quite a few of them. This time used olive oil, onion, carrots, celery, garlic, red bell pepper, eggplant, button mushrooms, ground beef, zucchini, tomatoes, potatoes, a can of peas, dill, salt, paprika. No cumin, since I ran out of it, and then forgot to get it in a store. And it is tiring, too. Perhaps I should either learn to do it faster or go for simpler recipes, try more of the "meal prep" recipes.

At least the stew is fine, I just had a little. Now going to have a cup of coffee and another piece of apple strudel.

ErosBlog Bacchus
2 months ago

I live near the kind of small town where the hot food deli at the Sinclair gas station advertises on Facebook that you better get down there right away if you want some of their every-Wednesday beef and potato stew because it always sells out so quick.

And I'm thinking there's literally nothing easier to make at home than a big pot of stew. It's just not a thing I can imagine buying at a gas station. #Rural #Food #FoodDesert #Foodie #Stew #BeefStew

3 months ago

Made beef stew for the first time today. This is week one of trying different soup recipes this season. Beef stew is probably technically not a soup, but I'm counting it. Used a recipe off Pinterest as a base, but mostly winged it. I also used shredded beef instead of stew beef. I had part of a chuck roast left so I used that. There's potatoes, carrots, celery, and garlic in this. I even used wine for flavor and I hate wine. It was pretty good overall.

#food #cooking #soup #stew #beef #beefstew

Image shows beef stew in a white bowl with a spoon in it. You can see carrots, potatoes, celery, and beef on the surface.
Image shows a close up of a bowl of beef stew with a spoon in it. You can see carrots, potatoes, celery, and shredded beef on the surface.
David Cantrell 🏏
3 months ago

It's now the dark half of the year, so time for #venison #stew. Fried onions, diced venison, tin of tomatoes, bottle of #wine, bay leaf, a smidge of chili, handful of peppercorns, spoonful of #bovril, chopped carrot, parsnip and tater, some lentils and pearl barley. Bay leaf. Bottle of wine for the cook. Smells lovely. Another hour to just sit and get lovelier over a very low flame. I'll add sage and mushrooms in a bit.

3 months ago

One problem with improvising recipes is remembering everything you want to include. I forgot a couple in this recipe, but I can add later.

@vegancooking @wfpb
#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #stew #yuChoySum #broccolini

A pot of chopped vegetables in a stew, mostly green but some red and some yellow.
3 months ago

oh dear the opening of "the winter cupboard" yesterday for to get myself a jumper has set me quite into hibernation mode - and I came home from shopping this morning with hearty wintry fare like beetroot pasta, kidney beans....

#winter #autumn #cook #beetroot #pasta #beans #lentils #legumes #stew

4 months ago

Attention #british people! The weather has been shit enough for long enough that you've unlocked #stew and #dumplings for tea!
In this case beef and butternut. Pressure cooked for 20 minutes, the. Finished in the oven with dumplings on top.

A blue green bowl plate full of chunky stew and two different blogs of mustard
4 months ago

In lieu of a 'did you know' today, here is a delicious #video by Max Miller #cooking a #Celtic #Boar & Hazelnut #Stew!

This video is also chockfull of awesome Celtic history facts :)

#foodhistory #ancienthistory

Natasha Bates
4 months ago

I’ve been making some South Indian/Sri Lankan inspired stews with sambar masala spice mix. I used some vegetables I’d never tried before found at a Tamil owned grocery store; bottle gourd (similar to summer squashes but more firm) & drumsticks which grow on moringa trees. This vegetable can be seen in the 1 o’clock & 5 o’clock positions below. Only the inner core is eaten. It’s very nutritious & a necessity in any sambar dish.
#India #SouthIndian #Tamil #Spices #Stew #Cooking
🍅 🧅 🌶 🧄 🫑 🍲 😋

South Indian inspired stew with a spicy tomato and red lentil sauce, mixed vegetables including celery and cauliflower, and tofu.
beforewisdom :vegan:
4 months ago

This woman has kept a perpetual vegan stew going in a New York City park for 40 days.

#NewYorkCity #Vegan #VeganFood #Stew #PerpetualStew

I pulled a test bowl of the first run of #perpetualstew.

It is... delicious.

It has an interesting depth to it-- I'm assuming because most of the base was peppers and mushrooms. There's jalapeños in there that you wouldn't necessarily realize were there... until their heat hits the back of your tongue.

But it isn't a bad heat-- just one that adds another layer of complexity to the broth itself.

And not to mention... the broth is so CLEAR. the only real word I can use to describe it is clear.

Also its finally time for me to go to seep... at 720am.

