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That's the area of #NTU University in #Taipei - look at the huge number of shared bike stations! #ubike #Taiwan

11 hours ago

"Visiting" my old #uBike "home" station in #Guting #Taipei #Taiwan 😢
Miss that country a lot right now

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@pallenberg @Fripi @republica

Moin aus OL nach #Taipei und habt alle einen wunderschönen Tag!👍 🍀 🎈

Es kommt ja nicht so oft vor, dass man Besuch aus Deutschland (bzw Japan) bekommt. Der @Fripi war heute in #Taipei und wir haben zusammen mit seiner Taiwanischen Freundin Doris veganen Lunch gehabt. Und das Jahre nachdem wir uns das letzte Mal auf der @republica gesehen haben.

Moin #Mastodon und euch einen gesunden Start in diesen Mittwoch.

Gruppenselfie. Doris ganz rechts, in der Mitte der Nils und ich ganz links. Wir sitzen um einen Mittagstisch
The Japan Times
4 days ago

Baseball legend Sadaharu Oh threw out the ceremonial first pitch Saturday at the newly completed Taipei Dome on the eve of the venue's first international game. #baseball #taipei #taiwan #sadaharuoh

Accidental treasure find at a #vinyl shop in #Taipei!
#Cake #ProlongingTheMagic

An unopened vinyl of the "Prolonging The Magic" album by Cake

Today I made (good?) use of my T-pass by collecting all of the Airport MRT station stamps. These are definitely cuter than the standard MRT stamps.

#Taiwan #taipei #publictransport #publictransit

1 week ago
1 week ago

Crypto Trading Firm Kronos Research Offers 10% Bounty to Hacker - Kronos Research was hacked in mid-November via stolen API keys, with the attacker making ... - #woonetwork #markets #taipei #taiwan #news #defi #hack

The maple trees beside Qingtiangang Visitor Centre are putting on a show and the foggy gloom is only making it more spectacular.
#Taiwan #Taipei #YangmingshanNationalpark #autumn #autumnleaves #fall #fallcolors #nature #maple #naturephotography

Entspannte Atmosphaere im Yangmingshan National Park in Taiwan.

Moin #Mastodon und euch einen gesunden Start in die neue Woche. Aus der Abteilung "Naherholungsgebiet" und vor den Toren Taipeis. In knapp 30 Minuten bin ich da & kann solche Momente geniessen 😍

#Taiwan #Taipei

Im Vordergrund Gruen/ Uferbewachsung, davor ein Teich bzw. kleiner See von dessen linker Seite von ca. 9 Uhr, quer Richtung 12 Uhr eine Bruecke geht auf der einige Besucher:innen stehen. Im Hintergrund Berge und Huegel, die alle dicht bewachsen sind.
2 weeks ago

Happened to witness the openair #gym culture at #ElephantMountain as well back in 2018. #Taiwan #Taipei

2 weeks ago

'The Invention of Bubble Tea'

"n 1987, a tea shop in #Taiwan named Chun Shui Tang began selling pearl milk tea, or bubble tea, as it’s often called.

It would revolutionise the tea-drinking world.

Ben Henderson speaks to Liu Han-Chieh, the shop owner, and Lin Xiuhu, who first added the drink’s signature tapioca balls."

#BubbleTea #Tea #History #Taipei #BBC #WitnessHistory

A T Beaune 唐博訥
2 weeks ago

Feeling thankful—and seen! Viewers share their personal responses after a screening of ‘Melodia’ 梅樂蒂.


The Experimental, Dance & Music Film Festival, based in Toronto and Los Angeles, seeks films that stretch the boundaries of approach and form in cinematic storytelling. ‘Melodia’ has been awarded top honours for Best Short Film!

Congratulations to our cast and crew in Taiwan, and many thanks to our friends in North America for their kind encouragement!

