2 hours ago

Das einzig Gute an MS #Teams für mich sind die Emojis, die sind niedlich und süß.

Why do video conference apps like #Zoom, #Skype, #Teams have a reactions menu instead of a simple "The mic is still muted!" button?

Hendrik Epe
5 hours ago

Moin zusammen!

Neuen Beitrag auf dem Blog schon gelesen?

Darin geht's um das Problem fehlender Verbindlichkeit in #Teams.

Der Fokus liegt dabei auf der Stärkung der #Verbindlichkeit durch

👉 die Etablierung gemeinsamer Ziele,
👉 klare Zuständigkeiten,
👉 definierte Prozesse,
👉 das Halten von Versprechen und
👉 die Schaffung psychologischer Sicherheit im Team.

🥳 _-/\-_ 🤯
1 day ago

Customer to the team: „we really need to focus on finishing PBIs to get the work done and reach our sprint goal“

Me thinking: what the fuck do you think I do all day long?

Do these people really think that work will get done faster by putting pressure and stress on the dev team?
No, it will definitely not.

But people will be more pissed on the day job and work will result with less quality, because everyone will focus on get shit done as fast as possible and not get it done right. That’s not sustainable (I hate that word, but it’s the most suitable here).
Artificial pressure from people in leading positions is the worst thing you can do to a development team and really drains motivation. If people in a leading position can’t handle pressure and stress, but simply forward it to the dev team then they are not the right person for the job.

#Stress #Pressure #Work #JobLife #Job #DevLife #Dev #Engineer #Teams

1 day ago

Bonjour vous ! 👋
En réunion d'équipe sur #teams depuis plus de trois quarts d'heure... Achevez moi svp !

4 days ago

"If you have any questions please write them in the chat and we will respond at the end"

Guess what they disabled when setting up the meeting 🙂👍

#homeoffice #teams

EighthLayer | Jamie
4 days ago

Unless it’s my boss or someone in my team, if someone calls me on #Teams out of the blue, they’ve got zero chance that call is being answered.

#Work #IT

4 days ago

Ça m'énerve que certaines fonctionnalités, notamment sur Teams mais d’autres le font aussi, ne soient pas disponibles sur Firefox 😤

#Teams #Firefox 📚
5 days ago

Microsoft Teams moves a step closer to no longer being part of Office

#microsoft #teams #office

RA Michael Seidlitz
5 days ago

#Asana #Trello #Monday_com #Slack #Teams #Wrike #ClickUp #Basecamp #Smartsheet #Todoist

Zehn Tools für besseres Aufgaben- und Projektmanagement
von Heinrich Vaske
(mit Darstellung von Hauptfunktionen, USP, Plus und Minus sowie Fazit),3698009

RA Michael Seidlitz
5 days ago

#Asana #Trello #Monday_com #Slack #Teams #Wrike #ClickUp #Basecamp #Smartsheet #Todoist

Zehn Tools für besseres Aufgaben- und Projektmanagement
von Heinrich Vaske
(mit Darstellung von Hauptfunktionen, USP, Plus und Minus sowie Fazit),3698009

Asbjørn Ulsberg
5 days ago

Needless to say, I've signed out and restarted Microsoft Teams at least 10 times. Signing in just doesn't work.

#Microsoft #Teams

Screenshot of Microsoft Teams running on macOS Ventura: We're sorry–we've run into an issue.

Button: Restart.

If that doesn't work, try signing out and back in.
Asbjørn Ulsberg
5 days ago

*Gnashing of teeth intensifies*

#Microsoft #Teams

The Window of Microsoft Teams running on macOS Ventura: We're sorry – we've run into an issue.

Button: Try again.

If that doesn't work, try signing out and back in.

