Blue Yeen Bean
7 hours ago

Here's another bonus drawing I did in.. October? A kobold bust shot for @erakir

#kobold #furryart #furry #tf #digitalart

Nall :therian:
11 hours ago

consider: the surprised yet excited expression of a critter looking at their newly-changed self~ ❤️ #tf

12 hours ago

Rouge TF (Commission)
A Commission for witchofkino!~ (On DA)
I mean, who was supposed to know a gemstone would do all of that! (Then again I don't think it matters because it seems you like it...)
Trades and Comms are always open to everyone!~
#transfur #TF #sonic #RougeTheBat

14 hours ago

Finished TF commission for koch, they just couldnt help but take a sniff from one of my most alluring purple flowers, it was pretty apparent right off the bat that it had some, unexpected, consequences

#ferret #mustlid #cat #feline #kitty #transformation #tf #magic #magicflower #flower #nature #vine #sparkles #glitter #glasses #piercings #null #nullbulge #bulge #ass #asshole #demon

A ferret sniffing a purple daisy and then turning into a hairless cat, the progression shown between several body part shots, starting with the ass, then the arm, then the face, all shots showing the fur falling off their body as they transform with the final fullbody showing off their new form with a firm grab to their null bulge
15 hours ago

You found him in an alley. The little one wouldn't budge, but you took him along with some effort. He was stubborn, but gave in after a while.

One night, you're grabbed from behind. Squeezed against fur, muscles pull you tight. You flail, but a chuckle rumbles from behind. "Excited. aren't we?"

You turn, a massive wolf stares at you. He goes for your neck. But instead of teeth, you feel leather around your neck, it gets pulled taught. Wind chokes out of your lungs. A paw firmly plants on your back.

"Feel how humiliating it is to be treated like an animal!"

#wolf #werewolf #TF #transformation

Blue Yeen Bean
17 hours ago

Some thoughts floating around for December, please weigh in (if you want, of course)

Repeatable YCH TFs - Make bases for X-Mas-like objects to turn people into. Tree baubles, ugly sweaters, inflatable reindeer, actual reindeer, or other festive things!

12 Days of TF-mas - A limited run of X-mas themed subjects to turn people into, leading up to X-Mas

Secret Santa - Idea of like, an art trade thing with secret santa rules. Unsure, would need enough participants.

Bonus idea: Group picture(s) involving those that participate in the repeatable YCH TFs (if this is what I go with)

#tfmas #tf #transformation

Trevor Fox
1 day ago

If enemies can't beat you through sheer damage output, maybe they can weave magic to bind your form instead. @erakir and @khloeprower won't be escaping this anytime soon ~

• I have my own telegram art channel! (18+)
• Comm form and other places to find me:

#trevor_fox #transformation #tf #transfur #text #erakir #khloe_prower #mushroom #implied_transformation #after_transformation #inanimate_transformation #scarecrow #scarf #gloves #cartoon_gloves #intf #klonoap #khloe

Blue Yeen Bean
1 day ago

Here's a CTF I did back in October and forgot to post, whoops. This is for Exhaustedlucario over on FA!

#transformation #tf #tfeveryday #ctf #cock_transformation #hyena #dragon #furryart #furry #digitalart

Blue hyena turning a blue dragon into a lewd addition - in the form of a cock.
Aubrieta Rose
1 day ago

Wolfing out - now in full color!

Can't you just hear that fabric shredding? The panicked breathing turning to guttural snarls? The howl echoing beneath the stars?

#werewolf #tf #TFEveryday #transformation #werewolfTF #werewolfTransformation #transformationArt #werewolfArt

A sequence of three illustrations of a white male with brown hair transforming into a bipedal, brown werewolf, ripping out of his clothing and shoes.
1 day ago

Dog tags dangle from your hands.

"Weird, it lists a species here: 'Arcanine'"

"Yeah! They're dog tags."

"That doesn't make any-" With a swift movement the necklace is clasped around your neck. 

Cream fur billows out of your clothes as the temperature increases. Your clothes groan and bones creak and pop into a bigger, and bulkier configuration. Muscles billowing from every limb.

The seams can't contain your growing frame as the listed species bursts out of the diminutive human

"Who's a good dog?"

A growl escapes your lips: "I'll make you pay for those clothes, pup!"

#Pokemon #TF #transformation #Arcanine

2 days ago

Once again, Glockens got transformed into someone in one of Dommerik's story settings.
Completely unrelated to that, here's Mananiko, a member of the Crimson Order!


You can support me on my Patreon!
Or visit my Discord server:

#TF #TG #MC #Transformation #TGTF #TFTG #MTF #TSF

Mananiko, the Crimson Order's scribe.
2 days ago

Finished one of the YCHs I had for TF! This is the SFW one and I love how it turned out! Big boy!
This is for Iarann on FA!
#furry #transformation #TF #TFTuesday

2 days ago

Been brainstorming some ideas for my characters and the world they are in. Thinking about backstory for Vee and how he got his shapeshifting. Slowly settling on around the idea of some sort of dormant draconic bloodline that awakened at some point. This pic being the first time his draconic side fully awakening. Mostly because I've been wanting to draw a dragon for a bit now lol.

But I think I'll probably add a few dragon forms to Vee's ever growing list of shapes. Full big dragon, pocket sized, Buff Behemoth. And probably a form based on the hybrid forms the MC takes in Breath of Fire 4 and 5, and the warrior dragon form from 3.

