1 day ago
Already common for enterprises, for the first time, individuals will also get the option to pay for extended security updates for a Windows operating system that's out of support.
Windows 10 Extended Security Updates Promised for Small Businesses and Home Users
Dr. D'nar
3 days ago

"The device, \Device\Harddisk๐‘›\DR๐‘›, has a bad block." Thank you, Windows. WHICH OF MY DISKS IS THAT?! I have more than one! #windows #storagespaces #techsupport #eventlog

4 days ago

The amount of people who think that just because something is under warranty that they shouldn't have to be inconvenienced, is just too darn high.

The User:
>>My phone is under warranty. What do you mean "you'll fix it for free, but I have to wait until it's fixed to get it back"? I demand an instant replacement! I can't live without my phone what are you crazy!!

#TechSupport #TalesFromTechSupport

Joshua M ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‡บ
5 days ago

I just got offered a job in basic IT support - basically just the go to person to help people with their personal devices and room to expand in System Admin. The caveat being it will not be strictly under my terms, so trying to move to FOSS alternatives may be a slow process.

Anyone got any recent books to recommend for familiarising particularly with proprietary systems, ie. Microsoft's Azure; Sharepoint

Also please boost if you work in IT

#IT #techsupport #informationtechnology #foss

Question for everyone, can you unlock your phone via command line? I want to get into my old phone to get some files off of it. The screen is broken #techsupport

I was going to plug in a USB keyboard and unlock it that way but i don't have a USB C to USB adapter

Hey #CSUMB Otters ๐Ÿฆฆ-

#YouOtterKnow this weekโ€™s #TechTipTuesday is filled with tips to help you navigate our upcoming Google Workspace storage limits!


#TechnologyHelpDesk #TechSupport

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. โ˜ ๏ธ

#TechSupport #IT #NoSupidQuestions #PBKAC #PBKAM #Error #Meme #Yoda #StarWars #Tech #infoSec

A meme - Once I began working on IT I finally understood the scene where Yoda gets so tired of answering Luke's question he just dies. 

Below is an image of Yoda lying with their eyes closed.
Douglas VB
2 weeks ago

In case you were wondering what tech support chores looked like while visiting my family for #thanksgiving ... Not pictured: two other cell phones and two other computers. All of them needed updates. Some hadn't received updates since mid 2022!


An array of computers, cell phones, and tablets on a table being updated at Thanksgiving.
Paul J Robinson (He/Him)
2 weeks ago

Really dumb #techsupport question but if I want to verbally communicate how people can reach me on Signal app, I assume i give them my mobile number? Thereโ€™s no other unique โ€˜usernameโ€™ assigned to me by Signal as far as I can see?

Larry Garfield
2 weeks ago

I have a series of DVD-Rs from my dad. He says he recorded movies to them several years ago. Now they won't play in anything but the DVD player where they were created.

Sure enough, stick it into my laptop, it says it's blank.

What are my options here to extract data from it and into a video file? (Either Mac or Linux tooling available, Linux preferred.)

#FediTechSupoort #TechSupport

The culture that made #PEBKAC a thing is unique and resilient in its own way.

#TechSupport #Helpsesk


Watching You Pedro Pascal GIF by The Academy Awards
2 weeks ago

Has anyone ever had their Mac stop recognizing the Touch ID sensor built into the keyboard? That happened with my M1 iMac the last week.
#Mac #TechSupport

Bob Young :verified:
2 weeks ago

Positive feedback from a customer on Square! For several years now, Iโ€™ve been using Square for processing credit card transactions. Yesterday I provided remote tech support for a residential computer problem in another state. It was a brand new customer, first-time service. She paid on the spot for a half-hour support call. Then she did something thatโ€™s never happened before โ€“ she left me a review! Apparently thereโ€™s a feedback link on Squareโ€™s email receipt. I didnโ€™t even know about it. I donโ€™t know if itโ€™s a new feature, or if itโ€™s always been there. Square sent me an email notifying me of the review. So Iโ€™ve never gotten a negative review, or they wouldโ€™ve sent an email about that, too. Winning! Score is 1-0.

