Feeling really bad today. In pretty severe pain, and other things. Got Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy ( it's actually the complete addition!), and "Snow" came! She is not at all like Ziggy. She is firm and not floppy at all. She is soft but, not one of my fav plushies. Ziggy still has my heart. Maybe once I mess with her a little she'll get floppy. She is also shorter the Ziggy. I regret canceling the order for Mochi the pink one. Oh well...

#plushies #plushiesofmastodon #stuffedanimals #stuffies

A white lanky cat named "Snow". She has soft white fur and big blue eyes.
Ziggy the black lanky cat, and Snow the white one side by side.
Top of view of how long both of them are.
1 week ago

That moment when I'm asked about how many big plushies I have and realize I might have a problem..

Thats a king bed btw. 😅

#plushies #babyfur #stuffedanimals

Marina :crayons: :nuggie:
2 weeks ago

A Quick Trip To Sebastian 🚗 🎃

Last weekend we went to Sebastian to get the new Ioniq serviced. I had a chance to go to Target, Spirit Halloween and Dollar Tree and came home with a few fun things!

Here's the post:

[ #Chucky #ChildsPlay
#BlogUpdates #StuffedAnimals #Stuffies #BerenstainBears #Halloween ]

A digital drawing of a little plush tiger frolicking on a pile of leaves in a forest. The text "New Blog Post!" appears underneath.
Joe Vilas
1 month ago

If you have a dog to whom you sacrifice stuffed squeaky toys, hie thee to a TJ Maxx immediately for one of these: It's almost 3" wide from tip to tip & makes a sound like a honking goose when squeezed. And instead of the $21 shown on the web page, TJ Maxx will have it for about $9. #pets #dogs #dogToys #stuffedAnimals

An orange & black spider stuffed dog toy.  It's almost 3 feet wide when spread out.

Hi! This is our #introduction!

We are a 29-year-old disabled #pluralsystem of 10+ who like #animals, #furryart, #petsims, and #stuffedanimals! Those are our main interests that relate to the theme of this server, but we also like outer space, music, paleontology, spirituality, and self-shipping.

We are here to socialize in an environment that seems safe and welcoming for us. Our posts will probably be about our:
-relationship with our partner system
-adventures in spirituality

We will also probably mention both "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" and
"Withnail and I" frequently because we are deeply fixated on those pieces of media and have been for over/the better part of a decade.

We are collectively #asexual, #genderqueer, and #xenogender. We coin genders, some of which are related to animals, and we might post those ones here!

Not sure how to end this, but we are looking forward to meeting people here on Mastodon.

Elaine Anderson
3 months ago

Weird Marketplace find of the day. Build-a-bear Machine. #WeirdMarketplace #Toys #ToyMaking #StuffedAnimals #Business

The second photo shows stuffies and supplies in many, many bins.
Machine that is made to look like a gingerbread house.

Biscuit is a one-chinchilla wave of violence. #chinchilla #chinchillas #CuteAnimals #Stuffies #StuffedAnimals

A chinchilla sleeps, his face resting on a stuffy of a cat. He suddenly wakes up and flips the cat away from him.
Jimmy B. :apple_inc:
4 months ago

Maybe I'll work at #BuildABear. Seems fun 🦁

#StuffedAnimals #retail #HireMe #LookingForWork

Ashlee of Jupiter
4 months ago

I absolutely do not have the room for another budding collection… but SQUISHMALLOWS FEEL SO GOOD AND I WANT THEM ALL AROUND ME.

Took home my first today, this is Tahoe.

🏷️ #Squishmallow #Squishmallows #Stuffies #StuffedAnimals #Plushies #Plushie #Stuffie #StuffedToy #StuffedToys #Collectibles #Collections #Cat #Cats

A 16 inch Squishmallow, which is a plushie that feels like a cloud. This one is shaped like a tortoiseshell cat, featuring white fur with orange and dark grey patches.
7 months ago

'He uses antlers in all of his decorating, oh what a guy, Gaston!'
(I thought of the Beauty and the Beast animated Disney film when I saw this room.)
#countryhouses #stuffedanimals #antlers

7 months ago

Meet my new pal comes all the way from Melbourne Australia #catsofmastadon #CatsandDogsofMastadon #StuffedAnimals

Tabby and white cat sitting in a window catico with a stuffed animal

All the floofs in one place. #cats #StuffedAnimals

The top of a bookshelf with a floofy black cat stretched out on top. The shelves below have a stuffed poodle moth, a stuffed horseshoe crab, and a stuffed mammoth.

For those who don't know, "Blåhaj" is pronounced "BLOW-high".

I woke up from a nap where I was cuddling with Elsa here and my first thought upon awakening was "Oh hey, since Elsa is trans too, she's a MOGAI Blåhaj".

#socialmedia #twitter #blahaj #ikea #trans #transgender #transsexual #stuffedanimals #stuffedanimal #plushies #plushie #plush #stuffy #stuffies #shark #sharks #blueshark #bluesharks

A screenshot of a tweet from Amelia Baeddelia @autogynamelia reading "I can't talk right now, I'm doing hot girl stuff" with a photograph of her Blåhaj, Elsa, wearing a flannel shirt and drinking a Monster Ultra sugar-free energy drink while reading an electronic copy of Whipping Girl on Amelia's phone which has a rose gold case.
Willow T Squirrel
8 months ago

Hello. My name is Willow. I'm 49 years old, and I have stuffed animals on my bed.
#StuffedAnimals #AdultsWithStuffedAnimals #Plushies #Cthulu #Ewok #CatInPajamas #Manatee

Bradley :smugcat:
9 months ago

These are pretty cute.