梅樂蒂 : 本短片採迴旋曲式結構
A T Beaune Creations
with f/Lash Productions

陳羿安 Yi-An Chen as Mel
翁重華 Chung Hua Weng, piano
艾倫咚 Aaron Don Don
哆啦囉 Dora Lo
田雨璇 Anna Tian
阿曼 Manav Mehta
余宗翰 Hank Yu
陳佳琳 Jia Lin Chen

故事和方向 story and direction
唐博訥 A T Beaune

攝影師 director of photography
范樂怡 Laticia Fan

本片攝於台灣 filmed in Taiwan

#melodia #shortfilm #taiwan #taipei #yianchen #aarondondon #doralo #annatian #manavmehta #hankyu #jialinchen #chunghuaweng #atbeaune #laticiafan #lashfilms #timelinestudio #music #beethoven250

November in Taipei sind einfach grandios. Foto in Richtung des 101 im Xinyi-Distrikt und das bei 24 Grad.

Moin #Mastodon und euch einen gesunden Start in diesen Donnerstag!

#Taipei #Taiwan #Taipei101

Foto des Taipei 101 Wolkenkratzers umrahmt von gruenen Baeumen. Wolkenloser, blauer Himmel

In Deutschland unvorstellbar: Fahrraeder auf dem Buergersteig und es gibt keinen Stress. Also die fahren da auch noch tatsaechlich rum 😱

Moin #Mastodon und euch einen gesunden Start in diesen Dienstag. Mit ein wenig mehr Ruecksicht ist eine #Verkehrswende gar nicht mal so kompliziert.

#Taipei #Taiwan #NTU

Links eine Strasse, dann eine Reihe Baeume und ein breiter Buergersteig. Links davon eine Reihe mit Dockingstationen fuer Leihraeder. Auf dem Buergersteig viele Menschen. Ganz rechts Palmen
2 weeks ago

A majority of #Taiwanese do not view the #USA as a “#trustworthy” country, a recent #survey has found, despite most respondents saying they believe in Washington’s security commitment to the island.

The annual survey by #NationalChengchiUniversity in #Taipei found that only 34% of those polled agreed that the US is a trustworthy country, holding steady from last year when the figure fell to 34% from 43.4% in 2021.

#AsianMastodon #TootSEA #Taiwan #geopolitics

#Taipei hat mich zu einem "Ansteller" werden lassen!

Moin #Mastodon und euch einen gesunden Start in die neue Woche. Heute Mittag... eine halbe Stunde bevor "Ajito Ramen" offiziell oeffnete.

Anstehen entschleunigt wunderbar & am Ende diese meditativen Uebung gibt es noch eine Belohnung. Herrlich!

Selfie von mir vor einem Ramen-Restaurant. Hinter mir stehen bereits ein halbes Dutzend Kunden in der Schlange. Daneben ein runtergelassenes Rolltour und links noch ein Lieferwagen.

Some more photos from this walk. I couldn’t get over just how pretty all these colours were.

#Taiwan #photography #NaturePhotography #Taipei #green #hiking #adventure #walking

A hiker walks along a narrow trail. To the left, a vertical fern and moss covered rockface towers above her and to the right, a more gently sloping rock face is also decked with ferns.
A vibrant fern leaf. The centre of the leaf is a lush green but the tips have turned orange.
Fish peer out of a mottled and dirty tank. The photo looks almost abstract, but if I were to zoom out, would show the tank embedded in the roadside wall of a rural house.
A person walks down a gently zig zagging trail through a once-farmed bamboo grove that appears to no longer be farmed. The ground is littered with dead orange bamboo leaves.
Florian Kriechbaumer
1 month ago

The world's most dangerous festival, UFO houses, lanterns in the sky, and more - all in my latest blog post:

#taiwan #photography #travel #travelblog #fotos #omsystem #taipei

David on Formosa
1 month ago

Vice President and DPP presidential candidate Lai Ching-te (賴清德) attended Taiwan's annual Pride Parade held in Taipei today. The parade attracted over 150,000 participants

Report by @brian_hioe:

#Taiwan #Taipei #LGBT #DPP

Lai Ching-te with a rainbow towel around his neck surrounded by other members of the DPP with rainbow flags and banners
Group of people including Lai Ching-te behind a rainbow coloured DPP banner and with rainbow flags
David on Formosa
1 month ago

