Max Leibman
1 month ago

I've recently started to get religion about tab groups in Microsoft Edge.

I do find them handy for their ostensible purpose—organizing and grouping related items when I have multiple projects or tasks going and multiple tabs associated with each.

However, lately I find myself creating tab groups for even a single tab, because I like being able to collapse it down to a single-word-wide group heading in my tab bar to save space.

#browser #organization #TabGroups #MicrosoftEdge

Snipped of a screenshot of Microsoft Edge on Windows, with a yellow theme for the window chrome. The rightmost edge of a tab, including the "X" control to close it, is visilbe to the left, followed by a tab with a red theme labeled "iCloud" and another with a blue theme labeled "Career."
Keith Wilson
2 months ago

I sometimes wish apps other than #Safari, such as #Pages, supported #TabGroups so I that could easily switch to a bunch of documents I’m using for a particular project without having to open each of them individually. But then isn’t that what #StageManager is for?

Unfortunately, SM fails to do that because SM window layouts (unlike Safari tab groups) do not persist between logins. I hope #Apple will fix this and make SM genuinely useful in the next version of #macOS, but I’m not holding my breath. #UX #UXFail