Eana Hufwe
3 hours ago

#TIL there’s someone called Chip Cutter.

A picture of a potato chips cutter, next to a picture of the reporter at the Wall Street Journal, Chip Cutter.
Sam Seltzer-Johnston
4 hours ago

#Rider has a couple handy shortcuts I didn't know existed that I will now be using every day:

Ctrl+Comma: brings up list of recent files to jump to, and you can just go straight into typing a name and it'll narrow the selection automatically

Ctrl+Shift+E: brings up a list of recent locations (i.e. 3-5 line snippets of files you recently visited) and similarly you can start typing to narrow down which snippet you want to revisit, which does a full text search of each snippet and their associated file name

#TIL #GameDev #programming

6 hours ago

The term monkey patch seems to have come from an earlier term, guerrilla patch, which referred to changing code sneakily – and possibly incompatibly with other such patches – at runtime. The word guerrilla, nearly homophonous with gorilla, became monkey

#TIL "monkey patch" was literally a "I am trained in gorilla warfare and I'm the top sniper in the entire US armed forces." joke.

6 hours ago

TIL: How to SSH shim a dockerized Gitea by passing SSH through from the host to the container.

On host:

1. Share user (GID/UID) with the container env
2. Add new keys and mount .ssh as new volume
3. Mock the gitea binary on host to pass the SSH original command to the container

For the client:

1. Optionally add a new key to interact with the server
2. Add the pubkey to Gitea using the web interface
3. Be sure you're using the key and enjoy your clone :)

#docker #ssh #gitea #til #micropost

Victor Paléologue
7 hours ago

#TIL that 87% of #ML projects do not succeed!

Sometimes that is just because #ML is simply not the right solution.

Sometimes it is because they did not get it to production in a sustainable fashion: with a process to keep on collecting data, re-training, re-validating and re-deploying automatically #CICD.

This is called #MLOps (analog to #DevOps) and I have just completed this last #training to get my future clients started well with #ML or #TinyML!

me·ta·phil, der
7 hours ago
Bildschirmfoto  Überschrift: Portemonnaie in der Hosentasche kann Schmerzen verursachen
Tragen Sie Ihre Geldbörse auch gern in der Gesäßtasche Ihrer Jeans mit sich herum? Diese kleine Gewohnheit kann für starke Schmerzen in Rücken und Gesäß sorgen - Piriformis-Syndrom heißt das. 
Darunter ein Foto eines Mannes, der seinen unteren Rücken massiert.
10 hours ago

Je suis un parent -

Mon #til du jour.

Kurt Kremitzki
11 hours ago

#TIL In Madison, Wisconsin, there's a memorial to the 2,800 American volunteers of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade who fought against fascism in the Spanish Civil War

A stone topped with roses and fronted with rectangular engraving containing a raised fist surrounded by text "voluntaries internacionales", beneath "de la libertad" and illegible small text. Beneath that, it reads "viva la brigada Lincoln" with the dates 1936-1939.
Carlos Solís
13 hours ago

A hilarious fact I just learned: William Jones, the mathematician who first popularized using pi as the constant for the ratio of the circumference to its diameter, had a son, also named William, who went out to propose the theory of a Proto-Indo-European language that was the ancestor of many languages in Asia and Europe… which abbreviates as, you guessed it, PIE. #TIL

14 hours ago

#TIL there's a site that can act as a bridge between Twitter and ActivityPub (Mastodon for me). I was just thinking about #FOMO when using Mastodon but now I don't have any reason to perhaps?

14 hours ago

#TIL that there's a more appropriate flag for Antarctica and an international flag for Planet Earth.

Also, a new video by #CGPGrey!

The Flag of Antarctica
The International Flag of Planet Earth
16 hours ago

#TIL: Die unter anderem für die Sicherheit von Feuerwerkskörpern zuständige Behörde (Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung) wird mit #BAM abgekürzt.
Und das ist großartig.

Bruno Miguel
17 hours ago

#TIL que o CM 01/02 ainda vai sendo atualizado e passou a freeware há mais de uma década

Passei tantas tardes a jogar este jogo! Parece-me que vou acabar a instalá-lo :blobgiggle:

20 hours ago

#TIL: das schöne französische verb "batifoler" – 'herumtollen'. #ecureuil


>The newspaper that rails against inflation has raised its cover price by 25% in the past couple of years.

