Taffer :godot: :atari: 🇨🇦
1 week ago

Looks like there's a (potentially ancient) GDscript plugin for Sublime Text:

I wonder if any of the forks are more up-to-date?

#sublimetext #godot #gdscript

2 weeks ago

I shamefully paid for Sublime Text

Are you a license holder too?

#programming #vscode #sublimetext

Scott Lahteine
3 weeks ago

A great thing about #OpenSource is that your work can evolve beyond its original form. Here, my AtariBASIC syntax for #SublimeText was useful towards a #VSCode extension! #RetroComputing.

atari-basic VSCode extension A simple AtariBasic support (syntax highlight) for VSC.

just saw a youtube tutorial refer to sublime text as a free editor 🙄

it is not free nor is it open source. #SublimeText is fully #proprietary paid software that allows you to evaluate it. costs $99 to purchase access to releases for three years, then you have to do it again. it's also aging super hard. i wouldn't recommend it to new developers. #vscode / #vscodium has so many more features and is actually free.

But here is my 'lil, slightly hacky thing, mostly finished (sans backporting it to Python 3.3 :blobcatnotlikethis:​).

It uses a modified version of @gigabates' 68kcounter CLI, edited to read code from STDIN and to directly output Sublime Text minihtml directly (for laziness), compiled to a native executable with vercel/pkg (because subprocessing node cli.js took almost twice the time on my system than calling the pkg'd .exe) to get the annotations and then just slaps an inline Phantom on each line.

#atari #atarist #programming #project #sublimetext #coding

Sublime Text with some M68000 assembly open, with each line annotated with instruction timing and size in bytes, updating as the code is modified.
James 🌈💜
1 month ago

#SublimeText does make this adventure book a tiny bit easier to write, with the multi-paning.


Two panes open in Sublime Text 4, showing multiple in-story decisions and choices.

I’m trying out Zed #CodeEditor lately as a replacement for #SublimeText and I think it’s great! Native and fast, with some smart workflow decisions (like editable multibuffer or temporarily expandable panels) and with Copilot/ChatGPT built in. I feel at ease and highly productive when I use it.

It doesn't yet support some of the languages I use at work (#Elm and #Fsharp), but #TypeScript and #Rust support is great.

And the docs are well written, check them out!

António Domingues
2 months ago

@coolbutuseless #unhelpful advice I know, but that's one of the many reasons I use a proper code editor, #sublimetext, 99% of the time.

To be fair I used to code in #RStats / bash / groovy / python thus the need for a more general editor.

@iamdtms @elk @brave @protonvpn

Best RSS reader: #reeder
Best desktop #Mastodon client: @icecubes
Best audio service: #spotify
Best Browser: #firefox
Best VPN: #wireguard
Best code editor: #sublimetext
Best file transfer client: #openssh
Best gaming platform: #playstation

What's in your best list?

#sublimetext خیلی ادیتور خوبیه. اگه آزاد بود خیلییییی عالی میشد.

2 months ago

@darksecond I don't know what you use for editing, but #Emacs has a pretty magnificent vhdl-mode, and I wrote a variation on this for #SublimeText once upon a time called VHDL Mode. Both handle templating (slightly differently) and beautification and utility functions like entity copying and pasting into different forms, etc.

Jon Lunman
3 months ago

I am consistently impressed by how quickly #SublimeText opens up after a cold start. It's nearly instantaneous, no matter how many tabs it has open, while literally every other application takes several seconds to show up at all.

(Kind of sad that I should marvel at fast startup of a text editor, but these are the times we live in I guess.)

Nick Anderson
3 months ago

How to work efficiently, how to efficiently get things done, and how to make the team operate efficiently

#orgmode #sublimetext

Markus Ostermeier
3 months ago

Log View Viewer für macOS ???
Es ist keine wirkliche Freude auf einer Sophos Firewall die Logfiles durchzustöbern. Zum Glück gibt es dort aber die Möglichkeit, besagtes Logfile sich runterzuladen. Nun war ich auf der Suche nach einer App, mit der man größere Logfiles einigermassen angenehm durchsuchen und darstellen kann. Ich habe aus dem Mac AppStore die App "
#macOS #lnav #LogViewer #LogfileViewer #macOS #SublimeText

I really wanted to switch to #Nova as my default code editor, but that ain’t happening yet. For me, a text editor need to:

1. be fast
2. not crash

... and that’s why I’m back to #SublimeText.

