Kinbe Gakukuru
2 hours ago

Setting aside against proprietary and closed-source/walled garden software . . . Synology NASes are a heck of a deal. Great UI, rich and robust ecosystem, and cloud services are à la carte.

When you buy the system, that's it. You're done (if you want). Many of its most interesting features don't require a cloud Synology account at all, and only a small *small* subset of those that do require actual subscriptions. Now of course be weary that when you pay nothing you might be the product, but the point still stands.

To be fair, it's not the best for power users - Synology doesn't expect (and possibly discourages) users to administer from the command line. The way it does things can also be opaque, such as the "Cloud Sync" and "Active Backup" suite of apps. You have to blindly trust that these closed-source apps are non-malicious, and somewhat free of backdoors.

That doesn't change the fact that these devices are absolutely fantastic for small to medium sized business, which need cost-effective resources and file backup strategies or risk exponential losses.
#sysadmin #networking #Linux #NeoV

Kinbe Gakukuru
3 hours ago

Currently on a mission to be the first vtuber that's #pfsense certified.

#sysadmin #networking #Linux #NeoV

Mike Harrison
3 hours ago

Today is one of those days where my idea of utopia is a place where every piece of technology "just works" and I'm not the monkey cranking the handle making it so. #sysadmin #devops

8 hours ago

Teaching is a source of deep satisfaction for me. It's also a way how I can contribute back to the open source community on which I've built my career and business.
That’s why I’m offering my Linux Master Course from only €5 a month. I would love to see many people sign up. Come and join a great bunch of folk!

#linux #learnlinux #sysadmin #systemadministration

8 hours ago

Here's a little sneak peak of the infra that runs a part of Floofy. We have one server that primarily handles the compute load for Floofy with a secondary server (My personal could server) that handles most of the supporting services that we use to manage Floofy's infra.

I mostly handle the actual hardware, networking, firewalls and VMs while @arch handles his magic with the k8s cluster.

#tech #sysadmin

A screenshot showing a VMware vSphere screenshot that Floofy uses to manage their infrastructure.
Matt Stenson
11 hours ago

It's always fun day when you get to solve issues by manipulating selinux. #SysAdmin #php #Linux

feral house husband
11 hours ago

Ah, the old school offline migrate from one type of database to another with site inaccessible. See you on the other side,

(I’ve seen this done without taking the site offline but it involved more coding and testing work. Abstract data api first, then shim that code to look up in new and fall back to old as needed, Send all new writes to new datastore only, etc. Periodically run background task at lower priority to migrate cold data to new home in chunks. Test with env that as closely as possible matches your prod.)
#sysadmin #enterprisearchitecture

🤔 Found this weird issue with #docker on one my boxes. Maybe some #sysadmin #selfhosting enthusiast can help.

Problem: Similar to but on a #debian12 install.

I found that starting a #docker #container alters the host's routing table.

Running `ip route del default` restores the outgoing traffic on the host.

I have searched all over the place for a solution, but so far nothing. Anyone see anything I may be missing on this?

Routing table comparison between 0 containers running, and starting a container.
After running `ip route del default` this line is removed from the routing table, and outgoing network traffic is restored on the host.

Idea 💡
An email signature with a sign off of "cya,

And it's not just see ya, it makes it easier to search for emails specifically for "Cover Your Ass" :blobthinkingsmirk:

13 hours ago

Hey friends, still looking for work.

- Linux Sysadmin
- Direct Response Copywriter
- Project Manager
- Integrator
- Ops

#forhire #career #sysadmin #marketing #marketingautomation #projectmanagement #hireme #jobs #jobseekers

🕹️ jbz
17 hours ago

🗜️ Taming the OOM killer

「 Under desperately low memory conditions, the out-of-memory (OOM) killer kicks in and picks a process to kill using a set of heuristics which has evolved over time. This may be pretty annoying for users who may have wanted a different process to be killed. The process killed may also be important from the system's perspective 」

#Linux #OOM #SysAdmin

18 hours ago
19 hours ago

Want to ace your next job interview? Successfully build your startup? Itching to learn high-demand skills? Then work with me by your side providing expert advice and guidance to match your zeal!

With an Opsitive GROW membership, you'll get direct access to my engineering experience of more than 30 years via email, live chat, and 1:1 video calls.

