PKPs Powerfromspace1
3 months ago

Via @TheRealSuperTanskiii #SuperTanskiii

I’ll be live and some might say, too direct, here at 8pm with our lovely ginge, Graham Hughes!

Get on it!

PKPs Powerfromspace1
3 months ago

@Supertanskiii_ #SuperTanskiii UKR What was this chaotic and undemocratic speech really about? Not saving us money, that’s for sure. The leak probably wasn’t accidental nor is the corruption.

They’re panicking.

This is political.

This is letting the world burn for a few votes. Give us an election, you shits.

#Tories #UK #Sunak

CMDR R Mons, Graham Linux
1 year ago

supertanskiii Distopia Warning ⚠️

1 year ago

In general I've been loving it here, but the rapid harassment & summary removal of #Supertanskiii is a really worrying sign of things to come. I've seen a good few big-name tweeters come over in the last week or two. If this can happen to her it can happen to them too, & they'll soon be gone, & the place will be worse for it.

#Mastodon #Harassment #Twitter