8 hours ago

& for the last two-three months my _entire_ music practice has been using: two eurorack suitcases, laptop - mostly #supercollider but some physical modelling & weighted keyboard, monome grid, handful of pedals, blue box and iloud monitors

1 day ago

ok microtonal #supercollider instrument has two loopers! nice.

want to record a bunch of improvisations with it & put some kind of release together

Also wondering about making a Norns version. it'll (possibly) need a bit of a refactor since it uses live coding techniques. Jury out on that one

Also feeling the need to embark on a larger scale creative project - my plan was always to build installations - not much scope for that right now but something between here & there?

2 days ago

Eli Fieldsteel to the rescue! didn't need to write a whole looper. which is nice. just need to think of a grid UI for it

we're definitely at the point where I get distracted playing music on the instrument rather than writing code which is always a good sign (and with my commercial products a sign things are close to done)


rehearsal, some #SuperCollider coding, recording in #ardour, finishing up.


laptopscreen with Super Collider and cascade of theatre chairs and finally a stage with some actors and a table
3 days ago

more microtonal #supercollider - messing about with pedals since I couldn't be bothered writing a looper today (will get around to it but today is a day off I think!)

Nathan Ho
3 days ago

Made a piano patch using additive synthesis in #SuperCollider

5 days ago

tinkering in #supercollider

Mads Kjeldgaard
5 days ago

I added so many #supercollider related packages to AUR back in the day... But with health issues+full time job, I can't maintain them anymore, so hoping others will pick them up soon and continue the work (noone has so far though).

Mads Kjeldgaard
5 days ago

For the first time in a while, I added another #supercollider package to the #AUR #archlinux package system today. Solely so I can easily install and run f0plugins on my raspberry pi.

5 days ago

I just found out that there might be some wtf-level fuckery going on with my wife's employer. I can't talk about it, we don't know the details yet (let alone the ramifications), but it was a shock to get the news.

That makes today a good day to remind you that you can support this chronically ill & neurodivergent queer artist on :patreon: :

I make experimental music with #SuperCollider, write some classes with SuperCollider and write about making music.


6 days ago

I don't know if I should be thankful I can't afford a 16x16 monome grid I'd love but don't really need or not

definitely back on interfaces & building instruments in #supercollider at the moment (mostly for secret project which may stop being secret - cos I have a few things to release and for no one to listen to as usual.)

(w=Window("",nil,1<0,1<0).background_(c=Color.clear).front;u=UserView(w,r=Rect(0,0,d=400,d)).animate_(1>0).background_(c).drawFunc_({(p=Pen).rotate(u.frame/99,d/2,d/2).color_(Color(1,1)).addOval(r).fill.color_(Color()).addOval(Rect.aboutPoint(150@125,25/2,50)).addOval(Rect.aboutPoint(250@125,12,50)).fill.addArc(200@200,150,0,pi).stroke});CmdPeriod.doOnce{w.close};play{m=ar(o=SinOsc,ar(q=QuadC,1)*8);,f={ar(q,m)*222+22},ar(o,m**f*2,0,m*6)).sign,m.max*4e3+22)!2})// #SuperCollider #Acid

1 week ago

Spent a happy hour today working on a #SuperCollider utility. This might be very useful for working on my newest composition idea.


(play{!2).lag(1).range(_,_);,6,l.(0s1,1),l.(0s1,1),3,3333,l.(0s,1).linlin(0s,1,-1,1),l.(0s,1).linlin(0s,1,-1,1),12,l.(1,13),l.(0s1,0s),l.(0s1,pi)),l.(0s3,pi).sum%(2/3))) /* #SuperCollider #Daily #Doom #SettingScanning */ })

(play{!2).range(_,_);,3,3/pi,1,3,333,a:l.(0s1,0s),c:l.(0s1,0s)),l.(0s3,pi).sum%(2/3))) /* #SuperCollider #Daily #Doom */ })

Sometimes all you need is a basic #particleSystem... Made in #openframeworks, controlled from #supercollider

bursts of particles in different colors, looks a bit like it's underwater
Olivier Humbert
1 week ago

👨‍🎤 🎧 🎼 🎹 🥁 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻 🎚 🎛 🎵 🎶

🇫🇷 Participation à la traduction de l'empaquetage #Debian de #ladspalist (un utilitaire pour #SuperCollider). Vous pouvez soutenir ce travail sur mon compte #LiberaPay.

🇬🇧 Participating in the translation of ladspalist's Debian packaging (a utility for SuperCollider). You can support this work on my LiberaPay account.

