25 minutes ago

Scene from Saturday's Honor + Intrigue RPG System Hot Springs Island campaign. PCs were invited to an after party by an ifrit atop his (not secret) volcano lair. This is a lazy susan on top of a lazy susan so they can turn in opposite directions (the top of his tower is like a revolving restaurant that gives a view of the entire island).
#ttrpg @ttrpg #ScratchBuiltTerrain #TerrainCrafting

Want a batch of cyphers inspired by #Mermay?

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Working Class Berserker
32 minutes ago

Hoy me he pegado un tute importante y me he repasado prácticamente toda la creación de personajes de mi propio setting para Savage Worlds. Con la actualización a la Adventure Edition se me han caído seis ventajas, que no existían en la Deluxe pero que ahora pisan algunas que yo había diseñado hace años.

Se han quedado 29 ventajas (sin contar las de Molonidad), 13 desventajas, 5 especies y toda la mandanga específica de los Tipos Duros.

#SavageWorlds #TiposDuros #rol #ttrpg

Fragmento de texto del manual de rol de Tipos Duros, donde describe una "nueva especie" para personajes. El texto es el que sigue.


Ser el único de su especie no implica la pertenencia a una especie concreta. En realidad da un poco igual qué especie fuera, porque todos los demás han muerto ya. Víctimas de un desastre natural masivo, un fallo técnico apocalíptico o, peor aún, siendo exterminados por orden de algún megalómano asustado por una antigua profecía, lo que convierte al único de su especie en un objetivo incómodo.
Con frecuencia excelentes luchadores los rasgos más distintivos de los únicos de su especie son, no obstante, su indomable voluntad y su increíble capacidad de eludir la vigilancia de sus enemigos."
40 minutes ago

Commissions are up on my Ko-Fi!

⚔️Get a single fantasy ttrpg character for $120 or a portrait for $50 Limited slots for June

🕵️ And use the code on the image for a discount to celebrate the launch of the ko-fi page.

✨Boosts are appreciated! #commission #MastoArt #ttrpg #DnD

The first episode of our new weekly talk show is live! Join co-owner/managing editor @JessPendley and general manager @justkay as they discuss community news and highlights, what's new in The Underground, and answer your questions about Harrow: THe Blighted Plane! #ttrpg #CypherSystem

54 minutes ago

#ttrpg Anybody use for finding games? Looks good, but I'm not sure how many people are on it.

55 minutes ago

Our 2nd round of playtesting for my rule-light cyberpunk-theme #ttrpg begins with session 0

1 hour ago


J'ai mis en ligne un petit guide pour les joueurs et MJs ayant quelques difficultés techniques au quotidien. En espérant que ces petits conseils vous aident <3

#ttrpg #jdr

Fond blanc-jaune pâle avec comme écriture en gros "COMMENT JOUER AU JDR QUAND ON UN ORDI POURRAVE?" en dessous "Ce guide" guide étant surligné en vert "est destiné aux rolistes virtuels pensant ou ne pouvant avoir les moyens de jouer au jdr sur internet
Plus bas, une main verte à ongles foncés nettoie l'arrière plan avec une éponge. A côté est marqué "Nettoyez votre ordinateur..."
Dr. Emily Friedman
1 hour ago

We have reached the phase in #TTRPG Actual Play history where I see folks excitedly say “hey wouldn’t it be cool if XYZ?” and I have to decide whether this is the space to note that XYZ existed 4-5 years ago.

The Cross-Cultural Nerd
2 hours ago

It's been a long time coming, but my first #pathfinder video is up! If you're new to #ttrpg stuff or coming from #dnd5e like I did, this is for you. #tabletopgaming #tabletop #Pathfinder2E #dungeonsanddragons #dnd #tutorial #newbie

A bald, blue-eyed Caucasian man with faint stubble wearing a red t-shirt (yours truly) holds up a Pathfinder 2nd Edition character sheet in his right hand (your left side) and a paperback copy of the Pathfinder 2nd Edition Core Rulebook in his left (your right side).
Shannon Prickett
2 hours ago

The hurt locker. #ttrpg

Clear plastic tote collecting a life of running D&D.
2 hours ago

After the first turn of my current solo Twilight 2000 game. No casualties yet, but a pissed off tank driver driving at some ambushers and a sniper moving round to flank them.

