’Nathan Burgoine
5 hours ago

#TabletopTuesday — Preprinted Adventures (or, "Store-bought is fine!")

Wherein I discuss the joys of preprinted adventures, get to try Pathfinder 2e for the first time, and remind you all it's not too late to get a great Bundle of Holding deal of Pathfinder 2e adventure material that's also a great way to aim some needed support in the direction of a great fellow.

#Pathfinder #TTRPGs #TTRPG

Laidback DM
5 hours ago

FINAL HOURS! Don’t miss out!
Royalty Free, hand drawn #maps for home or commercial print/digital/streaming projects - Ideal for #DnD, #Pathfinder2e & fantasy #ttrpgs

May I point out that mainstream newspapers now are covering #dnd and #ttrpgs in positive ways?

Facing the demons: can Dungeons & Dragons therapy heal real-life trauma? | Mental health | The Guardian

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16 hours ago

I made a map for the table for Gary Con.
#TTRPGs #GaryCon

’Nathan Burgoine
16 hours ago

Got to play Pathfinder 2e for the first time tonight, around a table with dice and everything!

Definitely going to tuck Pathfinder sessions between Frosthaven, I think.

#Pathfinder #TTRPGs #TTRPG

Laidback DM
17 hours ago

5th Stretch Goal Unlocked!
Royalty Free, hand drawn #maps for home or commercial print/digital/streaming projects - Ideal for #DnD, #Pathfinder2e & fantasy #ttrpgs

Maps 7
Maps 7 stretch goal number 5
Iam (E-um) Pace
20 hours ago

These spectacularly beautiful twilight images offer wonderful aesthetics for locations in #ttrpgs and #fantasy #writing.

The photographer, Ryan Dyar, has a phenomenal portfolio of such images.

#ttrpg #nature #dnd #dnd5e #pathfinder
📷 : Ryan Dyar

The image of Mt. Rainier, Washington, at twilight as the fog moves in.
The image is of Mount St. Helens, Washington, during twilight.
The image was taken at Lofoten, Norway. Light pollution on the left of the image is juxtaposed with light from an aurora on the right of the image.
Volcanic eruption on the coast of Hawaii, 2016.
Mat | Role Play Chat
1 day ago

Do you play #TTRPGs primarily in your first language (mother tongue)?

Appreciate RTs for a HUGE sample size :)
#DnD #ttrpg #ttrpgpollsyndicate

1 day ago

hey if you like (indie) #ttrpgs and want to support trans people, here is a bundle for you:

it's less than 5 € and you get more cool games than you could ever play

Camilla the owlbear and I are starting our morning with some fun reading ☺️💖

@edibuddies #ttrpgs #AmEditing #copyediting #nonfiction

A snowy gray owlbear plush perches on a desk next to an upright copy of The Chicago Guide to Copyediting by Amy J Schneider, a small yellow softcover book.
Laidback DM
2 days ago

LAST DAYS! Royalty Free, hand drawn #maps for home or commercial print/digital/streaming projects - Ideal for #DnD, #Pathfinder2e & fantasy #ttrpgs

Maps 7 on kickstarter ends soon! Don’t miss out!
Maps 7 on kickstarter ends soon! Don’t miss out!
Maps 7 on kickstarter ends soon! Don’t miss out!
Penance RPG
2 days ago

Following the successful arrest, our intrepid recruits must head out to the ship that so scares an elf in custody…

This is our first streamed non-DnD TTRPG campaign, watch on Sunday 2.30pm UK at or catch up on YouTube

Horror, co-op & puzzle games are played most days.

#IndieGames #AudioDramaSunday #podcast #ActualPlay #gaming #fantasy #Comedy #indieRPGs #StoryTelling #humorous #horror #TTRPGs #TTRPG #RPG

A deep mottled green background with red lava like text in the middle reading 'Dark Tide'. Pale yellow text reads ' Penance RPG 13. Seadogs & Silences. Exploring an alternative Dragon Age timeline'
DJ Evil Dave (He/Him)
2 days ago

I get to start #writing about the more super and paranormal character classes soon. The psychic is next! #ttrpgs

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2 days ago

Working on final prep for my convention game, Rescue from Fire Island, for Gary Con.
I'm running one session each morning - 4 total sessions.
Only the Saturday session is full, so plenty of seats.
#TTRPGs #GaryCon