Adam Wysokiński
4 months ago

@mikelech And BTW, #SublimeText (my personal undethronable king of coding and writing editors) has an inbuilt "Expand Selection to Scope" (C+S+Space), which does exactly what you are looking for :)

Adam Wysokiński
4 months ago

@uncomfyhalomacro I've just tried #helix and my initial impression is good. LSP in Julia working really out of the box, space view, help system. I will not probably abandon my workhorse - #SublimeText, but helix made much better first impression on me than #neovim.

Thomas =:-)
4 months ago

@DJDarren @tigerfort my personal workflow is #markdown in #SublimeText via #pandoc to docx

Consistent formatting even if you change the (source) document

5 months ago

Sorry #winrar, sorry #winzip

but finally I got my #sublimetext editor license \o/

Still love my #texteditor despite there are cheap alternatives like #vscode

Thomas =:-)
5 months ago

This looks promising

could this replace pandoc?

My current workflow is sublime -> pandoc, or obsidian -> pandoc (if it is part of my projects)

Obviously the need for sublime -> pandoc -> powerpoint remains

#SublimeText #Pandoc #Obsidian #docx #pptx #writage

5 months ago

Ahh the joys of having contributed. I have a package for #VHDL for #SublimeText that I wrote years ago. It mimicked many of the #Emacs vhdl-mode abilities. It was fairly well received (11k users last I checked).

I haven't used Sublime for a while having moved back to Emacs, but still there's pull requests from time to time and then I have to remind myself of how it all works.

Also the joys of trying to lex a language like VHDL. The last issue:

The `is` in the `block` statement is technically optional, however `block` has parenthetical guard statements that come between `block` and `is`. Then after `is` there is a declarative set of statements and then `begin` starts the body region. So while optional I still need `is` as a delimeter between guard statements and declarative statements!

Dmitry Osipov :emacs:
6 months ago

A concept of "saving a file" shouldn't exist these days.

We have invented local history, temp files, version control. Why do text (or any other) editors keep asking me if I want to save a file? Just be a little bit helpful, like #SublimeText for example.

Locally, on my Linux computers I am used to #SublimeText editor. Actually running it in a #Docker container because of the tremendous amount of extensions and its dependencies (#python, #node, etc.)

Anyway at work, with some of the Windows desktop restrictions, but having Linux server...the #VisualStudioCode Server in Docker gives me the same level of UX ❤️

Visual Studio Code Server Docker
Torsten Landsiedel
6 months ago

Wie ich meine #Errorlogs via #SublimeText und einer #RegEx aufbereite habe ich mal in einem neuen Blogbeitrag aufgeschrieben:

Wie bereitet ihr Logdateien auf? Editor? Spezielle Tools? Was vom Betriebssystem?

@ngmi I did now! It seems nice, reminds me of #SublimeText if it was #VSCode. I like how minimal it is. It feels like there is increased latency when typing, but I'd have to measure that somehow.

6 months ago

Where's the logic of using flatpak to install and upgrade sublimetext, if sublimetext keeps opening a windows saying that I have a newer version to download?
I checked, and I have the most recent build installed. But still.

#flatpak #sublimetext

Pedro Machado Santa
6 months ago

@brunorobert Nice. I haven't really been a #jetbrains guy just yet. TBH, I've been quite a solid #SublimeText team member for some time now. But it wouldn't be fair if I didn't say it's starting to show it's cracks.

I always thought of going with #vscode , but your toot made me put jetbrains IDEs up for consideration too. Thanks!

6 months ago

#Changelog news mentioned #Zed as a replacement for #SublimeText, but it's not cross platform...

Zed may be a great editor but until it's cross platform it can't replace Sublime.

7 months ago

#sublimetext is an addictive text editor

It wants you to open more files, and not close them

I was today years old when I learned:

On #macOS, when you try to close a document with unsaved changes and are prompted to save the file, you can press ⌘+D for the “don’t save” option.

This dialogue was specifically annoying in #SublimeText, where for some reason it’s not in the keyboard focus, and I had to reach out to the mouse while the rest of the editor is purely keyboard-centered.

Boost & spread the word!

Mike Wink
7 months ago

@jrimmer I tried nova today, not really convinced. I will check #sublimetext tomorrow, but I guess I will stick for #coteditor.

This is a nice workflow for Alfred. It indexes all your Sublime projects for quick opening with st #{project}:

#alfred #SublimeText

Simon :verified:
8 months ago

I hate waiting for Electron apps to start up. Sublime trumps that every time.

p.S. I use arch by the way ;)

#sublime #sublimetext #vscode #code #editor #archlinux #arch

Harim Britto
8 months ago

Bom dia amizades!

Iniciando o dia pedindo um #mastoajuda . Tô querendo trocar o editor de textos que eu uso atualmente, do #gedit para o #sublimetext .

Uso na produção de textos básicos e salvo tudo como #markdown .

Sei que o sistema de configuração dele é bem interessante e para um usuário comum pode até assustar, mas sei que existem meios pra facilitar isso, só não tô encontrando fácil.

Toda ajuda é bem vinda.

#mastohelp #tips

Abbie 🏳️‍⚧️
8 months ago

If I could find a powder blue theme for #TextMate / #SublimeText that would make my day

James Beith
8 months ago

Do you use Sublime Text (4)? Do you know if there's a way to use Goto Definition on installed third-party packages? e.g. I'd like to jump from `forms.ValidationError(...)` in my source code to `.../site-packages/django/core/`.


Ænðr E. Feldstraw
8 months ago

Of all the stupid text editors available, #sublimetext spans the crown. It is so slow, I can't even move the cursor up and down without serious lag in a 50K file. Guess I'll return to using #vim.

chaos / genders
8 months ago

Does anyone have good recommendations for a non-#Electron, non-browser #codeEditor on Windows? I have a #SublimeText license, but I'm curious if there's a nicer solution out there; most are Electron and Monaco. I happily use #PanicNova on my laptop for #programming, but want something for my desktop, too.

JetBrains Fleet looks cool, but it's subscription only. Not to say I won't pay for software — I re-up my Nova, Sketch, and Affinity suite — but strongly prefer pay-to-upgrade over pay-to-use.

António Domingues
8 months ago

@hrbrmstr nice write up. I am just curious about the distinction you made between general text editor, #sublimetext, and a code editor, #vscode. Mainly asking because I use sublime for both but have been considering testing vscode.


I use several editors. I like #sublimeText and is handy as an editor to just have open to tweak, files paste random stuff.

I know enough vi/vim on servers when ssh-ing.

And for 'coding' projects I use #jetbrains tools.

Rafe Rosen
9 months ago

I'm back on #SublimeText and incredibly satisfied. Ultimately what's important to me is a well-made tool for editing text and it does that job better than anything else I've tried.

@mark I’ve seen it floating around, but I personally used #sublimetext as my main editor after moving away from VSCode (don’t like Microsoft’s strategy) and now moving more into #neovim and #bracey for my #frontend work.

Stefan Baumgartner
9 months ago

More updates on using #SublimeText for writing:

- AsciiDoc support really leaves a lot to be desired.
- Line Breaks don't work as well (moving a blank into the new line, or leaving an ` on the line before)
- Maybe it's just me, but the file browser really is just for selecting files. I struggle to drag and drop moving files to other locations.

- Speedy as f.
- Autocomplete works really well on identifiers
- Handling of special symbols is nice (wrapping words in _ or <<>>)

Adam Wysokiński
9 months ago

If you (like me) write research papers in Markdown and want to add citations (in Pandoc format) to Sublime Text using Zotero citation picker:

Requirements: Better BibTex, xdotool and libnotify

ST shortcut is:
{ "keys": ["alt+z"], "command": "exec", "args": { "cmd": ["path_to_zotpicknix"] } }

#sublimetext #zotero #bibtex

Stefan Baumgartner
9 months ago

There are so many things that I like in all three editors, that I think I will go multi-editor for a while.

#Neovim for coding, #SublimeText for writing. #VSCode for everything in between.

I guess the moment I run into complex scenarios, like debugging, I still will fall back to #VSCode.

Especially debugging is one of its strongest features...

Stefan Baumgartner
9 months ago

#SublimeText on the other hand is really good with text, and still super responsive when writing. I've been using it for scribbles and Markdown for a while, and this is still its strongest suit.

And if your PL has LSP support, you can be sure to get really good editor support even in Sublime Text.

However, if you need anything beyond that, you can really feel how the ecosystem has been stale over years. The latest AsciiDoc plugin? Seven years old. Seven! VSCode's plugin is miles ahead.

Sad day over here. I'm finally accepting that my favorite text editor is never coming back. #MacOS updates in recent years made #TextMate slow and buggy.

Thanks for all the good times, old buddy!

I'm taking a test drive of #SublimeText. So far that seems to be the closest to TextMate. Any other editors I should consider?

A rendered image of a purple daisy flower in a MacOS gallery view of an Applications folder in MacOS finder. The purple daisy was the icon for TextMate.



I will say the difference between Notepad++ and SublimeText was night and day, probably the biggest jump in functionality between IDEs/editors for me.

With the current state of VSCode and the featureset of PHPStorm that I use I could probably pretty easily switch between them.

Pedro Machado Santa
9 months ago

@nixCraft honestly, never really caught the wave of HTML-based code editors/IDEs. I remember trying #Atom in the early days and it felt needlessly heavy, slow, rather unresponsive and overall counterproductive.

I know HTML-based code editors and HTML-based apps have come a long way since to address these issues, but I never quite recovered from those first impressions. #SublimeText continues to be my go-to code editor.

This just works :-) #emacs

Jupyter, email, confluence, mastadon posting, pick-your-evil-text-box-editing-nightmare...

Available for #vim and #sublimetext if you must...

#+begin_src emacs-lisp
;; EmacsConf 2022 Talk on using Atomic Chrome and GhostText to edit jupyter notebooks

(require 'atomic-chrome)

Sam' 🐧
10 months ago

My latest #SublimeText syntax definition (for #AppArmor) has finally reached #PackageControl repository yesterday 🎉

@drdrang this is the stuff I love. Having regex support in an editor is critical for me - but you may have won me over to #bbedit from #SublimeText with that “Process lines…” command. That is slick as can be.

10 months ago

I guess this is a Mastodon thing. Good morning. I'm a EE working primarily with #fpga devices, primarily in #vhdl (though #verilog if I have to). I currently work creating testing equipment for #avionics. Generally prefer #emacs for development though I did write VHDL Mode for #sublimetext which works pretty well.

In regular life I'm a #sf and #fantasy reader, enjoy walking my #dog, enjoy raiding and M+ in #warcraft, enjoy playing Go (#gogame #baduk), and other things.

I have three valid license keys for #SublimeText and "License Upgrade Required" dialog in the UI. 😒

I'm not buying it again.

Duke64 🐋
1 year ago

@gnulinux auf Arbeit für die großen C# Projekte die IDE "Visual Studio 2019“.
Für alles andere (Arbeit und Privat) dann #sublimetext mit LSP.

I'm currently using #VisualStudioCode to write some #JavaScript code, but it's really too slow if I compare it to #SublimeText. Besides, it sometimes crashes abruptly on my Linux system.
I've tried Atom, VSC and Sublime so far. Can somebody here recommend a fast and powerful IDE for JavaScript on #Linux? Thank you.

2 years ago

I wanted an easy way to open files and folders in #macOS with #SublimeText. So I created a small quick action using #automator.

It is doing things like this that makes me enjoy macOS as a user.

2 years ago

Anyone using #SublimeText over #VSCode?

Random Geek
3 years ago
FiXato (fallback)
3 years ago

#rmate perhaps? Not really an editor itself, but a way to edit files remotely in certain local editors.

Originally made in #Ruby for #TextMate users to edit their remote files over #SSH in their graphical Mac OSX editor:
But has since been ported to a #Bash shell script:

and is supported by other editors such as:
#SubLimeText (


#VSCode (

🦁 📷 Kazuky Akayashi :pawified:
3 years ago

C'est cool #i3 pour se faire des espaces de travail quand même.

Ici :
#SublimeText , #Alacritty qui fait tourner #Hugo et #LuaKit pour le rendu du site ​:blobcatpeek:​

Dmytro Gladkyi
4 years ago

Using #SublimeText again and jiz it is so blazing fast!!!! I cannot go back to crapcode or other electron shitware.

4 years ago

Folks, something completely different: Can anyone recommend a goot development environment for the #Linux terminal or usable through #ssh that comes close to #sublimetext or #atom? Most specifically, I am looking for things such as project support, integration of #git / #subversion and a modestly pleasant out-of-the-box experience (don't want to have to spend too much time on crafting custom configurations). Does such a thing exist...? Any recommendations?

Anyone else on use #sublimeText for your writing (in #markdown, of course). Curious to hear about your workflow, plugins, etc

I usually use SublimeText with #pandoc writing in MMD and use bibdesk (so #bibtex) for managing citations.

5 years ago

what about this #git graphic tool, #sublimetext merge? it comes with the new version, sublime text 3.2

do anyone of you use some tool like this for merge conflicts? it looks useful 🤔