#callmeifyouneedme #fifonetworks

#remotesupport #helpdesk #techsupport

Screenshot of customer review says, โ€œThoroughness, Timeliness, Customer service, Quality, Other. Helped today, plus gave advice for future action.โ€
2 weeks ago

In case anyone is wondering, medical doctors on the whole think very highly of themselves. #TechSupport

TapTap ๐ŸŽฎ
2 weeks ago

#windows #troubleshooting:

I can't wake my desktop from Remote Desktop no matter what I do.

I've tried everything on Google to solve it, nothing works. Every Magic Packet wake option is on in Windows and BIOS.

It works when it's asleep not powered off, talking about a full power off. My Motherboard has a bios option for it but starting to think the board doesn't support it after all??

#lazyweb #techsupport

Bob Young :verified:
3 weeks ago

Thereโ€™s a 50GB limit on the Outlook Online Archive. A client maxed it out with emails going back to 2014. Itโ€™s an interesting weekend project for me. While heโ€™s out of the office, Iโ€™m getting paid to remote in, dissect the archive, and save it in smaller chunks without losing anything important (he set the parameters for what I could remove). In the process I discovered one more layer of deletion, and this is the reason for my post. Hereโ€™s what happens:

1) When you delete thousands of items in Outlook, they go into the Deleted Items folder.

2) When you delete those same items from the Deleted Items folder โ€“ theyโ€™re not gone yet.

3) It turns out thereโ€™s a safety net. At the top of the Deleted Items folder is a hyperlink notice that says, โ€œRecover items recently removed from this folder.โ€

This user had so many emails that I got to a point where I could no longer delete from the Deleted Items folder, until I first purged that Recovery folder.

The real deletion process goes like this:
Step 1: Delete from any folder, for example, the Inbox.
Step 2: Delete from the Deleted Items folder.
Step 3: Go to โ€œRecover items recently removedโ€ and choose Purge.

Oh, and any computer forensics specialist will tell you that theyโ€™re still not gone, not really. Totally true. But you have to use other tools at that point; you can no longer retrieve them from within the application.

#callmeifyouneedme #fifonetworks

#remotesupport #helpdesk #techsupport #email #outlook #datarecovery #backups

I want to buy a #smartwatch, but I don't want to spend a lot of money, which one do you recommend?

#ask #fediask #techsupport #techask #techstuff #techcommunity #wearables #android

3 weeks ago

Is Chocolatey the right way to manage windows packages these days?

Is winget up to the task?

Something else?
#desktop #windows #TechSupport

Bob Young :verified:
3 weeks ago

Hiding from the IDS/IPS: covert PING
When youโ€™re doing remote maintenance, the command โ€œping -tโ€ can be useful. Instead of the ping command sending four echo requests (the default), it pings continuously until you press CTRL + C to stop it.

The problem is that in some higher security environments, continuous pings may be flagged as malicious activity. This detection may occur in the Intrusion Detection System (IDS), the Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), or in the device itself.

I wrote a batch file that I use on Windows machines thatโ€™s a little more discreet, and sometimes flies under the radar. It wonโ€™t fool next gen detection systems that look for systematic repetitive activity, but youโ€™ll be surprised how many firewalls and malicious activity detection systems donโ€™t pay any attention to this script if you set the time interval to ten seconds or more.

Youโ€™re prompted to enter the IP address you want to ping, and the time interval between pings. Then, it pings one time โ€“ not the default four times โ€“ waits your specified interval, and pings again. It keeps going like that until you press CTRL + C or close the CLI window.

I use it, for example, when rebooting a server at a remote location over a VPN. This way I know when the server is back online.

The picture below shows a sample screenshot, and the entire text of the batch file. If you know how to create Windows batch files, thatโ€™s all the information you need.

Some of you have already written your own script like this, but for some readers, this will be new. Add it to your toolbox flash drive.

#callmeifyouneedme #fifonetworks

#remotesupport #helpdesk #techsupport

Stephen Shankland
3 weeks ago

My MacOS Time Machine backups are really really slow (1 hour+), using a USB 3.0 5Gbps interface and spinning rust hard drive (8TB, full), even with very small backup deltas from day to day. Sometimes I need to unplug my Mac and interrupt it. Any advice out there? How much would a faster drive help?