2 days ago

New blog post on Silver Gryphon Games' site about the progress of Aethermancy and Ingenium Second Edition:

#SilverGryphonGames #AetherRPG #IngeniumRPG #TTRPGs

Brandon Lee
3 days ago

Had a wonderful session of Zero Pieces of Eight yesterday. We encountered a small pirate ship off the coast of an archepeligo, who was manned by a PC's brother. Turns out, the captain was running a cult of devoted crewmates, whom followed him like a flock of sheep. After an intense discussion, our crew decided to bring them into our fleet of ships, expanding the reknown of "The Jolly Foot".

#ttrpg #ttrpgs #rpg #tabletop #pirates

Iam (E-um) Pace
3 days ago

Fakhr-al-Din al-Ma'ani, or Palmyra Castle, is a 13th-century fortress built atop, and from, the peak of a rocky mountain overlooking the ruins of an ancient city more than 2,000 years old.

A fortress watching over ancient ruins offers ideas for locations in #ttrpgs and #fantasy #writing.

#ttrpg #castle #dnd #dnd5e #pathfinder
📷 : CNN; Rossiya 24 TV; Syrian Ministry of Tourism; & High Contrast

This image is credited to the news agency CNN.
This image is credited to "Still from Drone Video Rossiya 24 TV".
This image is credited to Screen Shot 2016-03-27 at 11.21.50 Syrian Ministry of Tourism
This image is credited to the Wikimedia Commons contributor High Contrast.
Laidback DM
3 days ago

4th Stretch Goal Unlocked! FINAL DAYS! Royalty Free, hand drawn #maps for home or commercial print/digital/streaming projects - Ideal for #DnD, #Pathfinder2e & fantasy #ttrpgs

Maps 7 on kickstarter
Maps 7 on kickstarter
3 days ago

I'm back on the fediverse for the first time in a while! Wassup! I'm going to do a little reintroduction:
I'm Henry
I'm younger than most anyone on here. (no i won't tell)
I really am interested in #ttrpgs, #worldbuilding, #tech, #linux, #outdoors, #reading, #writing, #esperanto, #conlangs, #filmmaking, and more. I'm really just here to find some cool people. Why don't you tell me what's new with the fediverse. Are posts still 95% hating on Twitter Man?

3 days ago

Really digging the new #LegendOfGhostMountain from @peginc ! Some great new setting rules and mechanics. I've got some ideas for use in my fantasy campaign, even!

#SavageWorlds #ttrpg #ttrpgs #wuxia

3 days ago

PS the #TTRPGs for #TransRights in Florida bundle is still going, and it is still packed with the best stuff:

#itchioCreatorDay #itchio #TTRPG

3 days ago

I think I found my „old school moment“, the one where something new comes along and you realize there’s just no way you’re ever going to get on board with this.

It’s using AI to generate gaming content.

#TTRPGs have always been about human imagination. To me, using AI to generate content is the antithesis to everything TTRPGs are about. Take away the human factor and all this becomes a bunch of boring tables and textbooks.

We’ll just keep telling our stories, not something from an algorithm.

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4 days ago

I'll be at Marmalade Dog 26 tomorrow. Come on by if you're in the Kalamazoo area.


4 days ago

Friday Night Game: Ooooh, Starting Crown of the Kobold King Edition! #pathfinder2E #ttrpgs

If you’ve been considering picking up #LittleButFierce, then this is the cheapest price you can pick it up for (just $7.47 for a complete rewrite of #dnd5e for kids!)

Need convincing? Just check out @TTRPGkids review below :)


Iam (E-um) Pace
4 days ago

Khuha Kharuehat is a pavilion shrine set within the massive Phraya Nakhon Cave.

Two great ceiling holes allow light into the cavern. A natural stone walkway rests between the two hollows, and it is known as the bridge of death because numerous animals have fallen to their end while trying to traverse it (see image four).

A shrine secreted away offers ideas for locations in #ttrpgs and #fantasy #writing.

