The world is often divided between doers and thinkers. In my new newsletter article, I talked about the doers. Featuring a stud doer Simone Inzaghi.

#FCIM #substack #InterMilan

@sandipb I'm well aware of the financial burden of too many subscriptions, but I also need to provide for my family. This is why I've chosen to make all my posts free on #Substack for the first few days. People who follow me can read everything at $0 cost, and can pay to support me if they can, and access archives if they want to. Seems like a good compromise.

Also, there's a lot of free stuff on YouTube. Sounds like it'd be good to create a directory of free #Obsidian resources. 🧵 2 of 2

2 days ago

Trying out #Substack by writing and posting a story about how I deleted production data twice on the same day. Enjoy!

Jesse Pohlman
2 days ago

Here's this week's #TheProgressiveCafe over on #Substack! A bit late, but worth a read. It's about #Negotiatons, and not just the #DebtCeiling.

SocialSpirit :mastodon:
3 days ago

Introducing #thementalist and it’s pilot episode. The start of a successful 7 season run, it all started here. #thementalistcbs #substack

Gerhard Schröder
4 days ago

Hat jemand Erfahrungen mit ?

Suche ja noch eine Fediverse-Alternative zu #substack um meine Newsletter auch im Fediverse anbieten zu können

#writeas #Fediverse

One of my New Year's resolutions was to write more in English. Almost 6 months into the year, I finally got my English substack up and running. I'd appreciate it if you would subscribe - new posts will arrive in your inbox. #substack

@Djromero @JimSwift

I will add some corresponding hashtags #crosspost #Twitter #bluesky #substack #atprotocol

and knowledgeable folks @atomicpoet @tchambers @activitypubblueskybridge

as well as some other media personalities who seem to be posting on multiple platform quite successfully

@juddlegum @atrupar @ChrisO_wiki
@w7voa @timkmak

Maybe this way someone with more knowledge can jump in and help

Eclectic Miscellanea
4 days ago

So what exactly is a #Karen? In my new #Substack post I look at some clips and quotes that helped me narrow down what I think it means to be a Karen.

Check it out here!

4 days ago

Ok I’m canceling the #Substack thingy, not my cub of dish actually. For that I also can use Filpboard or similar things.

Paula Borchardt
4 days ago

I enjoy learning about other artists’ processes so in my latest blog post I included a process video showing how I created my Tucson Yard Journal ~ November (the art I tooted yesterday).

#SciArt #SciArtist #art #illustration #watercolor #painting #sketchbook #NatureJournal #NatureJournaling #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #Substack #blog #blogging #Tucson #SonoranDesert #environment #ecology #nature #flower #wildflower #Fall #Autumn #insect #butterfly #bird #birds #birding

4 days ago

It’s now easier to connect with me on #Substack and to read my publications and notes. #journalism #news #blog #writing

4 days ago

It’s now easier to connect with me on #Substack and to read my publications and notes. #journalism #news #blog #writing

I thought it was possible, but can’t figure out - can’t I have more than one publication under one Substack account? #substack

Mark Cantrell
4 days ago

A post on my new author Substack. Give it a read, maybe consider subscribing for future posts?

#WritersLife #writer #author #blogging #Substack

Chris Young
4 days ago

OK, looks like substacks have an RSS feed (add "/feed" to the URL), so adding them to an RSS reader is better than subscribing! #substack

5 days ago

I created a free substack just so I have a blog to use for the meantime.

This will be about the (history) books I read, and other related learnings. My first post is from my old blog, which I significantly edited in the past 30 minutes haha.

#blogging #substack

Simon Campbell
5 days ago

Latest edition of the podcast released!

This series of shows feature music from the cities where they are playing during our September/October 2023 UK Tour.

This week it's the turn of Edinburgh and you will hear songs by The Proclaimers, Starlite & Campbell, Orange Juice, KT Tunstall, The Waterboys, Sean Connery and The Rezillos

#Podcast #Substack #Music #FediArt #MastoArt

Chris Young
5 days ago

Is there any way of following a #substack without getting the emails? I'd like to just check in every so often, not be inundated with articles I don't want to read.


Nostr、Post、Hive Social、Bondee……登録しただけ。




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Ollie Francis
5 days ago

I'm trying something new with my writing: a novel delivered to your inbox one chapter at a time.

It's gonna be fun.

#writing #substack #novel

Life is still lifing, but I did send out a new photo-filled dispatch yesterday, featuring the doughnuts from my last resto column. I've also provided my recipe for sufganiyot, if you feel like making your own.