#WIP #Transformation #DigitalSketch #Sketch #Dragon #TF

A work in progress digital sketch of a character transforming into a dragon. While it is mostly a basic body with little features. The rough lines show the character on their knees, feet turning into monstrous claws. Their back is arched backwards, wings sprouting from it, one fully grown while the other is much smaller yet growing. A thick tail protrudes from their backside. Arms are near their side, claws slowly growing from their fingers. While the face is just a circle at this point, they are looking up and away from the viewer.
2 days ago

Well got presented with a prompt this month which was to trying finish an old sketch. Went in the most contrived method to get to a tiny bitter fennec fox person named Maxwell who is almost a foot taller than me. He too lost his humanity though he lost his through much more saddening circumstances than me.

Better than the 1st time I tried to draw him!


Maxwell with the outfit he woke up in when he first lost his humanity.
Maxwell with no clothes on, he's a lot thinner than this I'll need to spend more time on that.

The Boucember and Deercember is upon us!
#tf #transformation

Blue Yeen Bean
2 days ago

Here's another prompt done - the last official one for the month!

After Bea was entranced and turned into a Salazzle, the one that turned her decided it was time for another round, with definitely something devious planned! Salazzle is going and stealing Bea's levels for herself, oh no! It's gone so far that Bea was reduced to a Salandit!

Prompt was power swap

#hypnovember #hypnosis #hypno #pokemon #pokemontf #transformation #tf #tfeveryday #shrinking #leveldrain #furry #furryart #digitalart #salazzle #salandit

Beatrice (as a salazzle) having intercourse with the Salazzle that transformed her.
Beatrice (as a salazzle) having intercourse with the Salazzle that transformed her. Such action is having the unintended effect of stealing Bea's size and levels, while she cannot stop herself from continuing to hump the other Salazzle.
Beatrice (as a salazzle) having intercourse with the Salazzle that transformed her. Such action is having the unintended effect of stealing Bea's size and levels, while she cannot stop herself from continuing to hump the other Salazzle. It has gone so far that Bea has de-evolved into a salandit!
Nall :therian:
2 days ago

You're really very cuddly, you know.
So I'm super happy you decided
to go along with being my blanket;
just that calm sense of change
going on for minutes, for hours,
of flattening, stretching,
fluffing out, softening,
features smoothed over,
what were arms and legs
is now just more fabric,
and I'm wrapped up in you,
still cosy and warm. mmm.

Come the morning,
you're readily laid out,
folded, over and over,
all nice and tidy for later.
My snuggly blanket. <3


3 days ago

Patreon raffle for mephia!

Brrr, we're finally hitting the fabulously frigid days of Winter and that can only mean one thing: it's time for another batch of toasty Patreon sketches!

#Haley #Halcyon #Patreon #tf #transformation #ageregression #TFAR

Blue Yeen Bean
3 days ago

Here's another prompt done. I had to take a day break, so.. yeah.

You heard about that cow virus going around? Pretty scary stuff. One second you're fine, the next, you're.. *moooo* Finding it hard to think, growing out of your clothes.. and being, well, a cow! Dangerous!

Prompt was virus.

#hypnovember #hypnosis #hypno #transformation #tf #tfeveryday #cow #cow_tf #furry #furryart #digitalart

Blue hyena being swiftly transformed into a cow, thanks to some new virus going around.
3 days ago

Raikou TF (Trade)
A trade with
@TferYog !~ Lets hope you can get used to your legendary form now...
Trades and Comms are always open to everyone!~
#transfur #pokemon #pokemontf #TF #raikou #tfeveryday #transformation

Azel 🔜 MFF
3 days ago

The full-moon fragger himself! Be sure to lycan subscribe 🌕🐺

Happy #WerewolfWednesday
MFF badge for @/DoryuuZ_
#furryart #art #tf #TFTuesday #transformation #werewolf

MFF werewolf TF badge of Doryuu
3 days ago

@rangepup Makes a nice Reindeeargle! Icon for Range for the season

#fat #furryart #tf

Range, an anthropomorphic beagle, has been transformed partially into a reindeer. He is wearing a blue leather harness with many large bells, glasses, and his collar - his dog tag peeking out just below his fat neck fluff.

He's standing with a pleasant smile while the northern lights glow on a peaceful, chilly night sky.
3 days ago

My part for the art trade with MentalCrash, where my fairysona makes her join the faes. >:3c


You can support me on my Patreon!
Or visit my Discord server:

#TF #Transformation #FTF #Fairy

Fairy transformation!
4 days ago

uh oh... maybe putting on random helmets isn't a good idea...

iron valiant is very gender
#tf #tfeveryday #transfur

a person looking nervous as their face and body is transformed into one of a iron valiant
Nall :therian:
4 days ago

It's a cute little badger statue.
And yes, those are badger paws,
with their long claws;
that's your new badger snout,
and you're shrinking,
small stubby legs,
broad badger body,
down on all fours--
ooh, something's different,
you're freezing in place,
turning into stone,
smaller, smoother;
now there's two cute little badger statues~

#tf #transformation

Trevor Fox
4 days ago

Comm for @novadainkwolf! When floating gloves appear, you know you're in for it. Especially when Inkwolves like to make more of themselves!

• I have my own telegram art channel! (18+)
• Comm form and other places to find me:

#trevor_fox #trevor_fox_character #transformation #tf #transfur #toony #inflation #ink #inkwolf #mouse #rodent #hybrid #furry #anthro #wolf #kangaroo #pouch #floating_hands #gloves #claws #pawpads #tail #red_hair #red_nose #ear_piercing #ear_ring #jewelry #bell_collar #hoodie #pants #shirt #twinning #brain #intelligence_loss #intelligence_drain #kissing #brain_drain

Caine the Cat
4 days ago

I'd like to spend this #TFTuesday interacting with the furs here on Mastodon! Making new friends is a big part of why I joined the site in the first place, after all.

Have any transformation-related questions you wanna ask? Any story requests (or critiques on my other stories)? Do you have any TF tales you'd like to share? Leave a comment*!