#LinuxMAO #LinuxAudio #LibreMusicProduction #MusicProduction #AudioProduction

(/* #SuperCollider */ play{ar(Splay,ar(PMOsc,f=(p=(1,3..64))/pi*p.degrad*(n=110),f*2,ar(o=SinOsc,f/n,0,ar(o,n/f,0,2)),ar(o,3/p,0,pi),ar(o,1/p)),ar(o,ar(o,0s/n)*8)/ar(o,1/n)/2)});

Today in #supercollider

sig =,, 300));
sig =,, 20000));

Quite a lovely trick...

2 weeks ago

why does this resonator in #supercollider keep blowing up - must be buggy....well no it was actually a random number generated by a gauss distribution on the sound feeding the resonator - of course they are occasionally _way_ beyond the SD!!!!!

next step turn these nice sounds into some actual music !

Nathan Ho
2 weeks ago

I'm giving a talk over Zoom at the next NOTAM #SuperCollider meetup about my album, and specifically my approach to composing rhythm for the project. Free and open to the public. Info here:

2 weeks ago

Been doing lots of physical modelling in #supercollider - now half got my eye on the Inteljel plonk

(for after when I've got Xaoc Leibniz stuff up and running. Which is waiting on the studio move next door. Which is getting closer - we've taken everything to the tip almost ready to start move/install!)

Mads Kjeldgaard
2 weeks ago

After trying many a notation software, I've found FOSC in combination with lilypond to be my favorite for what I want to do right now.

#supercollider #lilypond

Some old rescued visual stuff. #SuperCollider.

Random combinations of semi-transparent arcs and lines in happy colors being updated every now and then.

ERROR: Class not defined.
in interpreted text
line 39 char 7:, mods);

DOH!!!!!!!! Really? I had so much fun running my vanilla #SuperCollider sans extras here.


From those 59861 lines of code i resqued earlier today. From a time when i had no clue what i was doing…. (:



Someone ought to write the definitive guide to the unsung syntactic voodoo of #SuperCollider. (I think I know who i am going to call next hehehehe).

VarSaw to rule them all:


ar(v,freq); // Triangle;
ar(v,freq).lag(1/freq); // Sineish
ar(v,freq).sign; // Square
ar(v,freq,0,1); // Rising Saw
ar(v,freq,0,0); // Desc. Saw

#SuperCollider #SizeCoding #101

edit: only positive frequency values accepted unlike SinOsc, LFSaw et al.

just a the clap... sort of




#SuperCollider #NoComment #AlmostReadable #StupidSimple

Managed to resque 59861 lines of #SuperCollider code from my last crashed laptop. #yay

Mads Kjeldgaard
2 weeks ago

My robotics experiments are slowly but surely coming together. It’s a nice feeling. #supercollider #cpp #robotics

On #909day I wonder if someone put together a #SuperCollider collection of UGens emulating TR909 drum machine?

PS: I know about sc808

Cian O'Connor
2 weeks ago

Finally got Common Music running on my machine (Mac) for SBCL/incudine. Not sure about the performance (lot of consing - which may be fine), but goddam it's fun.

So far got it to generate realtime MIDI, lilypond and SuperCollider. CSound is next. I may never emerge from my room.

#CommonLisp #Lisp #Incudine #SuperCollider #CSound #livecoding

current drone-sound of the evening...

(Ndef(\💿,{ar(Out,\,ar(Splay,ar(o=SinOsc,c=(p=(1,3..64))**(p/p.sum).atan*(f={ar(LFDNoise1,8,1/16,33).midicps})*p,ar(o,c*3)*ar(o,ar(o,p/c,0,8,8)/c,0,pi),ar(o,p/c)),ar(o,1/3,0,ar(o,1/32))))})/* #SuperCollider */)

Therapeutic droning in #SuperCollider

Every once in a while you have to roll up your sleeves and make manual volume curves, no matter how well you programmed your algorithmical synth... #musicProduction #reaper #supercollider

3 weeks ago

🎧 🎼 🎹 🥁 🎷 🎺 🎸 🎻 🎚 🎛 🎵 🎶

🇫🇷 À partir du 25 septembre, le festival de lutherie sauvage #microContact aura lieu à Crest (Drôme). Il y aura notamment un acousmonium contrôlé par #SuperCollider sur une #LibraZiK ! (🇫🇷)

🇬🇧 From September 25, the #microContact lutherie sauvage festival will take place in Crest (Drôme). It will include an acousmonium controlled by #SuperCollider on a #LibraZiK!

#LinuxMAO #LinuxAudio #LibreMusicProduction #MusicProduction

Greg Spradlin
3 weeks ago

@lritter @swetland @mcc @neauoire

I wouldn’t:

“any projects (and developers) are not willing to or interested in listening to folks who have contributions to make besides writing code.

That last 10% of polish that makes so much difference tends to be a *lot* of work and not a lot of fun and it's often hard to find folks willing to commit to that work for a hobby or spare-time project.”