Good golly miss Molly, i had no idea one "paid" for #AFR 🤭

#uBlockOrigin does the job very nicely for me at 😇

Michal Bryxí
1 day ago

@dariomac Also #TIL for me. But not surprised.
What surprises me when I see surprised people that learn about fake reviews on Amazon, fake products, fake shops, etc...

1 day ago


macOS 跟 freebsd 的 date 有個參數 `-v` 可用來對目前日期時間做加減運算,並且不會去改系統時間。

例如:取得星期一的日期: `date -v+mon '+%Y-%m-%d'` 。如果今天是星期一,那就是今天的日期。不然就是下一個星期的星期一。

今天是星期三,`-v+wed` 與 `-v-wed` 是今天。 `-v+thu` 是明天、`-v-thu` 是上一個星期的星期四。

如果必定要是下一星期內的的星期四的話可連用: `-v+7d -v-sun -v+thu` (意義:進七天、退到星期日、進到星期四)

Kevin C. Tofel
1 day ago

@JoshuaKGoldberg couldn’t watch live but viewing now. #TIL more about tuples and that there’s a PhillyJS group. I’m north of the city, but joined the Slack group with hopes of attending soon as n00b dev in training. Cheers!

1 day ago

Adding to my "Today I Learned" collection on GitHub.

Before Postgres 15, null values were considered "distinct." That is, null != null for the purposes of unique indexes. The fix is adding a stored generated column, and using *that* column for your indexes and constraints.

#TIL #Postgres #Databases

A code screenshot of the SQL for a generated column, also available via the GitHub discussion link
1 day ago
Tags: #TIL #IPv6

You obviously shouldn't do IPv6 at home if you don't have a firewall for it. Guess I'll be booting up my Fortinet at some point.
1 day ago

#til that #GitHub’s #Mermaid support doesn’t support fontawesome. :-(

At first I thought "tldr" but I'm glad I did! #TIL

1 day ago

#TIL that GPS stands for Go Pound Sand.

Dickson Tan
2 days ago

#til #postgresql can prevent overlapping time ranges for things like representing booking times without any application code.

2 days ago

#til with #emacs:

Press `C-c |` on a highlighted CSV region to convert it to an #orgmode table.

Jonathan Matthews
2 days ago

#TIL a feature of #Reddit’s faux-#markdown that I’ve often wondered about: to add a line break /without/ starting a new paragraph, just end the previous line with 2 spaces, like this:

Line 1<space><space>
Line 2

2 days ago

#til die Lohnfortzahlung im Krankheitsfall wurde im längsten Streik der BRD (>110 Tage) erkämpft.

Und das Bundesarbeitsgericht fand es angemessen, dass die Gewerkschaft für die Streikkosten aufkommen musste.

2 days ago

#TIL that you can do weird shit with #terminal

Like this:

docker run -ti fathyb/carbonyl

ᴺⁱˡᶻ 🍸
2 days ago


#Guacamole stammt von dem Nahuatl-Wort ahuacamolli, was so viel wie „Avocadosauce“ bedeutet, zusammengesetzt aus āhuacatl [aːˈwakat͡ɬ] („Avocado“, wörtlich „#Hoden“) und molli [ˈmolːi] („Soße“, wörtlich „Gebräu“).


Tomasz Nurkiewicz 🇺🇦
2 days ago

#TIL about Idempotency-Key #HTTP request header. It's a proposal to standardize how to make idempotent HTTP operations:

Arp Laszlo • Comics • ADHD
2 days ago

#TIL that there’s a word that describes my whole damn life 😆

Except my ‘purposeful manner’ zigged and zagged a lot. No real destination in mind, just ideas of where I thought I wanted to go - or where I thought I should (🤦🏽‍♂️) be going.

Some of this is #adhd related (like half-heartedly doing things I had no interest in) and some is not (school teaches you to not listen to yourself because Other People Know Better). But I would like to correct course and have a destination in mind for once.

Also: ‘Coddiwomple’ is an incredible word. #Language can be so much fun!

#Vocabulary #TIL #WordOfTheDay

coddiwomple (v.) to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.
2 days ago

Occasionally, Spotify will recommend me something that is/was immensely popular that I missed due to being old and niche, but wow. #nowPlaying #TIL
2 days ago

Today i learned that most russian Tanks and other armored vehicles from the WWII tank T-34 till the T-90 have the same Tank Engine: The famous Kharkiv V-2.

Kharkiv. Its Ukrainian. #TIL

2 days ago


Aleksander Barkov is not russian

It seems like there is not a single #NHL team without a russian player.

