Thank you to all who attended our #w3cTPAC last week in Seville either in person or remote!
There was so much exciting work and conversations.

If you attended in person or remote we invite your feedback on the meeting. #tpac

Going home on the plane.

I had a great #TPAC. In two days, we moved along three important topics: extensions, testing and data portability. We started two new task forces and started the draft of a new CG report.

The #ActivityPub world is moving forward, and I'm excited to see where we go.

Thanks to everyone who was there. It means a lot!

Finally found my room at #TPAC

Jen Simmons
2 months ago

I find it impossibly challenging to know how to live in a world surrounded by people who show me everyday by their actions that they want me dead.

You do not care. You have no moral compass.

I know you will kill me or leave me severely disabled if I let you. If I weren’t already resisting with everything I’ve got it would already be happening. Especially this week in Spain at #TPAC

Fuck all of you who have such little regard for other people’s lives. You do not have the right to eliminate me.

At the Réal Alcazar #Seville #TPAC #w3c

Dark doorway filled with sunlight looking onto a small garden
Yours truly in front of a building with blue sky
A peacock, picking
Brick archway on the side of the wall
Steve Faulkner
3 months ago

#TPAC confessional
James crumpled under the withering 📷 👁️ of @patrick_h_lauke

#WebStandards #accessibility #w3cTPAC #photo

James Craig, accessibility mover and shaker at Apple, crumples under the withering gaze of Patrick’s mega lens

I don't have any photos from the #TPAC #SocialCG meeting this morning but I do have one of the turron gelato I had later

Turron gelato

Seville is so beautiful #W3C #TPAC

Jacaranda tree
Details at the Plaza de España
Guadalquivir river. I saw big fish jumping. Surprising for a big city!
Backside of the España buildings
Steve Faulkner
3 months ago
Melanie and I pose for the camera. On the hotel terrace.
Alexandre Nderagakura
3 months ago

Many topics and info to follow. The next months are going to be wild @w3cdevs #tpac2023 #tpac

@julien nope! I'm just in Seville for #W3C #TPAC and then back home

OK, this is happening Tuesday night from 19:00-20:00 local. We're having a fediverse meetup aka a #FedUp.

If you're in Seville for #W3C #TPAC and you're on the fediverse, come hang out with us for drinks and snacks.

100 Montaditos, C. San Fernando, 29

It's about a 10 minute walk from the TPAC venue. All of the events will probably be over at this point. You can easily swing by and then go out for later supper.

Please share for reach!

Steve Faulkner
3 months ago
Michael™️Smith fresh from the set of Reservoir Dogs 2. Black suit, white shirt, black skinny tie, beatle boots and wrap around shades 😎
Steve Faulkner
3 months ago
Screens showing people currently in the meeting room. Those being myself taking a pic of the screens, Janina and Lionel.
Leon Brocard
3 months ago

It’s TPAC, the W3C’s technical conference this week. I’m following the WebPerf WG track. The Compression Dictionary Transport session looks interesting today, as does Z-standard on the web later on. You can follow along online.
WebPerf WG:
Compression Dictionary Transport:
#TPAC #WebPerf

Steve Faulkner
3 months ago

#TPAC’ers #teabagging working group with the big bag @patrick_h_lauke
#WebStandards #W3C

Patrick, Ben T and Beganyito taking a well earned break after 1.5 hours of turgid meetings

Omw to Seville for #W3C #TPAC

Me, in the Montreal airport
Me, on the plane
3 months ago

I had a nice #vegan #poke today in #Seville near the #TPAC2023 #TPAC hotel.

The place is called Just Good

3 months ago

In #Seville for a couple days of remote work and to meet #TPAC2023 #TPAC folks

Daniel Appelquist
3 months ago

On my way to Seville for @w3c #tpac. #TPAC2023

My single carry on bag sitting on the Tube platform with East Finchley roundel in background.

I think it's been mentioned before but I just want to make sure that everyone here knows that we are having THREE #SocialCG #Swicg #ActivityPub sessions at #TPAC next week.

TPAC is a hybrid working event for the W3C. Some of us will be in person in Seville. If you're not, you can call in and participate remotely.

Details here!

Daniel Appelquist
3 months ago

Reading the health rules for next week’s @w3c #tpac and wow - that is how to do it.

Should we have a fediverse meetup at #tpac ? #w3c #w3ctpac #tpac2023 #w3ctpac2023

Patrick H. Lauke
4 months ago

thrown my hat in the ring to make a small video update for what's new in #pointerEvents for the upcoming @w3c #TPAC ... will be quite exciting to take a step back and give a quick overview of some of the new Pointer Events Level 3 superpowers that have been spec'd out there #TPAC2023 #TpacShakur

5 months ago

#1776 at #TPAC in #Nashville. Super way to spend an evening!

Program for 1776 labeled „Broadway“ & a glimpse of the RWB curtain which is a mix of faded flags
8 months ago

A different kind of show— the actors and pit members hanging out on Legislative Plaza. #AintTooProud #SafetyFirst #TPAC

8 months ago

Fire #emergency in the middle of the show. We have evacuated #TPAC

TPAC or rather CPAC had more empty seats the attendees


Daniel Appelquist
1 year ago

Wishing a fun, productive and safe week to all those attending #tpac this week in Vancouver!

Daniel Appelquist
4 years ago

On my way back to London ✈ after an intense 2 weeks of standards meetings: first in Tokyo and then #TPAC week in Fukuoka. Ups and downs, but I am left with an overall positive feeling about the state and future of the web standards community and the web platform.

Daniel Appelquist
4 years ago

Marie-Claire and Dom now kicking off the #TPAC developer meetup in Fukuoka 🇯🇵, featuring & talking about a range of web technologies and putting the focus on diversity & inclusion. So great! 👏

Dom and Marie-Claire on stage introducing the event with pictures of the speakers on the screen behind them.
Daniel Appelquist
4 years ago

Laying over in Seoul on my way to Tokyo for our face-to-face (and the following week's #tpac in Fukuoka). Trying to get there before the typhoon hits. These web technologies aren't going to standardize themselves! 🌀

Ada Rose Cannon
5 years ago