#TFEveryday #transfur #TF

*May result in you getting transformed >:3

Aubrieta Rose
4 days ago

Working on a werewolf thing. #TFTuesday

Hint: If you're gonna wolf out, strip first. Ripping through jeans and shoes is painful, you guys.

Full color version soon, currently on Patreon. 😊

#werewolf #werewolfArt #furryArt #anthro #tf #transform #transformation #TFEveryday

Three sequential sketches of a man transforming into a werewolf.
Azel 🔜 MFF
4 days ago

Dude I love your new fursuit it’s so realistic!

TF badge for @/oriontaur
Hawwpy #TFTuesday! 🫏

#furryart #art #tf #transfur #tfeveryday

Donkey TF badge for Orion
4 days ago

With the holiday season upon us, be careful what you drink! There's definitely an increase in reindeer-related TF instances, as I've quickly discovered first-hand.

(In commemoration of finally hearing Mariah in the wild lol) #TFTuesday #TFEveryday #Transfur #Transformation #TF

Zil is beginning to transform into a reindeer. He is gripping a beer in one hand, which has already turned into a reindeer hoof. He is clutching his head with his other hoofed hand, feeling the antlers that have begin to grow. His nose has enlarged and face has slowly pushed forwards as his ears push out from the sides of his head. Fur is growing around his chest, neck, and crotch, and his right foot is showing signs of changing too

Tis the Season for #tftuesday!

I probably should look more distressed about my dick going inside of me and turning into a rubbery Christmas tree... but as you can see, I've also got a permagrin, so that's not happening. I technically cumming constantly like this?

More gifts from the absolute sweetie that is YoshiSuperGreen/GyRoEhEsNi💛

Original FA Uploads:

#christmas #expansion #inflation #tree #penis #dick #transformation #tf #furryart #furry #ornament

Gift from YoshiSuperGreen. Zai (yellow parrot) turned into a big, grinning lawn ornament, his penis prominently engorge and now inside of his big, clear body.
Same as the previous image, however now Zai's penis has become a rubber Christmas tree and is spewing out snow(?) inside his belly like a snow globe.
5 days ago

a lil trade I did with a friend
the silly lizards :3 (the back cyclizar knows what's happening from experience~)
#tf #tftuesday #tfeveryday #transfur

a person looking shocked at their nearly complete transformation into a cyclizar, another cyclizar is smugly looking at them
Nall :therian:
5 days ago

Hey, you know what,
it's time to be a kangaroo.
Take off those clothes, or don't;
feel the start of your lovely huge tail,
thick, heavy, pressing out more and more,
ears pulled up tall, nose tugged on out,
wiggle those long, bouncy, hoppy feet,
fur dripped all over, short, fuzzy,
getting shorter, broader,
and back to your tail,
since there's so much of it,
bigger, and longer, and wider,
enough that you can balance on it.

Feeling good, kangaroo? 🧡 🦘
#tf #transformation #kangaroo

Trevor Fox
5 days ago

Congrats to the 11th winner of @erakir's Monthly Moogle Raffle, @sizeshiftchaos! Not only is he a moogle now; he's a collectible!

• I have my own telegram art channel! (18+)
• Comm form and other places to find me:

#trevor_fox #transformation #tf #transfur #implied_transformation #after_transformation #ivalician_moogle #erakir #pom_antennae #dialogue #wings #scarf #bottle #corked_bottle #cork #fingerless_gloves #TFTuesday

5 days ago

Noivern TfTg made for Metaldab21 on FA
#Tfeveryday #TfTuesday #Transformation #Tf #TfTg

Nall :therian:
5 days ago

it's crow,
trapped in the circle,
and the witch feels good about this;
they've thought of everything.

except, all it takes,
a flicker of a candle,
the witch's shadow
slipping into the circle,
and crow is gone.

gosh, look at the shadow:
squirming, changing,
arms spread into wings,
face drawn into a beak;
now, under their feet,
the silhouette of a huge bird--

and then, quiet.
no feathers. no caws.
just a nice, shadowy reminder
of what's to come~ 🐦‍⬛

#tf #transformation

Blue Yeen Bean
6 days ago

Here's another one done.

Why not use hypnosis to ease someone into becoming an inflatable sex doll? *Wait- not me! Not.. Squeak..*

Prompt was squeaky.

#hypnovember #hypnosis #hypno #transformation #tf #tfeveryday #inanimatetf #furryart #furry #digitalart #toy

Blue hyena being hypnotized and turned into an inflatable love doll. Lewd bits exposed and thoughts turning to squeaking and being used.
6 days ago

Prepare to get soaked by this STUNNING SEXY SEA SERPENT! Meet Grace, the slippery star of our 18+ TF-themed visual novel, CHANGELING TALE!

Swim away with her when the game launches on Dec 27th!

More about Grace -
Wishlist on Steam -

#changelingtale #visualnovel #game #female #transformation #tf #werewolf #cow #nessie #wolf #deer #male

Nall :therian:
1 week ago

oh, hello,
are you looking for a pet?
oh I see,
you're looking to be a pet!
excellent, have a seat,
tea, coffee? treats?

take a look,
here's some options
for your new home,
your new owner,
and just the pet they'd like.

maybe you'll be a dog,
or a cat, a bird, a ferret,
or something else,
any take your fancy?

oh, very good,
yes, if you'd like,
we can start today~ ✨

#tf #transformation

1 week ago

Puzzle Book Isekai'd! A small TF puzzle game prototype, it's done!
Download it or play it online here:
(Tested in Windows and Firefox).