#ttrpg #pathfinder #dnd #dnd5e
📷 : Mistaht; Andrey Golinkevich; BarryJ; & Peerawat.b

This image is credited to Mistaht (Shutterstock).
This image is credited to Andrey Golinkevich (Shutterstock).
This image is credited to BarryJ.
This image is credited to Peerawat.b.
Nelson Chu Pavlosky
4 days ago

#FollowFriday recommendations for the #Philadelphia area:

- @stumblewyk - GM running #TTRPGs, #Philly sports, cute dog
- @joni - brand design, #SVG, #bees, weight lifting, the tippy top of DE
- @stephstephking - education and children, #writer, #publicTransit
- @nicolewolverton - Horror, #elections, globetrotting

4 days ago

The updated character designs I did for when our Scion demi-gods found themselves in a different universe, one full of Monsters and Hearts...

#art #illustration #character #ttrpg #ttrpgs #Scion #Monsterhearts

Four illustrated characters. The first is pale, with grey flow-y robes and pink-purple short hair. The second has a purple side-cut and red glasses and eyes, wearing a black/white/red school uniform. The third has yellow eyes and sharp fangs, wearing a casual red sweater and stylish red shoes. The fourth has short black bobbed hair and red sunglasses, wearing a white outfit and red jacket. There are three other identical figures in a line behind her.
Anna Landin
4 days ago

Hey, it's @itchio Creator Day again! My games are not on sale, 'cause they're pretty cheap already - but if you but them today, 100% of the proceeds go directly to me.

And I think that's pretty neat! #ttrpgs

It’s #CreatorDay on #itchio!

That means all my #ttrpgkids products are:
⭐️ 50% off AND
⭐️ itch isn’t taking a cut!

Please share far and wide. Thanks :)

#TTRPGs #LittleButFierce

Just follow the link:

Itch creator day. 50% off all products and everything goes to the creator!
Gareth Harmer
4 days ago

Morning all!

I’ve had a dispatch note for the Wyrmwood Dungeon Master’s Screens from last year’s Kickstarter Campaign. I ordered a nice set with a number of accessories, which should look lovely on the table.

I should be excited, but instead I feel tinged with buyer’s remorse.

Why? Their response to sexual assault allegations against one of their employees and on their premises was troubling, tone deaf and inadequate.

More here:

#ttrpg #ttrpgs #wyrmwood

Laidback DM
4 days ago

FINAL DAYS! Royalty Free, hand drawn #maps for home or commercial print/digital/streaming projects - Ideal for #DnD, #Pathfinder2e & fantasy #ttrpgs

Maps 7 on kickstarter
Maps 7 on kickstarter
Tabletop Gaming Deals
5 days ago

Humble RPG Bundle:

Warhammer 40k: Dark Heresy, Black Crusade and Only War

There are a total of 46 books in this bundle from core rulebooks and splatbooks, a discount on Warhammer+ and a Cubical 7 Coupon.

Supports Children's Health Ireland.


#Warhammer #Warhammer40k #OnlyWar #DarkHeresy #BlackCrusade #TTRPG #TTRPGs

Follow for an irregular and sometimes spammy stream of deals!

And what can we learn from how the Fate #RPG collaboratively creates campaigns and characters?

Mike Olson joins us on Mastering Dungeons!

Mike Olson joins us on Mastering Dungeons. A picture from the recording, with all three of us talking.
Gerard Hynes
6 days ago

Wanderhome and Thirsty Sword Lesbians for $5 is enough of an enticement.

But 500+ rpgs and getting to support trans rights at the same time.

What a steal.

#TransRights #ttrpgs

Hey, you!

Do you like tabletop #roleplaying games?

Do you think #Transphobia is bad?

Well, you're in luck! You can now get $2,000 worth of #ttRPGs for $5 AND donate to help #trans people in Florida!

That's right! More than 500 games for only $5! AND all for a good cause!

Check it out here


Iam (E-um) Pace
1 week ago

As day falls to night in a Queensland forest, the woodland fills with the soft illumination of ghost fungus, a bioluminescent, but poisonous, mushroom.

Biolumsecent plants and glowing forests offer wonderful inspiration for a fey or enchanted woodland in #ttrpgs and #fantasy #writing.

#ttrpg #nature #dnd #dnd5e #pathfinder
📷 : Juergen Freund

This timelapse was filmed by Juergen Freund in Queensland.

