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BBC News “Former home secretary #SuellaBraverman warns the #Tories they face "electoral oblivion" if their promised legislation on sending asylum seekers to #Rwanda fails.”

The Tories also face electoral oblivion if it succeeds.

The Tories face electoral oblivion if there’s an R in the month, and also if there’s no R in the month.

The Tories face electoral oblivion if there’s even one seashell on any beach anywhere on the coast of Great Britain.

EL¡AS 🇧🇷 🇵🇸
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@TJ1001 Em 2017 fugimos para Brotas de Salvador, lá uma Ghislaine & Paulo, torturavam-nos mediante privação do sono, mas isso não é tortura para o #MP #BAHIA!

Abduzidos a #sc Santa Catarina, em 2018, fomos obrigados a instalar o jogo "Ball Pool" no celular, quando instalado outros Paulo & Ghislaine, passou a nos infernizar com "Olá!" vulgo "hello!", ligações e whatsapps.

Pra variar, uma tal Ghislaine de Epstein, moradora de Santa Catarina, foi presa.

No mais, #SuellaBraverman é linda demais!

Donald Roy
1 week ago

@ProjectFearlessness I agree completely. A bit like #sunak 's problem with #SuellaBraverman !

Richmond Chambers
1 week ago
Steve :verified:
1 week ago

Suella Braverman Can't Think Of A Single Industry Better Off Because Of Brexit!

Braveman is unable to name any industry that is better off since Brexit

#SuellaBraverman #Brexit

2 weeks ago

'Think you’re not an extremist? Think again, those of you who mock Tory MPs'

'Cruella Braverman’s last batch of anti-protest laws already made it illegal to SAY you don’t like the government (in any numbers or any volume, at least); these proposed new laws will make it illegal to even think mean thoughts about them.'

#protest #democracy #FreedomOfSpeech #Tories #Conservatives #Conservative #UK #extremists #politics #SuellaBraverman

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Und noch etwas: Die inzwischen abgesetzte britische Innenministerin Suella Braverman bezeichnete kürzlich Obdachlosigkeit als "Lifestyle-Entscheidung", welche die Regierung nicht mehr länger unterstützen wolle, weshalb es verboten wurde, Obdachlosen Zelte abzugeben, damit sie die kalten Nächte besser überstehen.

Das fand ich echt den Gipfel des Zynismus.

So viel Herzlosigkeit muss man erstmal schaffen.

#SuellaBraverman #obdachlos #lifestyle #SteuernZahlen #NeocapitalismSucks

3 weeks ago

I’m getting really tired of people being mean about #SuellaBraverman

We need to send most of the vitoriol to the subhuman scum of #Fareham that voted for her.

Steve Vaughan
3 weeks ago

I keep hearing this #silentmajority thing from right wing nutcases, if the majority is so silent how can they believe that they are there at all?
It's more a case of "I am so correct, everyone must believe the same as me".
Like this deluded silent majority twonk, who completely misses the irony that almost nobody else in the room stuck their hands up to agree with #SuellaBraverman .
Just where is your silent majority, mate?

3 weeks ago

Another good cover from Private Eye this week.

#UKPolitics #PrivateEye #RishiSunak #SuellaBraverman

Cover of the most recent Private Eye cover with the title: "Remembering the fallen - Last post for Suella" with a picture of Rishi Sunak and Sue-Ellen Braverman at the Cenotaph with her saying: "We can't have extremist troublemakers at the Cenotaph" and Sunak saying: "Ok, you're fired!"
3 weeks ago

Braverman had no evidence for ‘fake gay asylum seekers’ claim

Home Office forced to admit it held no information to support allegation made by then home secretary

#Asylum #LGBTQ #UK #UKPol #SuellaBraverman #FOI

#Tories #CONservatives #Rwanda #SuellaBraverman

🚨Today's #Tory Party🚨

⚠️ Gullis: Another option could be to literally push boats back into French territorial waters!

⚠️ 30p LeeAnderthal: Ignore the law! Just put the planes in the air now & send them to Rwanda the same day they arrive & show strength!