Wyglada na to, ze #Teams.y wyszly chyba w koncu z wersji beta... ciekawe jak dlugo beda dzialac (wzglednie) dobrze 🙃

edit: za szybko pochwalilem - przy przelaczaniu kont zaczyna sie wyrazne lagowanie 🤣

#oprogramowanie #software

6 days ago

Had to actually lol at this in the “Deploy #Teams Phone Devices In Just Three Steps” guide (that has considerably more than three steps) 😂

Here we see #MS tacitly admitting that #Android #MSTeams Phones are an absolute binfire and leak memory so badly they need rebooting at least once a day to operate reliably 😏

Scott Denowh
6 days ago

That iconic macOS XP wallpaper we all know and love #background #wallpaper #teams #zoom #ChatGPT4

A landscape that combines the style of Apple's majestic nature wallpapers with the location of Microsoft's iconic Windows XP wallpaper. This image should capture the lush green rolling hills from the XP background but rendered in the breathtaking, high-resolution style typical of MacOS wallpapers. The scene should include vibrant colors, with an emphasis on natural beauty and a visually stunning composition. The sky should be dynamic and expressive, enhancing the overall majesty of the landscape. The image is intended for use as a computer background in a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio.

zo jammer #replit gaat stoppen met de #teams #education omgeving. De enige optie om nog enigsinds #AVG proof te kunnen werken. Nu weer alles openbaar. Betaal liever licentie zoals het eerst was

Graham Downs
6 days ago

Can Microsoft #Teams not imagine that you would want to share your screen in a meeting for any reason other than showing a presentation?

I share my screen multiple times per day (we're a fully remote team, so Teams is our communication medium), and I think I've shown a presentation maybe one time out of ten thousand.

No. We show code, or we go through Jira boards and open multiple tabs for different stories and epics we want to look at. All of which are at the top of the screen. Exactly where that infernal "You are sharing your screen" bar is. The bar that you cannot hide, and you cannot dock anywhere but the top of the screen.

So when I'm driving our planning sessions, I have to work around that by un-maximising (restoring) my browser window, and then moving and sizing it so that it's ALMOST maximised, but there's just enough space above it so the sharing bar doesn't hide my tabs.

Come on, #Microsoft. You can do better. :P

#RemoteWork #Collaboration #Technology #ScreenSharing

Scott Denowh
6 days ago

It is very cold outside, so it might as well be very cold in this call, too. #background #wallpaper #teams #zoom #chatgpt

An extreme winter scene depicting the coldest, snowiest backyard imaginable. The entire landscape is engulfed in a massive amount of snow, with towering snowdrifts and icicles hanging from every surface. The suburban home in the background is almost buried under the snow, with just the rooftop and chimney peeking out. The trees are completely covered in thick layers of ice and snow, creating an almost surreal, frosty environment. The sky is overcast with heavy, snow-laden clouds, adding to the intense cold and snowy atmosphere of this extreme winter wonderland.
Geoffrey Dunn
1 week ago

Can you make great teams? There is a lot you can do to prevent it. But I think opinions are split on creating. Get the right supportive environment matters. But does who is selected matter too? Can training supplement the selection? #teams #agile

1 week ago

Das wäre mal eine coole #Erweiterung für #Teams

1 week ago

🤝 Was sind Schlüsselelemente eines erfolgreichen #Teams? @max gibt in seinem Blogpost Einblicke in die entscheidenden Faktoren und wie man sie schon zu Projektbeginn etablieren kann.

👉 #Softwareentwicklung

Martin Schmitt
1 week ago

Seit ich vor geraumer Zeit Pair-Frickeling im #Discord-Screensharing mit @DonKingMat gemacht habe, wo wir beide gleichzeitig die Freigabe am laufen hatten und nahtlos jeweils beim anderen kucken konnten, käst mich dieses "ich klau mir mal die Freigabe" Enterprisegedöns wie #Teams und #Webex einfach mal so richtig übel an. 🧀

Samuel Goëta
1 week ago

C’est officiel désormais, #teams c’est tellement de la merde que Sam Altman et son équipe ont demandé à ne pas l’utiliser s’ils rejoignaient Microsoft. Et Microsoft a accepté !
1 week ago

Es gibt in Kürze wieder interessante Neuerungen, die für Nutzer von #Microsoft #Teams starten. Microsoft hat die neuen Funktionen jetzt im Microsoft 365-Blog enthüllt, die zur Updates-App hinzugefügt werden.,139815.html?utm_source=Mastodon&utm_medium=ManualStatus&utm_campaign=SocialMedia

Scott Denowh
1 week ago

After a busy holiday weekend, who couldn’t use some time in a nice, calm place in the woods #background #wallpaper #teams #zoom

A Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired house in the woods
1 week ago

Ich hab seit einiger Zeit tatsächlich vor, mich trotz meines Alters nochmal irgendwo fach- und körperlich einzubringen.
Wäre dazu sogar bereit ein Jahr lang die Schulbank zu drücken.