One thing I like about this is I can walk away and contemplate my moves for a bit between turns.

#Twilight2000 #SoloRPG #TTRPG

An encounter map for Twilight 2000 4th edition with tokens on it representing opposing sides in a conflict. Around it are initiative cards, notebooks, and a box lid used as a dice tray.
Jess Pendley
2 hours ago

June 9th at 8pm ET, catch me in an incredibly rad cyberpunk one-shot run by @Qedhup with @BobWorldBuilder, @dungeoneerspack, @NerdImmersion, and @PlatinumDragonX.

I'll be playing Anette, a Clever Warrior who Drives Like a Maniac! #ttrpg #CypherSystem

Def Mech
3 hours ago

August 2nd
Marvel Multiverse RPG
A Marvel TTRPG

I will be picking up the core book as well as the Cataclysm of Kang adventure, and will be studying them for at least a week. Id like to run the Kang adventure over roll20 + Discord. My normal group aren't as in to Marvel comics like I am, so this is an open invitation to my followers, and anyone following my hashtags.

I'm on Atlantic Coast hours, with availability during weeknights. If this sounds like a lot of fun to try, please feel free to message me about playing!

#Marvel #Comics #ttrpg #Avengers #SpiderMan #Kang #Multiverse #MCU

Mat | Role Play Chat
3 hours ago

Have you created your own deities, gods, religions or pantheons for your #DnD / #ttrpg world?

If yes, tell me about them.

If not, why and what do you use (if any)?

Appreciate boosts for the maths 🧮

Our collections of Cypher Shorts contain 3 very different one-shots that you can kick off from scratch in minutes and enjoy for 3-4 hours each.

Check them out and be ready for side quests, fresh starts, or impromptu game days! #ttrpg #CSOL #CypherSystem

Mark Krawec
4 hours ago

The Gnome King's throne.


A wing chair in an abandoned, overgrown arboretum. The chair's upholstery is completely covered with fuzzy moss.
Galaxy of Gover
4 hours ago

When I played in a one off with my Dhampir Soulknife rogue Elliot…..somehow he was the most normal person in that group!! Funny how that happens.
#MastoArt #ttrpg

A adventuring partying standing together. One is a small fairy who is looking on with her hands on her hips. The next is a clownish woman with pig tails a bra-like shirt, a cloak and striped pants.The next is a man with short wavy hair, pointed ears, glasses, and a leather coat. He has a bag swung over his shoulder and is smiling and talking to the next member. The next being a turtle man with a wooden staff on his back, and a bandolier of pouches. 
Finally there is a robotic looking man with a big shield, and a large mechanical dog.
4 hours ago

Did you miss our RT Talks with Graeme and Jordan of HitPoint Press?

Catch up below for more how to create your own TTRPG systems!
#ttrpg #dnd #Pathfinder2e #podcast

4 hours ago

Quick Generator Sentient Creature Overview
Quickly describe a sentient alien, mutant or variant!
#itchio #rpg #ttrpg

How did the world of Harrow: The Blighted Plane fall? What is The Mound like from an outsider's point of view?

Find out in the FREE audio fiction mini-series, Curiosity: A Harrow Story created in collaboration with @JoelRighetti! #ttrpg #podcast #Harrow

Ivan Milovanov
5 hours ago

@EvlynMoreau @pteryx

Some alternatives:

Meetup, the most obvious choice. There are plenty #TTRPG groups:

#Tabletop Wizard, having plenty games to choose from & pretty easy to navigate:

I also found CRAWLR, which is too fresh to be judged:

DnD still dominates these, but there are plenty of other systems to choose from.

There used to be GameFor, but I just learned that it has been discontinued:

A Penny Arcade comic titled "Exile;" panel 1/3.

The character on the left (Tycho Brahe) says:
"My D&D group canceled on me tonight, so I'm gonna use AirDND."

The character on the right (Jonathan Gabriel) asks:
"Air who?"

Tycho replies:
"It's this app thing. Look. You use it to find groups that need players!"

A Penny Arcade comic titled "Exile;" panel 2/3.