⚠️ Bill Cash / Danny Kruger: Introduce a Bill to disapply all conventions & treaties that we've signed up to!

The small boats obsession is a sick ruse to deflect from their use to justify Brexit

30p Lee Anderson - Suella Braverman - Jonathan Gullis
Ambigram Art
3 weeks ago

The Suella Braverman resignation letter in full

I will now dedicate my life to destroying you.

#SuellaBraverman #Suella #ToriesOut

The Suella Braverman resignation letter in full

I will now dedicate my life to destroying you.

#SuellaBraverman #Suella #ToriesOut

#Tories #CONservatives #SuellaBraverman #Sunak


The keystone #Tory #Rwanda #Immigration plan to stop small boat crossings, in tatters after it's ruled unlawful by the #UK Supreme Court!

In a unanimous decision, the five Supreme Court justices agreed with the Court of Appeal that there had not been a proper assessment of whether Rwanda was safe.

The judgment does not ban sending migrants to another country, but it remains to be seen which?

Cruella Braverman
Eastender In Cymru Wales
3 weeks ago

It would appear that to #SuellaBraverman both #RishiSunak and #LizTruss are hard line Marxists.
Now there's a thought for the day.

The Japan Times
3 weeks ago

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faces fury from among right-wing Tories ahead of a Supreme Court ruling on whether the government can legally deport asylum-seekers to Rwanda — stoked by sacked former Home Secretary Suella Braverman. #worldnews #politics #suellabraverman #rishisunak #uk #rwanda

3 weeks ago

Suella’s “poor little put-upon fascist me” letter suggests she thinks the Government will likely lose its appeal to the #SupremeCourt on the Rwanda scheme tomorrow, and is trying to deflect the blame. Good.

Does anyone know what she’s banging on about regarding “notwithstanding clauses”. Does she actually mean derogations from the ECHR under Article 15, for instance?

#SuellaBraverman #ECHR #HRA #Rwanda #UKPolitics

3 weeks ago

Just read Braverman's letter. She's not going to shut-up, is she? She goes on about extremism yet it is she who is on the extreme, presenting a real further threat to the UK as a reasonable, fair, tolerant country. Thank goodness she's out. PLEASE Fareham - give her the boot!

#UKPolitics #SuellaBraverman #CruellaBraverman

So #SuellaBraverman has written a letter critical of #RishiSunak's leadership & specifically his betrayal of a bargain with her on her rightist agenda... well no surprise there.

When the FT asked an un-named Cabinet member whether the letter would be a rallying call for 'her troops'... their response was ''Definitely not. She has no troops'!

Well, I guess we are about to find out whether that's right or (for the #Tories at least) dangerous complacency.

Shambles isn't the half of it!

lol, they ALL say this.
It's like political leaders these days are habitual liars, juggling narratives to gain power.....

#UKPOL #SuellaBraverman #RishiSunak

Suella Braverman launches attack on Rishi 
 Sunak saying he broke promises he made to 
 her in secret - UK politics live

#Tories #CONservatives #SuellaBraverman #RishiSunak

I hear #Rwanda is very nice this time of the year... Off you pop Cruella. ⛺ 🤷🏾‍♂️

Cruella Braverman

#RishiSunak’s removal of #SuellaBraverman, known for appealing to the cultural right, and the appointment of former PM #DavidCameron as foreign secretary reveals his struggle to balance diverse factions within the #Conservatives.

#UKPolitics #Tories

BBC News
3 weeks ago

Good evening. It's 9PM, Monday, 13th November. The headlines: Former PM David #Cameron is the new UK Foreign Secretary. Suella #Braverman was sacked as Home Secretary. James Cleverly takes over her role. Steve Barclay and Victoria Atkins are now Environment and Health Secretaries respectively. Lee Rowley is Housing Minister. In international news, #Israel's campaign against #Hamas continues with a dire situation reported in #Gaza's largest hospital by WHO. #SuellaBraverman #BBC #News

BBC News
Bob Jamieson
3 weeks ago

Normal Island News

Fears Rishi Sunak could be sacked for sacking Suella Braverman
This was an ill-advised move...
There were gasps in Downing Street this morning as Prime Minister Rishi Sunak sacked his boss, Suella Braverman, which is about as idiotic as interrupting a honey badger while it’s raiding a bee hive.