You can support me on my Patreon!
Or visit my Discord server:

#TF #TG #Transformation #TGTF #TFTG #MTF #TSF #Puzzle #Game

Screenshot of Puzzle TF game
Nall :therian:
1 week ago

uhh. can't quite remember what you did last night. but today, you seem to be the cute creature in the logo of a new app, getting downloaded over and over and over ✨ #tf

Nall :therian:
1 week ago

Having a quiet, daydreamy conversation,
words in your ears about nothing in particular,
slowly bringing in comfy new ideas
like your tail, swishing and swaying,
and your fur, warm and cosy all over.
Much better than clothes, yeah?
Feeling snoozy, stretching those paws,
twitching those flicky little ears.
Whiskers, snoot, senses turned up high,
going quiet at strokes and scritches;
you're a kitty, and you didn't even notice
until just now. Meow~ 🐈‍⬛❤️

#tf #transformation #kitty

Nall :therian:
2 weeks ago

You are now two foxes. ❤️
What do you do?~
#tf #fox

Nall :therian:
2 weeks ago

"are you there?"
Yeah! Good to hear from you.
"been worried! where are you?"
I'm in a city of mice. As a mouse, of course. I have all these other memories about my life here.
"that's kinda cool. how are you getting back?"
Uh, I'm not sure I can? But things are pretty peaceful here. I'm not sure I want to.
"oooh... well, maybe I could come there then?"
Eee, go for it! I wonder who you'll turn into.
"suppose we'll find out~"

#tf #transformation #mouse #isekai

Caine the Cat
2 weeks ago

#TFTuesday mood:

You've heard that getting transformed into a fursuit is cheaper and quicker than getting a traditional one made from scratch. What escaped you is the fact that full-body suits are still WAY pricier than partials. You should've had second thoughts when the local wizard made you aware of this.

Looks like you'll be stuck as a talking fursuit head for a while, at least until you can get enough money to purchase the reversal spell. Better get yelling with that floppy fabric muzzle, because you won't be able to move from your bedpost without help!

#TFEveryday #transfur #TF

Aubrieta Rose
2 weeks ago

I will get around to coloring this one! Drew this for Kinktober last month, a good one for #TFTuesday.

Lookit his cute li'l werewolf proto-tail... 🥰

(Marked sensitive because he's naked and there's a hint of a sheath)

#TFEveryday #werewolf #transformation #tf #werewolfTransformation #male #oc #originalCharacter

A line art drawing of a male werewolf in mid-transformation.
2 weeks ago

Who needs a couch when you have me? @foxvhen always has a way for me to replace furniture...and somehow his ideas always involve me turning into a cow too. Funny how that works. 😏

Art by SYLKYS0F7 for Moovember!

#art #furry #fatfur #fat #tf #transformation

A small male anthropomorphic Artic fox in a hoodie and sweats sits on top of a very fat female anthropomorphic cow's belly. Both of them are blushing while the cow grows fatter, to the point where she's filling up the couch that she's sitting on and ripping apart her own hoodie. The cow isn't wearing any pants, and her hips are squishing over the armrests of the couch, while her udder rests on the floor in front of her. She is holding a bucket of candy that is sparkling as if to show that it's the reason for her growth, and the two of them are blushing while grinning at each other.

Kysse is always one to get on the newest memes and fads.
Thankfully, with a little transformation magic, Zai makes the perfect borb (Bird Orb) to ponder!

Art by "Kysse."

Original FA Upload:

#Transformation #TF #TFtuesday #borb #orb #bird

Art by Kysse.  Kysse (purple dragon) looking into Zai (yellow parrot), who she has turned into a crystal orb.
CalliEcho ⚡⚡
2 weeks ago

Calli's Shirt Lift - Masculinization Sequence

So much for No Nuts November, amirite???

Sometimes I fantasize about becoming more masculine... which is really weird since I'm AMAB non-binary and have been working for years to be on the  feminine side of androgynous.
Gender is crazy, y'all.

Image Description:

A sequence of three images. The background of the first panel is a mix of pink and blue. The non-binary (but feminine in appearance) Calli is grasping the bottom of their long-sleeve shirt. They say: "I keep seeing this Shirt Lift thing going around... does it actually work?" In the second panel the background has shifted to be more blue. A pink and blue arrow to the right of Calli points upward, following the motion of Calli lifting their shirt. Their sleeves stay in place and their bare chest is exposed, though without the feminine breasts that were present in the first panel. They say: "Uhh!? This feels really weird!!" The background of the third panel is completely blue. Cal has clearly become taller, his head poking up from the top of the panel. His green hair is shorter, he's blushing, and one hand is running down his flat chest under his shirt. He says: "Oh! This is... Uhm... o///o"

= == === == =
Please fave, comment, and watch -- it's really appreciated!
Drawn in on iPad Pro

#transformation #tfeveryday #tf #human #tg #tftg #transgendertransformation #nonbinary #female #male #ftm #ftmtransformation #masculinization #nbtm #shirtlift #meme #sequence #simplebackground #greenhair #brownhair #nonbinarytomale #nbtmtransformation #undercut

A sequence of three images. The background of the first panel is a mix of pink and blue. The non-binary (but feminine in appearance) Calli is grasping the bottom of their long-sleeve shirt. They say: "I keep seeing this Shirt Lift thing going around... does it actually work?" In the second panel the background has shifted to be more blue. A pink and blue arrow to the right of Calli points upward, following the motion of Calli lifting their shirt. Their sleeves stay in place and their bare chest is exposed, though without the feminine breasts that were present in the first panel. They say: "Uhh!? This feels really weird!!" The background of the third panel is completely blue. Cal has clearly become taller, his head poking up from the top of the panel. His green hair is shorter, he's blushing, and one hand is running down his flat chest under his shirt. He says: "Oh! This is... Uhm... o///o"
Eric Malves :Blujfthr:
2 weeks ago

“I was in a position not too different from her all this time later…I thought she looked like a mirror of what I would be in the future. Maybe I was a little too right about that assumption.”

Chapter 16 of the Broken Wing is live!