The panel shows a close-up of a mobile screen, with Tycho's finger tapping on it. The screen shows an "airD&D" logo, below it a text ("GLAMDRIN669, LVL 21. PALADIN, SEATTLE"), a graphic of a stone and flaming sword, and a graphic showing dates and palces (for player availability).

Tycho says:
"Like this one here, looking for a paladin, at Cafe Mox - the same place I usually play. U just drag my sword onto their table, and... it's confirmed."

Jonathan replies:
"D&D! With complete Strangers! How exhilarating."

A Penny Arcade comic titled "Exile;" panel 3/3.

The panel shows Tycho's arriving at Cafe Mox, scolding two other guys who are sitting at table. The left one is eating chips. The right one has a concerned expression on his face. The two are presumed to be the people who cancelled the game earlier, as mentioned in the first panel.

Tycho, standing in the middle says:
"What the fuck, you guys!"

5 hours ago

Only a couple of days left on my Birthday #ttrpg sale! Get Dead Ends and Purewater, my two 5e-compatible adventures, for a whopping 60% off!

#dnd #rpg

’Nathan Burgoine
5 hours ago

Today's entry in my #MutantsAndMasterminds #Pride #TTRPG blog project is "March, Part Five," where today's superhero is inspired by the green stripe of the original rainbow flag, and Chris Dickerson.


5 hours ago

Day Thirty-One, part two: Wherein Blackpaw comes to the rescue of someone other than Cassie, for a change.

Journal text:


A lynx leaping down towards an armored person trapped in a giant spider web.

We're creating new worlds for the Cypher System and you can help shape them all!

Sub with us today and gain access to our exclusive setting quickstarts, monthly Cypher Shorts collections, Cypher Boosters, playtest surveys, and more!

#CypherSystem #ttrpg

Dr. Megan Connell
5 hours ago

I finally got to see my book 'in the wild' this week and it was so cool! #TTRPGTherapy #TTRPG #DnD

Martin Rundkvist
5 hours ago

Went to the library to check a few things in The Hobbit's early drafts for a talk on Thursday. Lots of people studying and writing. Across the table from me is a 30ish preppy fellow with stacks of notes and books. Looks like he might be from the nearby business school.

As I get up to leave I notice a familiar logo. The guy is prepping a Dungeons & Dragons session. I knock on his laptop screen, point to my Drakar och Demoner teeshirt, we both smile and nod.

#dnd #ttrpg #tolkien #eurocon2023

5 hours ago

OSR News Roundup for June 5th, 2023 is now live. Check it out for an overview of the latest indie and OSR tabletop releases. #osr #dnd #ttrpg #indiegame

Russell Phillips
6 hours ago

I've created a one-shot #RisusRPG adventure for a spice-themed game jam. Being a big #Dune fan, I wrote a Dune-themed #SHGGFTAWSGDSSFDF delivery.

@ttrpg @indiettrpg @notdnd

The June Gamer Tier rewards are available today on my ko-fi!

To celebrate summer starting, I'm posting my beach and high seas games, which you can get at a discount if you sign up for the monthly gamer tier! I hope you enjoy, and happy gaming!

#Kofi #TTRPGkids #ttrpg #prek

6 hours ago

The intro pack for my pulp #steampunk #ttrpg contains quickstart rules, a pregen character and an online interactive solo adventure

8 hours ago

Just played around with the new Jamspace activity on Discord. Pretty handy for quick maps! You can move any object (text and emoji, one-line doodles, and gifs!) to use them as tokens.

Pretty basic so far, but if you already use your Discord channel to post images and have a dice rolling bot, what else do you need to run a game?

#ttrpg #onlinettrpg #discord #jamspace #dungeondelving

A screenshot of a doodled, very basic dungeon map on a whiteboard. It features an orange scribble originally meant to be a dwarf's head but looking like a squid (it is marked dead with a skull emoji), three emoji ghosts hiding behind a secret door, a group of emoji adventurers (dagger, shield, and a wizard). They are coming into a room at the bottom of the map marked Ogre Lair, with an ogre emoji and a gif of a fireball in it. It looks like the wizard reflexively cast it on the ogre. (Bad choice.)
First Age
8 hours ago

North Star 7 is on 11th & 12th May 2024

We are running pre-launch activities before we open North Star 2024, the UK's premier Science Fiction #ttrpg convention.