Gestern kam dann so die ultimative Werbefloskel, die mich angestochen hat.

Und heute die erste Ernüchterung.
Sind alles halt

Dein Weg zu uns hat fünf Stationen



Dank unserer flexiblen Arbeitsweise konnten wir auch im Bewerbungsprozess schnell Anpassungen an die Corona-Herausforderungen vornehmen:
Wir bearbeiten deine eingehende Bewerbung und melden uns schnellstmöglich bei dir per E-Mail oder telefonisch zurück. Das erste Bewerbungsgespräch wird dann meist als Videokonferenz (via TEAMS oder Skype) durchgeführt. So kannst du uns auch ohne direkten Kontakt persönlich kennen lernen und kannst deine Fragen stellen. Wir geben unser Bestes, die Gesprächssituation für dich so angenehm wie möglich zu gestalten – fast so wie bei einem real stattfindenden Erstgespräch.

Das Onboarding gestalten wir in enger Abstimmung mit dir: es kann entweder virtuell stattfinden oder unter Berücksichtigung der zum entsprechenden Zeitpunkt geltenden Regeln auch persönlich im Büro in der Hahnstrasse. Die Arbeitsmittel übergeben wir dann natürlich mit ausreichend Sicherheitsabstand. Wir sind schon in Übung und haben auf diesem Weg seit April bereits 10 neue Kolleg:innen in unserem Team begrüßt.
1 week ago
1 week ago

💡 NEU im #Lehrer-Blog: Fürs Korrigieren von Aufgaben per #MicrosoftTeams kannst Du jetzt auch ein eigenes Notenschema erstellen.

👉🏻 So trägst Du Schulnoten, Emojis oder eine ganz andere Bewertungsskala in #MSTeams ein:

#FediLZ #MicrosoftEDU #Teams #Schule

Martin Wüthrich
1 week ago

what a bumpy ride that was 😊
✅installed #esphome on #lilygo t-camera
✅accessing it with #homeassistant
✅install #frigate and detect persons
✅publish MS #teams message with detection info
❌add snapshot to teams message from frigate not possible, teams picture must be on a publicly avaible URL 🙈

1 week ago

There have been so many twists and turns in the #OpenAI melodrama! But here's one that I definitely didn't have on my Bing-o card: #Microsoft tacitly admitted that no one doing serious engineering wants to use their terrible software. According to "The Biggest Winner in the OpenAI Fiasco" from #wsj:

"Microsoft prepared to give those [OpenAI] engineers everything they needed to continue their work: a floor in LinkedIn’s offices, plentiful cloud-computing resources, #Apple laptops. The trillion-dollar company’s employees assured their potential colleagues that they wouldn’t even have to use Microsoft’s workplace-communications app #Teams."

Team Topologies
1 week ago

📢 Announcing Teamperature: Managing #CognitiveLoad for #Healthier #Teams 📢

We are happy to announce the official website is now live ▶️ 🚀

Access to the beta release will happen during the month of December by invitation only. 📩

Join the waiting list now to be one of the first to receive an invitation! 📩

Thank you to everyone who has displayed interest and support as we uncover better ways to assess and manage team cognitive load! 🧠

Ashwin Nanjappa 👨‍💻
2 weeks ago

"Research also suggests that people have a greater attachment to their work group than to their organisation; you’re less likely to go for lunch with a logo."