#tf #tftuesday

Nall :therian:
2 weeks ago

Cuddling together,
as the rubber pours in,
feeling warm, melty,
as the hyena mould
start to whirr and hiss.

If you stay here,
we'll both be changed,
mixed together
into a shiny hyena.
Do you want that?

Well, here we go~

#tf #transformation #shiny #hyena

Be careful how much you spend on those gacha games! You know why they call the big spenders "whales", right?

Actual footage of what will happen to me once Capcom releases the long-rumored Mega Man Battle Network mobile game.

Art by Ranny/Drakky.

Original FA Upload:

#transformation #tf #tfeveryday #gacha #whale #bird #furry #furryart

Sketch commission by Ranny. Zai getting addicted to a mobile phone gacha game and turning into a busty orca lady... and then a full orca.
2 weeks ago

My new book, The Adler Chronicles, is up on Amazon and for sale on my website. It's packed with feathery and furry transformation. Here's a link to my site and a full description:

#FurryWriting #transformation #tf #avian #bird #fantasy #fiction

Blue Yeen Bean
2 weeks ago

Sorry for the pause, but, here's another prompt! This one's for Sedrinthestar over on FA.

They found out joining in on a hyena's laughing can have some transformative results! The prompt is contagious laughter.

#hypnovember #gnollvember #hypno #hypnosis #transformation #tf #tfeveryday #hyena #gnoll #dragon #digitalart #furry #furryart

Blue dragon being hypnotized and turned into a hyena through some contagious laughter, coming from another blue hyena.
Nall :therian:
2 weeks ago

mm, good morning.
no need to get up,
nothing for a plushie to do
but relax in bed.

it's fine, don't worry,
I'm you, you're me,
cosy under the sheets,
a cute squirrel plushie,
seams and stuffing,
hence the big soft tail
and round squishy paws
and smooth shiny eyes.

so you can rest a while
and I'll keep things ticking over,
maybe for a day or two,
unless you'd like longer?... <3

#tf #transformation #plushie

3 weeks ago

They say that true fashion should wear you but what happens when you're not quite up to it's standard? This hat was made for a bewitching and buxom beauty so why not loosen that plain form of yours a little and embrace the fabulosity within that's just waiting to burst from those rags of yours~

Comm for CluClyde on twitter!

#Fat #Butt #Belly #TF #WeightGain #TFTG #MLP #Rarity #BBW

some of these #tf #tftuesday mfs could use a magical asparagus that turns anyone into the animal you want huh :dragnsmirk:


Nall :therian:
3 weeks ago

Daydreaming about the joy of a nice, drawn-out muzzle transformation; clicks, cracks, long tongue, heightened scent, big toothy grin, intense and giddy and unrecognisable, but that's exactly what you want: to be a creature, like that~ ✨

#tf #transfur

Nall :therian:
3 weeks ago

coated under
layers upon layers
of sleek, shiny latex.

each one smoothens,
rounds you off,
changes you.

arms painted into wings,
a glossy, silky hide;
a blank muzzle.

you're a shiny toy bat.
long rubbery bat ears.
broad, flappy bat wings.

it started as a costume,
but slowly, gently,
it's really you. <3

#tf #shiny #bat

Nall :therian:
4 weeks ago

Giving the stage hypnotist a fright because when they say to act like a dog, you do actually turn into a dog 🐕 #tf

Nall :therian:
4 weeks ago

When we simply cuddle, and kiss, and get lost in each other, enough that you don't even notice our tails at first, or those paws, coati ears peeking out, teeth changing, with nuzzles, deeper smooches, longer muzzles pressed close, cosy bodies, rolling together, fur and stripes and warmth and--

Wait, we're coatis now?

Nothing wrong with that~ ❤️

Surprise quickly turns to blushy warmth, sprawled and fluffy, happy creature sounds...

#tf #transformation #coati

Nall :therian:
1 month ago

It's a nice, snoozy weekend,
so there's every reason
to spread out your arms,
watching them grow,
feathery, and flappy,
and entirely suited
for wrapping yourself up
in a cosy wing blanket.

Half-asleep, dozing off
as feathers sprout
and beak forms
and eyes change
and talons stretch,
light patchy colours,
bright coloured irises,
fluffy owly face.

And it feels comfy
to be restful in the day,
so when night arrives,
it's the right time
for an owl.
Hoo hoo~ 🦉

#tf #owl

Nall :therian:
1 month ago

"Hey, what noise does a puppy make?"
you make the noise
you turn into a puppy~ 🐕

#tf #puppy

Nall :therian:
1 month ago

Oh, that old video file?
I was inspired, watching films,
so it turns you into a skunk
seven seconds after watching it--
yeah, just like that~ 🦨
#tf #skunk

Nall :therian:
1 month ago

The thing is,
I didn't put anything in the tea;
you're a bunny
because you want to be a bunny.
#tf #transfur #bunny

1 month ago

I TFed into a marketable plush last night! New costume for channel points redeems! 🧸

#plush #plushie #tfeveryday #tftuesday #transfur #tf #pngtuber

Azel in plushie form as a PNGTuber costume
Azel in plushie form as a PNGTuber costume
Eric Malves :Blujfthr:
1 month ago

Today is one year since The Bird House concluded! Would have been cool to finish The Broken Wing around the same time but…

It’s kinda long, it’s totally free, and the link is below if you want to read. Still working on a big edit, no story changes just some punctuation and wording edits.

#writing #tf

Nall :therian:
1 month ago

Looking into each other's eyes,
they both speak the words;
red squirrel, sable ferret,
paws held close.

Now, they can melt into one another,
the distance between them
growing ever smaller;
ferret cuddling squirrel,
tail so much bushier,
ears getting taller.

Their mixed, tangled warmth,
their synchronised breath,
their shared sensations,
calm and comfortable,
merging together;
just a squirret,

Thoughts, feelings, everything;
they couldn't be happier~ ❤️

1 month ago

I TFed into a pooltoy last night! Squeak squeak squeak 🎈

New PNGTuber costume for stream points redeems!

#TFTuesday #pooltoy #transfur #TF #pngtuber

Azel in blushy pooltoy form
Azel in blushy pooltoy form squeezing his muzzle and popping his valve
1 month ago

Octransfur 2023 - 22 "Disguise"

When you disguise yourself as a Yar warrior and end up getting conscripted into their battle. Time to fight some Qotiles!

#TFEveryday #TF #TFArt #Transformation #TransformationArt #Transfur #Octransfur #TorlionArt

A person putting on a helmet shaped like a fly's head and turning into a four-armed, four-winged space warrior Yar from the game Yars' Revenge.
1 month ago

Day 19 - Party

You know it's a good party when you're just roaring with laughter! My sides are hurting from all of this laughing!

#MastoArt #TF #TransformationArt #Anthro #AnthroArt #Furry #FurryArt #Octransfur #TFEveryday #Transfur #Hyena #Yeen #Transformation

A mono color digital sketch with shading. My character, Vee, transforming into an anthromorphic Hyena while at a party. His clothing is tearing from the growth, as well as his claws digging into the fabric. Vee is laughing while holding a canned beverage in one hand, while the other hand is removing his jacket.

And a most gorgeous #CoatiMonday #TF for you! This gorgeous sequence is from FA/LiimLsan. She was doing a TFtober project and looking for a good 'Golden' subject, and this fit beautifully with one of the aspects of petrifaction that I most love. That's the sense of a vacation from flesh, the chance to enjoy simply being, enjoying a pleasant stillness for a while. It's so happy.

Original at

Also this may have permanent revised how Austin's eyes look.

Two-picture sequence in partial color.  An inkwash illustration of a nonanthro, photorealistic coati notices his back and tail turning to full-color gold.  In the second pose he's standing on three paws, holding a forepaw out, looking up with pride as he comes a sparkling golden statue.  Several inkwash sparrows perch on him or examine the new statue.
Nall :therian:
2 months ago

being a living puzzle box,
looking like any other creature,
but when moved in the right way,
my markings pressed like buttons,
I will change into another shape;
another configuration to solve.

I don't know why this is me,
nor how many puzzles there are,
but it's taken hundreds of years
and dozens of curious people
to solve me eighteen times;
maybe you'll be the next~ 💚


Jack Pilcrow
2 months ago

Those wireless transfur speeds isn’t the best, makes getting TF’d into a digimon slow as heck.

Always did want to do a Digimon TF, went with a classic Renamon because, of course lol. Based the victim loosely on the Cyber Sleuth Main Character, since that's where I really started with Digimon aside from small bits of the anime. I do wish I had more time to really sell the digital bit, but you know how it is. Still, make me really want to get even more into Digimon stuff...

#Slow #TF #Digimon #Transformation #Transfur #Renamon #Digital #Digitize

2 months ago

Making an ass of myself on #TFTuesday again!

🎨 @/emberbat
#tf #furryart #tfeveryday #donkey

Headshot of Azel mid transformation into a donkey, with a tail burst detail
Nall :therian:
2 months ago

Cuddly shiny toys, doing their best to rub off on you. ✨

Wrapped up so tight in wings, sealed into being a crow toy. 🐦

Painted into a sweet skunk toy, with all your extra mass stuffed into the tail. 🦨

Coiled up in a snake toy, squeezed and shrunk into a cute mouse toy. 🐀 #tf

Nall :therian:
2 months ago

Just to note that I have a Telegram channel:

I also have a Patreon for tips, but as well as supporting my writing, I'm experimenting with offering a few monthly microfic slots: perhaps TF, hypno, the sort of thing I post here or as @miette, if you might be interested in that. ^^ Some examples linked further up in this thread.

#telegram #patreon #transformation #transfur #tftuesday #tfeveryday #tf

CalliEcho ⚡⚡
2 months ago

Octransfur 05 | Outfit [C - Avelican]

An Octransfur commission for Thank you so much for your patronage!

Image Description:
A custom Pokémon Trading Card Game card. In Area Zero from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, Avelican is transforming into a Farigiraf.

= == === == =
Please fave, comment, and watch -- it's really appreciated!
Drawn in on iPad Pro

#transformation #tfeveryday #tf #octransfur #octransfur2023 #octransfur2023 #pokemon #tcg #pokemontcg #fullart #midtransformation #midtf #midtransformation #midtf #customcard

2 months ago

Going from awoo to moo 🐺🐮

Recent commission for @/flankbull

#TFTuesday #art #furryart #tf

Drawing of a wolf character transforming into a bull
Nall :therian:
2 months ago

hey, imagine there was a post that could suddenly transform you into an owl. feathers flying, wings flapping, keen eyes, beak and talons, slightly confused hooting noises. a post very much like this one~ ✨ #tf #owl

Nall :therian:
2 months ago

Just a nub at first, but quickly getting bigger, longer, broader.
Filling out, pressing against clothing, building up, bulging, stretching.
The fabric is putting up a good fight. Seems like ages waiting for it to tear, in a welcome rush of--
Tail! ✨

Nall :therian:
2 months ago

Come here, puppy!
Oh, you're not a puppy?
But what about those ears,
and that waggy tail,
and this collar fits so well,
doesn't it, puppy?

There's your puppy paws
and your soft puppy fur,
puppy size, puppy muzzle,
feeling happy and safe,
bouncy, noisy, silly,
aren't you, puppy?