Book accommodation early with our discount code. Check your subscription email and Discord.

9 hours ago

Something I learned in my first experience of GMing the other day - My brother managed to hire a couple of guardsmen to go with him to track down the wagon thieves, which I didn’t anticipate.

I considered adding a couple more goblins to the gang of thieves to balance it out but then realised no - that would be like punishing him for being creative and resourceful. Better to let him enjoy having an easier fight.

Incidentally, the two guardsmen didn’t survive the encounter.

#osr #ttrpg

Cogwheel Gaming
10 hours ago

Pack Tactics S4 Ep 18: Full of Dragons

#Podcast #TabletopRPGs #DnD #DungeonsAndDragons #PackTacticsS4 #TTRPG

The party finds survivors ... for a certain value of the word "survive."

Follow this series on…

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11 hours ago

Guten Morgen,

hier der neuste Wurf aus dem Drucktopf. Eine Kombi aus dunklem blau und Glitzer :-). Das Set ist WIP, noch nicht poliert und bemalt!

Zeitlich aktuell leider wieder sehr knapp bei mir, ich hoffe aber zumindest noch ein Set fertigstellen zu können diese Woche.

Guten Start in die Woche euch allen!

#dicemaking #dicemaker #handmadedice #dnd #ttrpg #pnpde

Ein Satz Würfel in dunkelblau mit etwas glitter im inneren. Der Glitter lässt die Würfel so aussehen als hätten sie eine Galaxy im inneren. Das Bild zeigt alle Würfel mit ihrer höchsten Zahl nach oben gedreht. Das Set enthält einen D4 in Splitter- und Pyramidenform sowie einen D6, D8, D10, D00, D12 und D20.  Das Set ist Work in Progress, also noch nicht poliert oder bemalt.
Das selbe Set in dunkelblau mit Glitter. Allerdings von der Seite fotografiert, so dass man auch die untere Seite sieht. Das Set ist Work in Progress, also noch nicht poliert oder bemalt.
S. John Ross
11 hours ago

@BigJackBrass I grok that. While I consider every edition of #CoC from 1st to 6th approximately tied for "greatest #TTRPG ever," the second half of that run each found ways to worry me a little with their attempts to broaden. I think it was 4th ed that added mechanized car-chases? 😅 "Yeah, this is what we needed ..."

GM Raphi
13 hours ago

Good morning 🌄
I have a #StarWars #ttrpg game session tonight and I just realized that for a different game, I prepared some seriously time-consuming handouts and I mixed up Sobrik and Fort Garnik (from #swtor lore).

In other words

Oops, I gotta do it again.... 🤦

13 hours ago

So if you do #TTRPG layout, proofreading, possibly even graphic design or sensitivity reading, watch this space. That includes you
@CITIZEN_OCHOA, I may be hitting you up for rates once we figure out how much new art there's room for.

14 hours ago

We're waiting on the project manager on our end to talk to Dream Pod 9 about next steps for #TribesInTheDark. That includes what budget they want to put forward for additional work they may want done before a crowdfunding, and a preliminary timeframe for crowdfunding. Pretty awesome stuff, and totally not in my wheelhouse. It also means that on our end we're going to be putting together a rough budget. We think we have an editor, and not sure if he'll wear more than one hat. #TTRPG

Norton Glover
16 hours ago

Anyone ever run Tricube Tales?

I'm running a one-shot later this week and I'd be happy to hear any opinions or advice on running the system.

#TTRPG #TricubeTales #NotDnD

RPG Elise
16 hours ago

📚Been hitting the #Pathfinder2e books all weekend. Still a lot to learn after playing #DND5e for a long time. Anyone else trying #Pathfinder for the first time? How is the transition?📝

#DND #TTRPG #TableTop

Pathfinder books and character sheet. Pathfinder core book opened to the spells section.
Shannon McMaster
16 hours ago

A few days ago, I wondered if I don't like #ttrpg. I think I probably do. I have for most of my life, why stop now?

I was feeling that way after reading a D&Dalike. It was a 200+ page book, and there's a 200+ page GM's guide. I have a couple of other 200+ page over-sized books for other games & I shivered as I looked at them.

