HowToPhil (Phillip R)
4 weeks ago

And I figure this one on the left must be a saber tooth tiger (??) so they’re open to prehistoric plush. This has been your #stuffedAnimal content for today.

Brown saber toothed tiger stuffed animal (maybe) next to his friend a grey mastodon stuffed animal (maybe).
#ぬいぐるみ #StuffedAnimal
a stuffed animal of white tiger in a colorful belly band

My favorite plushies are the ones big enough to cuddle: like, body-pillow size +. Smaller ones are cute but I'm not so much into collecting shelf-stuffers.

Aurora is my favorite brand I suppose.

If I could commission some custom ones, I'd want a weighted blanket sorta plushie. No hard plastic bits, super soft fur, & the outer 'skin' would be easy to remove & wash. (Hush, gutter-minds. Anything you cuddle long enough gets musty.)

#plushie #stuffedanimal #furry

#ぬいぐるみ #StuffedAnimal
a white tiger of stuffed animal looking at an air plane

Is there an instance for stuffed animals, toys, ect?

I know I simply don't have to look at the stuff I don't wanna but over here almost *every* post is about NSFW or diapers and it is just not my thing. I would much rather be in a place where I see folks talk about the things I am interested in!

Adding tags incase it reaches people who would know or could suggest any : D

#stuffedanimal #toys #woodentoy

4 months ago
a fursona plushie ych, the plush is designed to look like a galaxy themed hybrid with long hair, a long fluffy tail, and pointy ears
4 months ago

finished plushie ych for hannah of their super cute dragon oc

#plushie #plush #stuffie #stuffedanimal #toy #stuffedtoy #ych #plushieych #dragon #fluffydragon #horns #wings

a fursona plushie ych, the plush is designed to look like a gray white and red fluffy dragon

Omg I have the bestest partner in the world

I saw this horse with no hair and instantly regretted not buying him when I saw him. This morning before my partner leaves this is who he brings me!!

This is Scotch the rescue horse 🐴💕

#stuffedanimal #steiff #horse #wolf

A plush of a brown horse, with a white nose and strip going up his forehead. His hooves are dark brown and that same color matches his hair. He is wearing a pink collar with rainbows on it, and a brown necklace with a small toy horse on the end. On one of his legs are a few kandi bracelets, one of them spelling "Scotch"
Scotch is touching noses with Snor, a wolf plush wearing a black collar featuring sea animals, and yellow bandanna with rainbow stars
Snor is lying down while Scotch is on his back
Scotch is lying down while Snor is on his back
4 months ago
a fursona plushie ych, the plush is designed to look like a gray goo dragon
4 months ago
a fursona plushie ych, the plush is designed to look like a gray maine coon
4 months ago
a fursona plushie ych, the plush is designed to look like a gray and blue feline like robot with wings and a lightbulb tail
4 months ago
a fursona plushie ych, the plush is designed to look like a half and half husky, half white and half dark gray with green pink blue and yellow markings
4 months ago
a fursona plushie ych, the plush is designed to look like a gray raccoon with pink green and blue hair and markings
4 months ago

finished plushie ych for seth! a very cuddly red panda

#plushie #plush #stuffie #stuffedanimal #toy #stuffedtoy #ych #plushieych #redpanda

a fursona plushie ych, the plush is designed to look like a dark red red panda with green eyes
4 months ago
a fursona plushie ych, the plush is designed to look like a brown and cream colored demon ferret
4 months ago

The dog is on a mission.

#dog #dogsofmastodon #StuffedAnimal

The dog is chewing on a stuffed animal, surrounded by disemboweled formerly-stuffed animals and their stuffing.
Another pic of the dog chewing on a stuffed animal, surrounded by disemboweled formerly-stuffed animals and their stuffing.
4 months ago

a plushie ych, turn your sona into a huggable plush toy!

#plushie #plush #stuffie #stuffedanimal #toy #stuffedtoy #ych #plushieych

a plushie YCH
4 months ago

The greatest stuffed animal ever, as seen at the Westfield Century City shopping mall. It even has a complete Nutrition label on the back. Yes, I bought it & you can't have it.
#ranch #stuffedanimal #squishable

kaylen! :veripawed4:
5 months ago

Found a friend!! Purple tiger minecraft stuffy! I love it so much!!!!

#tiger #tigers #minecraft #plush #stuffedanimal

Purple tiger stuffed toy in Minecraft pixel block style.
gulseren adakli
5 months ago

I had a plush chimpanzee, I loved it, but -stupid me!- I threw it in the washing machine and it died :( ever since I've been looking for a sleeping companion but I can't find it. I find nice stuffs but the postage costs a lot. I'm open to your suggestions regarding this extremely weird request :) #plushtoy #stuffedanimal #hugging #sleeping #companion #sleepingcompanion

9 months ago

Waved my magic wand and plushified teddyfluffybull -who’s next? 🧸

#furry #furryart #plushie #stuffedanimal #plushy #plushies

Drawing of a green bull with a gold nose ring who’s been transformed into a plushie stuffed animal. He looks extra squishy and is slumped over with one leg sticking in the air. His tongue is sticking out and there is a small heart mark on his nose. His tag has a donkey icon and reads “AZEL”. Another fine collectible from Azel Inc.