#Linux #SystemAdministration #SysAdmin #Ruby #Mentorship

1 day ago

Well, a cup of hot coffee ☕ and Frank Sinatra's number

🎶 The Coffee Song 🎶

#life #coffee #music #linux #research #linuxadmin #sysadmin #opensource

1 day ago

Austrian domains and their configured mail DNS records: work in progress! #dns #mail #austria #spf #dmarc #sysadmin

Stefano Marinelli
1 day ago
John-Mark Gurney
1 day ago


Or someone hard codes field names for bytes of an IPv4 address as n0, n1, h0, h1.


Upcoming Maintenance on #Liberta :

- Upgrading #Funkwhale to 1.3.3
- Restarting #Peertube


Maintenance imminente sur #Liberta :

- Mise à jour de #Funkwhale en 1.3.3
- Redémarrage de #Peertube


Butt Pat Coach
1 day ago

Every IT issue comes down to DNS - Do Not Sysadmin. If nobody was a sysadmin, there would be no IT issues.

#dns #sysadmin #ItsAlwaysDNS

On this date in 1993, the IETF published RFC1519 and obsoleted classful addressing.

If anyone talks about Class C addresses, or even A, B, D, or E, their knowledge is thirty years obsolete and they can be safely ignored.¹ #sysadmin

¹ Unless they're discussing history.

Jonatan Steuernagel
2 days ago

I'm curious: I know many Homelabers have a naming scheme for their servers.
I use Greek mythological figures, I've already heard people use Pokemons, and many more.

What is everyone else using around here?

#homelab #selfhosted #sysadmin #question

steve mookie kong
2 days ago

Debugging greatness on display here.


“Examined the logs” guy looking at tree logs. 

“Found the bug” picture of a bug
Miscellaneous Void
2 days ago

As a vegan #sysadmin, how do I tell my manager I am uncomfortable setting up honeypots in our cloud infrastructure?

Adam MacLeod
2 days ago

I had no choice but to wipe the VPS, including my 6+ TB of data stored over there. Thanks guys for providing big data servers with everything on one LVM partition. More and more, I know why these guys are cheap. Any who, the apt database was just all kinds of broken. The system seems to have thought it was still on debian 10, even after the apt sources list reconfiguration and apt update && apt upgrade-without-pkgs && apt full-upgrade. I have no clue what went sideways there, but a reinstall just seemed faster and certainly way easier. What won't be faster is reuploading all this data. #Linux #sysadmin #LivingTheLife!

Aujourd'hui je serai au 20 ans du #Linux #Meetup à #Montréal en tant que commanditaire et présentateur. Je vais partager mon expérience en #virtualisation avec #Proxmox en entreprise.

Mais il y aura beaucoup d'autres trucs intéressants ! Viens faire un tour pour cette grande célébration :)

#devops #sysadmin #selfhosting

pancake :verified:
3 days ago

Everyday is #mastodon #sysadmin appreciation day

Mike Ely
3 days ago

When you're #parent and a #sysadmin you will have Cheerios in your pocket some days. Or cage screws. Or Cheerios and cage screws. Which can screw together if you're bored enough.

Tech news from Canada
3 days ago

XKCD: Urban Planning Opinion Progression #xkcd #art #IT #Tech #Sysadmin

Albert Cardona
3 days ago

To webadmins out there: remember to test your .htaccess files. One easy way to check is on this online website, if its contents isn't sensitive:

To test the regular expressions included in a mod_rewrite, there's this website that even has a stepping debugger:

#webadmin #sysadmin #htaccess #modrewrite

To mitigate the HDD issue, I changed my I/O scheduler from `mq-deadline` to `bfq`. It... seems faster? #Linux #SysAdmin

Okay! The upgrade to #Mastodon v4.2.0 was successful at last. But it wasn't easy.

Something is wrong with one of my hard disks. Just "compiling" all the files took about an hour. It's two disks in a RAID1, a #Toshiba and a #Seagate. The Seagate is significantly slower than the Toshiba, to the point where I believe it's a firmware issue.

Has anyone ever done a firmware upgrade on a HDD in #Linux? How did that go?

I also had issues with `mastodon-streaming` because of the absolutely ancient #NodeJS version that comes with #Ubuntu 20.04. I remebered I had one in `/usr/bin/node` and one in `/usr/local/bin/node`. This time I symlinked them instead of editing the systemd unit file.

And, as you can probably tell by now, I also changed my character limit to 4096 because why not?

#MastoAdmim #SysAdmin

M. Hamzah Khan
4 days ago

Question for the #ZFS people here. I have an ancient #TrueNAS SCALE machine which I am renting from my hosting provider. It has a Xeon W3520 (4C/8T @ 2.93GHz), 8GB RAM, 4x3TB spinning rust, in a single pool with two mirrored vdevs.

I'm using this machine as iSCSI backend for my virtualization hosts. It's slow AF. I get extremely poor IOPS. I'm pretty sure it's the disks that are the bottleneck. ... (continued)

#devops #sysadmin

Christoff Humphries 🎃
4 days ago

I have been working in computing professionally since 1996. My first computer ran GNU/Linux and been in the #BSD and #Linux world ever since (my family was poor so I didn't get a computer until I hustled for parts to build my own and didn't have Internet service for the first 6 months, so I mostly read man pages and learned #programming languages), only recently catching up to Windows stuff as part of switching to pentesting as a career (away from #sysadmin, #coding, and #dba stuff) in 2020.

My website:

My personal interests:

My work life:

How to contact me:

I'm pretty chill and love talking to folks, so don't be afraid to reach out, you won't be bugging me and I welcome the conversation!

Stefano Marinelli
4 days ago

Today has been an interesting day. What I liked the most was a call this morning with a young but skilled developer. He asked for an upgradable, no-frills setup, fast and reliable. I suggested #FreeBSD and a jail for each service (one for #redis, one for #mariadb, one for #nginx and #php, etc.), but I explained that he would need to embrace the concept of using such a solution.

He responded that he can't wait to learn something new and that he liked my proposal. These are the moments of satisfaction when your experience can be helpful to young and enthusiastic IT enthusiasts who, in turn (if they see the benefits), will promote your choices to their friends and colleagues.

#IT #technology #Mentorship #SysAdmin #RunBSD

Dave Mackey
4 days ago

#question of the moment: If one wanted to perform an #analysis on an online forum's content, what tool would you use?

#Context: Think a #sysadmin looking to understand the common conversation threads around a particular manufacturer's equipment; seeking to ferret out #enterprise level discussions in the haystack of consumer/smb discussions.

In this particular use case the individual is not looking to spend a lot of time / become a specialist in.

5 days ago

It seems surprisingly hard to get a simple solution for a small office where you get the same X users on Y machines, without manually setting them up.

Windows: Get Windows Server licenses on redundant machines, use Win Pro everywhere as clients; works, but requires quite a bit of money & knowledge. Easier/cheaper if you can go cloud. Also offered by a few NASes or homebrew Samba stuff, but even more knowledge required, never mind that everyone seems to be against this (not surprising, coming from the MCSE crowd)

Linux: Complicated LDAP/NFS setup, + make your own bash scripts, possibly some homebrew sync solution; Yikes.

MacOS: You wanna do what?

#sysadmin #soho

5 days ago

Hey #MastoAdmin and other #sysadmin #vps nerds. What's the cheapest (in Australian Dollars!!) VPS provider? I need to host a cloudron instance but also my mastodon instance. The cost of Digital Ocean has doubled for AUstralians because our exchange rate has shit the bed. Please give me your opinions!

Stefano Marinelli
5 days ago

How many of you remember that night/day? I had 142 servers there.
Luckily, all the backups were outside and by noon everything was up and running again (in another datacenter, of course).
I started immediately after reading the keyword "fire" and "prepare your disaster recovery plan".

#Fire #SysAdmin #IT #OVH #OVHFire #Backup #DisasterRecovery

OVH Datacenter on fire, 10 March 2021
5 days ago

Hey there! I'm not too thrilled with our current backup plan for Right now, I'm running a script every day that stops all Mastodon services, takes a database dump, and uploads it to S3. Unfortunately, this leads to a bit of downtime, about a minute or so, every day.

I'm still learning about this stuff and not an expert, so I'd love to hear what backup strategies you all are using for your Mastodon instances. Let's discuss and maybe we can come up with some better ideas together! 🤝

#MastodonAdmins #BackupStrategies #MastoAdmin #Fedimin #FediAdmin #Sysadmin #backup #mastodon

6 days ago

#SysAdmin conundrums #88251:
Windows 10 will be EoL before the next hardware refresh is.
Windows 11 feels slow, sometimes painfully, for what seems like no reason.

Do we deploy Win11 and suck it up, or deploy Win10 and hope someone with more money leans on Microsoft to extend the EoL for Win10?

6 days ago

Aaaand we're back and up to date. \o>

Remember to thank your local administrator for your instance update. :]

#sysadmin #mastoadmin

6 days ago

Time to update my instance I guess #sysadmin #mastoadmin


@georgetakei Whilst it may seem bad to weaponize #tech against #TechIlliterates at first, as #IT #Sysadmin I can assure everyone that the time and frustration saved by forcing #TechIlliterate relatives onto your tech stack is worth it!

It saves time, money, pain and frustration...

Sam :opensuse: :popos:
1 week ago

Hey, everyone in the #Cybersecurity or #Sysadmin space, mostly in the USA,

I’m looking to make a career change from retail sales. Investigating my options. Seeing that there’s usually a minimum requirement of some jobs training.

I’d like to avoid going back to school for a four year degree, if it can be avoided. Do you see people being hired with their only training being these boot camps or technical degrees I’m seeing some places? Should I just consider a 4 year degree as cost of entry here?

Jeff Fortin T.
1 week ago

After _months_ of research, preparation, testing and #sysadmin troubleshooting work, after migrating my personal blog + @atypica + @regento to my new servers this week, I've now migrated @ideemarque's remaining #infrastructure to the new datacenter 🎉️

It feels fantastic to regain control over my web #infrastructure.
No more incompetent #hosting.
The performance & reliability gains are incredible.

Considering offering web hosting services if there are other SMEs suffering like I was suffering.

ansuz / ऐरन
1 week ago

debian has an update for libwebp that people might be interested in installing

#sysadmin #security

1 week ago

Any person who takes on the role of #sysadmin role for a project should have a basic understanding of role-based access controls. This would make it so much easier for the next person to wrangle permissions and roles for a project.

Stefano Marinelli
1 week ago

Monday morning, the peak time for requests and issues. One of the things I try to avoid on #Linux servers is using external repositories for installing specific package versions. Just a while ago, a developer asked me to install the php module for #PostgreSQL on an (old) #Ubuntu server with an external php repository. Even though the server is being decommissioned, this is a temporary operation for migration. Unfortunately, I had to tell them that the packages are no longer available because that repository no longer provides them. Tech debt always comes knocking sooner or later.

#SysAdmin #ServerManagement #LinuxAdmin #TechDebt

Michael Davinroy
1 week ago

Hi I'm Michael and this is my #introduction post! 👋

Programmer interested in #sysadmin #infosec #aml based in #BostonMA

Enjoy #tabletop #boardgames #hiking #camping #linguistics #history 🏞️

Curious about #rust #golang #foss #osint

Looking for positions in systems engineering #GetFediHired #HachyJobs #cpp #python👨‍💻

#MastodonMigration #Fediverse #FediFinder #Intro

Julian Oliver
2 weeks ago

Fellow sysadmins, if you want to a quick fix to stop the hungry GPT/OpenAI and CC bots from harvesting content across your many sites, here's a one-liner I just put together:

find -L . -name robots.txt -type f -print0 | xargs -0 sed -i -e '$a User-agent:\ GPTBot\nDisallow:\ /\nUser-agent:\ CCBot\nDisallow:\ /'

Just remove the `-i` switch to do a dry run. It follows symlinks and will append to the end of your existing robots.txt's.

#linux #unix #privacy #sysadmin

2 weeks ago

Do you need Linux skills for your job? If you'd like to learn everything important about the operating system, its tools and how to use it in everyday work, this is the course for you.

#linux #learnlinux #sysadmin #systemadministration

Stefano Marinelli
2 weeks ago

A few days ago, someone asked me for advice about a slow website.
Upon analysis, the server wasn't the issue—it was running #Linux #CentOS7 on bare metal. However, the site was operating on PHP 5.4 (default for CentOS 7) and was entirely custom-made.
I suggested updating everything, especially since CentOS 7 is nearing its EOL, and transitioning the web application to work on PHP 8.
Their response? "We don't want to do it." They wanted me to set up a new, optimized server to run PHP 5.4. I explained the risks and the nonsensical nature of this, only to hear that they found someone willing to install PHP 5.4 on a new system. So, if I refused, they'd give the job to someone else.
I replied, "Good luck," and ended the conversation.