Come here, puppy.
Ooh, look at you,
who's a good puppy,
is it you? Is it?
Now sit, puppy,
roll over, puppy,
hold out your paws,
enjoy your belly rubs;
who's a good puppy?
Yeah! It's you!~ 🐕
#tf #puppy

2 months ago

Probably shouldn’t have messed with that…HEEHAW HEEHAW HEEHAW

Recent donk commission- Hawwpy #TFTuesday :B

#tf #transfur #tfeveryday #transformation

Three part TF drawing of a guy turning into a donkey by a cursed harness
Nall :therian:
3 months ago

Time to be a potion-ferret:
colourful, magical liquid
with neat little paws,
slinky smooth body,
cute whiskery face
and bright pearly eyes;
scampering, searching,
finding the right someone,
sharing a nice soft kiss,
and off they change~ ✨

Nall :therian:
3 months ago

mood: transforming with the biggest, happiest, most satisfied grin on your no-longer-human face ✨ #tf

3 months ago

So besides making a quest guide for Transformania Time, I've also written several little userscripts for the game! Find those here:

(For adults only!)

I checked with the admins of Transformania Time awhile back and they gave the userscripts the go-ahead. The scripts don't automate any requests to the server; they're client-side changes to the interface, added hotkeys, things like that.

#TF #TFEveryDay

Nall :therian:
3 months ago

Thanks for your interest in our magic course,
and while we'd be happy to enrol you,
we thought you might be more interested
in practicing as a familiar.

The enclosed potion may turn you
into an animal.

If it doesn't, let us know,

but if it does,
and we suspect it will,
then come join our circle
and we'll begin your lessons. ✨


Inkblitz 🔜 AC
4 months ago

Aw heck, what kind of ink did they use for this book...?

TF Pic of me getting all Inked by MrLemur_Arts

#furryart #TF #Transformation

Picture of someone transforming into a quadrupedal cheetah by way of magic ink in a book. They're wearing ill fitting blue hoodie and khaki shorts, and their shoes are all torn up from paws forming.
Nall :therian:
4 months ago

From two legs to four. From bare skin to warm fur, hands and feet to feral paws. Perked, flicky ears. Fluffy, swishy tail. Giving up the human shape comes with deep feelings; will it be everything you dreamed?

Standing, moving. Making your noises. Muzzle and teeth. Intense eyes. Sound and scent and sight. Quick, focused, being a creature. It's so different, but so comfortable, too. It doesn't feel like a disguise.

Seeing yourself in the water. That's you. ❤️ #tf

Jasper Fox θΔ
4 months ago

Who knew that the cure for species dysphoria... was magic TFing mushrooms! 🍄 ✨

🎨 🤖 @mrlemur_arts

#Furry #Furryart #TF #TFTuesday #Transformation

Red fox transformation from mushrooms
4 months ago

Might as well use this pinned post to introduce (some of) my characters. Tadness, my main 'sona, is a big lion #plushsuit. He's the leader of the bunch. He's the one responsible for #tf-ing others into plushsuits.
(Art by nemuidarling on Twitter.)

A reference sheet of a lion plushsuit. He has white fur and mane, with light blue stripes and other patterns all over his body, with light blue ears and light-blue "socks" on his gigantic paws. He has a big and bulky body, with bipedal and quad forms.
Eric Malves :Blujfthr:
4 months ago

Here is Anima: The Bird House, my first complete story coming in at 19 chapters.

If you enjoy birds and TF this book is full of both! The story follows Lyall and a group of friends as they experience a life altering condition together.

Download the free PDF from FurAffinity:

If you prefer printed things, here is the print copy (identical to the PDF but a bit more convenient):
Anima: The Bird House

#tf #writing #furrywriting

4 months ago

Whoopsies you're a cute little kitty cat now :3c

#furry #art #sketch #tf #tfeveryday

Sketch of someone magically transforming into a house cat and looking with distress at their newly forming paws.
4 months ago

getting this set up today so figured i'd throw together an #introduction !

i'm grove (they/them), i enjoy drawing and making music! this account will likely be a mix of those and.. whatever else i feel like posting
...though 18+ oriented, no minors ty ✨

in terms of topics for posts.. #transformation #TF / #transfur , #hyper , #fatfur , #furryart #nsfw etc

5 months ago

*grunts* bro… we should order more pizza *oink*

#TFTuesday #transfur #tf #transformation #pigtf #furrytf #furryart #furrynsfw #TFEveryday #NSFW

Drawing of Azel smoking a bong that’s causing him to transform into a giant pig. He snorts out green smoke, totally stoned and unaware of how much pizza he’s eating, surrounded by piles of empty boxes. His hands and feet are almost fully transformed to trotters so he rests the bong against his growing belly to keep it steady. Tusks peek out of his mouth, his ears have flopped over into big pig flaps, and his nose has upturned into a snout. His shirt and underwear are stretched taut across his expanding frame. Bristly hairs grow over his skin, two rows of nipples sprouts across his torso and a curly tail sprouts above his ass. He seems to be enjoying it- his growing boar cock tenting his undies and leaking through the fabric.

And for a nice way to maybe find some others~ Here's a big long list of kinky hashtags that I'm into (non-exhaustive)

#Macro #MacroFur #MacroFurry
#Micro #MicroFur #MicroFurry
#Inflation #Inflatable #Pooltoy
#TF #Transformation
#FatFur #WeightGain
#Feet #Paws
#Scentplay #Scents

Re-#Introduction since when I moved instances I didn't repost and need to re-pin.

I'm Vincent, black domestic shorthair #cat in my 30s and #LGBTQIA as I'm bi. I listen to most #EDM genres. I occasionally write #code but a bit less in recent years as my #tech job doesn't directly require it. I'm also a big fan of #TF content and have commissioned quite a bit. Also a big #gamer and #streamer on Twitch/YouTube. Finally, I sometimes discuss #politics as I'm a Democratic Socialist.

5 months ago

"Transformania Time" is an online browser-based PvPvE multiplayer game primarily focused on transformation (aka TF), for adults only:

I've played it for a while. More importantly, I wrote a guide for the quests! Check my links in my profile.

#TF #TFEveryDay

5 months ago

Couple of doggo stream sketch redeems 🐕🐕 Ft. ba_keinu (Shiba inu TF) and BrimstoneBoye (dragon in dog form!)

#furry #furryfandom #furryartist #FurryArt #furryartwork #tf #furrytf #tftuesday

Portrait sketch of a guy mid transformation to a black Shiba Inu with horns
Portrait sketch of a dragon in dog form
6 months ago

Think I need to do a more thorough #introduction since my original post was a bit memey.

So I'm Desiree, local nerdy-type dormouse. My hobbies include board games, video games, tabletop roleplaying games, and roleplaying in general. (I'm also a bookworm, but that didn't fit the last sentence's theme.) Obviously a furry, and a particular enjoyer of #tf content, though I'm going to refrain from overposting in that vein (maybe 2-3 times a week, reserved for #tftuesday ).

I'm a pretty shy person trying to use this space to come out of my shell and be more authentic. I obsess a lot over what other people think, so I'm trying to move past that and just talk and be myself. I'm pretty shy, but I enjoy meeting chill folks, so please say hi! :mouse_blob_peek:

Another #Taursday means it's a good time to bring back this piece by AgroPuer on FA!

#FurryArt #taur #TF

A scene of Sudaksis as a Kivük taur, a centaur like version of the ibex/fox/antelope character he is known as, blasting a gryphon with a sort of plasma gun that is transforming them into a gryphon taur. Sudaksis has a mischievous grin while the gryphon character is astonished at their new form.
8 months ago

Plushified pup for Meeko- another fine addition to the AZEL Inc toy line. 🧸

#furry #furryart #plushie #tf #transfur

Drawing of a purple plushie dog with blue demon horns and two different color eyes (blue and green). They have a green septum piercing and a moon gauge on one ear. They’re wearing a pride rainbow bandanna. A giant tag sewn into their hip has a picture of a donkey with the text “AZEL”

being just about any other shape or form would bring a renewing sense of euphoria to its existence.
it could be many, it could be any. the thing you need for a day, a month! all the time in the world!
an entire change it would wholly enjoy. merely pluck it from existence and ease it, mold it into a new one!

#TF #transformation

Ok y'all, have this here #yiff y #Transformation #furry #erotica on Google Docs, where you can see the changes as I make them. (assuming I'm awake)

Happy #TFTuesday, all you #TF afficianados! (Yeah, I'm gettin' them hastags in!)

"Hey guys!" a big wolf called as he walked in through the massive sliding doors of the #ModShop.

"Jaaack, yer off tonight!" Nuki moaned, looking up from where Salizar, one if the regional techs, had her bent over the reception desk with all three of his dicks crammed into her.

"H-hang on... I'm gonna..." Salizar grunted, his big claws gripping her sides, shoving in hard, letting out a hissing groan, throwing his head back and letting that long snake tongue hang out of his mouth, scaly hips shaking against her fluffy backside, a telltale drip of lizard-semen beginning to leak out onto the towel they'd laid down.

Nuki let out a breathy sigh, swishing her long fluffy tail about around his neck, then glancing over at Jack, "So, watcha here for?"

Jack smiled, "I swung by TacoCunt." he held up two big bags with sexy looking taco logos, "Figured we'd have dinner before the club."

#furry #yiff #scifi #erotica #sex #porn #profanity #transformation #tf

Nuki grins, "You're in luck, Jack, 'cause if we're gonna finish educating our audience, we hafta demonstrate what the knot does in practice..." she looks at the camera, her grin turning impossibly wide, "...that means it's time to REALLY get paws on."

She turns to start walking over to the saddle-like machine in the corner, calling to Jack, "Go take a seat on the bench, I'll join ya in a second!" She pulls off her labcoat, letting it drop to the floor and leaving her whole body exposed, revealing the exposed metal ports along her own back. "Now, to understand the canine knot, you need to understand the canine pussy..." she says, swinging a leg over the machine and sitting down to straddle it, pressing her crotch into the hole, "...which I can give myself with the genital-modification machine here, or as it's commonly called, the Junk Swapper." She grins at the camera, "That's right, this has a #transformation / #TF scene!"

Late #introduction time!

I'm Lemurr / Coffee Leem ☕ (and, well, a ring-tailed #lemur) and have been in the #furryfandom for over 10 years now!

I'm a chairman of Gdakon (biggest #furcon in Poland), a non-commercial private pilot, a helmsman, and an occasional #furryartist with liking for #TF themes 👀

I live in Czechia 🇪🇺 with my lovely rooster boyfriend and two lovebirds (also lovely, but also loud).

Arts on this post were made by: and 💜

🎉As a gift for passing the 200 followers mark.🥂 :leather_flag:

Thank you everyone for the support 💋

Enjoy that shiny PVC bulge just bursting to be let loose. I can feel your lips and tongue lusting for my nipples + bulging cock.

#Gay #pupBoner #GayMastodon #GayPVC #piercing #GayPorn #OnlyFans #Jff #GayThong #Underwear #GayIrish #GayBulge #Hunk #Fetlife #GayHimbo #tf #GayFit #hashtag #Hypnosis #kink #fetish #introduction #GayBoost #GayToot #polyfetishist #PolyAmory

Image shows me in my shiny PVC thong from the front with a central zipline and a bulging cock packed inside bursting to be let loose.
Fixed to the zip is a Christmas tag with the words Do not open till Christmas written on the tag and is dangling from the zip of the thong. You can see my toned torso with a frontal tattoo and both nipples pierced all the way to the neck line.
I'm in a kneeling upright position for this photo.