On the lower section of a tree grows a group of white fungi climbing the side of the bark. As the day turns to night, the fungi emit a green glow.
Bryant Durrell
1 week ago

Morning! Next up from is Maharlika, which is a full on 220+ page RPG plus a scenario. It’s a mecha game from the RPGSEA scene, specifically the Philippines, inspired by Filipino mythology. #TTRPGs #TransRights #TTRPG

Bryant Durrell
1 week ago

The very first game is Scavenge and Seal, which is a little post-apocalypse game. No art, 11 pages, simple layout. The world is science fantasy flavored. There’s this funky mechanic where the backpack you use determines a bunch of bonuses.

Target numbers are based on your stats and you roll bigger dice for more difficult tasks. You’re trying to roll less than or equal to your stat, OK. The average starting stat is 2, so it seems like it might be hard to succeed? #TTRPGs #TransRights

Bryant Durrell
1 week ago

Last time there was a big trans rights bundle on, I did a big Twitter thread about it — quick thoughts on one or two games from the bundle every day, randomly chosen. So let’s do that again, starting right about now. #TTRPGs #TransRights

Peter Amthor
1 week ago

Over on itch the bundle to raise money for Trans Rights in Florida has gone live. Get a ton of games and gaming material for a super low price. Even my own 'Tagger Magic' supplement is included. Check it out.
#ttrpgs #charity #gaming

1 week ago

TTRPGs for Trans Rights in Florida is now live! One of mine is in it!
Buy 505 items for $5 Regularly ~$2,159 Save 99%!
#ttrpg #ttrpgs #ItchIo

Miriam Robern
1 week ago

There's a handful of Cortexiphiles over here, so in case you missed it, I uploaded an alpha version of my Character File Creator to help make Cortex Prime character files.

#CortexPrime #TTRPG #TTRPGs

Screenshot of the Cortex Character File Creator
Laidback DM
1 week ago

Royalty Free hand drawn #maps for home or commercial print/digital/streaming projects - Ideal for #DnD, #Pathfinder2e & fantasy #ttrpgs

Maps 7 on kickstarter
1 week ago

I've got a question about a particular rule I've seen in some fantasy #TTRPGs, namely that spells require some component of a given value in gold coins or whatever.
My question is, what is the Watsonian/in-world justification for this?

Kettle and Clock
2 weeks ago

I seem to be wrapping up my current project so I'm gonna put this out to the void again.

In an attempt to get practice and learn, I'm offering free graphic design and layout for #indie #ttrpgs

Reach out to me here or send an email to

2 weeks ago

New instance, new #introduction!

Hola, I'm Beso (xe/he/elle). Just a #bisexual #trans #nonbinary & #polyamorous guy in my late 20s. I'm #chicano (though I prefer #xicano) and live along la frontera.

I'm also #MentallyIll & #disabled & a proud #CripplePunk. Diagnosed with #ADHD ( #kinetic ), and very likely #autistic too.

I'm a leftist through & through. Some may say I'm extreme. I say I've got my priorities straight & take no shit. Love wins, hate loses, & I'm here to make sure of that.

That's about it for what I identify with, but as for things I love and will often post about, here you go. This is the only post I'll hashtag spam in, to help people with similar interest find me:

General Interests: #Art #Music #Photography #Fashion #GraphicDesign #WebDesign #VideoGames #TTRPGs #Accessibility #FOSS #Libre #Animation #Anime #WebComics #Webtoons #Manga #Manhwa #Manhua

Reading & Watching: #ORV #OmniscientReader #DGrayMan #YuGiOh #Trigun

Playing: #FFXIV #Subnautica #Minecraft #StardewValley #BotW #CaveStory

Crash's Course
2 weeks ago

Crash's Course Ep 09: Worldbuilding

I’ve been on a worldbuilding kick lately, so I thought that would make a good topic. I mean, sure, there’s lots of good campaign settings out there ready for you to use, but they’re not yours, you know? Why not make something original, and as an extra bonus, have it be something where that one party member can’t buy the same source book and as a result can metagame everything.

#DnD #Podcast #TTRPG #TTRPGs

To sum up: build a town, create one or two world-spanning “truths” that make your world unique, share some facts, withhold others, and don’t be afraid to lie to the party if the real truths aren’t common knowledge.

#King5Seattle covered some of the research I did during my internship with #foundry10 in partnership with #GameToGrow!