#TheEconomist #teams

Simon Dückert
2 weeks ago

#TIL: heute hatte ich mit Benedikt die erste Session in #Mesh in MS #Teams. Wir haben am Feuer Marshmellows gebraten 😂 Fühlt sich an, wie #Tricat #SpatialChat #Workadventure & Co.

Itsellä on yleensä avaruusaluksen ohjaamo. Who cares, olenko uskottava 😁

"Selvästi luotettavimpina ja pätevimpinä pidettiin niitä, joiden takana näkyi kirjahylly tai huonekasveja. Myös hymy paransi merkittävästi arvosanoja. Surkeimmat arviot tuotti mursumaisema." #teams #työelämä

Simon Krull
2 weeks ago

Ich habe heute wieder etwas über #Microsoft #Teams gelernt. Wenn jemand eine .java Datei in den Dateien eines Teams hochlädt und man öffnet diese, stürzt Teams komplett ab, und man muss seine Session-Cookies leeren. Die Anzahl der Fehlermeldungen, erkennbar am roten Pfeil im Bild, haben sich kontinuierlich erhöht.

2 weeks ago

I’m sure it’s total coincidence that, when opened in #Firefox, MS #Teams tells me I need to loosen some cross-site-tracking restrictions but when I switch the user-agent header to Edge, it loads just fine…
I thought we had all agreed that user-agent sniffing was a bad thing™ and abandoned it.

Chris Sefton-Hearn
2 weeks ago

This new 'feature' on my work #Jabra headset is one of the most annoying things I've ever come across.

It's supposed to be a visual reminder of #Teams meetings and pressing the call button is supposed to connect you - except I haven't got any meetings in my diary this morning, there's no timeout, and the shortcut rarely works. When it does, the 'join meeting' screen loads and the flashing stops - but closing that window starts the flashing again. It's just there, just in my peripheral vision 👀

An animated gif of a Jabra headset in-line control. There are four icon buttons - mute, volume down and up, and call in progress - and a central button labelled 'Jabra' that acts as a busy button. The call in progress light is flashing on and off green every half a second or so.
Sebastian Helzle
2 weeks ago

Hatte ja viel Lob für das neue #Teams, aber natürlich gibt es wieder ein Spezialität. Ich bin in mehreren Organisationen eingeloggt und es lässt mich von A -> B wechseln, aber nicht mehr von B -> A, außer mir schreibt jemand in A, order ruft an, dann kann ich über die Notifications nach A wechseln 🤷🏻‍♂️

Hendrik Epe
2 weeks ago

Moin 👋 aus Kassel!

Bin heute zum #piksl2023nwt, dem Netzwerktreffen von PIKSL eingeladen und erzähle etwas rund um gute #Zusammenarbeit in inklusiven, diversen #Teams (und die Mythen agiler Methoden 🤔)

Freu mich drauf...

Matthijs Wagemakers
2 weeks ago

A good developer experience makes or breaks a software team

#developerexperience #devops #agile #teams

2 weeks ago

I hope all those #OpenAI refugees are ready for microsoft #teams

Chris Beattie
2 weeks ago

#Teams classroom features do not work with an A1-for-devices license. They should, per the docs. Works fine with O365 A1 and M365 A3. MS #edu support is investigating.

2 weeks ago

Dear Microsoft,

x( is not equivalent to 😠.
😣 is equivalent to x(.
>:( would be 😠.

Also; I'm trying to send a line of code. Stop replacing my function names with emojis. Holy fuck.

Thank you,
a teams user that'd rather not be

#Microsoft #Teams #Emojis #Autocorrect #Autocorrectfail #SoftwareDevelopment

Programming Quotes
2 weeks ago

Teams are immutable. Every time someone leaves, or joins, you have a new team, not a changed team.

— Richard Dalton


Aki Kärkkäinen 🌻
2 weeks ago

Announcing my new YouTube channel: I'm doing this because it's fun, not because I'm good at it :)

Watch the trailer below, and remember to subscribe!