And #NHL fans seem to be OK with that:

I'm so sad about how much American rednecks like #russia. I was hoping that American rednecks still hate commies and ruskies, but seems like the cotton-brained #maga idiocracy has proliferated deep love for russia and #russians.

2 days ago

#Rust slowly beating bad callback habits out of me from #JavaScript.

#TIL it's better to use a for loop instead of a `for_each()` if you need access to variables outside it's scope.

a rust code snippet showing a painter variable getting created with a struct inside, then a wrong method for looping over a range that uses a functional style for_each callback. Under that is the correct example using a standard for loop. On the bottom the painter variable gets used again to emphasize it hasn't been moved into another scope.
2 days ago

And thanks to #chatgpt, #TIL that schema-less databases make life pretty easy. It nicely explained to me that I don’t need to tell DynamoDB anything other than the primary key when initializing the table, after I pointed out what I thought was an oversight in the initialization routine

Jon :donor: :verified_paw:
2 days ago

This morning my dentist texts me that they need an updated health history. Links to a Jotform. Being a security and compliance minded person I have the thought that is basically "A jotform? Are you kidding? Have you never heard of HIPAA". And to be fair to Jotform, they are HIPAA Compliance (TIL).

But that does beg the question. As a consumer, you now know a website is security when it doesn't give you encryption warnings. But what about things like HIPAA? Ignore the fact that the average person has no idea what HIPAA is (or some badly broken idea), you have no way to tell. The jotform could be the consumer version... or it could be the HIPAA version.

I have no reason not to trust my dentist, but that's just it. We're just trusting and hoping and praying here.

#HIPAA #TIL #Compliance #Health

2 days ago

#TIL Why does xterm have Tektronix 4010 emulation:

I [Doug Mink] was hired by SAO [Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory] (after leaving the research staff at MIT) in October 1985 to write analysis software for the Spacelab 2 Infrared Telescope which was to fly on the Space Shuttle in 1985 less than six months after I was hired. I came with a tar tape full of software I had written for Unix and Tektronix terminals, but I was presented with a VS100 terminal which had an early version (X6 or so) of xterm, with no graphics capabilities. [...] everyone decided that since I knew Tektronix commands pretty well, and our group desparately needed the graphics capabilities, it would be a good use of my time to implement a Tektronix terminal emulator under X. So I set to work learning more C--I had only written a couple of wrappers to C I/O routines so I could use them with my Fortran software--and wrote a Tektronix emulator. The only X documentation at the time was the code itself. #retrocomputing

Ratul Maharaj
3 days ago

#TIL that you can run `npm version patch` to do a patch (or minor, major etc) version increment which will update your package.json file and create a new git tag. Very cool.

#javascript #typescript #opensource #foss #fosstodon #npm #git #github #pnpm

Arp Laszlo • Comics • ADHD
3 days ago


#Bats #CuteAnimals #AnimalFacts #TIL

Photo of a human hand with a small bat’s butt & legs sticking out of it. 


Timeline brightener: bats have buttcheeks.

Now you know.
Jeremiah Lee
3 days ago

@kalleboo More on Unicode and Han unification: #TIL

seriouslyfab 🦤
3 days ago

#TIL 1. le mot varappe tombe en désuétude et 2. il a comme origine les Grandes Varappes, des couloirs rocheux du Salève...

3 days ago

What browser? My browser? Is my browser out of date?


#TIL when #Typescript is borked in #VSCode and you want to "Restart Typescript Server" you have to have a .js/.ts file *focused* in an editor or else the option doesn't appear. Even when the #TS error in question is appearing on the `jsconfig.json` file.

How does this pass as acceptable #developerExperience for all these years?

#webDev #JavaScript #programming #devEx

3 days ago

#TIL Es gibt den "Gewässertyp des Jahres". 2023 ging das Prädikat des @Umweltbundesamt an den Mittelgebirgsfluss:

Mein Favorit aber wahrscheinlich 2014: "Tiefer, nährstoffarmer See Norddeutschlands".

Behold, Vogel des Jahres! @sasastanisic

5 days ago

#TIL the plastic tools used to open devices with clicked-together parts are called "spudgers"

@darth_mall @AmeliaBR @teacherbuknoy Thank you very much for the correction. #TIL. I was under the assumption `HTMLUnknownElement` attributes were not being considered, but apparently they are being considered. I could not find much about this in the spec:

Oliver Schafeld
5 days ago

#TIL To 'own' a system as a #hacker can actually have a double meaning. At this white hat hacking event teams got to keep the hacked hardware in addition to price money. Well, they hacked a #Tesla. 🤓😎

USPS also uses XML in their REST APIs 😅
FedEx and DHL use JSON

Of the above, I found DHL has the best developer API doc and learning experience for exploring their APIs. It has code samples in 16 languages, including Python. It even lets you try the APIs on the browser. Well done, DHL.