#perpetual #stew #scienceexperiment #foodexperiment #foodscience #fediverse #yum

If you use #lemmy, I have made a community for.. perpetual stew.

I am a loser.

Anyway, if you are interested in perpetual stew... here's this:

#perpetualstew #perpetual #stew #fediverse #newcommunity

At almost midnight, I decided to take on the Perpetual Stew challenge.

It doesn't really matter to me how long it goes on for, I'm moreso just intrigued for my own selfish reasons.

I will hopefully keep everybody updated as the experiment continues.

Whoever said you can't play with your food, lied.

07/25/23: Water, mushrooms, jalapeños, green, red, and yellow peppers, carrots, red onion, yellow onion, and spices.

I mostly used some of our dehydrated stock to get this started.

#perpetualstew #perpetual #stew #foodexperiments #playwithyourfood #fediverse #cooking #slowcooker #crockpot

4 months ago

Spent more than an hour dicing and slicing vegetables for another #stew: similar to the previously described ones, including mirepoix, garlic, chives, tomatoes, and minced meat, but with plenty of button mushrooms and potatoes this time, and with a can of kidney beans. I expect it to be a nice stew, but it is quite tiring to slice everything this way; maybe I should cut it into larger chunks, or employ a food processor.


4 months ago

Really proud of my first #stew

A pot on a fire with vegetables simmering
5 months ago

This stew is for my whole-food plant-based diet, so it works also for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores.

No cruciferous vegetable. If I had horseradish on hand, I would try adding 1/4 cup or so of that since horseradish is cruciferous. (Horseradish from the refrigerated section, of course.) Next time, I'll just include kale or perhaps cauliflower.

@vegancooking @wfpb
#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #stew #cooking

Vegetables on a cutting board: bunch of asparagus, fresh garlic bulb with long stem, Japanese eggplant, green zucchini, yellow zucchini, patty-pan squash, 10 medium large crimini mushrooms, 2 jalapeños, yellow bell pepper, lemon and 1/2 lemon, large can of tomatoes, small can of tomato paste, a bunch of young onions with large long green leaves, 1 bunch of scallions.
Takako 🐀
5 months ago

Kabocha and Turnip stew — Red Lentil, Kelp & Coconut cream based.

#delicious #plantBased #stew #redLentils #kabocha #veganFood ☘️

Kabocha stew being made in the blue Dutch oven pot on the stove. There’s a chartreuse silicon spatula in it as I was stirring.

Behind the pot on the left top corner, I put the lid with the potholder I made a long time ago. It features a printed image of a Dutch house rabbit, and it still looks pretty new.
5 months ago

New #introduction now I've migrated from .social to .ie

I'm Peter. Originally from #NorthernIreland, now living in #Finland. Former tech-support bod, now full time student.

I'm into #tech, #Linux, #retrogaming, #sustainability, #minimalism, #fantasy #roleplaying, #cycling, #coffee / #kahvia and #stew

I'm an unapologetic #atheist, #tree-hugger and #lefty, recovering #cynic and former #goth

5 months ago

Now that I'm back home I can cook up a big pot of veggie stew. I like this one. As always, my recipe is just a description of what I did with the veggies that caught my eye at the store.

@vegancooking @wfpb
#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #tempeh #stew

A cutting board on which i placed a dozen largish white mushrooms a jar of dried marjoram, two bunches of scallions, a handful of peeled garlic cloves, a small section oof ginger root, one quarter oof a large white onion, two yellow summer squash, a few sprigs of rosemary, a bunch of asparagus, a red bell pepper, a bunch of dino kale, and a large block of tempeh.
Death Cabbage
5 months ago

Come fly with me

6 months ago

Made another #stew, similar to the one described the other day. It tastes nice; though the tomatoes are different, making the stew more watery. And yesterday I used up the remaining bacon for spaghetti alla Carbonara, with bacon playing the role of guanciale.

Trying out the Mastodon web interface. Ran into an Emacs 27.1 memory leak yesterday, with it consuming 24 GB of memory, which is triggered by image rendering, loading, or resizing (happens with both mastodon.el and eww), so the web interface may work better for now. Maybe I will try some GUI clients, too. Or to install Emacs 28 from backports.

In other news, I saw the new Unseen University octangle in #DiscworldMUD yesterday! It has order-themed benches, statues, trees, new NPCs.

I suspect that different topics are supposed to be split into multiple toots, but I imagine it would feel more spammy. But perhaps also more organized, and more relevant when it shows up in hashtag searches. I should try such splitting in the future.