#TechSupport #MacOS #Mac #Backup

Hey #CSUMB Otters:โ 
#YouOtterKnow our desk in the library will be ๐—ฐ๐—น๐—ผ๐˜€๐—ฒ๐—ฑ ๐—ณ๐—ผ๐—ฟ ๐—™๐—ฎ๐—น๐—น ๐—•๐—ฟ๐—ฒ๐—ฎ๐—ธ starting Saturday Nov 18 through Sunday Nov 26.โ 
We will reopen with our normal business hours on Monday Nov 27!โ 
๐—ก๐—ฒ๐—ฒ๐—ฑ ๐—ต๐—ฒ๐—น๐—ฝ ๐˜„๐—ต๐—ถ๐—น๐—ฒ ๐˜„๐—ฒ'๐—ฟ๐—ฒ ๐—ด๐—ผ๐—ป๐—ฒ?โ 
Our 582-HELP phone line will be open Nov 20 thru Nov 22 from 8:00 am - Noon & 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm.โ 
Or you can visit our Client Portal by clicking the link in our bio.โ 
Have a safe, fun break everyone!โ 
#TechSupport #FallBreak #CSUMBHelpDesk

Technology Help Desk The walk-up Technology Help Desk in the library will be closed for Fall Break from:

Nov 18 - Nov 26

Need assistance? Nov 20-  Nov 22 call us at 831-582-4357 or Visit and select Tech Support for self-service options /
Wendy Palmer
3 weeks ago

Apple iPad passwords question.

We use iPads for scoring our domestic basketball games. We access the scoring webpage with our main log-in password, which is saved and autofilled.

But once *within* the scoring system, we must set a 4-digit pin for the session.

Every time it asks to save the new password (ie the pin, which is *not* the password). When people are in a rush, they don't read the message and they just press OK, which means they save the session pin over the log-in password.

(And then they can't close out the system at the end of the night because the saved password is wrong, and then we get a phone call.)

Is there to turn off that update-password message without also having to turn off the autofill function?

(We didn't have this problem last season and I'm not sure what changed).

#techSupport #iPad

3 weeks ago

Has anyone in tech support ever tried to message a user while connected remotely to their machine by typing it on THEIR system instead of your local machine?

No? Uh, me neither! ๐Ÿ™„ #TechSupport

Guy Dudeman
3 weeks ago

#techsupport I'm looking for a laptop that can play games but costs less than $300. Any suggestions?

It's for my 8 year old son, who will hopefully be able to use it for the next few years for school and basic games like Minecraft and Wobbly World etc.

#pc #pcgaming #laptops #pclaptops #cheapcomputers #cheap

Webdev Weekly
3 weeks ago
Bob Young :verified:
3 weeks ago

I am hiring this cat.
#helpdesk #techsupport

ink and yarn
4 weeks ago

Does anyone know anything about why YouTube and Chromecast aren't playing nice with each other anymore? We have YT Premium, but no one is signed in on the CC (to maintain a privacy barrier for watch history/suggested videos). Only my account is having this problem.

Casting (from either my laptop or my phone) to the CC attached to the tv now plays a few seconds of extremely low-res video and then pauses.

Disabling any/all/some extensions didn't have an effect. But it does work in an incognito Chrome window on my laptop, except then of course I get ads. If I log in from the incognito window, I get the same problem. So it seems to be *my account*.

It works on both phone and laptop if I switch accounts to one of my other channels. It works on Husband's laptop/phone on his account.

We've tried rebooting the CC, but haven't yet done a factory reset on it.

It just seems to be *my account* that's not working with the CC.

Any clues/hints/advice? I think I listed out everything we've done to troubleshoot and test...

#YouTube #Chromecast #TechSupport #Help #Google

Noah W.
1 month ago

Working in #techsupport my favorite mispronunciation from a customer has to be "Godzilla Fireboxโ€ instead of #mozilla #firefox. I will always remember that one.

Why does Linux never just work? Booted up my PC today, and now all of a sudden it's freezing every 2 seconds? Why? It was fine yesterday..

#linuxmint #linux #linuxhelp #techsupport

Ben, Feeling Exhausted
1 month ago

Can anyone actually tell me how to delete a Facebook account? Their instructions are garbage! #LeavingFacebook #TechSupport #StickingWithMastodon

1 month ago

Maybe I shouldn't be surprised that despite all the advances in technology over the last quarter century, the average user understands very little about how computers work.