People of Mastodon I desperately need your help. My son insists that this is a rabbit. I believe it is a dog. I need an answer and only the collective wisdom of the internet can help me. Please boost. 😆 #whatisthis #mysteryanimal #stuffedanimal #helpme

10 months ago

You guys take up too much space…😅

Two stuffed animals of white tiger. The long one is on top of one another.
10 months ago

this is the beginning of a mouse, a little 7 inch one, from the new patterns. i decided to leave the ears a little bigger having used a little thicker yarn. i love the expression this already adds to the face.


the knit head of a little mouse from a pattern by little cotton rabbits
10 months ago

Though it’s 9℃, it’s blowing and hailing!!!
I haven’t seen hail in a long time…

Stuffed animal of white tiger in green belly band. The background is a garden and it’s hailing.
10 months ago

The forecast says tomorrow will be really cold.❄️❄️
Fur-chan and Andy huddle together to keep warm.
#furby #StuffedAnimal

A green furby putted a chocolate on its head. A stuffe animal of whitetiger wearing a scarf and putted a chocolate on its lap.

For those who don't know, "Blåhaj" is pronounced "BLOW-high".

I woke up from a nap where I was cuddling with Elsa here and my first thought upon awakening was "Oh hey, since Elsa is trans too, she's a MOGAI Blåhaj".

#socialmedia #twitter #blahaj #ikea #trans #transgender #transsexual #stuffedanimals #stuffedanimal #plushies #plushie #plush #stuffy #stuffies #shark #sharks #blueshark #bluesharks

A screenshot of a tweet from Amelia Baeddelia @autogynamelia reading "I can't talk right now, I'm doing hot girl stuff" with a photograph of her Blåhaj, Elsa, wearing a flannel shirt and drinking a Monster Ultra sugar-free energy drink while reading an electronic copy of Whipping Girl on Amelia's phone which has a rose gold case.
11 months ago

I ate big strawberries with my sister. It was really big and sweet.❤️🍓

stuffed animal of white tiger and a pack of strawberry
11 months ago

Guwa-chan is very good at hiding things in his mouth.

Stuffed animal of sea gull putting a piece of chocolate in its mouth.
11 months ago

Long-chan is warming himself at the oil heater.🔥♨️

The front panel of the heater is broken…😅

stuffed animal of white tiger standing toward a oil heater
11 months ago

It’s time to #introduce you to our fluffy family❣️(1/2)

#StuffedAnimal #WhiteTiger


He’s the longest tiger in our tigers.
My sister’s favorite.
He joined our family early on.

He has big, flat, cute face.
He’s an easygoing tiger.

He joined our family recently on.
He’s little crafty.

He’s always doing silly things.
His jaw looks like a peach.
He’s often teased by other tigers.

He’s such a mummy’s boy.
He came from Tokyo. So he’s a city boy.
(They’re twins. Their fur is made from fragil material. That’s why they always in a belly band.)

He’s the most intelligent in our tigers.
He has cute paws.
1 year ago

afternoon tea🍰🫖
#cake #teatime #StuffedAnimal

There’s a strawberry cake on a plate front of stiffed animal of seagull.
Shantell Powell
1 year ago

It’s raining ice out there today, but Biscuit is warm and snuggly with his stuffed kitty. #chinchilla #CuteAnimals #StuffedAnimal #Rodents

A snoozing brown chinchilla snuggling in a cardboard box with a bright yellow stuffed cat toy
1 year ago

#StuffedAnimal #bunny #rabbit

stuffed animal of rabbit sitting on a table. there’s newspaper next to the rabbit.
Katie Kinsman
1 year ago

Festive Frosty Kitty has all of her legs and tail together. She looks rather sweet sitting patiently on my desk. I can't wait to get to the glitter potion of her construction! #embroidery #embroideredfelt #stuffedanimal #oneofakind #artdoll

Kate - Ignorance Was Bliss
1 year ago

Money issues mean more homemade Christmas gifts than usual this year.

My knitter-strength is growing...

#knitting #knitter #KnittersOfMastodon #handknit #mittens #mitts #hat #StuffedAnimal

Photo of 4 1/2 handknit mittens/fingerless mitts (white, purple/black, dark pink, red/black, blue/green), a gray hat with eyeball patch sewn on, and a black stuffed cat, on top of a gray pillow and a Kindle.

4yo: trying to reach the thermostat

Me: I don't think you can reach that

4yo: runs into his room and grabs this puppy, STANDS ON IT, and tries again

#determined #kids #stuffedanimal

1 year ago

I’m still sleeping with a old stuffed animal of bunny...🐰💤


1 year ago

Today was my birthday🎂 🎶
My mom made me some creapes and tons of Japanese cream stew.

Quarter century have passed since I was born…😑🍼

#birthday #StuffedAnimal

A bowl of whipped cream, many piece of crepes and fruit on a table.
A bowl of Japanese cream stew

The Holidays are coming up and some of you either might like to get a #plush #horse or know someone who might like one.

This is a company i have gotten cool #stuffedanimals from in the past and they have a great selection of #horses. (They also have other animals too, lots of them).

(*Currently they only ship to the #USA and #Canada)

#PlushToy #StuffedAnimal #PlushHorse #Toy #Toys #ILikeHorses

1 year ago

He's a little wonky, but I finished #crocheting this little #mouse from the #book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie! 🥰 This is a gift for my friend's new (and first!) grandchild.

I used this #pattern:

#crochet #amigurumi #FiberArts #handmade #diy​ #KidLit #ChildrensBook #PictureBook #StuffedAnimal #BabyGift #reading

A flat lay of the book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and a handmade, crocheted stuffed animal of the main character on top of the book. The mouse is holding a crocheted chocolate chip cookie. The book and mouse are on a tan blanket with tiny green fern print.
2 years ago
A blue shark stuffed animal on top of a red sportscar pillow.