I know Mastodon has gained plenty of traction and attention, but I recently got my invitation to #t2, created by former Twitter employees. Has anyone tried it yet? Thoughts?

Plastic Model Robot
2 weeks ago

DAY 17: Favorite film sequel.

"Terminator 2: Judgment Day." It's possible I had not yet seen the first film in its entirety when the sequel came out; just piecemeal on TV. But, this didn't matter, as T2 stood on its own while achieving the rare feat of surpassing its predecessor. Amazing effects that still don't look dated, great cinematography, a solid story, and a perfect cast...any one of those are almost unheard of in an action movie, and T2 has everything.

#terminator2 #t2

terminator 2
sarah connor
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As a non-US citizen, I'm thankful beyond belief for the existence of the #UrbanDictionary. 🙏 It already educated me when there was some debate on calling #Bluesky posts "skeets", and today I learned about "Netflix and Chill" over at #T2. 😂

Post by @MichellePenny on T2:

»Just had to explain to a hotel client that them writing "Netflix and chill" in their hotel room descriptions did not mean what they had been thinking it meant.

Never seen someone press a delete button so fast.

* Waits for an immediate drop in half day bookings *«
2 weeks ago

Ich hab einen Account bei t2-social! 👍
Google-Veteran Gabor Cselle, von 2014 bis 2016 Mitarbeiter bei Twitter, arbeitet da an einem, wie er sagt, besseren #Twitter. Derzeit nennt er es #T2, er hat den Domainnamen dafür gekauft. Nicht das #Mastodon hier für mich nicht ok wäre, nein, ich finde es hier schon ganz toll, aber an so einer ganz neuen Geschichte teilhaben ist schon auch irgendwie cool!👍 (und natürlich eine nur 4-stellige Usernummer 😎, gebe ich zu 🤣 )

I can't seem to use #T2 on #Safari on my #iPhone all of a sudden

Lauren Weinstein
3 weeks ago

Both #Bluesky and #T2 provide users with the *option* of not including "link previews" (which may include attached images) with posts. This avoids the need to include (for example) cat photos to supersede random link target page images. (While I realize Leela is much loved, photos do use bandwidth and other resources, and link previews to a large number of followers can effectively be a denial of service attack on the target site due to so many instances trying to fetch at the same time).

While #Twitter has never provided this useful option, #Google+ did.

#Mastodon should be user and site/instance friendly, and provide this option. -L

🦣 Niklas 🍍
1 month ago

☑️ Nutzername auf #T2 gesichert (

Fehlt nur noch einen #Bluesky Account 😂.

OMG 🤗 Just now, I was invited to join #T2Social and successfully joined it. The time now is 10:00 p.m. EST (7:00 p.m. PT), and the #T2 team is still working. It looks like they will not lose out to #ElonMusk for hours of work!😅

If #Bluesky or #T2 wants to dominate the #SNS space, they should market / invite people from the world's Number 1 social network consumer since #Friendster: #Filipinos / #Philippines.

Some numbers: #Bluesky currently is at around 54k users, #T2 still <1k, at around 900. #Mastodon accounts are at roughly 11.5m.

Bluesky graph by James Tauber, showing daily growth and absolute user count.
T2 graph from yesterday’s newsletter, showing daily growth and absolute user count.
Mastodon graph by, showing hourly user growth and absolute numbers, as well as toots per hour and active instances.
Mitex Leo
1 month ago

@allenholub @GeePawHill "Social Media" should be a means of communication and interaction between humans. Not a business!

Also take a look at T2's privacy policy and t&c.. Most Importantly it's closed source for profit platform.

#privacy #foss #t2 #fediverse

J. Guti :mastodon:
1 month ago

Platforms I’ve tested so far:

#Mastodon - I like it here. The community I found/built during the World Cup was good to me.

#T2 - I like it here. Calmer, opposite of s-posting. Con - centralized but we’ll see how it evolves for experience.

#BlueSky - free for all which can be fun at times. Winning some big names from TW. Feels familiar.

#Post - nah. Not for me.

#Nostr - nah. Not for me.

#Substack Notes - immediately no after that one interview.


#SocialMedia #MicroBlogging

Sociotechnically, new networks like #t2 and #Bluesky are ridiculously interesting to watch. You see evolving cultures that are negotiated on a daily basis. When the first bad apples arrive, new platforms face their acid test. Will it be for the good or for the bad? Either way, it's fascinating to be at the outset of something new-ish. Let's enjoy the fun of those innocent early stages!

