3 months ago

Oh wow, those Interop scores sure look good! #Interop2023 #SuperGreen

Screenshot of the Interop 2023 dashboard
Amy M. Young
9 months ago

And yes now I have bits of that movie in my head #Multipass #SuperGreen

Jonathan Mills✨
11 months ago

Okay, 4 days of voting when there's clearly an obvious choice... Ruby Rhod of the Supergreen party, for the next Speaker of the House!

#USPol #SpeakerVote #Congress #SciFi #FifthElement #SuperGreen

Ruby Rhod / Chris Tucker from the movie The Fifth Element, sliding in to say "Hello! Y'All", animated gif
Ben Strozykowski
1 year ago

Fun fact: I saw The Fifth Element 6 times at the local movie theater.

The last viewing, I went to alone, after a friend's mother refused to let him see it a sixth time because (and this is a direct quote) he might "go on a rampage." 😆

This probably explains a lot about my brain lol

Every time I upgrade our home theatre setups, this is the first film on the screen.

#TheFifthElement #SuperGreen #Rampage #Obsessive

Clip from The Fifth Element showing Bruce Willis as Korben Dallas flying a hover taxi in far future New York City, saying "Look, lady, I only speak two languages: English and Bad English!"