7 months ago

I made dinner with what I had on hand, and it turned out tasty. Recipe here:

#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #cooking #stew

A pot of vegetable stew, in which one can see diced carrot, a fair amount of intact whole grain, small cubes of tofu, slices of red Fresno pepper, chopped broccolini, and dice white cubes of chayote squash.
7 months ago

Turns out they like chicken claws in #Portugal as well. And yes: the #stew also contained some chicken heart. #food #travel

ProBorsch 💙 🇺🇦
8 months ago

☆Chicken Rolls Stuffed Hot Liver☆

Here’s a great recipe you can plan for your loved one for dinner for two.

Especially if you or your partner has a hot temper. It is a very tasty meal, dietary and interesting.

#ProBorsch #chicken #garlic #rolls #oil #vegetables #stew #onion #sheetpan #14february #ValentinesDay #fortwo #liver #chickenliver #recipe #cook #cooking #ukraine #ukrainian #food #chef #yummy #yum #tasty #appetizer #hot #pepper

8 months ago

Broccoline & Brussels Sprouts, as per plan.

I posted earlier about the recipe and how I devised it. I've now made it:

##food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #stew #broccolini #brusselsSprouts

A vegetable stew, generally green but with bright purple shreds of red cabbage here and there. One can make out the leaves of Brussels sprouts, sliced mushrooms, and slices of onions.
8 months ago

Making chicken #stew for the Fox before I drive to BC tomorrow.
Up next, quiche!

Chicken stew cooking on stove top
Chicken stew
8 months ago

Just made this (after making up the recipe):

Very tasty. I really like the red cabbage added after cooking is complete.

#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #stew #rye #tofu #spinach

A pan full of vegetable stew.Visible are spinach, diced carrots, diced tofu,  and mushrooms.
8 months ago

Ok so here's the bag of #bones - #goat feet (roasted/blackened) that I saw and picked up.
Seems fitting to take a pic in the bag
Did pick up a bit of goat meat too to go with it. Making it into a #WestAfrican esque #Stew - perhaps more #Naija style (that I'm more familiar with) than Ghanian.
The maggi already has shrimpiness so I'll skip the dried shrimp or crawfish (or powdered herring that's in pantry).

#Food #Cooking #WestAfricanFood

A clear plastic bag tied up with a bunch of cut marrow bones that have an outer thick layer of tendon and are blackened or charred, next to a couple of habanero peppers and a red bell pepper
Slightly charred on the outside cut goat shank and feet bones in a steel bowl
10 months ago

#Stew is just #soup that's thicc

Send toot.

10 months ago

And for dinner, an Insta Pot beef stew. Modifications: used red wine, add mustard greens, put in mushrooms (didn't have peas). Flavor is deep and rich. Highly recommend.

#cooking #stew #beef #InstaPot #MustardGreens #carrots #potatoes #mushrooms

Beef stew cooking in an Insta Pot. Stew contains beef, carrots, mustard greens, potatoes, tomato sauce, and onions.
hpkomic 👻
1 year ago

That said this was a 5 pound solid hunk of #meat and I managed to get a Christmas #roast, two bags of pork cuts for #friedRice, and a #stew for tonight out of it.

Peter Adams
1 year ago


I'm Peter. I've been on Mastodon a few years but only started using it regularly after... #TheIncident

I'm a #middleaged guy from #NorthernIreland living in #Finland. I'm into #OldStuff, #WeirdStuff and worrying about #stuff. And #stew.

Jake Mannix
1 year ago

I may just need to stay off of *here* for a little while too, if we’re just gonna talk about Space Karen and the other guy.

…or maybe I need to go follow a bunch of #stew and/or #cocktail #recipe - sharers or #pnw #mtb #TrailRunning #TGRMT explorers or #Go players or god anything but the stressing over the idiocy of self-promoting narcissists.

FiXato (fallback)
4 years ago

Ancient #recipe for Tuh'u #beet #stew:

«Tuh'u. Leg meat is used. You prepare water. You add fat.
You sear. You fold in salt, beer, onion, arugula, cilantro, Persian
shallot, cumin, and red beet, and [you crush] leek and garlic.
You sprinkle coriander on top. [You add] kurrat and fresh

Image by #KlausWagensonner as taken from (which also contains a modern recreation of the #TuhU #beetStew recipe)

Video at:

Original Cuneiform (?) and below it transcribed and translated text of the recipe for Tuh'u stew:
«Tuh'u. Leg meat is used. You prepare water. You add fat.
You sear. You fold in salt, beer, onion, arugula, cilantro, Persian
shallot, cumin, and red beet, and [you crush] leek and garlic.
You sprinkle coriander on top. [You add] kurrat and fresh
pinkprius [en]
6 years ago

German #kale #stew for dinner!
Really tasty, with #smoked #tofu in it, #vegan.