Jo Rhodes
37 minutes ago

@Syulang got relatives in #Tasmania and appalling stuff going on there too under the banner of allegedly 'sustainable' forestry which is anything but that..

Larena Woodmore
17 hours ago

I hadn't seen a Giant Freshwater Crayfish for 2 months, which is a bit unusual. However, yesterday I found this medium-sized one turning rocks over & snacking on whatever was underneath (probably plant-matter).

Just look at those colours!

#Tasmania #Crayfish #GiantFreshwaterCrayfish #AstacopsisGouldi #Waterways #Creeks #Nature #Invertebrates

Photo of a medium-sized (20cm including claws) Giant Freshwater Crayfish in a shallow creek, below a fern frond.

The crayfish is side-on, slightly facing the camera and has an aged copper appeatance, with colours ranging from bright reddish-orange, turquoise, dark olive and brown. Its claws are held out and have a row of small white spines down each side.

On the top of its head, between the eyes is a thin ridge that is the identifying feature of this species.
2 days ago

Daylight Savings starts for #ACT #Canberra #NSW #Victoria #Tasmania #SA this Sunday.

Daylight saving is not observed in Queensland, the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Christmas Island or the Cocos (Keeling) Islands.

2 days ago

Gardening question

We have put a trellis up at the side of our house to keep wallabies out of our garden. But we want to cover the trellis with an evergreen climbing plant.

Could anyone suggest a climber that would look good to the side of our house? The photo shows our house a couple months back in northern Tasmania and the trellis is on the left hand side.

#gardening #help #tasmania #australia

Light blue house with dark blue at the base. Google view arrows sit on the lawn while a white door is to the left
2 days ago

I was lucky enough to see Violet Coral fungi for the first time at the weekend. This was in Liffey Forest, Tasmania

#tasmania #lutruwita #mushtodon #fungi #purple #mushrooms #forest #nature

Growing out of mossy ground with dead leaves and twigs around, a purple mass of coral shaped arms stretch out. Each arm ends  in a split, as if the arms are all pointing in the same direction
Larena Woodmore
4 days ago

It's triceratops season! No, not dinosaurs - Chiglottis triceratops is a tiny species of orchid that grows in Tasmanian forests.

There are any more plants in the forest this year than I saw last year, and they're just starting to flower.

#Tasmania #TasmanianForest #Orchids #Florespondence #Nature

Photo of a small orchid growing in leaf litter,  taken from above.

It has two leaves, opposite one-another and a single flower facing straight upwards. The simple flower is green with reddish streaks.

It has three petals, one held out to each side, and the third looks like a tongue sticking out. This even has what look like 15 dark pink tastebuds in the middle. In front of these is a shiny dark purple dot. There is a lid-like sepal over the top and two long ones sticking out from under the 'tongue'.
Photo of another Chiglottis triceratops. This one is taken from the side and shows its long stem growing from between the two leaves. This one's stem is three times as long as most I've found.

This photo shows the outside of the petals, which are a lot more red than the inside, and there's a purple band around the top of the stem.
Dave Dawkins
4 days ago

Wooden slats in variegated lighting.
#photography #Tasmania #Australia

These are a series of wooden planks being used as an outdoor divider at Cataract Gorge in Launceston, photographed around midday.
4 days ago

I moved to Tasmania 14 months ago and I'm really happy here. We moved to a small town in the north of the island in the beautiful Tamar Valley. Our little town has everything you'd need, except a country pub.

Well that changes this Friday as a new pub opens in Beaconsfield, Tasmania 🙂

#tasmania #lutruwita #pub

Big Bite Dutch Treats
6 days ago

Breakfast/ morning tea is ready!
Today at the Don Market, 17 Forth rd, until 2pm or sold out.
Next week Sunday the Exeter Market is back!!
#dutch #tas #tasmania #food #australia

Customer with Dutch hot chocolate and boterkoek at the Don market - Big Bite Dutch Treats
King River Press
6 days ago

Great news! 民句 folk ku journal Issue 1 has now been deposited with Libraries Tasmania. They have 2 copies; one is the legal deposit for reference purposes and the other is on shelf for members to borrow. We are now open for submissions and are going through them as they come in. I'll be carrying out acceptances over the the weekend for anybody who submitted this week. Submissions close October 15 😃 #haiku #senryu #tanka #submissions #Tasmania #KingrRiverPress #folkku

Hsin-Hao Yu
6 days ago

I found another analemmatic sundial. This one was at Queen Victoria Museum, Launceston, Tasmania. #sundial #tasmania

1 week ago

Tonight I had a bizarre experience. Our local chess club was asked to give a display at a local festival which I thought would be for kids.

Instead we were on a stage in a comedy/variety tent. I had to compere trying to make chess games entertaining 😂 😂

The act we followed was a scantily clad hula hoop performer. 😳 😂

#chess #comedy #tasmania #lutruwita

A wooden chess board with the pieces set up on a table. The pieces are throwing shadows from the stage lights
I Like Books
1 week ago

"A team of Scandinavian researchers has recovered messenger and micro RNA from a Tasmanian tiger specimen kept in a museum collection.

It’s the first-ever collection of RNA from an extinct creature in history, an achievement long sought after in the study of extinct species and for other applications.

The Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine, was truly unique for an apex predator. This large predatory marsupial was king among Tasmanian forests which remain largely intact since its extinction 130 years ago.

For this reason, the potential resurrection of the thylacine has received a lot of attention, as it would immediately solve many problems facing the balance of the Tasmanian ecosystem without the complexities of trying to replace the apex predator role with a non-native animal."

#GoodNews #Tasmania #TasmanianTiger #Australia #Extinct #RNA

1 week ago

Today I was working in a rural school in northern Tasmania, so I went for a walk to some nearby Falls afterwards to enjoy some late afternoon sunshine.

Lilydale Falls were flowing well. The view from below the Falls was great, but so was the water at the top about to join the cascades

#waterfall #tasmania #lutruwita #nature #photography

Strong white cascading water flowing over brown rocks with some moss. There are small rivulets away from the main flow, and the sun is brightening leafy trees at the top of the Falls
Water flowing to the edge of a waterfall with one white faster stream in the middle. Over the waterfall is a slightly blurred background with fern trees evident
1 week ago

I was looking at this DALL-E 3 example from the prompt "A modern architectural building with large glass windows, situated on a cliff overlooking a serene ocean at sunset." (

Looks rather a lot like somebody's photo of Cape Hauy, don't you think? #tasmania (Example cropped from

A crop from one of the images generated by DALL-E three - in the background high rocky cliffs topped by thick green scrub undulate against a calm ocean.
A crop of a real photo of Cape Hauy, a location in Tasmania with rocky cliffs over the ocean and thick green scrub.
Ferdi Magellan says YES
1 week ago

#BrisbaneFestival #Theatre #HideTheDog #Māori #Noongar

Starts tonight.

“A world premiere showing at QPAC’s Cremorne theatre from Thursday September 21 to Thursday September 23, Hide the Dog highlights the power of First Nations’ culture, following a journey of two besties Niarra and Te Umuroa, who while out playing in the bush, just another day in paradise, glimpse what can only be the world’s last Tasmanian Tiger. Dodging hunters, Niarra and Te Umuroa set sail for Aotearoa to hide their new friend. But hunters aren’t the only ones on this Tiger’s tail. They’ll have to outwit Māori gods and palawa spirits to save their furry friend.

“This Performing Lines production is directed by Isaac Drandic (Noongar) on a rich sound design by Maaka McGregor and stunning costumes by Sabio Evans. Co-written by Tasmanian playwright Nathan Maynard (pakana) and Aotearoa writer Jamie McCaskill (Māori), Hide the Dog is a truly trans-Tasman creation boasting a heart-warming tale, and is a celebration of true friendship that intrepid explorers of all ages will delight in. If you’re looking for a family-friendly outing – it’s right here! Tickets are $35 and can be purchased at the QPAC website.

#Brisbane #Aotearoa #Tasmania #Yes23

Narrelle M. Harris
1 week ago

If any of you are in Tasmania nearish the Huon Valley on 26 October, you're very welcome to the launch of Murder, You Wrote, an interactive mystery (to which I contributed a chapter).

The launch is part of the Terror Australis readers and writers festival, and the book will be launched by Ann Cleves (of Vera and Shetland fame).

The event details are here on FB:

Let us know if you can come!

@bookstodon #AnnCleves #crime #BookLaunch #Tasmania

Dave Holland
1 week ago

While people were evacuated last night from our favourite holiday spot (#ColesBay) on #Tasmania’s east coast due to fires, we (down south) received 26mm of rain in the last 24 hours and 49mm in the last 4 days. It is now 7.3oC and ‘feels like’ -0.3oC. 🤷🏼‍♂️


2 weeks ago

There's a long-suffering Tasmanian Blue Gum planted down the road from here which struggles along. About 60 metres shorter than this one (Article from Nov. 2022):
#TreesOfMastodon #Tasmania #BlueGum #TasmaniaBlueGum #Australia #Tree

2 weeks ago

On Sunday I saw a huge Brown Top Stringybark with a 3.5 metre diameter. Earlier this year I saw a whopper that was over 60 metres tall and about 400 years old. These huge messmates are among the biggest trees in Australia.

#thicktrunktuesday #trees #tasmania #lutruwita

Tall tree silhouetted against a sunny background. The trunk is long with branches only near the top. It dwarfs the other trees around it which are perhaps 30-40 metres tall but with much thinner trunks

Ep 67 is out, looking at the UNESCO World Heritage listed Maria Island.

🎧 🎧

From it's aboriginal heritage, to use as a convict and then industrial site, to it's present day national park status - a rich interesting history.

#AustralianHistory #OzHist #AustralianPodcast #History #convicts #AustralianStories #MariaIsland #Tasmania #ConvictsTasmania #NationalParks

Watercolour sketch of Darlington, Maria Island c1831 (Robert Neill) (Tas Archives)
Joshua Byrd
2 weeks ago

We went up the mountain this morning 🗻

#kunanyi #MtWellington #hobart #tasmania

Selfie on the mountain lookout.
Josh and Vada on top of a mountain.

The next AusHistPod episode will be all about Maria Island, a spectacular National Park with abundant natural beauty and a rich history. Plotting my own return visit as soon as possible. 🙂


📸 Tasmania National Parks Service
#AustralianHistory #OzHist #HistoryPodcast #History #MariaIsland #ConvictsTasmania #tasmania #AustralianStories

Cliffs full of fossil deposits
Historic brick building on hill overlooking bay
Ruins of brick wall from old convict settlement
2 weeks ago

Today we went to Liffey Forest Reserve where there is a beautiful walk to a magnificent tiered waterfall. The waterfall was wonderful, there were great fungi and lichen/moss, and some huge trees, including a 50 metre tall Stringybark with a 3.4 metre diameter.

But my favourite was very small. The forest has great stands of Sassafras and Tasmanian Myrtle Beech trees. Myrtle Beech can live for 500 years, so when I saw this baby growing from a mossy stump, I wondered whether it would outlive the human race.

#tasmania #lutruwita #trees #forest #climatechange #mosstodon

Tiny Myrtle Beech sapling with just a couple of branches and about 10 leaves growing out of a moss covered stump
Joshua Byrd
2 weeks ago

Take off time. See you soon #Tasmania 👋

Paris B-A
2 weeks ago
Prop plane doing aerial stuns
Prop plane doing aerial stuns
Prop plane doing aerial stuns
Prop plane doing aerial stuns
Larena Woodmore
2 weeks ago

I just checked one of the trailcams and found a video of a Tasmanian Devil!! This is very exciting because it's the first time we've seen one on our property.😃

#Tasmania #Wildlife #Nature #TasmanianDevil #Marsupial #Carnivore

Night vision (black and white) photo of a Tasmanian Devil, from the side, with its nose to the ground. It's black with a white line across its rump and another over its shoulder. Its tail is is slightly curled under and has bristly black fur and a bald patch along the underside.
Mike Honey
2 weeks ago

Here's the latest variant picture for Tasmania, Australia.

The "Deltacron" XAY.* variant (45%) has continued to dominate, the most success this variant has seen globally. The driving child lineage is GL.1.

#COVID19 #Tasmania #XAY #GL_1 #Deltacron @auscovid19

Joshua Byrd
2 weeks ago

Just hit midnight. Gonna read some Lovecraft Country then sleep. Last day of work tomorrow before 1 week off down in #Tasmania. Pretty excited.

Dave Dawkins
2 weeks ago

#Graffiti on the back of a gent's toilet door in Gowrie Park, #Tasmania:

"You," he said, "are a terribly real thing in a terribly false world. That is why you are in so much pain."

#hiking #Australia

Florian Kriechbaumer
3 weeks ago

I spent 10 days in July around the south of Tasmania in the hope to capture Aurora Australis with our home galaxy - this was the first night, and literally the only time the right conditions came together for about 20 minutes. A lot of sleepless nights with not many results followed 🤪.
You can also spot the Large Magellanic Cloud in the centre, and the purple Carina nebula on the top right.
#tasmania #milkyway #aurora #southernlights #astrophotography #omsystem

Aurora over the ocean with person in the middle
Thaiis Thei 𓁟
3 weeks ago


Dies anyone know whose babies these are?

#Tasmania #entomology #amphibians

A submerged cylindrical mucas like form with tiny creatures in it. Approximately 4 x 3 cm
Larena Woodmore
3 weeks ago

Pardy party time! The Striated Pardalotes have moved back into our upstairs walls for breeding season & will spend the next 6 months singing & dancing outside my study windows.

As they're so tiny and as any time some will be in the walls, some on a nearby tree and others out foraging for food I don't know how many there are but it's more than 10 and they sing their repetitive little song all day. 🎶🎶🎶It's lucky they're so adorable. 😂

#Tasmania #BirdsOfMastodon #Pardalotes #TinyBirds #Nature

Photo of a tiny bird standing on a thin branch with its back to the camera but head side-on, doing its breeding dance.

Its right wing is held out, showing thin black feathers with a white dot at the end of each, and yellow marks toward the shoulder. The left wing is held halfway out and the tail is splayed.

Its head has a short black beak, the eye is golden brown, the chin and front of eyebrow are bright yellow and the rest of the head has various black and white markings. its back is fawn-coloured.
Photo looking up at two striated pardaloted perching side-by-side in a lichen-covered tree. The undersides, which aren't visible in the previous photo are pale with brigh yellow highlighs that look like they have been sprayed on.
Closeup photo of another striated pardalote perching on my house's gutter, leaning forward so only the shoulders and upper body are visible.
Photo of another striated padalote, side-on and perching on a thin lichen-covered stick.

Its beak is slightly open, so it would have been singing at the time the photo was taken.
Dr. Anna Latour
3 weeks ago

So last week I told my colleague one of my favourite travel stories of all time.

He liked it, and encouraged me to write a blog post about, so here it is:

Now I am curious what awesome, unexpected and free thing others have experienced during their travels?

#StoryTime #Travel #Music #Cave #Caves #Australia #Tasmania #AcademicChatter #AcademicMastodon #Story

3 weeks ago

If I have to walk around urban areas, it's a pleasant surprise to see little quirks, like this sign which I'd walked past many times but only noticed yesterday.

#tasmania #lutruwita #history #LocalHistory #Launceston

Round wooden sign set in the floor in the shape of a barrel lid with the words: "This is the exact location and size of a brick well unearthed July 1978 during construction of this mall. The well supplied water to Richard Whites stables and the Launceston Hotel"
4 weeks ago

Moss spores were out in force on my walk yesterday.

#tasmania #lutruwita #mosstodon #moss

A small cluster of moss spores, on reddish stems with drooping green heads rising from moss on a tree stump
A tightly packed group of moss spores rising from moss on a fallen tree trunk
A huge colony of moss spores on a fallen tree, though the trunk can't be seen as it is completely covered in light green ferny moss. The spores are light green with orangy brown stems
Paris B-A
4 weeks ago

Phenomenally impressed with The Unconformity Festival’s inclusion and access material and plan… #Tasmania #Festival #Inclusion #Access

4 weeks ago

Spring Snowflakes with green fingernails show up well against wattle

#tasmania #flowers #bloomscrolling #silentsunday

Two White flowers hanging down like lampshades with green tips on their petals, in front of a cluster of bright yellow wattle pom poms
1 month ago

Europa at night.

From the Netherlands (originally from Germany, I believe) in Hobart, 2013

#ashipaday #hobart #tasmania #strangethingswithlights

Sailing ship berthed, with lights from the adjoining wharf building illuminate the masts and ringing in blue and white/yellow. Sips hull is  dark, showing as grey in the light. Water is dark. A small boat is picked out by the coloured light In the background, the lights of the far are visible.
Larena Woodmore
1 month ago

Today's most adorable visitor is this little Superb Fairy Wren.

These tiny birds travel in groups of 5 to 20ish hopping about & hunting for insects. When we cut fallen trees for firewood we leave all the spindly bits in piles, which the wrens love as a sheltered place full of insects. Wouldn't want to be eaten by yesterday's goshawk!

#Tasmania #TasmanianForest #Wren #BirdsOfMastodon #Nature

Photo of a tiny bird with long straight tail feathers, standing on a mossy rock. Its body is pale brown with fawn-coloured wings, a rusty brown ring around a black eye, orange legs and a little pointy orange beak.
Colin Chick
1 month ago

"Overcast, Undercast, Wandering Free"
Kangaroo Bay, Tasmania
#Sea #Nature #NauticalVessel #Sky #BodyOfWater #Outdoors #Cloud #Reflection #Tasmania #boat #yacht

Garth Coghlan
1 month ago

"Eat My Shadow" Linda Cockburn. 4 stars. Post-climate apocalypse in #HuonValley & #Hobart. Mostly believable (ex-PM was a caricature, and questionable lack of planning for expedition) with survivors being both humane & loving, but also merciless when called for. Unnerving to see local area in this light.

Reading time 7 days, 47 pages/day

#BookReview #Books #Bookstodon #BookWyrm #CliFi #SciFi #Tasmania

Book cover showing person and dog walking through tall forest along dirt road, overlaid by silhouette of bird of prey.
Larena Woodmore
1 month ago

Heading into Spring, the birds are coming back. Today's prettiest visitor was this Grey Goshawk (white form) - Accipiter novaehollandiae. These are the world's only pure white raptors.
#Tasmania #TasmanianForest #Goshawk #Raptor #BirdsOfMastodon #BirdsOfPrey #WhiteBird

Photo of a pure white eagle-like bird sitting in a deciduous tree faced as if looking over your left shoulder. Its eyes are deep, bright orange with black rims and its beak looks like it was originally all orange but then was dipped in grey paint almost to the nostrils.
1 month ago

A lavender farm in the off-season, if you've ever wondered.

#tasmania #moreinteresting

Furry brown curves crossing an orange ground,  with blue-shadowed mountains and hills in the background/
Paris B-A
1 month ago

Had a nice time at the #Astronomical Society of Tasmania viewing night in #Ridgley, Northern Tasmania las week! #astrophotography #tasmania #lutruwita

The milk way in the night sky
Paris B-A
1 month ago

What a horrible place. Attempt no landings. #Hobart #Tasmania #lutruwita

Hobart city from the waterfront
1 month ago

Tasmania has 12 endemic bird species although some claim it's as many as 18. Anyway, on our road trip we were lucky enough to see a few.

- Tasmanian Native Hen
- Black Currawong
- Dusky Robin
- Green Rosella

(As well as Tasmanian Wedge Tailed Eagles which are sometimes considered endemic.)

I was particularly happy to see a Dusky Robin which I didn't know about before this trip. We also saw Pink Robins and Scarlet Robins.

Anyway, the only worthwhile photo was of a Black Currawong who was quite friendly when we went to Dip Falls

#tasmania #lutruwita #birds #nature #endemic #Currawong

Stood on a path is a Black Currawong. It is a slightly smaller version of a Raven with bright yellow eyes. There are some white markings, but they can't be seen as the bird is standing facing the camera
Kathy Reid
2 months ago

Prof David Bowman from #University of #Tasmania #UTAS sounds the clarion call for Australia's relationship with devastating #bushfires
in the wake of the #Maui fires #MauiFires.

Climate change is already here.

Pete Mellows
2 months ago

On a whim, I turned down a dirt road I'd never noticed before. Within 30 seconds, I was greeted with this amazing scene.
Taken from the side of the road as a 5 shot panorama. Otherwise, this shot is #straightoutofcamera #soc with no adjustments applied.
#landscapephotography #photography #traquility #tasmania

River scene. Old, dead tree extending from centre. Golden light coming from right hand side with blue reflections on water.
2 months ago

With just a couple of days left of our road trip, we've hit the east of Tasmania and are stopping in Bicheno before heading north tomorrow towards the Bay of Fires. Bicheno is just good for walking with a great coastline full of interesting rocks and beaches. We particularly like the Blowhole, though it wasn't spouting water as much as the last time we were here. So here's a sunset as there were some great clouds today

#roadtrip #tasmania #lutruwita #seascape #nature #photography #sunset #clouds

Mild sunset with pinks and purples in both sky and sea. The rocky beach in the foreground has some orange lichen on and there are silhouettes of hills in the background
2 months ago

But my favourite was seen this morning when it was frosty.

#tasmania #lutruwita #mosstodon #moss #nature #winter #photography

Frost covered fern shaped moss
2 months ago

I've just spent a couple of days in old world forests. Seen some great trees and plants, but the moss was amazing

#tasmania #lutruwita #mosstodon #moss #forest

Curving tree trunks and branches completely covered in green moss, every one of them
Various moss and lichen on a tree trunk from bright green coral moss, to fluffy green fern moss and green and whitish lichens
Moss covering a fallen tree trunk with a couple of brighter spots where the sun is just breaking through
Bright green moss around a branch with wisps hanging beneath. The background is mostly green
2 months ago

Today we spent some time looking at the amazing area around Lake Pedder in Tasmania's Southwest National Park. Lake Pedder was created as we know it today in 1972 so as to develop Hydro Electric Power and there is still a push today to drain it back to its original size for ecological reasons.

I don't know enough about this, but it is certainly something I would like to follow up researching.

In the meantime, here's my favourite picture from today.

#tasmania #lutruwita #lake #nature #reflections #clouds #conservation

Deep blue sky reflected in a lake with fuzzy images of clouds in the reflections. The clouds are white with grey centres and the white is fuzzy because of being caught by bright sunshine. Dark hills reflect on the far side of the lake making it difficult to see the horizon.
2 months ago

Today we went in to Strahan to take a walk to Hogarth Falls, but the track was closed after some pretty bad weather the past couple of days.

Never mind, Strahan is still great and Ocean Beach is the longest beach in Tasmania at about 40km. It is also pretty wild.

We also crossed the beautiful Henty River a few times

#tasmania #lutruwita #roadtrip #River #beach #weather #nature #clouds #photography

Foam sits on a wet, dark beach with breakers seen behind. A dark grey raincloud funnels into the centre of the sky
Long blue line of river tapers away through the middle of the photo. Thick, dense foliage sits on both banks, with some yellow wattle flowers visible
2 months ago

Is it fungi Friday? A bit of a cheat as I saw this beautiful coral tooth yesterday sitting on the trunk of a Blackwood

#fungi #fungifriday #mushtodon #tasmania

Coral Tooth Fungus looking like a cluster of icicles hanging from the side of a mossy tree trunk
2 months ago

Lake Burbury looking quite magnificent.

#tasmania #lutruwita #lake #photography #nature

Blue lake with layered mountains in the background becoming mistier the further back they go. There are pink tinged white clouds above, some bushes framing the near bank and some small islands dotted about the lake
Paris B-A
2 months ago

Got to tour the #CSIRO ship RV Investigator yesterday! Super awesome. #science #tasmania #hobart #ship #scienceweek

The back of a blue science ship saying “Investigator” and “Hobart”.
The top of a big science ship showing radar and equipment and a big crane.
Looking out from the bridge of a ship.
The inside of a science ship.
Mars Buttfield-Addison 🛰
2 months ago

The month of #ScienceWeek begins! I've got an action-packed ~5 weeks coming up, full of #SciComm and #Space content all around lutruwita / #Tasmania! If you're keen to hang out, or see some great local #science content, check out some of the events below 👇

🌘 Aug 4 - presenting at Beaker Streets "Young Tassie Scientists After Hours: Science for Kids (for Adults)" at #TMAG
🤖 Aug 5 - watching @parisba argue that #AI is anything but #creative in "The Great Debate" at The Theatre Royal
🍎 Aug 6 - speaking at the ABC Ockham's Razor event, LIVE at Willie Smith's Apple Shed down #Huonville
🛰️ Aug 12 - speaking at TastroFest up in #Devonport, as part of a series of presentations running all next week with the support of Libraries Tasmania
🏰 Aug 14 - mingling at the Government House launch of #ScienceWeek 2023, likely whispering in people's ears about my plans for a science centre out west...
🚗 Aug 15-18 - travelling around Tas on the #YoungTassieScientists Southern road trip! This includes about a dozen schools plus at least one event with Children's University!
🎙️ Aug 16 - giving the ECR address at Hobart's #ScienceMeetsParliament dinner, hosted by Minister for Science and Technology, Hon Madeleine Ogilvie MP
🎪 Aug 19 - staffing a booth at Inspiring Tasmania's #FestivalOfBrightIdeas / #FoBI down at Salamanca
🎓 Aug 22 - talking futures and opportunities as the occasional address at the afternoon session of Winter Graduations for #UTAS's College of Sciences and Engineering

(Then I take a week off to catch up on normal work + sleep, and do 2 days of #SciComm training with #SuperstarsOfSTEM)

🏫 Sep 1 - back at it, as a keynote for the 'It Takes a Spark!' #STEM #Education conference, alongside the fantastic Dr Lila Landowski!

(Then maybe I get a break from speaking for a bit, at least until the Australian Space Research Conference comes to town a few weeks later 😬)

Links and tickets:
🍎 (Sold Out)
🎙️ None (seemingly not public/on the internet at all this year?)

2 months ago

Day 1 of road trip over. Crossed the north of Tasmania and am shattered in my hotel in Stanley. An early night will be good as I'm hoping to see a sunrise from the top of Stanley's Nut tomorrow morning.

My favourite image today was of this Exchange Library in the town of Penguin in the shape of a Tardis 😀

#tasmania #lutruwita #penguin #doctorwho #tardis #library

Blue Tardis shaped Exchange Library on the street in Penguin, Tasmania
Dave Holland
2 months ago

Good morning from our home!
What a beautiful start to the day in southern #Tasmania.

A vivid sunrise seen from our balcony through the gum trees and over the Huon River