I woke cat mom up at 5:00 AM with my #SundayScreamies. No one ever feeds me in this place! And meal portions are ridiculously small. I'm going to STARVE! #TuxieGirl #Betty #CatsOfMastodon

A Tuxedo Girl cat looking mad. She is loading on a low table in front of a fireplace.

#Today is #SundayScreamies. Dad staff is overlapping the bottom edge of #Catio fencing to prevent me from catching any πŸ¦β€β¬›hapless birbs that might be sitting on the ledge. #CatioLife

#TabbyCat Stevie in his lookout bed in the Catio.

After a treat, play, clicker training, viewing session with #Betty, I'm kinda tired. She got a little rude at the screen door and threw herself a bit hard, so I gave her a GOOD hissing off! But I held my position 😼and didn't run away or hide. Mom gave me ham! 😻Said I was a brave boi. 🐈#SundayScreamies #SlowCatIntro #TabbyTude

#StevieTheCat grooming himself after a play n treat session at the screen door with new cat Betty.

#SundayScreamies Scream all you want Mr. Lizard 🦎! No one can save you from my murder mittens! 😸

TuxiGirl Betty working for a treat.
6 months ago

@aronow Here is Vincent realizing he has to get up and stop lazing around in the yard.

#SundayScreamies #Cats #CatsOfMastodon

A short video of a large striped tabby who starts off on his back in some dry grass and rolls himself upright while issuing a grumpy meow (and is covered in bits of grass).

May I submit for your hashtag consideration #SundayScreamies?

Please add photos of your babies who just realized tomorrow is #Monday πŸ™€

#cat #catsofmastodon #siamese

Siamese cat doing a scream