We analyzed #TTRPG / #DnD / #DungeonsandDragons sessions to examine how #TTRPGs can support #SEL (#socialemotionallearning ) skills and found that the game space + facilitators allowed youth to practice complex reflection and conflict resolution.

#InformalEd #informalLearning #education #EduTooters #RPG #gametogrow #Seattle

2 weeks ago

The pooled resin from generations of 3D sculptors eventually hardens and builds onto the Resin Caves. Some are said to lead out of the city proper and all the way into the wasteland.

#ttrpg #ttrpgs #oddgobs #map #cyberpunk

I am a huge proponent of adults playing tabletop games. In addition to many social benefits, it can also have a positive impact on mental health. Playing #TTRPGs can reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression, boost self-esteem, and provide a sense of community and belonging. It can also allow players to explore and work through complex emotions in a supportive environment.
So whether you're a seasoned player or a newcomer, grab some friends, roll some dice, and enjoy the adventure! #DnD

’Nathan Burgoine
2 weeks ago

Tonight! I’ll be over at running a Green Ronin Publishing Mutants and Masterminds game with a group of incredibly talented people: Phoebe Barton, Marco Cultrera, Kate Heartfield, and Erin Rockfort! I’m sending them on one of the Astonishing Adventures GR offers in their web store, though I’ve ma-a-a-aybe Canucked it up a notch.

Hope to see you! #TTRPGs

2 weeks ago

I got on the Story Told podcast to do a nerd-rant about licensing in #TTRPGs:

2 weeks ago

For my #ttrpg folks! I've just uploaded my second system-neutral fantasy/horror ttrpg adventure. Meet the locals in the town of Stovna. Numerous adventure hooks (or make up your own), NPCs to meet, and over a dozen town locations for your players to explore.
I'd love a boost if you could! Find it here, for free (or pay what you want):

#rpg #osr #dnd #fantasy #horror #ttrpgs #dungeonsanddragons #art #games

Iam (E-um) Pace
3 weeks ago

A nature photographer in Chilliwack, British Columbia, captures a cool phenomenon.

In a cave behind a partially frozen waterfall is an ice caldera. Forming within the caldera are perfect spheres of ice hewn by the cold and water.

A natural phenomenon that produces strange objects can offer ideas for spell components or magic item parts in #ttrpgs and #fantasy #writing.

#ttrpg #nature #dnd #dnd5e
🎥 : BC Wanderer (IG:

This video was captured by BC Wanderer (IG: bc_wanderer).

In a cave behind a partially frozen waterfall is a caldera of ice with a constant splash of water. Within the ice bowl are perfectly round spheres of ice hewn by the cold and water.
1 month ago

So, new instance and new #introduction time! If we share stuff, say "hello". Even if we don't, but you think we might have interesting chats, say "hi!". I've never been awesome at just listing interests. I'm into so many things, and I recognise that people are so complex anyway, that a list seems odd and restrictive. But with intent of connecting, here goes - Former #englishliterature nerd with interests in #science, #astronomy, #history, #psychology, #philosophy, #politics and on and on. Currently, I'm #writing and #drawing (mostly scribbling honestly) monsters for tiny #fantasy #horror adventures I make for #osr and #ttrpgs like #dungeonsanddragons. I love #boardgames and game mechanics generally. Sometimes I write #poetry and #fiction and even #makingmusic like #ambientmusic. Sometimes I #paint #abstractart. Often, I practice #photography. Studying #counselling has also led to an interest in #meditation, #compassion and #mindfulness. Oh, and recently have been getting into #Obsidian and #markdown. I'll probably Toot about lots of stuff, but that's reflective of my interest in so many areas. #joinin #introductions

1 month ago

I've finally uploaded my first #itchio game - Night of the Gallowgrim. It's a short atmospheric #horror #fantasy darkish folk-horror adventure for #ttrpgs with #Lovecraftian overtones and some clueless cultists. You can grab it here for FREE -
And if you really like it, a tiny donation would make my day (but not essential)! Sincerely, I just want you to take a look and, hopefully, run it one day for your table.
Oh, and I'm really keen to network with other game devs out there on Itch. Don't be shy about following me so I can can follow you and check out your stuff too, especially if it's #osr #dnd #dungeonsanddragons and #rpg #trpg related. @itchio

Iam (E-um) Pace
1 month ago

The towering hill of Monte da Graça has been carefully shaped to seat the sprawling star-bastion citadel known as Forte de Nossa Senhora da Graça (Fort of Our Lady of Grace).