It saddens me that some in the IT world would opt for such shortcuts rather than striving for a more secure web.

#WebSecurity #TechEthics #ServerManagement #SysAdmin #PHP #CentOS

Râu Cao ⚡
3 weeks ago

I have the weirdest issue with a (brand-new) rack server: the nvme drives are simply vanishing a couple of days after running. First one drive, then the second one sometime later. Not even visible in BIOS immediately when rebooting. However, if you let it sit for a while, they magically return as if nothing happened.

I'm honestly at a loss for possible explanations. Never seen anything like it. Ideas, anyone?

#sysops #sysadmin

this is who your failed sudo attempts get reported to #netops #sysadmin #djunkelskog

Stefano Marinelli
3 weeks ago

Computer Scientists, the 'Computer Experts', and Those Who 'Know a Thing or Two' - Part 1: The Average Joe

Written in 2006, while some tech details might be dated, this article's humorous take on IT 'experts' remains evergreen.

#SysAdmin #IT #Tech #Technology #Humor #TechNostalgia #WhenWindowsWasYoung #TechThrowback

#sysadmin reminder:

People don't ask for backups. They ask for restores.

3 weeks ago

I wonder, do simple #DOCSIS 3.1 modems without all the router stuff still exist? :nko_think:​

#sysadmin #internet #isp

3 weeks ago

Ce site était lourd
Il mangeait toute la RAM
Wordpress, je te hais

#haiku #sysadmin

Any of you #sysadmin #Linux heads know if it's possible to SCP a file from a remote server to your local machine while you're logged into the remote server?

Basically I wanted to do a "Download this to my desktop" command from the remote server. I know how to fetch a file from my local machine, but I was in a situation where I had no idea how to even address the remote server because I was tunneled into it through a firewall and the server name was obfuscated.

I ended up sending the file to a third server that I control and retrieved it from there so I got out of my predicament. I'm just wondering if there was an easier way to do it.

Emanuel Pina
3 weeks ago

I'm a pediatric nurse and dog owner!

In between, I do some #cycling and #trailrunning. Some gaming, mostly #rpg and #mmorpg. And follow a few sports like #soccer, #F1, #wec and #nfl.

Over the years I taught myself a few things on #webdevelopment and, more recently, #sysadmin.


Stefano Marinelli
4 weeks ago

Client (a bit clumsy but positive and honest) calls: "Help! Just came back from lunch break and accidentally deleted all files on the file server!"
Me, unfazed: "Alright, besides you, who else worked on the file server during lunch break?"
Client: "No one, we were all away and I'm the first one back. Others will be back by 15:00"
Me, looking at the clock and noticing it's 14:30: "Okay, what time did you go to lunch?"
Client: "At 13:30. How long will it take to restore from the backup? Do you think we'll be able to work tomorrow?"
Me, without flinching as I type "zfs rollback *dataset-13:45-snapshot": "Done"
Client: "All the files reappeared!"
Me: "Thank #ZFS, #FreeBSD, and whoever set up automatic snapshots every 15 minutes."

#ITSupport #DataRecovery #BackupHeroes #SysAdmin #Snapshots #BSD

[nate@social0 ~]$ :idle:
1 month ago

If anyone's interested, I'll be streaming live with Mr. John Spinks later today. We're covering Compliance with Insights.

This is part of a mini-series about Insights. If you haven't looked at insights in a while, its worth a watch!

#redhat #insights #compliance #sysadmin #management

eThanOS ☠️
1 month ago

Something I don't understand is how one of the biggest fund raising #mastoadmins out there is straight running out of cash.

Maybe dude needs to learn to optimize hardware usage better, or something, but 2300/month is ridiculously expensive unless you're driving some SERIOUS traffic.

#sysadmin #it

1 month ago

@jsnell the flexibility is what keeps me on the Mac. I’ve wanted to do iPad only but it’s just making more work for myself.

I’d love native terminal but it’ll never happen