They still just access the narrow range of functions they need to perform their jobs. #TechSupport

Stephen Shankland
1 month ago

Wait, you can't add links in the Gmail mobile app? What madness is this? What's the best workaround for that?

Update: To be clear, I'm talking about typing some text, selecting it, then attaching a link to that selected text. Not just pasting in the URL as text.

#TechSupport #Gmail #Hyperlink #Web

Tech news from Canada
1 month ago
IT News
1 month ago

Hereโ€™s Everything You Can Do With Copilot, the Generative AI Assistant on Windows 11 - Microsoftโ€™s operating system just got supercharged with Bing and Dall-E integrations, and... - #gear/howtoandadvice #techsupport #gear

Pyrzout :vm:
1 month ago

Hereโ€™s Everything You Can Do With Copilot, the Generative AI Assistant on Windows 11 #Gear/HowToandAdvice #TechSupport #Gear

1 month ago

Fellow #nerds, I come to you in need.

I have resumed my #retropc project and after much struggling, I feel like I'm close, but stumped yet again.

Recap: Trying to run dosbox on RPI4 using an old CRT monitor. MicroHDMI > VGA.

This is what I see when I run dosbox. Don't think that's right. The terminal in Linux looks fine. No desktop environment installed.

Don't look right LOL. Any clues? Configs in reply.

#retropc #dosbox #project #techsupport #retrogaming

A screen showing the dosbox console. The screen is split in two, with the left side of the screen on the right side of the monitor, and the right side of the screen on the left side of the monitor all jumbled together.
1 month ago

My new pixel 8 has this super weird GPU bug where sometimes things don't quite render right and it's all over the place :blobSnapped:

Anyone know of a fix? Happens on pretty much every app and it's getting really annoying. Video below

#Pixel #GooglePixel #GPU #TechSupport #IDoITSupportButAmStumped
1 month ago

Following the advice of @ohhelloana, I decided to write up a blog post about how I solved an annoyance with my VPN's ever-changing forwarded port and qBittorrent on macOS:

#TechSupport #qBittorrent #torrent #macOS #code

Nathan Miller
1 month ago

What % of tech problems in the 21st century are certificate issues I wonder


Help me out. Iโ€™m using #Firefox with ublock origin and YouTube is telling me itโ€™s gonna block videos in 3 more plays. How can I get around their anti #ad blocker? #Google #Tech #TechSupport #Fediverse

Wendy Palmer
1 month ago

Portable data device issue

We have a tp-link mobile data device, been working fine for two years, suddenly stopped working. Have done complete reset, checked firmware, checked provider etc, no joy. google search not giving me any extra ideas. Does anyone have any ideas?

#TechSupport #HelpPlease

And to think that there once was a time when I needed #techsupport to fix my computer when "it broke."

Original toot:

Me: *super proud of never ever having to use "tech support" after switching to Linux*
Also me: *having to be my own tech support _because_ I switched to Linux*


Jon Greig
2 months ago

Microsoft and Amazon worked with the Indian gov't to identify 76 locations where tech support scams are operating

The raids covered Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Punjab, Delhi, West Bengal and more

#Amazon #Microsoft #India #techsupport

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure... today my parents asked me if they should buy an HP inkjet ๐Ÿ˜ฑ #TechSupport

Bob Young :verified:
2 months ago

Has CCleaner by Piriform become malware? I havenโ€™t used Piriform apps myself for years, but today I did a tech support call for a business where the CCleaner window popped up without them requesting it, and they couldnโ€™t get it to close. I could only stop it via Task Manager, and then I uninstalled it.
#ccleaner #piriform #malware #helpdesk #techsupport

How exactly am I supposed to add longish alt-text to pictures on Android Firefox Mobile?

#Mastodon #FirefoxMobile #AltText #TechSupport #Firefox #mozillafirefox

Linux Is Best
2 months ago

True frustration is when you're doing the exact same thing that you've done before with positive results, but for unknown reasons you're getting a different result now.

I am looking at a computer across the room with the same configuration and the same software with matching versions, and yet, that one works and this one does not.

That is maddening.