If the last 10% of polish is much work, and not fun, then is the problem the unwillingness of devs to listen to non-coders, or is it the amount of extra, not-fun coding that needs to be done? Or both?


This reminds me, in one of his #YouTube videos for #SuperCollider (an open-source electronic music program with a very good UI) Eli FieldStein says there are ways people can contribute to the project besides coding.

Finally found the perfect use-case for a markov chain 😃

#supercollider #contemporarydance

3 weeks ago

(last promo for this track I promise)

is this #algorave ? I think it might be! (as long as you are happy with the IDM adjacency to rave ;-) )

Revisiting gltich IDM anyway. All based on a "sample" of channel 5 (UK TV)

full track on my soundcloud

All made in #supercollider - I “gardened” this like I would a generative ambient piece, which worked really well but there is a lot of potential in the ideas here. Will likely revisit at some point

4 weeks ago

for those interested in the technical details - this is an excerpt from a generative piece of music made in #supercollider . based on a short , crappy, recording made on my laptop microphone from the live TV. I only made it as a side quest since the things I'd been experimenting with reminded me of mille plateaux label, glitch music and clicks + cuts.
I can think of a number of places I'd like to take this but I've spent long enough on this given it is just a distraction so maybe another day…

4 weeks ago

happy #BandcampFriday 🙂 my new "happy jams" EP is out today, featuring some positive algorave tunes 🙂

im also hosting a listening party tomorrow, come hang out 🙂 #algorave #TidalCycles #SuperCollider

cover art: a partially deflated smiley face balloon stuck to a ceiling

What's on my mind? Thinking about how to further mess this snippet up:


perhaps like this?



4 weeks ago

Did some digging through my old #SuperCollider composition sketches today, hunting for large, complex synthdefs with lots of possibilities in them. I love the idea of taking all that sound design and throwing the right amount of randomness at it.

I worked backwards through this year and got about into late 2022. Haven't gone back farther than that and already found a handful of promising sounds.

4 weeks ago

after listening to Autechre this morning - messing about in #supercollider with manipulating different parts of the effect chain - sequenced triggers -> node with envelope triggered by trigger and in built demand sequence -> reverb that has a reverse envelope occasionalyl triggered by triggers.

1 month ago

Update on the future of my #Twitch channel[1]: Given my current health (surprise: still chronically ill), and given that I still don't know what my weekly schedule is going to look like in the coming months, my #livestreaming schedule for the coming months is going to be "I will stream whenever I have the spoons, ideas and undisturbed time to do so".

The topic will still be making music in #SuperCollider.


probably one of the best educators on #SuperCollider has his book "SuperCollider for the Creative Musician" on pre-order right now.

Eli Fieldsteel also has all his amazing video tutorials available on his YT channel for free.

his tutorial is here:

1 month ago

Well, my previous instance seems to have died while changing hosts, so let's do the intro thing again.

I'm a #composer and #performer of #experimentalmusic (I play #mandolin, #violin, #uke, #synths, and do interactive computer programming in #MaxMSP, #PureData, #SuperCollider, and #SonicPi). College prof in #MusicTech and #composition, where I get to teach #VideoGameMusic among other things. #Runner, #TTRPG fan, and #coffee aficionado, and I speak both #English and a decent amount of #French.

Caixas Algomágicas de Folguedos

"Nesta instalação, duas caixas automágicas podem ser utilizadas para sintetizar e gerar sons e imagens de quatro folguedos populares diferentes, que podem ser transformado..."

Para quem estiver em #SãoPaulo hoje o Gil Fuser vai estar no Sesc Paulista fazendo ritmos e sons da congada através do #supercollider, controlados pela Caixa Automágica de Folguedos.

(Eu vou fazer alguns visuais para acompanhar com #py5)

3 months ago

#Supercollider peeps - check out this post on the sc forum on the future of sc development - if you have ever considered getting involved - now is the time! @celesteh

"algoforte exploration of player-piano experiments. ...ambiental algorithmic drafts were gathered from SuperCollider live code written for performance at MENT festival and shaped into slightly more coherent and self-contained pieces. the code is available ..."


#piano #SuperCollider #Ljubljana #Slovenia #AmbientMusic #CreativeCommons

:cc_cc: :cc_sa: :cc_by:

Atenção pessoal, a próxima #NoiteDeProcessing, nosso encontro mensal sobre arte e programação, sempre na última terça-feira do mês, vai ser com a galera da #algoRaveBR! Não percam!

#FoxDot #TidalCycles #SuperCollider #Algorave @algorave ...

Convite para "algoRaveBR na Noite de Processing" 27/06 19:30
Mads Kjeldgaard
3 months ago

Another fun thing: A solenoid bashing a coca cola can, sequenced by a footwork style pattern in #supercollider

A solenoid hitting a can