Construction started in 1763, and would not be completed for almost 30 years.

A star-shaped citadel offers ideas for enchanted castles built to use its shape to focus magic in #ttrpgs and #fantasy #writing.

#ttrpg #history #castle #dnd #dnd5e
📷 : Joel Santos; Luis Pina; & JackF

This image is by the drone photographer Joel Santos (IG: joelsantosphoto).

This is an aerial view of a magnificent fortress carved into the top of a tall, rocky hill. The structure is called a star fort because of its shape and the design of its fortifications. Deep trenches outline the sharply angled walls. Each corner of the fortifications is played outward into a fort of its own.
This image is credited to Luis Pina Photography/Shutterstoc.

This image shows the fortress from a level closer to the ground. From this depth, the viewer can see more clearly how deep the trenches are and how tall the stone-brick walls rise.
This photo is credited to JackF.

This aerial view from high above the fortress shows that even the great hill that supports the citadel has been carefully, even artistically, shaped to fit the star-shaped fortifications.
Dice Prophet
1 month ago

Every time I'm unemployed I work on #gamedev stuff. After graduation it was Pygame. After my project was cancelled it was Unity. When I quit a toxic workplace I dabbled in #ttrpgs. In lieu of recent layoffs I'm diving into Unreal.

During uncertain times I recall my favorite John Green quote: “Study broadly & without fear…But more importantly, surround yourself with people who you like & make cool stuff with them.”

So, what are YOU studying without fear?
#creative #work #projects #study

Aaron Gable
1 month ago

Look I love weird and wild wacky-ass #TTRPGs but I have to admit my eyes immediately glaze over at the words "solo journaling".

I'm sure they're interesting and good for people out there and I'm very happy for you! But I play specifically for the purpose of socializing with friends

As #LittleButFierce is nearly 1 year old and I’m now releasing expansions, I’ve decided to permanently drop the price of the Starter Edition to just $14.95!

Links to pick up LBF from DriveThruRPG, itch or direct from my website are here:


Little but Fierce: a simplified 5E ruleset for children of all ages 

A toddler-sized Barbarian stands little but fierce with her faithful cat companion
Kona Goodhart
1 month ago

Excited to see more people creating playbooks for Thirsty Sword Lesbians!

Would it be helpful to make a style guide for common mistakes, or does that just add another hoop people will feel like they need to jump through in order to publish something?

#PoweredByLesbians #ThirstySwordLesbians #TSLRPG

Gareth Harmer
1 month ago

If you’ve recently joined Mastodon, I’d like to cordially invite you to! We’re a small, chilled instance that focuses on all forms of gaming, from #videogames to #ttrpgs, #TCGs, #wargaming and more!

Setting up an account is easy and free. You can even migrate your existing account, including all your followers, with this handy guide from @feditips

We’re hosted in a UK datacentre with daily backups.

#mastodon #mastoadmin #mastoMigrate

Iam (E-um) Pace
1 month ago

Rising more than 790 feet beside the curve of the River Elbe is a mesa that has been carved into a great citadel. The natural rock has been hewn into cliffs and towering walls. Atop the stone stand fortifications raised 800 years ago.

This is Königstein Fortress.

A massive geological formation turned into a citadel offers ideas to explore in #ttrpgs and #fantasy #writing.

#ttrpg #history #architecture #castle
📷 : Derbrauni; VSchagow; Philipp Konetschni; & Klaus1953

This photo is credited to Derbrauni (Wikimedia Commons).

This is an aerial photo taken by plane. It shows the many angles of the mesa cliffs, each section carved into a sheer surface. 

Thick, green woods rise to meet the mesa walls like waves of a sea.

The gentle curve of the wide river can be seen on the right of the photo.
This photo is credited to VSchagow (Wikimedia Commons).

This image was taken from a field. In the foreground is the massive mesa fortress, its cold stone walls towering above the tree tops. 

In the foreground is a sprawling field of yellow wild flowers.
This image is credited to Philipp Konetschni (Wikimedia Commons).

