Andreas Wiedenhoff
15 hours ago

Always a nice way to conclude a long journey: stopping by the #Elvetino @diningcar on the #Swiss🇨🇭#SBB #InterCity back home. (And even more so on a cold winter day!)

22 hours ago

So, it's time that some Swiss Orgs are moving forward with their E-ID the consultation is open. In discussion is EIDAS or an SSI (Self Soveirign Identity) based Alternative.

Paper with details:

Some people to come and help out in that process would be good. #swiss #politics

2 days ago

@yvanspijk Maybe worth mentioning that in #swiss #german #schweizerdeutsch, we still say "gässe". I think in all dialects.
Or is this not "still", and rather "again"?

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3 days ago

🦞Dear Friends using Firefox,
I was advised to use #Firefox web, it is a bit more #secure than the ubiquitous data brokers #google based #browsers. It was good advice, so I swapped from #Brave and #Seamonkey. Just used it to synch between my apple phone and #Linux running #laptop. Ooh, I am so #techy! Not techy at all, in fact. It will take me at least a day to stop swearing at the mobile phone, with its tiny screen and direct leaks to Apple Core.😤

Talking of #apple who knows how to make real #Swiss #Muesli? It starts with a #grated apple and #lemon juice. Soaked with #oats overnight AND then in the #morning #seasonal #fruits and #nuts, #cream (yes cream) or #greek #yougurt are added - It is so much better than the bird cage droppings in cardboard that are availble in some regions. Muesli is a #meal, a #pudding a #shared #feast

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#Aerotelegraph - Weihnachtslackierung: Bei Swiss sind die roten Rentiernasen zurück – jetzt auch bei einem Airbus A340 - #airbus_a320 #airbus_a340 #Airlines #swiss

4 days ago

Swiss Pikemen actually manage to hold the line!
#TotalWar #Medieval2 #History #Gaming #Swiss

5 days ago

#Swiss Word of the day: chrüüsimüüsi 😁
(I translate it to a manageable but annoying chaos)


5 days ago

#Farmers allege link between popular #herbicide and #Parkinsons disease

November 29, 2023

"It is against the law to use #paraquat in China, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and dozens of other countries. Many countries have banned the herbicide due to its extreme #toxicity, while others have expressed concerns over the possible risk for Parkinson's disease.

"Yet the herbicide, manufactured by a #Swiss company that is owned by the #Chinese state, is still widely used throughout the #UnitedStates in part because it is a highly effective way to kill weeds.

"The company, Syngenta, says that paraquat, which it produces under the name Gramoxone, 'is safe for its intended and labelled use.'

"Clayton Tucholke, who used Gramoxone for years on his farm in LaBolt, #SouthDakota, and has since been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, says otherwise.

"'It should have been pulled, I think, you know, so it didn't happen to somebody else,' Tucholke told ABC News.

"A 76-year-old father and grandfather, Tucholke lived on his farm with his wife Denise, but as the symptoms of #Parkinson's have worsened, he says he was forced to give up his career in #agriculture and had to move to the nearby town of Milbank to be closer to medical professionals.

"Daily tasks have become arduous for Tucholke, who now has to travel to physical therapy three times a week to slow the progression of his symptoms.

"'This man was so independent,' Denise Tucholke said. 'And his independence has been taken from him, which is unfair.'

"The Tucholkes are among the more than 4,000 Americans who have filed lawsuits as part of a multi-district litigation against #Syngenta, which currently manufactures #Gramoxone, and #Chevron, which distributed it in the U.S. from 1966 until 1986.

"Although Syngenta and Chevron told ABC News that there is no scientific evidence that supports a causal link between #paraquat and #Parkinsonsdisease, the Tucholkes and other plaintiffs allege that such a link exists, arguing that Syngenta and Chevron knew or should have known that the #herbicide could 'cause severe #neurological injuries.'

"'Our daughter and son-in-law are still #farming. I think any time [a] chemical is applied to the fields that they have to use, they should know what's going to happen,' Denise Tucholke said.

"'All the generations that are coming up afterwards need to know,' she said."

Read more:

#SyngentaKnew #ChevronKnew #Herbicide #Toxins #WaterIsLife #EnvironmentalPollution

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@lardier verdammt.. das würde mich jetzt wirklich interessieren. Hallo? Schweizbubble? Bahnbubble!?