So how many new ideas can you possibly give a genuine spin? For now, #Bluesky and #Mastodon remain the most interesting players to me due to their underlying protocols (ATP, ActivityPub) and the ideas baked therein. Anyway, if you happen to be on #t2, join me. Screaming into the void together is double the fun!

iOS profile screenshot of the T2 web app.
Dan van Moll
1 month ago

@atomicpoet I’ve literarily tried every new platform since Twitter & Pownce.. most recently #Post, #Nostr, #Bluesky, #Substack Notes and even #T2. While BlueSky seems to be the most intuitive coming from Twitter (along with Substack and Post) none of these platforms can compete with #Mastodon when it comes to interaction and overall culture.

Martin Holland
1 month ago

What @harrymccracken learned by trying 6 #Twitter alternatives

"These upstart social networks offer havens for the Musk-adverse. I’m glad they exist, even if it’s unlikely they’ll all be around forever.

[#Mastodon] is by far the most fully realized #TwitterAlternative. [...] This is the first social network I’d turn to as my refuge if remaining on Twitter becomes untenable."

#TwitterTakeover #SocialMedia #Post #T2 #BlueSky #Damus #Substack

AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
1 month ago

Why key to curing type two diabetes could be NHS-prescribed soups and shakes | The Independent

2 months ago

Controversial opinion: #Mastodon is a stopgap until a true #Twitter alternative comes along.

This might also be why other people are more skeptical, as they anticipate to hop more than once if they’d try Mastodon. Which along the way might cause potentially more loss of followers / friends.

A true alternative could be #BlueskySocial, #T2, whatever #meta is cooking etc. We’ll see when it reaches a critical mass / velocity.

#TwitterMigration #Bluesky

gualdo :fsf: :cc:
2 months ago

#T2 è un'alternativa a #Twitter che si propone agli utenti delusi dal #birdsite, anche con un sistema di porting della spunta blu

Per chi fosse interessato:
- si tratta di una piattaforma a invito
- la loro #privacy policy non è quella di #mastodon. Per esempio non sono esclusi tracciamenti e condivisione di dati tramite #cookies

Due aspetti difficili da condividere per chi sostiene trasparenza, apertura, riservatezza

Lauren Weinstein
2 months ago

I strongly recommend signing up on the #T2 waiting list. Trust me on this. And, no you don't have to leave #Mastodon! -

Simon Forgues :quebec: :facil:
2 months ago
Eric Dannewitz
4 months ago

@Bringiton Sure, makes sense right? Go from one shitty place to another. Totally. Server me ads and algorithms all day……

I’ll stick with Mastodon. It's twitter like, and I can follow whomever I want, and things I'm interested in. And most everything I'm interested in is now over on it.

#twitter #t2 #whocares

4 months ago

I just want to be idgaf enough to go up to someone and say “I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.” #T2

Not seeing any benefit in joining one of the new #Twitter knockoffs like #Post, #Spill or #T2 — much rather put my energy into #Mastodon#opensource, #decentralized and little chance for some pathetic, egotistical, narcissistic #billionaire to take it over!

Not seeing any benefit in joining one of the new #Twitter knockoffs like #Post, #Spill or #T2 — much rather put my energy into #Mastodon#opensource, #decentralized and little chance for some pathetic, egotistical, narcissistic #billionaire to take it over!

#tweettherapy #extweeps #musk #Facebook

wondervera ✅ :catjam:
4 months ago

Wer kennt schon ? Das soll der #Twitter Nachfolger werden. Gegründet von einem Team ehemaliger Twitter Mitarbeiter. -
Do you know ? This is supposed to be the #twitter successor organized by a team of former twitter employees.

Logo von T2 social
Warner Crocker
4 months ago

Steven Levy’s take on T2. A startup aiming to recapture Twitter circa 2007.

"T2 faces startup competition from Mastodon, Countersocial, Post, Hive Social, and more. All of them have different twists on a short-form social network.”

#T2 #Mastodon #fediverse #twitter

Paul Jacobson
4 months ago

'Cselle wants to roll back the clock as if all that never happened. “It’s kind of retro,” he says. “Remember what Twitter felt like in 2007 when it was real people sharing things from their life and not airbrushed Tiktoks?”' - @stevenlevy

I like that other people are exploring how to replace Twitter. At the same time isn't Mastodon already taking us back to a simpler time with added benefits of #Fediverse integration?