#TIL #learning #API #programming

5 days ago

#TIL about Langton's ant, a #TuringMachine with simple rules but complex behavior.

5 days ago

#TIL Just as I suspected, this kind of UI layout problems is a practical example of a serious math/CS problem - optimization with constraints & linear programming. One possible solution is the Cassowary constraint solving algorithm. ​:woozy_baa:​

Stefan Daschek
6 days ago

#til: SIM-Karten hatten ursprünglich die Größe von Kreditkarten.

Größenvergleich SIM-Karten: Full-Size (1991); Mini (1996); Micro (2010); Nano (2014)
Simple Nomad :verified:
6 days ago

Amazing how uncommenting a single line in a config file automagically allows one to actually plug in and use a USB device. I was not aware of fuse.conf before, I am now.


The contents of the /etc/fuse.conf file, the "user_allow_other" option is now uncommented, allowing a non-root user to mount a USB drive.
Jake Rayson
6 days ago

#TIL what-is-kebab-case !!!

Oliver Schafeld
6 days ago

QED #TIL how to quote-post with Icecubes 👇 Thanks for the tip.

From: @danyork

6 days ago

@f00fc7c8 @twipped @stevelord @vmstan

I am surprised to learn there've been 8 US bank failures since 2018! #TIL

Kevin C. Tofel
6 days ago

As a #n00b #developer learning #Javascript, I’m having a ton of fun tinkering with the Mastodon API.

#TIL about the stream which is far better than my old way of getting public timeline statuses essentially in a loop of repeated calls. Outputting statuses to a web page but that’s not the end goal.

Oh, the first 15 seconds of this video are boring but it’s your fault. Nobody was posting! 🤣

Javascript code to get public timeline status messages, write them to the console and to a web page as a stream.

#TIL "duf" (Disk Usage/Free Utility - a better 'df' alternative")

a bit like the "bat" vs "cat"

(thx @nixCraft)

Garrit 🌱
1 week ago

I was wondering how #kubernetes controllers and similar pods access the API of the cluster to manage objects. Turns out that service accounts can be hooked up to pods:

(Might be obvious, but I just had an "aha" moment 😁)


Sammy 🦊:VeryQueer:
1 week ago

#TIL about — being able to bookmark lines of code when debugging/following the flow of something is sooo incredibly helpful 👏

Gina Häußge
1 week ago

Today I learned #TIL: "About SSH escape sequences"


Pauxlll Kruczynski
1 week ago

Yes, "resurrect Bambi’s progressive, anti-fascist, Nazi-scaring roots"!

Gunned down and burned by the Nazis: the shocking true story of Bambi:


Juan Luis
1 week ago

This week I'm learning JavaScript, Node.js, TypeScript... the hard way:

#til #projects #noob #nodejs

Jeff Sikes
1 week ago

#TIL a #MacOS shortcut that just makes my day a bit brighter. 💡 :badabing:

Control - Command - Space

Brings up a nice little built in emoji picker!


It’s the little things.

#MacOsTips #MacOsTip

Screenshot of the MacOS Emoji Picker! Ctrl - Command - Space
Katrin K.
1 week ago

Setting a `container-type: inline-size;` affects the placement of an element with `position: fixed`?

Edit: #TIL there's elements that set a new containing block also for fixed elements. e.g.

Jeff Sikes
1 week ago

#TIL that the #MastodonAPI doesn’t have an “Only Return Posts with Media” parameter on all endpoints that return statuses.

Here’s the TL;DR version.

🛑 NO - Home Timeline
✅ YES - Local Timeline
✅ YES - Public Timeline (Global, Federated)
✅ YES - My Account Posts
🛑 NO - My Favourites
🛑 NO - My Bookmarks
✅ YES - My Followed Hashtags (Timeline Tag Search)
✅ YES - Hashtag Posts
🛑 NO - List Posts

See my post for a handy reference and more detail.