#schweiz #swiss #switzerland #zug #bahn #winter

6 days ago

瑞士郵政經歷 3 年測試 決定以 Samsung 手機取代工業用掃描器
日前 Samsung 宣佈瑞士郵政(Swiss Post)將會以 Galaxy 手機,取代他們沿用多時的工業級掃描器,以應付信件包裹的郵遞工作需要。Swiss Post 早在 2020 年開始了內部名為 NEMO 的試驗項目,測試利用 Galaxy A 和 Galaxy Xcover 手機去掃描信件和包裹。
The post 瑞士郵政經歷 3 年測試 決定以 Samsung 手機取代工業用掃描器 appeared first on 香港 玩生活.樂科技.
#手提電話 #samsung #Swiss Post

Starry Starry Knight
1 week ago And yet the #Swiss seem generally nonplussed...

Just discovered a new compact(-ish) #Swiss #cargobike: The limited MONoPOLE #Toolbike:

Its layout reminds me a bit of the #Omnium, but especially their shopping front rack—which fits two common (Swiss?) shopping bags left and right of the frame's main tube—is something I haven't seen before with a front-top-loader. Also nice: belt steering.

Despite being built in France, the #MONoPOLEToolbike so far is only available in #Switzerland.

Found via

MONoPOLE Toolbike No. 01 in pastel green with a similarly colored plastic box (Euro box?) on its front rack.

Image taken from
MONoPOLE Toolbike No. 01 in pastel green with the shopping front rack where two common (Swiss) shopping bags fit in perfectly on both sides of the frame's main tube.

The shopping bags showcased are white and orange, and sport a label of the well-known bag manufacturer Freitag.

Image taken from

🇨🇭⌨️ The 8th #Swiss #MechanicalKeyboardMeetup will happen on Sunday, 10th of December 2023 (that's in 2 weeks) from 12:00 to 17:00 at the Zürcher Kantonalbank Offices, Neue Hard 7, #Zürich:

If you intend to come, we would be happy if you could register yourself in the wiki (no account needed) be able to estimate the amount of visitors — and the amount of #MechanicalKeyboards. 😉

Cc @10t8or, @Nici, @0x17, #MechanicalKeyboard

(Pictures are from the 6th #SwissMK meetup 2019)

A long row of tables with red table cloths and keyboards on both sides and the end of the table row. In the front there's a TKL with teal, sea blue and black keycaps, next are a a 65% keyboard with Gameboy themed keycaps and an actual Gameboy, and a TKL with GMK Laser keycaps (which are 80s style blueish purple and pink)
A row of tables with red table clothes ending in a round table showing two vintage keyboards (an Cherry G80-2100, a seldom Toshiba ALPS Bigfoot keyboard and a black HHKB Pro 2.
A row of tables with red and grey table cloths. In the front there are three computer-beige full-size vintage keyboards, behind are two tiny split columnar staggered low-profile keyboards and a grey full-size vintage keyboard.
A row of tables with red table clothes containing a bunch of compact and exotic keyboards. In the front a Topre rubber mat, two Dactyl-Manuform ergnomic split keyboard, one with dark grey case and light grey keycaps and one with light grey case and rainbow colored keycaps.
1 week ago

This artwork took nearly two years to finish. Yes, it had a lot of downtimes, reworks and I had to scrap the armorless version. I’ll try to skip making versions of a drawing, especially when I use complicated techniques. But in the end, it was a huge learning experience and I’m definitely proud of pushing through and finishing it!
It was my first time trying to paint metal and it went against the usual shading logic that I had to break: The first attempt made it look not metal enough.

Also check out the timelapse of the drawing, I used Krita’s new recording feature which allows me to record the overview of the drawing, resulting in avoiding skipping all over the canvas. Through the editing software I added zoom and pans to focus on specific parts.


As usual, some lore:
With the best intentions following a failed rescue operation and unexpected discoveries involving Elak, Zygana, and Oruti, the Ancient Being Nierkuvan decreed the protection of Zesan and its relics through the implementation of new laws. However, the combination of curiosity and waning cooperation among those expected to adhere to these laws led to a series of events.
This situation evolved into a complex issue, with pioneers fervently seeking out anything, regardless of location or danger, and disregarding potential consequences.
The relentless pursuit of wealth and power, fueled by the relics, compelled the Ancient Beings to devise a contingency plan in case their safety was compromised. Enter the mercenary Venex, a fiercely loyal and unbridledly ambitious servant of the Beings. Venex's responsibilities expanded from external tasks to those within the realm. In the absence of their teammate Mares, who possessed the ideology and means to question and counteract beliefs, Venex was left to act independently, and he, Mares, would remain unaware of Venex's potential actions.
#furry #furryart #art #anthro #Sharkahm #cat #furry #fandom #Swissfurs #swiss #switzerland #uwu #owo #Bärenhöhle #furry #furryart #art #anthro #Sharkahm #cat #furry #fandom #Swissfurs #swiss #switzerland #uwu #owo #Bärenhöhle #fursona #armor #sharky #sharqii

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Nemeth/Star Productions 🇪🇺
2 weeks ago

Get discounts and secure your internet connection with our recommended VPN provider from swiss "ProtonVPN".

#BlackFriday #discounts #affiliatemarketing #swiss #Internet #VPN #ProtonVPN #Proton

Flight: #SWR34E
Registration: HB-JCJ
ICAO code: #4B1801
Callsign: #SWISS
Operator: Swiss International Air Lines
Type: AIRBUS CS-300-BD-500-1A11
Country: 🇨🇭
From: #ZRH to #LHR
Speed: 572 kmh
Altitude: 3520 m
Distance: 5.5 km
Angle ∆: 32.8°
Direction ->: NE
Seen: 3x

Flight: #SWR736
Registration: HB-JBD
ICAO code: #4B17E1
Callsign: #SWISS
Operator: Swiss International Air Lines
Type: AIRBUS CS-100-BD-500-1A10
Country: 🇨🇭
From: #ZRH to #AMS
Speed: 645 kmh
Altitude: 6980 m
Distance: 4.5 km
Angle ∆: 57.2°
Direction ->: NW
Seen: 8x

Flight: #SWR2HB
ICAO code: #4B19FD
Callsign: #SWISS
Operator: Swiss International Air Lines
Country: 🇨🇭
From: #ZRH to #AMS
Speed: 680 kmh
Altitude: 6782 m
Distance: 2.6 km
Angle ∆: 69.2°
Direction ->: NNW
Seen: 2x

Prof Heino Falcke
2 weeks ago

What a splash. #BalzanPrice ceremony in the #Swiss #parliament with the current #president.

Prize winners: Jean-Jacques Hublin (#anthropology), David Damrosch (world #literature), Fondazione Francesca Rava (humanity), Eske Willerslev (anthropology), Heino Falcke (#astronomy ok, that’s me😉)

#astrodom #astrophysics

2 weeks ago

Ich finds schade. Bin gespannt wie es dann weitergeht, da doch auch einige Rücktritte bei den Spielerinnen waren bzw. noch kommen werden. ⚽️❤️

#Schweiz #Frauenfussball #Swiss #WomenSoccer

Peter Guhl
3 weeks ago

In #Switzerland, a 9 to 5 #job is 80%. If you live in an country where "9 to 5" is the default, look what you would get if you worked 120% before you compare your #salary to #Swiss salaries.

A German coworker once told me that he could make the same amount of money in Germany if he worked the same amount of hours.

3 weeks ago

#Swiss digital #health #startups and #investors maps.
The maps and respective report are updated once a year donwloadable here:

#VC #investing #venture #businessangels #business

Aviation & Travel
3 weeks ago

#Aerotelegraph - Überarbeiteter Tarifvertrag: Swiss begräbt geplanten Mindestlohn von 4000 Franken - #tarifvertrag #Airlines #swiss

4 weeks ago

My #dog #Nisha got her #Swiss passport today! Even before myself (I lost her original EU pet passport! Maybe she can vouch for me in ~2 years when I look into permanent residency in #switzerland before we work on our bucket list vacation trip to Qo'Nos #klingons #startrek

A Swiss pet passport in front of a poster of our bucket list vacation destinations Qo'nos
1 month ago

Nicolas Betticher started investigations into #Swiss bishops for cover-ups. Since then, the former vicar-general has been considered by some to be a stain on the nest. Some expressed their hatred quite explicitly. #whistleblower #church

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1 month ago
Hajo von Kracht
1 month ago

International sponsors of war:
80 years after World War II, #swiss corporation #nestlé again “feeds” the aggressor
#russia #slavaukraini

Anna Anthro
1 month ago

#Tarantula causes vehicle crash in California's Death Valley - BBC News

“A traveling #Swiss couple in a rented camper van hit their brakes to avoid hitting the spider.

The van was in turn rear-ended by a 24-year-old #Canadian motorcyclist, who was injured in the incident.

The spider survived the pile-up, escaping into the desert unharmed.”
1 month ago

1.3 per cent of #Swiss #Catholic|s left the #Church in 2022 – another increase compared to previous years. Experts see a continuing loss of confidence.

Chris Offner
1 month ago

Why does the beginning of the #Swiss constitution sound like it's sending me to fight in the Crusades? 😅 Y'all have some of that secularism left?

Michal Bryxí 🌱
2 months ago

Does any of the #swiss #vegan folks around here know if the "I am" shaving brush from #migros is made from animal products or if it's synthetic? The packaging does not say anything useful.

My hand holding I Am shaving brush. Still in the wrapping. In front of other regals in the shop.
Tobias Weibel
2 months ago

@noelreports good that they leave #Switzerland. One "#ashamed of being a #Swiss #citizen" less.

Eugene McParland 🇺🇦
2 months ago

#Swiss company Glencore purchased some 5,000 tonnes of russian copper routed through Turkey to Italy in July

Sanctions on purchasing russian metals currently do not exist, the trade via third countries highlights Europe’s continued dependence on russian commodities

The copper sheets purchased by Glencore were made by Russia’s UMMC

In July 2022, the EU added the head of UMMC to the list of individuals banned for supporting russia’s invasion of #Ukraine

Read more here🔗

FediFollows ☃️
2 months ago

The #Swiss government's official server has become active. Here are some accounts you can follow (mainly in French, German, Italian):

➡️ @gov - Spokesperson of the Swiss Government

➡️ @swissmfa - Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (English)

➡️ @eda_dfae - Fed. Dept. of Foreign Affairs (German, French, Italian)

➡️ @WBF_DEFR - Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education & Research

➡️ @EDI_DFI - Federal Department of Home Affairs

➡️ @GuyParmelin - Guy Parmelin, head of DEFR

#Switzerland $ :idle:
3 months ago

Ich nerve ja schon all meine Freunde mit den Vorzügen der 🇨🇭. Um meine Freunde zu entlasten und trotzdem meine Euphorie zu teilen (auch wenn vielleicht keiner zuhört) -> #swissVsGermany

Oder auch: Was ist in der 🇨🇭 cooler als in 🇩🇪 ?

#swiss #germany

(Vielleicht findet sich auch jemand, der meine Begeisterung teilt und hier seine Vorzüge postet. 😇 )

FediFollows ☃️
3 months ago

The Swiss government has created its own official server at

We know it is official as it uses the Swiss government's own domain.

Its accounts aren't visible as they haven't started posting yet. However, the server's administration account has posted saying that they will be starting soon. You can follow this account at:


(Thank you to @tim_jagenberg_public for pointing this out!)

#Switzerland #Swiss #Schweiz #Suisse #Svizzera #Svizra #CH #Schweizer

3 months ago

The other day I was wondering what gift to bring as something typical #swiss. Then someone asked for #Ricola. Right.

Kürzlich überlegte ich, was man aus der #Schweiz mitbringen könnte. Dann bat jemand um #Ricola. Stimmt eigentlich.

#traveling #Reisen #Souvenir #gift #Switzerland #Schweiz

Regal mit zwei Tablaren in einem Supermarkt. Auf dem oberen Tablar sind kleine Schachteln mit Ricola in unterschiedlichen Geschmacksrichtungen. Auf dem unteren Tablar ebenfalls Ricola in verschiedenen Ausführungen, jedoch in etwas grösseren Beuteln.
Dario Baronchelli
3 months ago

@europesays As far as I know, those Leopard 1 tanks have never been stationed in Switzerland, they were entirely produced in Italy by the Swiss arms manufacturer Ruag, or its subsidiary. Nonetheless, the Swiss government has vetoed this deal allegedly due to the incompatibility with the law on arms exports, and neutrality. For me as a European acting Swiss, this is scandalous, b/c Switzerland is actively deceiving int'l law.

#Neutrality #Leopard1 #Switzerland #Italy #Swiss #armaments #Ukraine

fares - فارس
4 months ago

#story of the day:

The #Swiss People's Party (Union Démocratique du Centre in #French - Schweizerische Volkspartei in #German) in #Switzerland released a campaign video using a sound-alike version of "We Are Family" to promote whatever values #SVP #UDC stands for.

Nile Rodgers took to social media to condemn the use of the Sister Sledge single which he wrote & produced.

#NileRodgers made the following statement:

“I wrote ‘We Are Family’ to be the ultimate song about inclusion and diversity at all levels, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion or sexual orientation.

“I condemn its use by the SVP (Swiss People’s Party) or anyone else not keeping with the values of the song and all decent people. The purpose of the song is to bring joy to all with no exclusions! Hipgnosis Songs, Sony Music Pub and Warner Chappell are all working to have the SVP cease and desist their use of the song.”

Another reason to love Nile Rodgers ❤️ #chic

The picture is a screenshot of the statement by Nile Rodgers on social media. It reads the following: 

"Following reports that the right wing SVP party in Switzerland has used  a #WeAreFamily sound-alike song in a political video without permission, #NileRodgers made the following statement: 

“I wrote ‘We Are Family’ to be the ultimate song about inclusion and diversity at all levels, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion or sexual orientation. I condemn its use by the  SVP (Swiss People's Party) or anyone else not keeping with the values of the song and all decent people. The purpose of the song is to bring joy to all with no exclusions!”

 , @SonyMusicPub
 and @WarnerChappell
 are all working to have the SVP cease and desist their use of the song. 

Mattia Rigotti
4 months ago

Independence and diversity of opinions in #Swiss journalism 🤔

🇨🇭 #Switzerland #Schweiz #Suisse

Pierre Bourdon
4 months ago

The #Swiss health insurance system in a nutshell:
- Me: So uh, the health authorities recommend I get this vaccine, is it reimbursed?
- Insurance: Only if you get a doctor to write a prescription for it.
- Me: ok... that seems like a waste of time. Here, I got a prescription, and I got the vaccine done in my pharmacy.
- Insurance: Oh, we reimburse the vaccine, but not the injection. Those 36 CHF are out of pocket.
- Me: So uh, am I supposed to self-administer the vaccine?
- Insurance: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Just viewed "Why #Swiss #Trains are the Best in Europe" ( by @notjustbikes from one year ago and was surprised how deep their analysis went. Didn't expected to learn that many planning details about train schedules in my adopted country, #Switzerland.

And I also liked this quote in the video:

"A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It's where the rich use public #transportation." ― Gustavo Petro (

Swiss artist Saype invented a biodegradable paint and uses it like no other. His giant works of art are lifelike and seemingly impossible to create. Yet, there they are.

More of his work:

#Art #Illustration #Saype #Switzerland #Swiss #Artist #Nature

Saype on a mild-sloped grassy mountainside painting a lifelike black and white portrait of a woman and child who are pointing over the mountain at the stunning view of the mountain range with the sun poking through the clouds
Mina Hanse
5 months ago

6/ “The problem is we don't know who is behind these companies because they often have no websites, there is no way of contacting them,” says Mai Rosner, a senior campaigner at Global Witness. “They are very opaque and we don't know ultimately who is controlling them.”

Full report:

#Swiss #Switzerland #Ukraine #Russia

Mina Hanse
5 months ago

5/ The rise of these so-called “pop up” traders and their #Swiss ties have been the subject of investigations by the FT, Public Eye, and Global Witness. Two companies in particular – with doppelgangers outside Switzerland – have been a source of intrigue: Paramount and Sunrise. They are shrouded in secrecy making it almost impossible to ascertain their ownership and whether they have violated sanctions or the price cap.

#Switzerland #Ukraine #Russia

Eugene McParland 🇺🇦
5 months ago

Companies Failing to Keep Promises to Leave russia

👉 An update on #Nestle

"The #Swiss consumer goods giant promised to sell only “essential” products into russia, citing baby formula as an example, but the reality is they continue peddling pet foods, pralines, chocolate bars, and other items that are hardly essential."

- an extract from #Yale Professor Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and a team of investigators


#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #RussiaIsATerroristState

5 months ago

My friends from Winterthur in Switzerland have a new Electronic-Punk album out now:

🎶 B.o.L. Butchers of Lassie – Wahnfried Hinschied

#punk #music #bol #electronic #swiss #electro #winti #winterthur #darkwave #synthy #synthpunk #zürich #listen

#AI fuckery in #Swiss #politics.

We're going to see a whole lot more of this coming at all of us much faster than anyone could possible debunk it.


Photo of people in orange safety vests sitting in a street facing cars and an emergency vehicle.

Jani: context “Klimakleber” is what the rightwing calls activists who block traffic by glueing (kleben) themselves to the street to try to get people to pay attention to climate change 

Jani: the pic is AI generated to show them blocking an ambulance, which is something they never did and go to great lenghts not to do because you know, they care about people
Didier Raboud
5 months ago

Time for a (new?) #introduction

👋 to all recent arrivals.

I'm a #swiss #FLOSS hacker, 10+ years a @debian Developer, 10+ years a @Liip 'er SysAdmin (and Internal IT lead), enthusiastic #cyclist and outdoor lover; active in the local Greens section #politics . Future dad.

My other account is @DidierRaboud , with more local / french-speaking content.

Mostly a re-tooter.

6 months ago

The Swiss Council of States adopted an amendment to the Law on the Re-export of Military Goods, which should allow third countries to supply of Swiss weapons to Ukraine #Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar #Swiss

Reposted from Twitter by @nafobot


7 months ago



...#US and #China, can be a viable strategy, as also #India has been thinking, maybe more with a "#Swiss neutrality" model in mind, will prove to be futile in the long run.
As the #US and #China's antagonism deepens, the two countries stuck in the middle will simply not have anywhere near the economic resources to pursue such a strategy successfully. The necessary investments in military and high-tech (e.g. semiconductor fabs) are ever increasing. With an...

The snow capped Matterhorn as seen from our flight from Florence to London. At 14,692 ft it is in the Top 20 of the highest in Europe #Matterhorn #Italy #Swiss #Switzerland #mountain #Alps #snow #photography #photo #Aerial #Aerialphotography #landscape #landscapephotography

a pyramid shaped peak of a mountain can be seen covered in snow. to the upper right a snow free valley is seen

This is how #Swiss people stands together. #Switzerland #Satire #Humor

Ideal CH
9 months ago

LIVE: #Swiss parliament's lower chamber starts discussing #warMaterial (re-)exports to #Ukraine just now.

Expect some decision by the end of the year, if any.

#LexUkraine #armUkraine #parlCH: #armUkraineNow

How #Switzerland beat high #inflation; Why the #Swiss #economy is strong

"Of the core products used to measure inflation in the #EuroZone, including #food, #housing and #transport, almost one third (30%) are subject to #PriceRegulation in Switzerland — more than in any other #European country.
However, #Straumann said that the nationalization of Swiss #energy provision offered an important lesson to other countries, particularly those nations in #Europe that underwent a broad shift to #privatization and are now paying the price."

#Swiss firm sends #Taiwan's '#CarrierKiller' devices to #China for #repairs | #TaiwanNews

"Concerns have been voiced by #Taiwanese media that information could have been leaked after devices used with Taiwan's 'Carrier Killer' missiles were sent to China for repairs."

Dining Car
11 months ago

🇨🇭🍽️ That's a wonderfully written story about the great history of #Swiss #Südostbahn's🇨🇭 #diningcar over time, garnished with beautiful pictures 😍! (In German, but translation tools are out there 😉!)

1 year ago

Correct. Nobody in the #EU likes the #Swiss arrangements. But Switzerland is a LAND island surrounded by EU countries, so big efforts were probably the only way to ease relations.

That's not the case for an "offshore" like the UK.

In any case, I never heard #Brexiters mention Switzerland during the Ref campaign. They promised #SingleMarket, #CustomsUnion, #Norway... nothing like what they delivered.

We must aim to #RejoinEU as soon as possible.

We need a new govt.

@nova We might have a space @ungleich for you in the #Swiss mountains. Fully #renewable energy, no active cooling.

Matthias Tschumi 🦉
1 year ago

Toot toot! Here comes my #introduction:

I am a #researcher at the #Swiss Ornithological Institute investigating #bird #ecology.

I am interested in basically everything but mostly
#animal #movement and #dispersal
#ecosystem #services and #functions
#bayesian #statistics
and #photography

Earlier at Lund University, Agroscope and @unibern

I hope to find an inspiring, supporting and collaborative #community here...

1 year ago

Scientist (he/him) at the #Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL and at ETH Zurich. Interested in #plantphysiology, #ecology, #climatechange effects on #ecosystems, plant #metabolomics, remote sensing, #forests, stable #isotopes - just everything related to #ecosystems from the #molecular to the #global scale including the socio-economic perspective.