#NormalIslandNews #SuellaBraverman #RishiSunak


#Sunak #Patel & #SuellaBraverman are being used, but because of blind ambition, they couldn't care less.

They give the extremist #Tories the perfect excuse of saying "We can't be #FarRight #Racists. It's a brown #Indian woman & a brown Indian PM who also want to stop all UK immigration."

People of colour are looking on feeling sick that this lot have jumped into the lifeboat, & pulled the ropes up. 😳

BBC News
3 weeks ago

Good evening. It's 6PM, Monday, 13th November. The headlines: David #Cameron is the new Foreign Secretary, replacing Suella #Braverman who was sacked. James Cleverly has been appointed as Home Secretary and Steve Barclay is now Environment Secretary. Manchester mourns the loss of one of #England's greatest footballers, Sir Bobby Charlton, who passed away last month at 86. #DavidCameron #SuellaBraverman #BBC #News

BBC News
Hanna Esmeralda
3 weeks ago

#IsoBritannia n politiikka on yksi suuri kakkasouvi, mutta siellä sentäs #ministeri saa jossain kohtaa potkut, kuten #Braverman tänään.

Meillä saa #Purra, #Rantanen, #Rydman & co jatkaa noivvaa, sanoivat mitä sanoivat, kävivät yksittäisten poliisien kimppuun, aivan mitä tahansa.

Että vaikka se Brittien #politiikka on yksi suuri kakkasouvi, niin silti joltain osin terveempää kuin tämä meikäläinen pasketti.

#hallitus #sinimustahallitus #äärioikeisto #persut #SuellaBraverman #yhteiskunta

The Japan Times
3 weeks ago

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak brought back former leader David Cameron as foreign minister on Monday in a reshuffle triggered by his firing of interior minister Suella Braverman after her criticism of police threatened his authority. #worldnews #politics #davidcameron #rishisunak #suellabraverman #uk #conservatives

@JorisBohnsonPM "Lady Maggot of Carcosa, Guardian of the Dark Pit, Holder of the keys of Charon, Defender of the Crimson Void"

JW prince of CPH
3 weeks ago

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out #SuellaBraverman 👋

BBC News
3 weeks ago

Good afternoon. It's 3PM, Monday, 13th November. The headlines: Suella #Braverman has been sacked as Home Secretary, with James Cleverly taking her place. David #Cameron is the new Foreign Secretary, and Steve Barclay is now Environment Secretary. Five people were tragically killed in a London house fire. #DavidCameron #SuellaBraverman #BBC #News

BBC News

#SuellaBraverman #Tories #CONservatives


"Newly unemployed Suella Braverman has been caught tent shopping, in what one presumes is a lifestyle choice!" 👀

The former Home Secretary and 13th worst modern Tory (list available on request) was snapped exiting a branch of CampULike with a half-price, single occupancy CampMaster 5000.

She was last spotted loitering around the doorway at Harrods. ⛺ 🤷🏾‍♂️

Cruella Braverman spotted buying a single occupancy tent!

#Tories #CONservatives #SuellaBraverman


It's game on! Rishi #Sunak has FINALLY grown a spine & defenestrated the grotesque #Cruella.

The big shock is the return of David Cameron as Foreign Secretary!

As well as the popular James Cleverly replacing Braverman, Sunak's evidently abondoned his march to the #FarRight, done an about turn & is now marching back to the centre ground to start a scrap with #Starmer & #Labour!

#GE2024 isn't over yet!

James Cleverly - Cruella Braverman - David Cameron
BBC News
3 weeks ago

Good afternoon. It's 12PM, Monday, 13th November. The headlines: David #Cameron has been appointed as Foreign Secretary, while Suella #Braverman has been sacked as Home Secretary, with James Cleverly taking her place. This comes amid a government reshuffle by Rishi Sunak. Five people have tragically died in a house fire in Hounslow. #DavidCameron #SuellaBraverman #RishiSunak #BBC #News

BBC News
3 weeks ago

If nothing else, the appointment of #Cameron is a decent gimmick to distract from #Braverman’s inevitable stab-in-the-back myth-making fascist rant.