#FoodWriter #Recipe #Doughnuts #Donuts #Substack #Mastonom

Dev Leader
5 days ago

Hey developers! Did you see this?

A Simplified Beginner’s Guide to IEnumerable in C#

#dotnet #programming #coding #csharp #substack

Johnathan Reid
1 week ago

My latest #poem, 'Escape This Nonsense', mines the ancient tradition of nonsense literature, taking some of its less fantastical elements. It’s not bedtime reading for children, mixing marital lifestrife with a thirtywonder calamity of frankenword portmanteaus. But I hope Lear and Lewis – or even Barrett and Byrne – might intether their disapproves.

I strive to deliver original #poetry monthly, always free to my wonderful #Substack subscribers and ever curious visitors.

An AI-generated image in the style of an Edward Lear nonsense poem, prompted with "an arguing couple spout nonsense at each other. Cheshire cats and owls may have been invoked. And tea. But no snoremice were harmed." Overlaying it top-left is a 'ReidItWrite' logo and URL; top-right is a Substack logo; at centre is the post title "Escape This Nonsense", with the accompanying text: "Funplundering the nonsensical habits of valedicted Victorian poets."
Anna Who? Doc!
1 week ago

Well, my week-long break is over. I should hopefully get out a new episode of VibeCaps Podcast out today, a new article in the next few days, and start a new podcast by the end of the week.

#HNOM #NHL #PHF #Substack #Podcast

1 week ago

I cannot express how much i hate that people keep posting useful things on #Substack.

Every time i'm sent to a post their !@#$!@ "hey sign in!, or not!" overlay when i'm barely started reading. Today I went to someone's top level page there and it was ONLY that. I literally couldn't see ANYTHING by the author until i clicked through.

Substack may be easy/good for you as a creator but it's terrible for ALL of the people you're hoping to read what you create. It doesn't treat us with respect.

I made a #postcard drawing of Bendico roaching on his sofa, for one of my #Substack supporters. I did a quick pencil, then went over it with a medium brush-pen. I like how it came out, and will play with this pose more, maybe to see how much I can strip from it.

#art #amateurartist #dog #doggo #greyhound #greyhoundsofinstagram

B/W ink sketch of a greyhound roaching, rear legs extended, front legs curled up over chest.

So I'm experimenting with the way I use #Substack.

Posts are now free to read for everyone, but will lock a few weeks after publication.

I always appreciate it when #Medium members choose to read my work on that platform, but for everyone else, you won't miss out if you have a read before the lock-out time.

I'm thankful for my paid subscribers on Substack, and think it's fair that access to archives should be one of the perks of membership.

#blog #blogging

I'm doing a major #Substack subscription push between now and the end of June. I use my Substack for additional commentary on movies, TV, and Hollywood in general that are not necessarily found on Solzy at the Movies. If you have yet to subscribe, please consider doing so.

#film #movies #TV

The latest The Sloth and The Manatee letter is out, involving dancing hamsters and nonexistent Tarot

#MastoArt #FediArt #Art #CreativeToots #Drawing #Illustration #Hamsters #Tarot #Substack #YesYes

Illustration of three dancing hamsters, with the text: Wait, where's Flo? And Plus: New Nonexistent Tarot

ニュースレターを紹介する「Fine Letter.」配信しました。
#ニュースレター #Substack

Andrew Leahey
1 week ago

I definitely "get" why, so I'm just making an observation -- the #Substack crowd and the #Mastodon / #fediverse folks seem to have very little overlap.

Eclectic Miscellanea
1 week ago

Want to increase your #Tiktok reach? I asked ChatGPT, and it has some snarky advice on how to do it. Don't worry, there's some good advice mixed in too. 😂 Check it out here:

#Substack #ChatGPT

Dr. Katie L. Burke
1 week ago

The discussion towards the end about of this interview w/ Cory Doctorow about the big teddy bear theory and how it affects #media is interesting and articulates my suspicion of platforms like #Substack & #TikTok quite well:

Lucy Bernholz
1 week ago

Is there a name for the “content collapse” that happens when all the Substack authors you subscribe to start interviewing each other? #substack

Dev Leader
1 week ago

Happy Friday, friends! Sharing this:

A Simple Safety Net For Async EventHandlers

#dotnet #programming #coding #csharp #substack

This weekend's The Sloth and The Manatee newsletter will involve dancing hamsters

#Hamsters #Dancing #MastoArt #FediArt #Substack #Sloth #Manatee

Detail of a color illustration with three dancing hamsters, one of whom has a guitar
2 weeks ago

I have never used Substack.

