Ellie Kennard
1 week ago

Little Stray, how do they cope in the storm?

In this storm, I often think of the wild or abandoned animals, big and small that are out in it, maybe with little shelter and things falling around them. This lovely stray was wandering around a friend's house a few years ago. I was tempted to take it home as it followed me around. I hope it found a home. So beautiful.
Happy #caturday

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A very fluffy tabby cat with an orange streaked nose in a closeup with eyes staring straight at the camera.
2 weeks ago

I am extremely jealous. Vesta has her own sofa made by her mum. I want a sofa. #CatsOfMastodon #Cat #TabbyTuesday #Catstodon #Crochet #Handmade

Vesta, a tabby cat, loafing on a cat-sized, green, crochet sofa with her chin resting on the arm. Behind her, the curtains are closed, but it is light outside.
Vesta, a tabby cat, loafing on a green, crochet, cat-sized sofa later in the day.  She is having a good sniff in the corner.
Ellie Kennard
2 weeks ago

Did you call?

Zaz is ready for the day, I hope you all have a great #tabbytuesday , friends.

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A young tabby cat with short curly hair is lying in the arm of someone wearing a sweatshirt. She is looking off to the right with one back paw raised and a front paw on the hand of the person.

Good GMT morning ☀️ Here’s Harley helping with the laundry while combining #ToeBeanTuesday with #TongueOutTuesday 🥰 Hope you all have a nice #TabbyTuesday! #CatsOfMastodon

My late tabby boy Harley lying atop a drying rack standing on my balcony. It’s covered in clothes making it a good platform to lie on. It’s a sunny day and he’s clearly enjoying himself as he’s washing his left front paw between the beans. Trivia: In Danish we call them “stepping pillows”. He’s so concentrated that he’s going cross eyed. He’s a dark tabby with green eyes, an orange nose, a white beard and whiskers.

Hanging out with neighbor Molly. Happy (belated) #tabbytuesday!

#blackcat #caturdayeveryday

A tabby cat (Molly) sitting on her porch looking through the railing at a black cat (Yams) laying (catloaf) on the grass in front of her. in dappled sunlight.

Feeling my #CatMojo this morning & did some zoomies. Also bossed Betty around some too. #TabbyCat #Stevie #TabbyTuesday

Tabby Cat Stevie up on his indoor climber next to the china cabinet.

Buddy doing the Michelangelo 👈♥️ #TabbyTuesday #ToeBeanTuesday #CatsOfMastodon

My late tabby boy Buddy lying on the windowsill reaching down with his right paw to touch the right paw of my black girl cat who’s loafing in her radiator bed underneath him.
Ellie Kennard
3 weeks ago

Happy Caturday everyone!

Zaz wonders if you want a coffee on this lovely morning
I hope you all have a great weekend FediFriends, whether it's a long one for you or not.

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A slender bodied brown and black tabby cat with short curly hair has turned her head over her shoulder to look at something. She is sitting on the top of a coffee machine, because it's warm, next to a couple of blue and white fat coffee cups. There is various kitchen paraphenalia in the background.

I almost missed the Tabbying and Toebeaning of the Tuesday. Almost! #TabbyTuesday #ToeBeanTuesday #CatsOfMastodon

My late tabby boy Buddy lying on his side on a green duvet. All of his legs are stretched out and touching each other. His hind legs are way out though, showing his big beautiful black toe beans. He has a silly smile on his face and his eyes are closed. He’s a brown tabby with a white beard.
Meow :verified:
1 month ago
Jessica F. McGrath
2 months ago

This happens with surprising frequency in my household. #CatsOfMastodon #TabbyTuesday

A woman is sitting cross-legged on a bed next to a computer. An orange and white tabby cat is standing in her lap, and her keyboard has been balanced on top of her head for safety.
Catherine Schmidt
2 months ago

Tabby Tuesday. Lilly, tabby and white on her back, front paws hanging, eyes shut tight.
#tabbytuesday #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #catsofthefediverse #alttext

Tabby Tuesday.  Lilly, tabby and white on her back, front paws hanging, eyes shut tight.

Young Harley and perhaps a bit too bright a flash.. 😵 #TongueOutTuesday #CatsOfMastodon #TabbyTuesday

Close-up of 6 months old tabby Harley. His ears are half of his face, his mouth is a little open, revealing the tip of his tongue. His eyes are tightly closed together because of the camera flash. He looks very cute.
Catherine Schmidt
2 months ago

Lilly, tabby and white, sitting in a wing backed chair of cream and pale aqua floral print. Sitting up with front legs over the arm of the chair looking sideways. Window with photos on the window sill in the background.
#tabbytuesday #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #catsofthefediverse #catsoffediverse #Cats

Lilly, tabby and white, sitting in a wing backed chair of cream and pale aqua floral print.  Sitting up with front legs over the arm of the chair looking sideways.  Window with photos on the window sill in the background.