A stone plaque in Nanjing West Road in Taipei marks the site of the incident on 27 February 1947 that set off the events of 228 Massacre. An uprising by the Taiwanese people against Chinese Nationalist rule was brutally suppressed. The death toll is estimated at 18,000 to 28,000

#Taiwan #Taipei #history

A stone plaque in a Taipei street marks the site of the flashpoint of the 228 Massacre
Plaque at 183 Nanjing West Road in Taipei on the site of the incident
Text of the plaque in Chinese characters and English
Text of the plaque in English
David on Formosa
1 month ago

Tery Gou (郭台銘) has shop fronts set up in various locations around Taiwan to collect signatures to nominate for the presidential election. The photos in this post were taken in Taipei. Gou claims to have already collected the 290,000 signatures required but the signature drive continues

#Taiwan #TaiwanElection #Taipei

Shop front with signs promoting Terry Gou's big for the presidential election
Large photo of Terry Gou and Tammy Lai with flags of Terry Gou beside it
Shop front in Taipei advertising Terry Gou's bid for the presidential election
David on Formosa
2 months ago

Morning coffee at Cama Café

#Taiwan #Taiwanderful #Taipei #Coffee #cafe

Interior of Cama Café in Taipei. It has wooden tables and benches with a manga style drawing of people making and drinking coffee in the background
Coffee roasting equipment in Cama Café in Taipei

Ab und zu muss man ja auch vom "richtigen" in den Asphalt-Dschungel.

Frei nach Bob Marley: "In this here concrete jungle
I say, what do you got for me, now?"

Moin #Mastodon und euch einen gesunden Start in diesen Mittwoch mit Impressionen aus dem Xinyi-Distrikt in #Taipei

Skyline mit verschiedenen Hochhaeuser in Taipei, Taiwan vor einem blauen Himmel mit einigen Wolken
Skyline mit verschiedenen Hochhaeuser in Taipei, Taiwan vor einem blauen Himmel mit einigen Wolken
Skyline mit verschiedenen Hochhaeuser in Taipei, Taiwan vor einem blauen Himmel mit einigen Wolken
Ein in sich gewundenes Hochhaus Taipei, Taiwan vor einem blauen Himmel mit einigen Wolken

#Verkehrswende in #Taipei

Einfach mal in den letzten gut 10 Jahren den Hauptstrassen rechts und links Fahrspuren wegnehmen, Buergersteige breiter machen, Radwege anlegen & an jedem 2. Block eine Leihrad-Station platzieren.

Moin #Mastodon und euch einen gesunden Start in diesen Dienstag!

Klingt doch gar nicht so kompliziert, oder?

ganz rechts eine Hauptstrasse mit Autos, dann eine Allee Baeume, dann ein extrem breiter Buergersteig mit Radweg, Fussgaenger- und Radfahrer:innen und links davon Radstationen, die alle leer sind, gefolgt von einer hohen Hecke. Dahinter Baeume
2 months ago

Cool playground! #Taipei

George Yang
2 months ago

Pattern from a sliding door of a reconstructed old Japanese house in Taipei

#pattern #photography #travel #Taiwan #taipei #台灣 #旅遊

Pattern from a sliding door of an old Japanese house

Hach Sonnenaufgaenge!

Moin #Mastodon und euch einen gesunden Start in diesen Dienstag.

#Taiwan #Taipei #Wenshan

Der klassische Ausblick aus meinem Schlafzimmer. Hochbahn und Haeuser links, mittig eine Strasse, rechts dicht bewaldet und im Hintergrund die Berge.

Tim Mak
3 months ago

And the Australian Defense Forces are increasing their personnel size by 30 percent by 2040.

In the meantime, the small Ukrainian community in #Taiwan is eagerly building ties of solidarity.

Two days a week, in front of the Russian diplomatic office in #Taipei, you’ll find a man named Alex Khomenko waving a Ukrainian flag, raising money for humanitarian relief.

A typhoon had just passed by recently – which Alex embraces simply as “good flag-waving weather.”

Tim Mak
3 months ago

Good morning to readers; Taipei remains in Taiwanese hands.

Concerned citizens here are training for a worst-case scenario: #Chinese invasion.

And we bring you a story of a Ukrainian in #Taipei, who won't stop protesting outside Russia's office.

Read at

This week, I had a second go at collecting every single one of the Taipei MRT station stamps in one day.

What are station stamps? Many places in Taiwan (museums, railway stations, temples, even some restaurants), have unique rubber stamps that visitors can ink up and collect in a notebook. If you hunt around every MRT station in Taipei, you’ll find one. They’re usually kept close to the ticket barriers nearest the staffed help desk, and most are located outside the ticket barriers in the unpaid area of the station.

When the new TPass (a travel pass which gives you access to all MRT stations, train stations, buses and YouBikes across Taipei, New Taipei, Keelung and Taoyuan for NT$1200/month) was released, I decided to try and visit every single MRT station in one day. I failed. But that first attempt made me even more sure that it was possible, and determined to give it a second shot.

So that’s how I spent my day off this week. 
It took me almost exactly 17 hours to collect every single stamp, and in the process of doing so, I travelled over 180km. It is not something I am ever planning on doing again. (But I’ve heard there will be a new stop on the red line in the not too distant future…)

#Taipei #MRT #metro #TaipeiMRT #台北捷運 #Travel #TravelTaiwan #TravelChallenge #StampCollecting #VisitTaiwan #PublicTransport #PublicTransportation #PublicTransit #travelblogger #TravelTheWorld

This is the cumulative efforts of yesterday’s attempt to collect as many MRT station stamps as possible. I got 106 unique stamps out of a total of 122. I was unable to collect the final 3 on the yellow line, and 13 on the orange line. I also skipped the light rail stations.

For anyone who is so inclined, I think it is possible to collect all in one day provided that you make sure you’re at the starting terminal station of wherever you’re beginning at opening time and take provisions with you.

#Taiwan #Taipei #Metro #MRT #MTR #travel #transport #PublicTransport #PublicTransportation #trains #TrainTravel #TravelChallenge #Stamps #StampCollecting #City #CityLife #CityLiving #台灣 #台北

We went for a night hike this weekend and I did a bit of dicking around with my camera. Lucky that my other half is both very obliging of my requests and also able to stand as still as a statue.
#Taiwan #NightView #Photography #Taipei

Moin #Mastodon und euch einen gesunden Start in diesen Dienstag.

Ich bin endlich wieder in #Taipei aufgewacht und das bei knackigen (gefuehlten) 41 Grad um 9 Uhr am Morgen 😱

Ihr koennt echt 3 Kreuze in eure Kalender machen, dass es in Deutschland nicht so eine extreme Luftfeuchtigkeit gibt.

Screenshot einer Wetterapp, die fuer Taipei 32 Grad, aber auch gefuehlte 41 anzeigt
5 months ago

The next major WordPress event in Asia will be held at the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC) in Taipei, Taiwan

WordCamp Asia 2024 is scheduled for March 7-9 2024

#wcasia2024 #wcasia #wordcampasia #wordpress #wordcamp #opensource #developer #foss #conference #event #wordpressevent #taipei #taiwan #asia

2024 WordPress WordCamp Asia will be held in Taipei Taiwan March 7, 8, 9 2024

Nice! #Taiwan 🇹🇼 extends its trial visa-free entry to Filipinos 🇵🇭 until 31 July 2024. This was the news I was waiting so that there's a huge chance that I can attend #WikidataCon happening in October in #Taipei.

Cc: @wikimediaDE @wikimediatw @wikidata #Wikidata #Philippines @pinoy

5 months ago

Speaking of meta-#photography: taking a selfie at the selfie statue in #Ximen, #Taipei back in early April. It's been a while. Off to #Taiwan again in 3 months time! #travel

Raspberry Pi :raspberrypi:
6 months ago


At the 38th meetup of this #Taipei-based Raspberry Pi meetup group, the topics are IoT, version control, and augmented reality.

Taiten from Canonical will speak about fast version iteration and application deployment through Snap packages on Raspberry Pi. And Tony Lin from MEGA1 will speak about the possibility of using #RaspberryPi for augmented reality applications.

Date, time, etc:

⚪ Ein "Kurz vor Wochenende"...
🟤 A "short before weekend"...
Favorite photo.
📷 by Artist: #BillyDeee in Loc.: #Taipei Bridge #Sanchung Taiwan 🇹🇼 - Title: "The morning Rush" (Scooter Waterfall) - #Streetart #Art #Mastoart #Mobility #Photography #Fotografie ➡️ #APhotoLove

Photography. A color photo of a bridge in Taiwan. It shows a wall of infinite people with helmets on motorcycles close together. The faces are not recognizable, except for a single old lady open visor, who looks a little pinched in the direction of the camera.
Info: The Photograph about this Foto:
Known as the "Scooter Waterfall of Taipei," the waterfall of motorcycles cascades down the Taipei Bridge from Sanchung every day at rush hour in overwhelming volume and somber beauty. In a city of more than 13 million motorcycles, nowhere does the volume of Taipei's most popular mode of transportation feel more real than when this cavalcade races forward in lockstep in a literal wall of motorcycles.
Coordinates and camera infos:
N 25° 03' 46.0178"
E 121° 30' 40.3455"
Photo taken with:
Sony Alpha 7R III
Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS III USM Lens
Quinn Dombrowski
6 months ago

Since #SUCHO it's impossible to not be impressed by the #Taipei #airport. Every gate in the transfer zone at least is deeply themed with some environmental or cultural heritage theme. To the point of impracticality even: traditional canoes or reimagined bird nests instead of chairs and chargers. But given the stakes it's hard to be cranky, even sitting on a pseudo rock. #CulturalHeritage

Pseudo rock searing at a gate at the Taipei airport
A traditional indigenous canoe and info panels about indigenous peoples of Taiwan
An ox statue covered in traditional and modern designs

Today I had planned to catch the sunrise, but I ended up seeing something far rarer: a Brocken spectre. This divine phenomenon only occurs in quite specific atmospheric conditions. The viewer has to be in a position where they are higher than the clouds with strong sunlight shining down behind them. I had been hoping to see one for years.

#BrockenSpectre #Magic #Taiwan #Taipei #Nature #View

A rainbow halo outlines a vague figure in a misty landscape.
Raspberry Pi :raspberrypi:
7 months ago

lín-hó #Taipei!

At the 37th meetup of this Taipei-based #RaspberryPi meetup group, they will share a case study using Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4. They'll also discuss Node-RED and the Raspberry Pi Global Shutter Camera.

More details:

Gilly 🐈
8 months ago

Mit einem Foto von #taipei101 beende ich erst mal meinen Foto-Reihe aus #Taipeh. Ich möchte auf jeden Fall noch mal nach #taiwan 🇹🇼 um den Rest der Insel zu erkunden 🥰
Shot on #LeicaQ2

❤️@ Instagram: 🙏

#photography #nightphotography #leica #taipei

Das Bild zeigt eine Frau, die vor einer kleinen Gasse mit einem Restaurant läuft. Im Hintergrund ist der berühmte Wolkenkratzer Taipei 101 zu sehen.

Good night from #Taipei

Famous side ally in Taipei, Taiwan that shows some red lanterns in front of an Izakaya restaurant on the right, parked cars on the left and the mighty Taipei 101 skyscraper in the background

If you’re a sakura seeker, now is a good time to visit Shilin, Lane 42, Pingjing Street (平菁街42巷). The cherry trees are heavy with delicate pink blooms.

#Taiwan #taipei #cherryblossom #sakura

A mass of baby-pink cherry blossom.
Several branches bearing cherry blossom against the backdrop of distant hills.
Three fallen cherry blossoms held in a hand.

Time for an #Introduction. I’m a founder, engineer, and generalist from #SanFrancisco and sometimes #Taipei. #HongKong born, high school and fam in #MN, college and grad school in Pittsburgh.

I work mostly with #iOS, #Swift, and still use a decent amount of #Ruby.

I’m a serious #runner and race for @excelsior_rc, also a #photographer, #snowboarder, #coffee and #denim enthusiast, #pianist.

I live with my awesome wife, 2 boys, and Hana the #AustralianLabradoodle in #InnerRichmond.