Cameron is a profoundly lightweight politician and thinker, with demonstrably poor judgement, much like Sunak. If you were to appoint any Tory “Grandee” to the Foreign Office solely on merit, he would be very far down the list.

#SuellaBraverman #DavidCameron #Reshuffle

3 weeks ago

Far too much to do on a Monday morning to be distracted by political shenanigans, but this popped to mind and it was do it quickly or not at all, because tomorrow she will be old news (huzzah)

#UKPolitics #UKPol #Braverman #SuellaBraverman

Suella Braverman stands behind a piece of cardboard which which reads "Home office less and angry, will fash for cash" with a tent-lined London street and the houses of Parliament in soft focus in the background.
it's kat! 🍉
3 weeks ago

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (infinity).

Alexander Hay
3 weeks ago

Now former Home Secretary #SuellaBraverman has been sacked! Good, one less fascist in power. Shame about the rest.

Oh, and the chillaxing idiot who called and bodged the #Brexit referendum, and who's been hiding in his £50,000 wanking shed ever since, is about to be made Foreign Secretary. Lock up your pigs!

#News #UKPolitics #DavidCameron #Fascism

Kriszta Satori
3 weeks ago

BREAKING V #BBC Chris Mason:
UK Home Secretary Suella Braverman has been sacked

More #inhumanity from the #HomeOffice as a Kenyan academic (now with a full time job at Bristol U) finds that the HO can find 'no compassionate grounds' for her six year old daughter to be given a visa to join her own in the UK.

No doubt #SuellaBraverman willl be patting the officials on the back for a job well done...

4 weeks ago

Huge remembrancing from Wee #TommyRobinson and the Fash Street Kids:
“Clashes have broken out as right-wing protesters attempted to reach the Cenotaph war memorial in London.
“Bottles were also thrown at police by the counter-demonstrators, many of whom were wearing masks.
“The confrontation happened just moments before the Armistice Day two-minute silence, when hundreds of people gathered at the Cenotaph to commemorate the UK's war dead at 11am.”
#Gaza #SuellaBraverman

Remember, in this performance of a democracy you're supposed to appeal to the voters, at least for the few weeks leading up to the general election anyway.
Braverman spits on that notion.

#SuellaBraverman #UKPOL #Tories

Braverman is not popular with voters, and so it is hard to see what the 
 government will miss if Sunak gets rid of her. While her views might be 
 popular with core Tory voters, she has not managed to persuade the public 
 that the government is tackling small boats, or crime, effectively. There is no 
 real evidence she has been an asset electorally.

"There was a time when we looked to our politicians to heal divisions in society. Not to widen them. That point has long since passed with Suella and Rishi. All week they have been talking up the planned Armistice Day march as the tipping point into the breakdown of civil society. Willing it to happen. Please, please hate. Hate more. Hate better. It’s the only way they can indulge their cruelty fix."

~ John Crace

#SuellaBraverman #RishiSunak #PoliticsofHate

"She was the star speaker at this spring’s conference held by her party’s emerging National Conservatism wing, whose emphasis on faith, flag and family is heavily influenced by US evangelical politics, though at the time she warned the British context would naturally differ in some ways."

#SuellaBraverman #PoliticsofHate #evangelicals #MAGA #Republicans

"Suella Braverman is trying to import the worst politics of the US evangelical right. This inflammatory rhetoric has no place in Britain. …

Braverman has been visibly drawing inspiration not from Tory traditions but from Tea Party Republicanism."

~ Gabby Hinsliff

#SuellaBraverman #PoliticsofHate #evangelicals #MAGA #Republicans

it's kat! 🍉
1 month ago

suella braverman is a buddhist & she's married to a man called rael who lived in israel & has close family who serve in the #idf? she's even more fucked up than i imagined.
#cruella #suellaBraverman #twistedSister #festeredBlister