#Linux #ITtech #Tech #TechSupport

2 months ago

Does anyone have any idea why the link preview cards from wordpress are no longer displayed in Mastodon?

e.g my page:

#mastodon #help #wordpress #techsupport #webdev

David Chartier
2 months ago

I could use some #TechSupport, other options have failed. Can I stop my MBP from aggressively reconnecting to BT speakers?

- I have a set of SteelSeries Arena 7 speakers wired to my gaming PC:

- They have Bluetooth, so they're paired with my MBP for when I work at my gaming desk

- When away from my desk, my MBP aggressively reconnects to those speakers and switches audio to them, even after I disconnect them in Menu Bar > Control Center > Bluetooth

Can I stop this?

2 months ago

Can any Networking Knowledgable types out there suggest why the old BT business hub routers I use for my little wifi network at work don't have usable wifi on my iPhone/iPad?

My MacBook is working just fine, but the other two just show "no internet connection".

It's not distance, the router is on my desk, 50cm away.

#Network #Troubleshooting #TechSupport

Starting a blog years ago has led to work I didn't expect. Currently researching WP plug-ins to compress images, heading into concerns about data privacy because services keep the EXIF data about where pix were taken. I don't know that this is a serious concern, I don't know that it isn't. O brave new world. Suggestions?
#WordPress #ImageFiles #technology #DataPrivacy #WordPressPlugIn #TechSupport

Today Firefox has started having a weird cursor-displacement issue, wondering if anyone can shed some light on it.

Whenever I open a popup menu, the arrow stays where I left it, but the cursor coordinates (i.e. what option gets highlighted and what registers a click) reset to the top left corner. So if I right-click and slide the arrow onto the menu, I'm actually clicking on things like my back and refresh buttons (the same distance down and to the right of the top left corner as the arrow is from the point where I right-clicked to open the menu). For nested submenus (e.g. folders in the Bookmarks menu) the process repeats for every level of popup. However, this only applies to the browser chrome; links on the webpage highlight according to the actual position of the arrow.

The problem doesn't occur until some time (maybe ten minutes to half an hour, I haven't really measured) after browser startup, and resets when I open a new window - temporarily fixing the problem in the original window, too.

I'm flummoxed; search turned up a lot of stuff about people who accidentally turn on caret browsing, but that doesn't really seem to explain these symptoms. Browser version is 64-bit 117.0.1 on Arch. Any suggestions appreciated!

#firefox #error #techsupport

Support: "Try [step 1]"
User: "It has always worked with this configuration"
Support: "Does it work now?"
User: "No"
Support: "Try [step 1]"


3 months ago

I know we're not supposed to use #GoogleChrome anymore, but does anyone know how to unshittify Omnibox autocompletion in #Chrome 118?
It used to be that typing "a r s" would autocomplete to "" which is one of my bookmarks. now it autocompletes to ""

#webBrowser #techSupport #helpMe

reaching out here just incase anyone who knows hardware better than i can help:

windows had a bsod (CLOCK_WATCHDOG_TIMEOUT) and i assumed it was just windows being windows so i just ignored it. eventually it blue screened several more times and i tried to fix it assuming it was a software issue (booting via wbm instead of grub, updating windows, etc) and that seemed to fix it until it blue screened, rebooted... blue screen immediately. now it won't even POST. the power led just keeps fucking blinking and i feel like ive tried everything: using only one stick of ram, reseating the ram, reseating the cpu, one stick of ram no discreet gpu. only 1 ssd, only 1 hard drive, no drives, reconnecting all of the power cables from the psu end and the mobo end.

#techsupport #help #pchelp

David Chartier
3 months ago

Installed the #iOS17 public beta. Am I nuts or does a swipe from the left side of the screen in Messages no longer work to move a chat aside and go back to the message list? I hope this is just a bug. iPhone 14 Pro Max. #Apple #questions #TechSupport #iOS

Update: Just an odd bug. Restart fixed it.

Webdev Weekly
4 months ago

This website claims to offer secure and privacy aware PDF alteration for free, even when offline, by using WebAssembly. Are there any ways to validate those claims? For example, by using disassemblers for Wasm (if there are any)?


#internetisbeautiful #programming #software #techsupport #webassembly

Stephen Shankland
4 months ago

Can anybody explain why Google Messages for the web renders photos with blotches and overexposure issues (below) when the same photo saved to my laptop (above) looks fine? Never seen anything like this. Happened 5 times, all from my wife's iPhone. Fine in the phone app. Photos from others are fine. When I see stuff like this I always suspect color management issues, but this is weird and variable across the frame, I don't know what to think. JPG decoding error?