I think what it is, today, right now anyway, is that I--as a player--want games I don't have to know the rules for. Like--I don't even want to roll the dice particularly.

The God Learners
17 hours ago

Joerg and Ludo have no guest this month, because Joerg needs to vent some more about the Gbaji War after last month's Arkat episode with Bud! Joerg takes us on a tour of all the other major NPCs of the apocalyptic end of the First Age! #glorantha #ttrpg

S. John Ross
18 hours ago

Remembering my #TTRPG origins:

In the town where I became a gamer, we had three game shops. None of them were 100% game.

The one where I all but lived was games, comics, used paperbacks.

The furthest across town was games and computer software.

The midpoint one was games, hobbies and art supplies.

At any of them you could find material for 30+ RPGs at any given time.

The software place didn't have gaming space, and was the longest walk. I liked it but saw it least.

Loved the other two.

Norton Glover
18 hours ago

Stopped into a local garage sale.

Picked up this unopened Tarot stuff, from a lady who didn't want it in her house.

Going to go through all my RPGs for the ones that use Tarot cards.

#TTRPG #Tarot

Wild Unknown Tarot box set with book
Small Rider-Waite Tarot set
How to Read Tarot: A Modern Guide book
Dave Dawkins
19 hours ago

Your characters kill the monster. But it was actually stopping something worse.

#WritingPrompt #RPGhook #writing #ttrpg

An isopod scratches in the dirt.

It uncovers an arm, which twitches to life amidst muffled cries of inarticulate effort.

A guitarist in black leather with long hair emerges, other people in black leather begin to free themselves. The guitarist says, "*GASP* Thank you A. Vulgare! Being trapped underground for weeks was putting mad strain on the band."

A. Vulgare replies, "No problem. Isopods are great at removing heavy metal from soil."
19 hours ago

Life got in the way of working on fantasy art, but I'm finally back!😁✨

For the few of you that might see this, here's a piece I did for a couple of dear friends of their family as an adventuring party.

#MastoArt #ttrpg #dnd #DigitalArt

A digital painting of three fantasy characters: a male tiefling wizard with blue robes, a female elf archer with green armor, and a child sorcerer with an orange outfit. They are accompanied by two large cats, a small black one, and a giant pet turtle. They are standing in a forest.
GM Raphi
21 hours ago

Current Icon pack: LiNeon -

Plans: Create a least one Star Wars themed and one Pride/Bi themed wallpaper that fit the scheme.

Motivation: High

Urgency: Low

Execution time: Monday, maybe

Superceded by: Housekeeping and Star Wars #ttrpg session prep for Monday evening game

Additional hashtags: #polyamory #prideMonth #polyflag #animation

poly flag as an animated wallpaper surrounded by cyan-purple-blue gradiented icons
Peter Kisner
1 day ago

Never read any Greyhawk material before,, so I have no idea about the contents if this module. But gotta say, I love that cover art.
#TTRPG #TSR #Greyhawk #TTRPGArt

Shannon Prickett
1 day ago

Am I really going to back the kser from the people who did the Austen 5th Ed book I found unsatisfying, JUST because they're doing a Doyle work?

Yes. Apparently I am. I'm a #ttrpg sucker.

1 day ago

I really love the idea of using 3D printers to create more accessible gaming accessories like this braille d20.

Does anyone know of or have suggestions for more stuff like this? I'd love to have them on hand.

#a11y #braille #d20 #ttrpg

A group of tabletop RPG dice, the one in focus is a d20 marked with braille.
Norton Glover
1 day ago

Just sent my submission to the Cepheus Journal, the free Cepheus Engine fanzine.

They're always looking for submissions:

My article was a collection of house rules for running Spaghetti Western-style games in Cepheus.
#TTRPG #CepheusEngine #CepheusJournal #NotDnD #Fanzine

’Nathan Burgoine
1 day ago

Next in my ongoing #Pride #TTRPG project for Mutants & Masterminds (and some queer symbology and history) is "March, Part Four," and the Black lesbian superheroine all about visibility, Lustre.
#MutantsAndMasterminds #LGBTQIA

Josh Plunkett
1 day ago

#ObsidianMD #ttrpg Tutorials is a new site dedicated to helping new users learn how to get the most out of

I make tutorials for the tool already but there is a vast rabbit hole of things you can do with this tool so I have made an Obsidian Publish site to try and make it easier for new users to both find and learn how to use the functionality they are looking for. The plugins recommended are generally all targeted at TTRPG or World Building users.