#stuffedanimals #lambs #toys

My teddy bear’s head was falling off, so I sent him away for surgery. Ridiculous? Here’s why I did it #TeddyBears #StuffedAnimals #TeddyBearRestoration #AntiqueStufffedAnimals #Vancouver #cdnpoli @cdnpoli

I was wondering what happened to this. Unpacking my kids' #stuffedanimals after moving and found a surprise Kaylee bear! #firefly

🐎 I Like Horses 🐎
10 months ago

The Holidays are coming up and some of you either might like to get a #plush #horse or know someone who might like one.

This is a company i have gotten cool #stuffedanimals from in the past and they have a great selection of #horses. (They also have other animals too, lots of them).

(*Currently they only ship to the #USA and #Canada)

#PlushToy #StuffedAnimal #PlushHorse #Toy #Toys #ILikeHorses

10 months ago

Hello beautiful strangers :) I'm going to do the thing where i greedily list #'s of my interests thereby outsourcing further discovery and turning you lot into a team of elves that when someone says "Oh that's brilliant! Where'd you find that?" i can say "Oh no no, I didn't. I have people for that" 😉

#StuffedAnimals (can't stress this one enough)

2 years ago
A blue teddy bear sitting on a red race-car pillow.
2 years ago

Of course after #BeardGrabber saw me take photographs of my own stuffed animals, he wanted to take pictures of his too.

So after I put mine away, I told him to collect his own onto the sofa, and we spend an hour or so taking pictures of him with all his teddy bears collectively and individually.

Obviously I'm not going to share identifiable pics of him here, but here are a couple where he's obscured by his toys that I feel are okay :)

#parenting #dailyPhoto #StuffedAnimals #StuffedToys #TeddyBears #dadsOfMastodon #ParentsOfMastodon

A boy holding up his Bamse teddy bear. It covers his whole upper body.

In the background a Rhapsody 20th Anniversary Farewell Tour cloth banner can be seen hanging from the wall.
A little boy holding up one of his teddy bears; this time a smaller blue one that's obscuring his face.
The Bamse is standing next to him, glaring away towards its right.
A boy facing away from the camera, using his toy backhoe / excavator on his stuffed animals that are piled onto the sofa.
A red stuffed pluche race car can be seen on the edge of the sofa.
A pile of stuffed animals on a sofa. More teddy bears can be seen being carried in the little hands of a little boy who is standing just off-camera.
A green stuffed rabbit toy is sitting in the red pluche racecar along with a nisse (a sort of Nordic yuletide elf).
Among the stuffed animals on the sofa are: a giraffe, an elephant, a reindeer (or is it a moose?), a very excited blue shark and a Pikachu.
2 years ago

Stuffed animals family portrait

A discussion on Twitch made me want to take some photographs of the stuffed animals / teddy bears that kept me company during my own childhood.
All of these are three to four decades old, and some of them (especially #Teddy and Snuffie the rabbit) are showing quite some wear and tear... :(

Too much at least for me to feel comfortable letting #BeardGrabber play with them, but they got careful hugs from him nevertheless.

I have some better photos on my DSLR camera, but sharing from my phone camera was far easier.

See their #ImageDescriptions for more details, and the story of how Ted got reunited with Little Ted.

#Childhood #Nostalgia #StuffedAnimals #TeddyBear #TeddyBears #Monchhichi #FamilyPortrait #DailyPhoto

Stuffed animals posing for a family portrait on a sofa covered with a blue blanket:
"Teddy", a stuffed animal in the shape of a brown bear, with paws that could clasp together with velcro, 
"Little Ted", a smaller and flatter version of him that the big one came with, 
"Snuffie", a stuffed toy rabbit with a crocheted orange and brown vest who was Teddy's partner,
and "Mini Ted", another small, but less flat, teddy bear that got adopted by Teddy and Snuffie when the original "Little Ted" went missing.
A stuffed animal: a teddy bear that's holding a smaller, flatter, version of himself in between his arms.
The brown pappa bear is heavily worn and shows various attempts of repair, and has rather battered eyes and nose.
The little bear is in a better shape, though some bald patches have also started to appear on him.

The big teddy bear I got at my birth, so it is at least 37,5 years old. The small one is a replacement I found at a street market many years after I lost the original one. Since I found it in a city where we frequently went for holidays, it's my head-canon that he went looking for me there when I originally lost him and kept another kid company while biding his time.

(I was too happy to see this bear to actually ask the seller if they also had the big one still, and if not, if they perhaps had found this one years ago.)
An almost-three-year-old giving a hug to a Monchhichi stuffed monkey toy that is over three decades years old.
A big stuffed elephant toy with a red hat, holding a smaller elephant between his arms. An even smaller bear sitting at its feet, looking up at the camera.
FiXato (fallback)
4 years ago

Also, #BeardGrabber might have plenty if #LEGO #duplo, #stuffedAnimals, cars, and other age appropriate #toys to play with, but for some reason he prefers to play with food storage boxes (putting in and taking out cartons of beans), a mixing bowl and one of his baby spoons, empty cups, and things like that.

He also loves pointing out pans and recognises the sounds of them in use.

Future kitchen chef? 😄🤔

#parenting #ParentsOfMastodon

4 years ago

Indoors out of the Rain

Canon SL2/200D - Canon 18-135mm Lens - ISO 800

#photos #photography #SeaShells #StuffedAnimals

Dog and Bear with Sea Shells
Bear with Sea Shells
Dog with Sea Shells