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***Update: Although the guidance says they wanted responses by yesterday, it looks like the consult remains open until 1NOV***

The NHS is holding a public consultation on the use of puberty blockers in trans kids. Please respond if you are able.

I'm not putting this under a CW because I want to ensure everyone with capacity and inclination to help sees it. But I will hold the details until further down the thread.

#TransRightsAreHumanRights #ProtectTransKids #NHS #TransRights #TERFIsland

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A transgender woman who suffered years of discrimination and abuse in the UK has been granted residency in New Zealand on exceptional humanitarian grounds. The 57-year-old woman was granted New Zealand residency by the immigration and protection tribunal in Auckland, who decided the woman was safer to remain in her adopted country where she had experienced no abuse or discrimination since arriving in 2009.

#TERFIsland #NewZealand #GreatBritain #transgender #Hate

#TerfIsland isn't actually interested in the wellbeing of 'women and girls' it's just a front for picking on a minority it's acceptable to torment.

Another thing I don't miss about UK #Twitter is the constant (and usually transphobic) "I stand with.." hashtags.
Fucking #TerfIsland...

Trans friend of ours is being hassled by a local youth at their house purely because they are Trans, and British society just looks the other way because the Posh have told us it's ok to pick on Minorities. Nothing is done, people don't care and we're supposed to shut up and take it....fuck #TerfIsland 😡

Screencap of a ginger British youth throwing something at the window of a Trans lady just minding their own business.

Meanwhile, on #TerfIsland
Be a cold day in hell before Britain's politicians come to the support of Patrick over this, won't it?


Bisexual MSP Patrick Harvie victim 
 of homophobic abuse during live TV 
4 months ago

Just seen someone on IG re our useless govt 'cracking down on gender-neutral toilets' to "stop being America's religious soggy biscuit" and it's so terribly perfect
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I really need people who haven't lived in the UK, and especially Americans, to do their due diligence on the BBC and the Guardian. These aren't just news outlets that occasionally engage in a bit of transphobia by misgendering people — they have been actively driving transphobia in the UK, specifically the left-leaning Terf flavour of it. The BBC and Guardian are at least partly to blame that we now have good reasons to call it Terf Island. Because if the Daily Mail is transphobic, that's easy to swipe away because it's a shit rag anyway. But a broadsheet and a respected TV outlet engaging in it, that made transphobia socially acceptable in the UK.

Fyi: US and AUS Guardian have both distanced themselves from the UK one.

#terfIsland #BBC

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@metasecsol #TerfIsland seems determined to isolate itself from all the networks, whether economic or communication. #Texas power grid levels of isolationism.

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@iainjclark (3rd person personal) Pronoun avoidance across the board is seen often, increasingly often. I read it as an editorial statement, and if "carefully phrased," a doubled-down statement. Perhaps in the case of a news outlet their version might be that they don't have enough fact checking in to know the decedent's #pronouns. But #BBC has a track record. Typical #TerfIsland institution.

Rishi Sunak smiles his millionaire smile as he dances on the grave of #BriannaGhey so his #SelfID culture war will distract #TerfIsland from all the plunder and incompetence.
Our little lives are just toys to them 😡

Westminster hates the Queers, and always will. It's beyond reform.

#TerfIsland #BriannaGhey

Alejandra Caraballo 
 ImlM)rtant to note. The gender recngnition act that the gender criticals 
 keep fighting with horrific, demonizing language means that Brianna 
 Ghey's death certificate cannot list her gender as female. As a final 
 insult, the English government will officially misgender her in death. 
 2:13 AM Feb 13, 2023 

And we’re supposed to be nice to them because ??

Fuck these people, what they stand for, what they choose to do with their power and influence and no Tory or Tory voter will ever have my sympathy or respect as an individual.

This is shit the Nazis taught them. When people tell you who they are believe them.

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The Guardian has been told that a former adviser to Boris Johnson is behind the UK government's response to the new gender reform laws. Dougie Smith, who coordinated the "war on woke" pursued by the Johnson administration, has been tasked with "weaponising" the issue of trans rights before the next election. One cabinet source claims the long-term Tory fixer, who is close to Sunak, is acting as "puppet master" to the equalities minister, Kemi Badenoch, who is fronting the government's strategy. He was said to be behind Johnson's strategy to stir divisions on racial, heritage and cultural issues to ally the Tories with working-class voters in "red wall" seats. Some at Westminster believe that the UK government is iust nosturing and section 35