The mesa and fortress can be seen as an island rising from a thick sea of mist touched red by the sun at twilight.
This image is credited to Klaus1953 (Wikimedia Commons).

This is one of the many towers of the mesa-turned-fortress. It hangs off the side of one of the mesa's cut and bricked cliff faces.

Some #TTRPGs I've played:

Amber Diceless
Call of Cthulhu (2e, 7e*)
Champions (2e)
Changeling: The Dreaming (1e, 2e)
Dungeons & Dragons (B/X, BECMI, 1e, 2e, proto-3e**, 3/3.5e, 5e)
Gamma World (2e)
Mage: The Ascension (1e, 2e)
Marvel Super Heroes (1e, Advanced)
Paranoia (1e)
Shadowrun (1e, 2e)
Spirit of the Century
Top Secret (1e)
Tunnels & Trolls (5e, Deluxe)
Vampire: The Masquerade (1e, 2e)
Werewolf: The Apocalypse (1e, 2e)

* currently running
** currently playing

#introductions #intro

Another instance, another #introduction:

Hi! I'm Tamsin, a white #GenX #sapphic #queer #nonbinary #trans girl who likes doorstopper novels, epic movies, double albums, #ttrpgs, 5-string basses, and writing down half of everything she thinks.

I share my life with an amazing spouse, a marvelous kid, delightful friends, and two adorably demonic cats.

My life sounds completely made up, because it is. It's just that I made it up exactly the way it happened.

It's nice to meet you. 🥰 #intro


Hi! My name is Kosmos and I'm an Upcoming #PNGtuber and #TwitchStreamer!

I enjoy #videogames, #ttrpgs, and #writing

A few of my favorite games are #KingdomHearts, #NierAutomata, and #EldinRing

I'm relatively new to #ttrpgs but I have experience with #DnD and #pathfinder2e and am currently learning #FabulaUltima

My favorite genres in general are #fantasy and #sciencefantasy

I hope we get along and I'm excited to meet you all!

Gareth Harmer
1 month ago

Just realised it’s been two weeks and I’ve never done an #introduction toot, so here we go!

I’m Gareth, but more commonly Gazz, owner of the Mastodon server

#Videogames: mostly #MMORPGs
- #WoW
- #GenshinImpact

- Mostly #dungeonsandragons
- learning #pathfinder

- #MagicTheGathering, mostly #mtgcommander

Other stuff:
- #PaintingMiniatures
- #RaspberryPi
- Parenting
- and more!

Dayjob - #EnterpriseArchitecture

James Mullen
1 month ago

So here's my thing with #SuperHeroes in #ttrpgs : I can't make the team dynamic work in my head.

I've realised there's plenty of fantasy sources that illustrate a group of heroes adventuring together, usually travelling the world. Ditto for space opera, with the crew of a ship exploring the galaxy.

Superheroes though... that kind of team dynamic doesn't work and it's not part of the lore. They usually reside in one city, there's nowhere for them to go.

Ludovic Chabant
1 month ago

Okay people, seriously, make up your mind between #ttrpg and #ttrpgs, we can’t go tagging everything twice (I’m pro #ttrpg if you ask me)

The white paper from my @foundry10ed internship in partnership with @GameToGrow is out!

We analyzed #TTRPG / #DnD / #DungeonsandDragons sessions from #GameToGrow to examine how #TTRPGs can support #SEL ( #socialemotionallearning ) skills and found that the game space + facilitators allowed youth to practice complex reflection and conflict resolution.

#InformalEd #informalLearning #education #EduTooters #RPG #gametogrow

Mark Williams-Cook
2 months ago

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2 months ago

I recently migrated to, so new #intro #introduction #introductions

I'm Chooch Schubert (he/him/his), a white/ #NativeAmerican #GenX #gamer, #musician, and #tech enthusiast.

I enjoy discussing #BoardGames, #ttrpgs, and #VideoGames.
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#SelfHosting #OpenSource computer services, #3DPrinting, and #AIArt.

And of course all of the amazing media in the world. Especially #music, #scifi and #fantasy TV/movies.

2 months ago

"#CallOfCthulhu is one of the oldest and most popular #TTRPGs in the world... Although it is a whole new game, it's easy enough to get started with."
With a lot of D&D players looking at other options, Comic Book Resources helpfully provides some character creation tips: