18 hours ago

I used Arturia's Soft #synthesizer programs from Analog Lab IV (and yes, have since upgraded) to put down very quick chord progression ideas for other things I do involving electric string instruments.
This one was supposed to be a calming fade out to the last track of our album Epilogue. But since we didn't use it, I turned a 15 second take into a 90 second take and it sounds like it's own thing (I hope).

23 hours ago

Of all the sound design I've enjoyed, this pipe organ is the most satisfying.

In Surge Synth, I modelled a resonating flute pipe, then more flutes, reeds, and trumpets, and organized them into controllable stops.

I mapped those to an existing MIDI, corrected and arranged it, with tempo, extra performance controllers, and cathedral environment.

Can you hear the bellows charging? ;-)

#synthesizer #organMusic #classical

Maxwell Volume
2 days ago

The entire sordid history, or if you prefer, all of the tracks from my #Synthtember travails can be found on my #Funkwhale instance. Bleeps, bloops, bum notes, strange diversions, overly long repetitions, lots of wooshy noises, cosmic mind-expansion and more noodles than university student's pantry. It's all there. I'll probably do a write-up of my experience in the next day, but for now - here 'tis - #music #psychedelic #synthesizer #ambient #psychedelic

Maxwell Volume
2 days ago

Presenting #Synthtember No. 30 "Some Final Notes from the Parallel Dementia." For the final #synthesizer improv for the month, @jlm and I wanted to do something a bit more elaborate - while maintaining the "first thought best thought" ethos of the other tracks. So, here's the epic (in length, at least) finale to a months worth of bleeps, bloops and wooshy noises. Hope you enjoy it. #ambient #electronic #psychedelic #music

Can our heroes halt the impending heat death of the universe all while maintaining their laid-back approach to life? In the infinite complexity and variety of the multiverse, can they still manage to get a nice hot cup of tea? Tune in, and find out!
2 days ago

streaming squelch & bleat 4 dreaded excel spreadsheet


3 days ago

Alright #GearSquad, I want your thoughts. One of my friends is selling off his synths and pedal collections to get a more focused setup. I'm thinking of nabbing a few for myself to add to my own excessive collection. 😆

What I want to know: what would everyone else choose to grab before he sells them off?

What I have, for reference:

#EffectsPedal #EffectsPedals #GuitarPedal #GuitarPedals #Synth #Synthesizer #Synthesizers

Stock photos of my friend's synthesizer collection. From top to bottom, left to right:
Moog Grandmother
Make Noise 0-Coast
Make Noise 0-Ctrl
Make Noise Strega
Elektron Model:Samples
Yamaha Reface CP
ALM Busy Circuits Pam's Pro Workout
ALM Busy Circuits Akemie's Taiko
My friend's effect pedal collection. From left to right, top to bottom:
Emerald Ox Chimeric Percolator, a harmonic percolator clone
DryBell Unit67, a compressor/boost
Coriolis Effects Swedish Chainsaw Massacre, a Boss HM-2 clone
EHX Sovtek Deluxe Big Muff Pi, fuzz/"fuzztortion"
TC Electronic Cinders Overdrive, a Boss BD-2 clone
Pladask Elektrish Feber, ring mod...ish? It's weird.
Chase Bliss Mood, micro-looper/delay
Demedash T-120 Videotape Echo, delay
Strymon Deco, tape saturation/doubletracker
MXR Clone Looper, looper pedal
Abominable Electronics Radio Friendly Unit Shifter, flanger (tastefully covered over with a three-eyed smiley face from the movie Evolution)
FuzzHugger Doom Bloom, fuzz
DigDugDIY Purple Rain Supreme, bitcrush/sample rate reduction/compressor/freeze
AMT Electronic WH-1 Japanese Girl Wah

Forced into the corner by itself is the DanElectro Fab Chorus, a cheap chorus pedal in a plastic housing.
catsynth / amanda c
3 days ago

New CatSynth TV! We've done the original Octave CAT, and Cherry Audio's version. Now we present the CAT from #Behringer! Meow 😻🎹📺 #synthesizer

MuSociety(Bam Dorner):flute:
3 days ago

Cardinal Synth Plugin by DISTRHO

Cardinal by DISTRHO is a Virtual Instrument and a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin for macOS and Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin, an Audio Units Plugin, a VST3 Plugin, a LV2 Plugin and a CLAP Plugin.

Cardinal is a

#CLAP #DISTRHO #effect #free #FreeBSD #GitHub #Library #Linux #LV2 #MacOS #Modular #Standalone #Synthesizer #VCV #VST #VST3 #VSTI #VSTI3 #Windows #Wrapper

Maxwell Volume
3 days ago

#Synthtember No. 29 "Stupor Moon". Well! After watching two BBC docos, one on Krautrock & one about Factory Records back to back, & as you may be able to tell by listening, one deleterious substance too many, tonight's penultimate #synthesizer jam has gone slightly Hacienda on us. #music

Timothy expounds upon the vagaries of post-spatial metaphysics to his elderly aunt, who in turn relates a particularly pithy anecdote about his cousin Trevor's exploits as an anarchist in the Ukraine between the wars.
Maxwell Volume
4 days ago

#Synthtember No. 28 "You'll Have Your Eye Out with That". After a day at home with two small children experiencing cabin fever, my evening alone, while everyone else went to a movie night, was planned to be #music tempered with heavy doses of relaxation. I pretty much just collapsed by 9pm, after having assembled the makings of a slightly rickety #synthesizer composition.

A twisty synth lead overlaid cycling spiral patterns, sound-curtains draped over an electronic beat.
4 days ago

Gave the Vaporizer2 wavetable synth a quick spin today. Seems like one nnnice freebie! 🤩

#Vst #Synthesizer

Petrol can Soundsystem - carry-able (sort of) Soundsystem from beyond. #synthesizer #PsychedelicDuelling #SoundSystem #experimentalmusic

Two red large size petrol cans converted into a sound system - they look battered but sounded great
Cyborg Soloists
4 days ago

Laurence Osborn's 'Counterfeits (Siminică)' uses the pitch-sliding capabilities of the TouchKeys keyboard to bend the pitch of samples of his own voice in these small pieces influenced by Romanian folk singing. One of the 6 works on Zubin Kanga's new 'Cyborg Pianist' album (out tomorrow!) - book now to hear the world premieres of Counterfeits (Siminică) & works by Emily Howard, Oliver Leith and Shiva Feshareki at the launch in London on Saturday: #musictech #synthesizer

A white man - the composer Laurence Osborn - is hunched intently over a synthesizer keyboard. He has a shaved head and is wearing glasses, a white t-shirt and a knitted cardigan made up of patches which are all different shades of blue. Behind him on the white wall is a print of a painting by Mark Rothko in reds and blacks; behind his left shoulder (he is photographed from his right) is what appears to be a cupboard which has been painted with a splattered sort of textural finish, mostly turquoise, with some gold. The man's hands are close together, with his fingers touching the keys of the keyboard.
Maxwell Volume
5 days ago

#Synthtember No. 27 "Near Misc". Tonight's #synthesizer improv, performed with @jlm I think speaks for itself (if, by speaking for itself you mean a chemically heightened #psychedelic cosmic spacerock synth track). #music

This time a bass follows the meandering synth line into infinity.
OdoSendaidokai :soundmachine:
5 days ago

VAST Dynamics Vaporizer 2 hybrid wavetable Synthesizer is now FREE and open-source

Tom Ellard
6 days ago

@nf Sure there are plenty of things that sound better than moog. Software sounds better. But that’s not the point of buying a moog - it’s about status. A model D is a status symbol like a Ferrari or a Gucci handbag. And THAT is race to the top capitalism. #synthesizer

Tom Ellard
6 days ago

This is why we need Behringer. It’s like providing affordable housing. #synthesizer

A real mini moog second hand for only $15,000
Amadeus Paulussen
6 days ago

In this #video u-he are showcasing the #presets of their fantastic new #synthesizer #plugin Filterscape VA. #linuxaudio 🙂️

Filterscape VA UI
Amadeus Paulussen
6 days ago

Yeah, @audiothing are at it again, relentlessly updating and polishing their lineup of #plugins and #porting them to #linux in the process. So happy about that! 🙌️ This time: miniBit, their 8bit #synthesizer. #linuxaudio

miniBit Chiptune synthzesizer
Humongous Frog (also Kyle)
6 days ago

I made this over the weekend and forgot to tell anyone about it.

On My Way - Humongous Frog

Made with an OP-Z and some flashing lights

#electronicmusic #instrumental #music #musicvideo #ambient #synthesizer #synth ##opz #lofi #visualizer

catsynth / amanda c
6 days ago

New CatSynth TV! The fourth and final installment of our series along US 50 in #Nevada Original #synthesizer soundtrack. Enjoy! 😺🎹🛣️📺

Cyborg Soloists
6 days ago

A little trailer to give a taste of Cyborg Pianist, Zubin Kanga's new album, which is being released on Friday (available on all the usual platforms as well as in physical forms) and launched in London on Saturday: #musictech #musictechnology #synthesizer #mimu #motionsensor #contemporarymusic #piano #liveelectronics #album #newmusic

Maxwell Volume
6 days ago

#Synthtember No. 26 "Retox Diet". Dragging myself from a monumental weariness earlier this evening, I experienced a second cosmic wind & managed to pull this improv from somewhere in the back of my unconscious. Full 70s #psychedelic #krautrock #synthesizer mode this evening, with maybe a not so subtle #TerryRiley influence somewhere in there. #music

A pulsing beat, multi-hued synthesizer washes & an organ fractal delay.
Angry Tea Lady
1 week ago

I decided to ask my psych for admission to an outpatient ward and he said it was a great idea. Among the activities I could choose #musicotherapy, with a great group and a passionate #musician and #therapist. I discovered there #kalimba. I loved it so much, my mom offered me one for christmas. I just wouldn't stop playing. Three months after, my mom gifted me a cheap #synthesizer, which is huge given how little money we have. I couldn't use it as a synth, but could use it to play #piano

OdoSendaidokai :soundmachine:
1 week ago

SocaLabs verschenkt einen Wavetable Synthesizer für Linux/Windows/Mac

2 wavetable 1 noise, 1 sub oscillators, 1 filters, 3 mono LFOs / 3 poly LFOs, 17 LFO shapes, 3 envelopes, 5 effects, 1 visualization, MPE, 100 wavetables, 100 Presets
#Linux #Mac #Windows #Musicproduction #Synthesizer #Plugin

IT News
1 week ago

The Reverse Oscilloscope - Usually, an oscilloscope lets you visualize what a signal looks like. [Mitexla]’s ... - #musicalhacks #synthesizer

1 week ago

#arte #FlickFlack - In der #Werkstatt des #Synthesizer-Magiers
„In seiner 60-jährigen Karriere ist Jean-Loup Dierstein zur weltweiten Referenz auf seinem Gebiet geworden. Er hat an den analogen Instrumenten der größten Elektrostars herumgeschraubt, von Vangelis über Daft Punk bis hin zu Jean-Michel Jarre. Heute besucht Para One seine Werkstatt in Paris, wo elektronische Musik ein Handwerk ist.“

1 week ago

The main #synthesizer in the track Half Tengu by Tobacco is so fucking cool, sounds a bit JP-8000ish maybe? But I can't imagine Thomas Fec using it for some reason 😂 it has to be something way more exotic

Maxwell Volume
1 week ago

#Synthtember No. 25 "EMS". Tonight's #synthesizer improv is definitely going into the "to develop further" pile. So far it seems to want to go in a semi #electro #synthpop #industrial direction that I quite like. Looking forward to seeing it continue to evolve. #music

Synthesizer spirals rotating slowly in interstellar space, gradually drifting into the cosmic void.
Maxwell Volume
1 week ago

#Synthtember No. 24 "Restraint at the End of the Universe". Some maximalist #psychedelic #ambient in tonight's #synthesizer improv. #music

The moon melts into the sun as the cycle of time runs down.
Eugene Huo
1 week ago

I've been recently looking for a budget reverb pedal (under $300 CDN/ $225 USD) and settled on the GFI Systems SKYLAR pedal. I haven't received it yet, and so I'm wondering what all my #synth and #guitar friends on here use for reverb? All price ranges are cool, no judgement! :)

#fx #pedals #eurorack #synthesizer

Eugene Huo
1 week ago

New release on Bandcamp coming October 3rd but you can stream the first track if you want to check it out!

#electronicmusic #eurorack #techno #modular #synthesizer

Johnny B. 𓅇
1 week ago

Wow, Looks like #inMusic just #fired almost the whole #Moog staff and will relocate production to Asia. This is a sad day for the #Synthesizer world

1 week ago

Ugh - what a CRAP DAY for most of the employees at #synthesizer company Moog. It's raining pinkslips

1 week ago

Fucking hell. I always imagined Moog would never be the same after the acquisition, but not like that :(

#synthesizer #synthesizers

Maxwell Volume
1 week ago

#Synthtember No. 22 "Unlimited Semiosis". Having had my last two improvs inexplicably turn into somewhat more conventionally structured songs, here's a return to non-form. Tonight's decomposition is a #psychedelic #ambient #drone #noise #synthesizer piece with a generous sprinkle of cosmic spacedust. #music

The Golden Barge sails majestically through the cosmic veil of reality, passing carelessly into the seas of night.
Angry Tea Lady
2 weeks ago

GUYS I NOTICED I GAINED FINGER MOBILITY PLAYING PIANO SONGS ON MY KEYBOARD!!!! Muscle memory is also setting in. I can play Moonlight Sonata, Für Elise (right hand: easy part only) and Swan Lake. The annoying thing is that I still can't play with both hands 😡😡 #music #musician #piano #pianopractice #pianolearning #synthesizer #classicalmusic #beethoven #tchaikovsky

Mark Reid
2 weeks ago

I've been learning how to use Logic recently with my hardware synths and FX and am really enjoying how easy it makes it to integrate everything so recording is really simple. I seem to be having far fewer issues with latency than I did with Ableton and the same gear.

Here's a snippet from what I was messing around with tonight. Peak, Mother-32, Matriarch, Rhodes, Space Echo, and BlueSky all syncing and recording perfectly.

#logicpro #homestudio #synthesizer

Video of a mixer, iMac, and various synths in a studio.
2 weeks ago

Cardinal (the self-contained, portable plug-in version of VCV Rack) finally has it's own website!

Which beautifully explains what it is and lets you play with it right in your browser :)

#Audio #AudioProduction #Synthesizer #VCV #VCVrack #Modular #EuroRack #FOSS #FOSSaudio #LibreSoftware #FreeSoftware #MusicProduction #SoundDesign

2 weeks ago

Kurzer Gedankenfaden 🧵

Durch dieses Stück hatte ich den Channel von Paolo "SynthMania" entdeckt. Finde ich erstklassig, wie er seine Synthsammlung im Kontext der Musik vorführt.
Die Sounds und das blaue Design vom PPG Wave mag ich sehr :)
Wenigstens habe ich ihn ein Mal "in echt" antesten können und mir das PlugIn von Waldorf zugelegt.

Miami Vice style with PPG Wave 2.3, JD-800, and LinnDrum by SynthMania

#SynthWave #MiamiVice #PPGWave #LinnDrum #Synthesizer

Zoé Cassiopée ✨
3 weeks ago

Hi, I'm Zoé and glad that you are reading my #introduction!

I'm a middle-aged lesbian #trans woman who is currently spending her time working on personal projects, and taking care of herself and her family. I'm having fun making tracks on a modular #synthesizer, with some hope to fulfill an old dream to create my own modules at some point.

I've recently quit the tech industry where I used to be a staff developer. I'm still recovering, and I have no plans to return to that career at the moment. Otherwise, I am fascinated by reverse engineering and I've done a few capture-the-flag challenges. I'll typically solve coding challenges the "wrong way" and I've already posted a few such solutions on this account.

My profile picture displays a part of how I dressed during my first Pride this year!

Thomas Mayer
3 weeks ago

Wer in #München Audioprogrammierung mit #Puredata lernen möchte: Ich biete im Oktober einen kostenlosen Wochenendkurs an.

#Sound #Synthesizer #Audio

Johnny B. 𓅇
3 weeks ago

Irgenwelche #Synthesizer-Freaks oder solche die es werden wollen aus dem Raum #Göppingen / Schwäbisch #Gmünd hier? Suche #Jam-Partner*innen zum gemeinsamen #Krach ... ähh... #Musik machen im #Reallife #boost me #neuhier

Beko Pharm
3 weeks ago

Not getting half of this but damn I love it when people nerd out over their thing:

UNLEASH THE FM BEAST - Electone HS Expander 1 #fmsynth #synthesizer #diy

3 weeks ago

Found this old patch sheet. Really old, must be from around 1984 or something. No idea. I never owned an MS20 or TR606 and don't remember having one in school either. (There was an MS50 at some stage, and the Korg CV converter so it could drive the Moog)

"Tempo = 76, Divorce? Alcohol?" gotta be a band or album name or something surely now.

#electronicmusic #synthesizer

an old MS20 patch sheet.. which is a photocopied line drawing of the front panel of the Korg synth with blank spaces to write in your settings. 2UP on an A4 portrait sheet of paper.

The top patch is titled "Hand Clap" and was apparently being triggered by a TR606 trigger out.. The bottom patch has musical notes on it an refers to MC202, of which I had one once, and SH1 which is the self-same SH1 I still own and treasure.
Jonathan Arnold
3 weeks ago

Oh man. How come no one told me that Gary Wright passed on to the astral plane a few days ago? Do I need to say Dream Weaver was a formative song during my high school years? Heck, the entire album was fantastic.

#music #synthesizer #classicrock

Maxwell Volume
3 weeks ago

#Synthtember No. 8 "Below the Thunders of the Upper Deep". I finished re-reading Wyndham's "The Kraken Wakes" last night. 30 years after originally reading it, I was expecting a comfy apocalypse (as Aldiss put it), but instead found the depiction of environmental collapse & human complacency eerily relevant. Tonight's #synthesizer improv continues exploring the territory of the #psychedelic #ambient #drone & hypnotic cycles of yesterday's #music.

Deep drones underlying a repeating and phasing synthesizer pattern.
Composer Greg
4 weeks ago

Let's Talk About Synth Solos!

Which synths? A rare Polivoks clone? What are Cowboy solos?

Includes demo clips from the recent live show w/ @alisynthesis

@synths @PaulDavisTheFirst - More show clips in this one, thanks for asking!

#solos #analog #synthesizer #moog #moogsub37 #polivoks #infradeep #pvx800 #musicalfreedom #liveperformance #synthsolo #keyboardist #fedimusic

Dr Tim Nicholls
1 month ago

All the vintage #1970s #synthesizer dreams of 8 year old me are vested in this budget #eurorack #modular repro version of the epic ARP 2500.

After all these years: achievement unlocked.

If everything's ready here on the dark side of the moon, play the five tones...

Wide wooden oak case standing on an oak floor. The case contains two rows of brushed aluminium electronic modules featuring more knobs, switches and cable sockets than a nuclear power station control room!
Alex :artblackcat:
1 month ago

Just in time for #BandcampFriday, I've released my little weird ambient drone album, "Area"!

It's likely not going to be everyone's cup of tea, but I very much enjoy floating through the soundscapes whether I'm in the bath or in the car.

I hope you do enjoy it though.

#music #musodon #ambient #synthesizer #drone @synths

A glitchy image of a part of the San Francisco Bay Area coastline. The album cover for my release, "Area".
Geert Bevin
1 month ago

My latest 3D printing design escapes led me to the Eurorack modular world, reimagining what a modular case could be.

What if you can freely rearrange your modules without the need for screws or a screwdriver?

This video demos the first prototype I'm experimenting with, I'm curious to hear any thoughts you may have.

#eurorack #modular #3ddesign #3dprinting #prototype #synthesizer

This is cool! Licensed and downloaded @martinic AX73 now that it’s AAX
#AudioPlugins #protools #VIs #MusicMaking #synthesizer

Deirdre Saoirse Moen
1 month ago

Big fan of Look Mum, No Computer - modular synthesizers with zero computer, just patch cables and so forth.

His new single's Night or Day:

#Music #Synthesizer #ModularSynth

1 month ago

Old motherboard on the left
New motherboard on the right

#Sequential #ProphetX #Synthesizer

Old motherboard on the left
New motherboard on the right

Sequential Prophet X Synthesizer
1 month ago
Inside the Sequential Prophet X Synthesizer
1 month ago

Replacing the motherboard and power supply on my #Sequential #ProphetX #Synthesizer today...

Some kind of design flaw that bricks the machine when the CR2032 coin battery goes dead. It's out of warranty, and the final cost will only be $25. I opted to do the repair myself because it's much easier and less expensive than shipping this puppy to California.

I think the hardest part is keeping track of the screws...


Sequential ProphetX Synthesizer
1 month ago

Revisiting some old projects; I feel like I was onto something with Beep.js back in 2015 🎵😎🎹

#BeepJS #music #synth #synthwave #synthesizer #WebAudio #WebAudioAPI #MIDI #WebMIDI #WebMIDIAPI #JS #JavaScript

2 months ago

#OTD August 14, 1971
The Who release their 5th album, “Who’s Next”

This is their synth album 😏

And it’s a pisser! At least in terms of the cover art. 😂

It starts with “Baba O’Riley” and ends with “Won’t Get Fooled Again”.

The whole album has a big “hard rock” sound, noticeably different from their previous releases. And this is right after their rock opera album Tommy.

Probably my favorite Who album. It’s the sound I most associate with the band.

#ClassicRock #rock #synthesizer #music

Geert Bevin
2 months ago

Tactile Patch Sheets are a 3D printed design vocabulary to help vision impaired people more easily dial in synthesizer patches on hardware synths.

I started this work two years ago and was finally able to get everything written up, and all the files created, tested and uploaded.

Everything about this work is open-source and BSD licensed.

#visionimpaired #synth #synthesizer #3dprint #design #accessibility

3D printed example of a tactile patch sheet for the Mavis synthesizer
Humongous Frog (also Kyle)
2 months ago

Just in case you need more options for #BandcampFriday

I made a playlist of some recent-ish electronic musicians I've been enjoying lately:

One album per artist, stuff I like, electronic, ambient or synthy, and my answer to the question "what have you been listening to recently?"

#playlist #electronicmusic #music #album #fullalbum #instrumental #synthesizer #synth #synthwave #synthpop #idm #study #studymusic #ambient

Humongous Frog (also Kyle)
2 months ago

Happy #BandcampFriday

If you're shopping for some new instrumental electronic music, I am proud to present a link to my latest album, Getaway.

Provides the perfect soundtrack for your next heist, high speed chase, secret lair, or tropical vacation.

#electronicmusic #music #album #fullalbum #instrumental #synthesizer #synthwave #synthpop #idm #study #studymusic #ambient

2 months ago

Here's all of my music equipment. With all of these, I can sound bad in millions of ways! 😆

#EffectsPedal #EffectsPedals #guitar #guitars #GuitarAmp #GuitarPedal #GuitarPedals #synth #synthesizer #synthesizers #ModularSynth

My guitars, from top to bottom:
- Yamaha TRBX605FM five string electric bass guitar, Natural Satin finish.
- Chapman ML1 Pro Modern electric guitar, Zima Blue finish.
- Yamaha Pacifica PAC611VFM electric guitar, Root Beer finish.
My synthesizers, from left to right, top to bottom:

Digital FM Synthesizer:
- Korg Opsix 

Semi modular analog synthesizers:
- PWM Malevolent
- Cre8audio East Beast
- Cre8audio West Pest
- Moog DFAM
- Pittsburgh Modular Taiga

- Korg SQ-64
My effects pedals, left to right, top to bottom:
- EAE Model feT
- EAE Longsword
- MAE Part Garden
- Catalinbread Dreamcoat preamp
- MAE/EAE Eldritch Blast fuzz
- EQD Dispatch Master reverb
- EAE Halberd
- Mtl.asm Count to 5
- MAE Cascader
- EQD The Warden
- Line 6 HX Stomp
- Hologram Microcosm
- OBNE Minim
- TC Electronic Ditto+
- Champion Leccy Skitter
- EHX Grand Canyon
- Champion Leccy Woozy
- Lehle Mono Volume
- Meris Mercury 7
- Meris Polymoon
- MAE Maybe?
- EAE Dude Incredible
- Scum Salvage And Design Fungal Fuzz
- Catalinbread Skewer
- Black Arts Toneworks Raw Heart
- Alexander F.13 Neo
- EHX Hum Debugger
- OBNE Blackcap
- Way Huge Ringworm
- Way Huge Swollen Pickle
- Matthews effects The Architect
- Boss NS-2 Noise Supressor
- Boss TU-3 Chromatic Tuner
- Lehle Dual Expression
My guitar amp, the Fender Blues Junior IV with brown Western tolex finish and Eminence Cannabis Rex 12" speaker. The brown tolex finish has a raised floral pattern reminiscent of leatherwork.

I found a Yamaha PortaSound PSS-80 at Goodwill the other day for just a couple bucks and it can do all the amazing stuff THIS dude does with it in this video. 🤯

I gotta hook it up and mess around with it more.

#keyboard #keyboards #yamaha #synth #synths #squarewave #synthesizer #synthesizers #80s #80sSynth #PortaSound #GoodwillFinds #OldSynth #OldSynths

Inverse Phase
2 months ago

Real talk, as soon as I unbury myself from cleaning and inventory for @bloopmuseum and finish the #Sega cartridge #album I will probably try to continue working on my custom #synthesizer

Skysonix ☾
2 months ago

this ipad #synthesizer app is so good👌😩 ..making myself a mental note to use it more often. lots of fun 🎛️👽 #MusicProduction

Klaudia (aka jinxx)
2 months ago

Ihr erinnert Euch an meine Frage in die #Synthiebubble, ob man einen alten #Synthesizer wohl mit #MIDI ausstatten könnte? Es geht um dieses Gerät. #SynthieLove #SynthieLiebe #Synthie

Foto von schräg vorn auf ein altes „Kofferklavier“, die drei Holzbeine sind in den Halterungen im Deckel, an der Vorderseite ist ein Drehknopf und sieben große Kippschalter für die Stimmenauswahl sind auf der Oberseite des eigentlichen Geräts zu sehen
Foto von oben auf das Gerät. Man erkennt den Schriftzug „Harmona“. Die Beschriftung der sieben Stimmauswahltasten ist: Flöte, Cellesta, Harmonium, Tutti, Engl. Horn, Cello und Piccolo.
Steve Hammond
3 months ago

Quick gear check for this morning! Always great to play.

#synth #synthesizer #iseenord #nordkeyboard #rolandkeyboard #music #gear #musicgear #livemusic

Hey #synthesizer, #electronicmusic, #gamemusic etc. folks:

Do you know of a free (or at least inexpensive non-subscription) iOS app with a keyboard that will let you save quick “sketches” of ideas for later exploration?