#Photography #TechSupport #color

Two versions of a photo of a woman and a boy at a beach. The lower version has blotches of brightness around the edges of the shot.
Stephen Shankland
4 months ago

Finally had time to debug the Dolby HDR error message from my AVR. Fixed with a firmware update. Added bonus: I found the TV's picture settings so I can opt for cinema/filmmaker settings during movies. Double added bonus: the new Chromecast has a YouTube Music app. Game changer for me.
#TechSupport #HDR #victory

Yule Infused Sentient Nog
4 months ago

If you can't get reception on your phone why not try holding it above your head so it's ever so slightly closer to the satellite? That should work.


ugh i am having a shitty memory moment, what was that thing called that you need in funky window managers (i3, fluxbox et al) so that gtk windows with rounded corners and stuff don't have that bis black borders around them? something to do with rendering shit? #linux #techsupport

edit: the answer is "compositor"

#FinalFantasyXIV still crashes after new psu, with only one of four ram sticks installed (tested with three), with docp and without, nvidia debug mode enabled and using dxvk instead of dx11. And some days the game will run for hours with no crashes and others it crashes after 15 minutes. I cannot get this to make any sense

#ffxiv #TechSupport #TechHelp

Today's free tech support session at the South Burlington Library was busy. People love free #TechSupport. (1) patron needed to transfer data from old to new laptop, (2) patron wanted help getting started with an iPhone, (3) patron wanted to learn about organizing photos and music on mac/iPhone, (4) patron wanted info about online donation systems, (5) patron was locked out of Yahoo and Google email, (6) patron needed to transfer data from Android phone to PC. #Vermont #Libraries

Tyler McGee
4 months ago

If anyone is interested in the steps required to migrate from one instance to another, this is the guide I followed that did a great job laying it out step by stepโ€ฆ


#Mastodon #Fediverse #TechSupport #Migration

The pc that my girlfriend is playing #FinalFantasyXIV on has begun crashing very often but with no pattern. Sometimes it might run for hours and other times only for a few minutes. We think it might be the PSU as it is below the recommendation for the graphics card. A new Windows 11 installation hasn't helped (still crashed after about 2 minutes)

But also, I tried to log in on my account and the game has now been running for 30 minutes with no problem. While my girlfriend only can get 5 minutes before it crashes

Also, the computer has been running the game with no problems for 1300+ hours already before any crashing began

#ffxiv #TechSupport #TechHelp

Graham Cluley
5 months ago

Tech support scammers trick victims into old-school offline money transfer

Read more in my article on the Tripwire blog:

#cybersecurity #scam #techsupport

Money in envelope
5 months ago

Going to go ahead with long overdue #introduction

I'm GothPanda, but most folks just call me Goth or Panda. I'm a #nonbinary nerd, often doing #webdev or #techsupport, and you might even be able to spot me in #vrchat sometimes.

My profile is 18+, because you might see me sharing NSFW art I've commissioned, or talking about #mpreg stuff from time to time.

An anthropomorphic panda with long hair, turning back to look at the viewer, while bathed in pink and blue light.
A 3D model of an anthropomorphic panda wearing a motion capture suit, standing in front of a mirror
Stephen Shankland
5 months ago

I've been getting a lot of these minor inconvenience messages from my Karabiner MacOS key remapping software in the last 3 months or so. Anybody else? Any ideas why?
#MacOS #keyboard #remapping #error #TechSupport

i have a super fresh #linux install on my laptop, i'm still stuck in the commandline, i have configured nothing, but all on its own it goes to sleep when i close the lid. how do i make itโ€ฆ not do that? #techSupport

The Arkham Refugee
5 months ago

So my initial #introduction post was a bit more aggressive than I meant it to be, having come from Twitter where posting AI art can get one excoriated. So let's try this.

Hi there! I am a late-40's cis-het man (but don't hold that against me) who is in #techsupport but only to pay the bills. I like #videogames , #80s nostalgia, #magicthegathering and #movies . I regularly make #aiart (although I rarely call it art) and share it on here.