#TabbyTuesday Just me n mom butler staff out on the #Catio tonight. #Stevie #CatsOfMastodon

Night time on the catio

Dang, I almost forgot it’s #TabbyTuesday 😳 #CatsOfMastodon

My late tabby boy Harley lying on the back of a sofa looking startled. But not enough to give up his lazy position. He has green eyes, a white chin, and white whiskers. Behind him is a framed picture of a painting of the 1980s Battle Cat toy; The artist is Robert Burden.

I spent the whole day out in my new luxurious grass bed on my Catio. It was a great day too. First there was sun, then some clouds, and finally a little spring 🌧️ rain with some low rumbling thunder. It smelled wonderful. #TabbyTuesday #CatsOfMastogon

Stevie, a Classic Tabby cat lounging in his cat grass bed.

Catching up on some missed 💤 sleep. I love my new Kitty Cubbies out on my #Catio. #CatsOfMastodon #TabbyTuesday #Cats

Tabby Cat napping.
Napping Classic Tabby cat.
A Classic Tabby cat napping in his Catio cubbies

Hope you have a nice #TabbyTuesday ☀️ #CatsOfMastodon

My late tortie tabby girl, Emmy, walking towards you. Photo taken slightly from below and the background is completely white so her patterns and green eyes really pop. She’d had a rough life and really enjoyed her remaining years with me.
5 months ago

I've heard people say that today is #TongueOutTuesday and others say that it is #TabbyTuesday, so why not both?

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

Sumie a grey classic tabby yawning very wide and giving a great view of her tongue.
Vincent a striped tabby licking his own nose.
Lydia a grey striped tabby is lapping water pouring from a faucet, while Primrose the striped tabby is half in the sink and Vincent the striped tabby is glaring at the camera.
Primrose the striped tabby sitting on a sink with her mouth wide open as she licks her cheek after drinking from the sink. Lydia the grey striped tabby is behind her.

I've had a busy #TabbyTuesday out on the Catio #Today. #CatNapping now in my cozy bed & a fleece blankie. Got a ☀️ sun puddle going on too. How's your day progressing? 🐱

A Classic Tabby cat napping in his bed by the window with his green fleece blankie.

I'm really loving my grass bed #Today 😻! If anyone else has tried to make a grass bed for their cat, we'd like to see what worked for you. #CatsOfMastodon #TabbyTuesday #ClassicTabby #Spring #CatGrass #Catification

A Classic Tabby cat lounging in his Catio grass bed.

Zaz says happy #Caturday everyone. Enjoy the sun while it shines.

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A young tabby cat with large ears that look pink with the sunlight shining through is sitting upright on a window ledge. There is an african violet plant on one side of her and a couple of rosemary plants on the other side. It is a kitchen window as the tap is in front of the windowsill. Outside we see trees, bushes and a drive. It is very sunny.
6 months ago

@2ndNatureDev Here was our Old vs. New situation three years ago. Zoe was not initially fond of the kittens, but she was hopelessly outnumbered, and they all absolutely adored her.

#TabbyTuesday #Cats #CatsOfMastodon

A clip of Zoe, an elderly classic tabby, on a couch with a smaller tabby kitten. She snarls and grabs the kitten in a headlock (while the kitten seems unperturbed).
Zoe the classic tabby gave up fighting and now just has her paw around the kitten's head.
Zoe the classic tabby looking grumpy as now two tabby kittens are snuggled up around her, one using the other as a pillow.
Zoe the classic tabby having given up and gone to sleep with the two tabby kittens cuddling her.

Espresso anyone?
Zaz is making it today as we have the day off. Enjoy your #caturday , my catty friends.
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A small curly coated tabby cat is lying on top of a stainless steel espresso machine. There are round holes on the top and two white espresso cups beside where she is letting. She is looking at us. Behind her there is kitchen paraphernalia and a reflection of the outside in a fridge glass door, with a snowy scene and trees. It has a warm atmosphere to the photo.
AndyHagon :android:
6 months ago

Mack taking a break between zoomies 😸

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6 months ago

When you wake up in the middle of the night and wonder why you can't move.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #TabbyTuesday

A view from a person in bed taking a photo with a flash in the middle of the night looking down at their legs under the blanket. There are three striped tabby cats lined up along their left side (all facing away from the camera), and one large tabby cat up against their legs on the right side (turned toward the camera with one eye half-open).
6 months ago

Lydia's #TabbyTuesday contribution.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon

A grey striped tabby on her back on a bench with her paws up in the air, one arm reaching forward and obscuring her face except for one eye peeking out.

It's a dreary, grey and rainy #TabbyTuesday. No #Catio time for me. 😿Instead I've been zooming all my window seats watching 🐿️squirrels 🐦‍⬛and birds. Now, I'm tired. #ClassicTabby #Cats #CatNap #CatsOfMastodon

A Classic Tabby cat close up of Stevie The Cat sleeping in his green fleece bed. The wall behind him is a light green.
Laura E. Hall
9 months ago

Kitty nose, kitty toes

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #TabbyTuesday

A tabby cat sits on top of her cat tree, just peeking over the edge. Her toes dangle off of the other edge