I like the idea of newsletter-style no hassle blogging.

I thought I would ask if anyone had any recommendations for a substack alternative?

#Substack #Fediverse

Two issues into my latest newsletter experiment, letting #Substack fend for itself while testing out LinkedIn's offering, and early indications suggest I have two distinct audiences with modest overlap.

Substack views are down ~1/3rd, 96% coming from the email itself. The app has never been more than 10%, while LinkedIn used to be my best non-Substack referrer.

Meanwhile, LinkedIn has half as many views, so my combined reach has grown. Anecdotal, but intriguing. 🤔

#newsletter #analytics

Eva Amsen
3 weeks ago

Hello from the Eurostar! I just finished writing tomorrow's Mixture and it's one of my favourite issues so far, about turning #science data into #music (and other #sciart links). It's scheduled for tomorrow but I might not be online to remind you, so make sure you're subscribed to get it in your inbox. #mixture #newsletter #substack

that july 9th
3 weeks ago

Someday I'll remember to post about my new substack posts the day they come out and not two whole days later lol

On Sunday just gone, I posted about why I love the Taylor Swift album 'Speak Now' and why I am so excited for it to come back as a 'Taylor's Version', in a sort of essay form titled '37 and still growing up now' which you can find here:

And then on Monday I posted a list of podcasts that I listen to a lot and really wanted to recommend to folks, in case you haven't heard of them and they seem like something you'd like. You can find that one here:

Boosts welcome! 💚

#substack #podcast #podcastrecommendations #taylorswift #queer #trans #nonbinary #writing #writers #writersofaotearoa #writersofnewzealand #writersofmastodon #fediverse

The nice thing about Substack URLs is, even if it's a different domain name, it still goes "domainname.tld/p/short-slug", and that structure with the /p/ and the slug lets you know that if you click on it, it'll throw that goddamn "wouldn't you like to subscribe?" modal in your face just when you've read the first few sentences and are starting to get interested, so the URL lets you know to just skip the whole goddamn thing.

#Substack #BadUX #modals #ModalsSuck

I just bought a 1 year subscription to The Counteroffensive #Substack written by @timkmak who's now returning to #Ukraine on his own as an independent journalist after being laid off from NPR.

3 weeks ago

#Twitter にいまだに沢山の人がいることは事実だから「その #Twitter に情報が流れづらいなら #Substack やめる」という判断もあるのもわかる。

ただ、そういう発想になると結局 #Twitter がどんな場所になってもそこに沢山の人がいる限り、マーケティング上 #Twitter からは逃れられないっていう変なスパイラルになっちゃう(のは個人的に嫌)



#Twitter が当初はそういう場所だったという(勝手な)自分のイメージもある。#Twitter に限らず #SNS って本来そうあるべきというかそういう #SNS が好き、という気持ちもある。

…ので、ユーザーシェアとか数の力で囲い込みされるような場所にはいたくないから #Mastodon #VivaldiSocial にいるのかもなあ :tony_normal:

3 weeks ago

購読してるニュースレターの中で #Substack を利用してるものにひとつが #Substack と #Twitter の対立について書かれていて、その中でやっぱり表示数が明らかに減ってたり #OGP 経由のリンクプレビューが表示されなかったり、BAN はしてないけど明らかにレコメンドされなくなってたり扱いが悪くなってる状況はあるんだなーというのを見ると、自分なんかは「もう別に #Mastodon でいいやー」とか気分でシレッといえてしまうけど、人生の時間と労力を情報発信に掛けていてさらにそれを生業としている人とか企業にとってはそう簡単な話でもないよな…というのを改めて思う月曜日の朝。

🍄」、配信しました。マリオから母の日まで色んな話題をお届けします。 #ニュースレター #Substack #マリオ

that july 9th
3 weeks ago

Quick new Substack post!

Yesterday Taylor Swift announced she was rereleasing my all-time favourite record of hers soon, so I wrote about that at 2am!

Is it an essay? Maybe! Who can say? Define essay.

#taylorswift #tay #speaknow #speaknowtv #taylorsversion #mentalhealt #music #writersofaotearoa #writersofnewzealand #transwriters #nonbinarywriters #queerwriters #LGBQIA+ #substack

EdTech Situation Room
3 weeks ago

Check out our #Substack newsletter post for Episode 291 "Refresh That Chromebook" from April 26, 2023! It includes the 14 links we DID talk about in the show, & the 32 links / articles we DID NOT!

#edtech #edtechSR #TechNews #AI #ChatGPT #googleEDU

#ニュースレター #substack #マリオ

Csepp 🌢
4 weeks ago

The book / #newsletter Virgil Dupras (creator of #CollapseOS and #DuskOS and general #Forth wizard) started about getting started in low level programming is finally available on something that *isn't* #Substack .
If you are interested in topics like #permacomputing / #collapseComputing / #frugalComputing but don't really know where to start and have some moniez to spare, this might be worth taking a peek at.

Mel Campbell
4 weeks ago

Not sure if I like the opportunistic email I just got from #Substack all like "Hey writers who got laid off or who are currently on #strike… why not start a newsletter with us?"

Substack's promise of career-building stability and control for writers is a little dubious – just a month ago they were asking their own writers for financing

Of course, I myself have a newsletter on what @fka_tabs calls "Our Regrettable Platform", although I haven't sent one out in months, why am I constantly like this

SelfCare Backpack
4 weeks ago

This week’s #substack is on knowing your own bullshit, something that is fundamental in my self care. I’m learning to work with myself, not against myself, and that means I’m growing with kindness towards myself

#Kindness #MentalHealth

The misconception about being kind to yourself is that you go easy on yourself, which is not true.

Seriously, anyone posting links to #substack or similar place that require readers to #register and #login to see what you want to promote - please go and bury yourself.

How can anyone chose such a crap platform for content creation that hate #readers and sharing of ideas?

If i have a choice between reading your posts and 5000 other peoples posts on platforms that allow me to read things without effort, then guess what - you're not in the winner category.

Hank G ☑️
4 weeks ago
Every day another cautionary tale for larger organizations why they should be ditching Birdshite/$8chan and jumping to a social network that lets them self host (e.g. #fediverse #mastodon #friendica #akkoma etc) so that they aren't setting themselves up to be under the capricious control of some other Silicon Valley Techbro or his billionaire financiers (e.g. #Bluesky, #PostNews, #substack Notes, etc.) who will inevitably pull the same maneuver eventually. A lesson they will eventually learn? If I were a betting man my money would be on "no" but fingers crossed! On another note, I guess my account isn't safe after all with this recycling new recycling policy. Fuck it. I'm never logging back into that site again. If my placeholder strategy of keeping the account be deactivating it fails then so be it. #ElonMusk #twitter #TwitterMigration
Elon Musk threatens to re-assign @NPR on Twitter to
Hank G ☑️
4 weeks ago
Every day another cautionary tale for larger organizations why they should be ditching Birdshite/$8chan and jumping to a social network that lets them self host (e.g. #fediverse #mastodon #friendica #akkoma etc) so that they aren't setting themselves up to be under the capricious control of some other Silicon Valley Techbro or his billionaire financiers (e.g. #Bluesky, #PostNews, #substack Notes, etc.) who will inevitably pull the same maneuver eventually. A lesson they will eventually learn? If I were a betting man my mone would be on "no" but fingers crossed! On another note, I guess my account isn't safe after all with this recycling new recycling policy. Fuck it. I'm never logging back into that site again. If my placeholder strategy of keeping the account be deactivating it fails then so be it. #ElonMusk #twitter #TwitterMigration
Elon Musk threatens to re-assign @NPR on Twitter to

My latest dispatch is out! Because of a conversation I had about AI-generated recipes, I wrote about trust we ascribe to recipes (and recipe writers). If that's not your thing, I've provided my recipe for Roasted Honey-Harissa Carrot Soup.

#Substack #FoodWriter #ShamelessSelfPromo #Recipes #Soups #Vegetarian #Mastonom

Anna Grigoryan
1 month ago

Any writers here in CEST hours who want to do a co-writing session weekly?

I'd love to organize online sessions!

#writing #newsletter #substack

that july 9th
1 month ago

So I am two months late to the party lol but my Atomic Heart review goes live tomorrow on Substack at 8am NZST!

I never did finish the game, but I already wrote SO MUCH about it during the time I spent with it that I wanted to polish that up and share. I'll post a direct link to the review once it has gone live!

#AtomicHeart #Xbox #review #videogames #gamepass #substack #writers #queerwriters #transwriters #nonbinarywriters #writersofaotearoa #writersofnewzealand #LGBTQIA

1 month ago

serious question, why do people use #substack or medium instead of just making their own blog? I assumed for monetization, but some ppl who certainly know how to make their own just write free blogs over there and idk what the deal is with that

New Substack x Tumblr post is here!

This week I am talking a bit more about what I've been up to in Fallout 4 and sharing a bunch of screenshots, plus I am looking at starting to do some regular Twitch streams (follow me @!



#queerwriters #transwriters #nonbinarywriters #Fallout #Fallout4 #substack #tumblr #videogames #xbox

A page in a notebook with handwritten text and a multi-coloured biro pen. Text is in a list form and reads as follows: "Giddyup Buttercup. Gears - 4. Spring - 5. Screw - 5. Steel - 7.
Dan van Moll
1 month ago

@atomicpoet I’ve literaly tried every new platform since Twitter & Pownce.. most recently #Post, #Nostr, #Bluesky, #Substack Notes and even #T2. While BlueSky seems to be the most intuitive coming from Twitter (along with Substack and Post) none of these platforms can compete with #Mastodon when it comes to interaction and overall culture.

Eva Amsen
1 month ago

A new Mixture for your entertainment. Includes the two new NASA eclipse posters! The one shown below is by Tyler Nordgren. #science #sciart #newsletter #substack

A poster in the style of old national parks posters, highlighting the october 2023 solar eclipse

"Be the change you want to see." My latest newsletter, on social media, Substack, content marketing, comics collectives, and EVs.

NOTE: I'm sharing the blog version while I decide whether or not to stay on Substack. I've always posted a version to my own website because I've lost too much content to external platforms over the years, but most people don't do blogs anymore so I know an email option is a must.

More to come...

#Blog #Newsletter #Substack #comics

1 month ago

I write when the mood strikes me and post most of my content to one of my #Substack publications. You can find them all here, and I’d be thrilled if you subscribe. Thank you.

Martin Holland
1 month ago

What @harrymccracken learned by trying 6 #Twitter alternatives

"These upstart social networks offer havens for the Musk-adverse. I’m glad they exist, even if it’s unlikely they’ll all be around forever.

[#Mastodon] is by far the most fully realized #TwitterAlternative. [...] This is the first social network I’d turn to as my refuge if remaining on Twitter becomes untenable."

#TwitterTakeover #SocialMedia #Post #T2 #BlueSky #Damus #Substack

@parkermolloy Ah, a stealth #substack. All my self-training in hover-link-see-tld-and-move-on defeated. And here I tought memorizing the list of TLDs that are really #medium was a mental payload.

Tim Mak
1 month ago

In this second year of the devastating full-scale war between #Russia and #ukraine ...

...I’m looking to use modern means to satisfy these old instincts: a #Substack newsletter from a #warzone.

polarity :wig:
1 month ago

I have never seen anyone slam their company into the ground as hard as Chris Best of #substack

Rafael Caricio :rust:
1 month ago

Someone should just write some Fediverse software that does similar thing as Substack and speaks ActivityPub. Then people can just host their own instance and share their articles with a mailing list built-in.

While writing this, I guess one could use WordPress with some mailing list plug-in and the ActivityPub integration?! Just that, right now, the WordPress plugin is not really usable as a Fediverse client/UI.

#Fediverse #Substack #ActivityPub #WordPress

1 month ago

Anyone moving away from #Substack and if so where are you or have you gone?

If I was to go, I'd need easy monetisation, as well as video and audio hosting but an RSS feed as well.

Yes it would be a pain but it's good to have a back-up plan.

This is my current home for the majority of my writing.

#podcasting, #writing, #newsletter, #writingcommunity #blogging

Andrew Leahey
1 month ago

Hey #lawfedi lawyer and legal-adjacent friends, I don't know if I've ever formally said this.

Minimum Competence is a daily legal news #podcast and mailing list (#Substack) my wife (@gina) and I do. We've been super happy with the response, people seem to really enjoy it.

The podcast portion is available through any podcast platform. The mailing list is the script and shownotes. They're both free.

If you want, subscribe, and say hi or suggest a story! Thanks.


1 month ago

#ElonMusk って今回の #Microsoft に対しても、ちょっと前の #Substack に対しても「彼らは #Twitter のデータを不正に取得した・利用した」って言ってたけど、そういう「#Twitter への不正・不当なアクセス・利用」の実際のソースってどこかに示されてるのかな…(#Elon が言ってるという話しか自分は目にしてない)? :tony_astonished: