Lance Eaton
2 hours ago

There's now over 35 examples of #AIPolicy in #Syllabi in this #crowdsourced doc...feel free to add your own (form at the top).

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Lance Eaton
21 hours ago

I've given a couple talks on #GenerativeAI at different institutions & events the last few months. This video covers a lot of what I did in those talks. I wanted to share it in case others found it useful. Resources & slide deck are included & have #CC licenses.

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Julian Ware
21 hours ago

Hi all. I'm Julian. I enjoy building websites and promoting reality. I'm currently building a project using GPT to teach kids coding.

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Patrick Sherriff
23 hours ago

I wrote another post about #teaching #English in #Japan. This one about getting over yourself.

Tony Vincent
1 day ago

🐝 Number Hive is a free online multiplication game for two players (or one player against the computer). Take turns claiming cells by changing one factor in the expression. Claim four cells in a row to win. (via @ericcurts) #EdTech #Teaching

1 day ago

Choose highly legible fonts for the body text in your documents and designs. Ample spacing, open interiors, and distinguishable characters contribute to a font’s legibility.

Use these fonts in Google Workspace or download them free from

#Shapegrams #EdTech #Teaching #EduTooter

Body Text Font List
Kostas Kormas
1 day ago

So proud of my students, they learn how to transcribe scientific data and knowledge to a popular science article (sorry, only in Greek)

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Greg Sampson
1 day ago

Khan Academy adopts (in beta testing) the GPT chatbot technology. #Education #Edutech #ArtificialIntelligence #AI #Teaching

DaN McKee
1 day ago

I did one of those “unboxing” things when my new book arrived yesterday. Check it out here to see first reactions and hear me talk a little about the book:

#AnarchistAtheistPunkRockTeacher #Unboxing #Book #Writing #Memoir #Punk #Anarchist #Teaching #Teacher

Frans Mäyrä
1 day ago

It seems I was given the ”Lifetime Achievement Award” by IndieCade in their Horizons 2023 event - thank you, a great honour!

#gamestudies #games #gameculture #research #teaching #award

DaN McKee
1 day ago

Yesterday was a good day: I saw my new book for the first time, got a journal article accepted, and got an interview date to hopefully make my current temporary position more permanent. It set quite a high bar for my expectations of today…

#AnarchistAtheistPunkRockTeacher #Memoir #NewBook #Philosophy #Book #Education #Punk #PunkRock #Teaching

Picture is of a bespectacled and beardy male author (me) excitedly holding up a copy of my new book, Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher (the cover of said book also features various images of my bespectacled and beardy self). I’m wearing a white Bad Religion No Control T-shirt.
3 days ago

Today our air quality index was off the charts for the first time within my lifetime, my entrance to the 174 was closed, I discovered I forgot to grade four quizzes last night, I struggled with the photocopier, was late to a staff meeting, and also had no evening break what with my daughter invited to a birthday. At least my wife wasn't in hospital as she was four days ago.

June isn't even a week old, with exams still to come, what the hell. #Parenting #Teaching

Dr Sipho Morrison
3 days ago

“Only awareness is educable", as Gattengo says. Education, at its core, is about nurturing self-awareness. Teachers simply provide a conscious act that there is something new to be explored. Once a student becomes aware of something and integrates it into their existence, it becomes second nature.

#Education #edutooters #teaching

Naomi Heartbreak
3 days ago

You know that thing when you're a teacher and you climb on stuff to put up displays, and always think about what would happen if you fell off? Today I fell off. I was absolutely fine, but my colleague witness was VERY freaked out.

Doug Holton
3 days ago

She Was Falsely Accused of Cheating With AI — And She Won’t Be the Last
Do not use or solely rely on #AI detectors. They have significant false positive rates, are not reliable, are easy to beat, and they collect and use student data. They don't work the same way plagiarism detectors work - they just make a guess based on how predictable the writing is. Don't be surprised to see lawsuits in the future.
#AIEd #EdTech #Teaching #Education

Marty Chan
3 days ago

It's Tuesday. Time for another story starter to help kids write. Here's this week's prompt:

The dentist peered into my mouth and said, "I've never seen anything like that." What is she seeing and how did it get there?

#PromptMyStory #writing #kidlit #teaching

Rebecca Nordquist
3 days ago

Today while teaching I officially entered the phase of life where my kids and my students use the same vocabulary. Not sure whether to be proud or alarmed.

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Colleen Theisen
3 days ago

New York City Poetics and the Idea of the Mimeograph Revolution: Reflections on Teaching. Mimeo magazines an "underrecognized corpus." #mimeograph #LittleMagazines #Teaching #SpecialCollections

This week #JonathanPapernick joins the #podcast to talk #writing #Judaism #teaching, & his new books, GALLERY OF THE DISAPPEARED MEN & I AM MY BELOVEDS (Story Plant), so go listen!

Lance Eaton
3 days ago

a few folks asked & so, of course, I decided to share with all. Here's my #syllabus for the course I recently taught on #AI & #Education. It has a #CreativeCommons license so it is free to share & adapt!

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Wendy Palmer
3 days ago

My kid’s rural high school hasn’t been able to get a language teacher, and so every year group is doing this Positive Behaviour Support class instead once a week (and I think two health lessons instead of one, if the language would normally be two lessons a week).

Thing is:
He’s already done the PBS lessons in primary school, plus they cover it in Form every morning.
He’s not one of the kids who needs to have positive behaviour explained to him at length, repeatedly (the kids who do need it don’t exactly benefit from sitting through a lesson a week either tbh).
He’s one of two students at the school already doing online learning for some classes.
Plus doing language learning in his own time after school.
We’d rather he spent that hour more productively and would be happy to arrange an online class for him or support him in an independent learning project.
Principal is pretty damn defensive.

Is there any chance of getting him exempted from this class on the grounds he is proven to be capable of independent online learning and offering a course of study?

And if so, how best to broach it without getting the principal’s back up?

(No shade on the school or the teachers, I know it’s a tough job, but this particular class just feels like a complete waste of time)

#australia #education #highSchool #teaching

4 days ago

I teach a lab course on #Celegans looking at asymmetric cell division and #embryo #development in the par mutants. It's pretty low tech, with cheap dissecting scopes and microscopes, and it works pretty well. Anyway students realized years ago that one can take pictures with a smartphone directly on the eyepiece. Now one student even made a time lapse movie of the first division and put it on youtube. Made my day. #teaching #genetics #CellBiology #CellDivision

If anyone is looking for a case study from the perspective of a labour union for class the one I just co-authored may be of interest.
#mba #teaching #business
#labour #Academia #academicmastodon #union

4 days ago

Sarah Silverman is doing a workshop on neurodiversity for educators that may be of interest to folks. It's Tuesday, June 13th and it's free with a suggested $10 donation.

#HigherEd #Education #Educators #Accessibility #ADHD #Neurodivergent #Teaching

Jim Wald
4 days ago

Since we're on the subject of #academia, #teaching, and the consumerization of #HigherEd, I offer you this delightful and prophetic little passage from Iain Pears, Death and Restoration. A Jonathan Argyll Mystery (1996)

Add these terms to your vocabulary:

• "group interaction module"' (wait , we already have something pretty close to that)

• "factualities"
(this one's a keeper, though)

Argyll’s lecture, a moronically simple canter through the more ostentatious church commissions of the 17th century, had gone tolerably well, so he thought. That is to say, there had been 40 people in the room when he started, and still more than 20 when he’d ended. Such wastage would have alarmed him, but his head of department assured him that it was pretty good, considering. Considering what? he’d asked. Considering that it was a morning lecture....Not early risers, these people. As they, or their parents, were paying a fortune, they generally imagined that a lectures should be scheduled for their convenience. Just as they seemed to think that the level of grade should vary in direct proportion to the size of the fees

‘And,’ this wiseacre continued. ‘You didn’t show many pic- tures. Risky. They like looking at pictures. You don’t show pictures, they’ve not got anything to do. Except listen, and i

- think. And lectures. Dear me. A bit authoritarian, you know? | Don’t you think a group interaction module might be better?”

‘What’s that?’

‘It's where you break down hierarchy. They teach them- selves.’

. ‘But they don’t know anything,” Argyll protested. ‘How can you teach yourself if you don’t know anything to start off with?’

‘Ah. You've spotted the snag. However, that one is easily solved. You are confusing knowledge with creativity. You are meant to be encouraging their self-expression. Not stifling it by the imposition of factualities over which you deny them control.’
book jacket: 

old painting with flaking paint
head: wearing sunglasses
David Weir
4 days ago

I'm currently trying to work with my TA and the teaching coordinators to figure out when and where best to schedule my Introduction to Quantum Physics lecture course next academic year.

It's a rather fun game of 3D chess: I want a room that has space, which feels welcoming, and ideally has student group working space outside or in the vicinity. I also want to be able to have all the contact teaching on two or at most three days so students don't have to come in every day. And it's also good if the teaching is at a time when students are available, without clashes.

I really love this part of the job – thinking in advance about what is best for students. ❤️

#AcademicChatter #EduTooter #Teaching

Sebastian Spaeth
4 days ago

Currently running a course where students HAVE to use #AI based tools in order to create an innovation. I am curious how that will play out. It was fun to experiment in the introductory sessions, so already worth it. Also agreat excuse to buy #ChatGPT Plus accounts. #teaching #innovationManagement

4 days ago
Justus Radmacher
4 days ago

input ≠ intake

What amazes me again and again in #teaching is that a considerable number of teachers firmly believes "input = intake", i.e., teacher's input equals student's intake and then argue along the lines of "... but I told them!" This is so fundamentally and inherently wrong.


Fabrizio Montesi ⬣
4 days ago

If you believe in course evaluations, this year I've peaked teaching concurrency theory (100% score on my pedagogical competences). I should probably stop while I'm on top. 🤨

(Instead, I'm writing a bliki page about what I did..)

#teaching #introductiontochoreographies

Tony Vincent
5 days ago

Upload a video (up to 20 minutes) and TinyWow will transcribe to text. I am happy to see that it capitalizes sentences and includes end punctuation. #EdTech #Teaching

Rebecca Nordquist
5 days ago

It took that comment to make me realize that last year at this yearly crunch-time, we still had hybrid teaching. I miss it when trying to get everyone out the door early enough to get to my first lectures on time.... but when I'm actually in the classroom, I'm so glad to teach to humans rather than little Teams dots.

#Teaching #HigherEducation #VetEd #AcademicLife #Academia

Rebecca Nordquist
5 days ago

This week is teaching-heavy (actually, the next 6 weeks...). Partner is non-academic and was a bit confused that I'll be on campus every day this week. "But you're teaching? Oh, wait, you mean *live*?"

Indeed, all live- no more online classes. Live teaching is better for the students, better for me as a teacher. Much more complex for work-life. It's going to be a bumpy landing into summer break...

#academia #AcademicLife #HigherEducation #WorkLife #WorkLifeBalance #education #VetEd #teaching

Image of Snoopy on top of the doghouse as the Red Baron, pretending to fly
Jennie Blake
6 days ago

Worth thinking about #MyFest23 if you are in #EducationalDevelopment, #AcademicDevelopment or any kind of #teaching role (or are just interested!). There is so much there to learn from (including for #EmergentStrategy fans!).
@academicchatter @edutooters
More in the toot here:

Tony Vincent
6 days ago

🎙️ Richard Byrne tells us about 3 free websites for recording audio. No sign up required! #EdTech #teaching

🟢 Vocaroo
🔴 Online Voice Recorder
🔵 Twister Wave

Jérôme Coupé
6 days ago

Yesterday a student asked what my favourite web-related file format was. When I immediately replied « RSS », her eyes went wide …

After explaining what it was and what it can be used for, I spent an hour to tell the class about Aaron Swartz. #teaching

the roamer
1 week ago


As an academic teacher who loves teaching and who keeps thinking about teaching, I have one author to whom I will always go back, and that is John Dewey.

Dewey understands the dialogical nature of teaching, and he speaks about it in a way that enables the reader to think freely and openly about the process of education.

Thank you, Project Gutenberg, for making his writing available, and thank you for your presence here on Mastodon!

#JohnDewey #Education #Pedagogy #Teaching

1 week ago

This evening's ultrafine #Cocktail

on the special occasion of having launched my #summer #teaching 1st half in "instructorless" mode via online modules

3 week aged/conditioned with toasted oak (American & Hungarian if you must know) #Mezcal #Negroni
(½ Carpano, ½ Dolin on the vermouth)


A ruby red drink in a rocks glass with a big cube of ice and long slice of orange peel on top
1 week ago

Doing a remote (lab!) class after a long time (since last Summer). Had to reset my zoom space. Worked out making the first part of the class "instructorless" through online modules - so just a quick recorded message to start the class. Had forgotten how hard it is to just speak to a camera - had to use a support plushie

#ProfLife #Teaching #Remote

Looking into a camera lens on a tripos and part of a screen/monitor is visible. On top of the camera lens is perched an E. coli plushie
Kathy Karch
1 week ago

The weather's too nice for me to stay holed up in the windowless, subterranean science office at my school, so I packed up my computer and headed out to my outdoor classroom. The life of a #biologyteacher can be pretty sweet sometimes.

(Shhh. I'm not actually doing school work. I'm working on revisions to a short story. It's fine. No one else is around to see. 🤫✍️)

#teacherlife #teaching #writerslife #writing #outdoors #nature

Caucasian woman wearing a blue baseball cap and sunglasses sitting along the grassy shoreline of a New England pond with a crab apple tree in the background, its leafy branches leaning out over the water.
Mignon Fogarty
1 week ago

Someone wrote me a thank-you note after taking one of my LinkedIn Learning writing courses and said it was wonderful, and it has motivated her to keep taking more courses to improve her writing even more.

My heart is bursting! 💗

#education #teaching

1 week ago

"Hundreds of copies lined the shelves of the bookroom, hidden, mute. Nothing is more silent than an unread book."

In her new Longreads essay, Anne P. Beatty reflects on teaching in a red state, silence, and learning the history of her hometown.

#Longreads #EditorsPicks #History #NorthCarolina #Greensboro #Teaching #Essay

Doc Lowly
1 week ago

Good morning! I'm starting back to work this afternoon and am surprised to find myself. . . looking forward to it.

God help me, I love #teaching.

(Got to revise that #CourseMap to align with new #APA guidelines.)

Asbjørn Ulsberg
1 week ago

After being on the job market for close to 3 months now, it's with a sigh of relief and a rush of excitement I can finally see the full-time occupation of doing job interviews to an end.

Starting gently now in June, and full-time in September, I'm joining Ludenso as VP of Platform Engineering!

It's been a wild and educational ride, and I've met with so many interesting companies, but in the end, I chose to go with Ludenso for the ability it gives me to improve the fields of teaching and learning – especially in the classroom. Having a daughter who says she hates school is naturally a strong, personal motivation.

It's been a long time since I was as enthusiastic about work as I am now. I'm eagerly looking forward to the adventure this surely is going to be!

#ELearning #Learning #Teaching #Programming #Engineering #Job

José A. Alonso
1 week ago

Constructive mathematics and teaching. ~ Alexander Shen. #Math #Teaching

1 week ago

Marking chemistry IA highlight
"Without hydrogen bonding all natural, water based phenomena would cease to exist and the human race would go extinct, emphasising the importance of this molecular force."
#marking #chemistry #ibchemistry #teacher #teaching #hydrogenbonding

DaN McKee
1 week ago

I’m excited to announce my new book, Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher is now available to pre-order everywhere:

Out June 16th on Earth Island Books, as the blurb says: it’s a memoir exploring the various ways in which anarchist philosophy, atheism, and a background in DIY punk rock influenced one conflicted teacher's approach to the classroom over twelve turbulent and thought-provoking years.

‘Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher' is more than just a memoir of some teacher you've never met. It is philosophy of education, of anarchism, of authenticity, and of life. Throw in some personal history, the deaths of both of his parents to deal with on top of juggling all the professional absurdities that come with the job (not to mention having to teach through a global pandemic), and you have all the earmarks of a biographical classic.

Sharing frontline insights which help explain why currently one in three teachers in England plan on quitting the profession, and the first-hand experience of being one of those very statistics, this memoir of struggle, grief, philosophy and hope tells a story of why, despite all its endless frustrations and inherent contradictions, there still might be no better job in the world than being an 'Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher'.

#AnarchistAtheistPunkRockTeacher #Anarchist #Atheist #Punk #PunkRock #Teacher #Teaching #Education #Writing #Memoir #Grief #Book #NewBook #DaNMcKee #Anarchism #EarthIslandBooks #PreOrder

Dr. Amy H. Sturgis
2 weeks ago

New #podcast alert! The first episode of the #TeachingWithMagic podcast is now available.

Are you a teacher who enjoys teaching and using fantasy texts in the classroom? This podcast is meant for you.

#Teaching #Fantasy #ScienceFiction #SFF #Pedagogy #SpeculativeFiction #Tolkien #StarWars

Teaching with Magic with Elise Cedeno logo, featuring black and white books surrounded by dots and stars of different colors.
Flipboard News Desk
2 weeks ago

What are the biggest hurdles educators face? Teacher of the year award recipients from around the country tell ABC News about burnout, student mental health, and the general lack of respect and dignity.
#Teaching #Education #MentalHealth #Students

Preston Maness ☭
2 weeks ago

@ConatusPrinciple I haven't gotten through Capital yet, but from what I have read of Marx, as a teacher, you are involved in the "social reproduction" of society, by virtue of preparing the society's newest members for participation in said society, particularly in the economy. Social reproduction is a necessary component of every mode of production; without it, the society eventually ceases to exist.

So I would assume that, by *default* at least, anything falling under the umbrella of social reproduction is "productive labour," unless some sort of exception is argued for.

#marx #marxism #marxist #teaching #teacher's_critique

2 weeks ago

P.S. most parents are at minimum helpful, but there are always “problem” parents that seem to forget their prince or princess is in my care. You would think people would lift up the Carers with respect and love instead of making the job more difficult. Especially after losing that care during remote teaching. #TheMoreYouKnow #teaching #EarlyChildhood #PublicSchools #Care

Pratik Patel
2 weeks ago

"We end the day with five minutes of mindfulness, a.k.a. a nod to New Age Wiccan Pagan anti-Christian practices. During this time, Muslim students are allowed to pray, and atheist students can play with Legos. Christian students are persecuted."


#teachers #teaching #politics #politicians

Jeff Moore
2 weeks ago

How would #school be different in America if the #secondamendmemt read like this? “A well regulated Mind, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to access a free and empowering education, shall not be infringed.” #guns #schoolshootings @edutooter @edutooters #education #teaching

Petra van Cronenburg
2 weeks ago

Even if you don't want to learn #Latin, follow @Minimus - the cutest #teaching #mouse ever!😍 #FollowFriday #fluffy #plush #mustodon 😁 #languages

2 weeks ago

When your favorite student asks you if you're going to be their teacher next year: ☺️☺️☺️

#EduGlow #teaching #education

Kathy Karch
2 weeks ago

Entomologists, assemble!

I've got a mystery insect that I and my AP Biology students cannot identify. Perhaps you can help?

Image was taken at 30x magnification with a low-budget stereo microscope. Caught on the north shore of Massachusetts two days ago. Body is ~1-1.5mm in length.

#entomology #teachers #insects #teaching #biology #APBiology

Microscope image of an unidentified brown-bodied insect with two strange, black protuberances emerging from the right and left sides of the dorsal abdomen. Arranged in parallel, pointed backwards. Insect also has long, fringeless antennae and long legs. Body size is about 1 to 2 millimeters in length.
2 weeks ago

What's the difference between "Send backward" and "Send to back?" Perhaps this will help.

#Shapegrams #EdTech #Teaching #EduTooter

Stacking Order Poster

Bring to front
Moves the selected obiect to the top layer of the stack
Bring forward
Moves the selected obiect upward by one layer
Send backward
Moves the selected obiect downward by one layer
Send to back
Moves the selected object to the bottom layer of the stack
Tony Vincent
2 weeks ago

🔁 Padlet now has an autoplay feature in slideshow mode. This means students can contribute to a padlet and you can instantly display their contributions as a looping slideshow!

#EdTech #Teaching #EduTooter

Rachel Wil Singh ~ Moos-a-dee
2 weeks ago

For summer class prep, I've been updating my CS 200 programming exercises so that they're designed for a group of 2-3 students. To do this, each program in an exercise has a version A, B, and C, and each student will tackle one of em - that way, if one student goes MIA, their lack of work won't affect the others.

This also means that the exercises need to cover the same stuff but different programs.

#teaching #computerScience

Tony Vincent
2 weeks ago

If you have a second display attached to your computer, then you have the option to mirror or extend the screen. Mirroring duplicates the computer's screen while extending treats each display as a separate screen.

#EdTech #Teaching #EduTooter

Switch between mirroring and extending your screen keyboard shortcuts
Phil McAleer
2 weeks ago

One of the lesser known but hugely effective packages from #PsyTeachR is markr. Developed by @debruine and @HelenaPaterson, and a little bit by me, its function is to create individual feedback documents, for students, from spreadsheets and other types of input. Check it out below and please ask questions if interested.




#SoTL #feedback #assessment #teaching #marking #markr

I wrote a new piece for McGraw Hill about the end of my first year teaching in a new school, and about how I’ve relied on concepts like both/and thinking to get me through the year.

#Teaching #BothAnd #RestoreHumanity #TeacherPowered #EduTooter #Education

McGraw Hill
Bringing a both/and approach to the classroom keeps me open to the infinite possibilities that exist when working with children.
- My Year of Both/And
Jeff Moore
3 weeks ago

New episode of the School Ahead #podcast now available! Thoughts on #vulnerability in #education and #leadership in public #schools. Search and subscribe in your favorite podcast service, or visit below. #school #k12 #teaching #teacher #teachers #students @edutooter @edutooters

Tony Vincent
3 weeks ago
Mignon Fogarty
3 weeks ago

I mentioned to a college student how much I hated group projects when I tried using them as a professor, and I'm still laughing at her response that began, "I was a homeschooled only child..."

#teaching #PartyLikeAProfessor

Cassandra Good
3 weeks ago

Since it’s teaching eval season again, just a reminder that numerous studies have shown that these evals measure bias, not teaching effectiveness. Their use in for anything beyond feedback directly to the prof—ie tenure & promotion—is legally dubious, professionally irresponsible, and ethically wrong.

So, read yours with a glass of wine and a whole shaker of salt. Solidarity to all the women out there who get comments on being motherly or mean, well-dressed or unattractive, too challenging or a push-over.

#academicmastodon #academia #teaching #histodons

One of the greatest impediments of #learning is #teaching. Which is why, in the #qomenius approach to learning, we take teachers out of the equation, and let small groups of 4, 5 or 6 people learn "all by themselves".
The advantages are innumerous.
#learning #learninganddevelopment #learningdesign #learningandgrowing #edtech

Yahia Lababidi
3 weeks ago

Call people to the way of your Lord with #wisdom and good #teaching.

Argue with them in the most courteous way’


#Islam #faith

José A. Alonso
3 weeks ago

NADIA, a assistente de provas para dedução natural. ~ Adolfo Neto (@adolfont). #Logic #Teaching

The old (rude, oft untrue) saying goes:

"Those who can't do, teach."

Does academia have a clap back? Something like:

"Those who can't research, do."

What's academia's retort to practitioner burns?

#teaching #academia #education #dovsteach

David W. Body
4 weeks ago

Gil Strang is giving his final lecture at MIT tomorrow and we have the privilege of watching it live.

#math #teaching

Sumana Harihareswara
1 month ago

In that thread I articulated some observations on why discussing #teaching and #learning can be hard:

"It can be hard to accurately remember the experience of not having a skill... what your mental models were, what perceptual gaps you have since fixed...

...people will use different words to describe the same experience, or will have divergent conscious memories..."

"People don't learn like that!" often means "I have no conscious recollection of learning that way."

Sumana Harihareswara
1 month ago

Twice in the last month, someone has lamented near me that they have a bunch of learned-through-experience knowledge in their head, and they don't know how to draw it out into lessons to #teach their colleagues.

This is called "tacit knowledge". And fortunately, we actually know some ways to elicit it from experts & use it to train new learners!

I've appreciated Cedric Chin's blog series on this:

Thread on #MetaFilter:

#teaching #learning

Mark Dunk
1 month ago

How to Make Thinking Visible with Thinking Routines - TechNotes Blog
#tcea #education #school #teaching #learning #thinking

Andrew Linke
1 month ago

Grew up ultra conservative #HomeSchooled in #NJ and #ME. Married a lesbian in #VA. Spent 13 years #Teaching 7th Grade English. Realized I’m #Queer and #AuDHD. Went #Polyamorous, got #Divorced, moved to #MD with my polycule to be a #Caretaker for wife’s father as he passed through #ALS. Helped wife with #Eldercare for her grandparents as they passed. Finally got on #Cymbalta for #Anxiety and #Depression and it has made life make so much more sense. Take care of your #MentalHealth!

1 month ago

#introduction (new account but not new to fedi)

I'm really passionate about story telling. I make little indie games and write stories. With both mediums I tend towards the dark but quirky, think of Addams Family and youve got the right idea.

I love sharing the projects I'm working on. I'll post often about them. More formal write ups go on my Blog/Portfolio. Link for that and all my socials are in my bio.

I'm still deciding if I want to move to this new account fully from my account. So far I'm really liking CalcKey so I'll probably move over when I can

#GodotEngine #GameDev #Blender #B3D #FOSS #FLOSS #Linux #Indie #Horror #Foley #HardSurface #Writing #Fiction #Trans #Gamer #Queer #Teaching #Learning #Kofi #Nerd #Midwest #Poly #Ace #BimboEnergy #Student #Godot #Programming #CSharp #CompSci #OOP #KanBan #Blog #Coffee #spooky #spoopy #Godot4 #Writing #Fiction #QueerLit #WritingCommunity

1 month ago

If your students have been doing one #Shapegrams lesson per week all school year, they might be ready for these Outstanding Orange lessons (the most challenging skills level).

🟧 Keyboarding Diagram
🟧 White House
🟧 Hero Figurines
🟧 Animal Stickers

#Teaching #EdTech #GoogleEdu

Collage of the four mentioned Shapegrams lessons