Augury Ignored
1 day ago

What are everyone's experiences with "system migration", i.e. moving a campaign from one game system to another? I have never really had a campaign that warranted it, but I can see it happen if the story warrants a change of mechanics and scope. #rpg #ttrpg

GM Raphi
1 day ago

My FFG #StarWars players will infiltrate the insidious cyber-brain-implant manufacturer Ron-Rill Corporation. Research Tower Grek is inside a huge atoll 2700 miles in diameter. The atoll houses no ciritical infrastructure but a huge amount of surface to air missile emplacements. Research, manufacturing and residential facilities are situated in the center island.
#ttrpg #GMPrep #ffgsw #rpg #handout #InkScape

blue green map of atoll with central island, black icons for SAM sites dot the atoll itself and the center island shows 4 residential settlements, a hospital and a research tower in its center, and off to the north a manufacturing plant symbol
1 day ago

Sunday mini dungeon #solorpg osr with @loottheroom’s A dungeon Game, good entertainment #dungeon23 #osr #ttrpg

Dark Sheep Arts
2 days ago

I think everyone who does art has a couple of images that make them go, "did I do that?"

These are some of mine.

#3DArt #Cyberpunk #TTRPG #Shadowrun #MastoArt

A low angle shot of a tall Asian woman with a cybernetic arm. She shelters in a doorway, checking her phone while she reads a book. Her things are at her feet -- a rucksack, a sword and a shotgun. Neon light paints the scene as heavy rain bounces off the pavement.
A young woman standing in front of a mural that is painted onto white ceramic tiles. Energy passes from one of her cybernetic hands to the other. She is heavily cybernetically enhanced, with glowing cutaway sections in her skin, and a glowing tattoo made from white triangles.

She has almond eyes and curly hair tied in a bun.
A black woman stands in a messy office, with a wry expression on her face. She is youngish, with braids that incorporate red and blue extensions, and thick framed glasses. Her right eye is cybernetic, and part of her face and skull have been replaced with a section of artificial skin that doesn't quite match her skin tone. She also has a well made but still visibly cybernetic arm on the same side. 

She wears a grey top with a vaguely alternative design, and a plaid shirt.

The artist would like you to know that the plaid shirt took ages to make as it kept crashing the 3D rendering engine.
A tattooed Asian woman sits on a bed, reading something on her phone. Her hair is shaved, and various cybernetic limbs are scattered around her on the bed, leaving the connectors at the end of her limbs exposed She also has a cybernetic eye, that is plugged into some sort of charging headset.
kit 🍵🌦
2 days ago

OK, I'm gonna talk about the method I'm using to run this long-term #TTRPG I'm running right now. It's working well for me! I call it: **a pile of index cards**.


3 days ago

Just a reminder for #TTRPG folks:

The game is supposed to be fun for everyone.

If someone doesn't like sexual content in their games, don't force them to RP sexual content.

If someone prefers combat to RP, try to give them chances to shine.

If someone has triggers, work with them.

If someone needs a few moments to process something or think... let them have them.

The DM is not the villain. The players are not your enemy.

When it stops being fun, it stops being a game.

Let it stay a game.

4 days ago

Today I actually played #LittleButFierce for the first time.

Never heard of it?
@TTRPGkids wrote a review for this #DND5e adoption for kids:

„Little but Fierce is a rewrite of D&D 5e to make it more accessible to kids! With the parsed down mechanics, rewritten spells lists, picture-based character sheet, and more“

#LBF #TTRPG #PenAndPaper

Little But Fierce title image

OK friends the Wreck This Deck campaign has launched and you can back now.

Wreck This Deck is a solo journaling and deck crafting game. Trap demons inside a deck, defacing playing cards as you go. Please check it out and reshare, that would be amazing 😊

#ttrpg #TTRPGs #solojournaling #crowdfunding

I will forever maintain that it's not a D&D to polyamorous kink pipeline.