#TIL that "npm ci" means "npm clean-install". I always thought it was an #npm command for #continuousIntegration #ciCd #node #nodejs #javaScript

RT waterspinner
Life hack for all devs. When you start a new html doc in VScode, just type ! and enter. Boom, there is your shiny new boilerplate ready for action.
#developers #lifehack #100devs #TIL #codingtips #vscode


Media source:
Steffen Voß
2 weeks ago

@PalmAndNeedle @SheDrivesMobility @Radlerin @Schrecke @nilz Das mit Rewe ist mir gar nicht aufgefallen. Wir haben unseren Garten in Holtenau - ja, dann fährt man halt einmal um Holtenau rum. Sind ja nur 10 Minuten oder so. Aber stimmt, dadurch, dass der nur in eine Richtung fährt kommt man nur hin zu Rewe, aber nicht zurück. Auch zur Kanalfähre kommt man so ja gar nicht mit dem Bus. #TIL 🤯

2 weeks ago

#TIL @koyu does NOT have an OC as an avatar

FYI: I have just started watching #SerialExperimentsLain mostly blind - so I have non clue what's going on yet what the characters are named or anything.

I Like my ears, and the anime looked cool @alcea

Edit: it should have been obvious to me but the character is named Lain

A video player playing: Serial Experiments Latin - Episode 01.mkv 
Song subtitle: I have lost it all 

The character in @koyu's avatar (Lain) looks at us from the screen of some kind.
2 weeks ago

I was today years old (plus a few hours of intense swearing) when I learned that the #ESP32 #Arduino Core has progressed a little bit beyond v1.04.

Once I updated to v2.07 all those libraries full of obscure error messages started working all of a sudden. 🤦‍♂️

Now if only I could remember what I wanted to do with it?

#MakerFail #TIL

An old Wemos ESP32 OLED board from the depths of my deepest drawer is held up by its USB cable.
Its screen reads:
"I am working now
Well, that was about time!"
2 weeks ago

#TIL dotnet new gitignore will create a default gitignore file for #dotnet stuff

2 weeks ago

Today I Learned: 4b825dc642cb6eb9a060e54bf8d69288fbee4904 is the id of the "empty tree" in Git and it's always available in every repository.



2 weeks ago

#TIL there's this cool snapshot #testing library for #dotNet called Verify, by @simoncropp

Julio J. 🀲
2 weeks ago

#TIL about

`git branch --sort=-committerdate`

It returns a list of your local branches sorted by the date of the last commit. How did I not learn about this earlier? 🤯

2 weeks ago

That's brilliant - #TIL that fallopian Tubas (sic) are an arcade grabby-claw :)
Also, thought I should let you know that I can't access the New Scientist video on YouTube without signing in due to age restricted content - grrr!

Oliver Schafeld
2 weeks ago

Ich glaube, es ist genau meine Art #Humor, dass DerApotheker ein Ninja-Emoji (🥷) in der Signatur nutzt.

Ein Schatten huscht durch die Regale, plötzlich streift die Hand eines Maskierten meine Schulter, "Pssst… Hustenbonbon?"

Ich meine, es hätte ja (langweiligere) Alternativen gegeben:

P.S.: #TIL 'Ninja' ist scheinbar das einzige Unisex-Icon bei den Berufsbildern. 😆

#TIL the original version of #Metalgear #Castlevania #adventureOfLoLo and several other #retroGames were first published on the #MSX; a platform that was a collaboration between ASCI (which I just learned was a corporation and not just a character set) and #Microsoft, to standardize a computer platform that was mainly attributable to (checks replies) #panasonic 😉

#videoGames #gaming

Dr Lindsey Fitzharris
2 weeks ago

The "Ghosts of Vezio Castle" in Lake Como are moulded off tourists who agree to have white gauze and chalk fitted to them. The sculptures are then left to the elements, where they erode. When a new season begins, the ghosts are cast anew.

More info:

#ghost #ghosts #ghoststory #haunting #TIL #WeirdHistory

A ghostly, hooded figure without a face sitting on a railing. Behind it is spectacular views of Lake Como.
rmoff 🏃🏻 🍺 🥓
2 weeks ago

One of my favourite things about my job is that 25+ years after learning SQL I get to still learn new tricks and syntax. Discovered this one in #duckdb (and #postgres too apparently) today :)

#TIL #SQL #Datadon

Rí Rua
2 weeks ago

#TIL Kurt Cobain was from Aberdeen.

Oliver Schafeld
2 weeks ago

As a #web #developer I learned today that:

"15 % of all websites, viewed in a Chrome browser, register at least one Custom Element [while] only 2.3 % of all websites use React."

So I guess building my own custom web component workbench was a good decision. 🤓