#youtube #alpinism #outdoors #mindfulness #wellbeing #motivation #teams

adingbatponder :nixos:
2 weeks ago

#nixos My children need Microsoft #teams to communicate with their school. I have teams on my Ubuntu machine. When trying to install teams over the configuration.nix in #nixOS I get the errors that the package is insecure due to
(so are these issues Ubuntu lives with or) Is the nixos repo not updated or are these ignorable issues?

Screenshot showing nix rebuild fails due to CVE issues listed in post
Pumpkin Spice Manu
3 weeks ago

Una cosa que me fastidia de usar #Teams, #Slack y #GoogleChat a la vez, con equipos distintos, es que los atajos para poner emoticonos son totalmente distintos entre uno y otro.

Markus Tacker
3 weeks ago

One of the most glaring issues in #Teams right now is the lack of the ability to mark discussions as sensitive. Any message from any contact in the organization will just pop up on your chat / notifications with clear text. That gives me extra anxiety right now while we are going through layoffs. I desperately need a way to mark certain messages a message as "sensitive" which will make any preview now show up immediately on a users' screen without interaction.

Tim Newman
3 weeks ago

#PowerPoint and #Teams people, I haven't had a #BSOD in 9 years until recently when PP and teams powers combine... to screw my machine SPECTACULARLY.

Mohit Sindhwani
3 weeks ago

Despite SAAS like #Teams or #Slack, I still find #email has the greatest longevity, and is roughly standards compliant many years later accessible via numerous web, desktop & mobile apps.

So, I had written up 2 posts that help me when creating and saving emails:
• 7 + 1 Tips for Email Subject Lines:
• Tips for categorizing and storing emails:

Both are derived from experience over 20+ years - comments welcome!

#productivity #throwbackThursday

3 weeks ago

#Microsoft#Notion か…

最近の #Microsoft には昔ほどネガティブな感情はないんだけど、昔 #Wunderlist を買収して潰されたり、最近だと #Teams が微妙すぎたりというのがあって、この記事見ても「 #Notion でいいじゃん」という気持ちになってしまうのはどうか許してほしい :vivaldia_4:

musicmatze :rust: :nixos:
3 weeks ago

Fucking #teams

I silenced a chat and hid it, still #MicroShit Teams pops it up to the top of my list whenever there's a new message.

Marco Otte-Witte
4 weeks ago

You have 2 otherwise equal job offers, one company uses #teams, the other one #slack – which do you choose?

Next week Thursday (Nov 16th) @ 5pm Eastern Time we're so excited that Noam Ross @noamross will be speaking about Tools and Teams for Reproducible Science with R!

You should join!!

Find the registration on our web-page here:

#rstats @rstats #DataScience #Reproducible #academia #teams

R User Group at HDSI Presents 

Tools and Teams for Reproducible Science with R with Noam Ross

November 16th, 2023, at 5pm on Zoom 

Register at
Nicd (EN)
4 weeks ago

How great, #Teams updated and it lost the ability to mute specific threads. The last time this happened (when the feature existed but was broken), I accidentally joined a forever thread of another team. They kept pinging me for months.

It's amazing, Microsoft really couldn't make a worse product even if they tried.


Angry ping Discord emoji
brad m
4 weeks ago

“You’ll see. I believe other #teams and other #leagues will all be embracing #pensionfunds, college #endowments, university #endowments and #sovereignwealthfunds as #investors
“massive amount of money suddenly available from oil-rich #PersianGulf nations such as #SaudiArabia, #Qatar and the #UnitedArabEmirates #UAE
“Leonsis was working with Middle Eastern interests before many American team owners” #NBA #WNBA #NHL #NFL #MLB #sportswashing #washingtondc #corruption

Owners have routinely taken on limited partners as minority stakeholders, watched their team values climb sharply but then struggled to find the money to satisfy investors who wanted to cash out.

“We all feel great when Forbes comes out and says, ‘This is how much you’re worth and how much the teams are worth.’ But when the rubber hits the road and it’s, ‘Well, the company’s worth X; write us a check’ — most of us in sports, we’re not profitable; we’re not wildly profitable,” Leonsis said. “So it was a real issue.”

@jerry meanwhile Microsoft proudly announces it's "New #Teams" and there's literally 0 change.

wobweger :verified:
1 month ago

my #teams says
Free at x

German translation goes
kostenfrei ab x

😂 😂

which translates actually
without charge at x

I'm so looking forward to our bright LLM enhanced future.

never trust a computer you cant throw out the window.

i know just the trick to get rid of this #microsoft #teams o365 crap


a screenshot of Strong Bad Email #169 (nice): From Work showcasing Grandmaw Edgar's CORPORATE FIREWALL GET-AROUNDER
1 month ago

Due to terrible documentation and hours of frustration here is my way to set up a #Microsoft #Teams Room the easy way using a #Lotigech TAP Console with a Shure #STEM Ceiling Microphone. I will have a third room to set up which will make use of this info.

Markus Feilner :verified:
1 month ago

Hehehe. Nice. The people's voice / choice. #Teams #Microsoft #

Christian Pietsch 🍑
1 month ago

Wer darüber nachdenkt, Daten über sich selbst der Digital-Afterlife-Industrie zur Verfügung zu stellen, sollte sich über die damit verbundenen Risiken informieren.

Dieser WDR-Radiobeitrag erklärt, worum es geht:

Bei der Technikfolgenabschätzung fehlen da leider einige Aspekte. Was, wenn meine Daten schon vor meinem Ableben in die falschen Hände geraten? Dann habe ich Kriminellen einen voll gepackten Kompromatkoffer in die Hand gedrückt.

Meine digitale Nachbildung kann jederzeit für #Identitätsdiebstahl genutzt werden und für Straftaten missbraucht werden, für die ich dann verdächtigt werde.

Aus demselben Grund solltet ihr keine zentralisierten #Videokonferenzdienste wie #Teams, #WebEx und #Zoom benutzen, sondern dezentrale und quelloffene wie #BBB, #JitsiMeet oder #OpenTalk. Empfehlungen dazu:

#digitalAfterlife #Afterlife #Datenklau #Kompromat #nichtsZuVerbergen #SelfieAvatar

1 month ago

One of the many pet peeves of #Teams: all webcam streams have a 🎤 muted image if they are muted, but not the own. I´m always worried that my mic is not muted because of that.

Aslak Raanes
1 month ago

Jeg er tydeligvis tilgjengelig og gratis hele dagen!

Og min lokale tid er 2:22

#norsktut #Allheimen #MicosoftTeams #Teams

Skjermbilde fra Microsoft Teams hvor det står «Tilgjengelig - Gratis hele dagen»
1 month ago

#Microsoft tools (as usual) doing my effing nut in today:

Got partway through writing a long email and decided it would be better as a #Teams post. Selected the text in #Outlook, pasted it into Teams, but for some ridiculous reason it pastes as an image, not editable text

If I wanted an image I’d have screen grabbed it!

But if I select the text in Outlook then drag it to Teams, it does it as text 🙄

Seriously, WTF MS? 🤨

Stressärmer teamsen: Ein-Knopf-Tastenkürzel für Microsoft Teams

Ich übersetze: weil #Microsoft zu dämlich ist, die wichtigsten #Teams-Funktionen über die Tastatur schnell und intuitiv erreichbar zu machen, baut man jetzt USB-Geräte, um das zu kompensieren. 🤦‍♂️

Lorna Hayton
2 months ago

Reading Time: 3 minutes

 To get best results you need to take all your project team with you.


Sometimes the most difficult part of the research process can be getting full buy-in from the project team. This can be especially true when the team have strong opinions on what needs to be done and the research is contradicting this. This can lead to conflict and the validity of the research being questioned. However, there are ways to bring the project team with you and get their buy-in and support at every stage of a project. Let’s explore these.

Consequences if there isn’t buy-in to the research project

It’s simple really. If we don’t ask the right questions, we won’t get the answers to enable us to help staff and customers get the best outcome.

Likewise, if we don’t listen to staff and customers’ feedback then we run the risk of creating a product or service that pleases no-one.

However, there can be some challenges to overcome.


There are a number of challenges involved in doing research in a multidisciplinary project:

  • Preconceptions of what the research will say
  • People attributing opinions to customers “I know my customers”
  • Having a preferred solution before the research takes place
  • Ensuring all views are valued equally (not the most senior opinion)
  • Ensuring the team understands that the purpose of research is not to blindly validate the opinions of the team
  • Explaining the importance of attending a research session
  • Making sure that no-one feels threatened or vulnerable at a feedback session

What we want from a research feedback session

  • To deliver clear and accurate feedback to the project team
  • Each team member feels that their opinion is listened to and given value
  • Avoid cognitive bias colouring the research outputs
  • To ensure no team member feels defensive or under threat when delivering research feedback

How we achieve this  

  • Work to ensure that the team has identified and framed the problems they want to address, you don’t want any surprises after the first session
  • Get research questions clarified (agree what we are trying to learn)
  • Ensure the feedback clearly answers the questions you agreed to answer
  • Make sure that everyone understands the rationale behind the research and how it will be conducted
  • Make sure everyone understands their roles
  • Make sure the opinion of the most senior person in the team is not sought first, leave them until other people have had a chance to speak. This ensures that people don’t just agree with the boss
  • Invite the project team to observe at sessions (create guidelines to give to observers)
  • Involve the project team in the analysis of the research project
  • Clarify at the start how you will communicate findings

Being sensitive to peoples feelings

Sometimes resistance to the research comes from a place of vulnerability or fear:

  • Always be aware of the feelings of the people that you are feeding back to. If a finding is going to be critical of someone’s work, be sensitive and constructive in the way you word it
  • If the feedback is very mixed start off with the positive points first and then deal with the challenging feedback then be sure to finish off with some positive points. This makes it easier for people to accept all the feedback
  • Understand if the feedback could make a team member feel vulnerable, and if so take them through the results before the formal feedback session. This will enable them to collect their thoughts for the session

What I have learnt

To get best results you need to take all your project team with you ensuring that everyone understands their role and the value they add to the process.

People all have different motivations in a team, try to understand those before you begin the project.

Be kind – it pays dividends in good will.

Don’t allow yourself to be persuaded into watering down your findings. Being able to accept criticism is healthy for an oganisation.

Always remember the reason why we do what we do is to make improvements for staff and customers.

#feedback #people #research #teams

My god, #Microsoft #Teams is a terrible, terrible platform. Using it for one client's project.

How does anyone actually get work done using this???

joshi 💜
2 months ago

Next step: lightweight serverless #matrix / #zoom clone using the same stack

I'm just so tired of #teams not working at all (also, microsoft)

I have some ideas on how this could scale to a large number of people, but I haven't checked if browsers will let me do that (manually re-encode video and audio streams)

But first I got to fix some #elm-pages bugs for my website I think

2 months ago

Announcing 'Shared Calling' for Microsoft Teams Phone!

This feature leverages our new pay-as-you-go calling plans & speech enabled Auto Attendants to enable sharing of a single phone number for 1000’s of employees.

Users are given full Teams Phone functionality (inbound & outbound PSTN calling) for a fraction of the cost vs. individual calling plans per user.

"Amazing NEW Microsoft Teams Phone Feature! Shared Calling" - Shervin Shaffie

#Microsoft #Teams #Phone

Aslak Raanes
2 months ago

Arrg, bruk av \` (#backtick/GRAVE ACCENT) til å angi `kode` i løpende tekst à la #Markdown fungerer ikke lenger i #Microsoft #Teams.

I den såkaltene menyen så kan en velge såkalt «Fast tegnavstand» under «Avsnitt» (!).

Merk at denne ikke fungerer for såkalt fast tegnavstand for avsnitt/kodeblokker, dvs. det resulterer i ikke-sammenhengende linjer.

Heller ikke bruk av trippel \` for å angi start på kodeblokk fungerer lenger.

Leketøy for slipsfolk.

-- La til escape vha \


Skjermbilde fra Microsoft Teams for å redigere utseende på en tekst med bruk av såkalt fast tegnbredde. Tidligere kunne en bruke ` for å angi start og stopp på slik tekst, noe det ikke lenger gjør.
Simon B
2 months ago

My daily experience using the piece of garbage that is #microsoft #teams . clck through these 3 error screens before the login screen is finally presented. I think our Azure AD sessions time out after 24hrs or something.

"something went wrong"
"can you sign in again"
"sorry we've run into an issue"
Team Topologies
2 months ago

Giles Hinchcliff has hit the nail on the head - "Enabling teams are meant to be the lifeblood of an organisation. A way in which the enterprise can share good practices amongst all the teams in the org."

Let's hope these pitfalls he fell down will help others not to do the same.

#teams #goodpractice

Emily Webber
2 months ago

The Team Onion book, now with added Team Onion cards. Pick your copy up at #collaboration #teams

A photo of the Team Onion book along with two Team Onion cards
David O'Brien
2 months ago

I note with trepidation that the Microsoft #Teams app on my MacBook has updated and is now calling itself Teams Classic.

I fear the worst …

Andre Louis
2 months ago

That #Zoom pro account I purchased last week is already paying for itself. Have a meeting with a client this morning who *doesn't* have a pro account, offered mine, we'll use that. And unlike #teams, I don't have to rip off my own face and spit down my own bloody neck to get it working...

Andre Louis
2 months ago

Click a #zoom meeting link, it works immediately. Click a #teams link and it works... 0.1% of the time. There aren't enough words in *any* language to express my utterly vitriolic hate, disdain and contempt for this product.

Eberhard Wolff
2 months ago

Example for small steps:
#Microsoft released the new #Teams 2.0. It can't do video conferencing - my main use case - and refers to the old Teams. If Microsoft can so such a thing, you might be able to do the same.

Nicd (EN)
2 months ago

Another miss from #Teams. But it's not the only offender I've seen doing this. Please let me use English as a language but Finnish date and time formats. I'm not doing it for funsies, you know, I'm doing it because I need it that way. And because I don't understand your 12 hour clock.

#MicrosoftTeams #i18n

Screenshot of Teams settings: "App language determines the date and time format."
Lisi Hocke
2 months ago

Excited to share I'll be on the upcoming @TheLeadDev virtual panel about "Fostering a culture of experimentation in your engineering teams". Join us there? 😃 #experimentation #culture #engineering #teams

3 months ago

#TIL that #Microsoft #Teams will blur out a cat’s face but not its tail or butthole


#Windows 10 virtual desktop. Most apps are behaving, but #Teams keeps popping up on other desktops.

Googling this gives me solutions for putting it on *all* desktops. I want to pin it to a *single* desktop.

I know I did this before on another machine.

Microsoft #Teams really needs a "mute channel for X time" feature, like Mastodon. It's so annoying when you're trying to get into flow, and a couple of teammates choose that exact time to get into a discussion on a channel you need to stay subscribed to.

You mute it, and then a couple of days later people are asking why you haven't responded... because you forgot to UNmute it later.

Surely a multi-billion-dollar corporation can replicate a feature Mastodon has?


John Leonard
3 months ago

Microsoft backs down to Europe over Teams and Edge

Tech giant will unbundle Teams from Office 365 and stop links opening in Edge by default - but only for European customers.

#technews #microsoft #teams #edge #eu #m365

3 months ago

🔗 All-hands planning meetings are probably a waste of time

Adrian Howard
3 months ago

Quiet Stories 151: Getting Busy Users To Try Your #Product, A Better Way To Do #CompetitiveAnalysis, How #Teams Remember, and more 👇🏻

Josh Wells
3 months ago

Paging folks w/exp in training #MicrosoftTeams #Microsoft #Teams

I want to build a train-the-trainer network at my campus to help alleviate rampant ignorance in Teams use (admins won't do anything).

Suggestions for resources to use? Manuals, blogs, videos, etc.?

I am not Teams fluent, but I understand deeply how hardware, file systems, and networks function so I can seem passingly competent.


#Academics #AcademicChatter #AcademicMastodon @academicchatter