It's a polyamorous kink to D&D pipeline.

#DnD #ttrpg #gaming #kink #submissive #queer #bdsm #boardgames

The Mad Codger
5 days ago

#dnd #dnd5e #pf2e #pathfinder2e #pathfinderrpg #miniatures #ttrpg #ttrpgart

My problem with miniatures is they're not convenient to store, transport, and I don't have the time to paint them. Just found this solution on
#backerkit and while it is a little spendy, it comes with a lot. That and the built in storage makes it super convenient.

I'm in no way affiliated with this if that makes a difference.

Victor J Merino
5 days ago

🌋 THE FLOOR IS LAVA: Stampede!!! 🌋
You known that scene from the original Jurassic Park with the dinosaurs running? Well, that, but with a volcano making everything worse.

An annotated weekly planner used to drawn an erupting volcano and routes to scape from it
James Baillie
5 days ago

@juergen_hubert @germany @folklore One thing that I suspect is not altogether uncommon in folklore but is really super rare in modern fantasy is giving "real" ethnonyms to imagined and semi-mythologised concepts. Might be an interesting thing to play around with as an idea for #TTRPG design and suchlike (though also given some magic associations tend to be with minority cultures in the real world, something to work with carefully).

Dark Sheep Arts
6 days ago

I think this is the one I'm most pleased with recently, since I think it's the one where the post-work makes the most difference.

#cyberpunk #ShadowRun #TTRPG #MastoArt #3DArt

Picture of an Asian woman in profile. She has green makeup and dreadlocks with green extensions,  plus a green cybernetic arm. She contemplates a green magical orb. Orange triangles recede to vanishing point.

It's somehow 22°C here in Scotland, so I think that means it's time for my SUMMER SALE 2023.

That's right, this is all my #dnd5e DMs Guild content, bundled up and available for just $9.95 (75% off!)

Affiliate link:

#dnd #TTRPG

DC Bradshaw's Summer Sale. 75% discount!

Includes 10 D&D products

Proud to be the 131st backer 🦖 on BackerKit Crowdfunding for The Vault of Mini Things - An RPG Encounter Toolkit!

#ttrpg #pathfinder #dnd #backerkit

Packbats, creative
6 days ago

We weren't up for posting about it on the day, but on Saturday the 27th we posted our thirteenth free 200-word #ttrpg on our Patreon: repurposed spaces, a worldbuilding game about a structure that was employed by one group and has been reimagined by a later one. We think it's really cool when a world has history, and this is directly about making that history visible.

Victor J Merino
6 days ago

🌋 THE FLOOR IS LAVA: The Burning Forest 🌋
Maybe running into a forest crossed by a lava stream was not the best idea. Fire, smoke, and panicking animals!
But on the other hand: freshly cooked food!
#Dungeon23 #TTRPG #NSR #PrimalQuest

An annotated weekly planner used to drawn a volcano with routes to scape from the lava flow.
Michael Bernth
6 days ago

Now I’m tempted to add True Doggies to my Glorantha.
YGWV #Glorantha #Runequest #Chaosium #ttrpg

Mountain top that looks like a huge sleeping dog
Timothy S. Brannan
1 week ago

Review: The Doctor Who Sourcebooks
Cubicle 7 also took a huge leap and gave us guides and sourcebooks for all Thirteen of the major versions of The Doctor that have aired since 1963. #doctorwho #ttrpg

Doctor Who sourcebooks
Victor J Merino
1 week ago

🌋 THE FLOOR IS LAVA: The Goddess of Fire Awakens 🌋
You are next to the top of the Small Sister when her Fire aspect awakens. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?
An inevitable danger, tough decisions, no safe routes. A "dungeon" based on choices, risk management, and hopping for the best.
This is the prehistoric world of Primal Quest, created by Diogo Nogueira @diogo_oldskull !
[Edit: Added Diogo's Mastodon]
#Dungeon23 #TTRPG #NSR #PrimalQuest

An annotated weekly planner used to drawn a volcano with routes to scape from the lava its spewing.
1 week ago

I have had just a ton of trouble making dice lately -- I took some time away because I was discouraged, and when I came back to it I wasted an entire batch of silicone trying to make new molds. So I got discouraged again and stopped.