I feel like any service that doesn't tie into the Fediverse is a regression from the perspective of their users' control over their relationships with their connections, at the very least.

#T2 #TwitterReplacement #Twitter

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
4 months ago

Apple needs to make this easier for users.

Apple's Mac security is so good, it's sending used M1 MacBooks to the scrap heap

#Apple #Mac #Security #M1 #MacBooks #T2 #InfoSec #TechNews

An older model (Intel-based) MacBook Air with the lid facing the camera.
Shane Afsar
5 months ago

I've been loosely tracking several social platforms and protocols that are either in #development or are out there and people have migrated to from the #birdsite:

* #Mastodon
* #Hive
* #Nostr (now funded by ex-tweep )
* #T2.Social (ex-tweep)
* (ex-#tweep)
* #Spoutible
* #Bluesky

Right now, Mastodon is the only one that fits as a daily driver for me, mainly due to network effects -- nearly everyone I know came here, and there are so many interesting people & posts.

A Look at the Gold Rush to Become the New #Twitter.

“Amid the dysfunction comes an increasing number of alternatives vying to lure Twitterati. Some were created out of the ashes of Twitter, while many are getting a fresh start after languishing in the shadows for years. Here’s a look at the alternatives for those seeking a Plan B, and how they stack up against the Blue Bird.”

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6 months ago

@remotelygrace it’s like human beings in communist China coming up with things like #T2 to evade #tiananmensquare censorship

Any tricks to getting #linux installed on my iMac Pro? (Dual-boot, VM compute is terrible.) Tried a couple of installers, but they reboot after select Try/Install.

Nothing on that helps.

#iMacPro #T2 #PopOS #t2linux

Bruvik :verified:
6 months ago

Anyone else having issues with secure enclave on #macOS #ventura? I use for some SSH keys and all my private keys were gone. After a reboot, they came back but with new filenames. I have also seen that apple pay has stopped working a few times until I reboot #t2

Mike Gifford
7 months ago

@robbutler @ashley_barnard_ I hadn't heard about #T2 before. Mind you if it is proprietary then it may just be a matter of time till it goes off the rails too.

Email is a federated system too. And, yes it was easier when everyone was on AOL, that just doesn't last.

Joe Muller
7 months ago

A few more updates for the day.

Now you can share and delete your posts.

On your "My Posts" page you can see all your posts or just the ones that haven't expired.

#flutter #startup #socialmedia #t2

Joe Muller
7 months ago

Knocked out another round of mini features for Short Lived 👊

👤Created "My Posts" page
🔥 Added post counts to main feed and personal feed
🐛 Fixed some issues with post creation

#flutter #firebase #socialmedia #t2

@BitchinRob: Hey, welcome to the Fediverse!

Wow, that's a huge number of cars! Great to see two #BX, a #Visa, a #T2 and an early, still #aircooled #T3 in that list. :-)

I assume you don't still have all of these cars and motorhomes. 😉

Can't really imagine to change neither my car nor my #motorhome that often. (I own my #2CV since 1993 and my motorhome since 2011. 😎)

7 months ago

#incivilité encore des bolos avec de la musique de nulos dans le tram... Bières à la main... Inspire pas confiance. Ils sont pathétiques #T2

Dave Horrigan
7 months ago

Mastodon exclusive content! This is where I work (#myenergi) and this is also what I spend most of my free time on (Sally is a #VW #T2 #EV conversion).

A green VW T2 camper in front of myenergi HQ near Grimsby UK
Boiling Steam
1 year ago
Ein Hackerteam hat demonstriert, wie sich der aktuelle Sicherheitschip im Mac knacken lässt – mit einem simplen manipulierten USB-C-Kabel.
Apples Sicherheitschip T2: Exploit in Aktion gezeigt
Manc AvGeek
4 years ago

Photo of the Day 2019-11-21.
N272JS, Gulfstream G3, parked on Gate 200 at Manchester Airport, early 1990s just before T2 opened.
#avgeek #planespotting #potd #manchesterAirport #man #egcc l12 #t2 #gulfstream #g3

Gulfstream G3 at Manchester Airport, early 1990s.
Sollte bei einem System-Update etwas schiefgehen, muss man Apples teuren All-in-One-Mac umständlich neu aufsetzen – und braucht dafür einen zweiten Mac sowie ein passendes Kabel. Grund ist wohl der neue T2-Chip. #ARM #Apple #iMac #iMacPro #t2