I'm back on my bullshit now though, and have gone back to basics, rebuilding my process from scratch. I'm documenting the steps this time so I don't forget. Future posts on this thread will be followers only, so feel free to follow or ignore #dicefail.

1. buff the sides of the master die to ensure there are no finger prints, dust, etc.

2. cut a 4" square piece of book binding tape and place it sticky side up on a cutting mat.

3. place the die 1 side down on the center of the tape, using the grid to guide you. Do not reposition it! If it is off center, restart from step one.

4.Apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the inside of a PVC coupler with your finger. I'm using 1.5" couplers for 20mm dice. 16mm dice will probably work with 1.25 or 1" couplers but take a (non master) die set to the hw store to measure.

5. seal the edges of the couplers using hot glue. Do not lift the coupler from the surface of the cutting mat! The tape has to stay perfectly flat.

6. Cover the top of the coupler with masking tape or whatever (don't waste book binding tape on this). this is to keep dust and debris out of it while you prep the remainders.

#resin #dnd #ttrpg #crafting

a d6 in the center of a piece of tape on a cutting board
the PVC coupler stuck to the tape with the d6 in the middle
the side of the coupler with hot glue sealing the seam around the edge
6 prepared molds covered in masking tape

101 more $1 community copies of #LittleButFierce!

If you want to play my kid-friendly rewrite of #dnd5e but finances are tight right now, you can grab it for just $1. No questions asked.

(Please share with your followers and any parents/carers/teachers you know)

#ttrpgkids #TTRPG #TTRPGs

Full link inc. discount code:

Little but Fierce: a simplified 5E ruleset for children of all ages

101 $1 community copies
M of Ragged Feathers
1 week ago

It started as a joke and ended as an affliction. Introducing Trophy Golf, a set of optional rules to add the game of golf to your game of Trophy Gold.

Grab a golf club and speed run your way through incursions by focusing on the only thing that really matters: ball goes in hole. #ttrpg

A beast-bitten golfer stands in the open mouth of a rearing alligator, swinging a golf club at a ball resting on the snoot of another quite angry alligator.

The beast-bitten golfer looks like a humanoid werewolf, wearing a sun visor, polo shirt, blue skirt.

The Trophy Golf logo is the Trophy Gold logo with an "F" crudely painted on top to transform Gold into Golf.
1 week ago
A group of mechs approach a medieval fantasy theme park and are attacked by enemy mechs dressed as park mascots
Calico Jesse
1 week ago

What should my Traveller crew do first?

Baronet Oaklynn got a lead on delivering arms from Faliero Arsenal Group to Akaiya Zhatanoe.

Captain Illya learned of a space station expansion project that needs raw materials.

Radek knows a tech who wants help shaking a blackmailer.

Galegia annual convoy to the imperium is about to leave. Safe, but costs to join.

#TTRPG #Solo #SoloRpg #Traveller #Traveller5 #Foreven #BraveNightingale #ClassicTraveller #FreeTrader

1 week ago

Any advice from #TTRPG and #DND experts for a terrified soon-to-be-first-time DM?

I've got the world and scenario (I worldbuild excessively, it's an addiction) but any tips on how to actually run a session would be much appreciated.

1 week ago

#Introduction Take 1 - The Quick Edit

Just wanted to put out a quick intro while I think of a decent one to pin

Hello everyone! I'm @Weru on Masto, friends and family call me Lee or Weeb, but I'm Chillway, here.

I wanted a separate account for music as I . . .

a) didn't want to spam all the #ttrpg peeps with all my music posts, and . . .

b) I'm kinda going on a Electronic Music Production journey and wanted a semi-official account for that.

Spencer Scribbles
1 week ago

Today's tasks:

- Continue setting up #obsidian for my fiction writing.
- Read 50 pages for a fellow author, giving feedback.
- Play #ttrpg with friends tonight (The One Ring)
- And perhaps get in some reading (currently: Foundryside by Robert Jackson Bennett)


Tattered Bear
2 weeks ago

Tattered Bear is here to support the creation of awesome family-friendly TTRPGs - let us know what ideas you're looking to create and share!

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